Thomas Cook Ibiza to Glasgow Flight in ‘General Emergency’

Thomas Cook flight MT 1591 left Ibiza for Glasgow around 11 o’clock today.

Shortly before landing in Glasgow, the pilot activated the code ‘7700’ which in aeronautical language means “general emergency”.

The code is used for situations ranging from a fire onboard to a passenger with a major health problem, and many other potential problems.

The aircraft touched down at 12:45, 15 minutes earlier than expected because the pilot requested a priority landing.

Paramedics, police and firefighters were waiting for the plane’s arrival, though it appeared that all passengers left on foot, ruling out the probability of a health incident among the passengers.

Unconfirmed reports state that engineers are inspecting the entire aircraft, and no official statement has yet been released as to what triggered the pilot’s decision to call the alarm.

The international code 7700 is one of the three so-called ‘disaster codes’, together with the 7500 – used in the case of hijacking, and 7600 – used when plane’s radio is not functioning.