So Wok Restaurant


Well you won’t find out Wok’s in the box if you can’t find them so first up some directions. For locals So Wok is just off the main drag of the West End—in the lane opposite the Highlander (prev Just Eat Restaurant), for those further afield and tourists it’s just a couple of minutes from San Antonio’s marina waterfront and Taxi Rank—just pop Carrer General Prim, 14, Sant Antoni, Ibiza into Google Maps and it will pop up before you’ve finished typing.
So Wok comes with something of a San An seal of approval in it being the new business of Debbie Winch who many will know from the much loved family business of the same name. Actually new business is not really the case as brother Craig has a So Wok Noodle Bar back in their native, er, Teeside? Tyneside? You can’t get these things wrong with the Winchs, I’ll just play safe and say Sunderland.
So you know where it is, you know who it is, time to get on with the most important what it is.
But before we get on to the main affair let’s hold back a minute and see what else is on offer. Cosmopolitan always seem to be saying it’s better to take it slowly and it’s probably time I gave their advice a try. If the Cosmo advice applies equally well we’ll be living in a happy household at chez Gibbs as Debbie’s appetisers are well worth a detour.


Wok’s In The Box?
Wok’s In The Box?

Prawns in pastry—great, juicy and full of flavour, Beef Satay I could have eaten all night long, Crispy Ribs—gone, devoured them all in a very un-cosmo like hurry and compounded my husbandly failings in this being the one dish for sure I knew my ‘looking forward to coming until last minute emergency babysitting request’ wife would have wanted me to take back. Easy answer—get some more– problem I’d eaten those too before they got to her. A bad and wicked man but I blame the Winchs & their confounded deliciousness.
Debbie told me some more about her healthy smoothies which are going down a storm especially with workers coming into town on shift, and the years behind the Winchs bar have did not go to waste as Debbie has come up with some wicked cocktail combinations. I took a snap of the specials blackboard and all of these are a bit of me— sunset strip flavours but at a west-end-tastic 6€ price. No wonder the bar is doing well in it’s on right.

And now we do reach the main feature, the so wonderful so wok fresh to order noodle bar.
1. Choose your base
I am told the Rice options are very popular but on this my first visit I felt it had to be Noodles and you’ve four to choose from—whatever you go for the base starts the dish at 3€
2. Add your favourites.
from 3.20€ for the duck and prawns down to just 1€ for water chestnuts, spring onions and plenty more options to tick the boxes of the cost/health conscious wokker.
3. Add toppings.
Peanuts and/or fresh coriander for 60c—it’s a no brainer.
4. Finally the sauce.
Included free and I went with the majority having the most popular coconut curry—but I’ve got my eye on garlic and black Pepper next time—and there most certainly will be plenty of next times. It’s got the lot—fresh, as healthy as you want it, as cheap as you want it, fast, and most of all delicious—plus I don’t know why but I just love the square boxes. Of course the box is not exactly conducive to food photography and so just this once Debbie found a plate, so you can all see Wok’s in the Box!