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The Ibizan 835 ~ 14 Jul 16



Front Page

Keep Off The Grass

  • Consell Launch ‘Green Sail’ Nautical Tourism Campaign.
  • Call for ‘Cultural and Social Change’ to Protect Pitiuses Marine Ecosystem.
  • Posidonia Specimens in Local Waters Found to be 30,000 Years Old.

The Consell of Ibiza, in association with the office of tourism, has launched a campaign intended to educate those who work and participate in nautical tourism in Ibiza and Formentera. The initiative sets out a list of ‘best practices’ to ensure the natural environment is protected and respected.

6000 copies of an information booklet have been printed explaining what Posidonia is and its importance to the ecosystem in the Pitiuses. The guide explains the ecological damage that is caused by illegal anchorages within the grass beds. It also provides various navigation aids  including information on where boats can safely anchor, grass meadow location buoys, and ports where waste can be safely deposited etc. The pamphlets have been published in Catalan, Spanish and English and will be distributed through the island’s marinas and businesses associated with sailing and all water based activities.

Miquel Vericad, minister of the environment, said “it is important to educate our visitors of the island’s underwater heritage. We must seek a cultural and social change so that these best practices become normal procedure.”

We asked Neil Woods, owner of Ibiza pleasure craft business  Boats Ibiza, for his take on the initiative. After taking a look at the information on the Consell website and the Green Sail documents, Neil sent us his reply:

“Posidonia is a magnificent feature of the Ibiza and Formentera marine environment. We support any initiative  about protecting it and respecting its ancient fragility. It’s in everyone’s interest to look after our beautiful island and for this reason we only ever anchor on sand, never allow any littering and keep our engines meticulously clean and well maintained. We welcome this scheme to raise awareness of the responsibility of the boating community to respect and protect the Posidonia. It is a World Heritage site for a reason!”

More information can be obtained at :-


The conservation of the delicate ecosystem in the waters around the Pitiuses is a subject in which we should all be interested and involved. It is a fair assumption that those nautical visitors to the islands most in need of information and education regarding the Posidonia meadows will be Johnny Foreigners, and a large proportion of those British or at least English speaking.

In whatever capacity you may interact with those using our waters, whether in their business or leisure, let us in the English speaking community take every opportunity to convey this information to them.

The various Town Halls in Ibiza are sometimes criticised for taking their Catalan heritage to a politically correct fault as far as communicating with tourists is concerned. On this occasion they have published the scheme in a tr-language translation and we should support this in helping to get the information out to its intended audience.

Though already broadly aware of Posidonia’s importance, I did not know before writing this article that some Posidonia plants are 30,000 years old. I find that mind bogglingly awesome, and though ecological destruction can never be a good thing, there is something even more compelling in destroying a living thing so ancient.  How can we allow ourselves to be the thing history records as killing the thing that has been living since pre-history?

We would hope that those using the Pitiuses waters would wish to do so responsibly for its own sake, however even if not environmentally conscious you would still be doing them a favour in making them aware, as there are substantial fines for breaching the conservation regulations.

It is great to hear the comments of Neil Woods at Boats Ibiza. His pleasure craft business and many others earning a living from our coastal waters, would have most to lose in any type of restraint on movement, mooring or activity. That private business is giving such strong support to the importance of protecting the  Posidonia meadows is the most promising news of all.  It shows a long term outlook, recognition of the bigger picture where economic and environmental objectives are one and the same.

The green lobby have to be applauded for working tirelessly to bring the importance of the issue to the forefront of attention. Having done  so they can feel justly proud of having made the issue one of political Importance and gaining the support of some in the private sector.

The next job is probably the biggest of all. That we the public embrace the importance of protecting our Marine Ecosystem. Posedonia  grass does not have the cuddly appeal of Pandas,. It is not in front of us in the way Ibiza’s insurgent snakes are. Posidonia does not have the emotional connection that results in passion and outrage at the prospect of killing goats on es Vedra.

Posedonia is hidden from our view, and most of the time so are the people killing it with anchors and pollution.

It is, after all ‘just a grass’.

In marketing terms it has everything stacked against it. Posedonia is the Sinclair C5 of environmental causes. Kind of interesting but ultimately of no use in our day to day life., Posidonia is not an ‘aspirational brand’.

But it does have one thing in its corner so far as gaining the ‘cultural and social change’ in outlook  that Minister Vericad rightly says is essential.

Ibiza has an ever growing lobby of people who can see beyond the lack of fur, who do not ignore it because they cannot see it. Our island space is so small and our insular life leaves us with no option but to  look, well,  insular. There is no horizon beyond which help in taking the slack from the pressure of overpopulation will arise. There is no resort 50 miles East that can rise to take the burden of saturation tourism from us.  The furthest we can even choose to move from the madness is 10 minutes up the road to San Juan. We can’t move it, we can’t escape it and, as far as brand Ibiza is concerned, it seems we can’t stop it.

So we have to protect it.

Environmentalists see it. Centre party politicians see it. Some in the private sector see it. Now we  have to see it.

Ibiza needs us to become grass huggers. Are you in?

What Is Posidonia?

The Posidonia is a marine plant endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. Posidonia meadows can be very dense and extensive, and in clear waters the grass like plant can live in depths of up to 40 metres. The meadows grow on reefs formed very slowly by the accumulation of the plant itself and remains of other sediments.

The plants can reproduce asexually so that some clones occupy large areas for thousands of years. Examples of living specimens have been found around the coast of Ibiza and Formentera over 30,000 years old, putting them among the longest living organisms in the world.

Posidonia fulfils a multitude of important jobs within the ecosystem. These include providing habitat to fish and shellfish etc., protection against coastline erosion, highly efficient CO2 traps, and even supplying the sand on our beaches. The Posidonia also has many traditional uses in medicines, agriculture and even as a building material used in the ceilings of houses.

The unique nature of Posidonia meadows has earned them a declaration by UNESCO as world heritage sites.

Further information on the impact of nautical tourism and tips for responsible navigation around the islands can be found via the web link



Bloop 2016

  • San Antonio & Ibiza Town
  • 16 July to 16 August

The next Bloop International Art Festival, the festival of what they describe as ‘proactive art’ will take place between 16 July and 16 August in San Antonio and Ibiza Town.

Based on a different topic each year, Bloop presents a wide range of activities, which are all free, including graffiti exhibitions, interactive installations, painting, sculpture, videos, and photography in addition to creative workshops for kids and adults, music sessions at sundown, concerts and shows.

This independent festival was born in 2011 and has amassed a total of no less than 90,000 visitors to its exhibitions, though of course many more have enjoyed the huge street murals/graffiti around the backstreets of San Antonio for which it is most famously known.

Bloop’s, perhaps controversial, addition to urban San An for 2016 depicts the hand of god reaching through the heavens being given the finger by mankind. Charlie Clayton, leader of Christian charity 24-7 said of the work “Hard hitting but wonder if actually captures humanities oftentimes response to God”.

Events this year include: BLOOP Headquarters, the soul of the festival packed with art, music, technology and education, the OpenAir.Gallery, more than 20 mural paintings across the island, In praise for darkness installation, by Tom Gallant will be exhibited in the cloisters of Ibiza’s city council, the P.I.G.S. exposition by Escuela Moderna/ Ateneo Libertario will take place in Ibiza’s city council’s Refectorio, plus legendary Balearic beat DJ and music producer José Padilla will join BLOOP for the Opening Party at the outdoor amphitheatre at Sa punta des Molí in Sant Antoni.

This year the theme is ‘No Fear’ and 30 artists will be participating.

Nits de Tanit

  • Ibiza Town
  • Claire B

The 3rd edition of the Nits de Tanit (Tanit Nights) cultural festival is in full swing in Ibiza Town. Featuring theatre, dance and music, the festival brings in well-known artistes to the island.

  • Saturday July 16: Don Quijote – theatre from Rafael Alvarez ‘El Brujo’ – an alternative vision of Don Quijote. 20€ in advance or 25€ on the night.
  • Saturday July 30: Sinestesia – dance from the emerging dance company from Barcelona Iron Skulls set in a post-apocalyptic world. 10€ in advance or 15€ on the night.
  • Saturday August 20: Joana Amendoeira – the Portuguese singer sings Fado. 20€ in advance or 25€ on the night.
  • Friday August 26: En un Salón de la Habana – sopranos Irantzu Bartolomé and Núria Orbea with pianist Mentxu Pierrugues offer a lounge concert in Havana. 20€ in advance or 25€ on the night.

All the shows are held at 10pm outside on the terrace of the Universitat de les Illes Balears in Ibiza Town, the old military command building just outside Dalt Vila on Calle del Calvario. Tickets can be bought in advance from La Sirena, or from 2 hours before the show at the box office.

Musica Jove

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

A series of concerts are in Ibiza Town every Friday over the next few weeks for the Musica Jove series. Each one is held in the great location of the Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila at 9pm. Tickets are 2€ and are on sale at the door from 8pm.

  • July 16: DJs with Juan Moreno
  • July 23: Rels
  • August 8: Slim Samurai & Pandawigga, Cristo Corona, Konami Mafia
  • August 20: Quin Delibat and Morning Drivers
  • August 27: Skyts and Big Rot

Fiesta – Virgen del Carmen

  • Claire B (also photo left)

Every year on 16 July, Ibiza holds its festival in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of seamen. Events take place in Ibiza, Sant Antoni, Es Cubells and Portinatx, with mass, sea processions and music. In Ibiza Town mass is held in the church of San Telmo in the Marina, followed by a procession of the statue of the Virgen del Carmen through the Marina, along Calle de la Virgen to the port where she is put onto a boat. A flotilla of boats accompany it out of the harbour and floral offerings are given to the sea in a bid to ask for protection for all who sail on it.

Sh1t 2016

  • San Antonio
  • Friday 15th July

The annual worker’s summer blowout, affectionately known as the Shit party, has changed venues after a decade at Gala Nights/The Zoo.

This year’s fancy dress fundraiser will be held on Friday 15th July at the Es Paradis nightclub in San Antonio – thereby saving a whole lot of kerfuffle getting out of town dressed as a psychotic robot/bottle of Jägermeister/the Ryanair 6am from Glasgow.

Such is the inventiveness of the costume capers donned by workers for a party originally conceived as an opportunity to acknowledge, and shrug off, all the ‘shit’ faced by workers in their Ibiza summer season.

Having raised an eye watering €300,000in previous parties, all money raised is donated to charity with the main beneficiaries from the 2015 event including Ibiza Cancer Research, 24-7 and Caritas.

Nathan Viva, one of several local businessmen on the organising committee, said “We have 3 rooms, 45 young fresh DJ’s with many playing the shit party for the first time and being in town, everyone can walk there and back with no need to worry about busses, taxis or being late for work.”

Tickets are 20€ and available from all major outlets including Viva and the Ship in San Antonio, and BN3 in the Bay.


  • Santa Eulalia

Showing at Teatroespana Sta Eulalia Wed 20th July & Fri – Sun 23rd July 19-00hrs; Money Monster. (2016. 1hr 38mins. PG 15) Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio. Stars: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O’Connell


Brand New Heavies @ Las Dalias

  • San Carlos

Kenneth Bager, the man behind the legend ‘Music for Dreams’ label, has teamed up with Vaughan, the  man of many hats behind Pacha’s Funky Room and more latterly uber cool Babylon beach, to stage some spectacular summer nights at Las Dalias on the 28th July and 4th August.

First up on the 28th are pioneers of acid jazz scene the Brand New Heavies playing open air as part of a night that is all about getting back to having a good time. Following the Heavies the show will go on indoors til 6am with DJ luminaries no less than Pippi, Willie Graff, Scott Gray, George Solar and Kenneth doing a turn himself.

Aside from getting your funk on there will be a whole host of surprises in a night promising a festival feel. “It is all about keeping the girls happy” Vaughan told us, “Get the girls dancing and the boys will follow.” Best get those hips swinging chaps.

Presale tickets are available for 20€, which seems pretty darn cheap to us, from Holidays in Santa Eulalia, Delta Disco in Ibiza or direct from Las Dalias. Tickets on the door 25€.

Radio Radio:  Sonica Live  at Kumharas & Tulipan

  • San Antonio Bay & San Antonio Paseo

The newspaper’s radio station of choice, Ibiza Sonica, are busy out on the road this year holding many a live broadcast from some of the island’s legendary lounge bars,

Coming up this week they provide the sunset soundtrack at Kumharas in the Bay Thursday night with Sasha supported by Dimitri Nakov, then the other side of the weekend Clara de Costa (below left) settles in at Tulipan, known to many of you as Tulip, for another hopefully spectacular sunset backdrop to see out another perfect day in paradise.

Entry is free at both venues—book, or at least arrive in good time, for the best tables. See Tulipan Ad page 1 and Kumharas page 9

Day by Day…

  • Also see articles on this page and throughout the newspaper.

Thursday 14th

l Santa Gertrudis, Auction, Casi Todo,

l San Antonio/Bay, Ibiza Elvis @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Ibiza Town, Cinema Paradiso, Little Miss Sunshine

Friday 15th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l San Antonio, Worker’s Shit Party at Es Paradis

l Walking Ibiza Sunset kayak tour – San Miguel to Benirras – 7.15pm

Saturday 16th

l 21:00 San Jordi, Can Jeroni Cultural Centre, The best amateur theatre companies showcasing their works Cía. Pedro Cañestro. – Cupido Internacional Entrance is free first come, first served

l Ibiza Town, Food Tour Walk, 4pm,

l Sant Carles, Open Day at Ibizan organic farm Ca’n Pere Mussona

l Musica Jove DJs with Juan Moreno

l Fiesta – Virgen del Carmen (see article p2)

l Don Quijote – theatre from Rafael Alvarez ‘El Brujo’ (see article p2)

Sunday 17th

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

Monday 18th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris Farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Tuesday July 19th

l Figueretas Beach, 10pm, Space films, Public & Free, – Gravity

l Cala Llonga, Charity Moonlight Walk, 9.30pm  call Margaret on 971 196 394.

l Walking Ibiza Full moon and sunset kayak tour – San Miguel to Benirras – 7.15pm

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackay @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Wednesday 20th

l Walking Ibiza Short & sweet full moon walk – Cala Xaracca – 7.45pm

Thursday 21st

l San Carlos, Ibiza Reggae Festival, Las Dalias from 9pm

l Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb), The Walk,

l San Antonio/Bay, Ibiza Elvis @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Friday July 22nd

l Walking Ibiza Classic walk – Es Cubells to Es Vedra –

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Saturday 23rd

l San Jordi, 9pm, Can Jeroni Cultural Centre, The best amateur theatre companies showcasing their works  G.A.T.  – Puro Teatro 2016 Entrance is free first come, first served

Sunday 24th

l Walking Ibiza Sunset kayak tour – San Miguel to Benirras

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

Monday 25th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Tuesday 26th

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Food & Drink


Babylon Beach

One of the most difficult introductions of any venue I have had to write, and I write a good few. The word that just keeps coming back to mind is ‘cool’, but on an island where everybody is trying to out-cool each other it just doesn’t seem adequate, it isn’t special enough.

The best I can do is to say Babylon Beach isn’t cool, it somehow defines cool.

If you are already a regular you’ll probably know what I am struggling to say, if not best just go along and find out.

The Food …

What to expect from lunch at Babylon .

Caribbean chicken

Breast of chicken which Chef told us is cooked in a vacuum bag at 72 degrees with a dry paneer of curry, ginger, curcuma, lime leaves and coriander.

Slightly spicy and served with crispy plantain, red peppers, mango and steamed rice on the side.

Gambas al ajillo

Traditional Spanish pan fried prawns, with garlic, parlsey and chilli .

Prawns of epic proportions, so tasty that I came the closest I have yet to adopting the current vogue of devouring them head and all.

Pan y aioli

Though pan and alioi is not normally worthy of mention this is probably the most delicious bread and aioli on the isla. Its cooked ‘a la minute’ made to order and using just masa madre (sour dough). Again chef filled us in saying “its basically a different way to cook the italian covaccino (base of pizza) season it with rock salt, olive oil and rosemery, on the top we add oven dried cherry tomato cooked for 12 hours with thyme & garlic. The olives (Taggiasca, Granata, Kalamata) are marinated in olive oil, orange and coriander seeds. The aioli its made with no eggs, just milk, garlic and oil, very light.”

The Music …

Babylon have DJs playing every night and Sunday lunch. How to describe the line up? I can’t say cool again, but I seem to have done so anyway.

  • Monday – Mariano Samoza
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – George Solar
  • Thursday – Willie Graff
  • Friday lunch – Willie Graff
  • Dinner – George Solar
  • Saturday – George
  • Sunday – Willie Graff (lunch)
  • George Solar (dinner)

The Full Moon …

Babylon’s full moon parties are the highlight of their calendar.

Vaughan, who heads up Babylon together with partners Angie and Justin, always likes to extend a personal invitation.

“Join us at Babylon Beach on Tuesday 19th July from 19:00 for our second Full Moon Party of the season!

We have our resident DJ’s George Solar & Willie Graff throwing out some funky tunes throughout the evening – a mesmerising performance from ‘The Light Catcher’ & a one off special live performance from The Johnny Freelance Experience.

Come & enjoy the spectacular views of the moon from Babylon – eat, drink & party with us into the night, bookings highly recommended.”

 +34 971 332 181




Foreign Office Launch Brexpat Advice Website & the Brexit Cost In Beer

  • Government launches new webpage aimed at British expats, following Referendum result

British nationals looking for advice on travelling and living in Europe, following the result of the EU referendum, can now visit a new webpage on the UK government website.

The webpage explains that negotiations for the United Kingdom to leave the EU may take up to two years or more. The government will negotiate new arrangements with the EU including on issues affecting British expats and travellers.

Until then there will be no immediate changes. During the period of the negotiations, the UK remains a full member of the EU, entitled to all the benefits and obligations of membership.

The webpage includes very basic information on passports, pensions, healthcare, and also has a link to some general information on applying for dual citizenship.

Though the webpage currently tells us nothing we don’t already know,  it has to be worth a bookmark for ongoing reference.

During coming months and years the issues around the future status of Brexpats will undoubtedly be the subject of much speculation and conjecture.

It will be useful to have this page as an official go-to source, even if only to silence the loudmouth scaremongering at the bar.

Go to the Foreign Office Brexpat Website here

  • Brexit Beer Widget

Meanwhile the Southport Visiter newspaper has bypassed the post Brexit analysis of pensions, healthcare, education etc., and got straight to the key question for many British Tourists – ‘How many beers will it cost me?’

A widget on their website invites people to enter their holiday destination and the amount of UK pounds spending money they intend to take.

The result is shown as the amount less they will have to spend now compared with immediately pre-referendum, and then converts that reduction in spending power to the amount of beer you could have bought with the difference.

Our example trip to Spain taking £1,000 gave a return of having lost 130€, equivalent to 55 beers. Clearly they have never bought a beer in an Ibiza nightclub.


Eco Tax In Place, Now What to Spend It On?

Consell president Vincente Torres and the minister of finance Catherine Kladera have met with representatives of business associations to assess the implementation of the sustainable tourism tax, better known as the eco tax. (photo right)

The meeting heard that the tax, which makes a levy on all tourist accommodation in the Balearics, has been implemented as planned since 1st July 2016. It was announced that there had been no detrimental effect on occupational figures in the tourist sector, which at the end of June exceeded 90%, an increase of 8% compared to figures from the same month last year.  With the taxation now in place without any reported major difficulties, the minister of finance said that “it was time to move forward and engage public and business participation in deciding what investment projects should be financed through the income generated by the tax”.

Ibiza’s First Printed Book

A married couple, Alfons Garcia Ninet and Salvadora Mari De La Paz have made a public donation of the first book printed on Ibiza. The volume, published in 1858, is one of only three known specimens and therefore considered of invaluable historical significance. The couple made the donation at the office of the minister of education and many other things David Ribas, who thanked the owners for their generosity. The historical document details the last conquest of Ibiza and was written by a Belgium professor of mathematics who was exiled in Ibiza but of whom little else is known.

Rural Aid Budgets Announced

The ministry of the environment and several other things has published their grant aid for the development of rural areas and livestock in Ibiza. The grants total 388,000€, an increase of 50,000€ on 201. The grants are detailed as follows:

  • Farming assistance 16,000€
  • Agricultural cooperatives 146,000€
  • Agricultural pesticide programmes 70,000€
  • Assistance in sowing fodder 40,000€
  • Encourage use of biodegradable plastics 12,000€
  • Loss of breeding sheep/goats as a result of dog attacks 2,000€
  • Preservation of traditional local varieties of cereals at risk of genetic erosion 18,000€

With the remaining funds donated to various agricultural and farming organisations

Sign Language Translation

The department of health, social welfare and many other things has launched a free service to both translate in sign language and also in the accompaniment of meetings etc. to translate from sign to speech. The service is designed to help the deaf community of Ibiza in judicial proceedings, negotiations with public administration including the hacienda, traffico and in medical matters. The person requiring the service must make a request to the Consell social services centre in Cas Serres at least three days in advance and will then receive a sign language interpreter to accompany them throughout whatever communication barriers arise.

“It is a duty of all authorities to make an effort to be as inclusive as possible” said minister of health and several other things Lydia Jurado who called upon the different groups of disabled people to “make their needs known to us and ask the Consell to find solutions to meet their demands”.

With regards to the deaf community, the next project in hand is to establish a 24hr emergency telephone line for translation services and sign language and also the provision of sign language translation of the streaming broadcasts of Consell committee sessions.

TUI’s Discovery Gets Presidential Reception

Consell president Vicente Torres made an official greeting to the TUI cruise ship Discovery which docked in Ibiza for the first time this week.

The 230 metre vessel has been recently acquired and refurbished by TUI. Its crew of 774 cater for a total of just under 2000 tourists, mostly British. At the reception the president gifted Captain Wojciech Ziolkowsky a reproduction of the goddess Tanit as a gesture of gratitude to acknowledge TUI’s inclusion of Ibiza on their itinerary. The president stressed the importance of cruise ship tourism citing the sector as “strategically important for Ibiza, not only during summer, but also in the winter months.”

In 2015, the port of Ibiza received a total of 120 cruise ships with 197,000 tourists. An increase of 25% is estimated for 2016 which would make this year the second highest on record. Ibiza’s aim is to achieve business similar to ports such as Valencia, Cadiz and Malaga which all have in excess of 400,000 cruise passengers a year. To give an idea of the scale of cruise ship business, Majorca’s Palma receives 1.7million tourists per year and Barcelona 2.6million.

You Can’t Buy Class.

Chelsea new boy Michy Batshuayi incurred the wrath of the local Spanish press and social media when he parked his £215,000 Lamborghini  in a public park. According to the Noudiari, Batshuayi had parked the bright orange Lamborghini Huracan in the public park adjacent to a children’s playground as he wanted to put it ‘under a tree in the shade’.

Police had to call on a specialist crane to lift the car as it was too big for the standard tow trucks. The 22-year-old footballer was able to recover his car Monday afternoon for a fine of 400€

Shortly after getting back on the road the Italian was again in the spotlight , this time pictured bringing traffic to a standstill on the airport road as he and a Ferrari driver stopped their cars to take selfies side by side.

The story was picked up by the UK press with the daily star reporting that whilst playing for Manchester City in 2011, he amassed £10,000 in parking fines and had his Maserati impounded 27 times. He was also said to have received £300,000 in club fines, including one for throwing darts at a youth team player.

At Night


Grandmaster Flash

  • Playa D’en Bossa, Sankeys
  • Claire B, Image David Holderbach

New night at Sankeys ‘Applebum’ is bringing hip hop to Ibiza this summer. Last Tuesday saw the legend that is Grandmaster Flash DJing at the venue. From the off he had everybody eating out of the palms of his hands. We obligingly made some noise, screamed, put our hands in the air and danced and sang along with him as he played a diverse selection of tunes in what he called a “70s style hip hop set”, including ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Apache’, ‘How Gee’, ‘All Night Long’ (Mary Jane Girls) and even some AC/DC ‘Back in Black’. In the intimate atmosphere that is Sankeys, the atmosphere was fantastic. Good times indeed!

Applebum is on every Tuesday at Sankeys, and is bringing a sterling list of hip hop DJs and producers to Ibiza over the summer, including DJ Jazzy Jeff, Blackstreet, DJ Premier, DJ Yoda, Coolio, Slum Village, DJ Yella (NWA), Nightmares on Wax and Doorly, with the Sugarhill Gang and The Furious Five headlining the closing party on September 13.

LCD Soundsystem

  • San Antonio, Ibiza Rocks
  • Claire B, Image Lydie

Never shy of throwing a party, Ibiza Rocks have decided to have two birthday parties this year to celebrate their 11th year on the island. Part 1 was last Wednesday with LCD Soundsystem leading the proceedings. Hotly anticipated by many on the island as being one of THE gigs of the summer, you could tell by looking at the stage before they even made an appearance that it was going to be good. The stage was filled with an impressive array of equipment, including the most amazing vintage synthesizer that I have ever seen, which took pride of place in the middle. The icing on the cake was a huge disco ball suspended above the stage.

Bang on schedule at 10pm the LED clock on the left of the stage started its 2-hour countdown to the end of the gig and some of the band took to the stage and launched into the opening bars of ‘Us V Them’. Momentum grew as the rest of the band joined them on the stage and part way through the 7-minute song lights were shone onto the disco ball and the venue was bathed in thousands of disco ball light reflections. Ibiza Rocks had never looked so beautiful! Next up was my personal favourite ‘Daft Punk is Playing at My House’ and the party was in full swing. Everybody in the venue was dancing but watching the stage intently as frontman James Murphy moved around the stage from his microphone periodically to manically bash a drum or play some percussion. For two hours they wowed us with fantastic dance-along and sing-along tunes matched with a fantastic light show and great sound. Part 1 of the birthday party was a blast. Boom! Video of Us V Them:

Sol House Mixed by Ibiza Rocks

  • San Antonio
  • Claire B

Saturday July 9 saw the launch of Ibiza Rocks’ latest venture in collaboration with Meliá Hotels, Sol House Mixed by Ibiza Rocks in San Antonio. A party was thrown on the roof space known as Rooftop Nine, which has stunning views across the bay towards San Antonio and beyond and the bay’s prized sunset. Guests sipped cocktails and nibbled on delicious finger food in the warm night air and Ibiza’s new and most exciting musical offering, the 14-strong Ibiza House Orchestra played a cracking set of house classics as the sun set in the distance.

Following a full refurbishment, the 4 star Sol House is set to become the new hotspot on that side of the island. Located on Punta Pinet beach in the San Antonio Bay and boasting 275 renovated rooms, guests will be able to discover the wide variety of high-end facilities and unique tech-enhanced concierge services on offer for the modern day traveller. The stunning new pool, Bali beds and sun terrace will provide perfect party and chill out spots whilst the spectacular rooftop terrace bar will give guests breathtaking views of the world famous Ibiza sunsets, all set to the Ibiza Rocks beat.

The collaboration will introduce an Ibiza Rocks curated music and entertainment programme and unique ‘Mixologist’ modern day concierge service. Positioned at aspirational party tourists, with a passion for music, innovative design, and affordable lifestyle experiences, Sol House will provide the venue whilst the Ibiza Rocks brand brings the noise.

Rooftop Nine will play host to regular free events throughout the summer. Tuesday nights from 8pm sees the Pikes sunset residency with panoramic views and amazing cocktails soundtracked by the legendary Jose Padilla and his brand of blissed out balearic beats.

Sol House is on Carrer Granada, in San Antonio Bay.


Miss Supermodel at Plastik (every night)

San Antonio’s famed pre party bar of choice Plastik, has their own celebrity tending bar. Brittany returned to the UK last week to compete in the UK power pageant and came away having been crowned Miss Supermodel UK 2016/17. Never missing a trick, Plastik boss Andy Matthews said “she’s back behind the bar from Wednesday guys”.


  • San Rafael
  • Stephen Donovan

One of the longest running and most successful nights in Ibiza, Cream at Amnesia is still going strong in its twenty second year. This week has another colossal line-up of super star DJ´s including trance legend Armin van Buuren, John O´Callaghan, Aly & Flia, Camelphat and Fatboy Slim.

Arriving at Amnesia at 1:30 the club is bustling and I hear the sound of MarLo coming from the Main Room. His blend of trance, tech and even house has made this DJ a big name on the dance scene.

I take a look into the terrace to check out CamelPhat. With the terrace full of tourists and workers alike I hear the British duo´s new track, ´Constellations´. This deep house classic has really picked up momentum, being placed all over the island by some of the biggest DJ´s.

Back in the main room it’s time for the King Armin to take to the booth, I hear a roar from the crowd as I see the trance superstar make his way behind the decks. In trance terms they really don’t come much bigger than Armin van Buuren. The Dutch DJ has been the driving force behind the genre for the past two decades and doesn´t look like slowing down any time soon. After giving up his weekly residency in Ushuaia to take time to tour his new album Embrace, Armin comes to Ibiza for his first set of summer 2016.

Armin smashed a two hour set, playing everything from his newer more electronic style of trance right through to his old school classics. Half was through his set the lights drop and ´Sound of The Drums´ come from the massive sound system (a personal favorite of mine). The production of Armin’s show are always phenomenal and tonight was no different, the laser show in Amnesias main room is memorizing!!

Armin finished his set in very hard manner, playing the club classic ´We Come One´ by ´Faithless´ and wrapped everything up nicely with possibly one of the finest pieces of trance every written, his own track, Shivers!! As the lyrics go, ´How did it end this way?´ the main room erupts, the pyrotechnics explode and every hand is in the air. This was truly something special, what a way to end a set! Armin leaves the booth takes some pictures with the fans, and like that, cool as a breeze is gone again!!

I take a second to regroup after that mammoth set and cross over to the Terrace to see a man who really needs no introduction (but I kind of have to, otherwise you won´t know who I´m talking about), Fatboy Slim. Norman Cook (his real name) has dominated the dance scene since the 80´s but this year is his first ever Ibiza residency. His energy on stage is something you won´t witness from any other DJ, always at 100%, jumping and interacting with the crowd, it’s contagious. His set had everything from Mark Knight to Marvin Gaye to Steve Aoki and of course his own classics. As I make my way through the crowd the always popular ´Right Here, Right Now´ starts and the Terrace goes wild!!

He´s finishes off his set incredibly, air horn in hand and taking selfies with the fans, while a remix of ´Praise You´ plays and he salutes his following.

I get back into the Main room to catch the end of John O’Callaghan’s back to back set with Aly & Fila, this is where the true trance fans come alive. Their set of nothing less than 138 BPM is certainly not for the faint hearted!!

Cream certainly has done it again this week, with a ridiculous line up and outlandish production all rolled into one amazing super club.

Community & Agenda



Thursday 14th July to Wednesday 20th July 2016

ARIES – Nine of Pentacles

At last a welcome improvement to your finances this week, just be sensible and don’t fritter money away needlessly – save for a rainy day.  Remember though, money’s round to go around, so help someone who really needs it. If you’re hoping to finalise a financial agreement, good news comes sooner rather than later and you get what you deserve.

TAURUS – Knight of Cups

Faint heart never won fair lady, (or chap for that matter!) You’ve had your eye on someone so why not make a bold move; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the response.  This may, or may not be the love of your life, but what’s wrong with having some fun? This Knight is the good news bear too, so expect some.

GEMINI – Ace of Wands

Business opportunities come thick and fast, however the best career vehicle for you is one you drive.  If you’re thinking of starting up or expanding your business, it’s a great week to begin that process as new contacts will help you on your upward climb.  You’ve great vision, clarity and energy to manifest your dreams. Use this power constructively.

CANCER- Seven of Cups

This card indicates emotional happiness so long as you don’t judge a book by its cover. Dig a little deeper; good looks are an asset but you now realise you want to your spend time with someone who has more to offer. It’s people of character that interest you more this week. Be open minded and something beautiful might happen.

LEO – Eight of Wands

An excellent business opportunity is offered to you that will prove to be highly profitable despite the risks involved. The energy of this card suggests that the higher you aim, the greater the success, so push yourself. The VIP culture may not impress; however you’ll attract one or two into your circle this week.  Emotionally, it’s a less volatile week.

VIRGO – Four of Pentacles

This week relax and count your blessings as you feel more secure and peaceful with life generally.  Look at what you’ve achieved and be content with what you have. Money invested in building/property shows a healthy return for the investment, so don’t shy away if such an opportunity presents itself.  Expect fun times at home rather than out and about.

LIBRA – King of Pentacles

Money matters need your attention this week. You may have to deal with contracts, accountants, tax officers or such like. You will have to agree to disagree with someone who values their opinion much the same way you value yours; therefore don’t make situations a power struggle.  If you must confront someone, make sure you have your facts straight.

SCORPIO – The Chariot

This card signifies movement of some kind, whether a home or career move and requires your total trust that you’re being guided in the right direction. If you look closely at this card you’ll see that the charioteer has no reigns so cannot steer the chariot, hence the need for trust. Time will show these were ultimately, for the best.

SAGITTARIUS – Five of Cups

If you’ve felt disappointed that a love affair or friendship hasn’t come up to your expectations, don’t be upset by this.  You’ve had to cross an emotional bridge recently and also do a bit of growing up yourself.  Better times are ahead so set your sights on what’s to come. You won’t be feeling alone or left out for long.

CAPRICORN – Five of Swords

This is not the happiest card in the Tarot deck as it warn us against jealousy; ours or from others.  The guidance here is to watch your back with certain people; you may be too trusting.  Situations are developing in the background and you’re being kept out of the loop. This card also warns against theft so watch your belongings.


This super charged card gives you the successful edge to be able to draw all you could want; enhancing your personal power this week. You attract success on every level; in love, money, career and health.  Family and children especially do you proud and you feel connected to the world in a way you’ve not felt for a long while.
PISCES – The Wheel of Fortune

You’ve wanted to make a few drastic life changes for a while and now you get your wish as events occur allowing you to implement new plans. You may not always be in the driving seat this week, but in the long run you won’t resent that. You’ve gambled much recently and on many levels; now comes the payoff.

View From  The Pew

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

According to first century AD traditions, Jesus once said:  “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them” (Cited by the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 18: verse 20).  This saying is truly remarkable.  The saying is outlandish, if it is not true.  Jesus is a first-century AD Jewish sage and rabbi.  That’s precisely why the saying is so extraordinary and, actually, blasphemous – if it is not true.

Another very early Jewish tradition cited by the renowned 2nd century AD rabbi and martyr by the name of Hananiah ben Teradion says: “If two sit together and words of Torah pass between them the Divine Presence is with them.”  (The Mishnah, Tractate Avot, 3:2).

The “Torah” is the sacred Bible of the Jews (actually the most sacred first five books of the Bible).  “The Divine Presence” is the presence of God (in Hebrew, “shekinah”).  This is precisely what we would have expected any first century AD rabbi to have said: “When two or more are gathered together to discuss Bible, then the Divine Presence (= God) is with them.”  But let’s compare the two sayings – the statement of Jesus and the statement of Hananiah ben Teradion.

Jesus puts himself in the place of the Torah! – that is, the Bible.  To put it bluntly, Jesus deletes the word “Torah” (= Bible) and put’s “my name” in it’s place!  Jesus then puts himself in the place of God!  He deletes the words “Divine Presence” (= the presence of God, in Hebrew, “shekinah”) and put’s himself in it’s place!  Jesus understands himself as included within the one identity of God!  Instead of saying what we would expect a first century AD Jewish rabbi to say, namely: “If two sit together and words of Torah pass between them the Divine Presence is with them.”  What Jesus says instead is: “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them.”  He puts himself in the place of Bible and God!

Is this outrageous blasphemy or a profound truth?  The first communities of Jesus followers found out for themselves, that when they gathered together in the name of Jesus, they experienced God reaching out to them in a very human way.  When they gathered together Jesus was truly among them.

  • The service this Sunday 17th July is in the Church at Sant Rafel 10.30am. For more information and directions see our church website:
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383

It’s Good to Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Ibiza Sun,

My partner and I have decided to split up. It hasbeen a longtime coming and we’ve both avoided it for quite some time but as is the way with our relationship I had to take the initiative and start what is a very difficult process.

We have been together 16years and living here for 7, with 2 kids. I am now beginning to have second thoughts and am thinking that me bringing up the idea of separation may have made us both realize what we could be missing.

Do you have any ideas on how we should move forward form here?

Yours JF

Dear JF

Thank you for your letter and I hear you say that you feel you always have to take the initiative and how lucky that you did because it seems as if that initiative has given both of you a chance to possibly work things out and become a happier stronger unit.

I wonder what has made you have second thoughts? Is it purely things you are thinking about or has there been a significant change in your partners behavior and how you feel about him? It takes 2 people to make a relationship and this follows through to repairing one. As with many situations there are always two sides of the story and I wonder if you consider couples counselling as a way for you both to honestly and safely be able to express what you think has got you both to this point and begin to work out what you might need to allow things to change and improve for both of you. It can be hard to have these types of conversations alone without a third party and having someone else present ensures that you both hear and are heard by the other.

It is really positive that you have the motivation to work through this and I hope that your partner feels the same.

Wishing you both all the best for the future


  • Please remember our FREE & CONFIDENTAIL support group continues through the summer every Tuesday 12.30-1.30 Please e mail for more info. We are also excited to announce our first residential counseling holiday which is aimed at couples wishing to explore their relationships more deeply, all info on the web site.
  • ibizan-835-eissue_Page_11

SOS Refugiados Ibiza

  • Carly S

Volunteers from SOS Ayuda Refugiados Ibiza held a parade along Platja d’en Bossa beach on Sunday 19th June, under a banner with the slogan “WELCOME REFUGEES” and carrying posters that read “OPEN THE BORDERS” and “VergUEnza,” whilst inviting tourists and residents to witness the performance which was about to begin.
The group of volunteers, all dressed in black, entered the water together and swam out a little way before dramatically crawling out to lie on the sand as the waves broke over them. Then, in front of a crowd of distressed and surprised faces, two of them read a manifesto in both Castilian and English  to announce, on World Refugee Day, that the rights of these people are respected and calling on the citizens and governments of Europe to take action.

As the manifestos were emotively and passionately read, the rest of the group remained  motionless on the shore to represent some of the thousands of refugees who’ve drowned in recent months in the Mediterranean. Some members of the public listened intently and observed with emotion, whilst others ignored the scene, stepped over the ‘bodies’ on the shoreline and went about their business – a sad reflection of the general feeling towards these disenfranchised people. When the manifestos had been read, the audience who’d gathered to listen applauded emphatically and congratulated the participants, as they took one last group photo with the banner and posters.

This is not the only thing SOS Ayuda Refugiados Ibiza has done to call attention to the plight of refugees. The organization aims to disseminate information and report the situation “of those displaced by war, terrorism and extreme poverty.” SOS believes that the tragedy of the refugees is something noone should be indifferent to and says that they aim to “create activities so the Ibizan population can go from being a mere spectator of this disaster to an active volunteer through local and direct action”.

Back in the Spring, I took part in the re-creation of a refugee camp in Ibiza town centre this group had organised as part of a global call to action to aid the refugees and a few months ago, they organised a collection of goods to send to refugee camps. They collected more than 180 litres of oil, over 500 tins of tuna, upwards of 300 tinns of sardines, 70 kilos of milk powder, around 130 kilos of sugar, 1,800 tea bags, 38 kilos of cous cous, over 4,000 nappies, 12 baby carriers, 4 prams, several sleeping bags and 7 boxes full of medicines and medical supplies. Santa Eulària City Council gave the group a place in which to store and classify the material, and the association  grief  gave a part of its headquarters in Ibiza to help. Also involved in the collection were A-arms, A-Lots Eco, the Integral Cooperative d’Eivissa and the Academy of Maria Jose. Joining the campaign were students, parents and teachers of the institutes Isidor Macabich, Sa Blanca Dona, Quartó Abad, Sant Agusti and Sa Colomina, as well as the college of Santa Eulària.
The group has also created SOS Yoga Ibiza, with volunteer teachers giving a yoga class every Sunday in Platja d’en Bossa. The collection of voluntary donations from participants pays for shipments of goods to  Greece. Ibiza is part of the SOS Ayuda Refugiados social network, which brings together more than 80 platforms in Spain and is in permanent contact with the refugee camps, who regularly communicate their needs. The network then work to collect the required goods and pack them into containers to be sent from the Spanish departure points in Barcelona and Valencia. Once in Athens, members of SOS Network are responsible for collecting, storing and distributing the goods.

They urge more citizens to join them and aid in the efforts to help those less fortunate than ourselves. You can find out more and follow their progress at

Charity Moonlight Walk

  • Cala Llonga

The Asociación Ibiza Y Formentera Contra El Cáncer are holding a 2 hour moonlight walk on Tuesday 19th July at 9:30pm.  To participate please call Margaret on 971 196 394 to get your sponsor form.

  • Postbag

‘Where’s Jeffrey’ Information Appeal

Dear Editor,

15 years ago in July 2001, my brother who had learning difficulties went missing in the resort of Cala Llonga, Ibiza within hours of arriving on holiday with my parents. His remains were found 18 months later.

The coroner recorded an open verdict. I still believe to this day that someone must know the truth what happened to Jeffrey (see photo above).

I am still searching for the truth as it wouldn’t have been possible for him to have reached the place where he was found. I still believe to this day that his body was either hidden there or he latched onto people, followed them and suffered an epileptic fit and maybe whoever he was with panicked and left him.

I’m sure someone knows what happened and has been carrying this with them ever since. Even if there was some kind of innocence as to the tragic circumstances resulting in my brother’s death, I am appealing to your readers to come forward with any information that may help the case to be reopened by the Spanish police.


David Hodgson

Too Old For Ibiza at 40?

Silver surfer website Retiresavvy has released results of a survey on what the British consider cringe worthy in people who refuse to grow old gracefully – and included the list of the 2,000 polled is visiting Ibiza, which has a limit of 40 before you should be hanging up your flip flops and donning the wellies for a daytrip to Margate.

Clare Mahood, from said: “In our community we often hear from people in their late 40s, 50s and even 60s who enjoy doing many of the things the nation thinks they shouldn’t , from DJing in Ibiza and going to festivals, though to taking part in extreme sports and making a name for themselves as a blogger, age is nothing but a number.”

Mmmm. Well if age is nothing but a number, we wonder what is the point in the exercise?

Ah well, we’re here now, so may as well give you the list, but rather than a list of shameful don’ts, we suggest using it far more as a list of things to carry on doing with your upmost enthusiasm.

Age at which you are too old to:

  • Drive like a boy racer – 33
  • Take loads of selfies – 34
  • Having a favourite boy band – 36
  • Using text talk – 36
  • Get a tattoo – 38
  • Have a belly button piercing – 38
  • Get drunk in public – 38
  • Listening to Radio One – 39
  • Wear a mini skirt – 39
  • Go on a lads / girls holiday – 40
  • Visit Ibiza – 40
  • Watching reality television – 41
  • Wearing a football shirt – 42
  • Wear leggings – 43
  • Buy the latest gadgets and gizmos – 43
  • Go to a nightclub – 44
  • Go to a festival – 45
  • Have long hair – 46
  • Wearing a bikini on holiday – 46
  • Go on Twitter – 47
  • Wear skinny jeans – 47
  • Have a Facebook profile – 49
  • Wear trainers – 49
  • Stay out past midnight – 52



Amanda Zips It Up

Hey Summer lovers.

This is my last day in the UK for a while. Tomorrow it’s the annual summer pilgrimage to Mallorca and Ibiza.

It’s good to leave behind the so-called British “summertime”, but equally a relief to say goodbye to a slightly happier national mood, after Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton did it for Britain.

I hear there’s a heat wave in Spain right now, which in Spanish summer parlance equates to 35° plus, instead of the usual 30°. So this week’s blog is dedicated to all things holiday related. We explore the Tankini, which is back, how to rock beach hair and give you my guide to which sunnies suit certain face shapes.

As well as doing my best to be Balearically fashionable, summer wouldn’t be summer without getting out and about on a boat or two, eating at beautiful restaurants and, of course, attending a shindig (or three).

One of the most popular Ibiza pilgrimages is the now yearly celebration of legendary club night Clockwork Orange, which is happening all over the weekend of 22/23/24 July. The main nighttime events will be held at Sankeys and the spectacular Es Vive hotel, as well as daytime beach parties on Nassau Beach and a surprise for everyone on the Sunday afternoon.

Iconic DJ’s like Graeme Park, Brandon & Alex, John Kelly, Lisa Loud and Nicky Holloway will be playing all the classics, which original Ibiza ravers should remember from the first time around – over 20 years ago. It’s one of the highlights of the summer – so keep it strictly orange next weekend. Except for the tan, of course.

So adios Zipsters, I’ll be coming to you live and direct poolside next week with everything happening in Mallorca and Ibiza (or a lot of it, anyway).

Summer Hairstyles

OK – so this may be a useless article if you have short hair, and equally it’s not aimed at male readers – unless you have a man bun.  But, with Summer holidays in season, I want your beach time to be long, leisurely and filled with good hair days.

Let me guide you down the path of memorable hair and excellent surf style tresses, with some hairstyles to play copycat with, fresh from Instagram.

A simple braided up-do is your best bet for a day at the beach. Not only will your hair survive all that the sun, sea and sand you can throw at it, but it will look all the better with the extra texture provided by beach. Hair-bonus, right there.

Keep your tresses tidy in a Dutch or French (or both, like this one) braid.

Simple Dutch-braided pigtails are a weather-proof beach style.

This easy multi-looped style can be touched up and created from scratch after every dip – no mirror required.

If you’re blessed with loose and lovely curls (or can create them with a little help from a curling iron), a little salt and sun will only add extra texture and volume to this laid-back down-do.

The half-bun or ‘hun’ is a sure-fire hit for a beach day. This is my absolute favourite and if you catch me on the beaches of Santa Ponça or Cala Salada this summer, I’ll be donning this right up until September.

Summer Sunnies

With less than 24 hours before I officially kick off my extended summer stint on the Balearic Islands, it’s the perfect time to talk sunglasses. And who better to look towards for inspiration than our favourite shade-wearing, papped celebrities.

As we all know, one’s face shape determines which style compliments one most, and these girls know their stuff.

Match your mug to one of these celebrity face shapes, then shop my picks for most flattering frames, courtesy of these sunglass-loving stars.

Offset your ROUND features with geometric shaped sunglasses. Rectangular frames will help elongate your face, while cat eyes sharpen your soft features. Let Selena Gomez in a pair of square aviators be your guide. Styles that work: Rectangular, sharp cat eyes. Oliver Peoples are the best for the rounder face.

Opposite of girls with round faces, you should offset your SQUARE features with curvier frames. Olivia Wilde is a great example of a woman who knows her face shape, wearing modern cat eyes with rounded edges that curve downward.

Styles that work: Aviators, butterfly, cats eye. Chloé  have some great shapes this season.

If you have a broad brow and narrow chin, similar to Kylie Jenner, then you have a HEART SHAPED face.  Try a style with bottom-heavy frames. Shapes that are parallel and extend past the width of your face complement your strong jawline. Aviators are also another great option as the silhouette contrasts your heart-shaped face. Styles that work: Exaggerated bottoms, rectangular, aviators

RayBan Aviator Sunglasses are timeless classics.

One piece of advice: do invest in your sunglasses. They’re not cheap and it’s better to buy an expensive pair and look after them, rather than a pair of cheap plastic ‘Ray Berrie’ fakes on a Mediterranean beach, off some dodgy bloke selling them alongside bags of equally fake drugs.


The Tankini

So, last week we celebrated the Bikini’s 70th birthday. Over the years, we’ve built a trusty bond with the two-piece, and possess mismatched bikini tops and bottoms galore at the bottom of our wardrobes. But now it’s time to bring back the sartorial focus, nailing another style of beach dressing – the Tankini.

Remember the Tankini? The safe option, if you’ve had one too many San Miguels and plates of paella.

First introduced by American designer Anne Cole in 1998, the tankini was originally created with athletic women in mind, who could practice sport in the two-piece.

The tankini soon became a summer perennial for all those seeking beach garms, after the two-piece made an appearances on the covers of Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar. Coveted by Kate Moss and supermodels alike, the tankini soon gained sartorial status and reached its fashionable peak in the late nineties/early noughties.

It is time to re-visit the trend and take the tankini for another spin this summer. And it’s been re-invented with an athleisure-esque feel and a midriff-baring  shorter crop.

With this season’s sales hitting the high street now and our eagerly anticipated holidays beckoning, what better time to invest?

We round up the very best suitcase-worthy tankinis by Seefolly at Selfridges. Prices from £40

Pay homage to the retro tankini this summer for that Ibiza Instagram moment.

Fetish IBIZA

Concluding last week’s feature with


Ibiza Town, Heart

Ask Club Submission what they are all about and they draw analogies with the Ibiza ethos of old. The Ibizan virtues of tolerance and acceptance that made it the island of choice for extroverts, subversives, artists and non-conformists for a long time before its most famous insurgents the hippies took refuge in under its live and let live sombrero.

“We choose to seek out like-minded, non-judgemental people, where financial status is irrelevant, and to fulfil hedonistic goals.

“Our events are open to adults of all ages, genders and sexual orientation, Bigotry is left at the door.

Heart feels a potentially great choice for the leftfield. A combination of the dark shadows on the ground floor and strut your public stuff glam of the first floor terrace should give an option for most types of turn on, and the stage sought by everyone from mail order bondage beginner to the full time freak n chic in the Leigh Bowery school where what most people term getting ready for a night out becomes the creation of an artistic exhibition.  As for financial status being irrelevant, we wouldn’t go quite that far, but at a price point a few euros per drink below the biggest clubs, it is certainly within reach of many.

As to their credibility Submission submit some bold claims and boast some big clients.

The founder, Ronald Lloyd Hugh Eliston, known to his familiars as DJ Rubber Ron, says that having expanded the already established Submission nights to Ibiza, his one off event here in 1995 was the inspiration for the legend that was the Manumission years that followed. Attendees of his nights include such a-listers as Alexander McQueen, Paul Oakenfold, Jean-Paul Gautier, and Vivienne Westwood.

Of one thing there is little doubt. Sexual and expressive liberation and acceptance is getting ever more mainstream. Whereas Unleashed and several before them have looked to one off events, Submission have committed to a season of themed nights at Heart. We were a little confused by the themes, ball types, sub themes and some type of playing card loyalty scheme(?) in the press we received, but we’ll forgive them that. It may have been hurriedly prepared, as we understand they were tied up all day. (used that twice now, but it is a good one)

The Guide




Jezza’s World of Sport

OMG!  Not Just 1 But 2 Brit Wimbledon Winners!

  • Jeremy Parmenter


Nowhere else to start this week but at Wimbledon and titles for two Brits. First, congrats to Andy Murray as he powered his way to his second Wimbledon Title and his 3rd Major as not only did he brush aside Berdych in straight sets to reach the Final, he then proceeded to do the same to Roger Federer’s conqueror in the other semi, big serving Canadian Milos Raonic and back up the pundit’s claims that we’re now, at last, seeing a much more ruthless Murray than in previous tournaments. Raonic, appearing in his first Wimbledon Final, who had served 23 aces with some reaching 147 m.p.h. (ridiculous really!) in his semi with the Fed, tried to repeat his serving success in the Final but hadn’t really accounted for the fact that Murray is one of the best, if not the best, return-of-servers on the circuit, and once Murray had got his opponent’s measure, he was just unbeatable and then brought his own serve to the fore, having 7 aces, only  one less than Raonic, eventually coming out on top 6-4, 7-6, 7-6. So, for Murray, a great win to cement his place as World No 2, but not so good news for GB as it looks as if he’s going to withdraw from this w/end’s Davis Cup Quarter Final with Serbia, surely a let down for the holders. Congrats too to Helen Watson who, although getting knocked out in the earlier rounds of the Women’s Singles, went the whole hog in the Mixed Doubles and won the Final, 2 sets to love with her partner, Finn Henri Kontinen, to achieve a lifetime ambition of a Major title and not only that but she became the first Brit lady to win a Major title since Jo Durie in 1987. As for the Women’s Singles, nobody was really going to stop the juggernaut that is Serena Williams from winning this year, apart from maybe her sister Venus, but the latter was knocked out in one semi, as Serena demolished her semi opponent 6-0, 6-2 in just 48 minutes and then went on to blitz the Final over Angelique Kerber in 2 sets to equal Steffi Graf’s record of 22 Major titles in the Open era and is now gunning for Aussie Margaret Court’s overall record of 24 Major titles. So, Wimbledon comes to an end for yet another year, and at least we don’t have to see those celebrity wannabe’s after their 15 minutes of fame any more as they fight each other to be seated in the so-called Royal Box which is really becoming a bit of a bore and a farce!


and still no call from Jules at Soul City so gonna do it “on me tod” as we head in to the second week of the Tour de France. And what a turnaround from the first few stages as holder Brit Chris Froome pulled back his deficit to now be leading with the yellow jersey (as I write) with a leeway of 16 seconds after stage 9 and what a great surprise, as Brit Adam Yates is in 2nd, followed by Ireland’s Dan Martin, a further 19 seconds behind him. So not one but two Brits leading but as Froome has predicted, a long way to go yet and he reckons it’s going to the wire with the overall race being won or lost in the final few stages but a good omen for the holder as one of his perennial competitors, Spain’s Contador, has had to pull out due to illness. Keep going though, guys, and keep flying the flag!

Rugby League

and with all the sport that I’ve had to contend with over recent week’s I do apologise to my Rugby league friends as I’ve not had the space recently to update the Super League. However, now I have and great to see Wigan at t’top, and now leading by 2 points after their 22-18 win over Wakefield while despite a loss to still-bottom Leeds, surprise package Hull stay in 2nd, a point above Warrington in 3rd who won 40-14 at home to Salford and a further point behind them, Catalans, in 4th after their 38-24 loss to Castleford.

So, to end, a pretty stunning week for our Brits with 2 Major titles at Wimbledon, a one and two so far at the TdF and to cap it all, a Brit win at the Brit Grand Prix. Can’t be bad and let’s hope that it’ll be another Brit winning Golf’s Open come Sunday at Royal Troon, the 3rd Major of the season starting on Thursday! So it’s not all doom and gloom for us Brits!

So, at last, mon femmes, it’s over and you can get your square-eyed hubby, boyfriend, partner, whatever, out again doing the shopping, lawn, odd jobs etc before the start of the footie season in just 5 weeks, so my advice, make the most of it while you can!

As for Euro 2016, two great Semis, with Portugal and France coming through to the Final. In the first, commiserations to a gallant Wales side, superbly led by Chris Coleman (wish he was English!) whose glorious route to the Final came off the tracks against a determined and superbly organised Portugal side, to go down fighting, 2-0. As they say, form is temporary but class is permanent and I always said that come the big games, the superstars get going, and I did warn you Welsh fans, watch out for Ronaldo. Sure enough, having soaked up the Red Dragon’s pressure, a superb, hanging header and a “lucky” assist from the Maestro from Real were all that was needed to put an end to Welsh dreams but, hey, take pride, my friends, you were superb and at least you’re now above England in the world rankings and will be taken seriously in your Group games for the World Cup 2018 in Russia, starting in September. Also, redemption of a sort as both Ramsey and Allen were named in UEFA’s team of the Euros, but, surprise, no place for Bale.

As for t’other semi, as I predicted, French flair overcame Teutonic power as the hosts won through  2-0 to take their place in the Final, thanks to Atletico Madrid’s Griezeman, who cemented his place as the Championships lead goalscorer with his 6th and thereby winner of the Golden Boot. Bit disappointed with the World Champions though, especially their so-called “best ‘keeper” in the world as Herr Neuer gifted France their second.

So to the Final last Sunday and not a feast of footie but almost a chess game although had France taken their chances, they would have been out of sight by half-time. As for Ronaldo and Portugal, talk about the agony and the ecstasy as it didn’t help that the one real superstar on show was forced off with a knee injury after just 25 minutes, but, all credit to Santos’ side, they held their own for the next 65 minutes and they too had their chances, even hitting the woodwork. Come extra-time and it looked to all intents and purposes that the match was heading to the dreaded penalties, but cometh the hour, cometh the man! Santos threw on striker Eder, late of Swansea Premier League fame (well, 4 appearances and no goals!) to buck his forward line up and hey, presto, the winner arrived with a belter of a low drive in to Lloris’ left hand corner. What a change, red and green arms, flags and anything else engulfed the scorer, Ronaldo was going apes**t on the sidelines as his tears of sorrow suddenly turned to those of joy, Santos was engulfed by his back-up team and pandemonium reigned. As for the French, they just knew the game was up and 16 minutes later so it was, with Portugal deserved winners. Although not a classic, you have to hand it to the Portuguese, as the BBC pundits said, they laid out their stall for everybody to see and said, “come on, Senhor opposition, try and beat us”, and do you know what, nobody in the tournament did! Three players though stood out for me, ‘keeper Rao Patricio with 3 outstanding world-class saves, Cristiano’s Real Madrid colleague, centre back Pepe, what a superb match he had and finally, Nani, ex Man Utd, who took on Cristiano’s mantle as captain and led them all the way to their first ever major Championship, after being the bridesmaid so often. Great for Ronaldo too, as let’s face it, if it wasn’t for his 2 classic goals in the Group match that ended 3-3 and his goal and assist against Wales, Portugal wouldn’t have even made it to the Final.

Commiserations, tho’ to France, as they tried in vain for their 3rd Euro title but they certainly did their bit and did end up as highest scorers after their 5-2 demolition of Iceland (remember that team from a country with less population than Manchester who beat England 2-1!) and the French organisers did their bit too, staging a successful Championship with superb security and no disasters, so well done to them.

Biggest disappointment? Apart from England, had to be  Belgium as with their individual talents they could have and should have made this competition their own, especially after they flattered to deceive with that superb 3-0 win the Quarters, but just goes to show, 11 individuals don’t necessarily make a team so, as I have titled them “my dark horses” for both Brazil 2014 and now France 2016, I shall refrain from backing them again and maybe, just maybe, they’ll win something!

Adieu, mon amis!

Formula One

Hamilton cruises to historic British Grand Prix hat-trick

  • Hamilton becomes first driver to win three in a row at Silverstone
  • Mercedes team-mate Rosberg finishes second but demoted to third

The action started behind a safety car, crushing the excitement that normally surrounds the start and the first corner into a damp anticlimax. But the true measure of this race came in its aftermath, as the old Northamptonshire aerodrome was transformed into a stormy sea of waving flags, as the three-day jamboree raised itself to a climax of celebration, as Hamilton crowd-surfed ecstatically, arms outstretched as he grinned at the scudding clouds above.

The funniest bit came on the podium when Hamilton praised the crowd, especially for the fairness of their spirit; cue Rosberg to come forth and be noisily booed.

Hamilton narrowed Rosberg’s lead in the championship to four points, but that became one point after the German was relegated from second to third place after being reported to the stewards for a breach of the radio rules.

He had a gearbox problem and received instructions from his team as he tried to correct it. He was handed a 10-second time penalty. So Max Verstappen was promoted to runner-up, his second podium finish in succession. His team-mate Daniel Ricciardo is beginning to lose his famous grin. It is not over yet because Mercedes are likely to appeal against the decision.

Hamilton’s one disconcerting moment came at the treacherous Abbey Corner, where nine drivers had difficulty remaining on the track in the course of the afternoon.

The decision to employ the safety car was probably correct, though more than a few dissenters made their voices heard.

The real disappointment is that not for the first time the car was kept out for so long – in this case not until five laps had splashed by.

The pre-race tyre strategies were torn up faster than a Pirelli ultrasoft. The race changed its rubber, from wets to inters to slicks as the track dried. Hamilton is so superior to Rosberg in the wet that, when the safety car did come in, the British driver established a lead of almost four seconds on the first lap. Basically, he controlled the race from that point.

The best bit of the day was when the ridiculously precocious Verstappen – he is just 18, remember – started to close on Rosberg, not slowly but rapidly, and on lap 16 he went past him on the outside in a thrilling manoeuvre at Chapel. Rosberg must have felt he was stuck in reverse.

After Verstappen came in for fresh rubber he took a second out of Hamilton’s lead in one lap. But the most exciting action came when Rosberg started to gain on Verstappen to regain second spot. The Red Bull driver held on gamely but Rosberg finally went by him at Stow. Up front, though, nothing changed.

Hamilton finished the race seven seconds ahead of Rosberg before the stewards met to have their drawn-out say.

Apart from Hamilton it was not much of a day for the British drivers. Button, who had started 17th, finished 12th and looked disconsolate about it. Jolyon Palmer, who had been 18th on the grid but was racing ahead of his team-mate Kevin Magnussen at one point, retired with 12 laps to go with a gearbox problem.