Wasabi Wednesdays at Villa Mercedes Ibiza

A very aptly named Asiatic degustation menu served at the beautiful setting that is Villa Mercedes. Billed as rolls and niguiris although in truth offers a lot more…

A medley of starters included a delicious smokey miso soup with tofu, a bowl of very fresh tasting glass noodles with vegetables, nori seaweed with a hint of sesame and tempura prawns. Main course consisted of maki rolls, sashimi, prawn sushi rolls and a seared marinated tuna, which was outstanding.

Wasabi Wednesdays at Villa Mercedes Ibiza

The very attentive manager Javier suggested a bottle of Oroya sushi wine which complemented the meal perfectly. All in all this was a very well balanced meal and by now we were full on flavours, but Javier insisted we sample the desserts which were very decadent.

Wasabi Wednesdays make up just one of Villa Mercedes many themed nights, which are all exceptional value for money and set in one of San Antonio’s most beautiful restaurants. With a mixture of either live music or a DJ playing chilled house, this is a great place to spend the whole evening. Whether it be for food or just to sample their great cocktails, Villa Mercedes is the jewel in San Antonio’s eye.

Villa Mercedes Ibiza