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The Ibizan 823 07 Apr 16
The Ibizan 823 07 Apr 16

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The Ibizan 823 ~ 07 Apr 16



Benefit Balearic

  • Guaranteed Social Income Approved by Balearic Government
  • Benefits of Between 429€ and 776€ to be Phased In for Families In Need

Regional Minister of Social Affairs, Fina Santiago, described the new benefit as being “a law establishing a guaranteed minimum subsistence income” that would be phased in over time.

This year families with no income and dependant children may apply. In following years the benefit will be extended to other no/low income groups.

A basic monthly benefit of 429 euros will be paid, increasing depending on the number of dependant children to a maximum of 776.58 euros.

The Government have allocated 20 million euros to fund the scheme in its first year of operation.

Pill Pop Posner Prompts Ibiza Invitation

Mike Posner’s global hit “I took a pill in Ibiza” is said to have been written after his own drug experience when visiting Ibiza. The song has gained huge worldwide exposure. It is top of the UK singles chart this week, is in the US Billboard top ten, and has had no less than 58 million plays on YouTube

With Ibiza working hard to rid itself of what the Guardian this week called “its reputation for debauchery”, the song’s attention has caused considerable dismay in travel and tourism circles, prompting Ibiza’s tourism boss Vicent Ferrer to issue a public invitation to Posner.

Ferrer said  “We have invited the author of this song to discover Ibiza because we have much more to offer besides the nightlife which is known worldwide. We have museums, beaches, culture, gastronomy, we have so much to offer but unfortunately we have been typecast this way. Unfortunately someone who wants to consume pills or alcohol can be found in any tourist destination, the fact that it is only us who are pigeonholed does not seem fair.”

There is no news as to whether Posner has accepted the invitation, however given the current mood he may not find too warm a welcome among the populous if he does.



We like this work of “Agroffiti” drawing attention to Ibiza’s water crisis. SOS H2O is the message that has been planted in a barley crop of biologist Vicent Forteza on the grounds of Prat d’en Fita in Ses Salines. The agroffiti is approximately 25metres wide which mirrors the dimensions wording on the airport runway which Vicent hopes will maximise the impact of those flying into Ibiza over the Salines flats.

Fair Rent Fightback Starts Here …

  • The Consell De Ibiza Promises To Intensify Inspections Against Illegal Tourist Renting
  • New Government Online Letting Site offering Landlord’s Protection in return for Fair Rents

A further meeting of the new island housing bureau (IBAVI) has been held on Monday 4th April attended by Housing Minister, Viviana Sans; Director of Tourism, Vicent Torres; Government Tax Administrator, Vicente Arbona, and spokesman of the campaigning group Plataforma Ibiza Affectados por los Alquiliers (PIAA), Luis Gonzaga.

During the meeting plans for coming inspections were detailed and commitments given to further intensify inspections aimed at identifying fraud. The Hacienda (tax office) has committed to a careful study of irregularities contained in a report prepared by the PIAA as detailed in the Ibizan 822, 31st March 2016. Viviana Sans commented that “it is a pleasure to see the willingness of the treasury to cooperate in pursuing the perpetrators of these bad practices causing such damage to the social fabric of our island.” A further reminder was made that fines for illegally letting accommodation to tourists ranged between 4000€ and 400,000€, in addition to any taxation, fines and levies that may be added by the Hacienda for undeclared income.

We were surprised that what seems a very positive step in the fair rent fightback was given no more than a closing mention in the Consell’s press report. The document stated that IBAVI will soon launch an online property rental portal under a scheme which offers landlords guaranteed payment of rent, plus a guarantee of their property being returned in perfect condition, in exchange for the property being let at a fair price and on an annual basis.

Knowing that some landlords state it is the difficulty of evicting disruptive and non-paying tenants as a major factor in choosing to let their property short-term, this must be seen as a welcome initiative of real practical benefit – beyond the political rhetoric of which we are yet to see any evidence of its implementation in inspections and fines to those found guilty.

The Plataforma Ibiza Affectados por los Alquiliers are calling upon all those concerned at Ibiza’s housing crisis to attend a rally on Saturday 9th April, starting at 4pm on the Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town.

Ibiza’s Ethnographic Museum Begins a New Era

Minister for Culture and Heritage, David Ribas, and Museum Director, Leena Sansano, officially opened three new exhibitions as part of a new plan and schedule of activities designed to attract more people to this  centre for Ibizan cultural heritage. Opening to the public on Saturday the three exhibitions are:

“Almonds, figs and Carob”, subsistence farming for the peasantry of rural Ibiza.

“The defence of the earth”, the role of weapons in traditional Ibizan culture and defences against attacks by barberry pirates

“Farmhouses stone, earth, wood and lime”, architecture and ecological habitat for the Ibizan family, their evolution over time and current risks.

“We must work to enrich the museum’s collection, give it a meaning and turn it into a living space that serves to protect and spread the traditional culture Ibiza” said Ribas during a press conference. The ethnographic museum is located in Puig de Missa, Santa Eulalia. Also scheduled are craft workshops, children workshops, folk dancing, tasting Ibizan products and live music.

Ibiza Goes Latin

Ibiza has been promoting the islands attractions at this week’s Latin American world travel market held in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo between Tuesday 29th and Thursday 31st March. It is the first time Ibiza has had its own stand in what is considered the most important Latin American travel fair.

Ibiza’s President and Minister of Tourism, Vicente Torres, participated in several meetings with buyer and agencies. “The number of tourists coming to Ibiza from Brazil and other Latin American countries is increasingly important” said the president, “but previously they have been invisible of statistics as they arrive through Madrid and Barcelona and so appear as domestic passengers.”

Though Ibiza has a significant community of Latin American workers and residents, our office cynicism as to Ibiza’s attraction as a tourist destination for South America is unfounded according to the statement of the Ibizan delegation who said “we found Ibiza has a high demand in south America for conference, events and business travel and a good reputation as a cultural culinary destination, the assessment of our participation here is really positive.” They summarised.

Ibiza Town Nipple Inspectors

  • Fines of up to 30.000€ for infringing advertising regulations in Ibiza Town.
  • Ibiza town has followed San Antonio’s lead in imposing restrictions on public advertising and promotion in advance of the 2016 tourist season.

The new rules bring together various regulations on static and dynamic (e.g. street PRs and promotional parades) advertising. They come with penalties ranging between 600€, and for very serious offences 30,000€. Ibiza Town Deputy Mayor, Alfonso Molina, said that sanctions will be levied against the advertiser, not the employee. Stating that incurring three minor penalties would increase the fine by up to 6,000€, the tougher sanctions of up to 30,000€ would be reserved for very serious and repeated infringements, notably adding “which might be the case in maintaining a too bright screen” a clear reference to the LED screen wall installed by Hard Rock Hotel in Playa den Bossa. Molina went on to state that under the new regs it would be “impossible” for the same to be installed in Ibiza Town.

The ordinance prohibits advertising sound limits, the brightness of multimedia screens and restricts the hours of operation so as to minimise inconvenience for pedestrians. Furthermore the size of the screen cannot exceed the window where it is located and the content should be linked to the business in which it is displayed, “a shoe shop cannot promote discos” said Molina by way of example.

Promoters of the nightclub parades which are seen by some as a colourful and attractive inclusion to the tourist scene of the city centre will in future need to provide “technical and artistic descriptions” for the evaluation of municipal technicians to assess their quality. Molina said that the goal is to “avoid vulgar content” that has been increasingly evident in recent years, but at the same time respecting this dynamic element of the city’s nightlife.

The city council ordinance also regulates the content of advertising designs stating that the human body cannot appear “as a sexual object, or be sexist or degrading in content” according to Molina, the wording leaves sufficient room for the interpretation of the councils enforcers and only aims to tackle “that which most of us would agree is offensive”.

In an effort at future proofing, the regulations also aim to prevent individuals taking advantage of gaps in the regulations that may occur by the evolution of new technologies. It will therefore be incumbent on any promoter to obtain technical clearance for any type of advertising not covered specifically within the regulations for that advertising to be allowed.

The council also gives it staff responsibility over the future of billboard advertising which Molina forewarns will be “very restrictive”.

  • Editorial Comment … 

Tricky one, my personal view for what it is worth …. though it is great to hear anything looking to counter issues of sexual objectification and degradation in Spain, areas in which it is sadly some way behind some other societies, any artistic censorship should be viewed with extreme caution. One person’s vulgar is another’s beauty – my preference is not to restrict but to balance, so what’s good for the girls is good for the boys.

Perhaps what I’m saying is let’s all get our kit off and have a good time :-)

I thought Ibiza resident, parent and superstar DJ Graham Sahara put across a very good point in response .. “There’s been a few billboards for Club nights in recent years, which even though i work for clubs and always have done, as a parent i can’t help but think they take it too far. especially when the kids start asking questions about the posters and things that are displayed on the posters…. “ , and the ‘gone too far’ viewpoint was shared by Heather Webster who said “I passed a van in Ibiza the other day advertising a website, Ibiza girls, or some such . It was painted with a design made up of various words like girls and sexy etc. Then my son pointed out the word whores on one side. Erm… some way behind is a bit of an understatement I think.“

Conversely we received a good deal of response critical of what people view as yet more Government controls, but Billy O’Rafferty eloquently stated his reasons for change. “Who owns all the clubs men and the reality is that the image of women and sexuality projected in much of the publicity for clubs or for commercial music video and promotion especially in some areas of hip hop and in a high proportion of the video content and program content think Geordie shore on MTV for example aimed at children from 10+ is deplorable and depicts women as sex toys for men. One does not instill nourish and develop a mutual respect between the genders promoting and projecting such negative and derogatory images as the norm. “

Greasy Road Causes “Bit of an Incident.”

The tourist train running between Sant Antoni and Santa Agnes is reported to have had a ‘slight mishap’ yesterday, when it ‘skidded’ on Cala Des Moro in Cala De Bou. The train was packed with Imserso tourists and though no one was injured, we understand 3 of the visiting OAPs did wake up as a result. 2 Passengers were treated for slightly chilly knees when their tartan blankets were dislodged in the ensuing kerfuffle. I could be on the bloody beach instead of writing this.


Tim Takes A Peake At Ibiza

British Astronaut Tim Peake, who has been aboard the international space station since December published photographs of the Balearics on Saturday describing both Ibiza and Majorca as “two beautiful islands shining in the Mediterranean sun.”

A couple of days after posting his photos, some cheeky chappie posted this image in their own satirical Ibizan futureview.


Siesta Cessation

Spain announces plans to axe its famous three-hour siestas in a bid to drag its workforce into the 21st Century and increase productivity

Spain has announced plans to axe its famous three-hour siestas in a bid to drag its workforce into the 21st Century and increase productivity.

The country’s Prime Minister said he wanted the working day to end at 6pm, bringing an end to the traditional three-hour midday break.

Workers currently start at about 9am and stay in the office until about 8pm – with the siesta breaking up the day at lunchtime. But Mariano Rajoy, leader of the coalition government, wants to bring the working day in line with the rest of Europe. He told a party conference that he was looking to secure cross-party backing for the plan and secure support from unions and businesses.

He said: ‘I will find a consensus to make sure the working day ends at 6pm.’

It is thought the move may have been a bid to attract support ahead of the country’s June elections. Many favour a change to the current system, which involves a long working day.

Siestas are generally popular in hot climates and are used to allow people to sleep while the sun’s rays are at their strongest. According to the Independent there was a report by a Spanish parliamentary commission which examined the issue three years ago. The commission said: ‘We need more flexible working hours, to cut our lunch breaks, to streamline business meetings by setting time limits for them, and to practise and demand punctuality.’ The commission’s report suggested that reducing the length of time of the siesta would boost the quality of life in Spain and even reduce marriage breakdowns.

  • Editorial note. We have reprinted this article regarding ‘Spanish siestas’ verbatim as we are always interested to see how we/Spain is portrayed in the British media, though do wish to state what will be the obvious shortcoming of the report to many, in it choosing to use the report in a frankly cheap and shoddy exercise in perpetuating national stereotypes without any due justification. As Spanish newspaper El Pais highlighted, to say that all Spanish people sleep for three hours in the afternoon is akin to saying all British people spend their days killing foxes and exchanging oral sex for free drinks in Magaluf.


The Demure Drugs Mule…

  • News of the release from Peruvian jail of Michaella McCollum Connolly has attracted much press attention as would be expected. Rather more surprisingly perhaps given the seriousness of the offences, much of this attention seems to have been focussed on Michaella’s makeover, satirised better than words could achieve by the website.

The demure drugs mule: Incredible transformation of ‘Peru Two’ Brit as she shows off new blonde hair and smarter look in first interview since leaving jail for smuggling £1.5million of cocaine

Michaella McCollum Connolly, one of the ‘Peru Two’, has given her first interview since being released on parole, blaming ‘a moment of madness’ for her attempt to smuggle cocaine worth £1.5 million to Europe.

McCollum Connolly, from Dungannon, Co Tyrone, looked a world away from the stony faced young woman who was caught at Lima Airport in 2013 with 24lbs of the Class A drug.

The infamous ‘hair donut’ do had been replaced with long blonde locks, and the 23-year-old wore a smart white blazer over ripped black jeans and a black top, opting for red lipstick with matching nails.

Michaella McCollum Connolly, 23, from Co Tyrone, has spoken for the first time since her parole, admitting that she ‘could have potentially killed a lot of people’ had she succeeded in smuggling 24lbs of cocaine to Spain

The 23-year-old from Dungannon, Co Tyrone, had seemingly undergone an image overhaul since being released on parole on Thursday, having served two years and three months.

McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid, from Scotland, were sentenced to six years and eight months after admitting trying to smuggle cocaine from Peru to Spain.

‘I can confirm Michaella has been released from jail and I’m waiting to hear the outcome of the judicial process,’ said Kevin Winters, McCollum’s solicitor, describing her prison conditions as ‘horrendous’

It is not yet known whether the terms of her release will allow her to return home or if she will have to remain in Peru for some time.

McCollum Connolly was freed under new legislation on early prison release introduced in the South American country last year.

Peruvian authorities agreed to let both 23-year-old women serve the remainder of their sentences in the UK, but the pair still remain in the South American country.

A judicial process will now determine what, if any, conditions are attached to McCollum Connolly’s effective parole, it is understood.

While moves are being made to repatriate her to Northern Ireland, it is believed she will have to spend a considerable part of her parole in Peru.

Speaking to Irish media on Sunday, McCollum Connolly acknowledged the potentially devastating consequences if she had successfully smuggled the drugs back to Europe.

‘I probably would have had a lot of blood on my hands,’ she said. ‘I potentially could have filled Europe full of a lot of drugs. ‘I could have potentially killed a lot of people, not directly but I could have caused a lot of harm to people.’

‘I made a decision in a moment of madness. I’m not a bad person. I want to demonstrate that I’m a good person.’ McCollum has been interviewed in Peru for a documentary that will be aired on RTE One on Sunday night. She said: ‘I’ve forgotten the things that everybody takes for granted in life.

‘Seeing the sun, seeing the darkness, seeing the moon and the stars, things I haven’t seen in almost three years.’ McCollum was released from prison at 5pm on Thursday following a successful application for parole, Mr Winters said.

The solicitor stressed she was not freed under any repatriation scheme or other protocol between Peru and the UK and that a pending judicial hearing would determine the conditions of her parole.

‘At this stage it remains unclear when Michaella may be eligible to return home,’ he added. ‘That will be a matter for the court and a pending judicial hearing to determine the conditions of her parole. ‘We are working with her lawyers in Peru and hope to be in a position to clarify further, as soon as possible.’

Meanwhile, Reid, from Lenzie, Glasgow, is still in Ancon 2 prison as she has asked for a prison transfer to Scotland, rather than parole. While McCollum Connolly’s legal team is applying for her to be repatriated to Northern Ireland, she may have to serve parole in Peru. This means that while not behind bars, McCollum Connolly would have to stay in Peru for the remainder of her six years and eight month sentence.

‘Michaella left the prison as part of a supervised release on parole. It’s called semi libertad in Peru,’ a Prison Service spokeswoman said. ‘If she complies with all the conditions then she won’t have to go back to prison and the process for her of completing her sentence will continue here in Peru. ‘The other woman [Reid’] didn’t leave jail because she is seeking a prison transfer to her home country.’

McCollum Connolly’s parole release comes three months after she was struck down with an unknown tropical disease at  the Ancon 2 prison, north of the capital Lima. ‘Michaella has been brought to the hospital in the prison. She has a tropical illness but we don’t know what it is,’ an inmate said. ‘We really hope she is ok. This [illness] is pretty regular in here, especially with the foreigners.’

According to the inmate, McCollum Connolly had been popular with the other prisoners and learned to speak Spanish while serving her time.

The pair had previously been held at Lima’s Virgen de Fatima prison but were moved to the Ancon 2 prison, where horrific conditions reportedly had McCollum crammed in to a cell with 30 other prisoners with extremely poor sanitation and toilet facilities.

Last year, Stormont Justice Minister David Ford approved an application for the repatriation of McCollum on a number of issues, including the difficulty encountered in maintaining family contact.

McCollum, from Dungannon, and Reid, from Glasgow, were caught with the haul at Lima airport on August 6 2013 attempting to fly to Spain.

They had claimed they were forced into carrying the drugs but pleaded guilty to charges later that year.

The pair were caught trying to board a flight with 24lb (11kg) of cocaine in food packets hidden inside their luggage.

McCollum and Reid faced the prospect of a maximum 15-year prison term but struck a behind-closed-doors plea bargain to secure a shorter sentence.


Fears of “Spanish Running Naked in the Streets” …

“In our exclusive survey, 8 out of 10 women who expressed a preference (which was all of them) said there were too few of this Spanish man running around naked in the streets. Though this picture really has nothing to do with the story, we felt it only right to offer what we are reliably informed is a ‘hot bloke’ in balancing up the scantily clad ladies on page 3. Come to think of it perhaps the caller to the foreign office simply thought the annual Pampola event was called ‘the ball run’?”

  • Bacon, butlers and Spanish nudists – Foreign Office reveals latest top ten bizarre requests from Brits abroad

Confused callers have looked to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for advice on bizarre issues ranging from where to buy English bacon in Europe, how to recruit a butler in Lebanon and how to avoid nudists in southern Spain, it has been revealed.

The FCO has released details of their weirdest consular calls  received in the past year, as a reminder to only use their services for genuine emergencies.

The calls included:

  • A man planning to move to Spain who was worried he would encounter nudists walking through the streets
  • A homesick expat asking where he could buy English bacon
  • A lady in Lebanon looking for help to recruit an English butler
  • A European filmmaker looking for an English pensioner to play a part in his new film
  • A woman who was disappointed the British Embassy had not sent someone to give her a tour of St. Petersburg on her arrival in Russia
  • A man asking for assistance to get illegal employment in Singapore
  • A mother asking for the contact details of a young British YouTuber, as her son was a fan of his Minecraft videos

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister James Duddridge said:

“Our consular staff are a helpful bunch and do an amazing job helping out Brits in trouble around the world – but it is important that people remember they are there to help with genuine emergencies and not as an alternative to directory enquiries.

“Every minute they spend handling a call requesting advice on butlers or nudists is time taken away from dealing with life and death cases, so I urge the public to think before picking up the phone.”

Latest FCO figures show that over the last year almost half a million calls were made to its consular service –which provides emergency help to Britons in trouble overseas.

The vast majority were from people with genuine requests and the FCO assisted with numerous cases, including 3,250 Brits who were hospitalised, 4,770 who were arrested, and the families of 3,670 who died overseas.  Almost 38,000 replacement travel documents were issued.

British residents in Spain made more than 13,000 telephone enquiries in the past year, of which a quarter could have been resolved if callers had first searched The most frequent topics – for which there is plenty of information online – included applying for a British passport, getting UK documents legalised and registering a birth, death or marriage (see table below for links). In addition, nearly 2000 of the total calls were inappropriately seeking ‘lifestyle’ advice, with questions sometimes similar to the more bizarre examples received worldwide.

Useful links:

  • British passport applications

  • Legalisation of documents

  • Registering a birth abroad

  • Registering a death abroad

  • Getting married abroad

  • Copies of birth or marriage certificates etc

FCO staff can support Brits abroad in many ways – including arranging to visit vulnerable Brits in hospital or in prison, advising on how to transfer money and helping those caught up in crisis situations.

However, recent research* has revealed that three quarters of Brits (74%) wrongly think the FCO can get them out of jail if they are arrested, nearly a quarter (22%) think the FCO can arrange for them to get home if they lose their ticket and 15% presume the FCO will lend them money if theirs is lost or stolen.

Kelvin Green, Head of the FCO’s Global Contact Centres, said:

“We receive thousands of calls a year, and do all we can to help people who find themselves in difficulty abroad.  But we cannot help people make travel arrangements or lifestyle plans, lend them money or pay medical and other bills for them.

“I would urge people to prepare well before they travel, making sure they have valid travel documents and insurance.”

New Dutch Supermarket

Ibiza has gained its first specialist Dutch supermarket which will be opened formally by the mayor of Santa Eulalia this Sunday 10th April at 1pm. Located in Calle Cesar Pujet Riqer, 7, ‘Supermercado differente Ibiza’ will celebrate the opening with the help of Jazz Ibiza.

Allure Of The Seas

Ibiza has set a course to promote and develop luxury cruise travel business. This year, for the first time, our Island tourist board has taken its own stand at the world’s most important  cruise ship trade show.

It is not difficult to see why any tourist destination would be keen to attract cruise ship business when considering the sheer scale and number of visitors involved.

In an interesting insight to the awe inspiring facilities, and at the upper end of the accommodation classes also the luxury, we take a look here at the newly launched ‘Allure of the Seas’, now the world’s largest cruise ship by some margin. Carrying a maximum of 6,296 passengers Allure, along with its sister ship Oasis, weigh in at 225,282 tonnes

Jurassic Expo in Ibiza

  • Ibiza Town

The Expo Jurásico (Jurassic Expo) with its exhibition of life-size dinosaurs is on in Ibiza Town from Saturday April 9 until Sunday April 17. This traveling exhibition has toured more than a dozen European countries and has 20 actual size exhibits, some of them ‘animatronic’ which simulate the appearance and behaviour of the dinosaurs, including Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Protoceratops, Parasaurolofus, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, Diplodocus and Tyrannosaurus Rex amongst others. It also includes educational projections about the way of life of these prehistoric creatures and information about the fauna, the geological eras, theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs and data about the recovery of fossil remains. The exhibition is at the fairground just outside Ibiza Town, and is open Monday-Friday from 17.00 to 21.00, and Saturdays and Sundays from 11.00 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 21.00 hours. Tickets can be purchased for 7€ at the ticket office of the exhibition or at:


Live & Directo

  • Claire B

The live music scene in Ibiza is thriving, with lots of interesting events coming up in the next few weeks and months. As well as the regular Wednesday night gigs at Ibiza Rocks from June 15, Dorado the new kid on the block in Playa D’en Bossa has just announced that they will be putting on 8 acoustic concerts on Thursday nights from June. New bar Nimmo’s Wild Rover Irish Bar in Santa Eulalia is also putting on regular live music. And this weekend on April 9 Ibiza has its own David Bowie tribute concert. Not forgetting the venues that regularly put on local bands, such as Can Jordi, Sa Questio, El Reencuentro and Raco Verde. Who said Ibiza was only about dance music?

Nimmo’s Irish Bar

  • Santa Eulalia

The new Irish bar in the port area of Santa Eulalia is putting on regular live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Thursday April 7 has Nell Shakespeare playing at 21.30h and Chris Langley on Friday nights. I hear that their fish and chips and Guinness is very good! Check their Facebook page for details of who is playing when – Nimmo’s Wild Rover – Irish Bar:

Can Jordi

  • San Jose

Can Jordi puts on live bands most Fridays and Saturdays. Friday April 8 sees Alex O Brien playing at Can Jordi as part of Ingo and the Gang – from 21.00h – expect rock and blues classics. Can Jordi Blues Station is on the road between Ibiza and San Jose and they tend to announce who is playing at the weekend a few days before on their Facebook page. Can Jordi is at Carretera Sant Josep Km 7,7. Facebook – Can Jordi:


  • Ibiza Town

Cubar, Ibiza’s very own Cuban bar has live Cuban music with ‘Noche de Boleros’ most Saturday nights, from singer/keyboard duo Eribertho Cruz Collazo and Walter Eduardo Real Chicco playing the songs of Old Havana in the Buena Vista Social Club style. There’s also plenty of Cuban food on offer plus Mojitos, wine and cold beer and typical Cuban favourite table games of dominos, draughts and chess. It’s a little slice of Havana in Ibiza. More details on Facebook – Cuba Parque de la Paz:

Sueños de Libertad

  • San Antonio & Ibiza Town

The 2nd edition of the Sueños de Libertad (Dreams for Freedom) festival will be held on 2 days in April, on Friday April 22 at the Teatro Regio in San Antonio and Saturday April 23 at the Recinto Ferial in Ibiza Town.

On the Friday in San Antonio from 20.00h, Spanish acts M·Clan, Zahara and Carmen Boza will be performing acoustic sets, and Ángel Carmona (Radio 3) will be the master of ceremonies.

On Saturday April 23 at the Recinto Ferial in Ibiza Town, from 14.00h, Spanish bands Quique Gonzalez & Los Detectives, Fuel Fandango, Arizona Baby, León Benavente and Ángel Stanich, will be joined by local bands Ryser & The Lemons, The Frigolos and Stone Corners. As well as the live bands, there’ll also be food stalls, exhibitions, a craft and urban market, street art and a kids area. Tickets cost 20€ for the Friday and 15€ for the Saturday, with a discount for both days.

Info and tickets:

Facebook page – Sueños de Libertad · Ibiza Festival (2º Edición):

Rock in Riu Festival

  • Santa Eulalia

Rock in Riu, which is part of the fiesta in Santa Eulalia has just announced its line-up for 2016, to be held on Friday April 29. From 20.00h in Plaza España, the concert combines local bands and bands from the mainland. Headliners Sexy Zebras (formed in Madrid in 2005), share the stage with Dinero (also from Madrid) and local bands Stone Corners and Señor Buho. DJ Ezekyel will be entertaining the crowd in between the bands. Free entrance. More info and details of the bands playing are on Facebook – Rock In Riu Festival:

David Bowie Tribute Concert

  • Ibiza Town

Ibiza is to get its very own David Bowie tribute concert on Saturday April 9 at 16.00h until midnight in Ibiza Town. Held in the stunning Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila, the event will feature a number of Bowie cover bands including Bowie’s Stardust, BSide, Devanagari, Dissidents, Los Bichos del Espacio, Sequoia Tree, Skyts, Stone Corners, The Rolling Soul, Uncle Sal, Undercovers and Wind Rose, plus 11 DJs. And its all being done in aid of charity – entrance is a donation of 5€ which goes to the local cancer charity, La Asociación Pitiusa de Ayuda a Afectados de Cancer (APAAC). It’s well known that Bowie immortalised Ibiza in ‘Life on mars’ with the classic lines, “See the mice in their million hordes, From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads”, so it’s only fitting that the island pays tribute to him. It promises to be a great event and I’m sure that Ibiza’s musicians and DJs will put on a fantastic homage to the great man who has wowed and inspired so many people and is sadly no longer with us. More info on Facebook – We can be heroes…just for one day!:

Sa Questio

  • Ibiza Town

Restaurant cum Café Concert Bar Sa Questio in Ibiza Town puts on frequent live music of varied musical genres.

  • Friday Apr 8 – Señor Buho (rock)
  • Saturday Apr 9 – Amayama (world music)
  • Friday Apr 15 – Eduardo Trio (Brazilian music)
  • Monday Apr 19 – BSide (acoustic – soul, funky, reggae)
  • Friday Apr 22 – Rels (rock Ibicenco)

There are also regular events during the week: Monday is Open Mic, Thursday is Flamenco Jam, and Sunday is Jam Session with Vincent Tur. The live music usually starts about 9.30/10pm (later on Saturdays)

Dorado Live Shows

  • Playa D’en Bossa

The Santos Ibiza complex (which from this year will include the new Dorado Suites – formerly Bali Beach) is hosting 8 acoustic concerts on Thursday nights this summer, featuring national and international groups. The first 4 acts have been announced with the rest to follow:

  • A. – June 9
  • Dorian – July 21
  • Monarchy – August 4
  • Mystery Jets – August 18

The Dorado Live Shows will begin at dusk, from 20:00 to 23:30 in the pool area on the beachfront. In addition to the acoustic concert there will be DJ’s, a hot dog cart and vintage clothing corner. At 23:30 after the concert has finished, the party will move to the Backstage Club where resident DJs Colin Peters, Wild Wolf and guests will be the hosts of the party.


 IFCC News

Ibiza y Formentera Contra el Cancer Newsletter

  • Message from IFCC President, Helen Watson

Dear Friends,

May we wish you and all you family and friends a very Happy & Peaceful New Year. 2016 marks a very important occasion for our Association, it is our 15th Anniversary and we look forward to celebrating with some special events (see details below).

2015 was a busy year and we especially welcomed the announcements by the Minister for Health of two important services for residents of Ibiza y Formentera:

Pilot Colon Screening Programme which IFCC funded in 2013/2014 in the greater San Antonio area being extended in April 2015 to a full Screening Programme in Ibiza y Formentera.

After many years of canvassing by IFCC, the commencement of Radiotherapy Services in Can Misses Hospital, with the first patients receiving treatment from 25th January 2016.

Your fundraising has provided

Through the generous donations and fund raising efforts from our Members, Supporters and Friends we continue to support patients and their families with economic support, fund special treatments for patients and promote healthy lifestyles and prevention programmes against Cancer.

For Example in 2014 the Association expended over €67,000 on Services for cancer patients and their families.  Projects included:

Colon Cancer Screening Pilot Project in the greater San Antonio area. Over the 2 year period (2014/2015), almost €30,000 was spent on this project.  Over 1,188 people carried out the simple test, 103 of whom required further investigation and colonoscopies.  While the majority of tests were normal through early detection 38 people with abnormal results are now being appropriately treated. However, the response rate of less than 20% was disappointing and we urge everyone to take part in the expanded programme.

The expansion to a full screening programme in Ibiza and Formentera in April 2015 (funded by the National Health Services) is great news. Colon Cancer is a leading cause of cancer for men and women. One in four people will suffer from this disease, when detected early, eight out of ten people can be treated successfully Take the test, it is simple, quick, painless and can be carried out in your own home.

  • For more information: Phone: 900 102 560 (0900 to 1400 hours) or email: infocolon@caib.ies

In 2015 we also purchased specialist Colonoscopy equipment for services in Formentera so that patients do not have to travel by boat to Ibiza for this procedure.

Patient Support – Over €12,500 was provided to help patients and their families with economic aid during their journey through Cancer.  Also over €20,000 was spent on Patient Treatment where state services could not meet patients’ needs.

We also provided Support Services to patients travelling to Palma for Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy Services including assistance with accommodation etc.

Information /Communication – Through our enhanced Website and Facebook, information on Cancer conditions and services is regularly provided to thousands of people on the islands.  We also hosted information days on a range of cancers, Colon, Lung, Breast, Prostate etc. across the island.  Thank you to all the volunteers who help on these important days.

Can Misses Collaboration Projects – IFCC contributed to the decoration by local artists of the Children’s area at the new Can Misses hospital, to enhance children’s experience of their hospital stay/visit

2016 Projects

Discussions with Can Misses to progress a number of projects:

Establish Ibiza y Formentera Cancer Register for the island. This will provide regular reports on cancer cases, their type, treatment and status.  Also, a 5 year look back is being planned, 2010 – 2015 to provide base line information on cancers.  This information will help inform the planning of future services.

Provide 10 new Chemotherapy Chairs and enhanced Music/TV system in the Chemotherapy Unit at Can Misses so that while receiving their treatment patients can enjoy their own entertainment selection.

Enhance dedicated therapy services for cancer patients such as  Lymphoedema treatment

IFFC Celebrates 15 years – 2016

2016 marks 15 years of our Association’s work.  We will mark this with a number of events (more details to follow).

On 5th February 2016 we launched the IFCC Patchwork Quilt Wall Hanging.

IFCC supporters have created a Patchwork Quilt Wall Hanging as a tribute to all Cancer Patients, their Families and Friends and in memory of loved ones who are no longer with us.  The completed work will be displayed in public places, i.e. Can Misses Hospital and on an annual basis, people will be invited to record the name of a loved one on the reverse of the Quilt.

The Patchwork Quilt Wall Hanging depicts an Ibiza Town scene, created by Island Artist Gerry Clarke, and measures approximately 200 cm x 160 cm.  Made up of 88 patchwork squares, guided by Quilt Co-ordinator Barbara Gregory, volunteer quilter friends, Leona Douglas, Linda Vernon, Juidth Mawdsley, Pam Sharpe, Jill Hamlin and Julia Wilson and others have been stitching the individual squares to create the overall picture

The Quilt was launched at a special celebration in Club Diario de Ibiza on 5th February 2016.

Physiotherapy Service

We are delighted to announce FREE Physiotherapy Service for Cancer Patients commencing in 2016.

If you have gone through or are you going through cancer treatment and experiencing pain and / or an injury? If you have gone through surgery and have lasting side effects? Physiotherapy might help your problems and you may benefit from free bi-weekly sessions provided by Stephen Freeth. Sessions are carried out in a clinic in Calle San Vicente, Santa Eulalia. Stephen is licensed and registered to practice in England and Spain and is currently working out of two clinics in Ibiza. Stephen has trained in Physiotherapy but has also done postgraduate courses in Osteopathy and Acupuncture. In order to benefit from these sessions you will need written consent from your doctor allowing for physiotherapy. For more information please contact Stephen directly on either +34674605643 or

Also remember in Partnership with Antonia Maria Cardona Costa & Instituto Medico Blue Láser free manual massage and linfedema is available.  Contact us for further details: 666 991 336 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00-12:00 hours)

IFCC Contact Details

If you are a resident of the islands requiring cancer-related assistance or you want to join the Association, contact IFCC on: Helpline: 666 991336, (Monday, Wednesday Friday, 10:00-12:00 hours) or online at

(readers please note we will also publish the 2016 events calendar in our online edition.)

2016 Diary


  • Prostate Cancer Information Sessions, Health Centres across the Island


  • Skin Cancer Information Sessions, Health Centres across the Island


  • Moonlight Walk, Meeting Point Bar La Cantina,Cala Llonga, 21.30 hours, Sponsor forms phone Margaret Nawaz 971 196 394


  • 15 Year Anniversary Moonlight Dinner Dance, Hotel Royal Plaza, Calle Pere Francés 27, 07800 Ibiza


  • Breast Cancer Information Sessions, Health Centres across the Island
  • Autumn Walk, Details to follow


  • Lung Cancer Information Sessions, Health Centres across the Island,


  • Christmas Fair, 14th December Doors open at 12 p.m. until 9 p.m., Recinto Ferial,Road Ibiza San Antonio Km 5, Ibiza


Food & Drink

Hostal La Torre

  • Nick Gibbs

We make no apology of republishing our La Torre review. The original was printed just before Christmas when so many residents and regulars are away. La Torre is becoming quite a West Coast hit, and our experience was so good we didn’t think it fair that those not in Ibiza over Christmas missed out.

Those that know the coastline around Cap Negret, just north of Cala Gracio beach which is in turn just north of San Antonio, will know that any accommodation on the coastline is bound to have a fantastic vista.

Not  content with Gods own work Hostal La Torre have taken the same approach in decorating an establishment that is worthy of the true boutique moniker. Understanding that it takes more than a bed runner and a jazzy cushion or two, the traditional Mediterranean style mixes with contemporary design at every turn. Above is pictured a double room left and one of two junior suites right. The rooms are spacious, spotlessly clean and have all the practical comforts required without being over-fussy. Another plus point held in high regard personally is that there are none of the corporate hard sell that so many modern hotels resort to in room  – give me a fridge, or don’t give me a fridge, but please don’t give me a fridge then charge me 2€ every time I open it! Sorry, bit of a bugbear there.

The website details various accommodation packages with yoga, guided walks, and many other special activity based and bundled packages available. For more information on La Torre’s accommodation goto

Very impressed with the first part of our visit but having heard very good things about La Torres menu we were, perhaps best to say, equally pleased, to move onto the second half of our itinerary.

La Torre’s bar and restaurant steps down from the inside dining area and bar to the large terrace with big communal tables interspersed with flame heaters and lanterns. Then down to a second level with comfortable seating, and then they even have tables scattered on the rocks below. The upshot of his is that wherever you are sitting you pretty well frontline with views out to the sea.—but we will come back to that.

Since first looking at the menu I had been yearning for the red tuna tartare and so ordered this along with what I always find to give a good outcome, ‘whatever chef wished to recommend.’ And that certainly paid off this time.

The red tuna tartare was presented with what I will hopefully be not too far off as describing as a mild and subtle guacamole. A slither crisp of bread and a little side salsa.

But as for the second plate, or to be precise vase, I have to admit I did not know what was before me. Perhaps I do not get out enough in fishy circles but I had to ask restaurant manager Alexia for guidance—I have never seen Anchovies of anything like this size. Think king prawn to shrimp and you will have a fair idea.

The anchovies were perfect with a liberal dosing of local lemon and just tasted so fresh that you had the impression they had been caught hours earlier. This is no surprise as chef Andres later told me that was exactly the case, caught, cooked and eaten on the same day.

The tartare was simply off the scale. So juicy and full of flavour I could have eaten it all night and certainly will be again on other nights—though next time definitely not sharing.

A truly refined and memorable supper for those who worship taste and quality above all else.

Rewinding slightly to waiting for our food on the terrace. With camera in hand we were saying how disappointing that having planned to come for sunset it looked as if it would be one of the less inspiring sundowns. But then, within no more than a minute or two, it was as if God had heard our mild moaning  and for whatever virtuous deeds we may have done , he decided we deserved one of his best and stunning sunsets as a backdrop to our meal. And wow, did he put on a show as you can see.

No filters, no enhancement, just San Antonio doing what it does.

I noticed a plaque with Madonna’s La Isla Bonitas lyrics whilst walking around the hotel. No wonder she reportedly changed them from San Pedro to Ibiza during her recent visit.

This is where I long to be, La Isla Bonita.

See ad below or goto the website


Community & Agenda


Thursday 7th Apr to Wednesday 13th Apr 2016

ARIES – The Wheel of Fortune

If you’ve been feeling a bit low lately then this card is the answer to your prayers; for it indicates that if you’ve been down, then the only way to go is up!

Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself, (this is hardly an Aries trait anyway), get out and look for fresh opportunities. Be adaptable and open to new ideas.

TAURUS – The Sun

This is a wonderful card which promises happy times this week.  Opportunities should be grasped by both hands as you’re now on the way to increasing your personal wealth.

If your health has given you cause for concern, this healing card brings vitality and a sense of wellbeing at last.  New ventures bring success.

GEMINI – Ten of Swords

You’re at the point of an emotional breakthrough; however, this week you find it hard to see that. Your fears can cripple your creative output if you allow them to go unchecked.

By all means seek the advice or help of someone you trust.  You need to offload and be encouraged.  Loving, kind people can help.

CANCER – Nine of Cups

This is such a lovely card and one of the three wish cards in the tarot pack.  Make a firm statement to life about what you want.

Worries will fade this week and new plans will start to materialise.

You can attract what you want so remain positive over personal and financial matters.  A week to be happy!

LEO – Justice (reversed)

You may feel that a situation is being played out unjustly against your interests.  Sometimes however, you have to bite the bullet, cut your loses and realise that you can’t always get your way.

Karma, or an eye for an eye operates with this card reversed.  Something you’ll have to accept and move on.

VIRGO – Two of Pentacles

Maybe you’re juggling to many balls in the air Virgo, which is causing stress and an imbalance in your life.  Try to keep on an even keel and don’t let others get to you; remember that its only THEIR opinion and they can’t dictate what’s important to you. Watch your finances this week; don’t overspend.

LIBRA – The World

This card brings you the freedom to finally choose your own path as you’ve now learned from past mistakes.  Remain open to new opportunities and ready to act. Libra can be famous for indecisiveness, but this is not the week to be so.  There’s every sign that a new venture will be successful.

SCORPIO – Knight of Swords

Resist the urge to be overbearing towards those you’re close too or towards colleagues at work. You may feel you’re in the right; but it won’t do you any favours to rub people up the wrong way. Don’t forget that others too may have long memories and won’t shy away from a confrontation.

SAGITTARIUS – Three of Pentacles


Your fortunes seem to be all at sea at the moment; one minute you’re on the crest of a wave, the next down in the depths.  It must be incredibly frustrating at times.  The best way to view obstacles this week is to not see them as such.  Maybe there’s good reason behind the lack of progress.  Try to be patient.

CAPRICORN – Eight of Cups

You must sometimes wonder if there is no end to the demands that others put upon you.  You may feel like taking off and leaving all in sundry to take care of their lives, issues and problems. What are you waiting for then; even a short break will be restorative and possibly heart-warming!

AQUARIUS – Ten of Pentacles

Adding to your material life is easy this week as others like what you do and are willing to dig deep for your services.  This card also indicates an unexpected windfall, so you might want to speculate to accumulate.   Life is offering you opportunities that a year ago would have been hard to imagine.  How wonderful!

PISCES – Knight of Wands

It’s a great week to consolidate any pending travel plans  Business could also be linked to your trip so firm up those appointments and prepare well.  This Knight can also indicate a home move for some, one linked with renewed optimism for the future or a sense of adventure.  Someone has a good business idea for you.

View From The Pew- The Apocalypse

Rev. Dr Peter Pimentel

The last book in the Bible is known as The Revelation or The Apocalypse.  The author is a first century Christian prophet by the name of John.  He says: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet saying, ‘write in a book what you see.’” (Rev 1:10)  The phrase “in the Spirit” is a first century Christian way of referring to an altered state of consciousness into the realm of prophetic visions.  John puts it this way: “After this I looked, and there in heaven a door stood open!  And the first voice, which I had heard speaking like a trumpet, said, ‘Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.’ And at once I was in the Spirit, and there in heaven stood a throne!” (Rev 4:1-2)  A portal is open between heaven and earth with an invitation to enter in!  The rest of the Apocalypse is the account of the profound prophetic visions that John saw concerning the last days of planet earth as we know it.

The prophet John also says that he received his visions not directly from God but via an angel!  The revelation comes from God via Jesus via an angel! And then to us via the prophet John!  “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place; he made it known by sending his angel to his servant John.” (Rev 1:1) The prophet John seems to have been a member of a brotherhood of prophets.  Angels are incredibly awesome.  During one his visions from his guiding angel, John was tempted to fall down and worship the angel: “Then I fell down at his feet to worship him, but he said to me, ‘You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers who hold the testimony of Jesus. Worship God!  For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” (Rev 19:10)  The Christian church today is beginning once again, thankfully, to recover the prophetic experience.  We desperately need prophecy to steer us through these troubling times and visions for the darkening days.

  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza and Formentera. Service this Sunday 10th April 10.30am at the Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street) Santa Eularia. See our website for locations and more information:
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383



Ms. Nicola Bole and Mr. Chris O’Connor of Carrer Retir, Sant Antoni de Portmany would like to announce their engagement.

Place your announcements online using addit …

Beach Football.

  • Cala Llonga
    • Brian Whetton

The 2nd annual 5-a-side Beach Football competition on Cala LLonga beach takes place this coming Sunday.

Organised by Paolo in conjunction with Viva Cala Llonga and  the Association of Vecinos, the competition is open to everyone. If you’re interested then turn up at 9-00 am , if you have a black or white T-shirt then bring it, although there will be T-shirts available.

The games are for adults (from 9-30 am) and youngsters. (from 12 mid-day) After the football and trophy presentation there will be Curry or Chilli available (10€) following which there will be live music from Paco Fernandez. Kick off your spring in Cala Llonga!!


Showing at teatroespana Sta Eulalia 18-30hrs. Fri 8th. Sat 9th Sun 10th March. Hail Caesar (2016 Comedy. Cert 12A. 1hr 46mins). Stars: Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Alden Ehrenreich  A Hollywood fixer in the 1950s works to keep the studio’s stars in line. From Wed 13th March 18-30hrs Joy. Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper. Joy is the story of the title character, who rose to become founder and matriarch of a powerful family business dynasty.

San Jordi

  • San Jordi’s fiesta programme gets underway this week with a wide range of activities planned for all ages.

Thursday 7th April 18:00 – Storyteller Lidia Lua reads Prince Charming and the Blue Princess.

Weekend 15th – 17th April – the event steps up a gear with the second Swing and Roll festival including a fair on Saturday 16th.

Friday 22nd April – St George’s Patronage of books is celebrated with free giveaways at the library and in the evening DJ’s and a concert in the square.

St Georges Day, April 23rd commences with a mass at 11am followed by a classic car parade and later live folk music taking the party through to the night culminating in a firework display.

Sunday 24th April – a 3 hour nature trek is offered, enrolment at .

Sabina’s Dog Psychology

  • Sabina Farnhill

Dear readers and dog owners,

today I would like to talk about lead aggression. The aggression of dogs on the lead is a serious problem for dogs and owners. I’ve been observing a lot of dogs having an aggressive behaviour on the lead, when passing other dogs. But I also see their owners, who present themselves completely passive at the moment of confrontation, holding on to their dogs frantically and being overwhelmed by the situation.

  • Why is the dog pulling so aggressively on the lead ?

These are dogs which get very little or no leadership from their owners, which means that they are being forced to take over. But what does the dog learn in such a moment, when its owner behaves so passively?

The dog does not know that his behaviour is a misconduct, he has only taken over the leadership.

So he learns to go forward, because he has to make it clear to others that he must take on the leadership, since his owner is incapable. Thus, the problem manifests as the owners have no idea, that the problem has occurred because of their failure.

If the misconduct is not corrected at its root, it will increasingly reinforce the dogs bad behaviour. Saying that … what started as the initial bullying slowly will change into aggression.

Problems of this kind always begin at home. It is always a package of wrong behaviour of the dog owner, that’s why I always start my Consultas at home. There are little things which the owner fails to execute correctly, but are immediately properly assessed by the dog. The dog language is very simple and easy to understand if we humans would only take the time to understand it.

  • So if the dog is forced to take over the leadership, it then becomes a fundamental problem for dogs and owners, which is generally underestimated by the owners.

With consistency, firmness and patience, we set limits and discipline without punishment.

Remember:      EXERCISE – DISCIPLINE – AFFECTION   and only in this order !!!

“Only a calm, respectful dog is submissive and happy”  The size of the dog does not matter, even a “lap dog” has to be educated, because only feeding and loving is never enough.

With kind regards,  Sabina

Five Minute Fiction


  • Kathryn Berla

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep which is not at all an uncommon event. It wasn’t always that way. When I was younger I slept with no awareness of the world around me. I slept so soundly that my dreams were long played out and already forgotten by the time I woke. Twelve hours on a weekend was not unusual for me when I was younger.

Then crying new born babies began to wake me at regular intervals during the night. Later they transformed into little children with bad dreams or night-time stomach aches. By the time they had grown out of being novice teenage drivers with a world of dangers waiting at every traffic light, my brain had forgotten how to sleep. Or at least it had trained itself to rouse me at the slightest noise or mildest provocation… a random thought for instance.

So last night when I couldn’t sleep it was not a surprise. My shoulder ached on this side. My hip ached on that side. Did I turn the oven off? Did I turn the dishwasher on? What happened after the movie credits rolled last night? Did the characters ever find their way to Oregon?

And so on.

So I forced myself to lie in the dark with my thoughts. At least my body is resting, I reasoned.The sudden mildly stinging sensation in the corner of my eye brought my hand instinctively to my face.  And in that reflexive motion, I realized that I was holding onto something warm and wiggly– a very small man, no bigger than my thumb, lilac in colour with a tiny golden messenger bag slung across his shoulder. I held him firmly but carefully, not wishing to cause him any harm. His gossamer wings were beating wildly so I tucked them down into my palm to keep them safe.

So this is what gossamer wings look like, I marvelled. I never knew that the Sandman could fly.

His large dark eyes looked up at me pleadingly and I felt a twinge of regret. His tiny heart was visibly pounding underneath the surface of his translucent flesh. His fragile body trembled so violently that it set my hand to vibrating.

I looked over at my husband who was soundly sleeping. I couldn’t bear to wake him.

But just imagine his surprise when he sees what I’ve caught, I reasoned. “Please,” I whispered to the little man. “Just until tomorrow morning, and then I promise I’ll let you go.”

He looked defeated and demoralized. He knew what this meant and so did I. A lot of people would go without sleep tonight. Still… how many opportunities will a person have in a lifetime to hold magic in her hands?

The next morning I woke with a start. My hand was curled in a loose fist that had opened like a blossoming rose in the middle of the night. Random sprinkles of golden powder glittered on my knuckles, spilled from his bag while he worked his way loose.

In the end I was left with just my shame and a lingering question.

Would he forgive me my trespass against him, or would I be condemned to a lifetime of sleeplessness for that one selfish act?



Amanda Zips It Up

H&M Conscious Collection

I’m not always a massive fan of H&M.  I find that the quality of their garments can be quite poor, but I do love their collabs, especially the organic sounding ‘Conscious Collection’.

H&M’s annual Conscious Exclusive collection is always hotly anticipated, not least because H&M goes to town with show-stopping, floor-length dresses and unique prints unlike anything else originating from the high street. The new spring collection is set to be as coveted as always. The Swedish retailer has gone all cultural, announcing a collaboration with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (museum of decorative arts) in Paris.

H&M’s design team has delved into the museum’s fashion archives and taken inspiration from French painter Gustave Moreau to create a line of what it calls ‘red carpet pieces’. Simultaneously, the collection will also push the retailer’s boundaries when it comes to sustainability. H&M is working with innovative materials, such as beads and rhinestones, made from recycled glass, and Denimite, a recycled fabric made from old denim.

To top it all off, French style maven and daughter of former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld, Julia Restoin Roiteld, is the face of the range. And she’s a beaut.

The collection launched yesterday, April 7, the same day that the opening of the museum’s new exhibition, Fashion Forward – Three Centuries of Fashion. The show featured a selection from H&M’s own archives, including a look back at its first ever collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld.

If you have a summer wedding this year where you’ll be required to pull out all the sartorial stops, be sure to mark the date in your diary. If you bold enough, some of what’s on offer could pass for actual Wedding dresses.

Lets hope there isn’t a repeat performance of the Balmain collab mayhem at stores this week. That was a nightmare!

Here are my personal selective favourites.

“Matte’s The Way I Like It”

It’s April! That long awaited month where it’s ok to play pranks, it’s supposed to stop raining and flowers pop up everywhere to make you ready and eager for summer!

But here at Amanda Zips It Up, Ask Aurora takes your beauty questions very seriously and in this issue we have been checking out the latest make up craze – Matte Lipsticks. The celebs are showing off their striking pouts in full force and even putting their names behind this mega-watt colour explosion, but we’ve once again trawled the planet to bring you the “creme de matte” of the lipstick world, no matter what skin tone you have!

Preparation is everything. – Matte lipstick shows no mercy so it pays to prime your lips before you apply a product that is daringly bold and won’t budge without make up remover. I began with a lip scrub – H&M Beauty “Clean Canvas” – £7.00 – which was a delicious, caramel tasting exfoliator and got rid of all flakes.

Our runaway favourite Matte was Arianna Grande Viva Glam for Mac – £17 – With it’s “outerspace” combination of dark chocolate and violet hues, it’s not for the faint hearted. But if you’re into going “full on vamp” then it really will make you stand out from the crowd.

A little tamer, but just as vibrant was The Body Shop’s brand new range of Cheek and Lip Stain. £15 – It dries to a super matt finish and has ten beautiful shades. We loved the orange tones of “Dutch Tulip”, which builds from a fresh peach to a striking coral, the more coats you apply.

Fairer skinned chicas need not fear being left out. We traced a beautiful and colourful “Nude Pink” at IsaDora Perfect Matt – £14. Surprisingly feather light application and  very popular with our Nordic lovelies!

We couldn’t leave you without a vintage red in our selection and this time the honours went to Smashbox Legendary Lipstick in “Unzipped Matt” – £18 – It’s invincible staying power impressed our jury and the kind hearted souls also brought out “InstaMatte Lip Transformer” £22 which actually turns your existing lipstick look into a delectable, unshakeable matt finish.

Who could ask for anything more!



Grand National Guide

Race Facts

  • Saturday April 9 2016. Race time: UK 15pm/ESP 6.15pm
  • Crabbie’s Grand National Chase (Grade 3 Handicap)4m 2f 74y, (7yo+, 4m 2f 74y, Class 1, 87 runners)
  • Winner £561,300 2nd £211,100 3rd £105,500 4th £52,700 5th£26,500 6th £13,200 7th £6,800 8th £3,600 9th £2,000 10th £1,000
  • Going: Good to soft, sft in places on hurdle course, sft, gd to sft in plcs on national course

Further safety changes have been made to the Aintree Grand National course for 2016. These are summarised on the course plan image.

  • To use sweepstake kit:
  • Cut out the racing colours squares, and place into a hat
  • As participants draw their selections enter names to the race card.

Good luck!


Jezza’s Sport Report

Calypso Kings (& Queens!)


Oh nooooooooooo! Would you believe it and talk about the high’s and low’s of sport! Having put themselves in a wonderful position to become the first team to win the T20 World Cup for the 2nd time, England snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the last over of the Final against the West Indies in Kolkota, India on Sunday. Right from the start, as we sat down to watch what we hoped would be a thrilling win for unfancied England, Captain Morgan’s boys were up against it as they lost 3 wickets with only 27 on the board, but, give credit it where it’s due, and thanks to a superb innings from Root (who else!) backed up by sterling efforts from Buttler and Willey, the Red Rose reached 155 in their 20 overs, to give the bowlers at least something to play with. And didn’t they just they do that, sending the dangerous Gayle (scorer of a 44 ball ton in their first Group match), Charles and Simmonds (man of the match in the semi against India) back to the pavilion with only 11 runs on the board to put themselves right back in the match. But then the Windies put a 75 run stand together to reach 86/3 before England struck back, again, with 3 quick wickets to reduce the Windies to 107/6 and falling behind with the run-rate which came down to 27 required off the last 12 balls, do-able but with England’s death bowlers Jordan and Stokes, who had performed brilliantly throughout the tournament, to come, we all thought this is in the bag. Not true, as, although Jordan only conceded 8 off the penultimate over, 19 were required off the last 6 but cometh the hour, cometh the man, that man being a 6’8” mountain of Caribbean muscle, namely Brathwaite, who clubbed Stokes’ first ball for a magnificent 6. Hmmm, 13 off 5, England still with the advantage, 2nd ball another 6, ooer, oh, s***! 7 off 4, we’re losing the plot, 3rd ball, yet another 6 and the scores are tied but still 1 required off 3, we’re out of it, 4th ball, just to add insult to injury, another mighty 6 and a Windies win. So, 4 consecutive 6’s and what a way a way to finish a cricket match, let alone a World Cup Final! Absolutely brilliant match with both teams giving their all, but the Windies fire-power at No 9 prevailing. So, hats off to the Windies but bear a thought for England who were magnificent throughout the tournament doing their fans proud especially when you consider that just a year ago they were absolutely pilloried for being knocked out of the ODI World Cup at the group stage. Congrats then to the Kings from the Caribbean but also the Queens as well, as their women’s team defeated overwhelming favourites and holders Australia, victors over Charlotte Edward’s England team in the semi, to make it a fantastic double. Brilliant tournament and great cricket throughout!

Rugby Union

Still tight at t’top in the Premiership as leaders Saracens are only 3 points clear at the top after their win over Bath, but Exeter, in 2nd, aren’t giving up without a fight, as they put 50 points on Worcester, while Wasps, in 3rd are only 5 points ( a bonus try win) off the leaders after their 28-6 home win over Northampton. Elsewhere, Leicester beat Gloucester 35-30 to remain in 4th, Sale continued their good run with an away win at bottom club London Irish and Harlequins beat Newcastle.

Rugby League

and on Friday, the top two in the Super League met at the DW, with leaders Warrington coming out on top against Wigan to open up a 2 point gap, Widnes in 3rd, seem to be on a bit of a downer as they suffered consecutive losses, as are traditional strong teams, St Helens and Leeds as they both lost, yet again, the former now in 6th and the latter, as Champions, would you believe, 2nd from bottom with 4 points out of a possible 18.


After the international break t’was back to the humdrum of the Premier League last w/end and the question that was uppermost in most fans’ mind, could Leicester, long time leaders, maintain their push for a first ever Premier League title, let alone their first ever League title. Answer, yes they could with a 1-0 win (their 4th consecutive un gol win, but who cares, 12 points from 12!) at home over Southampton, whilst nearest challengers Tottenham could only draw 1-1 at Anfield against Liverpool, thereby falling 7 points behind the Foxes with only 6 games to go. Despite what Arsenal’s Mnsr Wenger and Man City’s Señor Pellegrini say ( they both reckon they can still win the league, even with their teams 11 and 15 points respectively off the pace, admittedly with a game in hand) and although they both won 4-0 at the w/end, the Gunners at home to Watford and City away at Bournemouth, I can’t see it occurring, especially as neighbours Man Utd are only a point behind City after their tight 1-0 win at OT over Everton, a possible rehearsal of the FA Cup semi to come, with due respect to West Ham who play Utd in a Quarter Final replay next week. As for the Hammers themselves, in 6th and only 2 points behind Utd, they drew 2-2 at home to Crystal Palace, to halt the Eagles terrible run of only 5 points from the last 42! Elsewhere, Stoke let a 2 nil lead go to draw 2-2 with Swansea, Chelsea extended their unbeaten run to 14 matches (in fact since Hiddink took over) in the Premier to lead the form table after their 4-0 win over almost-down-and-out Aston Villa, whilst at the bottom end, Naaarwich did themselves a power of good in a 6-pointer 3-2 win over looking-desperate Newcastle and neighbours Sunderland ‘, still 4 points from safety, drew 0-0 with West Bromwich.

It’s Europe again this week for the fortunate two, Man City and Liverpool, although methinks if both get through to the next rounds they will have done brilliantly, as, the former take on Paris SG on Wednesday in Paris in the 1st leg of their Champions League Quarter Final, and the latter are in Germany in the Europa League Quarters, taking on Dortmund in the 1st leg with ‘Pool’s Herr Klopp returning to his former club. So good luck to both to keep the home flags flying.

Must mention El Clasico in La Liga, afore I finish, where Real Madrid produced a spirited display to pip Barca 2-1 at the Nou Camp, the first time the Catalans have lost at home for many a match, and where Cristiano usurped Leo with an 85th minute winner. More a question of pride really as the gap between them is still 7 points, but you never know. Could also be a rehearsal for a CL semi though, as both are in action this week, Barca with the more daunting task against Atletico Madrid while Real are away at Germany’s Wolfsburg.

STOP PRESS – Just heard that Chelsea have announced the worst-kept secret of this year as they officially appointed Italy manager Antonio Conte as their new manager after the Euros. Well, 3 consecutive Serie A titles with Juventus can’t be a bad c.v!

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  • Rosberg wins 5th race in a row with ease
  • Ferrari engine failure sees Vettel out before start
  • Alonso unfit to drive with broken ribs
    • Rhian Gibbs

We’re in Bahrain this week and given Hamilton’s poor start last week, it would be interesting to see if he could use pole to his advantage, unfortunately for him it wasn’t to be. Ferrari suffered a major blow with Vettel experiencing engine failure on the formation lap and the not so prancing horse retired immediately, it didn’t hold up the start though and with lights out Rosberg gave us a glimpse of his improving form taking the lead. Hamilton wasn’t far behind but at the first corner Bottas gave him a nasty shunt which spun the Mercedes and dropped Hamilton to ninth – the damage sufficient to lose him a second a lap and whilst he fought hard, and took the last podium place, we didn’t get to see the usual scrapping amongst the leaders of the pack. Rosberg led the race with ease and Raikkonen in his Ferrari did his best to catch the German, but despite getting close, it wasn’t enough and they finished P1 and P2 respectively.

Red Bulls Ricciardo is also showing his prowess in another strong drive crossing the line P4 and putting him third in the drivers’ championship, his teammate Kvyat also held his own against the Williams duo but could only go as far as P7.

Haas scored points for their second race in Formula 1 with Grosjean taking a fantastic P5 for the American team, even with a long final pit stop. Verstappen took his Toro Rosso home P6 and again showed us some gutsy driving along the way.

The Williams team may have gotten their strategy slightly wrong in Bahrain trying a two stop strategy for both cars, though Bottas didn’t help himself by barging into Hamilton on the first lap – he received a 5 second stop go penalty for the accident and he finished P9, just behind his teammate Massa, P8.

Following Alonso’s epic crash in Australia, he was side-lined with fractured ribs, much to his disappointment. In his shoes stepped Stoffel Vandoorne making his F1 debut. The young Belgian took to the car as if he’d been behind the wheel for years and took the final point for McLaren, P10. He may be a reserve driver right now, but I doubt he will be for much longer – definitely one to watch for in the future. Button on the other hand, retired his car after suffering massive power loss – another blow for the team.

After starting in the pits, Magnusson for Renault made a great comeback battling through to P11, while his teammate Palmer was yet another retiree on the formation lap with hydraulic failure.

Sauber had a reasonable race for both drivers, however Ericsson was superior, fighting his way back to take P12 after sudden power loss early in the race; one of his battles was with Wehrlein who brought his Manor home P13 and is yet another example of a potential champion in the making. Nasr could only manage P14 with the second Sauber and the two Force India’s followed with Perez P16 and Hulkenberg P17 – both experiencing problems throughout the race. Haryanto was the last to finish for Manor, P18 and other retirements included Gutierrez for Haas and Sainz for Toro Rosso.

It does seem that there will be a clear distance between the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes, however (and maybe more importantly) we are seeing some amazing driving and battles going on with the rest of the teams. The qualifying may have changed and the jury is out on that one, but the new three tyre compound choice is a definite winner.

  • Next race: China, 17th April

The Guide



The average person in Spain would need 7.6 years of salary to purchase a property.

This is based on the fact that the average price of a property per square metre is currently situated at 1,433 euro.

In the regions where house prices are more expensive, the average wage of its residents are generally higher than those elsewhere.

However, despite the fact that the price per square metre of urban land is the highest in the regions of the Basque Country(2,093 euro), Madrid (2,024 euro) and Cataluña (1,886 euro), residents living in the regions of the Balearic Islands (15.8 years),Cantabria (9 years) and Madrid (9 years) need a greater amount of their salary to pay for an average property.

In Murcia, however, this figure is reduced to just 5.4 years. And all the above figures are way off what the average person needed during the property boom, when 13.7 years of salary were required in 2007.

The average price of a property in Spain registered at 1,433 euro/square metre during the first quarter of 2016, which is anannual decline of 0.5%, according to statistics from property valuators ST Sociedad de Tasación.

These figures show that house prices are continuing to stabilize in this country, but when you look at prices and variations of the different autonomous regions, the difference between the most expensive areas for real estate and the least expensive is enormous.

House prices are the highest in the province of Guipúzcoa in the Basque Country (2,318 euro/square metre) followed byBarcelona (2,069 euro/square metre), while the cheapest properties to buy are found in Badajoz (821 euro/square metre) andCuidad Real (830 euro/square metre).

And with regards to autonomous regions, house prices are at their highest in the Basque Country (2,093 euro/square metre), despite the fact that prices here fell 2.2% from last year. After the Basque Country are Madrid (2,024 euro/square metre) where prices rose 0.4% annually, and Cataluña (1,886 euro/square metre), where prices also went up 0.3%.

The only other regions in which house prices rose from a year ago are the Balearic Islands (0.9%) and Murcia (0.2%).

In all other regions apart from the four mentioned above, property prices fell, with the biggest reductions in Aragón (-2.9%),Asturias (-2.9%) and Cantabria (-2.7%).

At the other end of the scale, property is the most affordable in Extremadura (838 euro/square metre) and Castilla-La Mancha(900 euro/square metre), the only regions where prices register below the 1,000 euro/square metre mark.

Information supplied with kind assistance of On The Pulse Of Spain—a great resource for legal , administrative and property matters.