National Police arrested two Spanish nationals aged 26 and 27 years for a crime against public health.

Information was received from neighbours of a street in Ibiza that an establishment had opened which was dedicated to the consumption and distribution of Marijuana and other Cannabis derivatives. According to the neighbours there was a strong smell of the substance emanating from the premises.


With this information, National Police set up different surveillance devices in the area, observing that some of the clients could be minors.

During the surveillance, they found that customers entered and left the establishment within a few minutes, ruling out that substances were consumed inside and indicating that the establishment was dedicated to the sale of marijuana to any one wishing to acquire it.

A total of four acts of possession of a narcotic substance were drawn up to people leaving the premises, determining that the substance had been acquired in the watched establishment.


On conclusion of the investigation, the alleged perpetrators were arrested for a crime against public health and searches were undertaken, both at the home of one of the detainees and the establishment itself. This resulted in 1025 grams of marijuana, 205 grams of hashish, 12 ecstasy pills, 1.30 grams of ‘crystal’, 61 cigars of a narcotic substance and different quantities of resin and hashish oil being seized. There was also paraphernalia for the preparation, handling and subsequent sales of the substance, as well as a mechanical compaction press and sales brochures.