Elaine takes a look at the year ahead …

The Ibizan’s regular Sage of the Page Elaine has cast her cards forward to give you the heads up on what in the coming year you may need to steer clear, hold dear, or fear.

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Aries, March 21 – April 19, The Star

Picture1What a lovely beacon of light to guide you on your personal journey throughout 2016.  You may have experienced a rollercoaster of life experiences recently, so this card comes as a blessing to confirm that better times are ahead and that your true ‘Star Quality’ will shine through.  Hope is the message of this card so be assured that you’ll be able to wish upon this Star throughout the year and see how your dreams become manifest.  You will have good friends and mentors cheering you on so conquer any lingering fears. Happy New Year Aries!

Taurus, April 20 – May 20, The Empress

Picture2How fitting that this card was drawn for you Taurus as she represents your sign in the TAROT deck and therefore the power of this card is amplified during 2016.  She is indeed Lady Bountiful and will ensure that as a new path opens for you, you’ll be able to reap the harvest of previous hard work.  Love and beauty becomes heightened and many of you will fall in love or even think about starting a family.  Your image will be something you’ll also want to invest in.  How do you look?  Fabulous!  Happy New Year Taurus!

Gemini, May 21 – June 20, The Lovers

Picture3How fitting that this card was drawn for you; The Lovers is associated with the sign of Gemini and it represents the choices we make in life.  2016 will be a year when you’re faced with decisions that must be considered carefully.  Childlike qualities come to the surface and you may be dealing with tantrums from your inner child or wonderment and excitement at what life can offer.  Getting the balance right is crucial.  You’ll be at a crossroads several times this year; it is important to feel passionate about your decisions. Happy New Year Gemini!

Cancer, June 21 – July 22, Temperance

Picture4Nothing in excess is implied by this card, and in many ways this is true.  You can push your physical body out of whack by over indulging in the good or not so good things in life, therefore on a mundane level you’re encouraged to get your act together in 2016.  Let’s go deeper with this card; it’s also time to clear out the mental rubbish you’ve accumulated over the past years.  The falsehoods and fears you’ve allowed to fester and to open up to be a clearer channel for what’s good for you, in Mind Body and Spirit. Happy New Year Cancer!

Leo, July 23 – August 22, The Hermit

Picture5‘How may I serve?’ should be your mantra during 2016.  This card is a healing blessing, encouraging you to reach into the heart of any matter and offer wise counsel to those less fortunate or going through a tough time.   2016 is a year when you’ll complete a phase of your life; when it will be less about how you personally gain and more about how you can encourage others.  Don’t feel that sacrifice’s will be in vain; on the contrary, you’ll derive a great deal of happiness and joy from helping others. Happy New Year Leo!

Virgo, Aug 23 – Sep 22, The Hierophant

Picture6Also known as the High Priest, this card represents how, when we go through challenging times, a little faith and a good dollop of self-confidence can make all the difference to the outcome.  During 2016 you will feel at times that you’re being challenged personally and professionally, but that is so you become clear and firm in your objectives.  Nothing wishy washy here; you must stand by your beliefs and be prepared to fight your corner using your wits, charm and wisdom and by not storming in with all guns blazing.  Happy New Year Virgo!

Libra, Sep 23-Oct 22, Wheel of Fortune

Picture7This card reminds you that nothing is ever still. Even when in quiet contemplation you are sitting on planet earth as it rotates around the Sun at warp speed.  As 2016 begins it will seem that not much has changed Libra, but in fact things are shifting and by Spring the speed at which projects and plans progress will leave you feeling dizzy at times.  You’re on a personal evolutionary journey this year where you’ll be casting off old doubts and some shaky acquaintances; making room for new and exciting developments and friendships.  Happy New Year Libra!

Scorpio, Oct 23 – Nov 21, The Magician

Picture8This could prove to be a magical year for you Scorpio, so long as you focus and pay attention to underlying messages or the sub plots that are playing out in certain life scenarios.  This gives you the edge when weighing up the many options open to you in 2016. If you work in sales you will have a bumper year where your intuitive ability helps you to second guess your client’s needs, which in turn rewards you handsomely.   The Magician puts the magic back in life and urges you to develop any creative talents. Happy New Year Scorpio!

Sagittarius, Nov 22 – Dec 21, Justice

Picture9Karma, divine justice or what goes around comes around is highlighted in 2016.  You’ll experience a sense of satisfaction, especially if you’ve been unfairly criticised or maligned and will enjoy seeing the chickens come home to roost in a certain scenario.  However, the deeper meaning here is to see that there are no rights or wrongs, only opinions and different viewpoints.   Don’t get caught up in retribution, let it go, move forward and work on bringing good times back in your life. It’s a great year for budding or professional writers too. Happy New Year Sagittarius!

Capricorn, Dec 22 -Jan 19, High Priestess

Picture10She silently bears witness to events that have happened in life and is asking you in 2016 to learn from these experiences.  The good ones see as a chance to be grateful & to share your good fortune; the challenging ones to grow in stature and take responsibility for what you’ve manufactured as an opportunity for your soul to grow.   She is giving you alluring qualities & heightened intuition where you can attract almost anything you desire.  Her message  is to use your seductive power wisely. Be careful what you wish for.  Happy New Year Capricorn!

Aquarius, Jan 20 – Feb 18, The World

Picture11A new era begins for you in 2016 Aquarius, your world is expanding and you will find international destinations and people will have a huge impact.  This is a card of great success so look forward to a most fortunate year!  Hard work is the key here as this card is also associated with Saturn, the zodiac task master.  However, in this aspect he also promises great rewards to those who are dedicated to fulfilling their goals or mission.   This is a fabulous year to start or expand your business, so what are you waiting for?  Happy New Year Aquarius!

Pisces, Feb 19 – March 20, The Fool

Picture12The card of creation which represents the Soul who is fearless and trusts, with no concern for the outcome, but only that the journey is enjoyed and understood.  The number of this card is zero, where we began from; the great void.  It is also referred to as Key number 22, the journeys end, and as such is a master number or sign of self-mastery.  2016 is therefore a significant year for you Pisces.  A year where you are fearless, a seeker of knowledge and who radiates love, just as the creator intended. Powerful stuff.  Happy New Year Pisces!