Valentine’s Dinner at The Royal Plaza

The St Valentine’s menu at The Royal Plaza hotel is always something rather special, which is just as it should be for telling that very special person they are exactly that.

This year’s six course feast will add fuel to the fire of any love.

From Scallops to Lobster to an Eastern spiced Turbot, through a Cointreau laced sorbet, and ending with, what else, but Passion fruit and Chocolate foam.


But for the very best Valentine’s you don’t want that loving feeling to stop at the coffee do you?

At the Plaza it doesn’t have to, as they again offer an overnight stay as irresistible as the menu.

A couple can stay with breakfast and a very Valentine friendly late afternoon checkout for just 170€.

So whilst everybody else is dealing with taxis and sorting sitters out, you can be doing just what St Valentine ordered……