There have been two further balcony incidents in San Antonio today, Saturday 15th of September. Neither are fatal. Both have resulted in serious injuries, and are thought most likely to be the result of drug intoxication.

Skinny Kitchen Building, San Antonio Marina

In the first incident a man of 30 years fell from the 4th floor onto the patio roof of the ground floor restaurant in the same building.

The man speared his leg with the pole of a parasol.

The press information released by the emergency services said the man was considered to be intoxicated with drugs. No further information was given.

Jovial Apartments, Formentera Street

In the second incident it is understood that a 19 year old British man jumped from a second floor balcony ‘because he thought people were after him’.

The responding emergency services said they found the man in a ‘very agitated state’.

Though this report did not say the man was on drugs, we feel that jumping from a second floor because of paranoia at 6.25am would indicate a fairly high probability that drugs were involved.

The man was taken to hospital where he is said to be in a serious but stable and non-life threatening situation.