Jesus Sanchez with a pen
Jesus Sanchez with a pen

Day versus Night

Nightclubs and Beach Clubs kick off

The Clubs Association of nightclubs and discos de Baleares (Lime), which includes Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Privilege and Eden has locked horns with the Ibiza Leisure association which includes Ushuaia, Blue Marlin, Km5, DC10 and Bora Bora in what seems to be a night versus day tussle. Its president, Jesus Sanchez, said this summer is chaotic because “nothing is controlled and everyone does what he wants.” He was particularly critical of the “illegality” of the beach clubs and hotel-clubs and cited a bar with a capacity of 112 individuals celebrating festivals in which “thousands of people gather.”

Sanchez and the owners of the main clubs met with the president of the Consell, Vicent Torres, and the mayor of Ibiza, Rafael Ruiz. They gave Torres a comprehensive report with photographs of the establishments, which have thousands of people in attendance. The association is particularly annoyed that complaints last year were investigated in November when the tourist season is over.

Sanchez recalled that the clubs were forced to install roofs in 1989, but the beach bars are not being forced to reduce their noise pollution.

Meanwhile, the Ibiza Leisure Association have accused the clubs of exceeding capacities on a regular basis with more than twice the numbers at peak times and also that they are not closing on time. “If the beach clubs have to stop at midnight, perfect, but the clubs have to close at 6.30am”, criticized the manager of the organization, José Luis Benitez, who said that now people prefer to go out in the day. In his view, if the clubs now sell fewer drinks it is because they charge 20 euros for a spirit and mixer, something he calls madness.

Party poopers

The City of Santa Eulària reported that it will penalize homeowners if tenants renting their houses cause a nuisance to neighbours.

So far, the renters have been punished, but it has been decided to extend this action to the owners of the properties to ensure more effectively that cases of anti-social behaviour will be stopped.

The City Council is processing action against a house in the area of Cala Llenya, where a sound measurement was made, and has opened disciplinary proceedings in the area of Jesus, which last week held a private party prompting several calls to the local police. The officers urged the occupants to turn the music down, but they paid no attention and would not let them into the house. There are also two other cases pending for parties in the areas of Puig d’en Valls and Jesus.

police-intro-2Hola Hola Hola …

The two British police officers working for a week long trial period in Ibiza have been involved in their first tourist incident. Officer Martina Anderson and Sergeant Brett Williams dealt with a case of domestic violence between two young Brits, after a woman was abused by her partner on the S’Arenal promenade in Sant Antoni.

Williams and Anderson treated the victim, who did not want her partner charged. The officers will continue to patrol around the West End of Sant Antoni and Platja d’en Bossa as these two locations are the places with the highest concentration of young Brits during the summer months.

Squat thrust

The residents of Sa Penya are confident that the expulsion of nearly a hundred illegal squatters in 40 homes will occur before the end of the year. They share the view of the new government team that rehabilitation of the district depends in large measure on this action.

The council have said that for the neighbourhoods of Sa Penya and Dalt Vila, they must also work on a solution to prevent further illegal occupation of houses in order to revitalize the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Until the eviction, the neighbourhood continues to be difficult to control and almost impossible to keep clean.

Immigrant_BoatAbandoned boat

The Guardia Civil are investigating the abandonment of a small boat on a beach in Es Cubells. Residents have reported that 5 people came ashore in the boat and it is assumed that they are illegal immigrants after discarded tins of food and water bottles bearing Arabic writing were found.

The search will take place on foot and police are keen to hear from anyone who notices anything suspicious or finds evidence of habitation in the local forests. The suspects are thought to be Moroccan by their appearance.

Storm_DrainsRain stops play

Whenever it rains for a few hours in Ibiza, the island experiences major floods – particularly in Ibiza Town and on the road to the airport. The Ministry of Environment is planning to spend 10.9 million euros to improve the drainage system in the capital primarily with the installation of a discharge pipe of 800 millimetres in diameter. The pipeline will run from the future rainwater tank, near the monument of the Fisherman, into the sea behind the wall of the port.

Ibiza Town City Council is confident that the award of these works will take place before the end of the year. The mayor of the municipality, Rafael Ruiz, explains that the investment will also improve the pipes at Passeig Joan Carles I, S’Illa Plana and part of the port, and added that this work “will improve drainage because the existing system of pipes is pretty outdated and no investments have been made in recent years.”

Alongside this work, the mayor of Ibiza Town plans to use a remnant of municipal budgets to further “mitigate the effects of heavy rain” and remedy a situation described as “dramatic”. Ruiz called a crisis meeting with members of the APB in Ibiza and municipal technicians to analyse how the floods have affected the new port. ”

The APB is insistent that the flooding experienced in the new port is not due to errors in the design of the new works. “The problem is that the city systems cannot pump the drains quick enough and we ended up with sewage which came into homes and businesses, “said Joan Gual, chairman of the APB.

For the airport road, the director general of Government Transport, Jaume Mateu, admitted that alternatives will be raised to alleviate water retention on the road, which suffers floods every time it rains with some intensity. Mateu recognizes that “errors were detected in the pumping system”. The Balearic Government expects the work on the drainage basin to be finalized before the end of the year.

Storm_CleanupStorm Clean-up

The Consular of Ibiza has mobilized a total of nine people to clean the roads affected by the rains of recent days.

The team have already removed dirt, stones and other fallen elements on the most affected roads of the island and will continue to clear the 200 kilometres of roads over the next few days.

The roads most affected by heavy rains have been those of the east and northeast of the island – the PM-810 and the PM-810-1, both in Santa Eulària and Sant Joan, and also the road linking Sant Carlos and Sa Cala de Sant Vicent.  The maintenance team has also helped in the work to solve the collapse of the road to the airport.

The Emergency Service of the Balearic Government attended a total of 23 incidents in Ibiza which included flooding in 14 houses, shops and streets and the fall of two large trees.

DesalinationLightning strikes

The City of Sant Josep de sa Talaia has reported that the Ses Eres desalination plant has been affected by the weather over the past few days which caused the plant to shut down. The intense storms in the area over the weekend caused a 300 metre long cable to be burnt by lightning. Unfortunately, works to fix the essential cable were delayed because the cable is very thick and, as there were no replacements to be found on the island, a new cable had to be delivered from off-shore. Sant Josep has been suffering from lack of water over the past few months and relies heavily on the Ses Eres plant.

SenegaliseStreet Vendors defend Police Chief

Over 20 Senegalese street vendors gathered on Thursday afternoon in front of the City Council to defend the recently resigned head of the local police in Sant Josep, Jaume Ramón Planells. “He did nothing wrong,” explains Amary, a spokesman for the group gathered in front of the municipal building to deliver a letter to the mayor.

The objective of the street vendors is to explain “their version of events” and to defend the head of the local police. They confirm that a large group of people came last Tuesday to the City of Sant Josep following the arrest of CI, a Senegalese man who also sells products on the beaches in Ses Salines. However, Amary ensures that the group were only there to support and to report that a municipal officer had acted “violently” with his compatriot. “It is true that we were many, but we just wanted to talk to the mayor. Only two people came into his office to explain what happened, the rest waited in the hall peacefully, “says Amary.

However, reports are that there was a group of more than ten Senegalese men who were very agitated and shouting. The Senegalese men who presented themselves rejected this version. “We were just talking. As they do not understand what we say we had to speak loudly, but our attitude was not violent at any moment.” They explained that they were not there to pressure the police chief, but to denounce the “constant attacks” that some vendors are suffering from officers of the municipality. “The police treat us as if we were garbage. We know that what we do is not legal, but it is our way of making a living and they do not have to stick us nor give us a kicking.”

Clamping camping

The Local Police of Santa Eulària have evicted twenty people who are ‘camping’ illegally in the municipality. The actions are part of a campaign over the past two weeks between the local police and the Ministry of Environment, and the units of the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) and Units of Public Safety (USECIC).

Twenty people, mainly in vans have been moved on from spots in the areas of Cala Boix and Cala Nova. The council has reported that illegal camping is unsafe, unhealthy and poses a serious risk of fire. They also insist that the uncontrolled dumping of waste is not good for the environment.