Pizzeria Over the Top

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I had a delightful dinner last week at an excellent pizzeria in Santa Eulalia. Tatyana and Rustam, the owners, made us feel very welcome.
They have a lovely place hidden in one of the small streets off the Paseo Maritimo in Santa Eulalia, Pasage Molins de Rei, with a great view of the Sea. I was glad to hear they are open all year round, with a small closed up terrace in the winter which becomes a huge open air one in the summer.
I was amazed at their over fifty different types of pizza. But if you are after a traditional the-same-as-everywhere-else Italian pizza, you have come to the wrong place. Rustam is an incredibly original chef with more than twenty years experience and, as he told me himself, he wants to make art out of his food.
As I was going to a pizzeria, I got an Italian cook to come with me. We had a very tasty rosemary pizza-bread for starter. Then came the pizzas: A white spinach, egg, gorgongonzolla and mozzarella pizza for my companion and I had the grilled sausage pizza. I have to admit it was delicious and I will use Luca’s words “every bite was a new combination of flavours different from the previous”, he felt like he had taken bites from four or five pizzas. The dough was thin and a little crispy, you could tell the ingredients were fresh, and that the food had that special ingredient you rarely find in restaurants, love. Rustam himself told me all about his passion for cooking.
I will definitely be going back, they have an amazing menu I’d like to have a nibble at and the prices are great, their most expensive pizza being only 11€. To give you a few examples of their originality, they have a special margarita pizza for kids in the shape of a heart and they make a sweet banana and chocolate pizza!
They will be adding two lasagnes to the menu, but Rustam told me he wants to concentrate in doing one thing properly instead of trying to cook twenty different types of food, so that will be all the pasta.
Their menu includes some hot and some cold starters, a list of specialities, Italian and Ibizan wines, and over 50 pizzas! I invite you to try them, you won’t regret it!

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