Whilst Spain’s unemployment in January 2020 has grown to 3.25 million, its highest level since 2014, there are some sectors of employment when the national demand is outstripping the supply of suitably experienced or qualified workers. 

Spanish media group El Paid has issued a report summarising the findings of various employment portals and large corporate employers.

Some of the areas in which Spain cannot recruit enough staff may come as little surprise. The country needs more Digital Analysts and Social Media experts, plus Python Programmers and Data Analysts. 

However it is not just in new technologies where Spain’s economic development is being hampered by a lack of qualified staff. The findings show that food processing sectors are struggling to recruit, especially in the burgeoning fine ham sector who need more carvers, and also in slaughterhouses. Fork lift truck drivers are also in high demand. 

Though these may be the areas of problem recruitment, they are not those with the highest growth in employment offers – a list which throws up a few surprises. The contracts showing the greatest growth rate are actors (28%), technicians in workplace hazard prevention (27%), waste sorters (23%), journalists (19.6%), crane and machinery operators (19.4%), emergency health workers (18.9%), slaughterhouse staff (18.5%) and delivery workers or messengers (15.9%). 

The vacancies that are hardest to fill and have an effective zero unemployment rate include engineers, cyber-security experts, network administrators, programmers in the Python language and big data, and experts in robotics, artificial intelligence, 5G wireless technology and augmented reality. These workers are on high salaries, according to Blasco, earning between €50,000 and €60,000 per year. There is also high demand for social media programmers, digital analysts and customer experience specialists.

Read the full report here https://english.elpais.com/economy_and_business/2020-02-06/the-job-vacancies-that-spain-struggles-to-fill.html

Meanwhile in other news affecting the employment sector, Spain is set to raise its minimum wage to 950€ per month, to increase Civil Service pay by 2%, and pensions by 0.9%