Traffic chaos is the likely price to be paid for major road improvements on the Ibiza to Santa Eulalia road following a green light for a midsummer start. 

Ibiza Consell issued a press statement following a meeting today to sign contracts with representatives of the companies who have been appointed to undertake the 14.5 million euro project.

The works will take 18 months from now, which will mean disruptions on what is one of Ibiza’s busiest roads for the entire summer season in 2018 and 2019.

Survey work will begin immediately, during which disruptions will be minimal. The diggers are due to roll in during June.


Useful information: The Spanish word for traffic jam is ‘atascos’. The Ibiza to Santa Eulalia road, as with most roads, has several designations. You will see it on maps and signs at the C-733, the E-10 and the PM-810. We don’t understand why one road has many names, if you know the naming system, please let us know. 



Works within the scope of the project include:-

  • Creation of a dual carriageway (C-733) including hard shoulders and stretches of cycle lane.
  • A new roundabout connecting the main road with the Jesus road.
  • A new roundabout at north of Ca na Negreta
  • A new roundabout at the notorious Can Clavos turning towards San Miguel
  • Five pedestrian and cyclist underpasses
  • Improvement of road drainage


The Consell confirmed that they will be holding meetings with local residents and other interested parties over coming weeks, both to explain the works and listen to the concerns of those likely to be most affected.