Might be wise to exit the poo

The resort has more sewage set-backs

The crystalline waters of Talamanca have yet again started to resemble a toilet after a new sewage issue. The beach experienced a red flag this week to alert bathers as to the danger of swimming. Lifeguards were responsible for giving relevant explanations to tourists and to warn those swimmers who insisted on having a dip why they should probably get out post haste.

The reason is yet another break in the sewage pipes which is leaking straight into the bay. Technicians have collected water samples for analysis and the red flag will remain until results are in.

“We are tired of so many promises and cheap politics,” said the president of the Neighbourhood Association of Talamanca, José Colomar, which announced that it has run out of “patience” and has set a deadline of October 30th to present a complaint to the Office of the Environment

This week, the mood of local business owners was of helplessness and resignation. “It’s an old story. We do not see solution “, said the manager of a snack bar in the area, Rafa Rionda, who lamented “the bad image given” and said that now “when family or friends come to the island, nobody recommends Talamanca.”


Port and sold

Sant Antoni port to get upgrade

The general director of the Ministry of Land, Energy and Mobility, Xavier Ramis, announced that they have allocated 48,500 euros to undertake “urgent” improvements in the port of Sant Antoni.

Ramis recently spent time in Ibiza, where he visited the ports of Santa Eulària and Sant Antoni, as part of a tour being carried out access port needs and plan future actions. During his visit to the ports, the general director was accompanied by the mayor of Sant Antoni, José Tur, and the mayor of Santa Eulària, Vicent Mari.

As for the urgent improvements to be undertaken in the port of Sant Antoni, Ramis explained that they will include the development of a geotechnical study “to assess the state of the foundations of the commercial dock” and the installation of mooring buoys on a pontoon.

Furthermore, improvements will be made to port offices and the outer wall of the port in addition to the barrier and wood panels on the buildings. The money will also be used try to end the leaks that have been affecting some of the structures.

In the port of Santa Eulalia, the Ministry will look into how best to regularize the administrative status of the port, through implementing changes to the commercial wharf and boardwalk.

Schools in for Formentera

The Minister of Education, Martí March, has pledged that the construction of the new school of Sant Ferran in Formentera will soon become a reality.

March has met with the president of the Formentera Council, Jaume Ferrer, as well as with other team members of government and education officials.

The minister reiterated that his visit “was necessary” to make a diagnosis of the needs of the island and thus create an action plan for the medium and long term to resolve them. According to March, the harmony between the two institutions is the basis for future cooperation.


Jesus Maria Perez Lopez
Happy vendor

It seems that the only person who is happier than the winner of a ONCE coupon worth 100,000 euros is the seller of the ticket, Jesus Maria Perez Lopez.

The seller moved to Ibiza 18 years ago and has since become one of the most beloved vendors around the Isidor Macabich and Mercat Nou areas in Ibiza Town.

“It was an incredible story because in my nearly two decades as a merchant I have never given such a big prize,” Jesus himself said with a smile. The ONCE seller says that from now on, he will face life happy in the knowledge that he has made whoever bought it happy.



New ferry route open

The Baleària ferry company has resumed the Valencia-Ibiza line for both passenger and freight. The 1,000 capacity ‘Sicily’ vessel will operate daily, except Saturdays, at 9.45pm and Sunday at 11.30pm. The reverse route Ibiza-Valencia will be operated by the 600 capacity ‘Visemar’ vessel which leaves the island daily between 2pm and 2.30pm. Prices are from 32.5 euros per resident journey.

In addition to these services, the ferry service maintains daily connections from Denia to Ibiza with the ‘Nissos Chios’ ferry and also with the super speedy ‘Ramon Llull’, in the latter case until October 4th.



Lock up, lock up

The Guardia Civil and the Local Police has seized 1,100 ‘fake’ products in a special operation aimed at public safety in the leisure areas of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep.

Officers and Public Safety specialists on tax matters from Mallorca joined in the operation, which also seized 734 food products with either non-existent or expired labelling of dates.

During the operation, a man of Senegalese nationality was arrested for committing an alleged crime of drug trafficking after being found with 8 bags of marijuana and 30 pills of MDMA. In addition, 21 people were caught in possession of drugs.



Hot dog rolls

Coco the German Shepherd, was rescued by the local police in Ibiza thanks to a complaint from a neighbour. Coco suffers from hip dysplasia, which makes walking on the hind legs very difficult, and was found malnourished with major injuries to his legs.

He is now pottering about on a unique doggy wheelchair in the San Jorge Veterinary Clinic, Sant Jordi, while playing and having fun with other German Shepherd puppies. Coco has a temporary family to stay with, but the next step is to find someone who can adopt permanently. The head of the San Jorge Clinic reported that those interested can contact the Town Hall or the Sa Coma kennels.



New school in Santa Eulalia

After years of protests and complaints by the educational community, the second institute of Santa Eulalia is finally a reality and opened its doors this week to welcome its first students. During Thursday morning, workers placed the furniture of the 16 units, which for now will host about 200 students from ESO, but which together have a total capacity for 400 students. It is the only new school that opens its doors this year after years of complaints by parents and pupils, but with this new institute the pressure on the Xarc Institute should be relieved.



RE: Fugees – Ready or not, here we come

The Balearic Government is working with the hypothesis that about 300 Syrian refugees will be arriving to the Islands from October. The councillor of Serveis Socials i Cooperació, Fina Santiago, has not yet given a specific date and says that it may be a month early or even early to the middle of November. He says that “the refugees will not come all at once, but in stages.”

The direct management of the entire operation will be undertaken by the Red Cross, which has signed an agreement with the administration to integrate and care for the refugees, explained Santiago.


This isn’t badly photoshopped
Tiger Mozzie

The recent heavy rains have enabled the tiger mosquito (Aedes Albopictus) to gain a foothold in areas of Ibiza by leaving a multitude of muddy ponds in which to breed.

Joan Mayol, biologist and head of Species Protection of the Ministry of Environment, has warned that the tiger mosquito is here to stay. Evidence of the insects was first discovered within traps in the Montecristo area of Sant Antoni and the mosquitos have now been found in Puig d’en Valls, Botafoc, and even Jesus.

This species of mosquito has a particularly itchy bite and tends to stalk for blood at ground level around ankles and shins. The ridiculous new fashion of long socks with shorts may now have a practical use.