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The Ibizan 826 12 May 16
The Ibizan 826 12 May 16

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The Ibizan 826 ~ 12 May 16



30 Fair Fare

                          Ministry accepts proposal for flat rate of 30€ for flights between the Islands.

The Balearic government’s proposal to establish a low cost flat rate standard air fare for flights between the Balearic Islands has gained approval by the Spanish Government Ministry of Development.

The national approval now opens the door to negotiations with the European Union to implement the plan. Ana Pastor, acting minister of development, pointed towards similar schemes in other European territories – for example routes between Sardinia and Rome/Milan where the fixed flight fee was established and working successfully.

The minister also committed to seeking social tariffs to assist students in full time education up to 27yrs of age, senior citizens from 65yrs of age, children, and people with disabilities.


Electric Car Charging Points Activated

There are currently two recharging points in operation at the Multicines in Ibiza Town. There is another recharging station at IKEA/Maderas in  Ibiza Town however this is yet to become operational.  The supplier Fenie Energía say they are still waiting to sign papers with the town Hall in Ibiza.  Once signed, the IKEA point will be activated, and customers will be able to reserve their use  with a phone app.

Santa Eulalia are using a different vendor for their recharging stations.  The two recharging points are located near Passion Café and the town hall say they should be connected in the next week or so.

Libraries celebrate Europe Day with 3 days of storytelling

To mark the occasion and celebration of Europe Day on 9th May, the Centre Balears Europe, working in collaboration with the Coordinating Centre of Libraries, the Ibiza Consell, and the town halls of Ibiza and Santa Eulalia, has organized a storytelling to be held in different libraries on the island. These activities are intended to convey among young people, the value of multiculturalism and respect for what is different when it comes to achieving common goals.

The storytelling sessions will be run by Neus Montero, with the show “Stories of Europe”, which will explore various folk tales originating from different countries that make up Europe.

The schedule of performances is as follows:

12 May 2016 at 12:00 – Biblioteca Pública Insular D’Eivissa, the Cas Serres multipurpose building, c. Ernest Eherenfeld, s / n

(This session is aimed at students in 5é and 6é from CEIP Poeta Villangómez and CEIP Cas Serres)

14 May 2016 at 12:00 – Biblioteca Municipal D’Eivissa, Can Ventosa, av. d’Ignasi Wallis, no. 26 (Can Ventosa)

17 May 2016 at 19:00 – Biblioteca Municipal de Santa Eulalia, c. de Joan Tur Tur, no. 9.


Claire B

Ibiza-based DJ Just Be (aka Bushwacka, real name Matthew Benjamin) is embarking on a 250 km charity mission for the homeless from May 19-22. He intends to travel around Ibiza, with a team of volunteers, in just 4 days by hiking, cycling and kayaking. Matthew says, “I have a major problem with the homeless situation. I am a Londoner but now based in Ibiza. It especially upsets me in these places because there is so much money around, and so many properties and spaces that are vacant and can be used to provide shelter and warmth. And there is so much food waste that no one anywhere should be going hungry too. I have spent time talking to many people on the streets and a lot of them get ignored, walked past, written off as drug addicts, or gypsies, but there are plenty that have fallen on hard times, coming from all walks of life, lost their families, jobs, security. I have never done anything like this before. I am not a huge fitness fanatic, and have just had surgery for a hernia, so this really will be a challenge. But I have a huge heart and it kills me to see people in such a bad predicament. I will be so grateful if you could sponsor me to make this journey, and to enable us to just be kind to those less fortunate.” His goal is to raise 25,000 euros. The money raised will pay for the logistics of the journey with the balance being split between Crisis in London and Caritas in Ibiza. More info and donate here:

Formenterans Vote for Barrier Removal and Playground Improvements

The Consell Formentera d’Entitats held a meeting last night which decided where the 250,000 euros available for participatory budgeting within the public accounts this year are allocated. It was decided that 100,000€ would be used for the elimination of architectural barriers, and that 150,000€ would be used for the improvement of schoolyards and playgrounds. Of all projects submitted these were the two projects which scored the most – 388 and 327 points respectively. The third project, which unfortunately missed out scoring only 289 points, was the creation of a healthy circuit for the elderly at a cost of 30,000€.

Of the 63 citizens’ associations that form the Consell d’Entitats, 33 voted, ie, more than 50 percent, to which the votes of the four representatives of political parties were be added.

Cremations Increase By 15% Since February

Ibiza is still below the average of cities such as Madrid and Barcelona regarding cremations,

The company Funeral Ibiza have reported that three months after opening, the first crematorium on the island located in Santa Eulalia, is receiving a very good reception within the community as cremations have risen by 15%.

In a press release, the company went on to explain that the improvement may not be due to the cost involved of cremations as many of the deceased have insurance to cover this, but moreover the relief of not having move the deceased.  “Having to move the deceased to Palma involved a great emotional toll on families, that what they want most is to have a farewell and mourning as normally as possible and tranquillity”.

Ibiza is still below the average of cities such as Madrid and Barcelona regarding cremations, a situation that the funeral company considered normal, because all changes “require a process of adaptation, but the rate of growth of services is being raised.”

Funeral Ibiza claim that the opening of the municipal crematorium in Santa Eulalia has improved “the satisfaction of the families” that must go through this hard time.

In The UK Press – British Tourist Breaks Back

  • As reported in the Daily Mirror
    • British tourist ‘breaks back after plunging from third floor of hotel apartment block’ in Ibiza

Police confirmed they are investigating after a 31-year-old man reportedly fell through a gap in a stairwell in the early hours of this morning

A British tourist has broken his back after plunging from the third floor of a block of apartments at a hotel in Ibiza .

Police confirmed they are investigating after a 31-year-old man reportedly fell through a gap in a stairwell in the early hours of this morning. The Civil Guard and emergency medics were called to the scene in the holiday resort of Platja d’en Bossa at 3.35am.

The injured man was taken by ambulance to the Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza where he is said to be in a serious condition. Sources said he had suffered a fracture to his lower back but was not in intensive care.

The accident happened at the Jet apartments in Platja d’en Bossa just as the new party season gets underway in Ibiza. The apartments are a short walk from the Space nightclub, one of the biggest on the island, and Bora Bora beach where holidaymakers party to dance music during the day.

A Civil Guard spokesman said of this morning’s incident: “We are not treating this as a crime. It appears the British holidaymaker fell down several flights of stairs after losing his balance as he sat on the second floor.”

A receptionist at the apartment block declined to comment.


Deputy British Ambassador Visits Ibiza

This week, the mayor of San Jose, Josep Marí Ribas, received a visit from Daniel Pruce, Council Minister of the British Embassy in Madrid, accompanied by Briege Mc Allister of the British consulate in Ibiza.

Pruce and Mc Allister, aware of the importance of San Jose as a favourite destination of British tourists, wanted to visit the mayor and municipal interest in activities carried out especially in the areas of Port des Torrent and Playa d’en Bossa. The project of the next SATE (Servei d’atenció al turista estranger) that the Council plans to open soon in collaboration with the Civil Guard, is one of the topics that has captivated the representatives of the British Embassy.

Finally, it was agreed to keep from now on a fluent relationship in terms of communication, through the exchange of relevant information or of interest to both parties, such as the informative tourist campaigns aimed at providing information about the destination, and to facilitate the stay British visitors.

We understand that the Ambassador and visited various municipalities however San Jose is the only press release we have received.

Two Arrested For Defrauding 15,000€ Through Rental Houses In Ibiza

On May 3rd, the Ibiza National Police arrested two Spanish citizens, a man and a woman, as authors of several crimes of fraud committed over the Internet totalling more than 15,000€.

The investigation began after receiving a number of complaints of a scam when renting homes on the island of Ibiza. Complainants say they found the properties through an Internet portal.

The detainees were taking advantage of the existing high demand and need for rental housing during the tourist season, according to the police in a press release.

Once contact between the parties had been made, the deception began with the couple leading their victims to believe that they had signed a legal contract and had rented a house, therefore proceeding to make payments of various amounts. Despite paperwork and payments, the victims were never given access to property, as the fraudsters always gave excuses avoiding it.

The case conducted by the National Police Group UDEV remains open, since it is possible that new victims will come forward.

APB Propose Port Shopping Complex

With around 1565 million passengers embarking and disembarking on the north dock from the port and Formentera, the Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) plans to take advantage of this flow and transform the area into a shopping complex.

A dozen places have been marked out from the fishing pier to the future maritime station and the project will cover 1,758 square metres. The APB have reported that they have received a total of 15 proposals to take on the custom design, for a price of 178,518€ with IVA included and the build completed within five months.

Requirements are in place for a large canopy that would run parallel to the sea from the start of the spring along to the station, giving continuity to the whole area. Under this long slatted ‘visor’ there will be construction of a dozen shops of various sizes, ranging from the smallest at 49 square metres to the largest at 159 square metres. New “control zones for entry and exit of passengers” to enforce European security, parking for up to 120 cars and 6 buses (at least) and “shopping areas, maritime station with lockers and offices, playgrounds, gardens and sitting areas ” are all specifications of the new complex.

As for the station, and as is also indicated in the case of terminal coastwise trade in Botafoc, “it is of interest to the APB that the new building could be used sporadically for alternative uses such as conducting cultural and entertainment events. ” In addition, it is proposed to give fluidness to the passage of people by separating the areas of entry and exit of passengers, with wide pavements to avoid interfering traffic.

Poor Show Diario

The Diario de Ibiza published a controversial front page lead story on Sunday last, which caused considerable negative reaction in the British community. The headline states that 85% of British workers in San Antonio consume illegal drugs.

The statement is based upon a report undertaken by a phd student in the John Moore University of Liverpool based upon data gathered in 2009 and released in 2014. Whilst we cannot deny that the report does indeed make this  assertion, it seems very odd, and in terms of the message it conveys  extremely divisive, to consider  that a 2014 report based on a very small sample of 171 people should suddenly be worthy of the Diario’s front page lead story.

“70% of Spanish adolescents can buy cannabis within 24 hours”

We could claim equal editorial validity in printing this headline, one of the findings of a far more worthy scientific study by the US national institute on drug abuse, and reported in El Pais Tuesday 10th May. It is factually correct, but to print it in isolation would be a huge distortion of the overall report for purely sensationalist purposes.

It is worthy of note that many Spanish voices have echoed those in the British community criticising the Diario for


Food & Drink

Nimmo’s Wild Rover

  • Richard Lawson

Saint Patrick’s Day has been something of a non-event in Santa Eulalia for as long as anyone can remember. Sort of on a par with the Queen’s birthday or Saint George’s Day…

But that all changed this year with the opening of Nimmo’s Wild Rover in the town’s port on March 17th.

March can be bleak for those looking for fun on a night out, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a brand new venue for the first time and realise that almost everyone you know has already arrived and settled in – it was standing room only! Clearly word of the new bar’s opening had travelled far and wide and struck a chord with a community deprived of fun for those long winter months – and we lapped it up.

The family Nimmo had invited a friend over from Dublin, a one-man band called Karl, and he held the audience in the palm of his hand with his traditional Irish rock and ballads. That is, the audience who could fit inside this reasonably large bar. On the night there were simply too many people to fit inside. Instead they overflowed out onto the large terrace alongside the port’s car park.

It didn’t matter though, it was a balmy Spring evening and four barrels of real Guinness shipped in from Ireland and properly served had created a unique atmosphere that we couldn’t recall experiencing since our last visit to the Emerald Isle.

Nimmo’s Wild Rover is now open all week from midday and has a sparkling new kitchen serving Irish stew made to the family matriarch’s (Mammi’s) own recipe. Their fresh fish and chips have already achieved local notoriety, in part because of the ‘proper’ hand cut chips. These are seen as proof of the fact that you’ll find no frozen food used in the creation of the house’s dishes. Cottage Pie and fresh Chicken Goujons are also on offer and on Sundays they serve ham, cabbage and potatoes. All are delicious, especially chased down with one of the houses home-made desserts.

All of the produce for the kitchen is sourced locally in and around Santa Eulalia. This is because the ladies of this traditional Irish family like to inspect everything that comes into their kitchen, and woe betide the supplier who doesn’t match their expectations. Quite reassuring really to those of us on this side of the bar?

And where did they garner all of this information? They’ve asked us to credit Stuart and Natalie from the Queen Victoria, Shana and Phil at Bar Doña Ana and Sophie and Rod at Kalissol for welcoming them into the community of English language bar owners and warning them of all the potential pitfalls awaiting newbies to the town…

And so to the introductions – Team Nimmo consists of Steve and Delores, their children Chris and Shannon and Jay, Delores brother, and Alex their adopted family member – it’s a true family business. This is a fact celebrated by the family crest on the wall behind the bar, which combines the mottos of the two families that form the Santa Eulalia Nimmos. Delores’ family motto is “Family is everything” while that of Steve’s family is “Together we are everything” and together they certainly know how to run a proper Irish bar…

Speaking of ‘bar’, the most important feature of any bar should be what comes out of the taps and in this case the main event has to be the Guinness. At the risk of repeating myself and boring you with reminiscences of the Emerald Isle, you’ll have to try it to believe our word and this is one tip that you’ll definitely thank us for…

As if that wasn’t enough good news, they’re open all year round so you don’t need to wait till March for your next proper Irish knees up!



Retro; Paul Taylor Interview


Paul Taylor and his Retro experience have a pedigree preceding Pioneer.

Starting a DJ career in ‘74 spinning heavyweight 78rpm discs on a pair of HMV wind up gramophones (probably), Paul Taylor returns to Ibiza for 2016 bang up to date with everything from years gone by. We’re getting confused – time to call upon the DJ time lord.  Next stop Retro.

NG: take us back to ‘74 Paul, how did it all begin?

PT: my early days were all about soul and funk. First it was northern soul, then the next big scene I took to was jazz funk which was really big in ‘75/76 and that moved into disco a year or two later. Of course we had no mixers and so I would segway from one track to the next which basically meant knowing the tracks well enough to use the end of a verse or part of a track with no beat to segway into another tune. And of course the microphone was an important tool. Cheesy, but important.

NG: did you enjoy a dance yourself back in the day, did you take to the floor for a bit of northern soul?

PT: no, northern soul escaped me but I could watch them dance all night, incredible. I could dance to jazz funk though. The early days of northern soul and jazz funk also instil the love I have today of vocal styles which is what Retro has always been about.

NG: something about nothing Paul, but do you remember a mid-70s jazz funk track called East River by the Becker Brothers?

PT: yes sure, a great tune.

NG: (shaking Paul firmly by the hand) thank you, thank you so much, in all these years it has stayed towards the front of my singles box and I have never yet met a DJ or anybody come to that, who has heard of the tune let alone liked it.

PT: ha-ha brilliant well that is what retro is all about.

NG: that said, I guess many of us think of the heyday of vocal house as the very late nineties and very early noughties. Is that retro?

PT: of course it was a real heyday for some great tunes and so a lot of what we play comes from that era, but retro is about far more than that. If it is a good tune with a strong vocal it can come from any time. You might find us picking up on a track from just a few years ago, often one that didn’t get the airplay or attention that it perhaps deserved, and we will bring it back as a retro classic regardless of the time it was released. So we keep evolving. The name maybe Retro but we keep our nights fresh. That is our secret to success.

NG: if retro started in ‘89 what was there to look back at?

PT: Good question. For many people ‘89 was the beginning of house music but of course it was already established for several years in the Chicago scene and also a couple of years for the very early UK acid house.

NG: speaking of Chicago, your date of birth rang bells to me. Were you born the same year as Frankie Knuckles?

PT: ‘57? Yes I do believe I was. I have a very strong feeling and connection with the early scene in America. I had my very first party with my wife in the Limelight in New York (a delicious cheeky smile came over Pauls face as he described this, indicative of some very good memories). That must have been ‘86 and so for me the journey with house music started in America, that’s where I fell in love with it. It was an exciting time, and an important time. Disco was really over and journalists were saying dance music was on its last legs, it wasn’t going anywhere. I remember writing to Record Mirror telling them I disagreed with their ‘death of dance music’ opinion and pointed to North American house.

NG: did they print it?

PT: yes they did, I think I still have it in my loft somewhere. I can’t remember the name of the guy at Record Mirror but at the time he was the UKs main voice on the scene, I told him that from the days of the waltz, dance music has gone around in circles.

NG: the waltz certainly did.

PT: ha-ha, yes it’s all about the four four. House music is a very simple thing, don’t quote me on this (I subsequently gained Pauls agreement to quote this as I don’t see anything wrong in it – we all know what he means) it is white man music, easy for anybody to keep in time to, unlike jazz and funk where you might need a greater sense of rhythm. One of the reasons Retro has been so successful is because a large proportion of our market are girls. Sometimes we have 70% female and 30% male and that makes it popular with the promoters.

NG: so did your involvement with the Chicago house scene mean you skipped by the emergence of UK acid around the late 80s and summer of love?

PT: to some extent sure, and while the acid scene and emergence of Balearic house over here was happening, I was pushing the Chicago house style on my own club nights in the north of England. I remember in the very early editions of Mix Mag which were in black and white, Pete Tong and I both had our own columns on what our biggest tracks were at the time and there was definitely something of a north-south divide. There has always been that divide and I have always said the north of England is much more passionate about music than anyone else in the UK.

NG: this interview is over. Thanks for your time and wish you a successful summer.

PT: ha-ha. How to win friends and influence people right?

NG: absolutely, actually I do understand something of what you mean; I’m not going to concede it as a permanent state but definitely in the late 80’s and early 90’s the north of England was a very special scene. We talked about it a lot with Graham Massey of 808 State quite recently and the music tree of Manchester at the time was just awesome.


PT: that’s right. I started my first label in Manchester and made my first successful record in Manchester with Kylie Minogue.

NG: brilliant, I knew we’d get to Kylie. Let’s talk Kylie. Beautiful, beautiful Kylie. I have been hoping you are not going to tell me that you laid down the music and she did the vocal somewhere else.

PT: no, we worked with her. I was DJing at Angels in Burnley who were big in the underground house scene and Pete Waterman came to see me on a Saturday night. He was working with Kylie at the time and she was number one in the UK charts with Jason Donovan. I then got a call from him on a Wednesday telling me he wanted me to get to a studio in London the same night. I explained I had no production or musical background but he said all he wanted was me and my record box. So I got on a train from Manchester, arrived at the studio in the night and stood in front of me was Kylie saying “hello Paul, pleased to meet you”.

They wanted one track on her new album as a dance number I used to play a tune called ‘keep on pumpin it up’. He said Kylie likes it and I want you to produce it. Pete put his best engineer on to show me the technical side of production and we put the track together under the name Visionmasters, which was the name of the night in Burnley where I was playing this track with Kylie now singing the acapella that I used to put on top of it.

The song became a big club dance hit when released in November’ 91 and peaked at 49 in the UK singles chart.

NG: that’s all well and good Paul, very interesting, but you managed to tell me the whole story without mentioning how hot Kylie was.

PT: Kylie was not hot at the time, she was in Neighbours. Don’t quote me on that (I explained to Paul he needed to say don’t quote me before he said something and that I would indeed be quoting him on such an idiotic statement.)

NG: I beg to differ Paul. (I turned to some prepared images I had searched of Kylie in advance of our interview including a cover of ID magazine in 1991 on which I am sure any mortal person, certainly any heterosexual male would agree, Kylie is indeed somewhat hot).

PT: I’m glad you have done your homework on that. Ok, she was hot. Wow, if she looked like that I am sure I would have remembered. Wow, Kylie was stunning.

NG: Paul, you do realise that you have already said Kylie was not hot.

PT: yeah, um I don’t know, yeah (I decided to let Paul’s obvious humiliation rest. Clearly he had suffered enough)

NG: what was she like to work with?

PT: superb. In the studio she was such a likeable and approachable person and took the music incredibly seriously.

NG: much as I’d like to dwell on Kylie for the entire interview, we best get onto matters pertaining. Your Ibiza history started in San An to great acclaim?

PT: yeah our first year we were voted best new night by Mix Mag, I’m very proud of that. We were known as the Manumission after party because we were on Tuesdays and they were on Monday. I think it is one of the reasons we got off to a great start because people were going straight through. We were getting between 2-3000 at Retro in Eden each week. It was phenomenal. But our return to Ibiza this year will be at Es Paradis.

NG: why now?

PT: well apart from anything else because Rick here told me to (Paul is accompanied today by his retro wingman Rick Bargiel). Rick has been a resident on the Island for well over 20 years and he contacted me late last year to tell me that a lot of people throughout the summer had been asking why Retro wasn’t around any more. I felt that the time was right to make a comeback. I personally feel in my gut that we should return too.

NG: Why Es Paradis?

PT: Having made a mark on Ibiza Town with Pacha and our amazing first year in San Antonio, both Rick and I felt that Es Paradis is the perfect venue. We are about a true human atmosphere vibe and this venue is steeped in a wonderful history. I honestly think that we make the perfect night together – it’s that simple.

Our thanks to Paul and Rick.

The Retro opening party is Monday 13 June and the night will run on Mondays throughout the summer season.

Paul is also playing the Es Paradis opening party on Saturday 21st May.

Big tunes you’ll hear at Retro ….

PT: I could give you 100 off the top of my head but here’s a good sample:

  • Parra Dice – “Can You Hear Me”
  • Shades of Rhythm – “The Sound of Eden”
  • Todd Terry – “It’s Over Love”
  • SIL – “Blue Oyster”
  • FPI Project – “Rich in Paradise”
  • ASHA – “JJ Tribute”
  • Jimi Polo – “Better Days”
  • My Friend Sam feat Viola Wills – “It’s My Pleasure”
  • Young MC – “Know How”
  • Talisman – “Only You”
  • Eve Gallagher – “You Can Have it All”
  • Loveland – Let the Music Lift You Up”
  • Denise Lopez – “Don’t You Wanna be Mine”
  • Double 99 “RIP Groove”
  • Joe Smooth – “Promised Land”
  • Frankie Knuckles – “Your Love”
  • Delirium – “Silence”
  • CRW – “Feel Love
  • Signum – “What you Got For Me”


At Night

More acts at Ibiza Rocks

µ San Antonio

Claire B

Ibiza Rocks has announced some more acts to their summer line-up. Wolf Alice, Skrillex, All Saints, Dizzee Rascal, Lethal Bizzle, Fuse ODG & Ratboy join Slaves, Kaiser Chiefs, LCD Soundsystem, Faithless, Major Lazer Soundsystem, Jack Garratt, Jess Glynne, Tinie Tempah and Honne on summer’s hottest live music line-up. On Wednesdays from June 15 to September 14 – 14 weeks of live music in Ibiza under the stars. The line-up so far:

15/06  Opening party with Slaves

22/06  Lethal Bizzle / Fuse ODG

29/06  Jack Garratt / Honne

06/07  Birthday (Part 1) LCD Soundsystem

13/07  Birthday (Part 2) Major Lazer Soundsystem

20/07  Jess Glynne

27/07  Tinie Tempah

03/08  Kaiser Chiefs

10/08  Dizzee Rascal / Ratboy

17/08  All Saints

24/08  Skrillex

31/08  Faithless

14/09  Closing party with Wolf Alice

More info and tickets:

Good Vibrations; Dorado

µ Playa d’en Bossa

Claire B

Bossa’s newest hotel Dorado Suites opened its doors last week, on the beachfront next door to sister hotel Santos. Continuing the musical line and rock & roll spirit of Santos, the musical theme runs throughout the hotel, from the cymbals decorating the façade to the names of the rooms. The 14 suites are all named after a classic song, such as Heart of Glass (Blondie), Lust for Life (Iggy Pop), Here Comes The Sun (Beatles), Good Vibrations (Beach Boys), I Love Rock & Roll (Joan Jett), Heroes (David Bowie) and Love Me Tender (Elvis). The song and artist are the focal point for the décor of each suite. A large mirror behind the bed bears the image of the artist and lyrics from the song are emblazoned in gold lettering on the walls in the lounge. The best thing is that each room has a record player and a 7 inch record of the room’s song and when you enter the room and insert the key card into the slot to activate the electricity supply, the record player starts up and plays the record. The minibar fridges look like Marshall amps and the showerheads in the bathroom look like microphones – perfect for channelling that inner rock star! Add to that a balcony and a stunning sea view (which most suites have) and you won’t really want to leave your room. But if you do, there’s a bar by the pool the beachfront terrace, a bar on the roof and another one inside in the Backstage area, where the DJ booth is. As well as DJs, Dorado will have regular live acoustic shows from international and national bands on Thursday nights starting on June 9. All in all it’s a beautiful and fun place and a welcome addition to Playa d’en Bossa.

Children of the 80’s line-up

µ Playa d’en Bossa

Claire B

Children of the 80’s is back this summer at The Hard Rock Hotel on Sundays from May 22 until October 9. This was one of the island’s unexpected successful nights last year and it pulled in huge crowds. So far the following acts have been announced to play, with more acts and dates to follow:

May 22: Rednex

May 29: Barbara Tucker, Keith Thompson

June 5: Rozalla

June 12: London Beat

June 19: Limahl

June 26: Alice DJ

July 3: Byron Stingily (Ten City), Barbara Tucker

July 10: Capella

July 24: 2 Unlimited

July 31: Jenny Berggren (from Ace of Base)

August 7: La Bouche

August 14: Haddaway

August 21: Dr Alban

August 28: Bonnie Pointer

September 4: C+C Music Factory

September 11: Corona

October 2: Barbara Tucker

Each week in between the live acts, The Dream Team and Ibiza’s La Movida DJs Petit and Vazquez will be playing the best tunes and videos from the 80’s until midnight.


µ Playa d’en Bossa

Claire B

On Thursday May 26, IMS (The International Music Summit) welcomes back its annual showcase and tribute to live electronic acts, Back2Live. The one night event takes place at The Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and will feature Stimming, Our Future Glory, Seabed, Delamere, Szjerdene and DJ Frank Storm.

Stimming claims the top of the bill after the release of high-concept album ‘Alpe Lusia’. Recorded in isolation in an Alpine hut away from the world, then performed with the same level of immersion through a 4D sound system, this electronic explorer is known for his live intimacy. Experimentation in sound are also the forte of Sea Bed and Szjerdene – the former are in no way a house band, neither a strictly House act, and have crafted a string of hook-laden tunes with recent Annie Mac support. Bolstering the night with traditional setups but offering the same electronic exploration, come two UK bands – Delamere and Our Future Glory – who bring dance fusions as raucous as a Rock concert, resplendent in anthemic highs and synthesized swells. These high-energy, electronic ensembles promise to deliver a powerful show, with a stage presence that is proof to the ‘Back2Live’ statement.

IMS partner Danny Whittle says: “IMS are very excited for this years Back2Live line up, with a real mix of electronica and indie guitar sounds. We really think it’s important to show the links and growth of more live elements within electronic music, and to also give a stage to upcoming new bands to showcase their talents to a very musically aware audience and music industry professionals.”

Entrance is free for everybody. From 8pm until midnight.

More info about IMS at:


Ims Legends Pepe Roselló

µ Playa d’en Bossa

Claire B

IMS Ibiza has named Space owner Pepe Roselló as this year’s IMS Legend and there’ll be a dinner in his honour on Wednesday May 25 on the Space Terrace from 9pm until midnight. Their coveted ‘Legends’ award is given to a pioneer in the electronic world each year. Widely regarded as one of the most recognised and respected businessmen of the Balearic Islands, Pepe Roselló was born in Ibiza in 1937 and has spent a lifetime dedicating himself to the world of musical entertainment and is a true embodiment of what the award honours. Pepe established his club-owning career with the San Antonio club Playboy in 1963, before taking over the reigns at Space in 1989. Having been behind the club’s trajectory for almost three decades, Pepe’s initial bookings of techno and trance legends Sven Väth and Marc Spoon have been intrinsic to the club’s success. From there on in, parties were only getting bigger and better, with Sasha, Richie Hawtin, Steve Lawler, Dave Seaman, John Digweed and Carl Cox to name a few all hosting parties. Its cornerstone residency ‘Sundays at Space’ proved to be one of the world’s most celebrated and loved club nights, and showcased the world’s most exciting electronic music talent through marathon daytime to night parties each week. Built upon an ethic of love and togetherness, Sundays at Space undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping the patterns of behaviour of the entire island and only re-affirms Space’s position as a taste-making institution. For the past two decades, the club’s opening and closing parties have signaled the beginning and the end of the Ibiza season. During his 27-year reign at Space, Pepe has always brought innovative ideas to the table and has always strived for Space to be the number one destination for dance music lovers. The emergence of the club has helped place Ibiza as the ultimate clubbing destination, with the finest DJ’ing talent consistently gracing the decks – and have all equally expressed their love for the club. Undoubtedly, Pepe Roselló is one of the key parts of the engine that drives the island. It’s a fitting tribute to Pepe in the year that will see Space close its doors. Tickets cost 150€ including buffet, beer, wine and soft drinks.

Tinie Tempah at Ushuaïa

µ Playa d’en Bossa

Claire B

Tinie Tempah returns to Ibiza this summer for 6 nights at Ushuaïa. As well as playing at Ibiza Rocks on July 27, he’s bringing his inimitable blend of pop-infused rap to the island to Ushuaïa too. In 2016, he’ll be putting in six performances at the open-air venue in Playa d’en Bossa, sandwiching the summer nicely with three Fridays in June and three in September, and all under the name of Disturbing Ibiza, which should give you an idea of the rowdy raucousness you can expect from the London-born artist. Catch him on stage on June 10, June 17, June 24, September 2, September 9 and September 16.


Community & Agenda


Thursday 12th May to Wednesday 18th May 2016

ARIES – Eight of Disks

There won’t seem that there are enough hours in the day this week as you battle with your work schedule.  Yes, it’s great that everything is going so well financially; however it’s not leaving you much time for a personal life or for those you care the most.  It will be a balancing act, but remember to count your blessings!

TAURUS – Strength

You’re able to show others just how strong and resilient you are, especially if the going gets tough this week.  Whatever presents itself as a challenge is easily dealt with and you are an inspiration to friends, family or colleagues when it comes to dealing with obstacles.  Stand your ground, but do so with dignity.  Resist the urge for revenge.

GEMINI – Two of Swords

You’re in a quandary and can’t make up your mind about something or someone.  Take a step back to get some much needed clarity before making any final decisions.  You’ll find a way around an obstacle if you stop struggling with it and lose the fixation over it. An intellectually stimulating acquaintance will become a firm friend or romantic interest.

CANCER – Eight of Swords

You feel besieged this week, as if there is no way out of a certain situation.  Don’t put all your stress eggs into one basket!  Not everything is bleak and if you stopped struggling with problems you would find solutions.  Nor can you do it alone; seek trusted advice from professionals or friends who have your best interests at heart.

LEO – The Devil

You’re examining your reasons for getting involved with certain people or situations that no longer excite you.  Looking back it all looked so rosy and you felt it was just what you needed.  However, somewhere on this journey you had to sacrifice a part of your soul and now you’re feeling uncomfortable about the price you have to pay. Stop.

VIRGO – The Hierophant

If you’ve been experiencing a little chaos in certain areas, then it will be up to you to set boundaries or impose some much needed discipline or routine.  Have faith that the structures on which you base your life are sound and reliable.  You’re experiencing a profound shift in the way you live your life; so enjoy and embrace it!

LIBRA – Nine of Cups

If you’ve been looking for a break in the clouds, this is it!  This card is called the wish card in the TAROT deck.  Affirm what you want out of life.  Worries will soon fade as new, exciting opportunities start to materialise.  You attract what you need so remain positive about personal and financial goals.   You’re feeling happy and content.

SCORPIO – The High Priestess

Trust your intuition this week as you’ll be guided to meet people who will make a huge impact on your life in the months or even years ahead. You’re becoming more resourceful and more independent of what others say or think; you can now stand alone but without feeling lonely.  Others are drawn to you like moths to a flame.

SAGITTARIUS – Ten of Pentacles

Now’s a great time to spruce up your environment (work or home), as funds are more readily available this week. Others are willing to pay good money for your services so don’t sell yourself short.  Time to get yourself organised financially so you can relax more.  This card promises gains not only now, but in the months ahead.

CAPRICORN – Page of Pentacles

Time to take stock and to weigh up your options.  Some Capricorn’s will be spoilt for choice this week but may be overwhelmed with indecision; what path should you take?  There’s a creative element to this card and someone will recognise and want your talents.   However, there may be an angle therefore make sure you’re clear about what you expect financially.

AQUARIUS – The Hermit

You’re not deliberately cutting yourself off from others, but you’ll appreciate your own company this week.  A healing door is opening for you to be a light of inspiration for others.   You’re able to heal old wounds and areas of conflict as you acknowledge that your outer world has only reflected what’s within.  A new cycle is about to begin.

PISCES – Nine of Pentacles

Although others might think you’re sitting pretty and have certain deals in the bag, you still feel as if something’s missing.  Pisces are good with money and need someone special to share their wealth with and to plan for the future together.  Expect a sum of money or valuable gift to come your way that you’d not bargained for; happy days!

It’s Good To Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

Please can you help I have finally decided to  move in with my partner after 3 years together. He has 2 children that are 10 & 13 who live with their mother. He has them odd nights during the week and every other weekend. We decided that it was best if we got a new house that was ours from the start so we have been looking at rentals for a few months, it seems now that we might have to wait until after the season as prices are rocketing, however that is not the real issue. I have 2 children as well, a boy and girl, and I assumed we would look for a 3 or 4 bed house as I am happy for my 2 to sleep together every other weekend and any other odd nights or am even thinking that they all might get on as they are similar ages and might even want to share. Anyway my partner has said that each of his 2 need their own room so it feels like their home too and not just my kids home. I’m not sure if I am being unreasonable but it just seems like an incredible expense but he is adamant and I don’t quite know how to handle it.

Please let me know your thoughts

Muchas Gracias, RH

Dear RH

Thank you for your e mail. It sounds as if you feel this is the right move for you and after 3 years you know your partner well enough to be clear that this will be a positive for you and your children. I wonder why the issue of sleeping arrangements has not come up until now? Often we make assumptions about what the other is thinking when in actual fact we need to ask the question to get the correct answer. I can understand that your partner wants his children to feel comfortable and as if your new place is their home as well. That feeling doesn’t come from the physical space so much as the atmosphere that you both create within the home. You haven’t mentioned the circumstances around how your partners relationship with the children’s mother ended, it maybe that he feels some guilt around not living with them anymore and is trying to make up for it in this way.

I suppose what really matters is how you all manage the time and space that you have together. If making an issue of the additional rooms is going to create a gulf between you both that will spill over into every day life thus impacting the children then you may decide that it’s really not worth it and the money doesn’t matter so much.

For me, I would ask myself the pros and cons for you all as a new extended family and for you as an individual in relationship with your partner. Sometimes the obvious practical answers don’t always marry so well with the emotional ones but that doesn’t mean you should over stretch yourselves so you are unable to enjoy the things you usually do.

I wish you luck with your dilemma and hope that you keep in touch.

Warm regards,



View From The Pew

Ascension Day

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

On Thursday 5th of this month, followers of Jesus remembered the Ascension of Jesus into heaven.  This coming Sunday (15th May) is Pentecost and we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Just before his ascension into heaven Jesus said to his disciples: “stay here in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high”.  (Luke 24:49).  The city in question is Jerusalem.  So it is that followers of Jesus today between Ascension Day and Pentecost wait again to be clothed with the mysterious spiritual power from heaven.  If we are very ill, the power is for healing.  If we have lost our way in life, the power is for vision and guidance.  If your relationship with your partner is going through a difficult time, the power is for reconciliation and renewed love.  This power does not come to us automatically.  It comes from waiting on God in prayer.  St. Paul prays that God will give believers an experience of the “immeasurable greatness of His power for us who believe”.  And he says that, “God put this power to work in Christ when he raised him from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly places”. (Ephesians 1:15-23).  Paul’s letter was written in Greek to Christian communities in Asia Minor – now Turkey. The most likely date of compassion is AD 60-AD 62.  This letter is in the Bible.

In the Greek original, the word translated as “power” is dunamis from which we get “dynamite”!  Heavenly dynamite!  This is spiritual dynamite to help us in our time of need.    Not content with just the word dunamis, St. Paul adds the Greek word megethos = “greatness”.  Not just power but great power is available for the believer who waits on God in prayer.  Not content with, “greatness of his power”; St. Paul adds another Greek word, hyperballon, = “surpassing”, “exceeding” or “immeasurable”. Not just power but great power and not just great power but immeasurably great power is available for those who wait on God in prayer to receive the “power from on high”.

  • Service this Sunday May 15th at Sant Rafel church 10.30am.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383

Beach Party Replay!

Well we thought that spring was here, but due to the unpredictable weather the Beach Party in Cala LLonga had to be postponed and is now scheduled to take place this coming Saturday 14th May. It all starts at mid-day with Me & Him playing live from 1pm. So dig out your beach wear and sandals and come and join in. Check out the web site to see the calendar of Viva Calla LLonga 2016 events.

It really is back

The same situation occurred with last weeks Thursday evening Hippy Market in Cala LLonga, cancelled due to the weather. So once again it will be up and running (we hope) tonight and every week starting at 6pm. The market is an opportunity to buy souvenirs, gifts or a personal treat as the market has a wide range of artisan handmade goods at very sensible prices. During the high season there is live music.  In addition to the market the village offers a wide range of international restaurants and bars for you to sample. With a playpark for the little ones there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Cala LLonga looks forward to welcoming you.


An evening concert in aid of all the voluntary groups on the island is taking place at the Cas Serres auditorium at 19-30hrs on Saturday 14th May. The concert will open with songs by Canblaugospel singers, followed by solo painist Solo Alba, then a clarinet dou Ana and Juan take to the stage. The concert will close with a second appearance of Canblaugospel singers. Entrance is free, however there will be an opportunity for donations to be made to help Ibiza’s volunteers.

Un Fart D’Art

  • Carly S

This  weekend I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful and unique art exhibition at Can Curt in St Agustin. What made it so beautiful and unique was that all of the exhibits were created by Es Vedranell pre-school. The art on display was the result of the 0 to 3 year old kids explorations and experiments with various art forms in school, with their teachers and a whole host of visiting artists, and at home with their families. Each month (or pair of months) has had its own artistic theme, with creations in and out of school based around it. My daughter attends this wonderful little place and it’s been a joy to participate in the activities at home and to lead workshops on several of the ‘Family Fridays’ when parents go in and spend a morning working with their child’s class. To see the collective result from the whole pre-school was truly lovely and a wonderful idea from the school leaders.

The ‘presenters’ of ‘Un Fart D’Art’ were 5 rag dolls, one for each classroom at the escoleta, all of which had been customised by families of kids at the pre-school. These dolls are part of the daily routine in school and are recognised as classmates by the kids, so it was good to see them next to door of the exhibition, welcoming everyone in! The art activities started in November, with sculpture as the theme. At home, we made flour dough creations with our little ones and sent photos into pre-school, which were then displayed in the entryway in the form of a big Christmas tree. At pre-school they worked with modelling clay, pipe cleaners, straws and dough to make their own sculptures. They were also visited by local iron sculptor Jaume Mari Torres who brought in some sculptures of a cat and a flower for the children to see and touch and told them all about his work.

Next came Fashion month and a visit by the celebrated Ibizan designer  Charo Ruiz, who brought in some of the clothes she’d made for children, a mannequin for them to play with and dress and some designs for them to colour. The ‘homework’ was to decorate a sock for Christmas. These were all hung up along the corridors of the pre-school as Christmas decorations. I also had my first go at leading a workshop with the kids this month and we made Christmas hats from card and decorated them with festive stickers, glitter and colours.

For the next two months the theme was painting.  At home we all created portraits of our kids, some of us handing the brushes and pencils to the kids themselves or older siblings and some showing incredible artistic flair by doing them themselves. These were all hung up in the classrooms initially and covered a whole wall at the exhibition. At school the students experimented with various forms of painting, including painting and decorating carnival masks, painting the outside wall with their hands and lots of colours and creating a mural on big rolls of paper in the dining room. I visited again and did big group paintings using leaves, twigs, flowers and shells to print with and straws to blow the paint around. The highlight of the exhibition though, in my opinion, was the gorgeous work Ibiza artist Andrea Dintl created with the kids. When she visited she brought in bright paintings of a lion and a fish for the children to finish by adding sequins and glitter. She worked closely with them to help and the resulting paintings are just gloriously vibrant and sparkly – perfect for the walls of a pre-school.

After painting came theatre when we were tasked to create puppets at home, which replaced the Christmas stockings in the corridor displays, and the students were visited by Lola Guirao who set up a stage and told stories using puppets she brought. Amongst these was the story of the moon, after which Lola gave all the children a taste of ‘the moon’ (cheese she’d brought along sliced into little bits) – my daughter loved this and came home telling me that she’d eaten the moon!

For the next month the theme was music. At home we made instruments from recycled materials, which will be used for the end of year party, and at school the kids learned lots of songs and experimented with playing instruments. I went in again and led a morning of English nursery rhymes with actions which was loads of fun! Aniko, a professional flautist and concert musician, also went in and played the flute and sang songs to the kids who were completely enraptured. The final month of the project is photography, for this we were asked to take selfies during our exhibition visit and send them to the pre-school e-mail address so they can be printed and displayed on the walls of the building.

The exhibition ran from Thursday to Sunday and was incredibly well-attended by families, students, staff and locals alike. We had so much fun seeing all of the artwork the children, parents and visiting artists had done and I was very impressed with the thought and care that went into the displays themselves – massive thanks and kudos must go to the wonderful Sandra and her staff at Es Vedranell. For me, it was a fantastic reflection of the escoleta – vibrant, thoughtful, warm, creative, collaborative and fun!



Amanda Zips It Up

Welcome to another fashionable instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

So summer arrived in London – frustratingly, just as I was Balearic bound, where winter, it seemed, had arrived. Yes, a complete climatic role reversal, which was quite surreal for this time of year.

I’ve never done this before, but I actually changed my flights so that I could fly home to London from the Med earlier, to grab those blistering UK temperatures. Of course, it’s the opposite situation 99% of the time. While I was flying home to sun, I was flicking through my usual monthly glossies and came across this – the new erotic Calvin Klein campaign. I nearly spat out my dreary tasteless Easyjet tea.

Calvin Klein have just released new adverts for its #mycalvins campaign, and these pics are sure to create a stir. From Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss in the ‘90s through to Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber in more modern times, the company knows exactly how to get people talking.

The brand has never shied away from controversy or pushing the envelope, but these new shots are next level naughty. In fact, they’re even more provocative than the last campaign. But don’t take my word for it – have a look for yourself

The photo set, titled ‘Erotica’, definitely lives up to its name. From naked bottoms to up-the-skirt shots, CK’s new billboard images are certainly not for the shy… I bet you’re blushing right now if you’re checking out the pics in public.

The company was accused of sexism, with a petition created to take one particular New York billboard down. In the end, the petition was successful in removing the ad. Calvin Klein maintains that it had nothing to do with the petition.

So, what do you think?

Onto this week’s instalment and we check out customised fashion in Ibiza, the new Zara Summer season drop and if you’re  married, is it OK to go ringless?

It’s all here, so grab five and enjoy this weeks Zips It Up.

Manda x

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Zara Drops New Summer Collection

Nothing gets our style senses going, or our bank managers more worried, than when Zara stores drop a collection of new arrivals. I love Zara for their constant could-be-designer offerings, and with almost weekly updates to the collections, it’s a fashion faux pas to miss out on even one.

For anyone who has ever failed to land a must-have piece, you’ll know that when these beauties appear online or in store, it’s a case of first come, first served.

As the current weather in the UK and Balearics remains quite unpredictable as we approach summer, wardrobe planning is getting to be a tricky business. And whilst I can’t control the fate of the seasons, I can point you in the direction of Zara, where next season’s steals are up for grabs at ultra affordable prices.

There’s literally never been a better time to shop for transitional updates. If, like me, you don’t always have time to trawl the rails in town or check-in online you’re in luck because I’ve done the leg work for you, rounding up all the best buys hitting Zara stores right now.

Zara is brimming with catwalk-approved pussy bow blouses, on-trend boho pieces and summer bags in the shade of the season which is pink, in case you didn’t know, along with weekend essentials, sexy office wear and timeless investment must-haves like jackets that you can wear now and right through the summer.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or very ‘now’,  a piece for your summer holiday, or even a little something for date night, Zara has it covered.

Zoomcherry Ibiza Custom Clothing

One of the most eye-catching trends to come out of Ibiza this year and last is customized clothing and accessories. One brand in particular is Zoomcherry Ibiza.

Meet fashion designer Zoom, originally from Belgium but now an Ibiza, resident for almost 20 years. Zoom studied art and fashion at the Royal Art Academy of Bruxelles and it was here that she was able to pursue her love of customizing clothes for herself and friends, and soon enough demand grew. Before she knew it, it was time to launch her very own collection and label.

Based in Ibiza, the Island Zoom calls home, Zoomcherry Ibiza launched in the summer of 2015 with a collection of limited edition customized jackets. The response was overwhelming and culminated in an appreciation of her work and huge amounts of re-posts on Instagram by the incredible New York stylist Patricia Field, famously known for her work on ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.

Since then Zoom has been busy building her brand, selling online via her website website, and taking personal appointments in her very own showroom. She also keep a very active presence on social media and shares her work daily.

The Zoomcherry Ibiza brand celebrates originality and creativity. All the clothes and accessories are unique, hand-painted and customized to ensure that your look will always be exclusive. She is also able to create designs based on your own personal ideas and specifications.

Catch Zoomcherry Ibiza at the”la Ruta del arte” on 19th June,19th July,18th August and 18th September 2016.


The Workout Club

Project Beach Body

  • Virgil Brewster
  • 3 things you should do to succeed in your project beach body

The sun is shining and you can feel the summer buzz in the air. Beautiful people are popping up everywhere and you are still not ready to sunbath on the beach in your bikini.

You have tried countless of times to get in shape but every time you gave up for different reasons. Does this sounds familiar..?

Let’s not waste any precious time. Here are some great proven tools that can help ordinary people create extraordinary results. Let’s get started.

  • Your reason why

The most important thing to reach any goal in life is to get in the right mind-set.

But how do you do that?

At TWC Ibiza we work with the concept of an emotional trigger. You need to find your burning desire, your  reason why.

For example a great reason is to show an ex partner what he/she will miss. That burning desire alone can keep you going when you don’t feel like training.

Find your reason why and you are set for success.

  • Confront yourself

A before picture is a very strong motivator. So this is what you do next. Take a picture from the front and the side and hang it somewhere secret were only you can see it every day.

Every two weeks you take the same pictures and hang it next to the previous one.. Stick to it after one month you will see your body but more important your mind-set change.

  • The Food journal

Nutrition is the most important thing for your project beach body. Please don’t diet or starve yourself.

Instead just start by taking out all the refined sugar out of the house. Try to stay away from the rice, pasta, potatoes and bread.

Keep a simple food journal. No need for calorie counting just yet. Little baby steps and you change your lifestyle one step at the time

Just write down what you eat, what time and how you feel. That’s all. You like to know which types of food makes you feel great and energetic, and which food just make you feel bloated and low on energy.

Make sure to write down also your chocolate, sweets and other great things that makes life beautiful:).

In 4 weeks you will have a good idea what your body needs and what it dislikes. Every human body is unique with it’s own specific manual. Let’s create yours now.

  • Bonus beach body kick-start program

Before you start any exercise program at home make sure that you have doctors clearance.

Do these 4 simple exercise without any breaks in between for 3 rounds. Off course feel free to adjust the numbers to your own fitness level.

Squats 25

Jumping jacks (below left) 50

High knees (below right) 50

Mountain climbers (top) 50

  • Recap time
  1. Find your reason why
  2. Confront yourself with a picture
  3. Keep a daily food journal

These are the 3 things you should be doing when you like to reach your dream beach body.

Is this easy..? no absolutely not. You will slip and fall down, but these 3 things are there to help you get back up and keep on going.

We truly believe that you can do it. We have seen our people transform countless times.

Now you only need to believe in yourself, find your burning desire and the power will be yours to make a dent in the universe.

Go for it and when you need help, we are only a heartbeat away.

To find out more about Virgil Brewster’s fitness training, contact him via the workout club on 677 045 023 or




Jezza’s Sport Report


After all the euphoria and celebrations over the last week concerning Leicester’s superb winning of the Premier League (funny how so many people have suddenly become lifelong Foxes fans, isn’t it!), made even better by a resounding 3-1 win over Everton at the King Power Stadium on Saturday where they were presented with the Cup, the main concerns now centre on the race for the Champions League spots and relegation. Starting with the former, it’s still very close although Tottenham, despite surprisingly losing at home 2-1 against 6th placed Southampton, are assured of their place, as are Arsenal but Manchester City, having drawn 2-2 at the Etihad against the Gunners, are in serious danger of losing out to Manchester Utd, after their 1-0 win at Norwich put them only a point behind City and with a game in hand and should Utd win both their remaining games they would sneak in to that 4th spot and present City’s incoming manager Guardiola with the prospect of no CL next season. Also, this begs an interesting question: will a Cup Final win and a CL place be enough to keep van Gaal at OT? West Ham also had a mathematical chance of securing that 4th spot but that was blown apart by Swansea’s equally surprising 4-1 win at Upton Park, dropping the Irons down to 7th. As for the two remaining relegation places, Sunderland produced a storming 3-2 win at home against Chelsea, despite going 1-0 and 2-1 down to become favourites to stay up. Put it this way, a win against either Everton or Watford this week will guarantee their safety and send arch-enemies Newcastle as well as Naaarwich down, as firstly the Magpies could only draw 0-0 at already-down Aston Villa and the Canaries, as mentioned, lost out to Man Utd. Elsewhere, Bournemouth drew 1-1 with West Brom, FA Cup Finalists Crystal Palace warmed up for their day at Wembley with a 2-1 win at Stoke, and Liverpool won 2-0 at home over Watford.

Congrats to Middlesboro’ from the Championship as they secured the second automatic promotion spot to the Premier as they drew 1-1 with Brighton, who will now go in to the play-offs surely as favourites for that last promotion spot, together with Hull, Derby and Sheffield Wednesday, whilst congrats too to Wigan and Burton Albion who sealed promotion to the Championship as well as Northampton, Oxford Utd and Bristol Rovers who won promotion to League 1, the Bristle side with back-to-back promotions.

On to Europe now and congrats to Herr Klopp as he guided his Liverpool team, and England’s last remaining hope for European glory, thru’ to the Europa League Final with a superb performance at Anfield as they came back from a 1-0 first leg deficit to beat Villareal 3-0 and will now face serial EL winners Sevilla, who have won this competition twice in the last 3 years, with the Final being held in Basel later this month. With a CL spot up for grabs for the winners, interesting that either Spain or England will have 5 representatives in the CL next season. As for this year’s CL, a very disjointed and disappointing Man City went out 1-0 on aggregate to Real Madrid who will now face neighbours Atletico in the Final at the San Siro, in Italy, later this month, as Simeone’s men, as I predicted, knocked out favourites Bayern Munich on the away goal, having won 1-0 in Madrid but losing 2-1 in Munich.

So, a repeat of the Cup Final two years ago, with Atletico going for only their second win and Real their 11th. Finally, looks like Barcelona for La Liga after the w/end’s results but the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, as the Catalans only lead Real by a point with a game to go but Atletico have dropped out, having been surprisingly beaten 2-1 by already-down Levante.

Rugby Union

and t’was the final round of matches in the Premiership and confirmation of the Top 4 who now enter the play-off stages with leaders Saracens, 43-19 winners over Worcester, against Leicester, who lost 38-27 at Bath, and Exeter, 62-24 winners over Harlequins, against Wasps, 38-12 winners over already-down London Irish. Sale scraped in to the European Champions Cup next season after their 21-15 win at Newcastle, as did Northampton after their 28-20 win at Gloucester. As for the club to come up from the National League, it’s between Doncaster and Bristol, as both won their semi-finals fairly easily and I sincerely hope ’tis the boys from the West Country, my old stamping ground, having missed out by the odd point over the last two seasons.


And woe for Andy Murray as, having beaten the king of clay Rafa Nadal in the semis, he bowed to World No 1 Djokovic’s power in the Final of the Madrid Masters, losing 6-2, 3-6, 6-3, his 11th loss to Novak in the last 12 matches between the two. To add insult to injury, and according to the ATP’s weird scoring system, he also lost his World No 2 spot to Roger Federer, who didn’t even play in the Spanish capital due to injury, but Our Andy can regain No 2 if the Fed doesn’t get to the Final of the Italian Open which is under way this week, the fore-runner to the French and Roland Garros, which ends the oh-so-slow clay court season. Good news though for Britain’s other male tennis players as both Dan Evans and Kyle Edmund have now broken in to the World’s top 100, the former after a nine match winning run and the latter after winning his 5th Challenger tournament, this time in Rome.


Woe too for Brit Amir Khan as he failed to defend his title against fiery redheaded Mexican (surely an unusual mix!) Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas over the w/end although, to be fair, even boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya was impressed with Khan’s fight, stating that he boxed beautifully and it was only a stunning mulekick of a one-off punch that ended the Englishman’s challenge. Still, all is not lost, as Khan still remains the mandatory challenger for the WBC welterweight world title, via a revenge clash with Danny Garcia. Finally,


and it was a case of so close yet so far for Rory McIlroy at the Wells Fargo tournament at Quail Hollow, USA, as he played the round of the last day with a superb 66, but could still only finish Tied 4th with Fowler, Loupe and Mickelson, and even that was bettered overall by a shot by Englishman Justin Rose who came in 3rd, and only a shot off the winning score of 281. Still, at least they both retained their respective World rankings of 3 and 10.

That’s it for this week, until next

Ibiza CC vs Sporting Alfas XL (SACC Albir, Benidorm)

30/04/16  30 overs per side

Ibiza welcomed back SACC for the 4th consecutive year and put them into bat first. Their batsmen had some difficulty adapting to a slower pitch than their home ground in Albir and lost wickets regularly from the first over. In fact, only veteran opener Neil Mckinstry (12) and young Asian all rounder Waqar Ashraf (25) kept their heads down, scoring several fluent boundaries. But the Ibiza bowlers and fielders maintained the pressure, causing a couple of sharp run outs which eventually reduced the visitors to 64 all out in the 26th over. Ibiza bowlers Stuart Browne (3/7), Pete Essex (2/13) and Jim Harvey (2/8) obtained the wickets, with Paul Cruttwell contributing one also.

So Ibiza began their innings with a moderate target and plenty of time. Openers Graham Boe and Sam Gooda looked comfortable moving the score to 25, before both falling in quick succession to tight, accurate bowling and alert fielding from SACC. Ibiza then lost 2 more quick wickets, to fall to 45/4 and the nerves began to show, reminding everyone of their spectacular collapse in the previous year’s fixture, chasing another moderate target. However, Robin Parmenter (16 not out ) and Neil Tobbitt (16 not out) steadied the innings and reached 68/4 in the 17th over, Ibiza winning by 6 wickets. In spite of the low scoring, this was a competitive contest, as ever vs SACC, and particularly thanks to tight bowling from the visitors, particularly Waqar Ashraf (2/3 with 5 maiden overs), well supported by veteran John “JB” Braithwaite (1/28), with Andy Dell contributing a wicket too.

1st May 2016 30 overs per side.

Ibiza batted first and settled in to get a challenging score. The in form Sam Gooda continued scoring steadily in compiling his highest innings of the season of 87, ably supported by the returning Adam Johnston (78 retired), and they put on a fluent 150 runs together in 22 overs. Ibiza then lost several quick wickets, although Mike Amos joined in with a rapid 39 not out towards the end, allowing Ibiza to complete their 30 overs on  an imposing 229/6. Of the SACC bowlers Tyler Brown stood out with 3/ 35, while John Braithwaite and Phil Pennick contributed a wicket each.

The visitors then batted and needed to score at over 7 runs per over, and despite losing 2 early wickets, Phil Pennick got his head down and hit some welcome boundaries in his 81, before finally trying increase the run rate and being caught in the deep. He was well supported by brother George Metcalfe (23), and Waqar Ashraf (17), but when they were both out caught as well, it left too much for the remaining batsmen to do to keep up with the required run rate, and they finally completed their 30 overs on 152/8, Ibiza winning by 77 runs. The Ibiza bowlers did well to keep the runs down, and all contributed to the wickets, with newcomer Paul Merrell obtaining an unexpected 2/5 in his first game of cricket in over 20 years!

As ever, many thanks to Skipper and organiser Geoff Evans for bringing his veteran and younger players over to Ibiza in this annual double header, which always helps Ibiza to prepare for the Balearic cup in May. Its always a pleasure to welcome them back each year, and Ibiza reciprocates in the famous Benidorm tour in November!


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‘Bad Bank’ Offers Balearic Bargains

Property prices and purchases are rising, so now is a fantastic time to buy if you have been thinking about it for a while.

Despite the fact that real-estate values are increasing in areas where demand is high, there are still bargains to be had.

And, if you’ve been pondering the subject of purchasing a second home by the sea, you might want to take a look at what Sareb, better known as the ‘Bad Bank’ has to offer—including properties in the Balearics.

Sareb has just launched a new campaign that goes under the name of ‘Tu Casa a Toda Costa’ in which it aims to sell around2,300 properties that are located along the coast, before the summer kicks in.

Amongst the hundred or so that are situated in the region of Murcia, there are beach properties in La Manga that start off at 90,000 euro; property in San Pedro de Pinatar from 66,000 euro; and places on a Torre Pacheco resort from 64,500 euro.

There are properties on offer at Tu Casa a Toda Costa in nine of Spain’s autonomous regions, with around half concentrated in Valencia, predominantly Castellón (791).

You will also find other great offers in Cataluña and the Balearic Islands.

If you’re interested in grabbing a real bargain, the most affordable is a one-bedroom apartment in Torrevieja, which is selling for just 32,000 euro.

At the other end of the scale, the most expensive is a family home of 342 square metres situated in Calvià on the island of Mallorca. This will set you back 866,300 euro.

All of these properties and more can been seen on the special website set up purely for this campaign, which you can see by visiting:

The campaign will continue until 30 August, and until this date you can search for properties by municipality and read up on any that interest you. Each property comes with important details such as the size, number of rooms, a map and photographs.

Information supplied with kind assistance of On The Pulse Of Spain—a great resource for legal , administrative and property matters.