West_Midlands_PoliceHola, Hola …

British bobbies on the beat in San An

Two British police officers will be supporting the Spanish police in Sant Antoni, for a week starting on the 17th August. The officers travel to Spain this weekend and will begin patrolling Magaluf (Mallorca) for a week before moving to Ibiza.

The officers will be dressed in full British uniform (with hats) and will be patrolling the beaches and centre of town between 7 am and 10 pm and will likely struggle in the heat. The week trial is an initiative to see if the officers from the West Midlands Police Force can liaise successfully with the Guardia Civil. They will be particularly involved with British citizens who have been the victims of a crime, perpetrators of a crime or witnesses. It is also planned that they will provide assistance to British citizens who have been victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse or other serious crimes.

The initiative is financed and organized jointly with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Spain’s Guardia Civil. Police Chief Andy Marsh, director of international police activity, has said it is “part of our routine work with the police of other countries to help fight crime, gather and share relevant information and develop the skills and knowledge of our police officers.”

Desalinisation_PlantWater Crisis Deepens

Sant Josep takes measures to cut water usage

The City of Sant Josep is working to solve the recent lack of water in the municipality. The problem has been accentuated this weekend with the shutdown of the portable Ses Eres desalination plant because of the lack of flow from the wells. Specifically, the Councillor for Public Works and Water in Sant Josep, Angel Luis Guerrero, explained that “due to increased consumption, 500 cubic metres of water are needed to bring it back on track.”

He explained that the City Council is considering installing more powerful extraction pumps for when the desalination plant becomes operational, but said they have to assess the level of well water to see if the wells can cope.

The council recalled that the municipality is receiving help from Ibiza Town, which provides about 500 cubic metres per day, and Matutes Enterprises, which distributes 300 cubic metres. The president of the Ibiza Town council, Vicent Torres, said that while no emergency has been declared, “it is clear that Sant Josep is in an emergency because aquifers are very low.”

The Council has also taken measures to save water by not watering gardens or municipal roundabouts, closing public beach showers and suspending the watering of roads and washing of municipal vehicles. They encourage the public to do the same.

Freediving Champion Still Missing

After searching for nearly three days, hopes to find the body of a Russian freediving multiple world record holder are dwindling. 53 year-old Natalia Molchanova was instructing three pupils off of the coast of Formentera and was reported missing after not returning from a dive.

GEAS specialists have been searching the area with a deep water machine, but all signs suggest that the body of Molchanova is now far from the point where it disappeared. “In any case,” said one of the participants in the search, “we’re still hopeful and it is possible that the body will float to the surface in the next three or four days.”

Drug_TraffickersDrug Ring Sting

About a dozen people were arrested this week in Sant Antoni, after the Guardia Civil carried out an operation against drug trafficking. Officers seized various quantities of drugs, mainly cocaine and pills – that could be ecstasy or other synthetic narcotics – after a raid on an apartment.

The operation was conducted by the Organized Crime and Drugs Team (EDOA) at about half past eleven on the second floor of number 30 Calle Bartolome Vicente Ramon de Sant Antoni. An apartment door was forced by the officers and there were at least two arrests at the scene.

One of those arrested was a woman of Romanian nationality, but the majority of the arrests since the raid have been of Latin American men. The operation is still ongoing and EDOA have not ruled out further arrests occurring.

Fire_SafetyFire Awareness

A meeting has been held in Sant Joan to discuss how best to prevent fires on the islands, 95% of which are caused by humans. The participants agreed to raise awareness amongst tourists by placing informational stickers on the dashboards of the 15,000 hire cars in Ibiza and Formentera. The majority of hire cars do not have ash trays, and it is common for drivers to flick cigarette butts out of their window, which of course may well start a forest fire. Many tourists, particularly from wet climates, are simply unaware of the ease with which a fire can start and it is hoped that this scheme will heighten awareness throughout the island.

Looky_LookyLooky Looky Haul Of Hooky Destroyed

In recent weeks, The Local Police of Sant Josep has seized a mammoth 580 kilos of clothing, sunglasses, watches and beverages from illegal vendors offering these products. The City Council has previously reported that they are seeing a large presence of street vendors this summer, especially on the municipal beaches.

A total haul of 310 kilos of sunglasses, 80 kilos of watches and 20 kilos of bags have been sent to the Ca na Negreta plant to be destroyed. However, the 100 kilos of clothing seized is to be given to homeless charity Caritas, for distribution to the needy.

Ibiza_ShoreIbiza Shores Up Its Shores

The strong campaign against the ‘Ibiza Shore’ MTV program, being carried out by the people of Ibiza, has collected 24,529 signatures through Change.org and has caused many companies to choose not to work with the Magnolia TV production team who are behind the program.

José Luis Benitez, president of the Recreation Association of Ibiza, which includes Privilege, Bora Bora, Blue Marlin and Ushuaia, among others, said yesterday that Bora Bora, Privilege and the Matutes group will not be involved, and that “hopefully” no more of the association will assist with the program, but recalled that they are private companies and can do whatever they see fit.

OkudaA Splash Of Colour

The street artist Okuda has decorated walls around the world and is now spraying for the Bloop Festival, as part of an urban art project. “The island needs a touch of artistic colour”, because “almost all buildings are white.” His work, the twentieth in the open air gallery of Sant Antoni, will not go unnoticed as he is using more than sixty different colours in his design. His work consists of geometric figures and colours, and follows the ‘Multiverse. Parallel universes’ theme of this year’s Bloop Festival. The piece will be finished on Saturday and will include a monkey, a person and a robot, representing the past, present and future.

Ecstasy-TabletsCatalan Drug Gang

The National Police in Barcelona have arrested two members of an organized gang allegedly dedicated to the storage and distribution of designer drugs for Ibiza and local festivals in Barcelona.

An investigation helped identify two individuals who, despite not having any work activity, had a high standard of living. The activity of the two people under investigation had increased in early summer.

They used a storage warehouse rented in Barcelona, and officers seized 3 kilos of “crystal”, 13,100 ecstasy pills, 28 litres of liquid ketamine, 51 grams of solid ketamine, 73 grams of hashish, 25 grams of marijuana, 4 precision scales and a motorcycle.

Treatment Plant Investment

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has tendered out the project preparation and execution of works in the industrial water treatment plant (WWTP) of Ibiza. The plant will serve the municipalities of Ibiza Town, San Antonio and Santa Eularia and the tender is for an amount of 41.2 million euros.

The new plant will apparently have the capacity to refine the waters of the island and easily serve the population of 90,000 inhabitants, which can reach 150,000 in season. Furthermore, the new plant will end existing problems such as the emission of gases inside the facilities and sludge disposal issues.