First Time Turtles have been known to Lay Eggs on Ibiza

Environmental Scientists had a big surprise last week when they discovered that a ‘Caretta Caretta’ turtle had laid eggs on Playa d’en Bossa beach, something that had never happened before.

But as all environmental scientists know, if you wait around long enough for one turtle to lay its eggs, another one is bound to come along at the same time.

The second turtle laid its eggs in Es Cavallet, which on balance was probably the better parenting decision of the two.

The Playa den Bossa eggs were moved to a safer place to hatch, whereas the Es Cavallet eggs are guarded in situ.

Though the sight of hatchling turtles scurrying across the sand in their against-all-odds run to the sea may sound like the cutest thing ever, there is a more gloomy side to their arrival in Ibiza as naturalists put it down to a shift Westward due to rising sea temperatures as a result of global warming.

The Caretta Caretta turtle is categorised as ‘Vulnerable’.