Touching Cloth

  • Nick Gibbs


Many in Ibiza’s clubbing community will have been watching the Fabric fiasco unfurl with  a feeling that it all sounds a bit ‘Ibiza’.

For some of us, myself included, Fabric was the pre-Ibiza club of choice, so there’s that connection, that feeling of ‘get your dirty hands off’.

I used to do the lights at Fabric, up on the balcony. Well to be more precise it used to entertain me to mess about with them when the bloke who’s job it was had his back turned.  I can’t be blamed, just because you let me in V.I.P. it doesn’t mean I’m going to act like one.  Well, it was quite a few years back.

For me at least, it has been a long time. I don’t remember when the smoking ban came in, but the last time I was in Fabric you were still greeted by waves of thick pungent smoke rolling up the stairs as you descended down into its depths.

fabric-eden-3So faced with more troubles than an Ibiza club with a Café Concierto licence, what can we do a thousand miles away?

You now have the chance to do more than change your facebook  profile pic.

Over the next week there are two opportunities to get up front and personal, so close to that Fabric feeling you’ll be touching cloth.

Terry Francis/ Eden Closing

  • San Antonio, 29/09

We’ve been loving Eden this year. OK they support the newspaper which is very cool of them, but we’ve had enough fun there that there is no need to write this as an advertorial.

The Monday night scouse in the house Mansion has done everything to reinforce the stereotype of being a special breed of party people. If there is an award for hardest working Ibiza newcomers it has to go to Faction, and we have heard the sound of angels at Judgement with our new favourite balancing act Son of 8. It won’t be the most popular choice in Ibiza but my personal club in which I most like the dub has been HY-PA (sometimes with a W).  If your tastes are more rub than dub they have even unleashed full on fetish by the conveniently named Unleashed.

We won’t pretend it is the most talked about closing this weekend, but they sure are going out in style with a line up so long that any other year you’d say it was very long.

Getting their names in the big type are Max Chapman, Kydus, Terry Francis, Apollo 84 & Jamie Roy. But you have to say the small print people ain’t too shabby either, see the full line up on the advert.


I’m the office Fabric fan so am looking forward to hearing Terry again like a London lover’s hotel weekend—which is lots.

Terry has been at Fabric no less than 18 years. He is  quoted as calling their current situation a  farce.

Speaking to Essential Ibiza he said of the reasons for the closure “ I think it is literally a purely vindictive act by the police to get their own back because they got sacked off in a court case before and they didn’t like it.” If you want to read his full interview with essential  I have given the link below, along with the save fabric link, but much as I love the place I’m looking forward to his visit for the music, not a debate on shady shenanigans.

fabric-eden1A week of Fabric, brilliant, I’ve even dusted off a couple of tin can CDs.

Fabric Benefit\Sankeys Dance 88/89

  • Playa Den Bossa, 05/10

They call it Acid, and that pleases us, because we like it. Among our most common soundtracks  in the office, we can’t get enough of that squelching moog. Sankey’s have been getting it right across the board for some while now—cool of them to extend Dance 88/89 one more week as a Fabric Fundraiser.

Here’s what Sankeys supremo David Vincent had to say about it.

“We need to save Fabric for the sake of our acid house’s legacy & to protect our culture. This was the reason why we fought the authorities back in 1988/1989, just so we could Dance in 1988/1989 & I feel Sankeys Ibiza & Dance 88/89 will present a party in aid of Fabric’s fight. We are building a legendary line up together for this special occasion. Aciieed :-)”

Aciieed indeed.