The Balearic Government has yielded to pressure from its citizens and the hospitality industry and will apply the curfew in the Balearic Islands one hour later than initially planned.

The curfew in all of the Balearic islands including Ibiza will now be from midnight to 6am, however, subsequently it has been confirmed that Ibiza Town will retain its 10pm Curfew – When the Ibiza curfew was 11pm Ibiza Town had been brought into line with the rest of the island, but now the curfew is midnight the capital will stay at 10pm. 

The decision was adopted after the restaurant sector met in Palma this afternoon with the Minister of Economic Model, Tourism and Labor, Iago Negueruela, at the headquarters of his department.

After the meeting this afternoon, Minister Negueruela declared that the epidemiological situation in the Balearic Islands is one of the “best, within the complexity” of the situation created by the pandemic.

Negueruela has said that the situation “allows” the curfew to start at midnight, after listening to the restaurant and culture sectors. 

Editor’s Comment: There is a type of political strategy when the authority will present a very bad situation, then announce some relaxation of the very bad situation. This gives people the feeling that something good has happened, though the reality is that the situation is still much worse than it was originally. Is the change to midnight cause for celebration, or have we just been duped by a clever slight of hand?