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The Ibizan 848, 13th October 2016
The Ibizan 848, 13th October 2016

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The Ibizan 848 ~ 13 Oct 16

Front Page


And Breathe ….

Much of the resident community will be breathing a collective sigh of relief as the season draws to its end and Island life returns to one of empty beaches, easy parking and time to meet friends unseen since May.

In this week’s edition we have our resident readers in mind with a food and drink section that will have you salivating at the wonderful winter’s gastronomic delights at a whole host of our favourite eateries.

If your idea of a perfect day off doesn’t take you beyond your own front door we have a range of Native Chef recipes to try out yourself—including make your own Hierbas. A worthwhile project if ever there was one.

It is not all about food and drink though, there is plenty to do in the close season.

This weekend Ibiza hosts its 31st annual motorsport event, the Pujada A Sa Cala in San Juan.

Moviegoers are spoilt for choice with three films playing in the original English soundtrack in Santa Eulalia and San Antonio.

Culture vultures will be pleased to see yet another arts festival as Ibiza Light Festival comes to the capital. On the evenings of Friday October 14 and Saturday 15,  the 2-day outdoor event takes place in the port and marina and will see many emblematic places in the area transformed through lighting, video, sound, dance and theatre performances.

But we must not forget that the summer is not over yet. With BA, Ryanair and Jet2 extending their holiday flights to the end of the month there are still plenty of tourists among us, some of whom may be rather surprised at how ’closed’ Ibiza already feels. Let us all try to be good hosts to the remaining tourists, there is after all plenty to do, they just have to live like the locals.

Mambo Closing 

This time of year we are guaranteed some amazing sunsets, and this Saturday the 15th of October we have an amazing party to go with it.

Ibiza’s own George Evelyn, aka Nightmares on Wax, will be giving a final salute to the Sun at the Mambo closing party.

Les Nuits? It has to be, doesn’t it?



The Changing Face Of Ibiza?

  • Reading the Ibiza Sun from 2004, not as much as you might think.

There has been much talk of Ibiza’s rapid change in recent years. From beach concessions and overcrowding, crime on the streets, to the emergence of a VIP culture, many feel Ibiza has changed out of all recognition

Though many aspects of our island have undeniably changed, coming across this copy of The Ibiza Sun edition 205 from January 2004, it seems that many topics under discussion give something of a groundhog view of Ibiza life.

Catalan in Schools

The front-page story is of educational changes with parents being given options in whether their children are being taught in Catalan or Spanish, though it is notable that the tone is very different. The emphasis is very much on students having a right not to have Catalan as their main language reflective of parental wishes.

Taxi Shortages

Inside the issue of taxi shortages is addressed, however, in a context that would seem astonishing now, it is the taxi drivers insisting there must be more licenses issued.

Housing Shortage

Another focal story is that of housing statistics, with San Jose reported as the borough with the lowest available amount of rented accommodation and the problems of it not meeting the housing need.


Those presenting the recent 2000 signature petition demanding action on street crime will take no comfort from the report where 3000 signatures had been gained demanding use of the Ses Variades area of San Antonio to be utilised as a public park equipped with leisure, cultural and entertainment facilities. It remains waste ground to this day.

Other reports include the difficulty in getting an appointment with doctors, proposals for dealing with the Ibiza – Jesus junction and the impending closure of Space discotheque. Ok the last one was a joke, but the newspaper does leave you with a distinct feeling that very little changes.

Disco Death Road

One piece of very good news that has come to fruition is that 36 million euros had been allocated to what the newspaper called “the disco death road”.

I am not sure how well the photograph towards the bottom of the front page will print, but it depicts hundreds of partygoers spilling onto the main road near Amnesia and Privilege as the clubs close in the morning. A situation which had resulted in many fatal accidents.


Advertisers include no less than 6 travel agents – if anybody can remember what they are, and The Ship Inn, which advertised it being under new management (John Ship?) Monday night is movie night with free Popcorn, and Friday is party night with Northern monkey on the decks and free shots all night!

Also advertising are Davids Pizzeria and A.H Satellite who remain with us to this day. Enormous thanks for their gold watch worthy loyalty.

  • This is the oldest edition of the Ibiza Sun in our possession, but we would love to receive or have sight of any editions from 1999 to 2008.
SD Formentera Make Copa Del Rey History
  • SD Formentera made history yesterday by qualifying for the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey after eliminating Tudelano in a match decided in a penalty shootout.

Goalkeeper Marcos Contreras, who stopped two shots of Navarre, has again become the hero of the Pitiusan. The Islanders will be in the next draw tomorrow (Friday), and could be matched with a First Division team playing in the Champions League or in the Europa League. On the island, there is already a dream of a duel against Barcelona or Real Madrid.

A Stitch In Time, New Course to help  Ibiza’s Fashion Industry
  • The Consell de Ibiza have organised the first course in the design and production of clothing.

The initiative aims to help Ibiza’s fashion industry in providing the skills needed in the business. It is offered free of charge and will include pattern making, sewing and all aspects of dressmaking.

The course lasts a total of 100 hours and will be held at the school of arts, from 25th October to 25th May 2017, 4 hours a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-7pm and 7-9pm. Registration can be made up to 21st October in the Consell offices.

Marta Diaz, vice president and minister for industry said “the aim of the Consell de Ibiza is to revitalise the fashion industry of the island, it is essential that the various trades associated with the fashion industry can enrich Adlib and thereby ensure the strengthening and growth of the competitiveness of Ibiza’s fashion industry.

The course will also include the participation of designers and professionals already established in the fashion world, who will hold a total of 6 master classes during the course.

San Antonio Strategic Plan 2016-2030
  • Strategic plan heralds ‘Paradigm Shift’ for San Antonio

Following meetings between Ibiza Consell president, Vicente Torres and minister of finance, Juan Gonzalo, with San Antonio mayor, Jose Tur, the president announced a cooperation agreement to finance San Antonio’s strategic plan.

Describing the initiative as a planning tool that would be used for a paradigm shift for San Antonio, he expects it to be presented in a matter of weeks.

The meeting also tackled other issues of common interest including improvements to mobility in different areas of the municipality.

Ses Paisses was cited as one of the most contentious areas in need of change as the area developed without proper planning of its street layout.

Balearic Health Minister at Can Misses

Balearic minister of health Patricia Gomez and the director general of health, Julio Fuster, made a visit to the Can Misses hospital accompanied by Consell president, Vicente Torres, and Ibiza minister of social welfare and health Lydia Jurado. The visit had been organised to present the project to convert the former Can Misses hospital buildings into a new health centre. During the visit, the minister also had a tour of the new vascular surgery outpatient unit.


All ExPats Will Have Voting Rights, 15 Year Rule to be Scrapped

  • The British government has published detailed plans on how it will deliver a commitment to allow all expats to vote in parliamentary elections

The Minister for the Constitution, Chris Skidmore, announced the policy statement which sets out how the government will remove the current 15-year time limit on British citizens who live abroad registering as overseas electors.

The changes would give all eligible British citizens who have lived in the UK a lifelong right to vote in parliamentary elections. It would mean all eligible overseas electors are able to register to vote “quickly and easily, while maintaining the integrity of the electoral register and guarding against fraud”.

Chris Skidmore, Minister for the Constitution, said:

“This statement shows how we will introduce ‘votes for life’, scrapping the 15-year rule. British citizens who move abroad remain a part of our democracy and it is important they have the ability to participate.

“Following the British people’s decision to leave the EU, we now need to strengthen ties with countries around the world and show the UK is an outward-facing nation.

“Our expat community has an important role to play in helping Britain expand international trade, especially given two-thirds of expats live outside the EU.

“Expats retain strong links with the United Kingdom: they may have family here, and indeed they may plan to return here in the future.

“Modern technology and cheaper air travel has transformed the ability of expats to keep in touch with their home country.”

This proposed policy is the latest in a series of measures that the Government say will make it easier for overseas voters to “take part in British democracy”.

During the last Parliament, the government introduced online voter registration and took steps to extend the electoral timetable for postal ballots.

  • Further detail of the Policy to scrap the 15 year rule is available in a 19 page Policy Statement issued by the Cabinet Office. We will make it available for download on our website.

In the UK Press

  • The Daily Mail on the formation of the Prou action group.

Furious Ibiza residents hit back at ‘tourism abuse’: Protesters claim island is blighted by crime, noise and overcrowding

  • Campaign group Prou! is planning series of public protests against ‘abuse’
  • It is calling for a limit on tourist arrivals and tougher rules on noise levels
  • Locals claim island feels like ‘one big nightclub’ and is plagued by crime

Furious residents in Ibiza are planning to hit back at ‘tourism abuse’ on the island with a series of public protests.

The campaign group Prou! is fed-up with ‘noise, illegal activities and privatisation of the coast.’

They say the whole island often seems like one big nightclub and something has to be done to halt the decline of the popular Balearic destination.

Crime, says Prou!, is ‘widespread’ and there are too many tourists on the island, leading to over-crowding.

They want the government to put a limit on arrivals.

‘We don’t blame the tourists themselves,’ said a spokesman. ‘It’s the local authorities and business-people who have allowed the current situation to be reached.’

A series of demonstrations are being planned but Prou! says they will be peaceful and silent.

‘There is a general feeling of passivity and neglect,’ said one angry resident at a campaign meeting.

‘We are fed up with what is happening in Ibiza,’ said another.

The organisation is gathering backing through Facebook and is calling on supporters to take part in various actions.

Prou! says it realises the huge importance of the tourism industry for Ibiza but feels there have to be controls and sanctions if the rules are broken.

This includes noise levels, unauthorised nightclubs, drinking hours and the safeguarding of protected land.

A school teacher, Agustin Garcia told Diario de Ibiza: ‘The word collapse is on everyone’s lips. Ibiza is in danger of becoming a theme park. Tourism must have limits, as a matter of survival.’

The group says everywhere on the island seems to be turning into discos, including hotels, boats and country houses.

Residents complain that the noise from some clubs is so loud that even when they are in their bedrooms, it feels as though they are inside the premises themselves.

Various protests are being planned for between now and the start of the 2017 summer season.

A spokesman for Prou! said: ‘We are fed up with complaining so we have decided to take action. We want to restore peace and tranquillity to the island. He added: ‘We want to live peacefully at home without fear and increase the quality of life for residents and visitors.’

Performing Arts


The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts is opening in Ibiza!

  • Carly Sorensen

Fantastic news for Ibiza parents! Actress Pauline Quirke, probably best known for her role as Sharon in Birds of a Feather, is launching one of her hugely successful Performing Arts Academies here on the island. The Pauline Quirke Academy is a weekend performing arts school for 4-18 year olds – and PQA Ibiza is opening its doors on Saturday 22nd October!

“I started The Pauline Quirke Academy (PQA) because when I was younger some of my happiest times were spent in drama classes. Looking back I can see that the skills I learnt and the friends I made were really where it all started for me, so I wanted to re-create that opportunity for a new generation of young people. When we opened our first Academy in 2007 our mission was simply to provide the very best performing arts education. We’ve grown a lot since then, but that mission hasn’t changed. By working with people we believe are outstanding in their field, we aim to bring the widest, most exciting experience to our students in an environment that is both friendly and rewarding. Above all, we encourage our students to be amazing just by being themselves.”

Pauline Quirke

What is PQA?

PQA is a weekend performing arts Academy providing tuition for children and young people from 4-18 years. Students spend three hours at the Academy, rotating through hour-long sessions in Comedy & Drama, Musical Theatre and Film & Television, each module is compulsory for all students.  Students are split into three groups according to their age (4-5, 6-9, 10-12 and 13-18) and are taught by specialist teachers who are also industry professionals . Classes at PQA Ibiza will be held on Saturday mornings at the Palacio de Congresos in Santa Eulalia and taught in English, but most of the teachers also speak Spanish so non English speakers are also very welcome.

Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads…

Nine years ago, Pauline Quirke launched her first Performing Arts Academy in High Wycombe, today there are over 100 Academies in the UK and one in Mallorca.

Comedy & Drama

These sessions are devoted to expanding students knowledge of different theatrical forms and techniques. This includes everything from improvisation and devised theatre to mime, mask, scripts and vocal techniques – including projection and diction. Theatre games improve confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and communication skills and the use of imagination and the tools of storytelling are emphasised.

Students are encouraged to explore different staging options, including ‘in-the- round,’ ‘promenade’ and even site-specific work – all designed to give them the broadest acting experience possible.

Musical Theatre

This module combines elements of singing, dancing and acting because, in a musical, performers need to use all three to convey a story to the audience.

Students a range of vocal and movement techniques and they also get the chance to work on scenes that move into musical numbers, giving them the ability to pass from dialogue to song and dance seamlessly within the performance process, using all three techniques to enhance the story for the audience.

Film & Television

Acting for camera is very different to acting on stage and this module looks at the very honest and truthful style required for the screen. Students will get the chance to see how writing for TV and film works as well as try the roles of director, camera operator and other production roles. Students work from a mixture of real film & TV scripts along with creating material themselves.

Along with specific skills-based sessions, students learn by actually making film projects – from silent movies and pop promos to short films, documentaries and ‘mini-features.’

Best of all, PQA hold special red carpet screening events at local cinemas where they show all the film projects to an invited audience of family and friends. That’s your kids, up there, on the same big screen they normally watch the latest blockbuster on.

Poppets (Age 4 – 5)

These 90 minutes sessions run alongside the modules for older kids and are designed to encourage young children to develop performance and communication skills as they create and explore stories, songs, roles and situations through the use of movement, music, voice, dance and teamwork – usually centred around a fun theme devised by the teacher. Poppets students also perform showcases to parents, family and friends.

PQA Ibiza Open Day

PQA Ibiza is holding a FREE open day on Saturday 22nd October from 9.45am – 1pm at Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza, Av. Dr. Camacho 9-1, 07840 Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza.  Students and Parents will be welcomed by staff at 9.45am and given a talk about the Academy. Following this, parents are invited to stay and talk to Principal Heather Smith whilst the students are split into their groups and taught taster sessions of each of the three modules. There will also be an opportunity for parents to see their kids in action and watch mini performances of what they’ve achieved that morning. All students are advised to wear comfortable clothing and sport shoes and to bring  water and a snack.

  • For more information on the Open Day, please call or visit the PQA website below.
Location & Contacts …

PQA is based at the superb Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza. For Google Maps use;

Carrer Metge Salvador Camacho, 11, 07840 Santa Eulalia Des Ríu, Illes Balears

Contact PQA by telephone, via their website or local facebook below

Tel (0034) 657 237 906





Amanda Zips It Up

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s Zips It Up.

For me in London anyway, it’s almost time to turn on the heating and, heaven forbid, start layering up with blankets and thermals etc.  Yikes, I sound old!

And on the subject of sounding old, this week a good friend of mine – Gaby Langbridge – sent me a funny article about how our generation are so fashion obsessed (says the tunnel visioned fashion blogger) that ‘experts’ predict that there will be an explosion of ‘fashionable OAPs’ in years to come.

I discovered this brilliant photo shoot, depicting the next generation of 60 pluses still wearing Adidas, Chanel, sneakers and plenty of bling.  It’s a bit of fun, but a frightening prediction of what lies ahead.

Life is all too short so make the most of it.

Onto this week’s blog and I reveal the new shoe craze that has animal lovers hopping mad. As the creepy clown craze hits the UK, we come across some X Rated costumes sure to shock and what is your IT COAT this chilly season?

It’s all here. Enjoy. x

Read Amanda’s fashion blog


This Season’s It Coats

It’s time to wrap up. The clocks will be changing, days getting shorter, nights getting longer, temperatures getting colder.

Which coat will be on trend this autumn and winter?

Give last year’s to charity and go out and buy a new one using my guide to the latest style and shapes to suit you. And as always – I bring you the affordable options.

I also recommend investing around £200 or under for a decent coat.

  • Photos from Left to Right

Belt It Up

Wrap up in this season’s spin on the dressing gown shape. Cream belted coat by Autograph  £119


Return to Vinyl

A high-shine coat is the quickest way to new season cool plus they’re rainproof for those of us in the UK.

PVC by Monki  £85


Boyish & Boxy

Keep it oversized and perfect for the office. Camel Coat by River Island £195


Military Heroes

All brass buttons and navy wool as seen on the high street right now. Navy Button Coat by Next £75


Caped Crusader

The cape returns but this year with a naval twist. My personal fave. Duffel Cape by JCrew £198


Go Retro

The 70’s classic Terry Vanables sheepskin rules. Suedette at Matalan £40


Trench Coats

Layer a trans-seasonal trench over dresses and roll necks. Faux Fur collar by Mango £79.99


Kangaroo Fur Slippers

Have you seen Gucci’s latest slip on loafers? Recently I brought you exclusive pictures of Tom Hiddleston – the new Gucci campaign star – wearing a very smart pair.  But now, in a bizarre twist, Autumn’s fashion must-have is the kangaroo fur slippers.

Animal rights campaigners have condemned the kangaroo fur lining and, to the untutored eye, they might look more Ena Sharples than haute couture. But despite their dubious lining, the fur-lined loafer-cum-slipper is THE fashion must-have of the autumn.

The furry footwear was first sighted at the Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 runway show and immediately became an essential fashion accessory for celebrities, undeterred by the debate they have sparked. Sienna Miller is also a fan of the footwear style, which has been named the sliced loaf– and Alexa Chung sported a pair during Milan fashion week.

A Gucci spokesman claimed that the fur was an ‘environmentally friendly’ choice. Both Nike and Adidas have come under fire in recent years for their use of kangaroo leather in football boots, worn by star players including David Beckham. It was reported in 2014 that, after being sent a video of young kangaroos being violently separated from their mothers during a ‘harvest’, Beckham ditched his.

Gucci’s £650 for a pair of folded down Coronation Street- style loafers are a crime, even if you’re wearing them to the Chiltern Firehouse.

Stick to the fake version, which come minus the tell-tale metal ‘snaffle’ across the front and sans luxurious tufts of kangaroo fur. The LA-based stars may keep wearing them, but I suspect this trend has a short shelf life in the UK.

Halloween ‘16

Every year we Zip Up Halloween here in the blog. We’ve discussed how mainstream it has become and how it’s as important a calendar event as Christmas and New Year, thanks to our American cousins.

Long gone are the days when Halloween was all about ghosts, witches and trick or treating. These days it’s about dressing up as your favourite celeb or finding the most garish costume going. And thanks to my guest features Ed, Mira Manley, we have uncovered two of the most shocking outfits to date.

If you’re looking for an edgy costume to wear this Halloween, then look no further than this mask created by an America artist. Available to buy on Etsy, Melissa Coulter has designed a silicone mask that stretches across your face – with a vagina covering your nose and mouth. The vagina mask will set you back £383.42, but on the plus-side they’re handmade. So not everybody will be wearing one on Oct 31.

One reviewer on the site said: “The mask was beautifully crafted. Appearance was just as described. Material thickness was greater than I expected, which limits the stretch and movement somewhat for someone with a larger head.”

I guess at least this would set you apart from all the generic zombies.  But it gets worse – or does it?

Here’s the ‘Penis Mask’ or the ‘Dickhead’. Although technically it is just a penis mask, the motive is to bring to the life one of the greatest and most universal insults of all time – it’s great for any dickhead you know. And who doesn’t know a dickhead?

To me, the vagina mask is a bit OTT. The craft is there, no doubt, but overall it’s too gross to be ever become popular. The penis mask, however, has real comedic value, not least because its production value appears so low-budget. Another plus of the penis mask is that it comes in various skin tones.

The penis mask is made of latex, unlike the silicon of the vagina mask, and is therefore cheaper, setting you back £15 and not almost £400.  So, perhaps more suitable for once a year Halloween use .

Native Chef 


Greixonera Ibicenca Recipe

Ibizan Greixonera used to served on special occasions, however these days it is found on the desert menu of most Ibizan restaurants.

Similar to British bread and butter pudding in that it makes use of yesterday’s bread (ensaimadas).

Greixonera is the name of the earthenware dish that this is cooked in, but you can use a cake mould or baking tray. This  version of the recipe couldn’t be simpler and is perfect for a children’s cookery session. Once mastered you will want to move up to caramelising the sugar for that professional touch.

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 8 stale Ensaimadas (spiral shaped pastries, you could use any stale sweetbread e.g teacakes)
  • 8 eggs, beaten
  • 1l of milk
  • 300g of sugar
  • butter
  • 1 lemon
  • cinnamon


Cook the milk and then allow to cool.

Add the well beaten eggs.

Add the ensaimada in pieces, the sugar and a little grated lemon rind.

Grease a mould with butter and put the mixture into it.

Put it in a moderate oven for about half an hour.


Turn it out when it has cooled and dust with cinnamon.

Hierbas Ibicencas Recipe

There are many ways of making hierbas, with small variations to the recipe depending on the area of the island. Everyone has their own secret twists so get creative.


  • Anisette ¾
  • Dry anise ¼
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Spearmint
  • Mint
  • Lemon verbena
  • Juniper
  • Sage
  • Wild fennel
  • Camomile
  • Bay leaf
  • Lavender
  • Rue
  • Helichrysum stoechas
  • Felty germander
  • Orange peel
  • 1 leaf from an orange tree
  • Lemon peel
  • 1 leaf from a lemon tree


Put some of each aromatic herb into a bottle (or bottles!), and for the orange and lemon peels, the size of a slice. You can use a twig to make the job easier.

Fill the bottle with both types of anis (remember to add ¾ of anisette and ¼ of dry anise), previously blended together.

Then leave the bottle in a dark room or cupboard for a minimum of two months.

And for the last step, you only have to open the bottle and enjoy your own homemade Hierbas Ibicencas!

Cigrons a la Catalana

Winter Warmer

Simple, cheap, healthy and most of all tasty, perhaps Cigrons is the perfect winter warmer. Served as a starter or main and as with so many local ’stew type’ dishes you need only take the ingredients as a suggestion. There are versions with and without spinach and egg, and some people add bacon or chorizo,  or both. This recipe is typical, but don’t be afraid to experiment, it works really well with white fish too. However you cook it, one thing not to forget is some fresh crusty bread.


Chickpeas, simply stewed. The spinach can be replaced with chard or cardoon stalks. If you want to add a little meat, you can use a few pieces of bacon, and you can also add some raisins, a spoonful of ground red pepper or clove.


  • Serves 4
  • 400 g cooked chickpeas
  • 1/2 large onion
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • a pinch of flour
  • 2 ripe tomatoes
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • cooking liquid from chickpeas
  • few strands of saffron
  • garlic and parsley
  • roasted almonds
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • 200 g spinach


Prepare the roux. Sauté the chopped onion with a little salt to prevent it from burning. When cooked, add the chopped garlic and parsley, and shortly after the tomato, peeled, seeded and finely chopped. Fry gently until well concentrated.

Then add the flour and stir so the mixture binds together well.

When the roux is well bound, add the chickpeas, together with their cooking liquid. Simmer gently over low heat for about a quarter of an hour.

Add the spinach in the last five minutes.

Meanwhile, make a picada with the salt, toasted saffron, garlic and almonds, all finely chopped.

Dilute with the cooking liquid and add to the chickpeas. Cook for three or four minutes more and serve the chickpeas accompanied with hard-boiled eggs, cut in half.

Food & Drink 


Autumn Food & Drink

And Breathe …

For many people employed in Ibiza’s travel and tourism sector, October gives the first chance for several months to breath.

After a long hard summer, it is finally possible to take some time, meet friends, and enjoy some of the islands fantastic restaurants that remain open throughout the winter months.

Even for those not employed in travel and tourism, it is for many a preference to avoid the madding crowds of summer and instead indulge themselves in the autumn tranquillity.

Crowds aside, autumn also heralds the return of Ibiza’s many gastronomic festivals offering fantastic value and the opportunity to enjoy some deliciously themed menus.


Bondi offers the perfect location for those who love to people watch and for those wanting to catch up with friends.

Situated on the main fountain square of the San Antonio marina front, Bondi offers a menu which reaches out to  people who consider their body a temple, and also those who want to give in to their body’s most wicked cravings.

Their menu offers a range of healthy salads, protein shakes, vegetarian options, just look at this Veggie Burger of all veggie burgers.

On the ‘dark side’ they also serve big fat juicy steaks, ribs and burgers prepared on their special sealed grill retaining all that smoky goodness, or badness, depending on your outlook.


Villa Mercedes

Villa Mercedes have returned to their lunchtime opening and are now open from 1pm to 1am, 7 days a week.

Offering wonderful views across the San Antonio marina on warmer days and a cosy stylish interior when the weather is not quite so favourable, Villa Mercedes offers the highest quality cuisine accessible at average man pricing. Their set menus start at just 15€for three courses, 19€ on weekends.

For a special occasion, or simply to use up some of that summer cash that has been burning a hole in your pocket, their 55€ Menu Degustacion takes high quality and elevates it to the sublime.

There is a lot to be said for sitting back and letting a Chef present, what feels like a never-ending succession of dishes, in front of you. On our recent visit, there were so many worthy of accolade but after a discussion that left us salivating in reminiscence, we have decided to award the Galego entrecote  as our number one choice.

A cut of the very highest standard, cooked to rare perfection, that being perfectly rare. However it was the accompaniments that took it to ’Masterchef’ standards. Served with baby carrots, pickled red onion and green mojo sauce.


El Portalon

Brought to us by the people behind Babylon Beach, which alone is a very good recommendation, El Portalon is newly opened in the Dalt Vila. For those who have not yet heard of El Portalon, please remember that you heard it here first.

That may not amount to many people, as it is already a huge hit and has been fully booked for most, if not all, evening service.

Those who know Babylon Beach will know El Portalon is going to be as cool as a Heston Blumenthal cucumber.  Uber chic with a good dash of freak, El Portalon is bound to be the place to eat and to be seen over the winter months.


Mint Lounge

Locals of any length standing will already know that Mint is the sunset strips first to open and last to close bar/restaurant.

At the beginning and end of the year it becomes resident central. Of course this is in part people catching up, but even if we took away that social aspect it would still stand as a top tip due to the amazing food of chef Lorenzo and his kitchen crew, along with the hospitable  welcome and service of manager Jonny and the front of house team.

Mint’s Menu del Dia offers great value from 12noon to 4pm with three courses at 13.50€, and in the evening the full menu offers something for every appetite.

Of all the food tasted at Mint, I rave to anybody that will listen about Lorenzo’s fish, he seems to have a particularly deft touch, but as an absolute must, we have to tell you about his cheesecake. Simply the best ever tasted. I mean just look at it.



And finally, we must not forget the Drink part of Food and Drink.

Though the streets may be getting quiet and the hotels slowly closing down, there are still some flying the flag for those who want to carry on the party.

Sitting at the crossroads of San Antonio and San Antonio Bay, Bucanero offer a nightly diet of dance ‘til you drop where the shots never stop. And to be sure you know what you are letting yourself in for, I’ll repeat that, they  never, ever, stop. Which is an entirely good thing and as it should be for  the bar that puts the party into people.

Open until 5am every night, with resident DJ Northern Monkey (who gets his second mention in this week’s issue) and showing big screen sports earlier in the evenings.

Keep a look out for their closing party coming up on the 22nd.


Community and Agenda


Tarotscope Thurs 13th October to Weds 19th October 2016

ARIES – Ten of Wands

Careful of taking on more than you can handle or you’ll end up making a rod for your own back.  It’s all very well enjoying being needed; but if you feel undervalued you must speak up now, so that others sit up and take notice.  With so much going on it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.

TAURUS – Nine of Cups

A week to feel pleased with yourself as you experience a successful breakthrough in one important area of your life.  Emotionally, this is a week where you wear your heart on your sleeve without fear of rejection. Others are drawn to you; they want to work, play and be your friend or your lover. The choice will be yours!

GEMINI – Strength

It may have been a tough road recently but now you are back on form and able to overcome any obstacles to you ambitions.  Stand up to others who may have criticised your efforts in the past, you know your worth but do so in a dignified way.   You’re not second best; don’t allow others to treat you as such.

CANCER – Page of Cups

Questions of loyalty arise this week; you know what you owe and to whom, especially emotionally.  When it comes to personal relationships, you’ll be able to communicate your needs and desires more objectively than normal and you’re willing to see situations as they really are rather than how you’d like them.  There’s good news for parents regarding a child’s progress.

LEO – The Sun

Nothing’s allowed to rain on your parade this week.  You’re enthusiastic and eager to get on with important projects and others respond to your happy mood by doing practically all you ask of them.   Although success in career is very important now, it’s your personal life makes this an exceptionally happy week.  Health problems are less of an issue also.

VIRGO – Five of Wands

If relationships cause frustration or anxiety take a moment to see where you can improve the situation.  Virgo’s are clever at reading others, which is why they make such excellent sales people.  It is however, one thing to get into others minds.   A more evolved Virgo knows that to be a complete success you have to get into people’s hearts.

LIBRA – Six of Cups

People from your past turn up or contact you out of the blue; bringing some happy reunions and a reconnection of feelings where they’re concerned.  This card indicates pleasure on a very deep and nurturing level and as a result, revitalises your enjoyment of life.  Any recent disappointments fade away this week and you’re more than happy to help others.

SCORPIO – Page of Pentacles

You’ve lots of creative ideas but how do you manifest them out into the world?  It’s this dilemma that blocks you from making the right choices when it comes to your career options.   Your focus this week is to narrow it down to where your passions lie.  If it doesn’t excite, let the idea go; concentrate on your singular talents.


A week of unexpected happenings and, upheavals; where nothing seems to go according to plan.  Be careful and pay attention when driving and make sure buildings or structures you’re working on are safe.   The lightening depicted on The Tower however helps us to see unstable situations clearly and react accordingly.  Focus on health, diet and exercise to counterbalance external disturbances.

CAPRICORN – The Hermit

This card indicates that it’s time to release any unfinished business from your past and to get on with healing your mind, body and soul.  Meditation, Tai Chi swimming and yoga will all help this process, so tune into all your needs.   It is important that you find some time alone as part of this much needed process.

AQUARIUS – Knight of Swords

It will be difficult to keep the peace with certain people this week.  However, be aware that you’ll come out of a disagreement badly if you attempt to be heavy handed.   Others are in a belligerent mood so it will be best not to fan the flames further by saying exactly what you think.  Leave that to next week!

PISCES – Transformation

A week to make some bold moves; to say goodbye to an old lifestyle and to surprise others with the important decisions you’ve made.  You cannot and do not want to continue stuck in the same old rut. This of course will upset those closest to you.  However, you must make these changes or miss out on important opportunities.

View From the Pew …


  • Dr Peter Pimentel

Jesus was sentenced to death and crucified about AD 30.  The Gospel of Mark is the earliest extant biography of Jesus composed in Greek in the 50’s or early 60’s AD.  The Gospel of Mark says that Jesus was executed at a place called Golgotha.  “They brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha, which is translated, Place of a Skull.” (The Bible, Mark 15: 22).  The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is most likely the X that marks the spot of Golgotha.  The Church of the Holy Sepulchre lies within the old city of modern Jerusalem but in the 1st century was outside the city wall.  In the first century the site was an abandoned quarry outside the north wall of Jerusalem.  Golgotha protruded from the east wall of the quarry, while a catacomb, whose innermost part still survives, had been cut into the west wall.  The north and west sides and the summit of the rock venerated as Golgotha are visible today to tourists under protective glass in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  The rock raises some 11 meters above the bedrock of the quarry and there is a vertical earthquake crack in the west face.  Traces of fruits were found in the earth covering the quarry bed.  This confirms what the Gospel of John says: “Now in the place where he was crucified there was a garden, and in the garden a new tomb in which no one had yet been laid.” (John 19: 41).  It is very likely that followers of Jesus took to heart the advice of the angels and soon made pilgrimage to the holy site to pray.  “See the place where they laid him!” (The Bible, Mark 16: 6).  The Emperor Constantine ordered an excavation in 325 AD with two Christian Church leaders present, Eusebius of Caesarea and Cyril of Jerusalem, and the tomb of Jesus was identified probably, as scholar Jerome Murphy-O’Connor says, because of graffiti, as was the tomb of Saint Peter in the Vatican.  Another 1st Cent. Christian text called Hebrews gives advice to pilgrims visiting Golgotha outside the “camp”, the city wall of Jerusalem: “Therefore let us go to him outside the camp and bear the reproach he endured.  For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.” (The Bible, Hebrews, 13:13-14).

  • This Sunday service 10.30am and Healing Service 6pm on Monday both at the RC Church, San Rafael. See website for directions and more information.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383



San Rafael Fiesta

  • San Rafael
  • Claire B

The San Rafael fiesta is in full swing until December 4.

With the Day of San Rafael taking place on Sunday October 24, there are lots of cultural, gastronomic and sporting events taking place in the town over the next few weeks.

Saturday October 15 sees the Rock and Beer Octoberfest, with 3 live bands playing – Windrose (Ibiza), Morning Drivers (Ibiza) and Gertrudis (Catalonia). From 9pm. Free.

Full details of everything is in the online programme:



  • Playa d’en Bossa
  • Claire B

Coco Beach is celebrating Oktoberfest on Saturday October 15, with its Ibiza-style traditional beer festival. It all points to a fun day at the beach, with plenty of beer and delicious German specialities. There will also be unique performances and live shows, the best of Bavarian music and of course DJs. Dressing up in Bavarian costumes is encouraged to get into the spirit. Experience a little bit of Germany under the beautiful Ibiza sunshine! From 2pm.


  • Ses Salinas
    • Claire B

Shantico returns on Saturday October 15 at Boutique Hostal Salinas for its once a year celebration of all things good and to welcome the onset of Autumn in Ibiza. This years 5th edition as always is only for the brave that really like to rave! Billed as “non stop party funk for the discerning fun loving punk” and providing “island vibes for island people”, there’s an impressive line-up of DJs to keep you moving. In the main room there will be Justin Tiempo, James Kameran, Sid Shanti, Samir, Gianluca de Tiberis and special guest Ray Mang. In the Native Instruments Back Room, the Chronic Cowboys rule the decks, with Trevor O’Neil, Donald Leary, Rufus White, Buckley Boland and Dazzla. Starting at 10pm, it’s sure to be a long and eclectic night!

Ibiza Light Festival

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

Something new and exciting for the island is the Ibiza Light Festival, which takes place in Ibiza Town on the evenings of Friday October 14 and Saturday 15. The 2-day outdoor cultural initiative takes place in the port and La Marina and will see many emblematic places in the area transformed through lighting, video, sound, dance and theatre performances. Starting at 8pm as darkness falls, 16 art installations (some of them interactive) will bring the town to life, as never before.

A number of companies such as Improbable Film, Ledhouse and 3D Light are working with local artists, which is a collaboration from the Ayuntamiento de Eivissa, the Consell Insular de Eivissa, La Asociación de Comerciantes del Puerto-La Marina and La Autoridad Portuaria (port authority).

The festival is celebrated in other European cities such as London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin, and also in Lyon where it has been organised for over 10 years and attracts 3 million people. The Ayuntamiento de Eivissa and the Consell Insular de Eivissa intends that this will become an annual cultural event and a tourist attraction to bring in visitors to the island at the end of the season.

Many of the installations are continuous throughout the night until midnight, whilst some of the performances are scheduled to take place at set times. There will be a public info point at the beginning of Av. de les Andanes. Plus there’s a route map showing the locations of the 16 pieces with times for specific performances, which is also available on the Facebook page: Ibiza Light Festival


V.O.S.E. Cinema


  • Sta Eulalia
  • Fri 14th-Sun 16th Oct at 18-30hrs, Captain Fantastic

2016 PG 15 1hr 58mins. Comedy /Romance) In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a father devoted to raising his six kids with a rigorous physical and intellectual education is forced to leave his paradise and enter the world, challenging his idea of what it means to be a parent. VOSE English

Cine Regio

  • San Antonio

Two VOSE (English with Spanish subtitles) films this week.

  • Thursday 13th October, 19:30h, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Tim Burton’s latest film.
  • Tuesday 18th October, 19:30h, Tom Hanks stars in Inferno, “The Da Vinci Code and Demons and Angels were just the beginning”.

Pujada A Sa Cala XXXI

  • San Juan
  • Over 50 cars will participate in the 31st annual Pujada a sa Cala motorsport weekend.

In addition to the regular time trials and hill climbs, 2016 sees the introduction of drifting, which for the uninitiated is racing with cars sliding sideways through the corners.

The area will be closed to road traffic from 2pm Saturday until after the final race is held on Sunday. Organised by the Automobile Club of Ibiza, the race usually attracts thousands of spectators. We have been unable to gain a response from the club as to exactly where the races are being held or where spectators should assemble however, the following facebook comment by Tim Harris, who knows about these things, will be of help to those who know the area, or just want to make sure they are near a bar J

“I do the san Vincent end, Go as close as you can to the start( about half way up hill) Plenty of “ibbi” style parking around, walk up to first bar if you want to watch start, Carry on walking and about 500m further on is a nice right left, plenty of places to stand and err, another Bar”


Love Island


There was definitely something in the Ibiza air at the weekend with a host of wondrous weddings across the island.

Of course, Ibiza is a very popular location in which to tie the knot but this weekend saw some very special celebrations.

At what must be considered the upper end of wedding budget boundaries, if indeed there was a boundary at all, Meera and Prashant were married with celebrations reportedly costing between 5/6 million euros.

Having first reported on Nick Ferguson as ‘the most romantic man in Ibiza’ when he staged a (sickeningly J) special proposal to Charlotte Street, we are very happy to see the story come to conclusion with their marriage celebrated at Pikes hotel last weekend.

The Ibizan’s own Nicole Torres was one of no less than 24 bridesmaids in attendance to the bride at a weekend wedding held at Jacaranda in Es Canar. We were then very happy to see Nicole set her own story on its way with her engagement to Hernan Gomez.

With wedding fever all around, we then noticed a simply spectacular cake creation by the baker we hope to be representing Ibiza in the tent sometime, Sharon Edwards.

If you are inspired by all this news of nuptials, we even have a job being advertised with us to work for the Ibiza Wedding Guide.

We are certainly feeling the love….

Indian Wedding on Global Scale

  • Rhian Gibbs

It’s being dubbed as the wedding of the year and will probably be the largest wedding event recorded due to the scale of production, investment, exclusive locations and guests from five continents in attendance.

For Indian couple Meera Shah and Prashant Manek it was a dream come true after they fell in love with the island while on holiday last year and decided to ‘marry in style on this magical island’.

It is the first Indian wedding on this scale, which made the event so noteworthy. The families of the couple chose to stay in hotels like the Phoenician and ME, which also housed exclusively the 600 guests attending the event. Numerous companies were involved in the management of the celebrations, which started at Lio for a pre wedding get-together. The ceremony itself was finally held under a dome of flowers between the pines and junipers in the gardens of ME, after changing the location three times due to bad weather.

Eight chefs prepared delicious Indian dishes to public view, in a dining room decorated dramatically with thousands of roses. After the feast, the wedding party moved to Heart to continue in the festivities.

The local logistics were taken care of by Christina Van Ederen and her Ibiza Management company.

Christina, who we can safely assume to be quite some organiser, said after the event:

“It is an extraordinary international event, never before seen in Ibiza.

“Its production has been an amazing cultural journey between local teams and specialists in Indian weddings at all levels.

“Haute cuisine, style and hospitality care. The infrastructure has meant large production details that required an incredible effort and dedication of the professional companies working together from around the world”.

Es Canar Wedding; with 24 Bridesmaids

  • Bridie McGlynn

On Tuesday 11th of October Ms Karen Skuse, long term visitor & ex-resident, married her partner Mr Robert Jones in Es Cana, with the bride attended by 24 bridesmaids! Karen’s ties to Es Cana began when she was first brought here at 3 years old by her parents. She then came to live and work in her 20s at Los Jarros, as a nanny to Nicole (a bridesmaid) and after 6 years for Patricia & Carlos at the Marvent as nanny to their daughter Susana, also a bridesmaid. She settled back in her native Bristol to raise her own daughter Drew, another bridesmaid!  Chief bridesmaid Vanessa had her work cut out for her and her daughter Rubie, was also bridesmaid. After many years and now living with Rob, the couple decided to up sticks from their pub in Bristol and moved lock, stock and barrel to Es Cana with Mum, Vera, brother Tony and Drew. Drew attended school here and so that explains some more of the bridesmaids! Karen moved back to Bristol where she has a Pub in Hanham, Bristol, explaining even more of the bridesmaids!!!

Rob was attended by his son, Ross, brothers Billy & Darren and friends, Jim Clive & Craig. Karen was given away by her brothers Tony & Terry. Rob`s stag do last Friday merited two stretch limousines. His daughter Amy is, yes, another bridesmaid! Rob’s dad Mervyn and Karen’s Mum, Vera were also present along with numerous family members from both families. Many friends from Bristol and Es Cana and Mainland Spain all made to journey and everyone had a fabulous day.

The service was held at the Jacaranda and the reception in the Marvent! Es Cana will remember this wedding!

  • Ed: we wish to assure readers that no bridesmaids were hurt in the bunfight for the bouquet.

Naked Cake

We spotted this spectacular cake creation by Ms Cupcake herself, Sharon Edwards.

Though Sharon didn’t offer us a slice, she was able to give us the spec …

“All made by me from scratch. Three tier,  top tier is 6″, middle 8, bottom 10″. Three layer, three tier with cream cheese frosting and dressed with fresh flowers, and the flavour is red velvet.

You can follow Sharon’s creations online at:


The Guide





Lewis Hamilton needs miracle as blunder lets Nico Rosberg coast to victory in Japan

  • Nico Rosberg won Japanese Grand Prix from pole position to secure his first-ever victory at Suzuka
  • Lewis Hamilton was second on grid, but abysmal start dropped world champion to eighth by the first corner
  • The Brit battled back to third but was unable to pass Red Bull star Max Verstappen in the closing laps
    • From the Mail Online

Lewis Hamilton’s crown slipped further on Sunday after his woeful start to the Japanese Grand Prix gifted victory to Nico Rosberg. It is turning into a long, painful and very public demise.

Rosberg said he got ‘everything right’ on his way to a maiden Suzuka win. Hamilton got it all spectacularly wrong from the second he arrived to the second he left.

Rosberg’s ninth win of the season leaves him 33 points ahead of Hamilton in the title race with 4 races to go.

There was nothing Hamilton could do about last weekend’s retirement from the Malaysian Grand Prix with an engine blow-out. But this latest failure was entirely of his own making.

Starting from second on the grid would not have fazed the reigning champion, who passed Rosberg to win from that same position on his last two visits to Japan.

What did appear to concern him was a damp patch of tarmac at the rear of that grid slot, a result of overnight rain, but no amount of moisture could excuse Hamilton’s shockingly lacklustre start.

He crawled off the line and was swallowed up by six cars, many of whom had to take evasive action so superior was their speed.

Hamilton apologised to his team over the radio and admitted after the race: ‘The damp patch had nothing to do with it. I made a mistake.’

There has been much talk of Hamilton’s misfortune this season, and rightly so. His early exit last week at Sepang was the fourth time this term his race has been hampered by mechanical failings.

But his poor starts now outweigh those with Hamilton struggling to fathom this year’s complicated new clutch system. This was the fifth such incident after his pedestrian getaways in Australia, Bahrain, Canada and Italy.

There were no such worries for Rosberg. Hamilton’s hopes of retaining his title are disappearing as quickly as his rival did on Sunday.

The Briton was a lowly eighth after one lap and by the time he had passed Nico Hulkenberg for seventh five laps later, Rosberg was 16 seconds up the road.

It is not enough at this stage, but Hamilton’s recovery drive to claim the final podium spot was immense. He managed his tyres expertly early on, prolonging his first stint to jump ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and Sergio Perez after the first round of pit-stops.

He was up to fourth just a few corners of lap 14 later when he breezed past Daniel Ricciardo.

Sebastian Vettel was the next man in his way and was duly passed at the second round of stops on lap 34, when Hamilton somehow turned a four-second deficit into a two-second lead. He eased clear of the Ferrari and hared after Max Verstappen.

Hamilton closed the 10-second gap with seven laps left and almost found a way past at the penultimate corner of the penultimate lap. But Verstappen, as has become customary, would not give up without a fight. Hamilton was forced to take to the escape road and settle for third.


  • Oct 23: USA (Circuit of Americas)
  • Oct 30: Mexico (Mexico City)
  • Nov 13: Brazil (Interlagos)
  • Nov 27: Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)

Jezza’s World of Sport

Murray Victorious, So Too Wigan & England!

Straight in this week as late Monday night/Tuesday morning now and desperately need my beauty sleep (so I’m kindly informed!) and in


So near so far for Johanna Konta at the China Open as England’s No 1 reached the Final but ran out of steam as she was beaten by World No 3 Radwanska but fair do’s as what a year she’s had, starting off at the Aussie Open where she reached the semis and finishing off  breaking in to the World Top 10 (No 8) and all but qualifying for the end of season WTA Championship, featuring the Top 8, and this year being held in Singapore later this month. As for Our Andy, yet another Final, also in the China Open, his 9th this year, ending in a straight sets victory over Dimitrov to claim his 5th title of the year. So, well done to both of GB’s tennis stars and good luck to both in the upcoming WTA Championships.

Rugby League

and what a win for Wigan in the Grand Final at OT over the w/end. With Warrington overwelming favourites, it looked as if the pundits were right as the Wolves took a 6-2 lead, but the boys from the DW Stadium had other ideas and came back to win 12-6 with the winning try being scored by winger Josh Charnley on his last appearance for the Warriors before switching codes to join Sale RFC. As for Warrington, it’s becoming “always the bridesmaid ne’er the bride” as not only did they lose their second Final of the season, the Challenge Cup where they were beaten by Hull, but they have yet to win a Grand Final after many tries!

Rugby Union

and then there were none as the last 100% record hit the buffers, as Wasps lost at Saracens by 30-14 with the latter replacing the former at the top of the Premiership by 2 points. Good win too for Bath, in 3rd as they demolished Sale at the Rec while Leicester in 4th spot beat Worcester 34-13. Wins also for Harlequins, 20-9 at home to Northampton and Newcastle, 19-14 over new boys and winless Bristol, while there was a thriller down the M5 as Exeter came back to draw 27 all with West Country rivals Gloucester.


Oh dear, getting a bit feisty over in Bangladesh at the mo’ as the 2nd ODI boiled over with England’s skipper Jos Buttler being reprimanded by the ICC for having a go at the hosts as he was given out in the match and was unsportingly harangued by the Deshi bowlers as the umpire’s finger went up. Fair do’s to Jos tho’ as having seen the replays, in my humble opinion, he was well within his rights and was harshly treated. Having been the butt of loadsa sledging over the years, albeit in amateur games, I feel for him, and, to be honest, if that had been me, I’d have smacked a few of ’em, and b****r the consequences! As it was England went on to lose the match as their top order collapsed leaving the 3 match Series nicely balanced at 1 apiece, England having won the first at a canter and all to play for on Wednesday.


Once again, not a lot to say about England’s World Cup qualifying match against Malta on Saturday night as, not only did I miss the match whilst helping Ibiza CC in a winning cause against Goring-on-Thames at San Agustin (where I was sledged, as an umpire for Gawd’s sake!) but, to all intents and purposes I didn’t miss much! According to my sources, t’was pretty dire and my only concern is that everybody seemed content with a win and 3 points. Well, excuse me, this was Malta, which for the record has not one pro footballer in it’s ranks, is ranked 129 in the world and is akin to Andorra, San Marino, Gibraltar et al, not exactly steeped in European or World football history and to win 2-0 against that lot (with due respect to the Maltesers!) and at Wembley to boot, is not a lot to write home about, at least not in my book! To give you a comparison, Portugal played Andorra and won 6-0 with Ronaldo scoring 4 and Northern Ireland beat San Marino 4-0! So, come on England, pleeeease give us something to really cheer as you take on Slovenia on Tuesday. Mind you, big news coming out of the England camp today though, as manager Gareth Southgate has dropped the Roo for this match, so could this be the beginning of the end for the Evertonian who plays for Man U?

Elsewhere, Wales, Euro 16 semi-finalists, made it 2 draws from 2 as they were held 1-1 in Austria and then had the same score against Georgia, Scotland (in England’s group) drew 1-1 with Lithuania and take on Slovakia on Tuesday, the Republic of Ireland won 3-1 in Moldova while Spain drew 1-1 with Italy and then beat Albania 2-0 with the Premier League’s leading scorer Diego Costa with a goal and an assist (sorry, guys, had to get that one in!) and Italy scraped past Macedonia 3-2 with a 91st minute winner.

This week it’s back to the Premier and a humdinger of a match on Monday as Man U go to Anfield in the north west’s big match whilst leaders Man City, after their recent mini-slump, need to win at the Etihad against Everton, otherwise Pep will not be pleased! Hope it’s a good match, Shaggy, as, no doubt the Etihad will be suitably impressed by yours and Daniel’s attendance, altho’ no doubt, bro Luke, being a Gooner, will wish for a Toffee’s win!

Off to beddy byes so until next week………Jezza

Ibiza Cricket Club

  • vs LNZCC (London New Zealand)
  • 01/10/16
  • 30 overs per side
  • Result: Ibiza 165/6 beat LNZ 164/9 by 4 wickets

Jarred Walsh, skipper of the returning London Kiwis, decided to bat first, and at first this appeared to be a decision that backfired, when half his side were out with the score on a shaky 29/5 after 12 overs. However, batsmen Chris Hamilton (38) and Richard Brookes (67) ground out a determined stand worth 63 runs to add respectability to the score, before the former was out, leaving the visitors on 92/6 off 21 overs. When they were further reduced to 137/9, Ibiza felt the innings would end on under 150, but last man Josh Wright (17 not out) did not agree and hit several boundaries at the end, which pushed the LNZ score to 164/9 off 30 overs. To cap this, Ibiza were guilty of several dropped catches which should have ended the visitors’ batting earlier, plus a couple of loose overs, and this allowed a more competitive total than expected.

Of the Ibiza bowlers, both Pete Essex (3/19) and Mike Amos (3/15) stood out, with Graeme Cooper also contributing an accurate spell with 2/7.

Ibiza then batted, chasing almost the same total as the week before, and once again lost several early wickets, falling to 24/4. However, opener Adam Johnson stayed firm with a classy 48, and was joined by the in form Sam Gooda. They stabilised the innings, adding 41 runs before the former lost his wicket, bringing all rounder Pete Essex to the crease. Sam Gooda (62) and Pete Essex (36 not out) then showed how to bat on the astro turf wicket, and took Ibiza near their target with a match winning stand of 95 runs in 16 overs. The former was then caught going for the winning hit, leaving the latter to hit the runs himself, and give Ibiza the win by 4 wickets in the 27th over.

The LNZ opening bowlers were pacy and accurate, with Vaughn Robertson (2/39) and Adam Horwarth (3/27) being the most successful, and skipper Jarred Walsh contributing a wicket. Their fielding was alert, as usual, but the remaining bowlers were more expensive with the batsmen well set and scoring freely.

This match marked the 4th year that LNZCC were playing in Ibiza, and the friendly spirit and banter were as good as ever, supplemented by the welcome presence of ex England International Darren Gough, who was particularly complimentary about Mike Amos’ accurate bowling.This coming from an international cricketer and Yorkshireman to boot was high praise indeed, although he was also rightly critical of Ibiza’s fielding and inability to end the visitors’ innings earlier!

Many thanks once again to Jarred Walsh and his band of merry Kiwis, along with talisman umpire Marty, and may they keep coming back to Ibiza year after year!