5 Million Euros Donated To Fight Breast Cancer

  • Amancio Ortega, Spanish tycoon and founder of Zara clothing company to donate to the Balearic Health Services
  • The investment, which will be applied in seven projects, will allow the latest technology in the detection of breast tumours

The Amancio Ortega Foundation will donate five million euros to the Balearic Health Service for the renovation and acquisition of new, more advanced, equipment for breast cancer care.

Balearic President Francina Armengol, Health Minister Patricia Gómez, and the Foundation’s Director General Óscar Ortega, have signed a protocol of intentions for the donation covering the acquisition.

Armengol thanked the Foundation for this donation “which will serve to buy equipment for the diagnosis of a disease that too many women suffer across the islands”.

The Minister of Health explained that the funds would go to “seven projects of technological adaptation for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer with which public hospitals in this community will be able to obtain greater efficiency and better clinical results”. Gómez has indicated that thanks to this donation, “the investment that was expected to take place in more than one legislature can be carried out in a very short time, to update the equipment with the latest technology that exists today at an international level.”

The amount to be invested has already been defined by the Servei de Salut according to the current needs of the public hospitals.

Project 1

includes the acquisition of five 3D mammograms with new tomosynthesis and the update of the conventional mammography 2D of the University Hospital Son Espases, where mammography with tomosynthesis is already available. This project, at an estimated cost of one million euros, ensures at least one updated digital mammograph and a three-dimensional mammograph with tomosynthesis in each hospital.

Project 2

calculated at 335,000 euros, includes the provision of high-end ultrasound imaging (including elastography) with full dedication to the study of the breast in public hospitals in the Balearics. With this plan, three new teams are acquired and three are updated.

Project 3

will allow hospitals to have 3D automatic ultrasound. A budget of 900,000 euros will be awarded to all the centres of three-dimensional automatic ultrasounds and a comparative research project will be initiated between the classical screening and the 3D alternative from the point of view of effectiveness (diagnostic rates, interval tumours, recall rates) and efficiency (activity, waiting lists, screening coverage).

Project 4

provides for the updating of community hospital tables and the adaptation of devices and biopsy tables to the new equipment, which will allow greater precision and comfort in the technique of puncture. This project has an estimated cost of 120,000 euros.

Project 5

includes the review and technological updating of breast study analysis elements in magnetic resonance equipment (coils, specific antennas, and sequencing and analysis software). This project is calculated at 150,000 euros.

Project 6

proposes an update of radiotherapy equipment . The proposed update strategy, with an estimated cost of 1,961,000 euros, would affect three linear accelerators and includes the expansion of the Eclipse planning system.

Project 7

involves the design and implementation of an automated corporate tool for the Tumor Committee. This project, with a cost of 500,000 euros, will provide specific management tools for tumour committees adapted to the Balearic information systems. Specifically, it proposes the design, construction and implementation of a multicentre application that will be able to manage the agendas and data, especially the centralised visualisation of the diagnostic tests by image, with common codification, registration of the decisions of the Committee and its inclusion in the electronic medical history.