Drought decree in place

The Balearic Government have approved a drought decree that will affect the entire island and not only areas with overexploited aquifers. “It will affect the whole island because if these measures are carried out only in the most affected bodies of water, the pressure will be on those who are doing relatively well,” said the Minister of the Environment, Vicenç Vidal.

The decree will reduce the extraction capacity of both public and private sectors by 15%, except for the agricultural sector, where the reduction will be 10%. In addition all the trucks that supply water around the island will only contain water from the desalination plants of Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni. The Government estimate that these measures will generate savings of up to 8,000 m3 of water per day in high season. The mains water suppliers are also obliged to supply desalinated water to all points where the network permits, and must inform the Government every three months what is the volume of water supplied, the source of extraction and who is the recipient. There are causes for concern that this will presumably increase the cost of water bills for consumers.

Failure to meet the drought decree will entail sanctions by the Administration, which shall be considered serious (from 30,050.62 to 300,506.05 euros) or very serious (300,506.06 to 601,012.10 euros).

For its part, the municipalities of the island must conduct an audit to detect spillages, and those that exceed 25% of losses shall prepare a management plan and consider reduction targets.



Renewable energy encouraged

Four years ago, after the terrible fire that burnt a substantial area of Morna, in the town of Sant Joan, a group of experts suggested the idea of changing the energy model of Ibiza and Formentera with the aim of producing renewable energy whilst helping to prevent forest fires using the guidelines of sustainable forest management.

Jacinto Valderrama, head of a small biomass company based in Santa Eulalia, claims that using biomass for energy through forestry has multiple benefits. In addition to opening an economic sector which employs technicians and engineers, the process also prevents fires and the burning of fossil fuels for energy. “To produce biomass energy equivalent to burning 1 litre of diesel emits 95% less CO2 than the oil industry,” he stresses.

So how does it work? It begins with the clearing of high density pine forests and the trees are then transported to the processing plant where all that wood is converted into small chips before being placed into biomass boilers. Valderrama states that it is a “sustainable and very beautiful project” for the island of Ibiza, where “with very few hectares, the whole island can be supplied with energy.”


The bunker housing the unit
The bunker housing the unit
Radio therapy

The Nuclear Safety Council has received the licence application for the installation of the accelerator for the new radiotherapy unit in Can Misses.

The licence application was presented on September 3rd at the Ministry of Industry of the Balearic Islands, an organization with which the Nuclear Safety Council has an agreement of entrustment. The accelerator will have a series of checks and these results will be sent to the Safety Council who will do their own inspection. Council technicians will then move to the Can Misses hospital to make inspections on site and check that everything works correctly. If the unit passes all tests, then the hospital can start radiation treatments for patients.



Charting history

The Historical Archives of Ibiza has gained 75 photographs by Augusto Vallmitjana of the early 1970s, and 500 books of local and Balearic character thanks to the generosity of Florencio Arnan who donated from his personal library.

The 75 photographs are divided into three folders and includes images taken from ball pagés and of traditional Ibizan architecture.

In addition, a small donation was received last week consisting of a plan of the proposed development of Cala d’Albarca (dated 1963), and a sign of the Fires de Sant Joan in the plaza of Henry Fajarnés Tur (dated 1966).



Light fantastic

The City Council of Santa Eulària has placed new high-tech bulbs in thirty streetlights to lower power consumption and has also installed a dozen new streetlights in the Kilimanjaro and Mont Blanc streets in Cala Llonga. The installation of new streetlights seeks to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians of Cala Llonga, because despite it not being a contentious or high accident area, the residents had called for greater illumination.

Another air strike

Spanish air traffic controllers have set fresh 12-hour strikes on September 26th and October 3rd in protest at disciplinary sanctions by authorities on 61 Barcelona-based controllers, the sanctions were imposed after a protest in 2010 that left 200,000 passengers stranded.

The USCA union said that the stoppages would occur between 5am and 5pm on both days as their members resume protests which affected thousands of travellers during four days of strikes in June and July.



Top tourists honoured

The Council of Ibiza and the five municipalities of the island today celebrated Tourism Day by holding a tribute to those visitors who have shown a long-term love for the island of Ibiza. The president of the Council, Vicent Torres and the Insular Tourism Director, Vicent Torres ‘Benedict’ and the tourism councillors of the municipalities of the island, have given a figure of the goddess Tanit to the winning tourists, who will also receive a commemorative portrait.

Top tourists:

Danny Sinclair (British) – has been visiting Ibiza for 25 years. The first time in 1991 staying in Es Cana, and since 2006 staying at the Hotel Osiris in Sant Antoni.

Terry and Maureen Griffiths (British) – first came to Ibiza in 1969, and stayed at the Sirenis Hotel Playa Imperial.

Peter Thomas Joyce (British) – since 1972, spends the summer in Ibiza.

Edoardo Calevaro (Italian-Swiss) – a retired journalist Switzerland who stays at the Atlas y Park Apartments.

Muriel Vera Houghton (British) – staying at the Aparthotel Marvell for 21 years.

Steve and Thirza Richal (British) – visiting Ibiza since 1990 and regular customers of the Hotel Catalonia in Ses Estaques.

Chris and Joyce Phair (British) – Scottish couple visiting Ibiza since 1980 and staying mainly at the Hotel Arenal.

During the ceremony, Vicent Torres thanked the loyalty of tourists and said that they are the best ambassadors for Ibiza.

Sant Antoni cleaning plan

The City of Sant Antoni has announced its intention to include changes to improve the governing of waste collection, street cleaning and the maintenance of beaches and urban green areas.

The collection of bulky waste and pruning is scheduled to take place during the mornings with afternoon reinforcements during the middle and high seasons, and street cleaning should be carried out using reclaimed water whenever possible.

Special services, such as cleaning graffiti, posters and stickers is set to a minimum of 100 hours labour per year, and will be carried out before the start of the summer season.

In addition, the cleaning and maintaining of beaches should include certain stretches of coast such as Ses Variades and proper management of the Posidonia.

The new plans will also contemplate using an electronic system for identification and geolocation of containers as well as a free 24 hour citizen service.



Cigarette truck

A 34-year-old man with a history of burglary crimes was arrested yesterday in Can Bufí by officers of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil for the theft of cigarettes in Sant Miquel. The man is also thought to be behind the robbery of a shop, located in the village square of Santa Gertrudis, after entry was forced and 3,000 euros in cash and cigarettes worth 7,000 euros were stolen.

This amount, however, is far from the price of cigarettes stolen on Wednesday morning after the man and an accomplice allegedly stole a ‘Logista Company’ delivery van. Police found 70 cases of cigarettes, whose contents are valued at between 120,000 and 140,000 euros, according to the complaint filed by the company responsible for the delivery. The truck was recovered by the Guardia Civil at the site of Can Bufí, where the suspect was also arrested.

Can Misses dead man

A man died in the emergency department of the Can Misses hospital on Wednesday 9th September and was apparently forgotten about until the following Monday, as confirmed by a spokesman of the Department of Health. The cause was human error blamed on a shift change in which the employees working the new shift were not informed that a patient had died or that his family had yet to be told of the death. It was an astonishing five days later when someone realized that a dead body was in the mortuary which had not yet been claimed. That’s when a social worker attempted to find the family of the deceased and finally was able to contact a brother of the deceased.

The hospital has opened an investigation to clarify what happened in detail, to determine where the error occurred and to employ fail-safe mechanisms to avoid this happening again.

“The family has been extremely patient and understood that it was human error,” added a spokesman. Apparently, the man did not maintain contact with his family, who were unaware that he had entered the hospital.

Bolivian murder case unfolds

A woman was arrested on Tuesday night for the alleged involvement in the murder of Bolivian, Rilma Liliana Velasquez who was killed on June 15th at an apartment in Sant Antoni. Ramona B, a Romanian national, was released after being charged for allegedly being an accomplice in the killing and has been banned from leaving the country.

Officers suspect that the woman’s partner, a Moroccan man, is the perpetrator of the crime and that he left the island the day after the incident, returning home via Ceuta. An international warrant for his arrest has been issued through Interpol, though he has yet to be found.

The suspicions are that the killing of Rilma Velasquez resulted from a botched robbery. The research hypothesis is that the Moroccan entered the apartment not expecting the presence of Ms. Velasquez. Thus what was intended as a simple robbery ended resulting in a homicide.