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Tractor Boy

  • Man Drives Tractor From Belgium to Ibiza
  • 1,600km trip takes eight days on his ‘lovingly restored Rolls Royce of the fields’

Everyone has their ‘memorable trip to Ibiza’ but 49yr old Peter Vanderheyden must be up there in the top 10.

On his bucket list he wanted to travel from one of his houses to another, on his tractor.

Leaving his home in Neerpelt, a small Belgian village near the Dutch border, he spent a week travelling on country roads to his apartment in Siesta.

His ‘Fendt Farmer 2E’ has no speedometer, just an hours worked counter.

It has none of the modern comforts of  GPS, power steering or even suspension.

Despite its lack of refinement Peter considers his 40 horsepower tractor as something very special. “Fendt is the Rolls –Royce of the field” he said of the farm machine he has restored “with absolute love”.

Once he’d decided to make the trip, he took out a map, put a broomstick on it and drew a straight line from his home town to Barcelona, from where he took the ferry to Ibiza.

Peter followed the 1,600 kilometre route using rural roads as tractors are not allowed on the autopistas/autovias.

Stopping in woods along the way to sleep, he averaged 200km a day at roughly 20km/h stating after 3 hours his knees were numb and he had to wear ear plugs due to the noise.

The tractor is fitted with a storage chest/cum cabin/cum cell. Readers will not be too surprised to know that Peter made the accommodation unit himself. It contains a simple bed, underneath which is space for his clothes and food, and a power outlet for two interior lights and a phone charger.

We cannot feel any of the things we want to say about it would be good for the cause of anglo-belgian relations, so we won’t say anything at all.

Peter’s brother Jos was already in Ibiza ready to give him a hero’s welcome, however Peter’s girlfriend will not arrive to join him for another week, which we are sure has nothing to do with wanting to distance herself from her plough-man.

Peter intends to use the tractor to get around the island, though no one has yet been brave enough to tell him the island is in gridlock, and when you do arrive you are not allowed to park anyway.

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