S’Argamassa, es Canar and sa Boca des Riu affected

The City of Santa Eulalia has confirmed that motorised water sports will be prohibited on the beaches of S’Argamassa, es Canar and sa Boca des Riu due to the protection measures put in place to safeguard the corridors of migratory birds on the islet of Tagomago.

Concessionaires will be unable to provide any nautical activity with motors; including jet skis, water skiing, paragliding or banana boats to name a few.

According to some of the businessmen consulted by the Diario de Ibiza, they learned of the judgement at the end of April 2019, just as they were preparing for the season ahead.

“We have run out of room for manoeuvre, after having made significant investments in improvements and maintenance, and now I do not even know if I can open the business,” criticised one affected businessman.

“If we had known at the end of last season we could have looked for an alternative to keep the business, but now I do not know what we can do.” “I have not been able to sleep for a month because of worry,” he adds.

It appears that the Council  do not share the environmental prohibition and they have already written to the Conselleria to gain a review of their report, which they will contest if refused again as, as far as they understand, the regulations for the protection of birds does not restrict such activities.