This is Ibiza Documentary Film première, Monday October 1st, Eden, San Antonio

  • Words, Nick Gibbs.

This is Ibiza.

We all have our own view of what Ibiza is. But I’d wager very few people who live, work or have visited the island, will view Ibiza as anything like its TV portrayal. Over the last two decades a bandwagon of pseudo-reality shows have blighted the Balearic’s most misunderstood sibling with a reputation it has not deserved.

This is Ibiza.

Whenever we hear such bold claims from any media channel we are quick to raise our most sceptical guard. Really? You’ll need to work hard to convince me because many have gone before you who haven’t got a clue what Ibiza is. More importantly they are not interested in what Ibiza is, only how they can make it look to saté the appetites of their sleaze-feeding audience.

They are Ibiza.

The good news is that this documentary comes with something of a community seal of approval. The people behind it, Ego Media, are local people.

Not only that, but they have a proven track record in shooting some quality film. A promo of their earlier in the year got a genuine lol out of me. And that doesn’t happen often.

Ego’s Jody Hall told me a little more about what they wanted to achieve. “Our intention is to make a film that would show Ibiza for what it really is – an Island of freedom, love and music.
“The film goes through the journey of the people who are here and are playing a part to keep this Island going – the DJ’s, workers, promoters, owners, artists, healers and locals.”

The documentary has been two years in the making, though to be fair eighteen months of that was spent on the Tony Pike interview.  (gawd bless ya Tony, you know we’re kidding)

Aside from Tony, though frankly his participation alone makes it worth seeing, the Ego team have interviewed a whole host of Ibiza’s great and good. DJs, Business Moguls, Influencers (sorry to use that), they are all there. Imagine the expensive front few rows on a BA flight the days after closing, and that’s who you’ll get to see. Plus a private jet or two for good measure.

It wasn’t all A-listers though. They must have run out of names when they asked me for an interview. “Tell us your best Ibiza memories” they said, “But you can’t mention drugs”. I mean, come on. There is setting out with worthy intentions and there is just plain ridiculous.

See the last trailer below. See the film at Eden.

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