Representatives of the Spanish Transgender campaign and support group, Federación Plataforma Trans, have denounced the attack on a young transgender woman in San Antonio.

The unprovoked attack took place on Friday October 26th on the s’Arenal promenade which connects San Antonio to the Bay.

The 30 year old woman was walking along the paseo when she reports a man started to verbally abuse her, making negative references to her sexuality, before then attacking her.

The assailant hit her and threw her to the ground, causing bruises on her face, back and knee.

The Trans Federation spokesperson said the assault “higlights the high rate of harassment, and attacks against transgender people.”

The platform denounces the impunity that characterises the attacks, and reiterated the urgent need for legislation to offer protection and equality in the eyes of the law. (Ed: whereas in the U.K. the assault would be given the more serious demarcation of being a hate crime, in Spain there is no such law and so, in effect, people may express transphobic abuse without fear of legal action)

The transgender platform recently announced a hunger strike was to be taken up by members, to be continued until legislation currently shelved in the Spanish parliament is brought forward.

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Ed: We like to think of Ibiza as a champion of tolerance. This young woman clearly doesn’t find it so. Have you witnessed or been subject to homophobic or transphobic aggression in Ibiza? Is Ibiza any different to elsewhere? Interested to hear your thoughts.