photo vicent mari, diario de ibiza

Ibiza’s first non-quarantined tourists arrived on the island this morning, Sunday 21st of June.

Internal flights arrived from Madrid, Barcelona and Palma, and international flights from Milan, Bologna, Amsterdam, Marseille and London.

The Diario de ibiza talked to passengers arriving on the Milan flight, stating that several said they were workers arriving for the season, who had chosen to arrive today so as to avoid the 14 day quarantine that would have been necessary if they had flown into Spain earlier. 

Taxis are starting to receive business, around half the normal number are working at the airport. Most shops are still closed though rental car offices are doing business. 

passengers arriving on the first non-quarantined flights today – photo vicent mari, diario de ibiza

In total, 21 landings and takeoffs are planned at the Ibiza airport today. Of these, 16 are domestic flights 5 international.

Passengers arriving must fill out a health questionnaire and undergo a temperature check by health personnel.

NB: Not all passengers on these planes will be tourists, so before anybody wants to pull us up on either of the first arrivals’ photos, they are of passengers who may or may not be tourists – keep smiling people xx