UD Ibiza Ball Boys in Junk-Clutching Racist Taunt Expelled From Academy

A sporting gesture by Sporting Gijon B goalkeeper Christian Joel was thrown back in his face following their game against UD Ibiza at the Can Misses stadium on Sunday.

The visiting keeper removed his shirt and gave it to the Ibiza ball boys, who, as is typical in football, are also attendees of the club’s academy. 

However, soon after the match two of the ball boys sent Joel a video of themselves, one holding the shirt while the other spits on it and laughs saying ‘imigrante’ whilst clutching his junk. 

Joel later reported the incident on social media stating “After the match at Ibiza, the ball boys sent me a video calling me an ‘immigrant’ with the shirt that they’d got from me. These situations can’t be condoned in any way. We live in a society in which racism has no place in any aspect of life.”

UD Ibiza were quick to take action. The later released a statement saying they had expelled the ball boys from the club’s academy and apologised to Joel and Sporting for the abhorrent behaviour of the boys.

“Ibiza is a sporting entity formed by people from very different backgrounds, languages and beliefs,” they said.

“In this place, we work so that football is a point of meeting and a place of coexistence in which, evidently, this type of behaviour has to be persecuted, reported and eliminated from its roots.”