Left to right: Roman, Ibiciencan, Carthaginician
Rome vs Carthage

Who will win the battle of the tomatoes?

The Carthaginians and Romans replicate the bloody battles witnessed during their long-standing rivalry with the great battle of tomatoes to be held Saturday 5th September at 8pm on the beach of S’Arenal in Sant Antoni. According to forecasts from the City Council, participants are expected to reach into the thousands and it is estimated that during the battle over four tons of tomatoes will be thrown – supplied from a surplus donated by Agroeivissa.

The Socio-Cultural Association of the Carthaginians and Romans presented the XI Festival of Carthaginians and Romans, included in the program of celebrations of Sant Bartomeu, with scheduled activities for the weekend.

The festival, which has already started, includes playgrounds, live acts and rituals like the raising of the flags and the christening of new fighters.

Saturday’s festivities will begin at 6pm with parades. After the battle of tomatoes at 8pm, there will be food, entertainment and a large fireworks display.

The Socio-Cultural Association of Carthaginians and Romans, which has over 100 members, have reminded that to participate in the battle tomatoteers must dress as Carthaginian or Roman, and that children under 12 can only participate when accompanied by an adult.



Storm Watch

Advise on how to stay safe

The 112 emergency services recorded 23 incidents in Ibiza this week, most related to floods and fallen trees in Sant Josep and Santa Eulària after torrential rain hit the island. Manhole covers throughout the island were wrenched from the road after the drainage could not cope with the deluge of water. With more rainfall predicted this week, and with Ibiza not having any sort of drainage system, people are advised to adopt a variety of self-protection measures. Ensure all doors and windows are shut to prevent entry of water and remove anything outdoors that can be carried by the wind and rain. Disconnect electrical appliances in lightning storms and avoid underground areas. If there is wind it is recommended to avoid places where landslides may occur and stay away from power lines. Avoid high ground, do not shelter under trees and keep away from cables, grilles and metal objects. It is also advised to keep away from rivers and not to park on bridges or near to riverbanks. In maritime areas, is important to protect houses against possible floods, not approach boardwalks or piers or do not engage in water sports.



‘Oxicorte’ theft linked to recent gang arrest

The gang arrested by the National Police and Guardia Civil last week in Ibiza for committing 29 robberies in the Balearics are believed to be the same gang who stole ‘oxicorte’ from the Galician city of Vigo in January. ‘Oxicorte’ is used to fuel thermal lances which can open safes by heating the metal to 4,000 degrees.

A similar theft occurred last summer at the Can Misses Hospital, when, according to information from the National Police in Ibiza, members of the ‘Niño Sáez’ gang stole several bottles of oxygen in order to use them to melt steel safes with thermal lances.

Electric Boogaloo

Electricity consumption increased by 8.7 percent in Ibiza and Formentera during the month of August, according to a statement issued by energy provider Endesa.

Specifically, in the Pitiusas Islands a total of 119,590 megawatt hours (MWh) were consumed. In addition, August 7th saw a record high daily consumption of electricity, with 229 MW being used. This surpasses the previous high, registered on July 27th, which was 224 MW.

There are no specific reasons for why consumption was this high, but August 7th was a Friday and the number of tourists on the islands was at a peak.


Bomb Cruise

A mock terrorist attack on the cruise ship Costa Fascinosa, owned by Costa Cruises, paralyzed Botafoc docks on Thursday 3rd September.

The simulation assumed the existence of an explosive device inside the boat and began at 10.30am. The safety and emergency services cut off access to the docks, allowing passage only to cars and passengers who had to travel off of the island. At just past 11.00am the vessel had dropped off all of the crew and passengers in an orderly fashion.

The cruise ship is 290 meters long, 1,500 rooms, four pools, five Jacuzzis, a 4D cinema, a theatre on three levels, nightclub, casino and shopping centre as well as capacity for 3,800 passengers.

Debris from fireworks

The Ibiza Town City Council has assured that once the storm lurking in the Balearic region has passed, the debris littered around the coast at S’Illa de ses Rates from the remains of the firework display in Ses Figueretes will be removed.

When questioned on whether the company responsible for littering will be punished, the Council has suggested that the company must pay the cost for removal. The debris was reported by resident, Joe B. Buckle, who said through a post on Facebook – “It is not the first time that this has happened. The same scenario occurred last year”.

September rainfall already above average

The latest rains in Ibiza have reduced the water shortage on the island, according to spokesman Miquel Gili of AEMET in the Balearic Islands.

Miquel Gili said that in August it rained “four times as much as normal” while in September the rainfall is already above the average 57 litres per square metre with some stations recording 100 litres in the first few days.

The weather station installed at the airport recorded 35.9 litres per square meter on Wednesday in the space of just 30 minutes, which led to a total of 60.1 litres in less than five hours during the torrential storm.


Tagomago will be protected

The Balearic Government pledged yesterday to protect the environment of the island of Tagomago. This commitment was given by the Director General of the Government of Espais Naturals, Caterina Amengual, at a meeting yesterday with the Minister of the Environment in Ibiza, Miquel Vericad.

Amengual said that the regional government will provide “real protection” for the island rather than the support which has “only existed on paper.” Vericad, meanwhile, was very pleased after the meeting and stressed that “never again shall be repeated the shameful events that have been tolerated in Tagomago.”

Schools in for winter

In great news for over stressed parents, the school year begins on 11th September for about 19,300 students in Ibiza and Formentera, according to the latest data handled by the Ministry of Education of the Office of Education of Ibiza. The number of students is slightly lower than last year, which saw 19,453.

Most teachers have already returned to school on September 1st to prepare for the oncoming semester, apply ear-plugs, stock up on paracetamol and to oversee a number of exams that occur at the start of the month. Parents all around the island are planning a number of activities that do not involve the patter of tiny feet.

Syrian refugees welcome

After the tragic images of drowning and persecution of Syrian citizens in search of a home, several Spanish cities already have spoken and have applied to host refugees.

In the case of the Balearic Islands, the Ibiza Council says it is working to facilitate the arrival of Syrian refugees to the island. The Formentera Council said that all possibilities be explored to take action. The Balears Group have urged the central government to do everything possible to promote compliance with the Convention on the Status of Refugees of United Nations, working with all parties involved. “We must keep up our legal obligations and honour European values”, they said in a statement.