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The Ibizan 851 ~ November 2016

Front Page


Our Man in Madrid

In our exclusive interview, Her Majesty’s British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, talks about crime against tourists and how to avoid it, Brexit process and consultations, and Ibiza. Are we the Ambassador’s problem child?

Rental Rights

  • We take an in depth look at Spain’s ‘Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos’, the law covering all aspects of property rental. Page 20

 Nasty Gal

  • In Shebizan Amanda is in love with Courtney, is going hell for leather over Zara, & is on a roll with True Rocks drumsticks. Page 24

Hey Hey

  • Christmas has come early for the Ibizetters who have released a home grown charity song, plus plenty of festive parties. Page 28


  • Carly’s guide on how to survive 500 hours with a housebound child and still come out smiling the other side. Page 23

Exchange Rates

The graph shows the Euro to Sterling exchange rate since June 2016.

The pound has been loosing ground to the Euro, but with exchange rate fluctuations on a day to day basis often measured in hundredths of a percent, what does the change since the Brexit vote really mean in your pocket? These real world examples may help put it in some perspective. Many of us will return to the U.K. over the winter, and a good number of us are renting properties in the U.K.

€ > £ Holiday to the U.K.

On 1st June a £1,500 holiday to the UK would have cost you €1,950. On 1st November it would cost you €1,665. Saving €285

£ > € Rental Income from the U.K.

On 1st June a £1,000 rental income on a UK property would give you  €1,300. On 1st November you would get €1,110. Loss €190



Illegal Working on the Increase in Ibiza & Formentera

The Pitiusas are the only islands where fraudulent working hours have increased.

Statistics presented by the Minister of Labour, Trade and Industry, Iago Negueruela, have highlighted that, whereas Mallorca and Menorca have achieved a considerable decrease in the amount of workers employed without legal contracts or incorrect contracts, the number has continued to increase in Ibiza.

During the months of July and August, 32 labour inspectors have been monitoring the working conditions of the islands: 16 in Mallorca, 8 in Ibiza, 6 in Menorca and 2 in Formentera.

Temporary Contracts Converted to Indefinite Contracts.

Though there were several types of contract infringement investigated, the main problem was found to be workers on temporary contracts who were legally entitled to have indefinite contracts.

With regard to the revision of temporary contracts, a total of 9,256 contracts have been investigated, of which 3,381 have been converted into indefinite contracts, which means that more than one in three contracts (36%) was illegal.

The previous year, the percentage of transformations was 25%. In Ibiza 752 contracts have gone to indefinite contracts, 42% more than in 2015. In Formentera, the transformation has affected 361 contracts, 66.5% more than last year.

Judge Annuls Appointment of San Antonio Police Director

The Court of Administrative Litigation number 1 in Palma has annulled the hiring of María Ángeles Gallardo as Technical Director of Police by the Sant Antoni City Council and considers that the entire administrative procedure has been carried out with a manifest “misuse of power” And with only one purpose: “the appointment of Gallardo.”

For its part, Sant Antoni issued a statement yesterday in which reaffirms the legality of the creation of this position of trust. “The City Council considers that there is no nullity in the contested decisions, so the institution will appeal this ruling within the legally stipulated [15 days] period,” said the Consistory.

The judgment, signed on 8 November by Judge Sonia Martín Pastor, strongly denounces the impropriety of the creation of the Gallardo post by the Sant Antoni government team earlier this year. “In all the documentation that refers to the creation of this position, it is not justified what is the reason for the creation of the post,” says the judge.

San Juan PSOE call for Accessible Beaches

The Socialist group in the municipality of San Juan have called for works to make the borough’s beaches accessible for people with disabilities.

In their motion to the council, they call for adaptations to be made to the beaches of Portinatx, Cala San Vicente and Port de Sant Miquel “so that all swimmers enjoy a pleasant and comfortable visit.”

Among the specific requests are to enhance the security of swimmers, complete the installation of public toilets, the creation of designated bathing areas bathing areas  adapted for people with mobility problems and the creation of ‘no-smoking’ beaches.

The group say that these facilities should be seen as “an aspirational differentiator in a municipality that has its own identity, separate from the rest of the island, which is highly valued by residents and visitors from an environmental point of view”.

40k German Tourists ’Recovered’ in 2016

Ibiza has exceeded the target set at the beginning of the season to regain the 40,000 German tourists who had been lost in 2015.

According to statistics from AENA this figure had already been exceeded by the end of September, representing an increase of of 18% compared to German visitors the previous year.

The Teutonic recovery is considered a reflection of a successful Frankurt trade fair.

Superyacht ‘Prince Abdulaziz’ Denies Claims of Mooring in Protected  Posidonia Meadows

Environmental protection groups have denounced the ‘Prince Abdulaziz’ for mooring over several days in areas identified by their geolocation systems as being those of protected Posidonia grass meadows.

A spokesman for the 147 metre superyacht said that the ship does not anchor on posidonia meadows, but does so in in areas of seabed that are sand.

The spokesman expressed the desire of the owners of the vessel – one of the main members of the Saudi royal family – to “have good relations with the Ibizan society”. “There has been no intention of acting in bad faith,” he said.

Both the Department of the Environment and the command of the Civil Guard indicated yesterday that there is no certainty that the yacht is anchored on posidonia. Spokespersons from both agencies explained that it can be the case that the boat is on grasslands and at the same time anchored in sand, since it is a boat of extraordinary dimensions and the chain of the anchor has a great length.

Rethink Remembrance

This year, The Royal British Legion is asking the nation to Rethink Remembrance by recognising the sacrifices made not just by the Armed Forces of the past, but by today’s generation too.

“For many people, Remembrance is associated with the fallen of the First and Second World Wars. While we will always remember them, the Legion wants to raise awareness of a new generation of veterans and Service personnel that need our support.”

Rethink Remembrance this Poppy Appeal.


The Soldier

If I should die, think only this of me:
That there’s some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever England. There shall be
In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;
A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware,
Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam,
A body of England’s, breathing English air,
Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home.
And think, this heart, all evil shed away,
A pulse in the eternal mind, no less
Gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given;
Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day;
And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness,
In hearts at peace, under an English heaven.

Rupert Brooke, 1914


Ibiza Town Squares are ‘No Go’ for the Foreseeable

  • Claire B

Vara del Rey

If you haven’t been into Ibiza Town for a couple of weeks, you’ll be in for a bit of surprise next time you go! Work on the pedestrianisation of the Vara de Rey is in full force, which has led to the square being cordoned off and all the roads and paving stones dug up, resulting in all the bars and cafes around the square losing their terraces and a lot of the space outside their premises.

So it’s not possible to have long, lingering drinks or lunches in the winter sunshine, watching Ibiza life go by at the moment and for the foreseeable future (I’ve no idea when the works are scheduled to finish, but looking at the current state of the square, it won’t be soon).

Plaza del Parque

To make matters worse, work also started a couple of weeks ago to ‘refurbish’ the neighbouring Plaza del Parque. The scenario is the same – the square has been fenced off, all the businesses have lost their outside terrace space and all the tiles and paving stones are being dug up.

The impact of all this is two-fold. Many of the bars and cafes have simply shut whilst the work is in progress as without their outside space, they don’t really have space to operate, plus who wants to socialise on the edge of what is effectively a building site! And I’ve heard that they’re not being compensated for loss of earnings and have to continue paying rents, etc. (these businesses usually do well in the winter months). The work in Plaza del Parque is scheduled to finish in February.

For winter residents it means that two of the popular daily and nightly hangouts for socialising and people watching are now no-go areas.

It seems ludicrous that the Ayuntamiento decides to do both of these projects at the same time. I understand that some of the work required for the Vara de Rey involves replacing rainwater and sewage pipes in streets close to Plaza del Parque but surely the entire square didn’t need to be dug up and the tiles replaced at the same time?

Roman Discovery

Meanwhile, history lovers will be pleased to hear that in Calle Avicena, just off Plaza del Parque, the remains of what is thought to be a Roman wall have been discovered during the works, which have to be investigated and documented by archaeologists before work can continue. Further excavations will be made to ascertain the extent of the wall and will surely slow down the progress of the replacement of the pipes.

Cine Serra Demolition

Also affecting the area over the coming months, will be the demolition of the old Cine Serra building on Vara de Rey which is making way for the construction of a new 5 star hotel. Work is scheduled to begin in 2 months time and the new hotel should open in May/June 2018.

So this winter there’s lots of disruption in Ibiza Town and many of us who enjoy hanging out in the squares in the winter, will have to find new places to go!

Finally, Some Action on Cala de Bou Eyesore Hotel?

  • The abandoned hotel complex in Cala de Bou is a blot on the San Antonio Bay Skyline. Every year a new round of rumour-mongering puts forward some fantastical proposals – Will it be the new West Coast Ushuaia? Will it be Ibiza’s first Tesco superstore*?

Something exciting popped up on my desktop this morning – no not her, she is always there, a necessary distraction from the ugly vista of the aforementioned abandoned hotel outside.

We received a press release form San José along the lines of finally having realised they should do something about the unfinished building project.

In this demonstration of dynamic administration, San José’s statement said that the license was granted on 27 October 2006 to build a four-star hotel-apartment with capacity for 534 people spread over 255 rooms and 6 suites around Cala Xinxo. The work had started but stopped 8 years ago. Since then, the work has come to a complete stop and is considered to be abandoned.

The deputy mayor and councillor of town planning, Angel Luis Guerrero, explained that “It is the intention of this government team to review this and other old licences that have not been started, and see which are viable. In cases where they cannot adapt to current law, they will be expired”.

With it having taken 8 years to have acknowledged its existence as an abandoned project, we are not holding our breath as to how long it may now be before any action is taken, but having the unfinished concrete skeleton as our office outlook, nobody will be happier than us to see some change.

Though the news from San José is really no news, it does scotch the many rumours that abound. Of those rumours, the most common and widespread is of a new West coast Ushuaia, but it seems very unlikely the Town Hall would take up the issue after 8 years if there were negotiations in progress.

We have previously been told by reliable sources that the project was abandoned as the developer went bust at the start of the economic crisis. Due to being left in its unfinished state for so long it would be impossible to continue building now as the steel rods in the concrete has been left exposed to the elements. It would therefore have to be demolished before any new project could begin.

The unfinished structure is at least serving some purpose however. There has been a community of homeless people living in the basements of the buildings for at least the past two years. They keep themselves to themselves, but we occasionally see them coming in and out, and sometimes ‘liberating’ electricity from the streetlight lamp-posts.

(*re Tesco, unlikely, as I made that one up myself, but you would be surprised how many people bite :-)

Prime Minister Rajoy forms New Spanish Government

  • Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has formed a new government for his second term in office.
  • Deals required to break Spain’s electoral deadlock have required compromising on some policies, but he claims those most crucial to his pro-EU policies remain intact.

Rajoy named his new cabinet on Thursday the 3rd of November, three days after being sworn in.

This followed a 10-month political deadlock, during which he acted as prime minister at the head of a feeble government.

The new cabinet includes six new faces, five of them female. The foreign, interior and defense ministers have all been replaced, however, Rajoy’s Economy Minister Luis de Guindos and Labor Minister Fatima Banez retained their posts.

Guindos is credited for helping lift Spain out of an economic crisis with sweeping spending cuts, which were nevertheless met with criticism and mass protests from the public.

He has stressed that more efforts will be required to reduce Spain’s deficit as required by the EU.

Banez, the labor minister, also oversaw the implementation of much-criticized labor reforms.

Opposition parties were quick to criticize the new cabinet, which they said was more of the same and would prove incapable of negotiation.

“Those who keep portfolios dealing with some of the most important issues have more than demonstrated that they have zero capacity for dialog,” said Socialist party spokesman Mario Jimenez.

Rajoy’s Popular Party (PP) lacks an absolute majority in parliament and only has 137 out of 350 seats.

This means the conservative prime minister will have to haggle over every bill he wants to put through with the opposition, which comprises of the Socialists and two newly-established center and far-left parties.

The Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) has 90 parliamentary seats. The center-left Ciudadanos has 40 and far-left Podemos has 69.

Rajoy managed to become prime minister only after the PSOE decided to abstain in a crunch parliamentary confidence vote last Saturday, instead of voting against him, as it had during the past 10 months.

The Rajoy-led government also faces an independence bid in the Spanish Catalonia region.

 “Deceitful Duo” Guilty of Benefit Fraud

  • A Benalmádena resident and his UK accomplice who falsely claimed he was living in the UK have both been found guilty of benefit fraud

British pensioner Antony McNamara made a claim for Pension Credit in 2011, despite working and living in Benalmádena on the Costa del Sol. On his claim he falsely stated that he lived in Heysham, England with his “sister” Margaret Walsh and asked that his benefit be paid into her bank account as he did not have one of his own.

Over the next four years his so-called sister would transfer his benefit money from her bank account to his, allowing McNamara to continue enjoying his Spanish lifestyle at the expense of the British taxpayer. Investigations carried out in 2015 by DWP fraud teams in the UK and Spain revealed that not only had McNamara been living and working in Spain for the past four years and owned 50% of a property there, but also that his alleged “sister” was actually someone with whom he had been in a relationship with many years previously and had a child with.

In June of this year the 70 year old pleaded guilty to benefit fraud totalling £15,147.90. He was handed a suspended sentence and ordered to repay the money in full.

His fictional sister Margaret Walsh admitted one offence of lying to the investigator when he called to speak to McNamara by saying that he had “just stepped out for a minute”, but denied assisting him by letting the DWP think he was living with her.  However, after a trial at Liverpool Magistrates Court, she was found guilty on all charges of assisting McNamara in obtaining benefit by deception and was sentenced to 10 weeks electronic tagging and a curfew.

Department for Work and Pensions Fraud Investigator David Topping, who worked on the case stated:

“This case shows that people abroad who set out to defraud the benefit system in the UK by claiming benefits they are clearly not entitled to, will be tracked down and dealt with in the courts.

“The Department’s Fraud and Error Service take every allegation received very seriously and wherever possible will investigate and take appropriate action.

“I would encourage anyone who knows of similar fraudsters in their communities to continue passing details through to our colleagues in Spain.”

 “Britain’s Most Wanted” Rapist Arrested in Tenerife

  • A convicted rapist who was one of Britain’s most wanted fugitives has been arrested in Tenerife.

Bangladeshi national Mohammed Alam, aged 33, fled the UK before he was convicted in March 2010 and sentenced to 14 years in his absence for raping a woman in Cheltenham.

Alam, who featured in the Operation Captura fugitive campaign run by the National Crime Agency and Crimestoppers, was apprehended by officers from the Spanish National Police at a restaurant where he was working in Playa de las Americas.

Extradition proceedings will begin when he appears at the Spanish National Court in Madrid.

Alam was added to the Captura list in 2015 after Gloucestershire Police asked the NCA for assistance to locate him believing he had fled to Spain. His arrest means 78 out of 96 fugitives publicised have now been caught.

This is the second Captura arrest within a few days as Matthew Sammon was located in Fuengirola on the same day his details were released to the public.

Steve Reynolds, Head of International Operations for the NCA, said: “Locating and arresting Alam after he had been on the run for six years is a fantastic result. This was a team effort to get justice for his victim and he will now be returned to the UK to serve a 14-year jail term.”

“He had been on the run for six years before being found in Tenerife. We hope this result shows criminals that they will be convicted, even if they try to get away and escape under the radar.”

Lord Ashcroft KCMG, Founder and Chairman of Crimestoppers, said “To have secured a second arrest in the space of a few days, following last week’s appeal and arrest of Matthew Sammon, is a tremendous result.

“I thank our partners, the National Crime Agency and Spanish Police, for their efforts, and would remind anyone that has information on the remaining 18 wanted individuals that Crimestoppers is an anonymous service for you to tell us where they are. So do the right thing.“


EU to Consider ’Opt-In’ Citizenship for Brexit Brits

  • The European Parliament is set to consider a proposal to allow British citizens to keep their European Union citizenship after the UK leaves the EU.
  • The plan is the brainchild of Liberal Luxemborg MEP Charles Goeren. It is to be tabled as an amendment before a parliamentary committee. If successful it would allow citizens of former member states the right to ‘opt-in’ to retain “associate citizenship” of the EU.

The move will be seen as a potential lifeline by British citizens who have made lives around the EU, the highest number of which are in Spain. Crucially, associate citizens would keep the right to free movement around the EU. They would also retain voting rights in European elections, affording those who decided to opt in political representation in Brussels.

The plan will be heard as ‘Amendment 882’ before the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, which is working on a wider brief to report on “Possible evolutions of and adjustments to the current institutional set-up of the European Union”.

Goeren’s amendment calls for “European associate citizenship for those who feel and wish to be part of the European project but are nationals of a former Member State; offers these associate citizens the rights of freedom of movement and to reside on its territory as well as being represented in the Parliament through a vote in the European elections on the European lists”.

Though the British Government has given very little detail as to exectly what it wants for Britain’s post-Brexit future, Prime Minister Theresa May has made clear that she would like to restrict freedom of movement from EU countries to the UK, a policy that wouldin all probability be reciprocated by the EU against British citizens.

The logical conclusion is that that British citizens would stand to lose the automatic right to live and work in the EU after Brexit.

Pro-Brexit campaigners in Britain were outraged at the prospect stating it was ‘divisive’ and a ‘betrayal’ to the democratic process.

Jayne Adye, director of the Get Britain Out campaign described the proposal as divisive and said it was “totally unacceptable” for British people to retain the advantages of EU membership.

Speaking to the Independent she said “This is an outrage. The EU is now attempting to divide the great British public at the exact moment we need unity. 17.4 million people voted to Leave the EU on 23 June and as a result the UK as a whole will get Brexit.

“Brexit means laws which impact the people of the UK will be created by accountable politicians in Westminster. It is totally unacceptable for certain citizens in the UK to subject themselves to laws which are created by politicians who are not accountable the British people as a whole. Discriminating against people based on their political views shows there are no depths the EU will not sink to.”

Britain voted to leave the EU on June 23rd 2016, but has not yet started the exit negotiation process. The Government is currently embroiled in a legal wrangle over whether it can trigger negotiations using Royal Prerogative, without consulting Parliament.

National Police Make 56 Arrests in Child Pornography Operation

  • Four arrested in the Balearic Islands in an operation against child pornography
    • 10/11/16 Nick Gibbs

Agents of the National Police have made a major breakthrough in the fight against child pornography in Spain. As a result of their operation 56 men have been arrested, four of them in the Balearic Islands, most between the ages of 40 and 60, for distributing images of abuse described by the police as being of ‘extreme gravity’ and very young children.

The agents raided numerous homes, seizing home computers, 173 hard drives and 614 compact discs and DVD’s

The arrests have been made in the provinces of Madrid (11), Barcelona (8), Baleares (4), Valencia (3), Zaragoza (3), Alicante (3), La Rioja (2), Cantabria Almeria (1), Burgos (1), Murcia (1), Teruel (1), A Coruña (1), Pontevedra (1), Lleida (1), Girona (1), Guipúzcoa (1), Ciudad Real (1), Sevilla (1), Málaga (1), City of Madrid (1), Cádiz (1), Vizcaya (1), Leon (1), Valladolid 1).

According to the National Police, the arrested people shared the pornography using P2P, Peer to Peer networks, commonplace in the exchange of information among paedophiles.

The investigation has been in progress for a year and a half. In early 2015 agents began tracking a P2P network to identify users who might be distributing child pornographic material.

Once the network was infilitrated, the researchers carried out an analysis of the information generated and were able to identify 73 paedophile abusers located in Spain. It was also discovered that some of those under investigation had previous arrests for similar crimes.

In the operation, more than 150 police officers have been assigned to the technological crime investigation groups of different territorial units of the Judicial Police, in addition to the members of the Group for the Protection of Minors of the Central Brigade of Technological Research.

Following the arrests, investigators continue to conduct a thorough examination of the vast amount of computer equipment involved in determining the possible existence of crimes of sexual abuse of minors by any of those involved – in addition to the offense of producing and distributing paedophile material.


Ibiza Jobs; Unemployment Down, New Employment Up

l Ibiza Jobs: It’s all good on the employment front! Figures for the end of season month October show a big drop in unemployment & big increase in new contracts issued.


The number of people registered as seeking work in Ibiza and Formentera has dropped again during the telling end of season month of October.

Figures released today by the Balearic Statistics institute (Institut d’Estadística de les Illes Balears), IBESTAT, show that the number of registered Jobseekers in October fell by 2,384 year on year – more than double the drop of 954 from 2014 to 2015.

We felt our readers may be interested in the ratio of us Johnny Foreigner types registering for work and so we have shown those figures separately to Spanish citizens. A whopping 30% of those seeking work are non-Spanish – figures that if transferred to the U.K. would have the Daily Mail calling for all out race war.

New Employment

The situation is even rosier for Ibiza jobs as far as new contracts are concerned.

Compared to an almost static return between October 2014 and 2015, the year on year change from October 2015 to 2016 has seen an additional 961 employment contracts issued, representing an increase in new Ibiza jobs of 19%.

Interestingly your chances of getting a job as a foreigner are identical to the ratio of foreign unemployed, with 30% of Ibiza jobs registered being taken by non-Spanish nationals.

By Municipality

The breakdown of unemployed by municipality is broadly speaking in line with population, however when compared to the same information relating to new contracts issued the statistics do throw up one big anomaly.

As was the case with our recent Tourism Statistics, it is again San Jose showing itself to be the boom town of Ibiza and unfortunately it is San Antonio lagging behind again.

Whereas San Antonio represents 19% of the unemployed, only 9% of new contracts were issued in the borough. Conversely San Jose accounts for 15% of the unemployed, but had over 1,500 new employment contracts issued, representing 25% of the total.


It is impossible to make any definite conclusions from data based on the last 3 Octobers, but it is an important month for employment in Ibiza and there is no doubt the signs are very positive.

One small caveat is that several holiday companies extended their season to the very end of October this year, and so perhaps there are some seasonal workers who would normally register in October that will show up a month later in the November returns.

Whether there are any delayed surprises in the unemployment figures, the big increase in new contracts issued has to be entirely good news, we’ll take it, and much more of the same.



World Travel Market London; Day by Day Special Report

  • Nick Gibbs
Jet2 flying the Ibiza flag
  • 9th November
    • “With or Without Brexit, We’ll Keep Coming”

Andrea McConnell, Jet2’s sales manager for Ibiza and Catalonia, is well known by the Ibizan as a great supporter of Ibiza as a destination. Andrea used the World Travel Market to make it clear that as far as the multi-departure airline are concerned, the Brits will keep coming, Brexit or not.

Jet2.com, along with Ryanair and B.A., extended flights to Ibiza right through to the end of October. Next year they are adding Stansted to their numerous U.K. departure airports, giving the airline coverage in Scotland, Northern Island and now all of England.

In 2017 they will be operating 59 weekly flights to Ibiza, representing a 35% increase in capacity.

As McConnell told a news conference yesterday, while continuing to negotiate with hoteliers on the island, Jet2.com has planned its expansion in the Pitiusas for at least five years. The 79,000 passengers brought to Ibiza in 2016 will become around 110,000 in the 2017 season. They have  made agreements with 95 Ibiza hotels to facilitate the increase.

Jet2.com have made a big investment in UK press advertising, particularly focussing on the South in anticipation of the Stansted opening. The London Evening Standard has carried ads on 4 pages promoting 2017 flights for just £30.

Santa Eulària will be one of the municipalities that benefit from this entry into Jet2.com, according to Carmen Ferrer, mayor of Tourism of that municipality: “Before they did not operate as far south of the United Kingdom. Now they have taken the airport of Stansted, a great market conquest for them,” the mayor said. In Santa Eulària they work with 14 hotels. According to Ferrer, the dynamism of British companies and the fact that they are ahead of the competition enables them to offer the best products. “German tourism, for example, cannot be developed as much because, although it wants more beds, it is too late to the negotiating table.”

l Jet2 have signed an agreement with Boeing for aircraft worth $8.2 billion, which will be received in two years.

Ibiza Creativa

“A transformation to create a tourism  365 days of the year”

  • 8th November

The chairman of the Ibiza Tourism Promotion Foundation, Vicente Torres, presented the new project “Creative Ibiza” to the World Travel market this week. The initiative is designed to encourage all year tourism through a focus on Ibiza’s creative talent.

The programme has the support of all five municipalities and is open for applications from interested individuals, groups and businesses.

The website, Ibiza Creativa, includes an online application where those wanting to participate can submit their projects for inclusion. Members will receive promotion of their resource and training from the Government in how to develop business.

The three sectors are detailed thus:-

  • Workshops & courses

“Submit your project: art, fashion, food, crafts, music production, traditional crafts, photography and photographic routes, ecological agriculture, sustainable projects, land and water sports, natural therapies, etc.”

  • Charming Visits

“Open your doors to visitors: Wineries, agricultural cooperatives, fashion ateliers, artists’ studios, craft workshops, organic farms, farms etc.”

  • Professional Links

“Architects, chefs, athletes, photographers, designers, fashion experts, etc. Would you like to visit a foreign country and contact with professional colleagues who will show their way of working and their way of life? Become a link and contact with professionals from other places and countries!”

Speaking of the initiative, the President said “Ibiza is open 365 days a year, and now offers visitors the opportunity to explore their own creativity and develop  new experiences.” He specifically referred to ancient crafts, activities with craftsmen, artists, musicians, gastronomy and many other possibilities: “Let some of our hundreds of thousands of tourists learn to cook a flaó”.

Ibiza has been invited to join what is a worldwide organisation, the Creative Tourism Network.

The President said that despite being a world leading destination, with over 3.5 million visitors a year, was committed to a “transformation of tourism” through its artists, craftsmen, its entrepreneurs and freelancers. ”

For more information see


1 Million British Tourists in Ibiza 2017
  • 9th November
    • Ibiza estimates that it will break the 1 million British tourist barrier in 2017

The Ibiza Consell reported that the WTM had been “very positive for Ibiza” and predicted that the island will reach 1 million British visitors in 2017.

The president of the Consell de Ibiza and the Foundation for Tourism Promotion, Vicent Torres, made the announcement in a statement on the last day of the London tourism event.

Torres said that 2016 will reach figures “unthinkable a few years ago, with 900,000 British tourists arriving at Ibiza airport.”

He added that if cruise liners are factored in, it has already been a record year. “Possibly, we will be reaching the symbolic figure of the million Britons in Ibiza,” said the president of the Consell.

“The UK contributes a total of 15 million visitors throughout Spain, and Ibiza attracts about 7 percent of the total, the British market is a very important part of our international tourism.”

During the three days of the WTM fair in London, the Consell de Ibiza and the Foundation for Tourism Promotion have held 24 working meetings with wholesalers, airlines and the media. The most important meetings were with TUI Travel, Thomas Cook, Jet2.com and On The Beach, as well as other wholesalers and representatives of the sector.

Torres concluded by again referring to Ibiza’s off season tourism. “The message that we have delivered during the WTM is that we are now starting the winter season, that Ibiza is open every day of the year, and the market has certainly been interested in our off-season offer,” he said.

Low Season Brits Offset Brexit Effect
  • 2nd November Pre WTM
    • Ibiza Tourism: Ibiza is participating in the WTM fair in London with the aim of consolidating the growth of British tourism in the low season, counteracting any Brèxit effects

Ibiza will again participate in the International Tourism Fair, WTM London, from the 7th to 9th of November.

The stated aim of the delegation is twofold. First in consolidating the growth of the British market in the low season, which shows an increase of over 10% in 2016 compared to 2015.

Secondly to use the seasonal increase in British tourism to offset the negative effects of Brexit.

The chairman of the Ibiza Tourism Promotion Foundation, Vicente Torres, accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism councils and insular director, Vicent Ferrer Torres, explained the details of the island’s objectives in one of the world’s biggest international tourism events.

“Last year we promoted Ibiza’s strength as a destination to its maximum potential for the first time. A year later, we can say that the balance has been very positive. There has never been a better time to market our low season tourism “said Vicente Torres, adding that increases in tourism outside of the high season “have a direct benefit in employment and in enhancing the economy of our families.”

The Torres twosome also highlighted the importance of initiatives undertaken by Ibiza’s individual municipalities. “The promotion of off-season activities such as gastronomy, cultural fairs, sporting activities and many other highlights are important factors in our presentation to the tourism fair in London.”

Numbers Up

According to passenger arrival numbers through Ibiza airport, the island has received a cumulative increase of around 11% more British visitors to the end of September, compared to the same period in 2015.

With regard to hotel occupancy, the president said that the biggest increases have occurred in the months outside of high season.


Regarding the possible negative effects of Brèxit, and what the president described as “the loss of economic capacity of British families due to the devaluation of its currency”.

Vicente Torres felt the effect may not be fully visible until 2018. However, rather than await the negative, the delegation is aiming to “seize the current positive increases in British tourism to counterbalance the possible negative effects that might result with the output of the UK from the European Union.”

2016 Stand

Ibiza, through the Island Council, the five Municipal councils and Tourism Promotion Foundation, will participate in the WTM with its own stand, and considerably larger increasing from 44 to now 71 square meters.

This is a result of increased demand by co-exhibitors. The budget for the fair is 90,000 euros, up 20,000 compared to 2015.

Ibizan Hound

The 2016 stand includes a sculpture of an Ibizan hound, which readers will be disappointed to see is not actually a journalist from the English newspaper, but instead a Podenco dog. The sculpture was lent to the trade delegation by the P art gallery, which is said to represent “the art of counterpoint contemporary” in conveying the message to visitors that Ibiza is far more than the stereotype of “sun and beach”, though we can’t help thinking that knowledge of colloquial English may have resulted in making that point with something other than an old dog wearing too much make up.

Dutch Operator Corendon Show Us How To Do Winter

Ibiza Winter Tourism has been an unseasonably hot topic of debate for decades. A copy of Pam Deakin’s Ibiza Insight Magazine from the 60’s leads with the challenges of encouraging winter tourism – so that’s half a century of trying to find a way to get the winter season working in the way we all know it could.

Now Dutch tour operator Corendon have given an object lesson in how to do it. They are offering a new winter package holiday from Holland to Ibiza, and the first 100 travellers arrived at the beginning of November.

Corendon do have one major advantage – they own the hotel and an airline. Corendon do not have to deal with the chicken and egg problem that has blighted many initiatives. You won’t get flights if there is nothing open, and you won’t get hotels to open if there are no flights.

Corendon have become a sizeable airline in the Dutch and Belgian market since they formed in 2000. Last year they arranged holidays for 750,000 clients using their fleet of 14 aircraft.

In the close season 2015 to 2016 they purchased the 295 room Stella Maris Hotel complex in Cap Negret/Cala Gracio, just north of San Antonio. The hotel, always popular in the Dutch market, is now branded under their Marble hotel company as Marble Stella Maris Resort. The expansive buildings and grounds underwent a multi million euro top to bottom refurbishment before opening at the start of the season.

You can see where this is going ….

Winter Holidays

From November through to April, Corendon will offer Marble Stella Maris Resort in a package deal combined with flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The first 100 guests arrived this week on the 1st and 3rd of November. Corendon offers five-day vacations including flights, transfer and accommodation with breakfast. Prices start at 189 euros.

Atilay Uslu, founder of Corendon, said “We want our customers to experience Ibiza during winter season, because it’s the perfect time to enjoy the relaxed and beautiful atmosphere of this normally very lively and touristic island. We will inform our customers about the great possibilities the island offers during the winter months”.

Besides the package deal, Corendon also offers excursion trips including an island tour and a visit to Formentera. There is also a culinary package on offer including lunch and two dinners.

The hotel itself has two swimming pools, sports facilities including tennis courts, and several restaurants and bars.

The welcome initiative in promoting Ibiza winter tourism has been supported by an advertising campaign in the Dutch press and television.

Welkom op Ibiza!



Interview with Simon Manley, British Ambassador to Spain
  • Nick Gibbs
  • This interview with British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, was held on the 10th of August 2016.
  • Knowing how many of our resident readers are at their busiest during August, we felt it better to wait until the close season to publish.
  • Also attending the interview British Consul, Lloyd Milen.

NG: What brings you to Ibiza?

SM: As the Ambassador to Spain, and of course that is what I am, not the Ambassador to Madrid, it is important to get out and see the teams at all of our consulate offices.

Ibiza, as with many other Spanish consulates, is at its busiest during August and this year will be a record year for work through the consulate.

I will also be visiting the local authorities, which is again important in maintaining relationships and also to discuss any concerns, for instance at the moment security, helping to ensure tourists particularly take care and sensible precautions to look after themselves.

NG: Interesting that you use that expression, look after themselves, reading the Foreign and Commonwealth Office publications such as ’victims of crime’, ’rape and sexual assault abroad’, the language feels both paternal and maternal in some measure. Do you view the Embassy’s role in that way?

SM: Sure, yes, we are here to look out for all British citizens and some of that is about giving basic but sound advice.

NG: In that respect, is Ibiza your problem child?

SM: (laughs) No, no, certainly not. We don’t have a problem child. In fact we want more involvement and co-operation with the people in all areas of Spain. We have an interesting project underway in Alicante where we are working with one of the resident associations of ex-pats and we have asked them ‘what has helped you, what has made it easier to live in Spain and integrate with the local community?’.

In asking those who feel most integrated and comfortable in their Spanish lives how they have achieved that position, we have had some very useful feedback.

People tell us of the importance of research in where you want to live, of visiting out of season for instance. It is also about getting the right legal advice before buying property, about learning Spanish.

Once here it is about working through the steps needed for integration, getting on the Padrón, things like that. And really the same things apply if you are only coming here for a few days. Make sure your driving licence is in order, that you have your EHIC card and ideally additional private medical insurance. And also taking sensible precautions to keep safe and avoid becoming a target for crime.

We are launching a campaign today about keeping your passport safe. The majority of the work here in Ibiza is that single issue, people who have lost their passport or had it stolen.

NG: Is the Embassy’s line that people should carry their passport at all times? I think that is still the official requirement in Spain, but it seems counter intuitive to the concept of keeping it safe.

SM: Well, we advise that you keep it safe. Keep it safe in your room. If you do take it down to the beach make sure it is somewhere safe. It is a real problem. Looking at all the work undertaken by the various consulates the issue of emergency travel documents stands out as a real spike in the statistics. This is particularly noticeable in Ibiza and Mallorca.

It is not just a case of being a pain, to have to come along to the consulate and meet our lovely team, it is about the financial consequences, and missing out on the holiday you came here to enjoy. The message is to come to Spain, have a good time, but keep safe doing so.

NG: You used the expression ‘having a good time’, and we cannot hide from the fact Ibiza does have a certain reputation as far as excess is concerned. Do you think we get unfairly represented in the media? If so, do you think the Embassy has a role in helping to redress that?

SM: Ibiza has its natural beauty and a fantastic climate, but yes its reputation and its success is built to some extent on that party island lifestyle.

We are not here to be a nanny state, to stop people having a good time. We want people to enjoy themselves. All we are saying is that there are ways of having a good time, and you won’t do that if you don’t take steps to keep safe.

NG: Understood, but I am thinking more about how that is represented in the media. By example prior to our meeting I ran a fairly unscientific search in Google news. In the last 7 days I counted 164 separate salacious news stories referencing Ibiza, and 4 for the entire rest of Spain. Do you think anything can be done to correct that disparity?  There is a view among the resident community that the Ibizan authorities often facilitate the feeding frenzy with ill considered statements. Is there a role for education in how to consider the implications of what they do in relation to how it will be manipulated by the British tabloid press, who are after all publishing to their key tourist market?  

SM: We work very closely with the Guardia Civil, with local authorities and others. We work with them to try and promote responsible tourism. We can work closely with the clubs for instance. And we want to promote people having a good time, but without excess. I think that is their responsibility.

It is in the tourist industry’s interest that the product they promote is an attractive one. That is a shared responsibility between us, between local authorities, and with the industry itself.

NG: Brexit. It almost feels as if it is a waste of our time to talk about it as I feel sure the only response you can give is one of wait and see. But that said, people do have genuine concerns as to a future without European Union membership. What can you say at this stage?

SM: Brexit has not been triggered by the British government yet and then we have a period of two years to negotiate our future relations with EU states.

I am convinced that when it comes to Spain our relationship will only get stronger. This will give us an opportunity to sit down and talk about issues which affect both Britons in Spain and Spaniards in the UK and get a much better deal for both sides.

Health care is a main worry and there are two main worries. Firstly, people want to know that they will still have access to medical care once the UK has left the EU. Secondly, what are the alternatives? At the moment, free health care in Spain for registered British residents is part of an EU regulation and the costs are either covered by the British government in a reciprocal agreement or by some 200 million euros raised by the EU health card. That is all controlled by an EU framework, so that is obviously something we are going to have to address and decide whether we want to continue with a European-wide system or negotiate bilateral agreements with individual countries.

That said, in the meantime I would recommend all Britons living permanently in Spain to register with their local town hall and make sure they are entitled to all the corresponding state services because, sooner or later, they are going to require some kind of help. Especially older people who may need social assistance. But thanks to the great consular team we have here in Spain, we are doing our best to keep people informed of all developments via our various digital platforms. We are also here to try and answer any questions or ease any fears.
We are embarking on a complex process, we are entering uncharted waters, but we need to all work together to come up with practical solutions, and Spain and the UK have extremely close ties. Apart from the UK being Spain’s largest tourism market, both countries have important economic ties. Investment is continuing to flow in both directions and we are working hard to make sure that we continue doing business together.

NG: I read on the website that there are some Q&A sessions being held with residents?

Yes absolutely. We are rolling these out all over Spain. We are all in this together. We need to know what the concerns are, and it is my job as Ambassador to convey the breadth of the concerns in the British community living in Spain back to the Government in London.

NG: Before meeting I put a request out for any particular questions people would like to ask you. I have to concede the vast majority were pretty unhelpful, but then you probably have not heard of ‘Ibiza Winter Residents’, (I didn’t wait for a reply), but there was one comment I would like to pass on which came from Billy O’Rafferty.  He said “I would very much appreciate if you could pass on how grateful I was for the kind and compassionate service offered to me in December when my best friend committed suicide. The vice consul could not have been kinder and more understanding ,her advice on everything was spot on and she even made me a very comforting cup of tea. In an age where service delivery is rarely taken seriously especially over the Christmas holiday period the British Vice Consul exceeded my expectations with a first class extremely professional service for which I shall always be most grateful”.

Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

SM: Yes it does rather. It is very sweet of the gentleman to say that. I will pass it on to the staff here.

You know if asked what is the highlight of my career, you might think it would be some ceremonial aspect, but actually it is a similar situation of a very personal involvement. When I was working in counter-terrorism, involved in the negotiation of the release of some hostages. The moment when the relatives of the hostages  heard that news that they had been released, they were with me in the office, that was a very special moment, very emotional actually.

We are very grateful to Simon Manley for his time.

After the interview we talked with the British Consul Lloyd Milen, who told us there would be a residents Brexit Q&A  in Ibiza in the Autumn, further details to follow.

  • Simon Manley has been a member of HM Diplomatic Service since 1990. He took up post as British Ambassador to Spain and non-resident Ambassador to Andorra on 28 October 2013.
  • Before his posting to Madrid, Simon was Director Europe at the FCO (2011-2013), responsible for policy toward the EU, the UK’s bilateral relations with its European partners, and the FCO’s network of 57 European posts and more than 2000 staff. He served previously as the FCO’s Director Defence and Strategic Threats (2008-2011), leading the Government’s international counter-terrorist, counter-proliferation and counter-narcotics efforts, as head of Counter-Terrorism Policy (2006-2008) and as head of the EU Economic, Central Europe and Ireland department (2002-2006).
  • He has been posted to the UK’s Mission to the United Nations in New York (1993-1998), where he worked on Yugoslavia and UN reform, and has twice been seconded to the European Union: to the European Commission (2003), working on State Aids policy, and to the Council of the EU (1998-2002), working on Russia and Ukraine and then East Asia.
  • Simon was made a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) in HM The Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2009 and a Commander of the Polish Order of Merit in 2004.
  • Simon read Modern History at Magdalen College, Oxford and International Relations at Yale University Graduate School. He is married to Maria Isabel Fernandez Utges Manley, an IP, competition and regulatory lawyer. They have three daughters: Chiara (2000), Melissa (2001) and Natasha (2008).

Posts Held in The Foreign Office

  • 2013 Present: Madrid, Her Majesty’s Ambassador
  • 2011 – 2013 FCO, Director Europe
  • 2007 – 2011 FCO, Director Defence & Strategic Threats
  • 2006 – 2007 FCO, Head, Counter Terrorism Policy Department
  • 2003 – 2006 FCO, Head, EU Economic, Ireland & Central Europe Team
  • 2002 – 2003 FCO, Head, EU (Internal) Department
  • 1998 – 2002 Seconded to the EU Council Secretariat’s Asia Unit
  • 1993 – 1998 New York, Second, later First Secretary (Political), UK Mission to the United Nations
  • 1993 Seconded to DG Competition, European Commission
  • 1990 – 1993 FCO, United Nations Department
  • 1990 Joined FCO



‘We’ll carry on with fight for justice’ Norman Rhoden.

  • In The UK Press:

It has been more than two years since Norman Rhoden experienced every parent’s worse nightmare.

He was woken up by police officers in the early hours of the morning to be told his son had died of a cardiac arrest after falling from a balcony in Ibiza.

But it wasn’t long before videos surfaced online showing police officers grappling with Luke, a former Wigan Warriors academy player, in the street moments before his death.

Norman believes Luke was unlawfully killed by the police officers who used excessive force against him after he suffered a bad reaction to a drug he had taken on the Spanish party island in September 2014.

Following an inquest at Bolton Coroner’s Court last week, a jury found that Luke, from Ince, died as a result of asphyxia and drug use, aged just 25.

Their narrative conclusion was that his death was caused by “asphyxiation caused by the excessive restraining methods adopted by the Guardia Civil and an adverse reaction to drug use.”

But despite Norman’s relief that the Spanish police were found to be at fault, he was disappointed that a ruling of unlawfully killing was not possible. He said: “I feel good in the sense that the jury has recognised that the police were to blame for Luke’s death, that excessive force was used and one of the causes of death was asphyxiation.

“I would have liked the coroner to direct (the jury) to an unlawful killing verdict but he felt there wasn’t enough to do that. So the fight’s not over yet, we’ll carry on with this in Spain.

“It is my belief that he was unlawfully killed. I will take advice from my legal team but they have said there is grounds for us to go to Spain.”

The inquest heard from two independent witnesses, Annabelle Smith and Sean Pidduck, who said they thought the force used by the police officers was unnecessary.

Dr Santiago Akoskin flew over from Spain voluntarily to give evidence at the inquest after he was called to the scene to assist the police.

He explained that he saw one police officer hold a baton across Luke’s neck for around five minutes. He pleaded with them to stop on three occasions and told them they were killing him but they ignored him.

Nick Turner, a solicitor representing Norman, said: “We have to put a complaint into the Ibiza court of effectively death caused by excessive force and asphyxiation as a consequence of police behaviour.

“What’s disgraceful at the moment is that we are two years on from this terrible incident and we still don’t have the names of the police officers concerned, they have been very carefully concealed from us and we want the local Guardia Civil to give an explanation, which they have successfully side stepped so far.

“Luke lost his life as a result of what the police did on the side of the road by asphyxiating him, unlawfully, with the use of a baton. With the authority we have now got from a coroner’s inquest and the jury’s findings, we have now got a very, very strong case to bring against these officers in Ibiza.

“I have two other clients who suffered very similar ordeals to Norman’s son and they are bringing cases against the Guardia Civil for excessive brutality. The message that comes out of this is go somewhere else other than Ibiza if you are a young man, it is a very unsafe place to go on holiday for a lads’ weekend.”

Norman is determined to continue to fight for justice for his son and has criticised the country’s police force for not cooperating with the inquest.

“It is not safe, there needs to be some accountability out in Ibiza, the way they police out there needs to change,” he said.

“They know it goes on, the island is well known for the drug use that goes on there and if they are going to allow it they need to put some things in place that are going to protect our youngsters. Whether we like them doing this or not, we are not there with them 24 hours, we need someone to look after them and police them properly, not hit them with a baton every time they step out of line.

“Dr Akoskin especially has been huge in all of this, he has been the golden egg. With help we managed to track him down, that has been fantastic and the independent witnesses as well Sean Pidduck and Annabelle Smith, their accounts are so similar as well even though they don’t know each other.

“They both said how violent the police were and Annabelle was even threatened by them as she said on the witness stand, she said ‘they threatened me and said if I didn’t turn my camera off, I’m going to be next’. So what does that tell you?

“They obviously rule with an iron rod out there. It is unlawful and they are supposed to be the law.

“Watching the video footage dragged up a lot of emotion and it was very upsetting to see, but I know it needed to be done to get to where we are today and we now have a basis to go over to Spain and open up a case over there.”

Timeline of events:

l September 1 2014

Luke flies from Liverpool with a group of friends to the island and arrive at the Ibiza Rocks hotel. They go out for the night, heading back to the hotel at around 4am.

l September 2 2014

The group spends the day at a bar but drinks are expensive and nobody drinks to excess. They head back to the hotel late afternoon before heading back out to watch the sunset. Luke is sober enough to help the groom-to-be withdraw cash from a machine. Luke then disappears. The group, thinking he had returned to the hotel, head back but Luke isn’t there. He comes running in a short time later and seems to be behaving erratically. The group are unsure what has happened but Luke becomes paranoid, telling them to close the door because someone is after him. The others stay with him for a while and he calms down. Luke tells them he just needs to go to bed so they leave to go out. A short time later, Luke falls from a canopy in the pool area of the hotel. He hurts both feet but heads for the lobby. Security staff from the hotel try to catch him and calm him down, they call the police. Two officers arrive and chase Luke out on the street. The two officers and two other men struggle to restrain Mr Rhoden but eventually manage to handcuff and restrain his legs. Luke loses consciousness just before an ambulance arrives. They attempt to resuscitate him but he is pronounced dead at the scene.

l September 3 2014

Norman is woken in the early hours by two GMP police officers to be told his son has fallen from a balcony and that although he survived the fall, had died from a cardiac arrest. Luke’s friends return to the hotel from their night out. They are met in their room by a hotel manager who tells them Luke has died following an altercation with police. It is only later that Norman and Luke’s friends are made aware of videos of Luke being restrained by the police officers on the internet.

l September 4 2014

Norman pays tribute to Luke and appeals for witnesses to come forward and contact the authorities.

September 5 2014

Norman asks Wigan MP Lisa Nandy to help him in his fight for justice.

l September 9 2014

An appeal is launched by Luke’s family to raise more than £8,000 to bring his body home. The target is reached in days. Norman flies out to Ibiza to talk to witnesses.

l September 11 2014

Norman reveals he has spoken to a doctor, Dr Santiago Akoskin, who was present when Luke died who said he told police three times to let go of Luke.

l September 19 2014

Luke’s body arrives home.

l October 2 2014

Hundreds of mourners attend Luke’s funeral.

l December 2014

An inquest is opened into Luke’s death at Bolton Coroner’s Court and adjourned pending further investigations.

l January 2015

Norman urges young people to stay away from Ibiza after another man comes forward claiming to have been severely beaten by police two months before Luke’s death.

l May 2015

Norman voices his fears that Spanish authorities won’t cooperate with the coroner’s inquiry after he was told they are unlikely to provide evidence, including CCTV footage to the coroner.

l September 2015

Luke’s inquest is delayed again.

l June 2016

The inquest is delayed again so that the Dr Santiago Akoskin can attend.

l October 2016

A full inquest is held at Bolton Coroner’s Court over three days. The jury conclude that excessive force used by police contributed to Luke’s death.


Art & Culture

ArtFutura: A Showcase Of Digital Creativity in Ibiza 

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

ArtFutura, the festival that highlights digital creativity and which now is in its 27th year, came to Ibiza for the first time on October 28-31 at Can Ventosa. Held in a number of prestigious cities across the world, this year it came to Ibiza, along with London, Madrid, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Granada, Mexico DF, Miami, Montevideo, Murcia, Alicante, Paris, Palma (Mallorca), Punta del Este, Saint-Brieuc, Santiago de Chile, Tenerife, Torino and Zaragoza. Showcases of a number of ‘new media’ projects created by digital artists around the world using virtual reality, interactive design, digital animation, video and special effects were shown in the auditorium. The organisers of the festival, Caen Botto y Marta Rupérez, who had the support of the City of Ibiza and the Abel Matutes Foundation, reported that the event had been a great success, with over 1,000 people attending, including children from a number of schools.

They intend to bring the festival to the island again next year and want to include some creative projects produced in Ibiza. They also want to expand the program to include workshops and conferences and will approach other municipalities to host activities.

It was a great opportunity to see some cutting edge digital graphics and short films from around the world, including one from the BBC, one funded by The Guardian newspaper and projects from a number of other countries, including Japan, Spain, Germany and several from South America, amongst others. If you missed it this year, there’s lots of taster videos on the website:


Ibiza Art; Consell Buys Podenco Sculpture ‘Daphne’ for 10,000€

  • Ibiza Consell has acquired a sculpture of a native Podenco hound for the institution’s Ibiza art collection.

The sculpture was created by Andrew Brown and has been interpreted by different artists. The specific sculpture purchased by the Consell is that painted by Maurizio Boscheri.

The sculpture has been used in the recent Fashion Adlib 2016.

Purchased at a cost of 10,000 euros, of which the gallery P | Art have donated 15% to Ibiza’s School of Arts.

The Second Vice-President and Minister of Interior, Commerce, Industry and Institutional Relations, Marta Diaz, today received the sculpture which was presented by P ASrt Gallery head Patrizia Longarini.
The work can be seen on display in the headquarters of Ibiza Consell. It will also be used for further promotional work at Adlib events as a symbol of Ibiza’s creativity.

And so you know how to introduce yourself, the Podenco has been named ‘Daphne’

Food & Drink

Nimmo’s Wild Rover

  • Richard Lawson

It’s time to bid farewell to our summer visitors and, in particular, those myriad seasonal workers who help to staff the many establishments that operate throughout the summer, and keep our summer visitors sufficiently happy that they’ll keep coming back to our delightful island.

A big shout should also go out to those island residents involved in our tourist industry, many of whom probably haven’t had a day off since the start of May. Let’s face it, there are few amongst us who aren’t involved in the six months of madness known as the ‘tourist season’. Little wonder that a collective sigh of relief is almost audible all over the island…

For this vast majority of residents, it’s well-earned time to put their collective feet up and relax with the family for a big slice of quality time. The evenings may have drawn in, but the empty beaches are still glorious in the November sun. The sea is still warm enough for a paddle for even the most faint-hearted amongst us.

The only fly in the ointment is what to do on those long winter evenings? The pleasure of watching TV with your feet up doesn’t seem to work seven days a week and, with all of the clubs and the vast majority of restaurants closed for the foreseeable future, there aren’t too many options for a night out with the other half – who you’ve probably hardly seen in the last six months.

Fortunately, help is at hand courtesy of Nimmo’s Wild Rover, the irrepressibly enthusiastic new family run Irish bar in the port of Santa Eulalia. I say ‘new’ only in the respect that this will be their first winter since their memorable opening on St Patrick’s Night just eight months ago. As you would expect, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting them, they are staying open throughout the winter and, for the time being, will be open every day of the week.

One of the highlights of their innovative winter schedule is designed specifically with the island’s resident workers in mind. It’s called ‘Date Night’ and is part of their Friday ‘Themed Night’ series. You can expect romantic lighting and a similar soundtrack provided by on acoustic guitar while you enjoy a three course meal plus a bottle of wine for just €25 per couple.

Other Friday ‘Themed Nights’ will include a dedicated ‘60s music night, along the lines of the Flower Power theme, and an ‘80’s night – think La Movida.

And there’s yet another innovative event, for those too young to know what we’ve been talking about. This is called ‘Cinema Sunday’ and will take place from 3 pm twice a month. As you might expect this will feature a children’s film but, not only that, the film will be chosen by the children themselves in true 21st Century style.

Three film options will be displayed on the ‘Nimmo’s Wild Rover – Irish Bar’ Facebook page two weeks before the day of the screening, during which time the kids can vote for their preferred option. The film eventually shown will be the one that attracts the most votes. All of the films will be shown with either English or Spanish subtitles – depending on the winner chosen by the children, so you could even describe this venture as an exercise in subliminal language education for those children not already fluent in both languages.

As regards the weekends, a full Irish breakfast is available on Saturdays from 9 am – 1 pm and, for the uninitiated, this consists of sausage, egg, bacon, both black and white pudding, toast and tea or coffee for just €5

The rest of the day will feature live sports accompanied by the full normal menu and live music from 10 pm with a variety of well-known island musicians including Claire Wakeman, Nell Shakespeare, Chris Langley and Ian McDonald.

Sundays also begin at 9am with breakfast, while the normal Sunday lunch menu will be augmented by Irish Stew and Paella options too. The regular evening ‘open-mic’ session has evolved into the ‘Sunday Sessions’, hosted by Ian McDonald and featuring island musicians. If you fall into that category and fancy getting involved, you should contact him via the Nimmo’s Wild Rover Facebook page.

Throughout the week Nimmo’s will be offering a ‘plate of the day’ for €7,50. This will feature a different dish every day of the week, but most definitely the bar’s exquisite fish (on Fridays)! The ‘plate of the day’ will be available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between noon and 6pm, when the sheltered and sunny terrace is the nicest place to be in Santa Eulalia’s marina.

Finally, don’t forget that at Nimmo’s the weekend begins on Thursdays with live music from 10 pm till late featuring one or more of the above mentioned local heroes.

For full details of all of Nimmo’s multiple and varied activities throughout November you should bookmark their Facebook page. For the rest of the winter you’ll be glad that you did…

Nimmo’s Wild Rover, Santa Eulalia Marina

  • Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 12noon – 6pm

Thursday & Friday: 12noon till late

Saturday: 9am till late

Sunday: 9am till midnight

Tapas Winter Weekends

  • Nick Gibbs

San Antonio’s Tapas Restaurant & Lounge Bar will be best known to many for its busy summer terrace frequented by a loyal following of residents, workers and many returning tourists.

With the madding crowd now a not too distant memory, Tapas has turned itself from balmy summer nights under the stars, to cosy winter weekends under the flicker of candlelight.

Opening November weekends, and then again from February, they are offering special menus combining some of the Tapas favourites, not least of which their signature Popeye, alongside some new dishes with some amazing flavours—and a few to sate your winter comfort food desires.

One such satisfying selection is the Iberico Pig’s Cheeks  served with caramelised onion& apple gravy, perfect with a side of broccoli and cheddar mash. Equally delicious but rather more photogenic is the confit of  aromatic slow cooked duck leg with crispy seaweed & hoisin sauce, a superb addition to the Tapas range.

On Sundays Tapas are serving Roast Dinners, and as is their way they are bound to be that little bit extra special. Bookings for Sunday lunch are essential.

Opening hours are Friday to   Sunday, 2pm to 10pm, and the menu changes weekly so plenty of excuse to go back again, and again.


Sunday Roasts @ Cubar

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

The days are getting shorter and cooler and it’s definitely time for Sunday Roasts. Darren (formerly the owner and chef at JDs) is returning to Cubar this winter on Parque de la Paz with his infamous and delicious roast dinners on Sundays from November 6. Served from 12-6, expect roast beef and usually pork as well, served with the best Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings.


Restaurat ‘16

One of our favourite annual gastronomic events is San Antonio’s Restaurat. The focus is all about the flavours of Ibiza, and this year the pumpkin takes centre stage as a key ingredient featuring in the menus of the 20 participating restaurants.

Restaurat is now in its 8th year, and though the use of local produce is one good reason it has been such a success, the healthy competition between the restaurants as they compete  to win the coveted Restaurat crown certainly has its part to play.

With pride at place the kitchen’s seem to throw such concepts as profitability out of the window, resulting in some simply superb menus at the 15* euro price tag. We have printed the menus of our supporting advertisers to give you an idea of what to expect.

The event runs until the 20th of December, so that gives you time to try a good few, if not all. It might sound ridiculous, but put it in these terms; for 312 euros you could eat a fantastic 3 course menu at some of Ibiza’s best restaurants, 5 nights a week, for the next month.

OK you will spend a bit more on drinks, but still, what a month that would be.

(*15€ Monday to Thursday, 18€ Friday to Sunday & Fiestas, excluding drinks)

Participating restaurants:

Ample 32, The Bistro Stephan, Don Quixote, The Reunion, Es Petit, Es Rebost de Can Prats, Grill Sant Antoni, Hostal La Torre, K Life, Kanya Beach Club, Pizzeria Galleon, Rio Ibiza , S’Avaradero, Sa Creu, Sa Punta des Moli, The Skinny Kitchen, Tijuana Tex Mex, Villa Manchega, Villa Mercedes and Zebra Steak & Grill.

More Information:


Villa Mercedes

  • Starters

– Cream of pumpkin soup and ‘crystal grissinis’

– Confit of duck with caramelized pumpkin, almonds, apple and toasted pumpkin seeds

– Tartar of bacalao with red pepper, tomato, spring onion, watercress and black olive powder

  • Principal

– Bacalao taco with rose artichoke and black rice

– Iberian ‘pluma’ with basil puree and rosemary oil

– Eggplant turret with caramelized onion puff and provolone cheese

  • Desserts

– Pumpkin creme brûlée

– Passion fruit foam and pumpkin and cinnamon ice cream

– Deconstruction of banoffee

Hostal La Torre

  • Starters

– Tower of pumpkin, corn, parmesan and tender onion, wrapped in spinach crepe and beet mirror.

– Autumn leaves with pumpkin and roasted pumpkin seeds, with goat cheese and a honey and lemon vinaigrette.

  • Principal
  • Indian-style pumpkin curry with basmati rice

– Tagliata of Iberian with creamy pumpkin and spiced peppers

  • Desserts

– Diced pumpkin in cinnamon syrup with ice cream and praline

– Moist pumpkin cake and raisins with mascarpone cream

Kanya Beach

  • Starters

– Gazpacho of the season with a touch of pumpkin and Iberian garnish

– Quinoa taboule with pumpkin and cucumber in teriyaki sauce

  • Principal

– Lasagna with pumpkin

– Duck Magret with Forest Fruit Marmalade and Homemade French Fries

  • Desserts

– Semi-hot canutillo stuffed with pumpkin jam

– Chocolate Coulant and Green Apple Ice Cream



Santa Gertrudis Fiestas

? Claire B

The town of Santa Gertrudis’ will come alive with activities in honour of it’s patron Saint day.

There will be a marquee behind the church that will host live music performances and traditional dances, as well as a wide selection of food stalls available offering local cuisine and other products from the island.

The annual fiesta in Santa Gertrudis is currently taking place, bringing the town to life with the usual mix of sporting events, walks, concerts and other cultural events around the town and in the marquee behind the church.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Saturday November 12

sees Chimo Bayo (Valencian DJ/dance artist) perform live at 21.30 h followed by La Movida DJs Petit & Vazquez (residents at Children of the 80s) playing top tunes from the 80s and 90s from 22.00 h.

  • Wednesday November 16

is Día de Santa Gertrudis. There’s a mass at 12.00 h followed by a procession and traditional dancing in La plaza de la Iglesia.

Later in the evening there’s a concert with 2 local rock bands in the marquee. Morning Drivers play at 20.30 h and then the 10th anniversary concert of Projecte Mut at 22.00 h.

  • Saturday November 19

sees another concert. Cris Martos with musicians Iván Doménech, Joan Barbé, Jano Blanco, Fernando Hormigo & Frank Cogollos at 21.00 h followed by Band Jovi (a Bon Jovi tribute band) at 23.00 h. From 00.30 the music will continue with Jordi Tur (Ibiza DJ), Santi Bonet (violin) and Dani Durán (saxophone).

  • Full programme online:


Ibiza After Work

  • Ibiza Town, Friday November 18
    • Claire B

Winter gets off to a sociable start with the first ever ‘Ibiza AfterWork’ on Friday November 18. This new monthly event will bring old and new residents of Ibiza together in a social setting to meet new friends and catch up with old ones over a few post-work drinks at historic island meeting point, the Gran Hotel Montesol. AfterWork has been established by two island residents, freelance journalist Elly Earls, who moved to Ibiza two and a half years ago, and freelance marketing strategist Beate Hansen, who’s been enjoying island life since May 2015.

Whether you’re a local or an expat, new to the island or a 20 year-veteran, run your own business from home or are enjoying a work-free winter, everyone is welcome at Ibiza AfterWork. It will simply be an opportunity for residents from all over the island to get together on a Friday early evening and mingle with familiar faces, meet new people or catch up with friends who have been busy all summer. The first event will take place at the recently-reopened Gran Hotel Montesol, part of Hilton’s Curio Collection, in Ibiza Town. Originally established in 1933, when it became the first purpose-built hotel in Ibiza, the Montesol was always a hub for social life on the island. Ibiza AfterWork wants to carry on that tradition.

In true after-work drinks style, the evening will kick off early at 6pm, at which point the special drinks deals will start. You definitely won’t want to miss the custom-designed Ibiza AfterWork cocktail, created specially for the event by Montesol’s experienced mixologists, or the exclusive tapas y vino and tapas y cerveza combos for only 5 Euros. There will also be a special AfterWork dinner menu (details are to follow on the Ibiza AfterWork Facebook page and booking on ibizaafterwork@gmail.com is highly recommended to avoid disappointment). Montesol’s resident Friday night DJ will be on the decks all evening to keep everyone entertained.

So whether you’re an island newbie or a long-time resident looking for a new winter hang-out, don’t forget to put November 18th in your diary. From 6pm to 11pm.

Quiz Night

  • Pam Deakin

“The popular weekly fun quiz held last winter at the Josmar in San Agustin has resumed on Thursday nights, but at a brand NEW venue – the restaurant/social club next to the Health Centre on the Avenida San Agustin (the upper San Antonio Bay road) .

“Apart from the extremely low prices of all snacks and drinks, an additional attraction to this easy General Knowledge quiz  is the introduction of an Accumulator for all participants.  It costs just 1 Euro to enter the quiz (which goes to Age Concern) and an additional Euro for the Accumulator (which goes to the winners !)  If the accumulator is not won in any week it is held over to the next, so it can grow substantially, but you should be a fairly regular participant  to take part.

The venue is welcoming, accessible and warm for the winter months, and there is plenty of parking. The quiz will start from 8.15 pm.

We hope to see you all there.”

Walking in Ibiza November

  • Claire B

Now that the winter season is upon us, the weather is more conducive and there’s more time for getting out and about and exploring the island on foot with some of the island’s walking groups. Not only do you get an expert guide who knows the island’s walking trails, you also get to meet like-minded people if you go with an organized group.

Walking Ibiza has published their schedule for walks in November. At the moment they are doing two guided walks a week. A short and sweet walk on Wednesday mornings, which is a gentle walk that lasts about 2 hours, with tea and cake at the end. Then on Friday mornings there’s a more substantial walk, which sometimes ends with lunch in a nearby restaurant, or if the location is more remote, walkers take a picnic to eat en route.

  • Wednesday Nov 16 – Short and Sweet walk – Casita Verde to San Josep – 10am.
  • Friday Nov 18 – Classic walk – Sal Talaia – 10am.
  • Wednesday Nov 23 – Short and Sweet walk – Cala Bassa to Cala Compte – 10am.
  • Friday Nov 25 – Classic walk – The Lost City – San Mateu – 10am.

The walks are by donation (suggested €10 per person) or what you feel the walk is worth.

For details, like their Facebook page or sign up for the regular emails on the website. Facebook – Walking Ibiza:


The Ibiza Walking Association is also resuming its regular winter walks. There’s no schedule as yet, so check their Facebook page  or website for announcements


San Jordi’s Fab Flea Market 

? Claire B

The flea market in San Jordi (or boot market as some people refer to it) is one of the best ways to spend a Saturday morning/lunch time in Ibiza. It’s held outdoors in the Hipodromo, not far from Ibiza Town and Playa D’en Bossa, on the way to the airport. Open all year round from about 9am to 2pm, there are over 50 stalls selling a range of new and second hand items. There are plenty of bargains to be had with second hand clothes going from 50c and it’s great fun to browse through the stalls and people watch as you go.

You’ll find a variety of stalls, from professional market sellers to individuals who are looking to make a bit of cash, or have had a clear-out of their possessions. It’s also the place where people leaving the island will sell off any worldly goods they can’t take with them.

Who is there varies from week to week, but you can usually find clothes (including children’s clothes), shoes, accessories, plants, music (vinyl and CDs), DVDs, books, soft furnishings (cushions, rugs, throws), toys, electronics, electrical appliances, furniture – literally anything you could think of wanting (including the proverbial kitchen sink).

For a few euros you can easily brighten up your sparsely decorated rented apartment, find that item you desperately need in your life or boost the contents of your wardrobe. There’s quite a lot of household junk to sift through, but if you have a keen eye you can pick up some gems. I once spotted an Alessi kettle, but was beaten to buying it by some people in front of me whilst I was deciding whether I should buy it or not. They paid 5 euros for it!

If you like market browsing, bargain hunting or a bit of haggling, you’ll love it. And in true Ibizan fashion, there are usually some drummers and musician’s providing aural entertainment.

It’s a big market and can take at least an hour to get round all the stalls, depending on how seriously you are browsing. Once done or if you need a break there’s a bar inside, which sells alcohol, coffee and soft drinks and a kiosk selling hot dogs and sandwiches, and there’s ample toilet facilities.

There’s also usually a stall selling freshly made churros (which is always hugely popular). And there’s usually a bouncy castle to keep children entertained.

It’s also the ideal place to sell some unwanted items and make a bit of cash. To reserve a stall in the market you need to go along on the Friday afternoon before from 15.30, although people tend to start queuing for pitches from about 13.30, as they can run out. Also be prepared to wait for a couple of hours or more. Alternatively you can chance your luck beforehand on Saturday morning, but this can be risky. Costs depend on the size of the pitch and what is being sold, but start from about 4€.

The flea market is held at the Hipódromo, Sant Jordi, on Saturday mornings from about 09.00 to 14.00 (or until people start packing up).

There’s a car park onsite, but it can get full. The no. 10 bus from Ibiza Town to the airport stops nearby, and in the summer there’s also the no. 11 to Salinas.


If you want to extend your visit in the area, the cafes, restaurants and shops in San Jordi are only a few minutes walk away. Or the nearby beaches of Es Cavallet, Salinas or Playa D’en Bossa are only a short drive away (or bus journey in the summer).

It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning – looking for a bargain or just meeting up with friends and people watching.

Be warned that there’s no shade if it’s hot and it can be dusty if it’s windy.


  • Santa Eulalia

Showing at Teatroespania Sta Eulalia.

Thurs 10 – Sun 13th Nov 18-00hrs; Trolls (2016 Certificate U 92 min, Animation) After the Bergens invade Troll Village, Poppy, the happiest Troll ever born, and the curmudgeonly Branch set off on a journey to rescue her friends Stars: Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Thurs 17th – Sun 20th Nov No English language film.

Thurs 24th Nov – Sun 27th Nov 18-oohrs; A Quiet Passion. (2016 2hrs 5mins Drama Biography) The story of American poet Emily Dickinson from her early days as a young schoolgirl to her later years as a reclusive, unrecognized artist. Stars: Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle, Duncan Duff

Sankeys in Winter

  • Playa d’en Bossa
    • Claire B

After successfully trialling winter openings last year, Sankeys Ibiza is continuing to open this year on Thursday and Saturday nights.

Thursday November 17 heralds the opening party and the welcome return of Unusual Suspects. On the line up you can look forward to music from Davide Squillace, Martin Buttrich, Re.You, Haiku 575, and Frank Storm playing back to back with Federico Grazzini.

On Saturday nights Sankeys Sábados returns with its winter opening party on November 19.

As yet, the line-up has not been announced, but look at their Facebook page for details.

From 00:00-06:30.

Free entrance for Ibiza residents.

Melon Bomb

  • Playa d’en Bossa, Saturday Nov 26
    • Claire B

The Melon Bomb DJs first winter party is at the cool and stylish Nassau Tanit Beach on Playa d’en Bossa. Expect the full Melon Bomb line-up of Paul Reynolds, Corbi, Ben Santiago and Scott Gray plus very special guest Clara Da Costa from Jack’s House and Ibiza Sonica Radio. The ethos of Melon Bomb is to bring some funk and soul to the Island – think old school jams, soul, funk, disco and soulful house. They usually attract a large crowd of people who like to dance to their parties and this one promises to be no exception. From 7.30pm-2am.

Cañas ’n’ Roll

  • Sant Josep
    • Claire B

One of the highlights of the winter calendar for music lovers returns to the Sant Josep area from November 26-December 17 – Cañas ’n’ Roll. Full details were not released at the time we went to press, but about 15 or so bars and restaurants in and around Sant Josep will participate and there’ll be live local bands playing for free and cheap deals on beers and tapas each weekend.

For details check the website nearer the time:



l Santa Gertrudis

? Claire B

On Sunday November 13 Sluiz just outside Santa Gertrudis starts its weekly programme of winter events on Sunday afternoons. At the time of going to press full details were not available, but in previous years there has been free live music, food markets, clothes markets and vinyl fairs – you get the picture.



Urban Rental Law in Spain

Spain’s Tenancy Act (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos, LAU)
  • Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt

Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt gives us an overview of the urban rental law in Spain (or LAU as it is known in Spanish) which is applied nationwide.

This law rules on long term tenancy agreements, amongst other rental types.


The importance of the LAU (Spain’s Tenancy Act) cannot be understated as it constitutes the backbone of most tenancy agreements in Spain.

It should be noted I have greatly simplified the LAU for ease of comprehension but in truth its intricacies and nuances are far more complex than I care to explain.

To better understand its latest incarnation from 1994 it becomes necessary that I digress with a brief historic recap that helps to explain how we got here in the first place.

Historic Recap

Post-civil war Spain suffered a chronic housing shortage. At the time families were large and needed all the protection they could muster from Authorities. This strong bias towards the protection of tenant rights became so deeply embedded in the psyche of lawmakers that it pervades all rental laws even to this very day.

As a general rule a tenancy agreement is ruled by the rental law that was in effect at the time of its signing. We can broadly distinguish the following rental laws:

  • Rental law of 1.964 (texto refundido).
  • Decreto Boyer of 1.985.
  • Rental law 29/1994 of 29th of November – Spain´s Tenancy Act (often abbreviated to LAU in Spanish).
  • Law 4/2013, of 4th of June which significantly amends the LAU of 1.994.

The law from 1.964 created some obscene anomalies called ‘alquileres de renta antigua’ which basically forced landlords to keep renting out to tenants during their whole lifetime at a mandatory fee which in some cases was shockingly ten times below the market price (sic) in prime locations in Madrid, Barcelona and elsewhere. Even worse, the widow and/or children could ‘inherit’ the tenant’s position and also be entitled to a ridiculously low-priced rental for the remainder of their lives. This created perverse surreal situations that would even make Kafka blush. Needless to say this was hugely detrimental to the interests of landlords which were afraid to rent out.

As newer rental laws were passed this tenant bias has been gradually watered down to within ‘reasonable’ limits more in line with the today´s market reality.

The law which is currently in force is the LAU from 1.994 with the amendments brought about in 2.013. It is this law that I will be analysing point by point going forward. This law still holds a pro-tenant whiff albeit to a much lesser extent than its predecessors.

Scope of the law

The LAU deals with both long term and short-term rentals, among other rental types (i.e. commercial lets as well).

As a general rule, long term rentals are very regulated and tenants are very protected having a number of rights and entitlements. There is a clearly a pro-tenant bias as outlined in the historic recap section above. Lawmakers are drawn to protect the weak party, the tenant.

Short-term rentals (alquileres de temporada) on the other hand have a much greater degree of flexibility and freedom to negotiate the tenancy´s clauses without being constrained by rules. This is because lawmakers regard both parties as equals and therefor leave to them to rule on their contractual relation exercising a minimum degree of intervention.

Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos (LAU)

Rental deposit

We have to distinguish whether a dwelling is used, or not, as permanent abode.

  • l As a permanent abode

E.g. standard tenancy agreement to live in a property for several months

By law the deposit is one-month´s rental and paid in cash. The parties are NOT free to negotiate a higher deposit. Demanding a two-month deposit, for example, is null and void. Normally in Spain´s 17 regions this deposit is paid into an escrow account that is safeguarded by the Administration to ensure tenants recover their deposit (less any damages).

For example, in the region of Andalusia you need to comply and submit model 806. Additionally, the Administration is legally compelled to refund a tenant his rental deposit (less damages) within one month after the tenancy agreement is terminated. If it takes longer delay interests accrue which currently are significantly higher than what you can expect from a high street lender.

In practice, largely due to ignorance, rental deposits are paid by tenants to landlords (not to third parties such as public Administrations) which may create serious issues down the line when the tenancy agreement is terminated and the tenant exercises his right to recover his deposit as some landlords are notoriously reluctant to refund them unless legal action is taken against them.

  • l Use other than a permanent abode

E.g. commercial premises, or a dwelling which purpose is not to be used as a permanent abode

The law states it will be a minimum of a two-month deposit. The parties are free however to increase the amount. In this article we will only consider permanent abodes.

Use of a Property as Permanent Place of Abode


As stated in the article´s introduction even today´s most recent rental law incarnation is somewhat pro-tenant. Specifically article 6 states that any agreement made contrary to Title II of the LAU will be null and void.

A tenant does not lose his legal position even if he stops living in the property, as long as he is not legally separated or divorced, and his spouse and or his underage children still continue living in it, he will still be regarded for all intents and purpose as a tenant.


This takes place when the tenant cedes his legal position in the contract to a third party who becomes the new tenant. It is only possible with the written authorisation of the landlord. Landlords can word a tenancy agreement to forbid leases.


This takes place when the tenant in turn sublets rooms or section of the house to third parties. Only partial sublets are allowed, not whole. The landlord must give his prior consent in writing. The sublet must always be for a rental inferior to the main one. Subletters are not entitled to the mandatory or tacit contract renewals explained below, only tenants. A landlord can however word into the tenancy agreement to forbid sublets.


For tenancy agreements signed after the 5th of June 2.013 the following rules apply. Tenancy agreements signed before said date have a different set of rules which can be very convoluted.

If no period is specified it is over understood the rental will be for one year. A long term rental is not defined by renting to the same individual for a period of time equal or greater than12 months. This is a common blunder. A two-month rental can be for example regarded as long term by a judge. What matters is not the duration of a rental but the purpose which is given to a property. If the property is used as a permanent abode then it is regarded as a long term rental irrespective of whether a rental lasts 3 years, one year or six months.

  • Mandatory renewal:

Landlords are legally compelled to renew the rental for annual periods up to three years (before 2.013 it was five years). Tenants, at their own discretion, may opt on whether they choose to renew or not for a further year (up to a total of three years). In other words, landlords are at the expense of a tenant´s whim on whether he wants to stay in the property for a total of 3 years, landlords have no say.

Renewal notification period

Tenants must notify their landlords with at least 30 (natural) days of their intention to renew their contracts for a further 12 months.

Exception to mandatory rental renewal

After one year, landlords are given the opportunity to opt out of it providing one of the follow-ing cases is met:

Landlord notifies his tenant with two months’ notice he needs the property for himself or else for a first degree relative as a result of separation, divorce or marriage nullity declared by a le-gal ruling. If a landlord does not occupy the property himself or else a relative of his, the now ex-tenant is entitled at his choice to either compensation or else to return to his former home (costs of moving will be borne by the landlord).

  • l Tacit renewal:

if after three years of rental none of the parties notifies the other giving at least 30 days’ notice then the rental is renewed for a further year (totalling four years).

Tenant wishes to terminate the rental agreement ahead of expiry date

A tenant can legally opt out of the tenancy providing more than six months have elapsed since the contract came into force giving his landlord at least 30 days’ notice. The parties are free to negotiate a compensation to the landlord in such a case on the lost rental.

Notwithstanding the spouse or partner of the tenant may opt to remain in the property in which case they must notify the landlord up to 30 days after the tenant leaves the property. The wife will continue to pay the rental in exactly the same conditions as before.

Rental fee

There is freedom to negotiate on its terms. If nothing is agreed, it will be monthly (a landlord cannot request more than one month´s payment ahead) during the first seven days of every month.

A landlord must give his tenant an invoice for every month´s rental – this is mandatory – unless payment is agreed, for example, by bank transfer in which case there is more than enough prove of payment.

The rental will be updated yearly according to a mutually accepted financial benchmark such as the IPC (Spanish Consumer Price Index) which offsets the effects of inflation bringing it in line with today´s values. This indicator is currently negative.


If a landlord carries out refurbishment works that constitute an objective improvement of the property, i.e. installs a Jacuzzi, then he is entitled to increase the rental.

Utility expenses

As a general rule, all expenses subject of an individualised consumption meter reading (gas, water, electricity etc.) are borne by a tenant.

Taxes and Community fees

Normally a landlord is responsible for paying IBI tax (akin to the UKs Council tax) and the community fees. But it can be agreed otherwise if both parties accept.

Refurbishment & maintenance expenses

It is the landlord´s responsibility to pay for these. If these extend more than 20 days the tenant is entitled to a reduction in the rental in proportion to the surface he can no longer use as a re-sult of the ongoing works.


If a damage is due to normal wear and tear, i.e. leaking faucet or faulty washing machine, then it is the tenant who must pay for it. It is presumed that all household goods and kitchen appliances are handed over in perfect working order at the start of a rental. The onus to prove otherwise falls on a tenant. Articles 1.562 – 1.564 SCC. Which is why it is highly advisable a tenant carries out a thorough check of all the house (snagging list pointing out any flaws or deficiencies) prior to taking possession of the property. A tenant can categorically not withhold rental money as a result of, for example, a faulty household appliance or defective pool lights or engine. More on this in my article Renting in Spain: Top Ten Mistakes.

Pre-emption and Buyout rights

Tenants have a series of rights that landlords must respect when it comes to selling the property. These rights can be enforced at a law court (and frequently are).

  • Tanteo (pre-emption right):

the landlord who wishes to sell on a property is legally bound to notify his tenant of the sales price and other key sales conditions. The tenant has up to thirty days to notify his landlord on whether he wants to exercise his right of buying the property with these same conditions. If he is interested in buying it outright, a tenant is first in line and has priority to jump over any other buyer.

  • Retracto (buyout right):

if the landlord failed to notify the tenant of his intention to sell on the property the tenant can file a law suit once the new buyer notifies him of the sale. The tenant will have thirty days as from the time the new owner notifies him to exercise his right to occupy the property. The tenant will need to come up with the money to buy the property in that period and lodge it before a law court.

Waiving pre/emption and buyout rights

Both landlord and tenant may agree that a tenant relinquishes his two rights. This is frequently agreed and built into tenancy agreements. Needless to say, this only benefits the landlord, not the tenant.

This can also take place when a single buyer buys all the properties in one building or when a landlord sells multiple properties within the same building. In these two cases a tenant’s preferential acquisition rights are waived as they could jeopardize a larger transaction

Lodging a Rental at the Land Registry

Long term tenants are advised to lodge their long term tenancy agreements at the Land Registry for their own protection against third parties i.e. landlord defaults his mortgage and falls into arrears. His lender executes the contract and attempts to repossess the property. A tenant´s position is stronger if his tenancy agreement was already lodged at the Land Registry. He can in fact negotiate with the lender to leave ahead of the rental´s expiry date in exchange of a suitable compensation for his aggravation.

Contractual termination

Either party can denounce the tenancy agreement for breach of contract based on art. 1.124 of the SCC.

  • Reasons which allow a landlord to terminate the tenancy agreement ahead of the expiry date:
  • Lack of payment
  • No deposit fee paid
  • Non-consensual subletting or leasing
  • Damages caused to the property ex profeso or non-consensual works carried out.
  • Activities which are deemed bothersome, unhealthy, hazardous or illegal.
  • The dwelling ceases to be a permanent abode and is used for other purposes.
  • Reasons which entitle a tenant to terminate the tenancy agreement ahead of the expiry date:
  • The landlord fails to carry out the necessary maintenance or repair work to which he is obliged.
  • The disruption in the use of the dwelling caused by a landlord by way law or fact.
  • We are grateful to Spanish Property Insight, by Mark Stücklin, for their co-operation.




Do You Need a Spanish Driving Licence?

  • There has been much misinformation on the subject of whether your UK, Irish, or any other European licence is valid in Spain, or whether it needs to be changed for a Spanish licence.
  • The easy answer, if you have lived here for any period of time, is yes, you need to change to a Spanish licence.
  • Though European licences are valid for visitors, from January 2015 it has been law that those who take up Spanish residency are obliged to exchange their licence to one issued by the Spanish authorities.
  • In this article with detail the requirements, and how to go about getting on the right side of the law.

All valid EU (European Union) Community and EEA (European Economic Area) driving licences are valid in Spain provided that the holder meets the minimum driving age in Spain.

EU licences can only be renewed in the holder’s country of residence. In addition, the licence terms of their country of residence will apply. This means that if a driver with any EU licence other than Spain is resident in Spain, they will have to renew their licence every ten years if they are under the age of 65, and every five years if they are over the age of 65.

Renewing an EU licence in Spain effectively converts it into a Spanish EU licence. Those who do not renew their licences may be fined. The licence must be renewed within two years of the first day of the driver’s official residency in Spain.

As of January 2015, those who become Spanish residents are required to exchange their license for a Spanish one. The new law enables Spain to check the health conditions and ability of foreign drivers in Spain.

Furthermore, if a driving infraction occurs, Spanish authorities can require the holder of a licence from an EU country to convert their licence into a Spanish licence so that penalties can be applied.

A further requirement of which many people will not be aware, is that foreign drivers from within the EU are required to register with the traffic authorities within six months of moving to Spain. Details must be registered with the Central Register of Drivers and Minor Offenders (Registro Central de Conductores e Infractores) of the Provincial Traffic Headquarters (Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico) of their place of residence.

Once registered, applicants will need to undergo a medical examination at an Authorised Drivers Check Centre (Centro de Reconocimiento de Conductores Autorizado) to show mental and physical fitness. The standards that apply to Spanish drivers will also apply to them.

Changing an EU licence to a Spanish licence

The holder of an EU or EEA driving licence may exchange it for an equivalent Spanish licence.

Application must be made at the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of the applicant’s province of residence and an application form issued by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters must be completed.

Documents required:

  • Application form (in Spanish)
  • Proof of identity (passport original and copy)
  • Proof of residence (Certificate of Registration in the Central Aliens Register – the NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero)
  • Valid driving licence to be exchanged (original and photocopy)
  • Two recent photographs (32 by 25 mm)
  • Declaration in writing stating that the applicant has not been banned or suspended from driving
  • Declaration in writing stating that the applicant does not hold another driving licence of the same class in another country

Note: To exchange a UK licence for a Spanish licence, a certificate of entitlement from the DVLA is needed. It can be obtained by calling the DVLA.

Useful Contacts

Dirección General de Trafico (DGT)

  • Ibiza Office, C/ Vicente Serra Orvay 43, Ibiza Town, Open Monday to Friday 9a.m. to 2p.m.
  • Teléfono: 971 313 570


Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA)

  • DVLA driver licensing enquiries
  • Telephone: 0300 790 6801, Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm, Saturday, 8am to 2pm 


Original Lambretta GP200 Back in Production.

l Scootering is set to get a whole lot cooler as SIL India have announced that they are preparing to bring back the classic shape Lambrettas into full-time production.

In 1972, the Indian government bought the machinery of the Milanese Lambretta factory, creating Scooters India Limited (SIL) and continued producing them until 1997, finally ceasing production to concentrate fully on the 3-wheeled Vikram models.

However, after seeing a ressurgence in the demand of retro scooters and the success of the Lambretta cloned Scomadi, they have now decided to re-enter the scooter market.

Marketing Director, Viswanathan Kottur Krishnapillai said in a statement “With the growing economy in India, more families can now afford cars, so we have seen a steady decline in the sales of our 3-wheeled Vikram’s, so we decided we need to adopt a new strategy to take the business forward.

“Having seen how classic scooters are in such demand, it seemed logical to steer the company back to its roots, into the 2 wheeled market.

“We are fortunate to still have all machinery to produce these machines, although there will be some significant changes, most notably the engine. With the changes regarding 2-stroke engines and the emissions (especially in the European and US markets), we have developed a 4-stroke, geared engine that will simply bolt straight into an existing Lambretta frame and at a quick glance, looks almost identical to the original Lambretta engine.

“These will be available in 125, 200 and 350cc versions, so we can hopefully cover the requirements of all customers”.

Production is due to start in July 2017 and they are hoping that they are available to buy in Europe at the beginning of 2018.

Although nothing can be confirmed as yet, pricing is expected to start at around 3,800€ for the 125cc .

The only downside to this, is the scooters won’t be badged Lambretta, as they don’t have the rights for the name, but there is nothing to stop anybody bothered about that detail simply re-badging it themselves, (which we expect most people will).


How to Survive 500 Hours with a Housebound Child

  • Carly S

10 days ago my almost three year old had her first proper accident. Not running, climbing or launching herself off of stuff as she is regularly inclined to do, but slipping off the sofa and landing on her elbow with just the right force and angle to splinter the bone and dislocate it. I felt sick. We spent the afternoon, night and most of the following day in Can Misses – who were fantastic as ever and let us both spend the night with our wounded warrior – and were released with strict instructions to keep her off school until the cast comes off. Three weeks minimum. 21 days without her being able to expend her vast amounts of energy at school, in the park or at the performing arts group she loves. Over five hundred hours of finding things to do that don’t affect the arm. Luckily, she’s a good patient as it turns out and what felt like a mammoth challenge is actually turning out to be pretty fun! As we seem to be entering rainy season here on the white isle, I thought I’d share some of the things we’ve been up to, as they might come in handy.

  1. Jigsaw puzzles. She’s not at the age for the epic, day long stuff yet, but has loved sitting with me and sussing out what goes where on a 16 piece Disney puzzle. It’s quiet, calm and uses her cognitive energy up so she isn’t going stir crazy!
  2. Painting and drawing. Exploring creativity with colours, brushes, straws, hands, fingers, bits of card and paper and strings has always been a favourite. I set her up with a covered table, give her materials and watch her go.
  3. Play doh. Another quiet table activity. You can apparently make your own play doh, but when a kit with 3 colours and loads of cutters, tools and rollers costs less than a fiver in Wang, why bother?
  4. Lego. Challenging with one hand out of action so she needs help with this.
  5. Help Mummy Clean. Give her a damp cloth and a coffee table or pop a bit of water in her mini mop bucket and she’s away. Other variations include Help Mummy Unload the Dishwasher and Help Mummy Put the Washing in the Machine. Never too young to get involved!
  6. Nature Trail. I spent 10 minutes while she was occupied with play doh drawing up a list of flowers and insects I knew we were likely to find in the garden. We spent over an hour searching, with her excitedly shouting ‘look! Is this on the list? Let’s add it!’. Genuinely enjoyed it.
  7. Face and nail painting. She was given crayon face paints and kids nail polish a while back. They’ve been used loads this past week and a half as she creates phenomenal ‘looks’ for me and her Dad. Should have had her do the Halloween makeup.
  8. Sorting the Recycling. Boring, no? Apparently not to a toddler. She gets really enthusiastic about throwing the plastic, paper and glass into the big bins at the bottom of the road.
  9. Role play. Whether it’s with her mini medical kit, dressing up box or dolls, she massively enjoys inventing scenes and stories and re-enacting her favourite films.
  10. Leave them to their own devices for a bit. The role play games have all evolved from her being left to get on with it while I do boring grown up stuff. She’ll always find something to entertain herself with, from hide and seek with her dolls (one gets lain face down while she counts and runs off with the other one, then pretends to look for it with the first one – really tickles me!) to dressing up, drawing, or decorating the bathroom wall with my sanitary towels (that wasn’t one of my favourites, I’ll be honest).

Kids need to be ‘bored’ a bit to allow their imaginations to develop.

And we need 5 minutes to ourselves occasionally!

Mestral Maize

  • Nick Gibbs

I have only ever heard excellent reports of Mestral, the independent school in Ibiza Town. I know several families with children who attend Mestral and they all give glowing reports.

We were considering the school ourselves during our initial panic stage when faced with Catalan as the prime language in state schools (Mestral teach in Castellano), however we soon discovered the panic was, as many told us, completely unnecessary.

Despite this and without any criticism of the quality of education as a whole, I have to say I was amazed when walking by the school last week to see a man with a precariously overloaded sack barrow delivering the very worst of savoury snacks.

His 2 metre high load of crisps were of the very lowest quality – I am sure you know the sort, 99% E numbers, salts and sugars and 1% some type of corn or cereal by-product/floor sweepings.

It is not that I think they are such heinous products that a child should not be allowed to eat them on occasion, my amazement was that they were allowed anywhere near the school.

I feel sure that had this delivery driver mistakenly arrived at my son’s school, Es Vedra, his barrow borne bounty would have left him with as much chance of gaining entry as that of  a school gate drug dealer, or seedy looking bloke in a mac clutching a camera.

As a parent I have huge respect to the approach of the education authorities in Ibiza to the issue of health and nutrition.

Without feeling it is in anyway forced into our children as compliant drones, they have a completely different relationship with food compared to most of our own school days.

Packed lunches have a strict ban on pastries, cakes and crisps, and they have two ‘fruit only’ days a week. It is not an obsessive doctrine, on one day a week primary children take in a euro if they wish to buy a homemade cake made by older school children for fundraising, something they see as far more of a treat than they would without the controls on other days.

What they have achieved is about far more than the actual restriction on taking in unhealthy food. It is a mind-set, and one far better than most of us adults grew up with.

(If any health conscious parent at Mestral reads this, please apologise on my behalf for the row that will ensue at your next PTA meeting J)

Shanais  “doing amazing”

  • Carly S

Some of you may remember coming to/donating prizes to/performing at a fundraiser I held for my cousin in July to help pay for corrective surgery for her scoliosis. She had the surgery at the end of August and, after a tough couple of months recovering, started to do all the things she loved again. The post below is after her most recent x-ray and doctors are confident the scoliosis will be cured! Thank you so so much to everyone who helped xxxxx

“Just a final update on Shanais . She is 13 weeks post op and doing amazing . She is back to sports and activities she was doing before . I am one very happy mum , she now will have the future she deserves.

I want to say firstly a huge Thankyou to The drs ABC at The Institute for Spine And Scoliosis. And The Staff at St Peters hospital , New Jersey, USA .

Next a massive Thankyou to all my family , friends, and everyone that supported us , and your kind donations . This all made me realise that there is so many kind and generous people and how everyone come together to help . Thanks again so so much . X .”

Ibiza Carols and Canapés 2016

  • 8 December at 18:00–23:00
  • Agroturismo Atzaro, Crta San Juan Km 15, 07840 Santa Eulalia Del Río,

Ibiza’s third annual chance for a sing-song and some festive cheer!

Everyone gets a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine.

There is a suggested donation of €5 and funds raised go to the animal shelter Mojis

Organisers are looking for a choir and musicians who would be willing to donate their time to get the festivities into swing. If you can help please get in touch.




  • Amanda O’Riordan

Welcome this edition of Zips It Up, with a taste of all things Rock Chick.

So here’s my fashion/politics offering this week.

Lets’ list it as ‘Lifestyle’.

It’s been another historical week.

Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga were among the huge stars to back Hillary Clinton in this weeks US Presidential Election.

But despite dozens of celebs tweeting to their millions of followers, turning up to perform at rallies in the US, and voting for her to become the first female president, they have failed to get Hillary into the White House.

Donald Trump is now OFFICIALLY the 45th President of the United States, proving star power didn’t work. Yikes.

Marc Jacobs designed an exclusive collection of Hillary T-shirts, adorned here by the designer himself.

Rihanna, Sienna and Anna Wintour must all be hiding behind their dark glasses – for Anna, it’s another day – and avoiding Twitter completely, as well as giving their Clinton T-shirts to their Pa’s this week. As much as they styled those tees with tutus and designer denims, they just didn’t work.

Madonna, who took to the stage at a rally in New York this week, asked the crowd: “Do we want to become the laughing stock of the world?’

But her words didn’t stop Trump supporters, and she will no doubt be left devastated (and embarrassed) by the result.

At an event, Gaga and Cher ran backstage sobbing their eyes out, as did Katy Perry, into her false eyelashes.

One Twitter user wrote: ” Clinton ended her campaign in Philly following concerts by Katy Perry, Beyoncé & Jay-Z.

Star power has failed her # ElectionNight.”

I actually applaud that. It’s almost a wake up call for what some may describe ‘this fickle industry’.

Trump didn’t need any star power. He is an unlikely star himself. The people have spoken and the movement has begun. I personally think we should give him a chance to prove himself. I may be team California / New York as a supporter, but I think this caps 2016 as the year of the Underdog.

All hail Homer Simpson who predicted the political earthquake 16 years ago! D’oh.

Onto this editions fashion installment and we go all rock and roll with Leather, Drumsticks a bit of Courtney Love, Lily Rose, The pimple Popper and more.

Enjoy sensibly with vodka.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog


Hell For Leather @ Zara

I am Zara’s number one fan, Fact. What would I do on a payday spending spree? Go out for a slap up meal? Nope. Splurge on a pair of Gucci fur lined loafers? Nope. Book a trip to the Balearics? Get this – No!

I would rather spend my hard-earned a few new leather key pieces from the new Studio Collection at Zara.

This is not just leather… this is effortlessly cool buttery soft leather…. (*licks lips)

Time to channel your inner rock chick and go all out for a head to toe leather Jumpsuit. Number one on my list at just £189, with cropped flared legs. Proper catwalk territory, and nowhere near the price of a small car either, like some other designers’ leather garments.

What about funky leather skirts, dresses, culottes, tops and jackets too? Zara have it all covered, and not just in black either. Plenty of metallic and interestingly, mustard leather, which looks so good on blondes.

Zara isn’t the only high-street label to jump on the leather bandwagon either. Warehouse and Finery are also adopting the ‘LEATHER EVERYTHING’ look.

The Great British High Street had better stock up on talcum powder, if we’re to squeeze into these biker beauties.

Love, Courtney By Nasty Gal

Regular readers of Zips It Up will know that we always strive to find the cheaper alternative to high-end fashion, on the high street and on-line. Nasty Gal is one of the best and most reasonably priced online fashion emporiums.

Now this has to be one of the most exciting fashion collaborations I’ve ever seen, resulting in a collection about which I can truly say “’I’m loving every single piece”.

Guitar hero, actress and grunge goddess with guts, Courtney Love, has launched her ‘return to the 90’s look’ with Nasty Gal. It’s an exclusive range of iconic black lace and pretty ivory satin, which she rocked back in the day.

Courtney went through her closet and pulled out some really special pieces that she had saved from those hell raising years in the spotlight as Mrs Kurt Cobain and then the Amanda DeCadenet coupling.

The inspo behind the collection is lingerie meets real world.  Some of the rock-star ’90s stuff has been ‘reworked’ in a more contemporary style. Think rock chick meets slutty grunge meets pretty babydoll.

I’m opting for the black lace bodysuit and iconic ivory satin nightdress, which Courtney made famous in THAT picture with Amanda. I’ll complete the look with red lips and (if I can get away with it) the collection’s satin Babydoll dresses.

Of course, none of these pieces will look right without laddered fishnets, smudged black eyes and wild bed hair. Plus the obligatory hangover.

Expect low prices too. Check out the website for the full range and also an exclusive radio interview with Courtney, all via the NastyGal page.


Drumsticks by True Rocks

One of my favourite jewellery brands, and regularly featured here at Zips It Up, is True Rocks.

Every year Dawn and Emily add new iconic and unique pendants to their already successful range of silver, gold and rose gold pieces sold exclusively online, in Ibiza, and at Libertys of London.

This month see the release of The Drumsticks. The music world was devastated last year when John ‘Brad’ Bradbury (pictured above), legendary drummer of The Specials, died suddenly in December 2015.  Before he died, Brad had designed a very special signed ‘drumsticks’ pendant for True Rocks to raise awareness for a cause that was close to his heart – the music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins.

Nordoff Robbins is the largest music therapy charity in the UK, dedicated to changing the lives of vulnerable and isolated people.  Music therapy is a unique use of music aiming to facilitate physical and emotional wellbeing, and to promote the development and retention of key communication skills. Music therapists support people to develop their own ways of being musical in order to explore their potential and connect with the world around them.

The ‘Drumsticks’ pendant by True Rocks, dedicated to the memory of John ‘Brad’ Bradbury, are beautifully cast in solid silver and plated with 18ct rose or yellow gold.  They come on a mini belcher chain RRP £195 available on their website. 25% of each pendant will be donated to Nordoff Robbinns Music Therapy



Lily Rose Depp Vogue Cover

Lily Rose Depp has already been seen gracing various Frows with her mother, Vanessa Paradis.

She has since enjoyed a rapid rise to fashion It Girl status. And now she’s reached that most significant of style milestones- her first Vogue cover. British Vogue revealed that the teenager would be gracing the last cover of their year of centenary issues, as the face of the Christmas party-themed December issue.

The 17 year-old daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis is declared ‘fashion’s dream girl’. This is quite the achievement for one of the youngest ever Vogue cover stars. Kate Moss secured her first British Vogue cover in 1993 at the age of 19, while American Vogue featured Brooke Shields when she was just 14.

In the image, shot by legendary photographer Bruce Weber, Depp wears minimal makeup and wears her now-signature moody doe eyed expression, lying on a teal velvet sofa in a co-ordinating Chanel gown. With an off-the-shoulder neckline and floral corsages running down the bodice, it looks like the kind of prom dress high school students might dream of, while also tapping into the trend for decadent, old-school glamour.

The teenager is hoping to follow in her parents’ footsteps and carve out a successful Hollywood acting career. Meanwhile, Karl Lagerfeld has been working his magic as one of her biggest supporters, making her an ambassador for Chanel. She is the face of Chanel No.5 L’Eau and wears Chanel looks almost exclusively for every red carpet appearance and promotional duty. I’m massively jealous.

It appears that Lily Rose Depp is keen to follow Kate Moss’s approach to social media, i.e. an infamous ‘never explain, never complain’ philosophy. Depp told Vogue that she is now careful of what she shares on social media, conscious not to heighten the speculation or interest in her private life.  “I never like revealing too much about myself. Once you start giving people that look into your life, then they just want more and more.”

Isn’t that the purpose of social media? Anyway, all hail Lily Depp.

Gifty’s Red One Piece

Before some of you shudder, forgive me. I don’t usually write about the X Factor, even though I’m a closet fan. It’s one of my guilty pleasures on a chilly winter weekend.

One of the precious few contestants who could actually sing was booted off in the recent live show. Gifty Louise was shell-shocked to be voted out, but boy did she go out in style.

The singer looked sensational in a scarlet jumpsuit from ASOS, which she wore with a pair of Perspex panel heels by House of CB. I’m loving House Of CB, especially since it’s stocked in abundance at my closest Topshop.

If your eveningwear wardrobe is just one little black dress after another, then this is an inventive way to spice things up a bit. I love the crossover straps and slinky fit of this red all-in-one, which you can buy now by clicking the link below.

At just £40, it will see you through party season in style, so team yours with barely there heels, plenty of jewellery and swept-up hair to make the most of the neckline.

Or see red, and check out the jumpsuits I’ve picked out for you elsewhere on the virtual high street. Misguided has got some great bargains, or this bandage jumpsuit from Nasty Gal, perfect for future Halloweens and Christmas.

Nothing tops Gifty’s face though. Utterly furious, it read ‘F You Simon’ all over. And Cowell’s face was as red as her one piece.

Glam Up For Winter

  • Sophia V.

The nights are chilly here in Ibiza right now. The summer clothes will be replaced with winter clothes, and the shops will be full of new stuff. But your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be dull like the weather. By choosing the right clothes, you can ensure you still have a touch of glamour.

In respect of jumpers and long sleeved tops, there are so many different styles and colours on the market. Pink, light grey and white ones especially stand out. Army green is very popular at the moment also. In respect of wearing black, which I’m guilty of a lot, don’t fret, there are many tips for making sure it stands out just as well. There are tops with slogans and patterns on, however I always believe it’s best to stick with plain clothing as they then really can go with anything. Too many different unmatched colours can sometimes appear as if an outfit has been thrown together.

For jeans and leggings, there are so many available colours out right now. From pink, green, yellow, blue, providing they match at least one item of yours, can look really nice. Although try to avoid wearing too many colours at once, especially bright ones.

Your chosen footwear can really complete your look. There are some stunning Converse out right now, and not only are they comfortable, but they come in a range of different colours, the same with pumps and trainers. You can’t go wrong with ankle, knee or thigh-high boots either in the winter, whether flat or heeled. Matching your footwear with at least one piece of clothing such as your top, bottoms or handbag will compliment your outfit.

No matter how casual your outfit is, you can add a bit of glamour by adding something with a bit of sparkle, colour or bling. Almost any outfit can be improved with a sparkly scarf, gloves or hat. If you don’t fancy wearing either of those, then simply add some accessories, whether it’s dangly earrings, bracelets or rings. Failing which, choose a handbag which really stands out.

For more of Sophia’s articles and tips check out her blog:



Sabina’s Dog Psychology: “The Art of Training”

Dear readers and dog owners,

How do I start to train / educate my dog?

This topic is one of the most important ones, which I am constantly confronted with … clearly if my dog is not educated, there are definitely problems on the doorstep!!!

Let’s start with the mother dog, who gives birth to her puppies and instinctively knows how to raise the pups. From Day 1 the puppies are disciplined by the mother – that means they immediately learn their limitations and boundaries, this is very interesting to watch. The mother is never acting loud or frustrated, she only works with her quiet, content and balanced energy and is at all times assertive.

Therefore, the time between the 4th – 12th week is the most important time, because the puppy learns all the important social behaviours, communication and submission etc. from the mother.

Unfortunately, most breeders are selling the puppies in the 6th – 8th week.  The worst thing you can do to a puppy is to tear it away from the litter before the 12th week. Most breeders are only interested in their profits.

We now have a puppy and need to educate it … but how?

The same procedure in education applies for adopted adult dogs, no matter what history they have, so it does not matter how old they are, because they are living in the “present” and the past does not matter anymore, unless it has a trauma, which has to be cured by a professional (dog psychologist).

How do we start?

Our puppy/adult has to learn very quickly that we humans are their pack leaders, guiding and protecting it and determine its whole life positively from now on. So it has to learn rapidly that it can trust us 100%, regardless of the situation. The trust is the base in our joined future, and its ability to learn depends on trust. In the future training, you will see how easy it is, to get all this across to our “new” dog.

From the first day of adoption we need to show our dog where its limitations and boundaries are. We need to use a clear language with it, because the communication amongst dogs is clear and simple. We have to be assertive and consequent in what we want from it.

Our dog can only learn if it is corrected in case of wrong behaviour, that means without correction, it cannot learn, but correction is never punishment.

The education I teach and practice does not include punishment, there is only praise for positive behaviour.  With that we teach our dog that its pack leader educates it, loves it and ensures its well-being and also protects it.

  1. We start with the discipline: The puppy now learns its limitations/boundaries, what he is allowed and what not.
  2. When it is disciplined, we can start with the education:

It now learns the subordination because it is accepting its pack leader. The subordination is now almost occurring automatically as soon as the pack leader is accepted and respected.

It is important to know that only the right psychology can be applied and not the drill in a “Dog School” and especially not in a group.

A dog trainer can in no way watch 5 dogs and their owners at the same time in a beginners group and simultaneously solve their individual problems. Such trainers are inefficient and avoidance is recommended until you are respected as the pack leader by your dog.

Group training can take place in puppy classes or later, if dog and owner have completed basic training.

I always recommend getting an introduction to dog education, which includes the psychology how and what to teach your dog and solving possible problems in the future, basically everything you need to know about bringing up a perfect companion and family member, you can take anywhere without any problems !

That should be the goal of every dog owner!!!

Talk to you soon.

  • To read more of Sabina’s tips and to contact her directly go to


Flashback: The Ibiza Sun #37, 30th August 2000

We are indebted to an Ibizan reader who sent us a copy of the Ibiza Sun number 37, published on the 30th August 2000.

Unfortunately neither of the newspaper’s previous owners kept an archive, and so this edition offers a rare glimpse into the English speaking community’s take on turn of the century Ibiza.

Those in Ibiza at the time are guaranteed a few moments of nostalgia, however whenever your Ibiza story started, there is no shortage of content that will evoke a feeling of déjà vu.

The full edition pdf is available to view on our website:



The front page news is of a dramatic police chase car crash, including a lucky escape for some British tourists who put their good fortune down to a bronze podenco statue.

Inside there are several stories relating to building controls, one of which is a demolition order issued in respect of the trance club built without permission in Ses Salinas 5 years earlier.

Local News

Page 3’s Local News could just have easily been written at the end of August 2016. A new scheme to ease traffic in Ibiza town, overstretched accident and emergency unit at Can Misses including a drug overdose Brit, problems with water and electricity supply, problems with waste and littering on beaches, and parents bemoaning the lack of places at local schools.


Plus, of course, and what Ibiza summer newspaper could be without it, a report on the problems of insufficient Taxis to meet demand.

The report states that Taxi licence numbers in place in 2000 are based upon demand assessed in the late 70’s and early 80’s. There was an attempt by Santa Eulalia to issue more licences however this was scuppered by the taxi drivers association who “like the situation of over-demand as it guarantees their income”.

The report ends with the statement that “All the Town Councils are determined to find a solution to the lack of taxis as it is having a detrimental effect on tourists and residents alike”.


There are 4 drug related reports including the death of an Italian man leaving Amnesia and a warning to avoid the ‘yellow ecstasy’ pills he had taken. As a side note the incident was attended by Local Police who had arrived at Amnesia to make sure they were closing on time :-)

Perhaps somebody will remember an English and Irish duo who were arrested that week for selling ‘Versace’ ecstasy in San Antonio? They were found in possession of 300+ pills.

“Looky Looky” Violence & Balcony Fall

We may have moved on in the p.c.ness of our terminology, but problems with illegal street traders are reported in an incident where a British man is arrested for ‘beating up a looky looky’.

The third case of a tourist falling from their balcony in the space of 2 weeks is reported – and that is something we have thankfully seen far less of in the last year.


In the Ibiza Sun’s ‘Essential clubbing guide’ (Charlie Chester may have a lawsuit on his hands), the Top news was of Moby playing to a sell-out 7,000 at Privilege.

Also at Privilege, Sister Bliss, Tall Paul and Eric Morillo were on the line up at Renaissance, and of course the one and only Manumission on Monday followed up the Privilege night with a Tuesday morning carry on at Space. Talking of carry ons …

According to the printed schedule, in 2000 Space were holding daytime parties 6 days of the week, 4 of those days started with a morning carry on, and on the weekend ‘At Home’ ran from Saturday night all the way through Sunday and on to its Monday morning finish. Oh happy days.

Other notable nights include some of club-worlds longest standing parties, Judgement Sunday at Eden, plus La Troya and Cream at Amnesia all still running in Ibiza 2016, and the nostalgia inducing names (in Ibiza at least) of Miss Moneypenny’s, God’s Kitchen, Ministry of Sound, and Twice as Nice – for whom we offer retrospective apologies to Alfredo for the newspaper’s description of “UK garage sounds courtesy of an old XR2 with the radio turned up loud.”

Eden has several interesting nights, on Friday MTV, on Tuesday Paul Taylor’s Retro (Paul returned to Ibiza with Retro in 2016), and on Wednesday no other than Gatecrasher, a name that will never be mentioned within the walls of Eden unless preceded by some suitable four letter expletives.


Sgt Peppers II is introducing ‘Flipside’, a night for ‘Female D.J.s only’, something that it is difficult to see being advertising just 16 years later, and just as rare now are the several travel agents and money exchange shops.

Luz Menu put their name to being responsible for the printing of the Ibiza Sun, some would say it is rather surprising they would choose to do so given what you will see below, but then t’was a simpler time…

The Ibiza Sun #37 

At that time the Ibiza Sun was in A4 format and 8 pages. Apologies for the quality of the page images, however as the sender said, it is an fair reflection of the original.

  • If you have any old copies of the Ibiza Sun from 1999 to 2005 we would very much like to see them. 



Hey Hey It’s Christmas Day

? Carly S

Forget X Factor contenders, this years Christmas no 1 could very well come from our fair island itself…and, even better and in the true festive spirit, proceeds from sales will be going directly to a wonderful charity instead of buying more botox for Simon Cowell. It’s win win all round.

Chris Langley Kirke, a musician living in Ibiza, has written and recorded a catchy, fun and upbeat Christmas song called Hey Hey It’s Christmas Day with the help of fellow musicians and Ibiza residents Carly Marie Sorensen, Patrick Levy and Stephen Laporte (with drums by Aymar De La Sota for live events) who are, for this fund raising project, collectively known as The Ibizetters. Hey Hey It’s Christmas Day  is to be released digitally and will be available for download and streaming from 21/11/2016 from all major digital music distributors. Lucky Ibiza residents and visitors will also be able to get their hands on a limited edition CD featuring the original song plus four festive covers by the band. These will be available directly from Chris and on sale at several Christmas events The Ibizetters are scheduled to play at… watch this space, and their Facebook page below, for details as gigs are confirmed!

If you’d like The Ibizetters to perform their song at your event,  get in touch via Facebook or call  609693988.

The proceeds from “Hey Hey It’s Christmas Day” will be donated to Ong Progreso y Desarrollo Humano, which is a human progress and development charity carrying out excellent work in Africa, presently in Ethiopia, and with many of its volunteers based in Ibiza and Formentera.

Ong Progreso y Desarrollo Humano was officially registered in 2013 on the island of Formentera, with the aim of helping underdeveloped communities by direct action. Conscious of the need for education in enabling the transformation and progress of societies and communities, they focus on starting initiatives which encourage training and give autonomy to the most vulnerable, particularly those at risk of social exclusion or ill health.

Their current projects include:

The Vision Project. This is a program of optical health care, based in Nort East Ethiopia, carrying out operations such as cataracts, glaucoma and tracoma as well as performing eye tests in local schools in collaboration with 2 non governmental organisations. Since 2014 this project has performed 600 operations and 2000 eye tests. Each vision-saving operation has cost only 50 € per person.

The School Breakfast Project. As many of us are aware, Ethiopia is still suffering from famine caused by draught. The School Breakfast Project provides nutritional breakfasts for children who attend the charitable schools run by the Nuns of  “The Maids of the Poor”. For many children this is the only meal they get that day. Not only has this project helped improve the children’s health, it’s also increased the school attendance.  The project presently helps 300 children aged 4 to 14 years old, but aims to help many more. The daily meal costs only 20,00 € per child per YEAR. That’s less than most of us spend on a lunch out.

The charity’s campaigns rely exclusively on funds raised. They are a totally independent and voluntary association whose selfless volunteers go to Ethiopia in their own holiday time and at their own expense. For more information on the charity or if you wish to make a direct donation, visit


How can you help?

Buy the single online for just 1€.

Buy the limited edition Christmas EP featuring the single and four other Christmas covers for just 5.99€.

Like and share the Facebook page to spread the word.

Come and star in the music video! The Ibizetters will be filming a video for the song at Punta Moli, San Antonio (the big windmill by Hotel Hawaii and Ocean Beach Club) at 12pm on Sunday 13th of November and need lots of volunteers of all ages to come and star in it! Please bring a smile and festive headgear..hat, tinsel, wig, whatever! We can’t pay but we can promise good vibes and a preview of the track!

Come to one of the events The Ibizetters are playing at. So far the events themselves are charity ones too so you’ll be supporting one charity by coming along and the projects in Ethiopia by buying the CD at the event. Details will be added to the facebook page below as they’re finalised. And, as mentioned previously, if you’re planning an event and would like them to play at it, please get in touch.

Remember that every 100€ raised will perform 2 vision saving operations or feed 5 kids for an entire year. Every download, stream or CD bought will help massively.

Thanks in advance for your support and, if it’s not ridiculously early, The Ibizetters wish you a very merry Christmas and hope to see you soon!


How To Become A Christmas Star

The Ibizetters will be filming their Christmas Video this Sunday 13th November and they are looking for volunteers to join in the festive filming fun at Punta Des Moli San Antonio (the big windmill on the beach promenade by Hotel Hawaii and Ocean Beach Club)

If you would like to help this very worthy cause, and in doing so hopefully get yourself in on the video action, go along at 12 noon decked out in as much festive attire as you can muster. Christmas hats, tinsel, reindeer antlers, reindeer, some snow, whatever you can find.

The more the merrier so take along as many friends and relatives as possible.

View from the Pew: Bob Dylan

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

The Nobel Prize for literature is to be given to Bob Dylan for his contribution to poetry.  His songs are lyric poetry.  But right from the beginning of his career, the Bible was arguably Dylan’s greatest inspiration.  The Revd Dr Malcolm Guite, the author of many books on poetry including Parable & Paradox, and Chaplain of Girton College, Cambridge University, says that throughout his work, Dylan is having an imaginative conversation with the Bible.  Dylan constantly allows the Bible to speak quietly behind his songs. Dylan’s best-known song Blowing in the Wind is an example:

“It is a song about our failure to see and to hear, and it echoes Ezekiel 12.2: “Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not.” This is a passage that Jesus takes up in the phrase “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Matthew 11.15; Mark 4.9). But Dylan does not simply quote it. He turns it back into a question: “How many ears must one man have Before he can hear people cry? How many times must a man look up Before he can see the sky?” If we have ears to hear, there is also a subtler and all-pervasive biblical echo working behind this song, and that is the encounter between Jesus and Nicodemus, especially the verse in John 3.8: “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” Here, the allusion, which is in the defining line of the song, is completely consonant with its original scriptural context. Nicodemus comes to Jesus with a whole string of questions, which Jesus answers with another question: “Art thou a master of Israel, and knowest not these things?” Further, everything turns on the way in which earthly images may or may not reveal heavenly truths. Jesus asks Nicodemus another significant “how” question: “If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?” Dylan’s song consists entirely of a series of “how” questions: How many roads? How many seas? How many times? All are answered by the cryptic and questioning “answer”: “The answer is blowing in the wind.” Here, the haunting sense of a vision that might be missed is present in both the biblical text and the song, and so they reinforce one another.” (Malcolm Guite, Church Times, 21st October 2016)

Church Services this month:

  • 13th Nov (Remembrance Sunday) at Santa Eulalia 10.30am
  • 20th Nov at San Rafael 10.30am
  • 27th at Santa Eulalia 10.30am.
  • See our website for directions and more information: The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383



Its Good To Talk: Stay or Go?

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate,

Thank you for reading my letter I really am at the end of the line and don’t know what to do. We have been living here happily for 8 years and had no intention of returning to the UK.

Then I received a phone call from my mother and it seems my younger brother has tried to take his own life, I have always known him to be a bit aloof and not very sociable but put it down to shyness. It now looks like he has been very depressed for sometime and has been self medicating with weed and alcohol.

My mum got a call from one of his flat mates who found him and he had his stomach pumped. The good news is that he now has had a full assessment and is due to see a psychiatrist / psychologist on a regular basis.

It has really thrown me and made me feel that I need to be at home to offer support to my mum who is now in her 70’s and alone since dad died 2 years ago. That would mean leaving the island, which has become home. It has taken us a long time to establish ourselves here and make it work, we both luckily have jobs that support us through out the year and really enjoy life here. The UK is not somewhere we would choose to be and my worry is that I might start resenting the situation and my brother who I know due to his illness would find it hard to appreciate the sacrifice we would be making.

Do you think we should go?

Regards, NJ

Dear NJ,

Thank you for your e mail and I am sorry to hear that you and your family have been through such a traumatic time. It is hard for everyone concerned and being physically apart from them must be difficult for you.

I hear what you are saying when you talk about being worried for your mother and how she will manage the emotional worry of this situation. I wonder if that means you have to physically be there to support her or if you can offer the emotional support in other ways? It sounds as if your brother has a good support network in place, therapists, friends, your mother as well as you. So would you be able to speak with other people in the family or friends of your mothers without necessarily disclosing too much detail and just get some support I place for her along with more frequent and regular visits from yourself.

My worry for you is exactly what you have mentioned, ie that you will uproot your lives here and have to start over again in the UK which will put consider able pressure on your family and actually possibly mea that you wont be able to really support your mother until your are fully settled by which time your brother maybe doing much better and her coping strategies will have improved.

My feeling is to allow the dust to settle a little, do all you can from here and if further down the line you still feel something more needs to be done then re consider the options.

Take good care, Kate

Chilling out in Ibiza (by Staying through the Winter)

  • A Winter Read, New E-Book with Ibiza Based Story by Don Andrews

“Many of the long-termers among the English speaking community will remember Don Andrews, the former editor of the Ibiza Now. Don first arrived on Ibiza back in 1983 to take up a job as science teacher at the Morna Valley School.

His new e-book, “Chilling out in Ibiza (by Staying through the Winter)” tells the story of his first year, and of the colourful cast of characters he came across as he settled into life on the island— “the world’s largest voluntary lunatics asylum,” according to Ra, the history teacher who lived in a tree.

Don takes part in all the Santa Eulalia Xmas show, runs through Salinas after being drafted into the school cross-country team and joins in life with great enthusiasm.

He offers useful advice on choosing a bar (although the bars of the time have long since closed), choosing a brand of brandy and preparing your pig for a matanza!

“I realised that there were quite a few questions about the island that I had never answered,” says the author, “and I tried to answer them in my book.”

Don says his book will answer many questions, including what really  happened in Ibiza during the Spanish Civil War, what “Me cago en deu” really means, and who the first English tourists were.

  • The e-book “Chilling out in Ibiza (by Staying through the Winter)” by Don C. Andrews is available from all good online booksellers, and costs £4.52 from Amazon.co.uk €5.33 from Amazon.es at the time of going to press.”



Andy Murray World #1

  • Andy Murray says he feels “very proud” to become the first British singles player to be world number one since computerised rankings began in 1973.

The Scot, 29, needed to reach the final of the Paris Masters to replace Novak Djokovic – and did so when Milos Raonic pulled out before their semi-final.

Murray won Wimbledon and Olympic gold in 2016, reached 11 finals in 12 events and won a personal record 73 matches.

“I never thought I’d be number one in the world,” he told BBC Sport. “It’s been many years of work to get here. It’s been such a difficult thing to do because of how good the guys around me have been.”

Murray, has won three Grand Slam titles, two Olympic gold medals and helped Britain win the Davis Cup in 2015.

Novak Djokovic had topped the rankings for 122 weeks, and completed his career Grand Slam by beating Murray in the French Open final in June, his 12th major title.

Djokovic also won this year’s Australian Open, and Murray said: “The year that Novak has had, barring the last six weeks or so, has been incredible.

“The year I’ve had to have to barely get there has been unbelievably difficult. I’ve had to work extremely hard.”

Roger Federer (17) and Rafael Nadal (14) have won a combined 31 Grand Slam titles, many coinciding with Murray’s rise through the rankings.

He will play John Isner in Sunday’s Paris Masters final, after Raonic pulled out with an injury to his right quad. Isner beat Marin Cilic 6-4 6-3 in the semi-finals.

Djokovic, 29, would have retained his number one ranking had he reached the final – but Cilic beat him in the quarter-finals on Friday.

The stats behind Murray’s rise to number one

  • He is the 26th man to hold the top spot since computerised rankings began in 1973.
  • A player’s ranking is determined by his best 18 tournament results over the preceding 52 weeks.
  • Murray is the second-oldest player to debut at number one behind John Newcombe, who was 30 years and 11 days old when he achieved the feat in 1974.
  • Murray holds the record for the longest time between first becoming number two and becoming number one – seven years and over two months.
  • His seven stints at number two are tied with Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg for the longest in the ATP’s database of week-by-week records, which goes back to June 1984.

World Cup Qualifiers

Friday 11th Nov


France v Sweden 20:45


Czech Rep v Norway 20:45

N Ireland v Azerbaijan 20:45

San Marino v Germany 20:45


Armenia v Montenegro 18:00

Denmark v Kazakhstan 20:45

Romania v Poland 20:45


England v Scotland 20:45

Malta v Slovenia 20:45

Slovakia v Lithuania 20:45

Saturday 12th Nov


Austria v R. of Ireland 18:00

Georgia v Moldova 18:00

Wales v Serbia      20:45     


Albania v Israel 20:45

Liechtenstein v Italy 20:45

Spain v Macedonia 20:45


Croatia v Iceland 18:00

Turkey v Kosovo 18:00

Ukraine v Finland 20:45

Sunday 13th Nov


Bulgaria v Belarus 18:00

Luxembourg v Holland 18:00


Hungary v Andorra 18:00

Switzerland v Faroe Is 18:00

Portugal v Latvia 20:45


Cyprus v Gibraltar 18:00

Belgium v Estonia 20:45

Greece v Bos-Herze 20:45

Lewis Hamilton wins Mexican Grand Prix to keep title chase alive,  just …

Lewis Hamilton kept his title hopes alive with a comfortable victory from Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg in the Mexican Grand Prix.

Hamilton survived a scare at the start, when he ran wide at the first corner after locking a front tyre.

But otherwise he was untroubled en route to his 51st career win.

In the championship, the result changes little, and Rosberg can win the title by finishing second to Hamilton at the last two races of the season.

Hamilton is 19 points adrift with a total of 50 available in Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

Rosberg also had a scare, and a more eventful race than Hamilton, as 120,000 fans had little to excite them under blue skies and warm sunshine in Mexico City, until some frantic and bad-tempered late action in a battle over third place between Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo.

Rosberg and  Verstappenhad collided at the first corner as Verstappen tried to take second place, Rosberg taking to the grass behind Hamilton after the collision.

Rosberg locked up into Turn One on lap 50 while trying to lap Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz.

Verstappen saw his opportunity and dived down the inside into Turn Four. Although he was briefly ahead, he could not stop in time and ran wide, sliding across the track on opposite steering lock, and Rosberg regained the place.

It was Verstappen’s one and only chance. Once he was back up to speed, the gap was out to 2.5 seconds and Rosberg edged gently away for the rest of the race.

Verstappen found himself under pressure in the closing laps from Vettel and Ricciardo.

Vettel started on the soft tyre like the Mercedes and ran a very long 33-lap first stint, leading for 16 laps after Hamilton’s first stop.

That gave him tyres that were 20 laps fresher than Verstappen’s for the final stint and he closed in inexorably until he was within 1.2secs with six laps to go.

Verstappen locked up at the first corner on lap 68 and ran wide over the grass, cutting the corner and keeping hold of third place, the German complaining he should be given the position as Verstappen was advised by his team to hand it over.

But Verstappen kept fighting as Vettel tried to pass, the four-time world champion claiming the Dutchman was backing him into Ricciardo, who fought back through the field after a first-lap stop put him on a two-stop strategy.

The three were nose to tail at the start of the penultimate lap and Vettel was right on the edge in holding Ricciardo back as he tried to pass into Turn Four.

The incident spread the gap between the three cars and Verstappen crossed the line in third, from Vettel and Ricciardo.

But Verstappen’s cutting of the first corner was investigated by the stewards on the grounds he might have gained an advantage by leaving the track and in dramatic scenes Verstappen was given a five-second penalty immediately after the race and was demoted to fifth.

However, in a further twist, Vettel then lost third place after becoming the first driver to be punished under a new dangerous driving rule for his defence against Ricciardo’s attempted pass.

Vettel was penalised 10 seconds for moving while in the braking zone and given two penalty points on his licence – ending up fifth and Ricciardo eventually being classified as third.

Vettel had earlier fumed over the radio, using several expletives in telling his team how unhappy he was with race director Charlie Whiting.

He and Verstappen then gesticulated at each other after crossing the line, Vettel wagging his finger at Verstappen.

The final races

  • Brazilian GP, 13/11/16
  • Abu Dhabi GP, 27/11/16

IPL Week4

  • Jack Wharrie

Greetings to one and all for another jam-packed round up of this week’s potting madness featuring six entertaining match-ups.

We’ll start this week with a pair of our new teams: Illusions and Flahertys as they were both involved in some high scoring contests with the former playing catch-up against boulevard then travelling to our third new entry The Social and sealing two comprehensive victories (7-2 and 8-1 respectively), meanwhile Flahertys had a jolly bash against Stevie Ds but weren’t able to translate that to points as the visitors walked away with an 8-1 win.

Following on we have two face-offs which had very similar paths: one between two teams who are neighbouring each other at the top of the table in these early stages: Maxims and Boulevard Spaniards and the other between Boulevard and The Fish, while both the Spaniards and The Fish were able to take 4-2 leads going into the break they weren’t able to finish the matches off till the last couple of games as a result both Maxims and Boulevard came out with a point to their name for their efforts.

Finally The Ship played host to Storeroom Knights, with the form of the Knights being low so far this season many were expecting a routine win for the home side, however they were left with a sour taste as the Knights picked up their first win of the season after a 4-4 deadlock was settled in favour of the visitors.