Ibiza_ShoreMTV isn’t listening

MTV’s ‘Ibiza Shore’ program will begin shooting next week in Ibiza, in the face of fierce opposition. Part of the production team is already on the island conducting pre-production work and recording will begin on August 5th.

On a visit to Ibiza this week, Spain’s Minister of Tourism, Biel Barceló, said that “This is not the kind of tourism we want. We must make a clear commitment to quality tourism which is sustainable and respectful to the islands.”

Several national media outlets have reported that three contestants are already confirmed for the show, and it looks like production will be going ahead.

Gas_platformOil threat

Another company plans surveys in Balearics

After previously helping to halt the Cairn Energy Company from undertaking gas and petrol surveys in the Balearics, the Mar Blava Alliance has warned that the developer Geo Spectrum Limited has already submitted the Environmental Impact Study for an acoustic surveys project in the Balearic Sea.

The company last year began procedures for oil exploration in the Balearic Sea, just 25km east of Santa Eulària and the new proposed seismic surveys will cover an area of 14,000 square km, from the northern part of the Catalan coast to the south of the Balearic Islands.

In the campaign of seismic surveys, Geo Spectrum expects to capture a sophisticated model of the geological structure of the Balearic Sea, according to sources at the company. To achieve this, four air-guns would be used which would cause significant impact on the area.

“One of the problems that exist with the new company and its quest for oil is that they are manoeuvring to prevent the Environmental Impact going on public display. They want to remove the possibility of citizens expressing themselves on the project,” claims Mar Blava’s technical coordinator, Carlos Bravo.

Bravo has warned that “two projects are now activated and we will have a lot of work to prevent them succeeding.”

Strike_DiscussionsCleaning strike update

Workers want minimal pay increase

The planned August 3rd cleaning strike, which threatens about 220 employees in four out of the five municipalities of the island, is closer to being called off after an initial meeting between representatives of workers and the companies Cespa-Ferrovial (Ibiza Town), UTE-Es Vedra (San Jose) and HERBUSA (Sant Eulàlia and San Joan).

The main stumbling block arose with the call for a wage increase for about 120 employees which is currently being negotiated. According to the union representative Philip Zarco, “any discrepancies remaining will be economic, because we are focusing more on the wage increase.”

The companies intend to incorporate the new labour agreement, which would be in force until 2018, which involves a wage increase of 0.25% this year. The workers, however, claim that with inflation adjustments an increase of 0.5% is necessary.

Although negotiations are close to being resolved, if an agreement has not been achieved the collection of garbage and street cleaning will be paused on August 3rd in all Ibiza municipalities, except in San Antonio.

Zarco noted that there is no possibility to postpone the strike for another time. “In August is when we can make a bigger statement,” he admitted.

Stolen_PhonesPhone thief caught online

The National Police have arrested a person in Ibiza who has been caught selling all kinds of electronic devices and phones stolen in the island via social networks. The Police have been using social media themselves to investigate the growing trend of online selling of stolen goods and stumbled across a man who has been advertising a variety of mobile phones and tablets worth roughly 9,000 euros.

After initial investigations by the Police posing as a buyer, it was found that all devices came from thefts carried out throughout the island and some even in the peninsula.

Bikini Tax

The Government’s Minister of Tourism, Biel Barceló, in a recent meeting with the main tourist employers in Ibiza and Formentera, said that the intention of the Government is that all tourists pay a tourist tax which was met with opposition from employers. Any tourist tax would be difficult to apply to those visitors not staying in hotels and there are concerns that increased costs will prompt tourists to go elsewhere on their holidays. The employers insist that the islands must have improved infrastructure, but there is concern that short-term greed may be detrimental to long-term prosperity.

Street Vendors beware

The Local Police of Sant Antoni has started an initiative against street vending in the city. The first operation, involving nine officers, was focused in the West End and led to the arrest of nine people for violating the ordinance of living through the practice of peddling without a license. Also, one of the arrested was charged with assault on an officer. The haul included 338 glasses, 38 watches, 60 bracelets and other items.

Moreover, a motorized patrol spotted a street vendor at the fountains who was also arrested for selling without a license and was found in possession of two bags of suspected marijuana.

Knife_Fight_290715Innocent bystander glassed

A man has had medical treatment for a neck injury received during a fight in the Urban terrace bar in San Antonio. The victim, a 57-year-old Spanish man was an innocent bystander who was hit in the neck by glass that was thrown during the brawl and shattered against a wall.

The fight between two residents of San Antonio, one being Italian, seems to have started for reasons relating to each of their dogs although the exact details are not yet known.

Police sources said that this fight has no relation to the serious events in the town in recent weeks, when two Britons were stabbed and sought refuge, one of them at a restaurant on Calle Estrella and the other with the San Antonio Local Police.

Autopsy shows no sign of violence

Further to allegations that his death may have resulted from physical abuse by the Guardia Civil, the autopsy conducted by the Institute of Legal Medicine of Ibiza on Northern Ireland’s Alan Drennan has detected no signs of violence according to a report from the Guardia Civil’s Communications Department. They are still waiting on the results of toxicology tests to see if the tourist, who was only 21 years old, consumed some type of substance that could have ended his life. If it is found that this is another victim of drugs and alcohol, it will be the fourth young British man to die this season from substance abuse.

Armed Robbery

A man between 30 and 40 years old, who is “tall and blond with short hair”, is being sought by the National Police for a robbery committed at gun point in a Spar supermarket in Calle Abad y Lasierra in Ibiza Town.

The man, who witnesses revealed could be of foreign nationality, entered the supermarket wielding either a pistol or a revolver and demanded money be handed over.

The Police do not yet know if the weapon used in the robbery, in which no one was injured, is simulated or real. It is also unknown how much money the man managed to take from the till.

San_Jose_Water_MeetingInvestment in water pipes

The City of San Jose will invest 3.5 million euros to improve the water distribution network in the municipality. The Mayor, Jose Marí Ribas, and the Councillor for Water Works, Angel Luis Guerrero, have stated that major investments will be made between the tank at Pep Cardona and San Jose. The network currently loses approximately 68% of water due to the age and condition of the pipes.

The mayor also announced today that San Jose would start receiving water from the desalination plant in Ibiza Town and urged restrictive measures apply to public water consumption, particularly amongst major consumers such as hotels and large villas.