Police officers have arrested three Dutch nationals with a supply of 500 1L cylinders filled with nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. The cylinders had been sent from Rotterdam and the three accused travelled directly to Ibiza to wait for the shipment.

Once the merchandise had been received, it was then stored in a rented van and car which they left parked in a public car park in Ibiza Town. National Police found the vehicles and their contents.

Investigators then searched the hotel room where the three detainees were staying and found 2’500 balloons and 500 adaptable nozzles to extract the gas from the cylinders along with other paraphernalia including stickers to give the product greater commercial appeal. It is estimated that the shipment would have resulted in 50,000 doses on the street.

While the sale of nitrous oxide is legal, a person supplying it for human consumption thereby changes its purpose to a medicine which is subject to a medical prescription, It is a crime to sell nitrous oxide for recreational use.