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The Ibizan 864 ~ 22 June 2017


Front Page

Sick Tricks of Dodgy Brits

  • Hoteliers Complain of Surge In Fraudulent Food Poisoning Claims
  • Tour Operators To Prosecute and Blacklist
  • Package Holiday Prices Could Soar

Tour Operators have seen a steady increase in claims against them and the hotels they use in Spain over the last 5 years, however the figures are now unprecedented and action is being taken to curb false food poisoning claims.

Nick Longman, UK managing director for Tui told the media recently that Tui UK, including Thomson and First Choice had opted to blacklist customers from booking with them again if the operator believed their claims to be false.

“This is clearly a massive issue for us – it’s a massive issue for the industry. We have seen an enormous 1,400% increase [in claims] in the past two years.

Tui is also sending letters early in the claims process to warn customers that it would be they, not the claims management companies, committing fraud if their claim was disproved.

About 50% of letters in a recent trial have led to claims being dropped, and the operator has just sent letters to a further 100 claimants it believes to be playing the system.

“This [the letters] has given rise to a number of solicitors saying they have dropped their claims,” said Longman.

City of London Police, which investigates insurance fraud, has confirmed it is working with hotels and operators to bring prosecutions of holidaymakers this summer.

It is likely that other package holiday tour operators such as Jet2, Thomas Cook will follow Tui’s example, and there is even talk of tour operators sharing names to combat the fraud.

The cost of package holidays along with insurance could also rise significantly if this ‘trend’ cannot be curbed, it is thought the cost to the Balearics will be 50 million euros paid out in false claims—and the hoteliers have no defence—the payout is simply deducted from them.

The problem is also so bad that Mallorca is planning to ban the British from package/all inclusive holidays if the claims don’t stop.


Spanish Police Arrest Two Brits For Fraud

Two British people were detained in Majorca at the beginning of June for encouraging tourists in the Spanish town of Alcudia into making false claims. They face an ongoing judicial investigation into an alleged fraud scheme involving food poisoning.

Claims management firms are being blamed for the steep rise in such claims as they now directly approach potential claimants. The firms, already known in the legal field due to their ‘whiplash’ claims often state they can recover the cost of the holiday, and possibly the next.

 Benidorm Fights Back

The Benidorm, Costa Blanca and Valencia Region Hotel Association have been very proactive in trying to protect members. As a consequence a number of all-inclusive hotels in these areas now issue customers with electronic wristbands which they swipe as and when they order food and drink. This allows the hotel to not only monitor their food and drink intake but also monitor where they are at any specific moment within the hotel complex. As Nuria Montes, the general secretary of Hosbec (hoteliers association of Benidorm and Costa Blanca) commented, “We have a much better chance of proving we’re dealing with a fraudulent claim if someone has drunk 27 beers and 14 gin and tonics and hasn’t been confined ill to their room.”

“It is very disappointing that hotel groups have to put such systems in place to protect themselves from bogus personal injury claims. Inadvertently, this could strengthen the case of those who have legitimate claims against hotel groups because there is a track record of what they have drunk, what they have eaten and where they have been. Indeed, using these wristbands it is even possible to tell whether a customer has been confined to their room.”

Fight Fake Claims Campaign

Travel Weekly has launched the Fight Fake Claims campaign, which aims to reduce the number of fraudulent holiday sickness claims. The campaign is backed by Abta and major tour operators and will be presented to the UK government for a change in the current law. Go to their website below to register your support.


ABTA’s Advice

Abta is urging members to support it’s campaign on social media using #StopSicknessScams, they also urge tourists to report the ‘claims touts’.

Their published advice is as follows: –

Report claims touts in resort to your hotel and/or operator.

Warn other holidaymakers if you see touts and let your friends and family know.

If you are cold-called and encouraged to make a fake holiday sickness claim, report the company to the Claims Management Regulator.

If you are aware of a fake holiday sickness claim, report it to Action Fraud.

If you have experienced food poisoning, contact your hotel or tour operator immediately. Claims companies will take a hefty slice of your compensation.

If you aren’t happy with the response from your travel firm, you can pursue your case through Abta’s Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme or the small claims court.

Editorial Note

This email was received by the Ibizan this week.


We are eleven days in on a fourteen night stay at hotel X in es Cana.

The hotel has endured a serious epidemic of illness in the last few days.

We estimate 80% of guests have been affected and have evidence of children being admitted to San Antonio hospital. 

Medical doctors reports have blamed dirty water.

My wife was instructed by the hotels public relations officer “not to talk about it as she was raising serious accusations”.

I believe people have the right to know what is going on at this hotel.”


We get hotel complaints on a relatively frequent basis. One not so long ago, but before the issue had been raised as a serious problem, brazenly suggested that it would be a lot quicker for me to just give him a statement he could pass on to his insurers than research the ‘news story’. I declined to do either.

We can’t be throwing around unsubstantiated accusations of food poisoning, all night drug crazed parties or broken kettles (OK that last one may be an exaggeration but you would be amazed how trivial an issue people consider news worthy when it comes to a ’ruined’ holiday).

With the current vogue in bogus claims no doubt fuelled by those reporting their holiday bonus back to their friends as a victimless crime, any such accusations will be viewed with at least additional scrutiny if not scepticism.

We must not forget the innocent victims in this. There will be people with genuine fair claims who are treated as criminals as a result of the action of those bogus blaggers.

But how to tell one from the other?

On this occasion it was relatively easy. I replied by stating that such a serious public health issue must be addressed, and that in the circumstances of it having struck down 80% of the hotel he should have no difficulty finding fellow sufferers to contact me.

I have had no reply.

Whatever is happening in this Hotel in Es Cana, at a wider level the bogus claims are not a victimless crime.

First there is the genuine case. They become a victim.

Then there are all non-blagging tourists who pay higher prices and/or insurance premiums. They become victims.

And then all those who work in the hotels, or rely upon their income directly or indirectly from the tourist trade. i.e. most of us. We all become victims.



64 Cases Of Xylella In Ibiza

According to the plan envisaged by Brussels to combat the plague of Xylella Fastidiosa, 200 hectares of Ibiza will need to be cleared.

Xylella is affecting mainly almond trees, olive trees, and ornamental plants, there is already a case in a vineyard in Mallorca.

At the moment, 64 cases have been identified and if the European legislation is applied, 3.14 hectares including susceptible species surrounding each case would have to be destroyed.

The Government are opposed to implementing the Brussels ‘eradication’ plan due to the negative impact on the islands environment.

Minister of the Environment, Vicenç Vidal, told the media that he would “continue to strongly request the containment plan” because “it would not make sense to apply eradication in the islands”. The Minister of the Environment stressed that the implementation of the measures required by Brussels “would have a great impact on the landscape and the agrarian economy and tourism economy of the Balearic Islands”.

From the first three cases detected last October in a nursery in Porto Cristo, the government has refused to continue implementing the eradication measures, arguing that it would be “a disaster” for the sector.

Vidal has insisted on continuing to work to “convince Brussels that eradication is not possible”. “We have a long road ahead to be treated like Corsica or Leece,” said Vidal, who recalled that both European regions, “after years”, have managed to be granted containment, which only destroys the trees infected by the plague.

Xylella Fastidiosa

  • From the EU website

Xylella fastidiosa is one of the most dangerous plant bacteria worldwide, causing a variety of diseases, with huge economic impact for agriculture.

It was reported for the first time in the Union territory by the Italian Authorities in October 2013, in the region of Apulia, affecting mainly olive groves.

Based on official survey activities, the rest of the Italian territory is still considered to be free from the bacterium. Subsequently, in July 2015, the French Authorities reported the first outbreak of Xylella fastidiosa in their territory, in Corsica, and later in France mainland, in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, affecting mainly the myrtle-leaf milkwort.

The bacterium present in the respective Member States has a different epidemiology confirming that the source of infection is different.

In both cases, however, the affected host plants are increasing as investigations progress.

Xylella fastidiosa is regulated in the EU as quarantine organism under Council Directive 2000/29/EC (‘Plant Health Directive’) on protective measures against the introduction into the Community of organisms harmful to plants or plant products and against their spread within the Community.

As such, the introduction of this organism into, and its spreading within all Member States, shall be banned. The Plant Health Directive provides Member States with the legal obligations to abide by, once the organism is known to be present.

Irrespective of the symptoms, all necessary measures to eradicate it, or if that is impossible, to inhibit its further spread, must be taken.


Jail For Local Policeman Who Assaulted A Minor

The Supreme Court has stood by the Provincial Court’s decision of a 3.5 year jail sentence for the local policeman that assaulted a minor in 2013.

The Sevillian police officer, aged 34 years old, attended an incident near the Marco Polo hotel in August 2013 where youths were congregated and drinking at around 2am.

According to the magistrates in the original trial, as the youths were leaving, the 17-year-old struck a rubbish bin, causing the agents to ask for documentation. The youth in question did not identify himself and the condemned officer grabbed him to try to take him to the station.

In the struggle between the officer and youth, the young man crouched as the officer threw a blow with his baton which was described as ‘similar to a tennis backhand’. As a result, the young man lost 8 teeth in total and has received implants costing more than 20,000€.

In addition to the prison sentence, the police officer will have to compensate his victim 37,520€ and cover court costs.


Guardia Keeps ROCA Team All Summer

The specialised police team ROCA (Robos en el Campo) will be kept running throughout the summer.

The ROCA team consists of 5 agents although that number could increase if necessary.

The Colonel of the Guardia Civil Jaume Barceló and Government delegate Maria Salom attended Sant Antoni’s local security council where the news was announced.

Salom insisted that “security is a priority for the Balearics as a whole, and for Sant Antoni in particular, as shown by the 37% increase in officers that will reinforce the islands this summer for three months, longer than in any other Autonomous community of Spain ‘.

However, Salom did not report on how many reinforcement agents will work this summer in Ibiza and Formentera, nor how many of these will be posted to Sant Antoni, the most important on the island both by the amount of territory it manages and by the type of tourism it hosts.

Salom claimed that the Government has decided not to report on the exact number of reinforcing agents coming to the island “for security reasons”.

The local security council of Sant Antoni has also decided that the office of the Service of Assistance to the Foreign Tourist (SATE) will reopen on the Passeig de ses Fonts. The operation of SATE will be decided daily according to tourist demand.


Ibiza Has Many Bars is Confirmed as the Most Pointless Headline in The Ibizan

In a report that you don’t need to know but we are going to tell you anyway, Ibiza is confirmed as an island that has many bars.

Ibiza Town is second on Spain’s list of bars to population.

A study developed by Coca Cola and the Spanish Federation of Hospitality (FEHR) has revealed that Ibiza falls into second place behind León.

The study established that León is a municipality of more than 20,000 inhabitants and that with 635 establishments, has more bars per 1,000 inhabitants: 5.03.

Ibiza follows with 224 bars and an average of 4.52. Salamanca is third with 4.22.

Around the island Ibiza Town is top, obviously,  followed by Sant Antoni (4,17), Santa Eulària (3.63), Sant Josep (3,29 ) And Sant Joan (2.47).


20 Prohibited Weapons Seized

The Guardia Civil have arrested two men aged 25 and 41 years old, as alleged perpetrators of illegal weapons possession and threatening with a knife.

On the 18 June, according to the Interior Ministry, the two men got into an argument in which they threatened with a knife. The incident occurred on the road from Santa Eulalia, in the vicinity of a mechanical workshop. Upon learning of facts, the ROCA Team who were near the site, proceeded to the arrest them both and found a gun, an extendable baton and an illegal knife in their possession.

As a result of the arrest and subsequent investigation of which the judicial police team of the Guardia Civil took charge, on June 19, three authorised searches were made (two in the homes of the detainees and one in a van owned by one of them). During the search they found 20 prohibited weapons including machetes , daggers, automatic knives, American fists, 5 extendable batons  (whose use is only authorised for qualified officials), 2 self-defence sprays, Flanges, human character masks, 5 balaclavas, sophisticated locksmith tools for the forcing of bowls and safes, numerous picks and gps positioning elements.


Wildfire Risk Warning This Weekend

Director General within the Ministry for Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries, Miquel Mir, has issued a letter to all municipalities warning of the extreme danger of forest fires and asking for their collaboration in reducing the likelihood of such events.

The letter does specifically refer to Friday night when the island will celebrate the San Juan fiesta with bonfires, the heatwave we are currently experiencing adds to the risk. The Ministry is asking everybody to be vigilant, not block roads with parked cars and be ‘fire safe’.


‘Shark Attack’ Playa d’en Bossa

A Spanish pensioner was taken to Can Misses after being reportedly bitten by a large fish or shark in the waters of Playa d’en Bossa. The 82 year old man, received treatment for a 5cm wound to his hand and was discharged following treatment, there is no confirmation it was a Blue Shark. A search was initiated to find the creature, nothing was found and the search called off after an hour.

British tabloids went into frenzy about the severity of the incident, blasting lifeguards for not closing the beach ‘Jaws style’ and sensationalising the incident (ed-yawn)

Blue sharks do swim the Mediterranean however very rarely bite humans.

Between 1580 -2013, the blue shark was implicated in only 13 biting incidents, four of which ended fatally. There have been no recorded shark attacks in Ibiza since 1912


Survey Highlights The Ibiza Premium

According to TecniTasa rental prices have ‘skyrocketed’ during its evaluation of beachfront properties.

  • Average Pricing

Enjoying a week in Ibiza will cost 9.8% more compared to 2016, the average being 729€ compared to 664€ last year.

Moncofar in Castellón is the cheapest at 325/350€ per week and Denia comes in second cheapest at 375€.

  • Apartment Pricing

The cheapest price individual example surveyed was in Burela (Lugo) where you can get an apartment of 60 metres for 200€ per week.

Ibiza falls at the other end of the scale. The biggest rises are in Santa Eulalia – 100m2 for 3400€ or in Playa den Bossa – 70m2 for 2300€, when two years ago rent was no more than 1700€.



Food & Drink

Tapas Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Review

  • Words Carly Sorensen
  • Photos Natasha Marshall

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of dining in Tapas, my favourite restaurant on this beautiful island. Hidden from the noise of San An but still easy to find, Tapas is a gorgeous haven to escape to, whatever the occasion. It’s rustic, yet elegant, charming yet classy and never fails to impress.

The friendly waiting staff are helpful, knowledgeable about the food and multi lingual – I have heard them speak to guests in English, Spanish, Italian and German. Owners Becky and Tony do a tremendous job and don’t dictate from the sidelines. They’re in the thick of it, working hard alongside their staff to take orders, seat guests, serve food, pour drinks and ensure their diners are happy. They always appear relaxed, happy, calm and communicative, genuinely engaging with staff and guests. The camaraderie, communication and  love of their business demonstarted by Tony and Becky, gives Tapas a genuine, warm, welcoming and familial atmosphere  that’s hard to recreate and keeps people coming back for more. That and the incredible food. As the name suggests, it’s Tapas, but it’s like no Tapas you’ve tasted before.


The menu at Tapas is hard to pin down – kind of a Meditteranean British fusion with Asian and African aspects in the mix. Varied and adventurous, it caters to vegans,  carnivores and everybody in between, there really is something for absolutely everyone. The beauty of it being tapas sized too is that you don’t have to choose just one dish; two or three per person fills you up nicely and allows you to sample a few palate pleasers. On this particular night, Becky brought us a personally recommended  selection of drinks, dishes and desserts to sample, some of which I would not necessarily have chosen myself, but I loved every single one.


Lynchburg Lemonade

Recommended as ‘perfect for the Summer’ by Becky and ‘Old school, but so, so good’ by Tony, this cocktail was really good. Jack Daniel’s, cointreau, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and lemonade with fresh sliced oranges and lemons and plenty of ice, the Lynchburg Lemonade was light, refreshing and very easy to drink. I would happily have sipped away on them all night were I not driving. Nicest cocktail I have had in a long time.


Meat & Cheese Sharing Platter.

To start, Becky brought us a wooden board (lovely rustic presentation) loaded up with blue, brie and cheddar cheeses, jamon serrano, chorizo, lomo and jamon iberico. In the centre was an artfully piled stack of fresh warm buttery toasted bread. In the corners were square bowls of fresh green olives and an absolutely scrumptious caramelised onion chutney and the whole lot was garnished wth rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes. The  textures and flavours contratsed and complimented each other so well, but it was the chutney that made this platter a real winner. Sticky, sharp, sweet and slightly crunchy it gave a real richness and depth to the meats and cheeses. Myslf, husband and daughter wasted no time devouring the lot.


Quinoa Salad

This yummy little vegan number was something my husband would never have chosen himself but he relly enjoyed it, as did I. It has really great flavours and textures, with sweet juicy grated apple,  earthy beetroot soaked into the grainy soft quinoa, crisp courgette spirals, green leaves,  crunchy pumpkin seeds and even a few tart cranberries in it. Really refreshing. I’d definitely eat it again!


Seafood Medley

Right up my street. If you asked me to describe my ideal dish, this is pretty much it. Prawns, mussels, clams and salmon chunks all cooked to moist magnificence, bathed in a creamy and brandy sauce. Light, delicate and delicious. I could have eaten a huge bowl of this to myself – I had to restrain myself to give my comapnions a look in!


Chicken Ras Al Hanout

This tasty Moroccan inspired number really hit the spot. Generous chunks of chicken breast were served in a sweet and sour tomato and mango sauce, with just a hint of heat and spice. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the sauce had just the right balance of sweet, sour, spicy and sticky.


Mini Thai Fishcakes

These were on the daily specials board, and I am so glad we picked that particular day as they were incredible. Each bite was packed with the flavours of coriander, lime, chilli, fish and more and I was transported back to Thailand as I ate. They were served with a crisp side salad and a really flavoursome sweet chilli dipping sauce. Thumbs up all round.


White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake.

Now, I would never in a million years have ordered something with white chocolate in. I hate white chocolate. However, this looked incredible and my husband and daughter’s insistence that ‘you have to try this, it’s amazing!’ tempted me in. First the looks, because this really was food for the eyes too. A round crunchy biscuit base was topped by a soft pink cream cheese and white chocloate filling with a thick raspberry coulis drizzled on top. It was served with fresh raspberries, a delicate white chocolate shard, dashing of cream and sprig of fresh mint. Almost too good looking to eat. But eat it we did and it was every bit as good as it looked. The base was buttery and crunchy, the filling light, creamy and with just a hint of white chocolate and raspberry and the coulis divine. I will certainly be ordering it again!


Vegan Chocolate Mousse

This dish was a strange sounding one but it tasted great. The idea of avocados in a dessert may sound bizarre to a lot of you, but I promise you will like it! Avocado and raw cacao are whizzed together to make an unctuous, smooth and chocolately mousse which is then set in the fridge. It was served with cacao nibs, crushed nuts and tiny berries on top and was so tasty my daughter refused to believe it was avocado because ‘I don’t like them, but this is yummy!’ From the mouths of babes.


With food this good in a setting so lovely, you might expect Tapas to be expensive, but it is exceptional value with dishes coming in at 4.95 – 12.95 each. It really does tick every box. Great setting, fantastic staff and hosts, out of this world food and it won’t bust your budget. They even do a very good tasting menu for larger groups. It’s my go-to destination every time I have guests here or want to go out for dinner.

Faultless x




Donnegans Super Duper Meal Deal

  • 20€ Feeds A Family Of Four
    • Rhian Gibbs

Hands up who never complains about the prices in Ibiza? I’d hazard a guess the very few with hands aloft will be doing so behind the secure gates of a luxury villa.

But fear not cash strapped hungry people, you need complain no more as Donnegans will feed your family for just 20€, plus kids get free drink refills and if that is not enough you also get regular live music on the terrace.

Tonight we were treated to the dulcet tones of Roberto Campoli—always the crowd pleaser and with the terrace busy a buzz was in the air.

Our food arrived swiftly and we were not disappointed by the portion sizes – you really can  feed a family of four. The Meal Deal consists of a Margarita pizza, 2 portions of garlic bread, 2 big bowls of French fries, chicken wings, onion rings, coleslaw and dips, all for 20€.

The chicken wings were a firm favourite, moist, juicy and moreish, can we say finger licking good?  I don’t think they were very good for you, but then that’s why they tasted great. The coleslaw was chunky and creamy, another great addition to the platter and not to be overlooked. The garlic bread was crisp and not overpowered with garlic, a winning combo with the onion rings and slaw, and the chips seemed never ending.

The Margarita pizza was loaded with cheese, it won’t win any artisan awards but it will find favour with all but the fussiest child, which is what this is all about.

It was more than expected, not just in the portion size but it still had that much loved Donnegans feel—great atmos and great food at tasty prices.

Who said Ibiza was expensive?



At Night


  • San Antonio, by Claire B

Lots of exciting parties for 2017 and here’s a round-up of some of them.

Get ready to eat, drink, dance and devour the night in the devilishly decadent surroundings of Pikes – the place where magic moments just happen.

Melon Bomb will have a monthly residency on Fridays. Dates are: July 7, August 4, September 8 and October 13.

Rock Nights is back for its 4th season and this year the party will be held every Tuesday from June 13 to September 19. The new image for this season takes its inspiration from the Tarantino film “From Dusk Till Dawn” and an American concept based on the motorcycle clubs on Route 66, roadside strip clubs, diner and motel neon signs, Bourbon, cacti, and the Nevada desert. See full preview in Issue 862.

Pikes House Party returns to Saturdays featuring monthly residencies from Artwork, Bushwacka! and Leon Vynehall as well as special one-off shows from Waze & Odyssey, PBR Street Gang and many more.

DJ Harvey returns for his third consecutive ‘Mercury Rising’ residency, every Monday from August 7 to September 25. What’s more is that the legendary ‘DJs’ DJ has been appointed ‘Cultural Attaché’ for Pikes, meaning his magic touch and feel-good presence will create even more special moments at Pikes this summer.

Paul Oakenfold presents ‘Generations’ on Wednesdays in August. This summer marks the 30 year anniversary of Paul Oakenfold’s famed trip to the White Isle; a seminal week in music history that witnessed the birth of club and festival culture as we now know it.


Vatos Locos  (+ P.R. Diatribe)

  • Venue: ???
  • Nick Gibbs

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

You don’t come across many Shakespeare quotes in our dance music reports. But by the end of this you will see why it was in my mind.

Electronic music industry P.R. is a never ending, inbox-swamping, reality of any media office. The world of P.R. is ultra-competitive, which makes it a tough job., it has its talent and its, er, less talented.

Annoyingly it is the less talented end of the market that has the a hugely disproportionate affect on the inbox swampage. To put it simply it takes a good and known name or something pretty special to stand out in the slimy sea of superlative spouting texts touting events, parties, artists, releases and miscellaneous ‘concepts’.

Vatos Locos’ did stand out, and with such a large proportion of P.R. being as inspiring as the clammy gusset that results from sitting in an office chair reading it all in a sweltering June heatwave, it is as welcome as a refreshing cold groin cloth to come across something a little les ordinary.

When a P.R. promo arrives for a party with the strapline of ‘no egos – just music’, it salves my sweaty nethers and demands attention – all be it a demand for attention made in a very non-egotistical way.

Vatos Locos are the band of beatsters without ego, but thankfully with a whole lot of cool filling the emotional gap the ego left behind.

Think of Vatos Locos as a Melon Bomb in mono. The same small collective of friends ‘in it for the music’, but in their case with more tattoos and a colour palette that starts and ends at #000000

Their 2017 Ibiza residency is an appropriately cool 4 dates. They kick off on the 28th of June and end their season on the 22nd September for a party that doubles up as the birthday party of Hector, the Vatos’ teamleader, ringleader, whatever he calls himself – basically the one who is on the p.r. photos, non-egotistically of course.

His birthday party last year was a proper good do, so no wonder they wanted to go back to the same venue and do it all again.

The venue. How do I deal with the venue. Well they don’t promote do they? That’s their thing, and on the whole I’m very happy with that. It is a bit of a gem. A retreat, a place with no face out of the race that seems to have the unique attribute in clubland of just being content. Happy being themselves.

In general I dislike the following phrase intensely, but given the twist I’ll allow it.

The venue: If U know U know.

That’s pretty clever right? You’d pay a Covent Garden advertising executive with a name you’d want to punch thousands for coming up with that. The venue should get me to do their advertising. If they did any. Which they don’t.

Well you might not like this place anyway, it’s not for everybody.

Right back to the Vatos. “it still remains important to Hector that he would never shy away from the original foundation on which the events were created; to throw good quality parties, with no egos involved. Simply to strip it back to friends coming together and playing records, capturing the true essence of a party.”

That’s pretty cool to my ears, ‘friends coming together and playing records’.

Funny though. Despite the reference to ‘friends’ here, and ‘crew’ there, it does seem to be only Hector doing the talking.

And now I’m looking a bit closer at that talking, for example “Hector’s Vatos Locos concept has deservedly gained worldwide credibility”. I think some people could spot a smidgen of ego in it.

As with namedropping the ‘international guests’ they have worked with in the past. Do humble people namedrop? If they do it would have to be names like ‘my mum’ and ‘Barry the postman’ wouldn’t it?

You know what, I’m starting to have my doubts about this ego free thing. It might be called Vatos Locos, that’s crazy dudes to you anglo-centrics, but Hector is the only  dude in the photo, Hector is the only one mentioned in every paragraph, and the closing party is of course Hector’s birthday.  You are left in no doubt it is Hector’s house, and then there is the actual fact of employing a P.R. firm. Surely engaging a P.R. company has to involve a drop of ego, just a bit?

Fear not, for I have an acid test of absolution that will surely clear Hector of any duplicity in his publicity. The DJ line up. That bitching bastion of the ego. The position on the poster that has agents begging on hands and knees to get their D.J. printed one place higher, or face a teenage sulk in a middle aged man. The line-up that after 3 days desperate negotiation will achieve a tear stopping compromise of ‘with Special Guest’. The D.J. line up is the absolute definition of ego in action. But, in Vatos Locos case the absence of ego will undoubtedly see their line up on the poster printed randomly, or perhaps alphabetically.

Mmmm, Oh dear, well actually it seems Hector has given himself top of the bill.

No ego, really?

Look, clearly I’m taking the piss, and I knew exactly where I was going with the article from the outset. But it probably will be a really cool run of  parties.  It’s not like there is anything wrong in having a bit of ego, but y’now, don’t kid yourself fella. Take your choice, promote or don’t. Keep it as a crew or make it all about you. That moody black clobber doesn’t mean you can say anything and expect us to gobble it up. Although it seems one very well known media hub already did in greedy guts fashion—the old copy and paste clicking has been fast and furious as they’ve conveyed to all you out there in Clubland how humble Vatos are, how devoid of ego, how it’s all about the music. Hell we resort to copy and paste often enough when busy, but they are trying to pass its use off as if they actually know this stuff about Vatos Locos, reprinting every statement of the P.R. as if it is an educated opinion of the writer based upon an extensive knowledge—which it bloody isn’t, it’s copy and paste.

It’s good though right. You can send text out to media types saying how humble you are, and now you have no ego, and they will tell the world that on your behalf without any clue whether it’s true.

What a bunch of arse.

Enough. I’m not even going to go into how the second half of that strapline ‘no music’ fits with the fact that not once in the entire release have you mentioned the music. If it was all about the music you’d think mentioning the music might be more important than pointing out it has been acclaimed worldwide.

Well alright, I went into it a bit, but that gap in their P.R. I will happily fill in for you though.

I can hear “not wanting to be defined by genre boundaries” in my ears as I type, but think the easier end of the techo/underground spectrum and you won’t be far wrong. Underground you can dance with your woman to.  Techo from your hips. Feeling it? I’ll put a link online.

And that is the thing to double stress. Despite Vatos Locos being the unfortunate recipients of a diatribe that has as much to do with P.R. as it does about them, all of that doesn’t stop them playing great music. My cup of tea, a cup of tea that will keep me bopping around the place till sun up. Great music, but as it turns out the crazy dudes weren’t the moist wet wipe I was looking for to refresh the sweaty arse of my faith in P.R.

God it’s hot.

Vatos Locos. Just music. No egos.

(Well maybe just the one.)

(And it’s Underground, obs)


Eric Prydz.

  • Opening party. Hi Ibiza.
  • Stephen Donovan

Eric Prydz, a man dominating the electronic music scene, has taken up his first ever Ibiza residency and of course it had to be at the island’s’ newest and coolest club, Hi. Fresh from his EPIC 5.0 tour with a sell out show at Victoria Park, London, Prydz is ready to bring his unique style and sound to the white isle.

Securing the Swede as a weekly resident is, in my opinion at least, pure genius from Hi. I think we can all agree Carl Cox was the jewel in Spaces’ crown (sorry to bring Space up AGAIN!) while I see Eric Prydz taking over this role at Hi. Prydz also known by his other aliases Cirez D and Pryda normally doesn’t take on a residency due to his fear of flying, must have gotten an offer to good to refuse. In a recent interview he mentions ‘ Hi offered us a unique opportunity to go into a new club, with a blank canvas to build something special, and very unique without existing limitations. For my debut Ibiza residency I wanted a platform to do things on my own terms, inviting the artists I want to host, in a space that we are creating’.

Prydz has collected some of the biggest names in house and tech joining him over his 10 week residency will be Agoria, Cristoph, Catz ‘N’ Dogz, Kolsch (DJ set) and very special guest exclusive for only 2 shows in Ibiza this season, Deadmau5. While Prydz will be in charge of The Theatre, Ibiza favourite Andrea Oliva will be taking charge of the Club. The Swiss DJ and producer will bring his saucy mix of tech and house alongside some special guests including Guti (live), David Squillace, waFF, and the UK’s own Pete Tong.

I get to Hi on a warm Tuesday night around 1.30am in extremely high spirits. The superclub is already full and there’s a real buzz in the air. Wanted to see what was on show for the night I head to the Theatre first and on the decks is Agoria. The French producer has the room full and the punters dancing.

I head over to the Club to check out the room 2. Andre Oliva is smashing song after song and the ravers are loving it!! At 3am, the man we have all been waiting for emerges behind a screen of smoke and lights. He starts his massive set and the Club erupts.

One hour into his set as if out of nowhere Prydz drops ‘Everything But The Girls’ classic, ‘Missing’ With this old school anthem pumping through The Theatre, the breath taking light show kicks into full effect. The crowd is memorised with his spectacular laser show, dazzling lights and superior visual displays.

Prydz see’s out a 3 hour set and keeps the crowd wanting more and more and more again. The build up to that massive drop seems like an eternity but worth every second, the green laser beams dance, flicker and flash above my head. I died and went to music heaven!!

The venue, the lights, the show, the lasers, the dancers, the sounds, the build ups, the drops, the ice cannon, the music just everything. Tonight has outshone all the other nights on this incredible island I call home.

Prydz certainly keeps his best for last, in his final hour he plays his remix of Digitalism ‘Circles’, ‘Liberate’, and club classic ‘Pjanno’. Leaving the crowd wanting more Eric finishes his set with ‘Every Day’ and the final people in attendance give an enormous display of appreciation.

These incredible parties will take place at Hi, Ibiza every Tuesday until its closing party on the 22nd of August. Take my word people, this is a night that must be experienced to believe. Thank me later!!



View From The Pew Authority To Heal

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

All the historical evidence points to the fact that Jesus was a remarkable healer.  He healed by spiritual power.  Not by medical intervention.  Soon after the death of Jesus, the first century biographies of Jesus, known as “Gospels”, are unanimous that Jesus was a spiritual healer: “Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and curing every disease and every sickness.” (Matthew 9:35).

The Jewish scholar and historian, Josephus is very clear about this too.  Josephus ben Matthias is the best known ancient Jewish historian. He was born in 37 AD, only a few years after Jesus’ execution.  Josephus was not a Christian.  He was not a follower of Jesus.  But in his books, Antiquities of the Jews, Josephus wrote:  “Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works, a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure.” (Antiquities, Book 18: 3.3).  Josephus goes on to add that, “the tribe of Christians so named from him are not extinct at this day.”

Jesus also gave his followers the authority to do wonderful works too such as healing: “Jesus summoned his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to cure every disease and every sickness.” (Matthew 10:1).

So often the onset of an illness has the effect of making us feel helpless and passive. The illness has the authority over us.  Jesus gave his followers the authority over illness.  In the language of Jesus, the word translated as “authority”, is in Hebrew pronounced memshalah.  The so-called Old Testament of the Bible s written in Hebrew.  The Hebrew word, memshalah, is first used in the very first chapter of the Bible.  The subject is the creation of the sun and the moon: “God made the two great lights, the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night”. (Genesis 1:16).  “To rule over” is the Hebrew memshalah.  Jesus gave his followers the authority to rule over or have dominion over illness just like the Sun has dominion over the day and just like the moon that dominion over the night.

Church service this Sunday 25th June, Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (The main street), Santa Eulalia, 10.30am.

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383




English Anybody?

  • Nick Gibbs

Calling British & Irish resident parents.

I wondered if anybody else would be interested in an English for native English speakers kid’s club?

After school or holidays, worry about the details if there is enough interest.

Because our children speak English like a native, it is easy to forget that they are not learning the written word at anything like the same level (imo—though I was reassured by a resident who told me their 13 year old is doing a higher level of English grammar in his Spanish school than he ever did himself in the U.K.).

Obviously the Spanish school curriculum is geared to English as a foreign language, much of  which is verbal.

What I am talking about is something that concentrates on English language and literature, basically reading and writing, so unlikely to be very popular with the kids on paper, but hopefully some great storytelling will engage their interests.

Does English matter living in another land? I think so, for example if they ever wanted to return to live or work in the U.K./Ireland, develop a passion for English literature, or even stand any chance of winning a game of scrabble.

Already had some good interest and understand there might actually be something already. Anyway, if interested please drop me an email and if it looks like it has legs I’ll contact those people to pursue further.


Better Red Than Ed …

  • Nick Gibbs

Working in the news media sometimes leaves you feeling a bit dirty. And not dirty in a healthy, enjoyable, pervert kind of way. Dirty as in fed up wading through filth and hate and lies and agendas and just general negativity.

I think the blame for my current malaise falls to Mike and Carly Sorensen. They gave me the rare June treat of a day off on the water Sunday. I didn’t register any epiphany at the time, but since then I’ve been avoiding getting back down to it. The news that is. My avoidance of it has resulted in a remarkably productive week in other respects.

Unprofessional it may be, but I think my contributions to the content this week may be seen as rather more  lighthearted than usual. My fingers are typing, but my head is still a hundred metres off Cala Tarida watching the sun go down with family and good friends.

My head is also bright red, first time I haven’t been morgue white for ages. It’s great to look like a second day tourist instead of one who got off the plane an hour ago, even if it is a second day tourist who spent the first day getting drunk and falling asleep in the full sun.

Anyway, I know news is my job and all, but surely we can go a week or two without the endless political shenanigans, parade of rogues, protestations and proclamations. I mean, why can’t we all just grow vegetables and get along?

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


It’s Good to Talk Again

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

We have lived in Ibiza for some time now and have always been very generous with family and friends when it comes to them needing a place to stay.

We generally give them a key and the spare room and leave them to it. Obviously we spend time with them and often eat together etc but make it clear that especially in the summer months we need to work in order to earn our money for the winter.

Traditionally this has always gone well and more often then not guests are very generous when it comes to buying food and drinks and usually take us out for a thank you meal during their stay.

Anyway to cut a long story short our first guest came to stay last week and it was a total disaster, he didn’t do a thing, didn’t lift a finger, didn’t hire a car (so was dependant on us) didn’t contribute with food or for that matter much conversation either! Anyway it got to a point where I was about to ask him to leave but my partner asked me to ride it out for the few days he had remaining which I did.

So now I’m left with this quite irrational fear that all our friends that have said they are going to come and stay will do the same and I am dreading the summer – I have no reason to think this at all, most of them have come before and behaved fantastically so why do I feel that I am going to be used all summer to allow everybody to have a cheep holiday whilst we are slogging our selves to near death in the soaring temperatures to keep ourselves stocked with wood for the winter!

Any idea on how to get rid of this stupid reaction to one rude person who obviously doesn’t represent the rest of the world would be much appreciated.

Yours, AR

Dear AR

Thank you for your letter and I am sorry you had such a disastrous visit from your first guest.

I wonder though if its not so much an irrational fear about how your guests will behave but more a feeling that you don’t seem to be reaping the benefits of living on this beautiful island.

When you mention “slogging our selves to near death in the soaring temperatures to keep ourselves stocked with wood for the winter!” It makes me think that you maybe have an imbalance with your work / quality of life.

I know that most of people have to work very hard in the summer to last the winter but if the winter simply represents wood i.e. the cold, then I wonder if it might be an idea to reflect on why you came here, what you love about being here and how you might be able to structure things slightly differently so that you can enjoy some of the summer time, and see the winter season in a more positive light?

Your friend that came to stay seems like quite an exceptional example and not a typical guest, it’s always a risk inviting friends and family to stay and from what you have said that risk has always paid off in the past so that is why I feel it has less to do with the guests but more to do with how you view your time here and what you feel you might be missing out on.

I wish you a wonderful summer and hope that you are able to find that balance that you need to enjoy it as you would like.

Warm regards,

Kate Stillman, Counsellor


22nd June 2017— 28th June 2017

ARIES – Page of Swords

You want to get to the bottom of something that’s been troubling your thoughts and are determined to root out the truth even if it means upsetting yourself or the feelings of those you feel a close affinity too. You can only hope they’re telling the truth otherwise you’ll be led up the garden path for many months to come.

TAURUS – Six of Pentacles

Successful week ahead as you are rewarded for past efforts with some kind of bonus and if you continue to throw your energy into the task then further rewards await. For some, expect some kind of promotion or success in in a job interview.  Friends, love ones and associates are likely to be generous if you need some financial help.

GEMINI – Five of Swords

It may be difficult for you to keep a lid on your temper as you discover what’s been going on behind your back. You’ll be pretty upset by the underhanded dealings of others as you are usually a good judge of character. Sometimes you trust unconditionally only to find you’ve been hoodwinked by a charming attitude.  Time to wise up!

CANCER – Four of Swords

Take time out to contemplate your navel and take steps to restore depleted your energy.  Meditation or alone time may be a necessity so don’t waste time with the so called “in crowd”.  Set yourself apart, especially if in the negotiation phase of an important deal.  Others can’t add to your perfect plan so don’t bother asking for second opinions.

LEO – Three of Cups

A week to let your hedonistic side rule. You want fun and lots of it. The best way to ensure this happens is to spend time with those who make you happy. If you’ve not caught up with good friends lately, now’s the time to reach out. This card signals abundant times, socially, financially and career wise through networking opportunities.

VIRGO – Five of Wands

Emotionally, it’s time to grips over the actions of a close associate that’s been worrying you for some time. If a friendship, relationship or business association is troublesome; communication’s the key to sorting the problem. Nothing’s wrong with sitting ‘round a table with a cuppa, vino or beer to talk things through and sort it out. Or agree to disagree.

LIBRA – Page of Pentacles

You’d be wise to sit out a stalemate situation this week.  You don’t need to give ground, just wait and see what others offer before making any decisive move. Life will be similar to a game of chess so think carefully about your next move. If you’re undecided then wait awhile, especially if there are financial implications to any changes.

SCORPIO – The Fool

You’re inclined to be uncharacteristically impulsive and are about to make, what associates consider, a rash move; but is it? You’ve got a hunch regarding a business opportunity and are willing to take the risks involved. This isn’t about being a team player; it’s about independent and visionary thinking, which inspires those around you to think outside the box.


Weigh up the facts presented to you this week; especially if it involves any big changes.  Sure, there are pros and cons but what’s your intuition telling you?  Others have their own agenda and emotionally you are being pulled this way and that. Keep it simple; what’s best for long term prospects and what brings you a more balanced lifestyle?

CAPRICORN – The Lovers

Great week for getting along with just about anyone, as you’re in the mood for love. The Lovers also presents us with a choice; between two people, two jobs, two career options, two…well; you get the picture. You’re being asked to make this choice from your heart, therefore it’s important to connect with your feelings and make your decision intuitively.

AQUARIUS – Knight of Pentacles

You’re thinking long term financial investments; so it would be wise to seek out an expert opinion before committing yourself fully.  Make sure everyone involved is up to carrying through the task, especially if it requires you handing over substantial amounts of money. Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate, but make sure it’s worth it in the long run.

PISCES – Four of Cups

Weigh up opportunities this week as there’s a few to choose from both personally and professionally.  However, delay any decision on making a firm commitment as there may be another opportunity on the horizon; one you might like even better. Romantically, if you’re single and have kissed a lot of frogs recently, the signs are good to meet your Prince/Princess.



Fountains Lit Again In San An

After many years, the coloured lights that characterise the two sources of Paseo de Ses Fonts in San Antonio have been repaired.

Traditional Ibizan Dancing—Ball Pagès

  • Ibiza Town

Every Friday at 9.30pm there is now Traditional Ibizan Dancing, otherwise known as Ball Pagès in the new square in the port at Es Martell (where the old ferry ticket office was). Organised by the Ajuntament D’Eivissa and the Port Authority it is a cultural event that aims to show both residents and tourists the wealth of Ibizan traditional dances and musical instruments.

There’s more info here in several languages, including English, which outlines some of the rituals of these traditional dances, including the clothes, shoes and jewelry that are worn by the dancers and the instruments they play:


Free Outdoor Cinema …

  • Ibiza Town Area
  • Claire B

The Department of Culture and Heritage of the City of Ibiza is organising a series of outdoor film screenings that explores the relationship between cinema and sport.

July 4: Chariots of Fire – original version with subtitles, Talamanca beach

July 18: Rush, Can Escandell

August 1: Any Given Sunday (Un Domingo Cualquiera), Figueretas beach

August 22: Raging Bull (Toro Salvaje), in Plaça de sa Tarongeta

Sept 5: Looking for Bobby Fischer, Parc Reina Sofia.

All films are screened at 10pm and are free.

 … & Concerts

  • Ibiza Town

The Symphonic Band of Eivissa (Banda Sinfònica Ciutat d’Eivissa) will be playing a series of outdoor concerts as part of ‘Música a la Fresca’ in various locations in Ibiza Town over the summer.

June 24 – in the new pedestrian space on Calle Comte Rossello/c. Annibal (Calle de ses Pharmacies) at 10pm

July 2 – Can Escandell  10pm

July 16 – in the port at 10pm

August 6 – in the Park Reina Sofia at 10pm

September 23 – in the plaza Julià Verdera in Figueretas at 7pm

The concert series offers citizens and tourists the opportunity to enjoy live music performances by the band in different neighbourhoods of the city. The repertoire includes classical folk and popular music and film soundtracks.


Organic Food & Craft Market

  • San José
  • Claire B

On Saturday mornings until October 28 there’s a market in San José selling organic foods, local products and crafts.

In addition, many of the restaurants and bars in the town are offering organic dishes. These establishments are participating: Es Verge, Can Limo, Can Lorrenç, Destino, Can Bernat Vinya, Racó Verd, Hosteria Saltaleone, Can Xicu, El Galliner, La Focacceria, Picioco di Pepe, La Gourmandise, No te Olvidos de Acordarte and Sa Torreta.

Every Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00. In front of the town hall.


Music Supper Club

  • San Antonio
  • Claire B

The Music Supper Club launches on June 29 at Pikes. It is an event that brings food and music together, whilst raising money for Ibiza’s homeless. Showcasing a unique ‘feel good’ fusion of food and music, with food from Ruby’s Ibiza and Selina Ingram plus music from Acid Mondays, Deep City Soul, Habischman, Ainsley May and Devanagari, it promises to be an evening that will excite your senses and awaken your soul. Prepared with passion, there will be a three-course meal for €50 that will cater for both vegan and vegetarians, accompanied by boutique cocktails and hand chosen wines. The dinner will take you on a spice trail showcasing dishes from India, Pakistan, Jamaica and the West Indies. The procession of dishes has been curated by Ruby’s very own chef Abby and Selina Ingram.

The aim is to create a festival vibe, which will include the 3 course dinner with Devanagari (Live), a Bwell Chill Out Zone with holistic restorative and rebalancing therapies, poolside and main room music with DJs. The Music Supper Club wouldn’t be complete without taking you on a musical journey throughout the night. Bringing you a healthy dose of funk, soul and disco. Music will feature from the beginning you walk through the door and right through till the end and will feature Acid Mondays, Deep City Soul, Ainsley May, Habischman, Devanagari (live) and more. 25% of all profits will go towards Ibiza Homelessness and all waste food will go to MOJIs animal sanctuary to feed bellies and not bins. Be part of the change and show how collectively we can all make a difference to those in need. From 6pm. Reservations can be made on +34 971 342222. More info on Facebook – Music Supper Club Opening Party


Noche De San Juan ..

Sunday 25th

Sant Juan

9pm to 4am – Artisanal Market using recycled products

7pm – music from students taught by Laura Bonet

8.30pm – Project Africa, video- conference and exhibition @ Cultural Center s’esglèsia.

10.30pm – The Brand New Hippies @ Plaça Espanya

11pm – Concert with Musicaires Swing Band, @ Carrer Antic Ajuntament

11.45pm – Lit flares, Parade Puppets, Ancient icons Eivissencs, Fantasy Groupshow @ Plaça Espanya

12 Midnight – Lighting of Sant Juan bonfires @ Terrace behind the Church

12 Midnight – Audiovisual display from Bambooo.de @ Church Square

Midnight – 1am – Music Videos live 60s and 70s Mr. Vg Monk @ Plaça Espanya

1am – Djamal extended four hour DJ  (Disco / Funk & Soul), Carrer Antic Ajuntament

1am – Javi Box & The Music DJs selectors 60, 70, 80 (Disco / Funk & Soul / Rock & Reggae) @ Plaça Espanya

1.30am – Mary Pomppins Fantasy Groupshow @ Plaça Espanya

Playa Talamanca

9.30pm – Live music from Contra Band @ Ses Figueres

8.30pm – Macarrons de San Juan @ Talamanca

9.30pm – Live music from ‘Ricardito y los Latinos’

Buses available from Ibiza Town.

Ses Figueretes

7pm – Children’s workshops and entertainment @ Plaça Julia Verdera

8.30pm – Macarrons de San Juan @ Plaça Julia Verdera

10pm – DJ Alex Hinohouse @ Plaça Julia Verdera

12 Midnight – Fireworks @ Plaça Julia Verdera

Buses available from Ibiza Town.

Ca n´Escandell

8pm –  Fiestuki with Piruleto

10pm – Verbena popular con Nat Band

12 Midnight  – Fireworks

San Jose

9pm – Live music from ‘Pitiüsax’ @ Plaça de l’església de Sant Agustí

Live music from Quin Delibat! @ Plaça de l’església de Sant Agustí

12 Midnight – Fireworks & lighting of the San Juan bonfires @ Plaça de l’església de Sant Agustí

Santa Eulalia

5.30 – 8.30pm – Childrens workshops @ La plaza Isidor Macabich

9pm – Concert from ‘Dr Trapero y Grupo Arteca’

12 Midnight – Lighting of the bonfire

Sant Carles

9pm – Sardinada

10pm – Concert from ´Nits de Formentera´

11.30pm – Lighting of the bonfire

Santa Gertrudis

7-10pm – Bouncy castles in the playground

9pm – Torrada Popular

10.30pm – Concert from ‘The Fuel Pressure Regulator’

11.30pm – Lighting of the bonfire

12 Midnight – Live music from The Frigolos

Can Bonet

7pm – Children’s party

11.30pm – the bonfire

Can Tomàs

10pm – Macarrons & aigua de Sant Joan

11pm – the bonfire

Forada, San An

From 8pm – Torrada, Hierbas workshop and macarrons

12 Midnight – Lighting of the bonfire

Santa Agnès

12 midnight – Lighting of the bonfire

Puig D’en Valls

6.30pm Children’s workshops.

19:30 Music from Ceip Puig d’en Valls.

8pm – Macarrons de San Juan and great sardinada with the performance of traditional dance .

9pm – Masterclass of dance of Paca Alarcón.

10:15 – Dejavu concert.

12midnight – Lighting of San Juan fires @ the square behind the church.


Ibiza Gay Pride Parade

  • Claire B, Photo Vicent Mari

The parade was lead by the Mayor of Ibiza Town and several local politicians from both the Consell and the Ajuntament d’Eivissa, who were carrying a large banner that translated as “Love and respect. Love whoever you want, respect and you will be respected”. They were followed by a lively procession of colourful characters on cars, lorries, bicycles and on foot, as they made their way along the port to stage in the newly refurbished Es Martell area. Spectators lined the route to watch and cheer them on their way. After formal introductions on the stage, the DJs, dancers and performers took over to entertain the throngs of people who had congregated next to the moored rows of super yachts. It was better this year that the show afterwards continued in the town, enabling everyone to join in. There was a lovely atmosphere and it was great to see a mix of locals, tourists, children and people of all ages and sexual persuasion out enjoying it all.



Saturday 24th

Ecological Market, San Jose, 9am-1pm

See article

Sunday 25th

Jazz @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 8.30pm

Sunday Night Market, Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine Ibiza, from 8pm

Enjoy market stalls with live music, DJ’s and a special grill.

‘The Big Lebowski’ @ Cinerama Dorado, Playa d’en Bossa, Santos, 9pm

Monday 26th

Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am

Evening market often with live music.

Tuesday 27th

Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am

Evening market often with live music.

Live Music @ Dorado/Santos, from 8.30pm

With Lori Meyers. Tickets cost 15€ which includes a bottle of Heineken. Continuing with the After Show party of Rock Nights at Pikes. More info and tickets:

Wednesday 28th

Hippy Market, Es Canar,  Punta Arabi,  10-7pm

More than 500 stalls, paella from 1.30-3.30pm at the Grill restaurant and ‘Hippy Kids’ area with activities.

Thursday 29th

Hippy Market, Cala Llonga, Beach Promenade, from 6pm

Artisan Fair, Sant Rafel, 7pm-11.30pm

Exhibitions of handicrafts and food set along Pintor Narcís Puget and the Church Square. Free train ride leaving San Antonio bus station at 6.30pm to the event and returning at 8.30pm

Music Supper Club Opening @ Pikes, San Antonio, from 6pm, See article.

Friday 30th

Paco Fernandez & Band @ Villa Mercedes, from 9pm

Sunday 2nd

Sunday Night Market, Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine Ibiza, from 8pm

Enjoy market stalls with live music, DJ’s and a special grill.



Jezza’s world of sport

  • Jeremy Parmenter
  • Postcard From The Adriatic

Well, here we are, “‘er indoors!” and me, in Kalodopopolous, off the Greco/Albanian coastline in the Adriatic, contemplating Tuesday’s 2 flight 11 hour trip back to our little paradise in the Med with a 6 hour stopover in Gatwick and taking in the last bit of R & R.

Corfu is a seriously lovely island, very reminiscent of the Ibiza I remember in the late ’60’s/’70’s with unspoilt beaches, the odd chiringuito dotted here and there, no blaring music, beach clubs, traffic, “lucky, lucky men” etc. – sheer bliss and if you haven’t been here before and are looking for a real “chill out” holiday, take it from us, it doesn’t get much better.

However, as I am not purporting to be Cliff Michelmore, what’s been happening in the world of sport whilst we’ve been away.



and the 2nd Major of the year, the US Open and what a miserable result for our Europeans, apart from one shining light, namely little known Brit Tommy Fleetwood, who carded a great total of 11 under for the tournament, coming in 4th, 5 shots off the eventual winner, American Brook Koepka. Mind you, the majority of the big boys, such as World No 1 Dustin Johnson, No 2 McIlroy and Jordan Spieth, to name just a few, all struggled throughout, with Our Rory even missing the cut after 2 rounds. As for the Europeans, Brit Eddie Pepperell came in tied 16th on -5, Sergio came in tied 21st on -4, front runner Paul Casey, after his great 1st round of 66, ended with -2, well down, as did Lee Westwood who ended with +7, even after his superb 1st round of 69.



and congrats to Pakistan who won their maiden ICC 50 over Champions Trophy, walloping favourites India in the Final by a staggering 180 runs at Lords. This from a side that came in to the tournament with an ODI world rating of 8, and just managed to make it out of the Group stage, having been thumped by India by 124 runs and then beat well fancied hosts England in the Semis. Just shows how momentum is so important in sport, which can change in a matter of days, as world champions India wilted under the pressure in the Final, as they chased Pakistan’s formidable 338/4 and were all out for a paltry 158.

Shame for Captain Morgan’s England side as they came in to the Semis with a 100% record having sent New Zealand and Australia packing, only to fall short to Pakistan by not playing to the conditions down there in Cardiff. Biggest disappointment for them must have been the form of opener Jason Roy who failed miserably in all the matches before being replaced in the Semi, and then, would you believe it, went out for Surrey literally 3 days later and scored a superb 92 as his county side made it to the Final of the County 50 over competition!


Rugby Union

‘Tis certainly a bit of up and down for the Lions in New Zealand as their midweek team lost yet again, this time by the odd point in 45 to the Highlanders, but the Saturday side is certainly making up for them as they went out at the w/end and thumped the NZ Maoris, containing 8 All Blacks, 32-10.

So, at last, manager Warren Gaitland seems to be getting his Test team together, ready for this w/end’s not-to-be-missed 1st Test (08.45 Sat, on Sky). Certs for the Lions must be Halfpenny (with a goal kicking record of 11/11) at fullback, Farrell at fly half (if passed fit), T’eo at centre, England’s second row of Itoje and Kruis, both who have been superb to date, and Ireland’s Murray at scrum half.

Talking of England, what a superb performance by their 2nd string in Argentina as they won the 2nd Test of 3, 35-25, to wrap up the Series 2-0 with their shining light being fly half Ford, recently moved from Bath to Leicester, who was simply magnificent in both Tests, leading from the front.

Having said that, what an even better performance from Scotland as they beat Australia down under 24-19 with a magnificent backs-to-the-wall defensive display, so, well done to new manager Gregor Townsend and a massive step in the right direction for the Scots.



Nothing much happening in the footie world apart from transfer rumours, the biggest of which appears to be Ronaldo’s wish to leave European champions Real Madrid. Paper talk I’m sure as apparently he’s being chased by the Spanish taxman for unpaid taxes a la Messi. Apart from that, why, oh why, would he want to leave a club where he’s just won the double of Champions League and La Liga in a side that will arguably dominate European football for the next few years, where he is revered by the fans as well as earning the best part of €395,000 per week + bonuses + sponsorship!

On that note, it’s time to get back to “‘er indoors!” down by the pool for our last afternoon in this idyllic setting – until next week and go for it, Lions!… Jezza



Miró Constellation Sells for Record 28€ million

  • Femme et Oiseaux by Joan Miró was sold for 27,981,692 euros, raising a record sterling price for the artist.

The work by the Barcelona born artist, who has strong connections to the Balearics, was part of the night auction of Impressionism and Modern Art held at Sotherby’s in  London this week.

In the medium of gouache and oil wash on paper, it measures just 38 by 46cm, a little under twice the size of the print above.

Sotherby’s described the    painting as “A mesmerising example of Miró’s celebrated lyricism and freedom of expression during WWII”.

Femme et Oiseaux is the  eighth in a series of  twenty-three Constellations, considered to be one of the most significant bodies of work by any 20th century artist. It was the first of the Constellations to appear on the open market since 2001.


Name: Juan Miró Ferrá

Born: 20 April 1893, Barcelona.

Died: 25 December 1983, Palma, Majorca

Gallery: The acclaimed artist has work on display at the  Museum of Modern Art,  the Art Institute of Chicago and many more prestigious galleries. Barcelona and Mallorca both have permanent exhibitions, and his work has been displayed in Ibiza regularly.

Periods: Miró worked  in  Surrealism, Fauvism, Cubism, Abstract expressionism, Naïve art, Suprematism, Dada, Realism, Expressionism, and Modern art.


Turbulent Times

The constellation series were painted against a backdrop of Europe in Turmoil.

Miró had been exiled from Franco’s Spain. His idyllic life in France  as soon interrupted with the Nazi invasion in 1940. He fled France through Paris with bombs raining down, clutching those constellations that had been completed under one arm and his child clutching the other.

Miró headed back to Spain and specifically Mallorca where he has strong family ties.

Balearic Miró

Although he was born in Barcelona, his mother, Dolors Ferrà, was Mallorcan, as were his maternal grandparents. From 1900 at the age of seven, he began spending part of each summer in Mallorca with his maternal grandmother.

During his wartime stay on the island, until the autumn of 1942, Miró developed an interest in music and continued to cultivate his interest in poetry. He also continued painting his Constellations series.

In 1954, Miró decided to leave Barcelona and settle permanently in Mallorca where he fulfilled his dream of building his own studio.

The seeds sowed by Miró over his entire lifetime continued to scatter and bear fruit long after his death on December 25th, 1983, in his home at Son Abrines, in Palma de Mallorca. As Miró himself had phrased it, “What counts is not the work itself, but the course of one’s spirit throughout one’s entire life. It’s not what you’ve done during your life, but what it will enable others to see and do in the short or long term.”


  • This small insight has given us the desire for a future comprehensive feature of the man and his work. Until then, for more info see the Miró foundation in Mallorca