Photo: Mark Garland with Pablo Gárriz, Facebook 

Yesterday afternoon a body was recovered from the Aigües Blancas area in Santa Eulalia, police have ruled out the possibility it is Ben Garland.

Another body, recovered in Formentera on Thursday 23rd January, has been identified as another missing Brit, Kenneth Dallas McPherson. 

Aigües Blancas Body

Officials have ruled out the possibility that it is Ben Garland due to the length of time the body was in the water. An autopsy will be performed and investigation into the identity of the body.

Ben Garland

Ben’s father Mark has thanked all the emergency team members and volunteers for their continued efforts in locating his son. The family are coming to terms with the fact that Ben was swept out to sea and that the search is now for his body. Ben’s family found his watch near to where he is believed to have fallen into the sea.

In a touching tribute, the family invited a group of volunteers and emergency workers to dinner, “Just a small sample of our gratitude” said Mark Garland.

Mark has a special bond with Emergency Service Coordinator Pablo Gárriz, “This man, Pablo, has been an absolute rock to me during my time in Ibiza searching for Ben. We both have lost a child in similar circumstances so we instantly connected and a bond between us formed. His compassion and love that he has shown to me has really kept my strength going along with all the other support I have received. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Keep praying for Ben”.

Kenneth Dallas McPherson

The body found in Formentera last Thursday is that of Kenneth Dallas McPherson, aged 62 of British nationality. Kenneth disappeared while kayaking in Torrevieja, Alicante, last November.

The body was in an advanced state of decomposition in a wet suit and was coincidentally found in the same area as Alessandro Luis Santos, his body was found 2 days prior on the 21st January.