Ibiza 2016

  • Stephen Donovan

As if it’s the middle of October already? Where has the summer gone?

Well for me it’s defiantly been my best season. I seriously can´t wait for next year already.

I got to do so much. Been to some crazy parties, met some really cool people and even got to interview a huge idol of mine (read my Ferry Corsten Interview).

So as it is the end of the summer season I thought I would ask the people of Ibiza some questions and see what they thought of this season and what they´re plans are for the winter.

Big thank you for everyone who took part. Hopefully I’ll be back writing again for summer 2017.

Adiós mis amigos.


ibiza_feat_2016_review-2Name: Liz Lehane.

Age: 29

From: Cork, Ireland.

Work: Flathertys

Season: 4

Favourite memory of 2016? Renting a boat for the day with all my best friends. Such a fantastic day! Drinking beers, having a laugh and watching the sunset at Mambos.

Favourite Party/Club night? Above & Beyond closing party at Cream. It was amazing!!

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Tapas 100%. Love their food and their sangria. This place never disappoints.

Favourite Song of the season? Drake – One Dance.

Plans for the winter? Andorra baby. Paddys Bar Pas de le Casa.

ibiza_feat_2016_review-3Name: Stacey Crilly

Age: 31

From: Dublin, Ireland

Work: Manager, Joe Spoons.

Season: 11

Favourite memory of 2016? That’s really tough! Probably our Christmas party! It was so random and everyone got in the spirit! Loved seeing Santa hats bobbing up and down the west end all night.

Favourite Party/Club night? Elrow.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Bar, Joe Spoons (Lol). Restaurant, Imagine.

Favourite song of the season? Calum Scott – Dancing On My Own

Plans for the winter? Family time, BBQ’s, bike rides, sleep and Madrid to watch the football… A lot!!

Name: Daniel Spugz

Age: 2(?!); From: Wales; Work: Assistant Manager, LYT Ibiza.

Season: 8

Favourite memory of 2016? Has to be holding ABODE´s first Ibiza workers party in LYT and what a night that was before they went on to smash Sankeys!

Favourite Party night? Craig David Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Cotton Beach Club. The views and food are just another level.

Favourite song of the season? Offaiah – Trouble

Plans for the winter? This winter is my first winter staying in Ibiza and I am looking forward to it after a hectic summer to relax and spend some time with the family.

ibiza_feat_2016_review-4Name: Candice Waugh

Age: Never mind :-)

From: Grimsby, England

Work: Tapas

Season: 16

Favourite memory of 2016? Paddy blagging that he was a DJ in Privilege and getting free drinks all night!

Favourite Party? You having a laugh.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? There really are too many to choose from, Ibiza has such an amazing choice but Tapas restaurant.

Favourite song of the season? It’s not from this season but Metallica – The Unforgiven II

Plans for the winter? Being a responsible adult in Andorra. PADDYS AND DUBLINER BARS Pas de la Casa!

ibiza_feat_2016_review-5Name: Emma Jai

Age: 25

From: Dublin, Ireland

Work: DJ

Season: 4

Favourite memory of 2016? Space Closing Fiesta… Emotional!

Favourite Party/Club night? Music On.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Joe Spoons.

Favourite song of the season? Aurora – I went too far (MK Remix) Many memories to this!

Plans for the winter? I haven´t a clue yet, going to get home spend time with my family and new baby niece Millie. Work on production.

Name: Oliver Jermey

Age: 25

From: Surrey/Wolverhampton, England.

Work: Faction @ Eden

Season: 4

Favourite memory of 2016? My mate James Campbell letting me play a track on amnesia terrace during one of his sets.

Favourite Party/Club night?

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Favourite bar will always be Koppas on the westend.

Favourite song of the season? Solardo – Tribesmen

Plans for the winter? I´ve had options for doing a ski season to working in Vegas, but I haven’t been home properly in 3 years so I’m going to spend it back home this year!!

ibiza_feat_2016_review-6Name: Stephen Donovan

Age: 26

From: Cork, Ireland

Work: Donnegans Irish Bar

Season: 4

Favourite memory of 2016? Interviewing Ferry Corsten for Cream. Love his music, was amazing to him a chat with him.

Favourite Party/Club night? Has to be Cream. Never missed a night.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Joe Spoons and Tapas.

Favourite song of the season? Mark Knight – Yebisah. Fantastic song by the main man!

Plans for the winter? Somehow I´ve blagged a DJ job in Andorra. The Dubliner is going to be jumping every night! Can´t wait to get back on that mountain.

ibiza_feat_2016_review-7Name: Gav Millar

Age: 26;

Season: 3

From: Greenock, Scotland.

Work:  Joe Spoons

Favourite memory of 2016? Has to be seeing Eric Prydz and Armin van Buuren at Ushuaia with my best mate Steve. Was a sick day!! Think Amanda was there too!

Favourite Party/Club night? Flower Power. Was my first time going this year. Such a good night.

Favourite Restaurant? Casitas.

Favourite song of the season? Lee Walker vs DJ Deeon – Freak Like Me

Plans for the winter? My first ski season in Andorra. Can´t wait to get there!

ibiza_feat_2016_review-8Name: Kirk Grewar

Age: 26

From: Scotland

Work: Mint Lounge

Season: 5

Favourite memory of 2016? Ibiza was Vibing in VIP with OC & Verde and Hot Since 82 for his Birthday party! Sick night!

Favourite Party/Club night? Favourite party night is a hard one to choose, for day time I would say ANTS at Ushuaia and nighttime it’s between Elrow at Space and Knee Deep In Ibiza at Pacha.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? I don’t usually eat out much but there is a nice little burger joint in town called 202 Burger which is delicious! Little hidden gem!

Favourite song of the season? Favourite track of the season for me is Maasai – OC & Verde

Plans for the winter? For winter after Ibiza I will be having a couple of weeks break and then it’s back to the mountains to Andorrra to start work again in Paddys Bar ? can’t wait to get back on the slopes and see everyone.

ibiza_feat_2016_review-9Name: Roberto Campoli aka Crazy Piano Man

Age: 31 years young.

From: Sunderland, England.

Work: Musician/Singer/Hat lover

Season: 3

Favourite memory of 2016? Without a doubt travelling to Ibiza from England in my VW Camper with my GRANDPA has to be one of the best things I’ve ever done.  What an absolute Legend my gramps is!

Favourite Party/Club night? Obviously Flower Power at Pacha is my church.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Let’s just say it’s a Cala D’hort secret stroll through the sea….those who know Cala D’hort will know

Favourite song of the season? I don’t really have one but my favourite album of this summer is Richard Ashcroft’s album ‘These People’ I’m an indie lad at heart

Plans for winter: I´m putting together a band of some sort so watch this space for ‘High Brids’

ibiza_feat_2016_review-10Name: Dwayne Nolan

Age? 26

From? Enniskillen, Ireland

Work? Owner – Ibiza Club News

Season number? 6

Favourite memory of this season? Standing in Space Car Park while Carl Cox played Imagine by John Lennon – Goosebumps

Favourite party night? Don’t know what I’ll do on a Tuesday anymore, it’s got to be Carl Cox at Space Ibiza

Favourite bar/restaurant? It’s got to be Amante Ibiza, the all round perfect place

Favourite song of the season? Lee Walker vs DJ Deeon ‘Freak Like Me’

Plans for the winter? I’ll be spending some much needed family time back in Ireland whilst using the advantages of Dublin Airport with many flying visits around the globe, I love the winter in Ibiza but I need a change

ibiza_feat_2016_review-11Name: Grant Collins

Age: 31

From: Originally from Surrey England but lived in Spain since I was 4 years old.

Work: Resident DJ at Ocean Beach Ibiza

Season: 9

Favourite memory of 2016? Favourite memory of the summer was Space closing party, even though it was so sad to see this iconic club close their doors for the very last time, it was definitely up there with one of the best nights of my life.

Favourite Party/Club night? Elrow

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Its a tie between Cafe Macao & Coricancha.

Favourite song of the season? Grant Collins & Sam Dungate  – Detroit Playerz

Plans for the winter? Plans this winter are to stay in Ibiza and focus on my production and possibly going to Dubai in the new year to play for a few months.

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