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The Ibizan 821, 24 Mar 16
The Ibizan 821, 24 Mar 16

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The Ibizan 821 ~ 24 Mar 16



Taxing Times

Eco Tax, tourist tax, call it what you will, it seems all but certain that Tuesday’s Balearic parliament session will approve the legislation required to impose the controversial levy on all adults staying in registered tourist accommodation throughout the Balearics.

The tax will commence for stays from July 1st 2016 where visitors to the Balearics over the age of 15 years will be charged a daily rate of between 0.25€ and 2€. The Balearic parliament hears the bill in its Tuesday session and the government can rely on the support of the 34 deputies of PSIB, MÉS, and Podemos which will carry the day against the 20 PP deputies who will vote against, and the 3 of PI and 2 of Ciudadanos which are not completely certain in their intent.

The government claim that the bill of sustainable tourist tax, now commonly referred to as the Eco Tax, will produce an annual revenue of at least 80m€.

It will be the second time that a socialist government has introduced a tax of this nature, the last during the tenure of Progress Pact socialist Francesc Antich who held office between 1999 and 2003. The previous tourist tax was repealed by Jaume Matas’ PP government.

The support for the tourist tax is far from universal as reflected in our recent straw poll on the subject (see below).

Both the current proposed Eco Tax and that at the turn of the century is, and was, strongly opposed by the hoteliers sector. The GOB, the main Balearic ecologist group, who stand to benefit most from the tax are also sceptical as to its outcome stating it to be “a missed opportunity to implement a tax with real intent to alleviate and even reverse the impact of the massive tourist monoculture”.

In implementing the tax, the regional tourist department will undertake an information campaign through tour operators to inform potential visitors how much they will have to pay if they travel to the Balearic Islands.

Visitors will see the charge noted on their bill as a tourist stay tax and it will be payable by those staying in hotels, apartments, rural accommodation, hostels, vacation homes/villas and interestingly also cruise ships visiting the islands.

From the 1st May to 31st October, considered high season, the rates will range from 2€ a day in top hotels to 50 cents in hostels. In low season the levy is reduced by half from the 9th day of the stay. This seems something of a red herring as between November and April it must surely be a very low number if any tourist who visit the island for more than 9 days.


Clunk, Click

  • 34 fines for not using correct seatbelt or restraint systems in Police sting.

In a campaign targeting drivers who do not use seatbelts between San Antonio local police and the Director General of Travel (DGT) between the 14th and 20th March, 34 drivers are facing prosecution through fines for being found in breach of regulations.

In total 560 vehicles were checked, from which 11 drivers were found not to wearing seatbelts, 8 passengers were found not be wearing seatbelts and 14 rear seat passengers were found not to be wearing seatbelts. The final penalty will be issued against a child, which for legal purpose is defined as under 1.35m, travelling in the front seat without a full harness child restraint system fitted.

Ibiza Gay Pride 2016

Whether you will consider this report under the heading of job of the week, photo of the week, or oddity of the week will perhaps be dependent on your connection with the Ibiza Gay Pride organisation. However regardless of any personal turn-ons or hang-ups, the size and success of the first gay pride event in 2015 is reflected by their bringing in international artists to create the image for Gay Pride 16. Belgium photographer Eric Ceccarini and body painting artist Jaunlouis Boccar are combining their creativity to produce the image that will be used in all marketing and media. Antonio Balibrea promotor of Ibiza gay pride said “to have Ceccarini is a coup for us as he is an internationally renowned artist and his work with naked bodies and colour is precisely what we are looking for as an image for the second event” the model depicted in the photos is Denis Vega who has an extensive career and reputation within the gay community, though we understand there will also be images representing the lesbian group with model Garazi Ortuza. After this initial shoot in San Mateu, the difficult part begins when the final images for use must be selected.

Photos Raw Press

End of the road for the Cannabis Clubs?

San Antonio Cannabis Association Inspection Ends In 3 Arrests

The Civil Guard, in collaboration with the Local Police of Sant Antoni, has arrested three men on public health charges following their inspection on March 19th.

Formations of so called ‘Cannabis Clubs’ have flourished in Spain utilising legal loopholes to circumvent legislation that would otherwise make their existence illegal, however the Supreme court’s judgement in October 2015 found organisers of such clubs in Catalonia criminally responsible for public health crimes. Since then, the established clubs have been in a legal limbo land as to their status and how the Supreme Court’s decision would be implemented at local level.

The San Antonio club president, secretary and treasurer got their answer on Saturday 19th March when the three, a Romanian aged 27 and two Spaniards aged 38 and 39, were arrested following a police inspection.

Among items confiscated by police there were about 5,500 kilograms of marijuana, 50 grams of hashish resin, glass jars with different resin and hashish oils, joints containing marijuana ready for consumption and 770 euros in cash.

Further 4 Arrested In Second Cannabis Club Raid

Following the San Antonio cannabis club raid reported above, the national police have arrested 4 more people in a separate operation against another of Ibiza’s cannabis clubs, this time situated in Puig den Valls.

Police seized 10kg of marijuana, 65 plants, 160 grams of hashish and 5 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms. They also removed various ancillary equipment, precision scales etc. and 1300€ in cash.


Michelmore Dies, Aged 96

Presenter Cliff Michelmore passed away on Thursday 16th March aged 96. In a career spanning more than four decades, Michelmore anchored coverage of events including the Apollo moon landings and two general elections.

Known for his unflappable style, he interviewed figures including Prince Charles, Prime Minister Harold Wilson and a 17-year-old David Bowie.

Cliff was the first presenter of the then pioneering television programme ‘Holiday’. It was whilst working on the holiday show that he described Ibiza as “that septic isle”. When interviewed many years later Cliff was asked about the comment and said “I understand they have cleaned it up now. I don’t know for sure as they haven’t let me go back.”

We think Cliff can consider that indiscretion forgiven.

Rest in Peace.

 Agua Gang

30 associations and institutions from throughout the Pituises have come together to present a common front to combat water scarcity caused by both the natural drought of recent years and what is considered to be a massive overuse of the remaining resource.

After several preliminary planning meetings, Tuesday 22nd March was the day the body officially launched itself under the name Alliance for Sustainable Water Management. The alliance’s specific objectives were presented by Lidia Sorano, coordinator of the new body, who holds a doctorate in law having completed a thesis on fresh water management and international law. Lidia listed the objectives as:

Promoting good practice in water management

Collect data to ascertain the current status of water reserves and aquifers

Support awareness campaigns (aimed at both tourists and residents)

Provide legal advice to governments and pressure groups

“Our short term strategy is asking for more transparency and more information on the situation of the desalination plant in Santa Eulalia and the relating interconnection works” said Sorano adding that “the current situation was unclear and information confused”. She also talked of establishing two working groups one which will focus on awareness campaigns and publicity and the other as data collectors to monitor water reserves particularly focussing on the on salinization of aquifers by sea water intrusion.

Mountain Bikes Reign Over Ibiza – 25th – 27th March

This weekend sees the return of the Mountain Bike MMR which will tour the island of Ibiza in a 3 stage event with 1200 participants from the UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Netherlands as just some of the countries represented.

In the inauguration of the event on Tuesday, the head of the organization, Juan José Planells stressed that the Tour had reached new heights in this 2016 edition. He said “We had to close registration with 1,200 cyclists; with nearly 500 more interested bikers on the waiting list”. Among them, the race will feature guests such as Marc Coma, Julián Simon, Josef Ajram, Héctor Barberá or Roberto Solozábal – former football player of Atlético de Madrid and of the Spanish team, who was also present at the inauguration of the Tour. In addition, the head of Ibizasport has highlighted the presence of some of the best couples of the world mountain bike circuit, who have moved to Ibiza after competing in the final round of the World Cup finals in South Africa.

“Today, Bartolo Planells would be very happy. The road that started many years ago has led us here. We are glad to support sports projects that show the lesser known side of the island so efficiently”, said Vicent Torres, President of the Consell Insular.

Of its three stages, the first stage consists of 61.8km route from the city of Ibiza to the town of Sant Antoni; passing landmarks like El Alto de Sa Capelleta, Cala Jondal, Puig Den Serra Alto, Alto de Sa Talaia and arriving in San Antoni.  At the top of Sa Talalia, the organisation will hold a ceremony for the Bartolo Planells award which will be given to ‘the first couples in male/female categories to reach the summit’ each winning € 300 per couple. The summit is located between 47.7 and 52.2km of the first stage and has a distance of 4.5km with an average gradient of 7% and a maximum of 13.7%.

In the second stage the riders will complete an 88km route near the coast, in a tough but motivating route due to the beauty of the places they will travel through; Cala Salada, Es Camp Vell Alto, San Mateo, San Miguel Port, Benirras, Cala Xarraca, Portinatx, Puig d’en Morna, and finishing in Santa Eulalia.

Finally, the third stage of 55km, starting and finishing in San Antonio Abad combines a tour of the spectacular coves of the municipality of San Jose and the forested interior of the island.


Easter Food & Drink

Church Easter Fair

  • San Rafael
  • Margaret Nawaz.

This year’s Easter Fair at Bar Cruce in San Raphael is taking place this coming Saturday 26th March 9am to 3pm. The fair is to raise money that will be divided between Age Concern Ibiza & Formentera and The Homeless. I am asking for donations of items that can be raffled, used on the tombola, plant, toy, book, homemade cakes/jams and nearly new clothing stalls. If you have anything that you wish to donate then this can be dropped off at Thomas Greens in San Antonio, or if you’re on the eastern side of the island then call me and I’ll arrange to meet you. I hope that the generosity shown in the past can once again help to make the fair a huge success and I look forward to seeing you there. For more information or if you would like to help out on the day then call me on 971 196394. Happy Easter to everyone.

Mariposa Easter Fair

  • Cala Llonga

Mariposa on the Pueblo Esparagos will be hosting their famous (it is in our house, we love it) easter fair on Easter Sunday the 27th March. A truly traditional affair with stalls, tombolas, and the ’haven’t really lived til you’ve tried it’ Pig Racing by Brian and Di.

To make donations to the tombola, all proceeds of which go to Age Concern, or to book a stall of your own, contact Di on 671 26 05 78.

Shrewsbury Simnel Cake

  • Carl Hague

Simnel Cake – Fact or fiction? A charming story and a delicious cake.

I remember that my mum used to make a special cake for Easter, called a “Simnel Cake,” so I looked it up on the ‘tin brain’ to find out more about it.  Simnel cakes, it seems, have a long and interesting history and not a little mythology attached.  The main thread is that they were made by servant girls in grand houses, as gifts for their mothers at Easter and usually given on the girls’ first day off after the hiring fair. The main ingredients are sugar, spices, dried fruit, marzipan and white flour – a great luxury in medieval times.

I made the version known as the Shrewsbury Simnel cake named after the city where it was first said to have been made, intending them to be Easter gifts for friends (though the did not last that long).


 250g unsalted butter

175g plain white flour

4 eggs

200g soft brown sugar

100g ground almonds

2 heaped teaspoons allspice

1 heaped teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 heaped teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 level teaspoon ground cloves

150g golden sultanas (or more or less to suit your taste)

150g glace cherries (or more or less to suit your taste)

1 level teaspoon and a pinch baking powder

1 dessert spoon vanilla essence

1 dessert spoon glycerine

500g homemade marzipan (for the recipe see below)



Set the oven to 150 C

Prepare a 21cm loose based, spring sided baking tin by buttering it lightly, then prepare to line it with a double fold of baking parchment.  When you’ve made your double fold,  make another about 2cm up from the initial fold and snip linked “V” shaped serrations into it at the bottom (folded side) to enable it to fit easily to the sides of the baking tin.  Butter it on the inside side and fit it into the tin, with the “V” shapes at the base.  Cut a rough circle from the leftover butter paper and put it design side down into the base of the tin to secure the side lining.  Next, using the loose base of the tin as a template cut a double layer of baking parchment so that it fits snugly to the inside base of the tin.  Fit the base, butter the cut out circle and place it butter side down on the base making sure to cover the whole base including the “V” shaped cut outs.   I hate this bit, I’m glad it’s over!  In fact you can keep these “cartouches” as they’re called for another time, I do.  When you remove them from the cooked cake do it carefully, they ‘kind of mature.’  At least that’s my excuse.

Make the cake batter.

First scald the sultanas in a jug with enough boiling water to cover them, for about 30 minutes.

Beat the eggs with an electric whisk in a bowl.

Soften the butter and beat in the soft brown sugar, until the mixture is well blended and light.  Add the beaten eggs a little at a time until the mixture is lovely and sloppy!  Beat in the spices, vanilla essence, glycerine, baking powder and finally the flour in maybe four portions, beating the mix to a smooth consistency between each addition.  Finally add the ground almonds and beat them in gently, by now the batter will be quite stiff, don’t overheat your beater!  Drain the sultanas and add them to the mix followed by the cherries. Now making sure they’re super clean, get your hands in, I love it!  Stir the batter by hand until you have the fruit evenly distributed through the batter.  We’re almost there – but now scrape your hands clean and wash them well, because its time to add the finishing touch, the marzipan that you have made earlier.

Roll out enough marzipan to make a circle at least 2cm thick, to fit maybe half a centimetre shy of the inside of the cake tin. Set it to one side.

Load approximately a half of the cake batter into the baking tin, making sure that it is level, next place the circle of marzipan on top.  Load the remaining batter on top of the marzipan; make a small depression in the centre of the batter so that when the cake rises during cooking, the baked cake has a level top, rather than a dome.


Make a tinfoil ‘hat’ and fit it to the top of the parchment cartouche, we don’t want a burned finish after all this work. Put the cake tin on a lower middle shelf of the oven and bake


Welcome Back David’s

With its stylish French-Italian cuisine David’s Restaurant/Pizzeria located in the heart of San Antonio is one of the very welcome returns to local life as we head into another season.

David’s has everything to keep the local and tourist happy —great food, express service, a lively atmosphere and very good prices – for example their superb value daily menu which, at 12.50€, has been a workers favourite for many years. The full menu is extensive and their pizzas can be cooked on thin crust or as a Calzone. However there is far more on offer than you would normally find at a regular pizza joint. Our office favourites from the starters include the hot Goat’s Cheese salad, a simply sublime combination of lettuce, tomato, bacon, mushrooms and hot goat’s cheese, and the deliciously different  Salmon with dill oil and toast from the starters. On the main we, and everybody it seems, adore the Magret of Duck with mashed apples and honey. Tastes as good as it sounds.

Other top choices include sirloin steak “perigourdine” style with mushroom sauce truffle and foie-gras (don’t be put off by the fancy ingredients—you can’t grumble at 20.50€ for such a splendid steak). This, as with the entire menu, is prepared by the creative kitchen using the finest, freshest ingredients in Ibiza.

See advert below for contacts and opening.

20th Century Easter Eggs Pt 2

Following last year’s very popular publication of some Easter eggs from the days when your smarties were  inside the egg, and under no circumstances could that egg be eaten before Easter Sunday, we bring you a few more in a pointless, though  enjoyable meander down memory lane.

Love Food Ibiza

  • Claire B

If you love food and love Ibiza, then these new cooking programmes from Love Food Ibiza will be just up your street, or at least get you into the kitchen. Tess Prince’s ‘Love Food Ibiza’ launched in the Spring of 2015 – a brand new website for the white isle where Tess shares her passion for food and music with seasonal recipes, reviews on great places to eat, healthy eating guidelines, information about island produce, interviews with Ibiza’s leading chefs, cool island artisans, superstar DJs and brilliantly creative mixologists.

Last week saw the launch of Tess’s brand new Love Food Ibiza Cooking Show, a 6 episode Web series that’s a love letter to Ibiza, its people and its food. Presented by Tess, and produced by Lucky Life (a well-established media company based on the island), and featuring her inimitable cooking, each episode delves into a different side of Ibiza:

  • Learning the secret ingredients of Ibiza’s finest paella from El Carmen’s Head Chef
  • Cooking one of the world’s biggest ever burgers at Balafia to see if superstar DJ Eats Everything can actually eat everything
  • Sailing to Formentera on an ecological catamaran whilst making a raw food solar powered lunch
  • Exploring the Salinas salt flats and then making salt baked seabass for the Mambo Brothers at their father’s Villa Mercedes restaurant
  • Creating cocktails and tapas at the wildest hotel on the planet Pikes and conjuring up traditional Ibiza recipes in the middle of a rural, organic farm.

Each episode will be available through YouTube – sign up to the YouTube Channel and you’ll be notified when each new episode is posted. Here’s the link to the first episode – Perfect Paella & Postre at Cala d’hort:

As well as being shown how to cook a fabulous selection of dishes in gorgeous locations around the island, the recipes are also given, so you can make them for yourself. What’s not to like?

On Facebook – Love Food Ibiza:



Proper Posture

  • Virgil Brewster, The Workout Club

5 things proper posture will do to enhance your life and how you can improve yours

Imagine this. You are at a party and the music is pumping. All of a sudden, all heads turn towards the entrance.

This stunning tall looking person enters the room. You can hear a pin drop from miles away.

With a proud chest and head up high this person floats past all the people who are in awe of this figure’s beauty and grace.

The other 167 people who passed you by remain unnoticed. What makes people look great, powerful, and filled with confidence besides great looks? The answer is proper posture.

We’d love to share 5 things proper posture will do for you and how you can improve yours. Are you ready to rule your world?

  1. Makes you look confident and taller

When you have good posture you will not only look and feel more confident, but you will be taller.

  1. Makes you look and feel powerful

When you walk into the room with proud chest, you will get the respect of others.

Can you imagine what will happen when you walk in with slouched shoulders and a closed chest and your head slightly bent down?

  1. Less lower back and neck pain

Better posture puts less strain on your spine and its surrounding tendons and muscles.

Sometimes, just a posture correction can do miracles for all your little aches and pains.

  1. Makes your training more efficient

One of the pillars in The Workout Club Ibiza training system is proper posture.

When your posture is right you can work with heavier resistance safely. And that will speed up your strength and fat-loss gains.

  1. Improves concentration and mental performance

Studies have shown that good posture improves mental and physical performance.

Imagine that you are at your desk with rounded shoulders and your neck bent forward. Your body has to work harder to compensate for your off posture.

If you sit straight behind your computer, your body and mind use less energy that you can then use to focus on your work .

This is what you do to improve your posture as of today.

Before you go to work on your posture, you have to know what  good posture is right?

When you are standing straight, imagine you have a line running from your ear to your ankle.

To find the right shoulder position do this simple drill. Stand tall with one line from your ear to your ankle.

Now bend your elbow to a 90 degree angle, and press your elbows slightly above your hip bone.

Next turn your hands 45 degrees outwards while your elbows remain above your hip bone.

Now drop your hands and that is roughly your shoulder position. Feels strange, right?

Your body is not used to the right alignment yet. You need to become mobile, flexible and strong to be able to stay in a proper posture.

Exercise and movement are essential for proper posture.

You need to start training at least 3 times a week.

Make sure that your training program has mobility and flexibility exercises to keep you in the right posture; stability exercises to keep your joints in the right place; and strength training for overall health.

At The Workout Club Ibiza we call these 3 elements the triangle of health. When you work at a desk all day make sure that you walk around every hour. It will do miracles for your productivity.

So there you have it. Proper posture will fix most of the tiny problems you have in life and during training.

If you have questions or you need some help you know where to find us. We salute you, and the power is yours.

  • Facebook

  • Website


Free Crafts @ Sa Pedrera 1st & 2nd April

The Consell of Ibiza celebrates European Craft Days on the 1st and 2nd of April with the organization of 35 free workshops for all ages, which will take place in the Centre of handicraft production, Sa Pedrera of Ibiza. The activities, organized with the collaboration of the city of Ibiza and of associations Es Juvert i Aapel, “are intended to raise awareness and communicate the value of crafts”, explained the Vice President and Minister of the Interior, Industry, Trade and Institutional Relations, Marta Diaz.

During the two days of activities, attendees can participate in workshops on jewellery, fired enamel, decoration of fans with dried flowers, of making macrame bracelets, bookmarks and leather pieces, and of making key rings.

The craftsmen also will offer demonstrations of jewellery, ceramics, decorations with dried flowers, of miniatures, needlework and leather workshops and more.

The representatives of the associations of artisans involved, Estíbaliz Chamizo (Is Juvert) and Victoria Caminos (Aapel), explained that such conferences should be used to “keep the craft of Ibiza alive”.

To facilitate access to the event, there will be a free shuttle service between the old market and the handicraft Centre. As a few days are held during the school holidays from Easter, the Council encourages families to participate as a leisure activity.

The budget for the celebration of the European Day of the craft is of 5000€, provided by the Consell of Ibiza.

Friday, April 1

(Opening hours to the public: from 11 am to 5 pm)

  • Morning & Afternoon:

DEMONSTRATIVE WORKSHOPS (from 11 am to 5 pm):

  • Jewellery (2 workshops)
  • Ceramics
  • Confecció de pals xinesos
  • Footwear
  • Decorating with dried flowers
  • Miniatures
  • Needlework framing
  • Leather shop
  • Morning:

PARTICIPATORY WORKSHOPS (opening times: 10.30 to 13.30 hours)

  • Jewellery
  • Enamels to fire
  • Fans decorated with dried flowers
  • Making bookmarks
  • Macrame bracelets
  • Preparation of key rings and wooden incense
  • Bracelets and other pieces of leather

Saturday, April 2

(Opening hours to the public: from 10.30 to 13.30 hours and from 16 to 19 hours)

  • Morning:

DEMONSTRATIVE WORKSHOPS (opening times: 10.30 to 13.30 hours)

  • Decorating with dried flowers
  • Miniatures
  • Footwear

PARTICIPATORY WORKSHOPS (opening times: 10.30 to 13.30 hours)

  • Enamels to fire
  • Ceramics
  • Preparation of key rings and wooden incense
  • Confecció de pals xinesos
  • Bracelets and other pieces of leather (2 workshops)
  • Needlework framing
  • Afternoon:

DEMONSTRATIVE WORKSHOPS (time: from 4 pm to 7 pm)

  • Footwear
  • Decorating with dried flowers
  • Miniatures
  • Enamels to fire
  • Bracelets and other pieces of leather

PARTICIPATORY WORKSHOPS (time: from 4 pm to 7 pm)

  • Ceramics
  • Confecció de pals xinesos
  • Needlework framing
  • Preparation of leather pieces

For more information

F1 2016

Australian Grand Prix

  • Rhian Gibbs
    • Rosberg Wins Australia
    • Alonso Lucky To Be Alive
    • 6th For Grosjean And Haas

F1 is back! The qualifying for the first race of the season caused such a stir with the new ‘timed knockouts’ in each session that I was left wondering what would become of the race itself. For those that missed the new qualifying rules, you need not worry, they were scrapped before the race commenced.

The start was hindered by a stricken Red Bull which meant that a second formation lap was in order. With lights out Vettel had a fantastic start passing both Mercedes and taking the lead with Raikonnen close behind him. Rosberg managed to hold onto the leaders however Hamilton slipped back and spent much of the race trying to pass cars and catch the race leaders.

Lap 19 saw the race red flagged when McLaren’s Alonso hit the back wheel of the Haas of Gutierrez sending him spinning through the air and into a side wall, both walked away from the incident, and upon sight of Alonso’s McLaren, the man is very lucky to be alive. After a 20 minute break clearing the debris the race was restarted and the Silver Arrows saw their opportunity to pass the Ferrari of Vettel. The usual cat and mouse ensued but Rosberg took the chequered flag comfortably, Hamilton P2 and Vettel P3. Daniel Ricciardo finished P4 in front of his home crowd in some racy driving for Red Bull and took the fastest lap of the race but just missed out on a podium.

Massa for Williams finished P5 in an uneventful race and his teammate Bottas took P8 in a similarly steady fashion. Grosjean finished P6 giving his new team Haas, points in their debut race followed by Hulkenburg crossing the line P7 for Force India. Toro Rosso gave us plenty of entertainment with Sainz and Verstappen quarrelling for much of the race, Verstappen upset that Sainz was pitted first and then that his teammate would not let him pass – it all took its toll with Verstappen spinning on track, he couldn’t make up ground after that and they finished Sainz P9 and Verstappen P10.

Renault made a welcome return and new driver Joylon Palmer (reigning GP2 champion) didn’t disappoint giving a strong, aggressive and solid performance finishing P11 while his teammate Magnusson finished P12.

Perez for Force India crossed the line P13 after losing out on a scheduled one-stop strategy due to the red flag and overheating brakes. Button for McLaren was P14 despite looking good early on in the race, again the red flag and strategy let him down. Nasr for Sauber had a tough race finishing P15, a far cry from ninth last season, his teammate Ericcson had worse problems with a drive through penalty and ultimately retiring due to rear end vibrations.

Pascal Wehrlein, one of two new drivers for the Manor team was last to cross the line P16, despite having made a fantastic push at the start.

There were several retirements throughout the race besides Alonso and Gutierrez, Kvyat for Red Bull retired before getting to the grid, Rio Haryanto for Manor retired due to driveline issues and Raikkonen went out with a suspected turbo failure that led to a rather impressive fire in his airbox.

  • Bahrain is the next race on the calendar, 3rd April 2016.


Easter in Ibiza

Easter View From The Pew

The Crucifixion

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

This Friday (Good Friday) followers of Jesus remember the event of his crucifixion.  Titus Flavius Josephus, born Joseph ben Matityahu, was a first-century Jewish scholar and historian born AD 37 in Jerusalem.  Josephus, who was not a Christian, says (Ant. 18:63):  “Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man; for he was a doer of wonderful works – a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure.  He drew over to him both many of the Jews and many of the Gentiles.  He was the Messiah.  And when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men among us, had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him, for he appeared to them alive again the third day, because the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him; and the sect of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day.”

That Jesus was crucified by the Romans is one of the most firm facts of history. Not only Josephus but also the Roman historian, Tacitus: Publius Cornelius Tacitus was a senator and the historian of the Roman Empire.  Born AD 56 in Gaul and died AD 117 in Rome.  Describing the great fire of Rome in AD 64, Tacitus (who hated Christians) says that the emperor Nero blamed the Christians for the fire:  “From whose name comes from Christ who suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of the procurator Pontius Pilate, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Judea but also in Rome”. (Annals 15:44)

The so-called Gospels (first century biographies of Jesus in Hellenistic Greek) don’t describe (fortunately!) the torturous details of the crucifixion of Jesus.  St. Mark’s Gospel, e.g., simply says that after they brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha, which means the place of the skull, “they crucified him.” (Mark 15:24).  There was no need for the grim details.  First century readers of the Gospel knew only too well what crucifixion was like.  Josephus tells us that, after the death of King Herod in 4BC, Varrus, the Roman governor of Syria, crucified 2,000 Jews (Ant.17:295):  “Upon this, Varrus sent a part of his army into the country, to seek out those who had been the authors of the revolt; and when they were found, he punished some of them that were most guilty, and some he dismissed; now the number of those who were crucified on this account were two thousand.”  Crucifixion was as common as muck!  If crucifixion was as common as it was horrible then why do Christians from earliest times think that the crucifixion of Jesus was the most important event in the history of the world?  The answer of the first followers of Jesus is as simple as it is profound:  The crucifixion of Jesus is the most important event of history because “God was in Christ” and because Jesus died that terrible death “for us”.

  • Easter Day Service: 10.30am March 27th Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street), Santa Eularia.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383

Semana Santa

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

Easter week (Semana Santa or Holy Week) is now in full swing in Ibiza. There are processions on each day of the week from one of the main churches in Ibiza Town until Good Friday. The big procession is in the evening on Good Friday, March 25, where all the church brotherhoods will parade their statues from the Cathedral, through Dalt Vila and then through the streets of the town. There are also processions in the other major towns on the island.

Processions in Ibiza Town:

Wednesday March 23, 20:00: Procession of the Cofradía Nuestro Padre Jesús del Gran Poder from the Iglesia del Rosario to the Cathedral

Thursday March 24, 07:30: Procession of the Cofradía Santo Cristo de la Agonia from the Rosario de la Aurora with the effigy of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza to the Cathedral

Good Friday March 25, 09:00: Via Crucis (the way of the cross) sees Jesus being carried on the cross from the parish of Santa Cruz to the Cathedral

March 25, 20.00: Procession of Santo Entierro (the holy burial) from the Cathedral, in which all of the cofradías take part

Details at:


Left: We are delighted to feature more work from Ibizan fave photographer Tamas Kooning Lansbergen,  with a selection of his work taken during Semana Santa 2015 within the Dalt Vila.



 Community & Agenda


Thursday 24th Mar to Wednesday 30th Mar 2016

ARIES – King of Pentacles

Money matters need your attention this week and you may have to deal with financial contracts, accountants, tax officers or such like.   It will be best to agree to disagree with someone who values their opinion much the same way you value yours; don’t make situations a power struggle.  If you must be confrontational, make sure you have all facts.

TAURUS – Knight of Wands

Take opportunities to travel; especially for career or to broaden your education.  The people you meet and what you will learn could end up having a big impact on your future.  Creative Taureans do especially well this week as others are more than willing to back your bright ideas.  New business opportunities will also flourish and colleagues have your back.

GEMINI – Eight of Disks

There won’t seem that there are enough hours in the day this week as you battle with your work schedule.  Yes, it’s great that everything is going so well financially; however it’s not leaving you much time for a personal life or for those you care the most.  It will be a balancing act, but remember to count your blessings!

CANCER – Seven of Cups

Decorate your home, get yourself a makeover, shop ’til you drop. You get the picture? The sensible part of you wonders how you’ll find the funds to do so.  Well, the secret to having wealth is not to hoard it, but circulate it in your life; therefore it stands to reason that it comes back to you from others.

LEO – Judgement

Weigh up what’s important in life and make decisions that change your life direction.  Maybe family and loved ones should become your priority and not work. Or even the reverse could be true.  It’s a time to take your responsibilities seriously and to choose wisely; don’t judge or be harsh on yourself or others either.  This is a breakthrough week.

VIRGO – Ten of Swords

You’re at the point of an emotional breakthrough this week; however from your current perspective you might find that hard to believe.  Old fears cripple your creative output if you allow them to get the better of you.  Seek the expert advice or help of those you trust as you need to offload and feel supported by loving, kind friends.

LIBRA – Nine of Swords

Keep your thoughts as positive as possible even if situations become problematic. You have much to deal with this week; making it difficult for you to see the wood for the trees.  Sort out one issue at a time by categorising their immediate importance and impact.  Most of what you fear may never happen, so don’t give in to it.

SCORPIO – The Ace of Cups

A beautiful card for your week Aries indicating new beginnings; a fresh start and for some a new romance that promises to be more enduring. New ventures begun now are more likely to succeed as you’ll be more aware and intuitive of the needs of those you come in contact with. They in turn will be impressed by you.

SAGITTARIUS – Knight of Pentacles

If you listen to any advice this week, make sure that the other party is not being self-interested.  You may have ideas that can help others but make sure they don’t make off with them.  Financial investments need more research.  This is not to say that they won’t be profitable, but again make sure the investment is right for you.

CAPRICORN – Queen of Wands

Your creative fire and vision is activated through this card and with it the ability to ‘know yourself’.  Important tasks get done effortlessly this week and with the full cooperation of colleagues or business associates. Capricorn women; you succeed in getting what you want by turning on the charm.  Capricorn Men; a woman you meet through work intrigues!

AQUARIUS – The Devil

You won’t take life seriously this week and want to live it up.  However, work demands get in the way and if you’re not careful you’ll get over stressed.  It’s important to have a good life/work balance; it’s not all about making money.  An act of selflessness won’t go unnoticed by your associates.  So who do you want to help?

PISCES – King of Swords

This king is usually associated with legal matters or someone who offers excellent counsel.  His advice is reliable so take heed to what he has to say.  He also represents your own defence mechanism; especially if you feel you’re under attack or being belittled in any way.  Look for air sign men, Aquarius, Libra or Gemini, to fight your corner.

Sant Pepe Rock

  • San Jose
    • Claire B

The Sant Pepe Rock concert is on Saturday March 26, part of the San Jose fiesta. Local band The Frigolos are the opening act, followed by two emblematic Spanish pop-rock acts, Kiko Veneno and La Frontera. Held in the car park near to the Town Hall in San Jose from 21.00h. Free entrance.

Primavera Fiesta

  • Atzaró
    • Claire B

The Atzaró Spring Festival (Primarvera Fiesta) is on Sunday 27 March. It will be one of the events to attend this Easter weekend and for many it marks the start of the new season on the island. Entrance is free and it will attract a large number of people if last year’s fiesta was anything to go by. Starting at 12.00, throughout the day there’ll be a wide range of activities for children and all the family, including, face painting, culinary workshops, holistic workshops, art exhibitions and live painting, markets, buffet and food stalls, performances, DJs and live music going on into the night, all in the gorgeous gardens of Agroturismo Atzaró. This year they are putting on free minibuses from Santa Eulalia (the car park of the Palacio de Congresos) from 12.00 until 2.00am, making it easier to get there and back. At Agroturismo Atzaró. Full details on Facebook – Fiesta de la Primavera Atzaró 2016:


  • Santa Eulalia
    • Brian Whetton

Teatroespana 18-00hrs Fri 25th. Sat 26th Sun 27th March; Carol (2015 Cert 15 1hr 58mins) Stars: Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson An aspiring photographer develops an intimate relationship with an older woman.

From Wed 30th March 20-00hrs Brooklyn. (2015 Cert 12A 1hr 51mins). Stars: Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen, Domhnall Gleeson. An Irish immigrant lands in 1950s Brooklyn, where she quickly falls into a romance with a local. When her past catches up with her, however, she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.


It’s Good to Talk Again …

  • Kate Stillman Archives

Dear Ibiza Counselling

I think you had a similar letter to this one probably around this time last year but anyway I need some help.

I am Really nervous about the start of the season, last year I partied far too hard and got involved in the whole club scene which led to after parties, an array of drugs and far too much alcohol. The people that I mixed with were all good fun people and not bad in themselves but the combination of us all led to days at a time where I didn’t come home. I actually didn’t have anything to come home to but over the winter I have met a really sound woman, have kept away from the drugs an am only drinking sensible amounts, we are even talking of children in a couple of years so everything is amazing and when I compare to last year I can’t believe that I have managed to turn things around in the way that I have.

My job like, most peoples, is to ensure holiday makers have a good time and I work in quite a high end market where money isn’t an issue, and more times than not, if I am looking after clients they either expect or offer for me to go out with them and of course temptation is everywhere in Ibiza!

I’m wondering if I should change my job to keep those temptations at bay or if there is anything you think I can do to ensure that I don’t go down the obvious path.

Thank you, Anon.

Dear Anon

Thank you for your e-mail and congratulations on creating a life you want to maintain. It seems that the winter has given you time to reflect and process how the summer has impacted you and as a consequence you have been able to sustain a successful relationship and steer clear of drugs as well as moderate your alcohol intake, to a level that you find acceptable. This is a huge achievement and one not to underestimate.

Over the summer you will realize you have choices, it is possible to maintain your new way of being whilst working in an environment you used to be a part of in a different way. My feeling is that the work you have done over the winter will set you in good stead for the summer and if you are in situations that feel familiar in an alarming way, the bells will ring and you will have those few crucial moments to make a choice rather than just go with the flow, as you might have done in the past.  You may even find that the temptations that you think are going to cause you issues don’t even arise, due to the fact that you are now enjoying a different way of life, so take each day as it comes and cross each bridge if and when it appears.

There are NA and AA (narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous) meeting that happen in various parts of the island and you may find it useful to get some support form people in similar situations  – if so do get in touch and I can point you in the right direction.

Similarly, Ibiza Counseling holds a weekly support group which is free and open to all, it takes place every Tuesday at 12.30. All the best for the season and do keep in touch.

Warm Regards, Kate.

For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.

Circus on Ice

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

The circus, Circo Alegria, is in town. It is back this year with a new show ‘Circo on Ice’, which is a fusion of a circus show on an ice rink. More than 40 artists are involved in the show – acrobats, trapeze artists, jugglers and clowns – which tells the story of Lisa and Luke, a seal and a hunter who become friends. No animals are involved in the show. On now until April 4. It’s on the car park next to Ikea and there’s a box office for buying tickets or you can get them online from here:



Amanda Zips It Up

Happy Easter, one and all. The first proper holiday of the year, the second most calorific time of year, and for me and the official countdown to Summer.

Easter holds no religious significance to me personally, but it does signal the start of my monthly jaunts to the Balearics, so prepare yourself for plenty of news and gossip from Mallorca and Ibiza over forthcoming weeks and months.

As this is a fashion blog and we’re celebrating Easter, how couldn’t we mention Easter’s only relevant fashion connection – the Easter Bonnet.

Every year, the cheerfully traditional Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival gets staged along fashionable Fifth Avenue in New York City, open to anyone. Last year’s participants went all-out with their imaginative millinery, wearing head-to-toe looks ranging from serious and chic Sunday-service, to what onlookers really came to see: elaborate and sometimes kooky hat extravaganzas requiring a bit of a balancing act.  The parade’s grandest ladies were joined by quite a few gents. And in typical US fashion, pets got in on the act too, sporting miniature bonnets and other festive regalia.

We have our own version here of course, Cheltenham Races, Ladies’ Day. This year we saw some utter horrors on some overly made-up heads. Personally, I was more interested in the Premiership footballers peeing in cups and chucking it into the crowd (or onto someone’s hat).

Here are some of the NYC Easter Bonnets, which you’ll either love or loathe.

Amanda xx

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

A Spring In Your Step for 2016

It’s officially spring says the calendar. I do love springtime. The days are longer, the sun is warming up and we can all shed a few layers, plus add some colour to our wardrobes.

It may still be a little chilly but there’s nothing wrong with planning your summer wardrobes and if we can’t decide on sleeves or no sleeves right now, we can always decide on a beautiful new pair of shoes to celebrate the arrival of brighter days.

It’s the time of year when strappy, open-toed shoes are more suitable than your winter boots, but it’s not quite time for full-on sandals or flip flops.

I’ve been out and about researching the new footwear ranges available on the high street and the net. Which colour and style is bang on trend this season? And how much should you be spending on a decent pair of shoes?

I’ve chosen a few high-end investment pairs, through to the cheaper high street offerings.

Think platforms, strappy sandals, colour and metallic.

Whether you decide to wear this selection I have found with trousers or a skirt, they’re most definitely going to put a spring in your step, wherever you’re off to.

Ask Aurora, Spring While You’re Winning

Spring has eventually sprung, and whilst the beauty industry continues to blossom and bloom, we asked the best in the business for their insight into the ultimate make-up wardrobe for the new season! From the high street to the hallowed ranks of the finest emporiums, Ask Aurora is your up-to-the-minute source of all things bright and beautiful for your lovely, shining complexions!

  • L’Oreal

Presenting the all-new True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation from L’Oreal Paris. This super dewy formula gives a first flush of spring to the skin. Available in 12 custom shades, this buildable coverage is applied with the merest tap of the puff applicator. Suitable for all skin types and tones and at only £10, it’s a fresh and natural bargain!

  • The Body Shop

If your winter foundation seems a little pale and you’re not quite ready for the full on summer tan, fear not! Those eco-geniuses have the answer to both such dilemmas, in the form of “Shade Adjusting Drops” – £10.00 in both lightening and darkening formulas. These work with most liquid foundations and saves you the effort and expense of buying a whole new face base. The white and pink concentration in the Lightening Drops help neutralise yellow and orange tones whilst the Darkening Drops contain black and red pigments give a natural warm depth to the skin. TIP – 1 drop = 1/2 a shade lighter or darker!

  • Guerlain

The gurus at Guerlain have targeted their marketing at younger ladies this spring, with a range of “My First…” from nail laqueur, foundation, lipstick, to perfumes and powders in pastel and floral tones, there is something for everyone. My particular fave was “Meteorites – Baby Glow” – £45 which illuminates and highlights skin which has somewhat dulled in winter with a beautiful perfecting veil. A must for every make up bag!

There you have it, ladies – spring your skin to life this season, for Summer is on its way!


Family Fiesta

  • Carly S

The stunning venue of Agroturismo Sa Talaia, with its classy decor, spacious and safe grounds and gorgeous marquee, was the perfect place to host this weekends Fiesta Familia. Despite the overcast, chilly weather this Saturday, Kids Funktion and Ibiza y Formentera Contra El Cancer’s fundraising event went down a storm! The smiling faces of the many families, entertainers and stall holders who attended brought sunshine to the day as Ibiza residents  rallied round to dig deep for a fabulous cause.

Entertaining the children were Gem Hennessy and her business Kids Corner Ibiza, who made bracelets, Father’s Day cards, a handprint tree and painted the faces of the children…my little girl loved her sparkly flowers so much that she refused to wash her face!

Ibiza Princess and Superhero Parties provided a bouncy castle and served up scrumptious candy floss as well as bringing their incredibly popular Ice Sisters along to do a children’s party, accompanied by their cousin Rapunzel – much to the children’s delight! Their faces were a picture as they danced and sang with their favourite Princesses…and, as always when I don my princess gear, I felt incredibly lucky to be one of the reasons for their grins and looks of wonder.

There was also some incredible balloon modelling going on by the Minx FX managed ‘Mr Glorious Ibiza’, who made hats, jewellery, wings, wheels, animals, hearts and much more for the crowd of highly impressed children and grown ups. Watch out for this guy, he is the most talented balloon modeller I have ever seen!

Soccer Kids taught football skills to the girls and boys, DJ Leeward B from Kids On Decks gave DJ lessons and, of course, Kids Funktion themselves put on a whole host of activities, including a Treasure Hunt, games and mini disco all led by the ever-chirpy Emma Taylor. Laura Ferrall Peevey cheerfully put kids and adults alike through their paces with an energetic Zumba session which I massively enjoyed!

The kids clearly had an incredible time and their happy laughter and delighted screams filled the air in the grounds and the marquee – which was also host to a delicious array of sweet and healthy treats from Sharon Edwards of Cupcake Collection Ibiza.

More delicious food was available from  Harriet Livesey and Gary Meddings of Sabour Ibiza, who put on a delicious BBQ and Vov Ibiza providing a crepe station. Deliciously mixed drinks, mulled wine (most welcome on a chilly afternoon!) wines and beers were served by James Parfitt and his team from Boutique Bartending and Tahnee Lindemann of In Your Dreams got the ladies looking glam with her stunning sparkly facial embellishments. Kindy Lev was also on hand providing brow shaping throughout the day and market stalls selling beautiful handmade goods flanked the main pathway.

Local businesses showed incredible generosity in donating over 30 prizes for the raffle, which was managed by the lovely Lou from Love This Ibiza. My husband and I both won and have a dinner and wine for two at 45’s to look forward to, as well as Private Chef Simon Johnston treating us to a BBQ and cava…yummy!!

The ‘grown up’ entertainment was brilliantly hosted throughout the day by Emma Jane Robinson De Souza and Harry James, who both provided fantastic vocals too. I performed a chilled vocal set and DJ’s Jason Bye and Tom Grimes both took to the decks before the wonderful Hot Ice Collective brought the day to a close with their unique and funky blend of soulful vocals, percussion, keys and guitars.

All in all a wonderful day was had by everyone and  €2800 was raised for charity. A huge Thank You and well done must go out to the indomitable Kerry Ann Young of Kids Funktion who planned and coordinated the event. Great work, Kerry. Hats off to you and your team.

“What an amazing day Saturday was at Agroturismo Sa Talaia.  The family fiesta day that was organised by Kerryann Young of KIDS FUNKTION.  A great day was had by all.   Thank you to everyone who donated gifts for the raffle, helped on the day and kept us all entertained for the whole day and to the staff at the venue.  An amazing amount of 2,594 euros was raised for the IFCC – Ibiza y Formentera contra el cancer.  Thank you to each and every one of you.”

Helen Watson (president of IFCC) and the whole committee



  • Jezza’s Sport Report


Rugby Union

After 4 unsuccessful attempts over the last 13 years, England have at last managed to claim this rare mantle after their 31-21 win in Paris against the France to bring the curtain down on this year’s 6 Nations Championship. Never a foregone conclusion (as us English supporters will confirm after having been within one win away from this Holy Grail on 4 different occasions before) and having already claimed the Triple Crown, the Calcutta Cup and the Championship with 4 wins from 4, the final hurdle was completed in some style as Aussie Eddie Jones’ Red Rose team outscored the French by 3 tries to 0, although there were times when England’s indiscipline nearly cost them as Les Bleus kept putting penalties away (7 from 7) and twice came within a further penalty from taking an undeserved lead. Still, when push comes to shove, England did it for their first Slam since those halcyon days of 2003 and the class of Sir Clive Woodward. However, let’s not get carried away and hail them as world beaters just yet as England were, in my opinion, the best of a poor bunch but you can only beat the teams put before you and let’s face it, they did just that. Let’s accept this milestone as a huge step in the right direction towards the World Cup in 2020 but bigger tests are ahead, namely England’s tour to Australia in June with 3 major Tests against the runners-up in the WC last year. Win that series, even 2-1, and England can then say they can compete with the best, commonly known as the Southern Hemisphere. As for the others, well, Wales, had yet another good championship, culminating in their 67-14 win over woodenspoonists Italy in Cardiff to be runners up; and Ireland and Scotland, the former definitely a team in transition, finished 3rd with a 35-25 win over the latter which featured a stunning solo try from Scottish full-back Stuart Hogg but at least they showed their metal and improved form this year, having won 2 from 5. Domestically in the Premiership, long term leaders Saracens were knocked off their perch as they lost 21-13 at Leicester and were usurped by surprise leaders Exeter as they won 20-12 at home to Northampton, Wasps are on the leaders heels in 3rd as they beat Sale 39-12, Worcester surprised Harlequins with a 21-15 win in London, Bath got back on the winning trail with a 2 point win at home to Newcastle and bottom side London Irish did their cause a power of good with a 23-18 win at home to Gloucester.

Rugby League

And then there was only one (100%er I mean) left, namely Warrington who preserved their record with their 6th win from 6 in Super League as 3rd placed Wigan lost for the first time this season, indeed, their first home loss for 2 seasons, going down to leaders Widnes. St Helens stayed in 4th spot after their win, Huddersfield lost at home 46-26 to Catalans, and Hull KR at last got their first win of the season, 44-30 over mid-table Salford.

Horse Racing

and in the aftermath of Cheltenham week, congrats to ex-Olympic Cyclist Victoria Pendleton who managed to stay on her gee-gee for the whole of the Foxhunter Chase including all 21 fences, to come in 5th, not bad for someone who only took up the sport a year ago. Also congrats to Don Cossack (the horse!) as he won the Blue Riband event, the Gold Cup by 4.5 lengths.


and the T20 World Cup is now well in to it’s 3rd week and the second stage Super 10´s and some surprising results so far, not least England’s stunning win by 2 wickets in their 2nd Group match against South Africa. Having been stuffed by the Proteas in both T20’S during their recent tour of SA, and having lost to the Windies in their first Group match, featuring a stunning Chris Gayle ton of 44 balls, Captain Morgan’s men just had to beat SA to have any realistic chance to reach the Semis. All looked lost as SA racked up a good score of 226 but England came out fired up and after scoring 44 off the first TWO overs, proceeded to keep up with the necessary run rate, spearheaded by a superb knock of 86 by Root and win the match. With Afghanistan up next on Wednesday, a win here followed by a win against Sri Lanka would put them in to the last 4, probably with the West Indies and New Zealand, both with 2 wins from 2 , the latter against favourites and hosts India as well as Australia.


and Europe last week, as predicted by yours truly, saw the demise of Arsenal in the European Champions, with an aggregate loss of 5-1 to Barcelona and in the Europa, Manchester Utd and Tottenham, the former losing out to Liverpool and the latter to Dortmund. Herr Klopp’s prize for reaching the Quarters? A tie against said Dortmund, his previous team, so could be interesting, altho’ the Germans have to be favourites. In the Champions draw, I did warn Sñr Pellegrini and Manchester City about Paris SG and would’ya believe it, they got ’em! Interesting draw too, as altho’ Barcelona avoided Bayern and Pep, as well as Real Madrid, they did get another they didn’t really want in hard-to-beat Atletico Madrid, while Real face Wolfsburg and Bayern face Benfica. My tips for the semis, Barca, Real, PSG and Bayern, probably right as well as these are arguably the top 4 in Europe. Also, interesting fact, it’s just as well that Bayern did beat Italy’s Juventus last week altho’ they were within 2 minutes of being knocked out as the tie was finely balanced with an aggregate score of 4-4, as if the Old Lady of Turin, last years runners-up, had gone through, England would have lost 1 of their 4 places in next year’s CL due to their co-efficient being reduced. As it is, there is still a massive chance for either West Ham and Man Utd to gatecrash Man City’s hold on 4th spot in the Premier, as after the w/end where Utd surprisingly won 1-0 at City and West Ham shared 4 goals with Chelsea at the Bridge, both are on 50 points in 5th and 6th respectively, only un point behind City, so all to play for both, but also interesting that they face each other in a replay at Upton Park to decide who faces Everton in the FA Cup Semi. As for the leaders Leicester, they continue to grind out 1-0 wins, 4 in the last 5 matches, the latest at Crystal Palace and who can blame them as they inch closer to what would be an incredible Premier League story. Having said that, Tottenham are hard on their heels, still 5 points behind tho’, as they won 3-0 at home to in-form Bournemouth with a Kane brace while Arsenal are a further 11 points back even though they won 2-0 at Everton. Methinks, therefore ’tis a 2 horse race and hopefully, a new name on the PL Cup! Southampton are also on a bit of a late run now as they came back from a 2-0 deficit to beat Liverpool 3-2 at St Mary’s, a result that had Herr Klopp blowing a fuse on the touchline, Stoke had a good 2-1 win at Watford to continue their push for a Europa League spot. At the bottom Aston Villa are almost done bar the maths as they lost, yet again, this time by 1-0 at Swansea, to be 12 points off safety, while the 2 North East giants Newcastle and Sunderland shared the points and the goals in the Wearside derby to both remain in the danger zone, and, finally, Delia Smith must be sighing with relief as her Naaarwich side surprisingly won 1-0 at West Bromwich to be 2 points clear.

No PL this week as a raft of pre-Euro 2016 friendlies take place with England playing World Champions Germany in Berlin on Saturday followed by Holland (without Hart, Rooney, Sterling and Sturridge, all due to injury), same Euro group opponents Wales play surprise Euro qualifiers Northern Ireland in Cardiff, Eire, at home play Switzerland and non-qualifiers Scotland are in Prague against the Czech Republic on Thursday.

Finally, it looks like curtains for Gary Neville at Valencia as not only did they get knocked out of the Europa League last week by Atletico Bilbao, but they also lost their 8th match out of 11 in La Liga since his arrival. Oh, and almost forgot it, but the clubs of 2 of my friends, both Ibiza property owners, namely FC Hereford and Salisbury Town, went head-to-head in the Semis of the FA Vase at the w/end with the Bulls winning thru’ to the Final at Wembley and a date with giants Morpeth Town. Who says I don’t mention “junior” clubs!!!

See you next week, Jezza

The Guide



2015 Results for Spain

  • House Prices Up 6.6%
  • Sales Up 11.2%

According to a recent report by the Property Statistics Registry, house prices in Spain went up 6.6% annually last year and the number of property operations increased 11.2%, reaching a healthy 354,538 transactions, which is the largest amount in one year since 2011.

During the last quarter of the year (Oct to Dec), a total of 84,031 properties were purchased. This was 7.9% more than during the same period of 2014, the year before.

And with regards to the previous quarter (July to Sept), the value of property in Spain rose 0.9%, clawing back a small amount of the value that has been lost since maximum figures seen in 2007.

In relation to the third quarter, however, the number of property transactions that took place in the final three months of the year actually fell by 9.4%.

Once again, the difference in the number of operations involving new-build properties and re-sales explains what is happening in the market at the moment. The majority of buyers are only interested in second-hand properties (more than two years old), and sales of these went up by a massive 39.7% annually, while the number of purchases of new builds decreased 36.9%.

The number of purchases involving foreign buyers reached 14.4% of the total during the fourth quarter of 2015. This was an increase of 13.2% from last year. Over 12,000 operations a quarter were exceeded and last year’s figure of 46,000 transactions was also surpassed too.

Information supplied with kind assistance of On The Pulse Of Spain—a great resource for legal , administrative and property matters.