• The Mayor of Santa Eulària, Vicent Marí, has initiated proceedings to sue a person who accused him of accepting bribery on Facebook.
  • The mayor is demanding 3,000€ in compensation.

Santa Eulària Town Hall have confirmed that the mayor is taking action against an island resident who posted the accusations on social media. The unnamed person is said to have used the term “pasta bajo mano”, translated as pasta underhand, pasta being Spanish slang for cash.

The administration said the person had accused the mayor of “accepting envelopes stuffed with cash to smooth the passage of projects, which if it were true would constitute a crime and should be reported to Justice”. However they do not feel the challenge will be taken up continuing to say “it is not true, it is a completely fictitious assertion, without evidence, that damages the honour of the mayor.”

In his post, the user refers to a specific building in Santa Eulària that, in his opinion, exceeds planning regulations and directly accusing the mayor of accepting a bribe to allow the construction.

Watch What You Say - Santa Eulalia Mayor To Sue Facebook User For Slur
Watch What You Say - Santa Eulalia Mayor To Sue Facebook User For Slur

Now, the defendant has a summons before the Justice of the Peace of Santa Eulària, to “present the documentation it deems necessary to support its manifestations.”

In this context the council says it is “not exactly a lawsuit, but a request for retraction and apology”. They go on to say that if not forthcoming it will result in the legal action that, if successful in gaining compensation for the mayor, would be donated to the Juvenile Reception Centre of Santa Eulària.