The Ibizan 902 20 Jun 19

This is a digital copy of the printed newspaper

Operation Summer, Spain steps up security. Cala de Who? Has Sant Josep forgotten the bay? O Beach 2019. Vara de Rey 22. Padel. Noche de San Juan & much more.

Reader Update!

Regular readers will notice a different look to the digital reader. We are now using our own in-house page reader, which removes the limitations of the ISSU digital publishing platform.

The good news is that all links in our eissue are now live. You can now click hyperlinks to visit web pages, watch videos, send emails etc., directly from the newspaper. Many links can be easily spotted on the page as they are formatted in red among a sea of black.

The flip side is that it may take a few issues to get the balance between speed and quality right. If you do not have a good experience using the new reader, there are some notes and a feedback form below the newspaper.

All things being good, a tap from mobile readers should get a download of the pdf to their device default pdf viewer. Desktop users should click the front page image to activate a larger pop-out version.

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Tech Notes …

The original newspaper that goes to Ibiza’s rotary press for print is around 250mb. If we used that version we would cripple your internet and our server. The version on the website is reduced in size from 250mb to around 2mb – a huge reduction. This is achieved through various technical processes of down-sampling and compression, and it can have unexpected results.

Your feedback will help a lot in getting it right. Our experience on fast computers with professional graphics may be very different to yours.

  • Is it loading quickly enough? 
  • Can you read all of the text? 
  • Is it working at all? 
  • Any problems on mobile? 

We’d love to hear your comments good or bad, but definitely any very bad! Please tell us as much as you know about the device you are using. PC or Mac, Windows or IOS Version. Browser. and if mobile Android or Apple and version.