• The tower is one of around 30 missed in the national cultural inventory of 1968.

The Insular Committee of Land Management, Urban Planning and Historical Heritage (CIOTUPH) have agreed that the Torre (tower) des Coll Jondal is listed under the classification of a monument of cultural interest (BIC).

The tower and some remaining walls from the original construction are located in St. Jorge Salinas, in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia. Facing toward the sea on the eastern elevation of the Sa Cova Santa mountains – if you don’t know the club by the same name you will have probably seen its search lights and signage driving on the airport to San Jose main road.

Inventory of Cultural Heritage

This listing has the agreement of the Heritage Council area of ​​Ibiza who have updated the registration and protection of the rural towers on the island of Ibiza, also known as towers of refuge. A national survey was undertaken in 1968, known as the Spanish Inventory of Cultural Heritage. However it seems that around 30 of the towers were missed by “simple omission or ignorance” according to the Consell de Ibiza, and so were not officially recognised for their cultural importance until recently.

This tower on Sa Cova Santa is composed of the typical perfectly cylindrical body. Its walls are built in stone in the a technique called herringbone using a lime based mortar. The base has a floor of limestone rectangular flagstones and a well in the centre – reflecting the towers’ use as a retreat to wait out the frequent incursions.

Although no attributable data is available to give a specific date of construction, the Torre Coll des Jondal’s technical features are similar enough to those of many other Ibiza towers for which there is  evidential information on the construction, that the Heritage boffins vouch for it being of 16th century construction “with almost absolute certainty”.

Due to its omission from the national survey and so lack of any building regulations protection, the general state of conservation of the tower is far from perfect. It has had various additions and adaptations made in its various uses over the centuries since becoming obsolete in having a part to play in the Island defences.

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