• Via DGT & Diario de Ibiza

As from August 1st the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) will begin denouncing (fining)  those drivers who are captured by drones in violation of road safety regulations, coinciding with the launch of the second special summer operation.

The drones will be used as a priority for the protection of vulnerable road users, including cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, as well as for monitoring distractions while driving and sections where the risk of accidents is higher, reports the DGT.

They will also be used for the regulation in operations and special events in which a high number of road movements are concentrated, to complement the helicopters and to support in emergency situations that due to their severity significantly affect traffic and safety. of road users.

The DGT currently has eleven drones , three of them certified by the Spanish Metrology Center, which are the ones that are going to start reporting, and the remaining eight will continue to be used for traffic regulation and management.

In addition, the acquisition of another twenty units that will be incorporated into the work of traffic surveillance when contracts are completed.

The offense captured by drones may be notified on the spot by an agent of the Traffic Association of the Civil Guard or subsequently processed by the competent authorities and all of them will have the corresponding images.