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The Ibizan 816 ~ 04 Feb 16


Cover Photo: Dawn 19th January by Cat Milton, inspiring her to write these words…

“The early dawn light on the clouds this morning. An incredible sense of vastness, and somewhat strangely, interconnectivity.

Stepping outside to stand before this, I had no prior sense of whether I was happy, sad, tired or even grumpy. But as I watched, as I marvelled, slowly I became aware of a great joy – and gratefulness.

Maybe that is all that is needed. To observe without judgement. “


 “Total” Education

 The PSOE have announced what it is describing as a “historic achievement” in fulfilling a commitment to providing the “total” education of children aged between 3 and 18 in Ibiza.

On making the announcement Ibiza’s deputy Enric Casanova went on to present an action plan that includes financial aid for pre-school nurseries and  investment to update several schools.

The Socialist deputy in the Parliament of the Balearic Islands, Enric Casanova, announced Wednesday that from Thursday 4th February the commitment of education places for all children aged 3 to 18 years has been attained, and made possible “thanks to the transparent and fair work of the Ministry of Education.”

Regarding nursery provision, an action plan has been launched that includes financial aid of 3,000 euros for each of the officially registered day care providers on the Island.

Snr  Casanova said that a total of 84 new teachers had been recruited this academic year, as well as a range of other improvements.

Priorities going forward will utilising the classrooms of the St Augustine school to host students destined for the planned new school in Cala de Bou which is expected to be operational from the academic year 2017-2018. Plans for the complete  renovation of the schools in Can Misses, San Ciriaco and Sant Jordi were also detailed.


Opening Ceremony of Can Jeroni Cultural Centre

This Friday 5th sees the opening of the new Centre of Culture Can Jeroni, following the remodeling of this emblematic building.

The ceremony, which is open to the pubic, will include all manifestations of art including poetry reading, music, dance, cinema and theatre. The Town Hall have pointed out that the number of seats is limited and as you cannot reserve a place, it is highly recommended you get there as early as posible if you want to ensure you get a seat. The doors will open from 18.30.

Opening the ceremony will be the President of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, the President of the Consell, Vicent Torres, and the Mayor Josep Marí Ribas ‘Agustinet’. Speeches from the authorities will start the evening and Vivaldis Four Seasons will be performed by the Orchestra String Quartet Simfònica de les Illes Balears – providing the ‘musical envelope’ to a multicultural event. There will then be poetry, ancient and modern photographs, film, imaging as well as performances by the Grupo Folclórico de Sant Josep, the choir of the Urgell, Gospel of Can Blau and the Grup de Teatre des Cubells.

Different activities are scheduled during the weekend as well; on Saturday at 18.30 the exhibition ‘Natures d´ara, al.legories d´abans’ by Vicent Marí Tur ‘Botja’ opens and the centre will also be open to the public from 18:30-21:00 and Sunday from 10:30 – 13:30.

Finally, on Sunday they will hold ‘ Remember Can Jeroni: those evenings of film ‘, where you will be able to see the last film screened before its closure at the end of the 70’s: ‘My name is none’ – a spaghetti western starring Herny Fonda, from 18.00.

15 Teens Treated for Alcohol Intoxication

Fifteen teenagers were treated for alcohol intoxication on Saturday and Sunday during the La Movida celebrations in San Antonio. Of these, 3 were transported to hospital by ambulance, however none were considered to be serious.

In addition to the intoxication, several fights broke out between adolescents and there was at least one injury with a teen aged 16/17 receiving treatment for a head wound. Ambulances, the local police and Civil Defence volunteers worked all night following continued reports of disturbances and mainly focussed their attentions around the marquee by the fountains, however at midnight they were called to the car park behind Piscis Park where around 100 teenagers had gathered and were drinking -mostly underage. Twice the police had to intervene to disperse the group between midnight and 2am.

According to sources the problem of drunk teens in the car park behind Piscis Park is not restricted to fiestas but occurs weekly.

As a result of this, Town Councils are looking at alternatives in an attempt to prevent the public underage drinking of youths. Amongst the ideas were free bus services for teens so they can visit other municipalities, attend workshops and participate in other activities.

Design Five Head For Madrid

Five designers of the Adlib collective will represent Ibiza at Spain’s premier fashion and textile fair ‘Momad’ this coming weekend.

The creators Tony Bonet, Dira Moda, Vintage Ibiza, Luisa Tur and Virginia Vald will present their own collections at the event which runs from the 5th to the 7th of February, in which the Consell de Ibiza is also participating.

Speaking of the importance of the Madrid fair to their business, Tony Bonet said that it did not come cheap. The 5,000 euro cost per booth represents a significant chunk of their annual sales income.

The Consell has also committed to provision of facilities for the annual Adlib event in Ibiza, to be held this year on the 10th and 11th of June.

In a press release issued Wednesday the Consell talked of some special plans for what will be the 45th Adlib fair, including a competition to find new talent on the island.

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Coroner Records Verdict of Death Due To Heatstroke

  • 43 Year Old British Holidaymaker Died On First Day Of Holiday During August Heatwave

A Birmingham salesman was found dead on a sunbed by holidaymakers after suffering fatal heatstroke on his first full day in Ibiza.

Neil Murphy, 43 from Sheldon in the Midlands, had arrived in Ibiza for an all-inclusive solo holiday on August 12.

The following day fellow holidaymakers raised the alarm when he was found lying motionless on a sunbed at the Mare Nostrum Hotel in Playa D’en Bossa. When hotel staff went to investigate they found that he had died.

An inquest into the tragedy was held at Birmingham Coroner’s Court on Monday. Coroner Louise Hunt ruled the holidaymaker had died of heatstroke.

The case has been widely reported in the UK press including the Birmingham Post which stated that he had “excitedly told pals on Facebook how he had booked the break for £924 and was looking forward to visiting Space nightclub.” He posted: “Sun and Space!!! A nice week away in Ibiza. Roll on August 12th. It’s going to be fun… first time away for a few years and can’t wait for it. “Been before on my own and it’s always good.

“I’ve always said that the only club I could ever be arsed going to would be Space and it’s only up the road from the hotel. So it’ll be rude not to go to it.”

Coroner Ms Hunt said: “It is clear from evidence available to me that Neil Murphy was found dead lying on a sun bed at the hotel Mare Nostrum on August 13. I am going to record that he died from heatstroke.”


“Those in Glass Houses …”

  • Town Hall Strikes Back in Expenses Row

San Antonio Town Hall have hit back following allegations of inappropriate expense claims levied at them by the opposition PP, by publishing details of claims made by the PP themselves during their last term of office stating that they are in no position to criticise.

Publication of expenses claims made by the last San Antonio council with a PP majority, were made after the  PP, now in opposition, denounced several councillors of the government team for charging expenses to the municipal coffers. In the case of Jose Antonio Ferragut, head of Tourism and Finance (PSOE), they highlighted that he had claimed 4.50 euros for a breakfast consisting of two coffees and toast consumed at a meeting, and a further 40.35 euros for travel expenses to several meetings.

Hitting back the current coalition has said that total expenses in 6 months are less than 700€, falling far short of  restaurant bills of 4,280 and 6,420 euros” made in 2007 and 2008 respectively by the PP whilst in office soley for the Sant Bartomeu fiestas.

The council also published the expenditure involved in a trip to Mallorca in 2014 of a councillor and a technician to attend a meeting at 11 am, for which they travelled the day before, so that the city had to pay overnight stay, dinner and lunch the next day, “when several flights were available for them to have attended and returned on the same day.

Further claims were made that numerous bills were unnecessarily incurred by holding meetings outside the municipal facilities. “Some of these bills exceed 200 euros and could have been easily saved if, as is done now, the meetings with groups had been held in the offices or the hall of the City Hall, not in restaurants and cafes,” the spokesperson said, continuing “It is hard to justify the need to discuss council business in bars or over dinner.”

The government of Sant Antoni has invited the opposition to include an item on the agenda of the next plenary session to analyse expenses protocol and any issues of  wasteful spending of both the Government and Opposition parties with the aim of establishing joint criteria for the future.

New STK ‘Vibe Dining Experience’

ONE Group Hospitality have announced the signing of a license agreement to open a STK concept restaurant in Ibiza. It will be their first location in Spain.

The company describe the deal as underpinning their strategy of “identifying opportunities that drive high margin, high return licensing revenue at low capital cost.”

Jonathan Segal, CEO of The ONE Group. describes the STK brand as a “unique vibe dining experience” and say he is thrilled to be be coming to “an island known for its unparalleled nightlife and entertainment options,” The ONE Group will work to identify a location for STK Ibiza with a targeted opening in 2017.


Food & Drink

 Futura Live Lounge & Grill

  • Carly S

Futura Lounge Bar and Grill was rapidly becoming a favourite of mine even before I ate there on Sunday due to the family friendly environment, great prices and fantastically warm and welcoming hosts Dave and Nikki – also very talented musicians who have no ego and are happy to get up and entertain or to sit and jam with their punters. I’ve enjoyed a few evenings with them now, and eating there has definitely solidified its status as My New Favourite Bar.

I’ll start by saying I’m not a curry fan. I was relieved when Nikki said she was bringing both a curry and some chicken wings as I’d never choose curry from a menu. However, the smells emanating from the little open kitchen at the back of the room got my taste buds tingling before the food even arrived and I couldn’t resist sampling the succulent looking chicken doused in a sauce visibly teeming with fresh herbs and spices. It was, without a doubt, like no curry I’ve tasted before. Nikki told me how she’d sit on the worktop in the kitchen every Sunday when she was a kid, watching her Jamaican Dad make it, asking ‘What’s that Dad? What are you putting in now?’ I didn’t ask exactly what was in it, but could taste chilli pepper, coconut, citrus and loads of other spices and herbs perfectly balanced so as not to swamp the more delicate flavours with heat but to still bring a spicy zing. Amazing. This family recipe is definitely one perfected over time and full of love. It was both subtle and powerful at the same time and was sublimely complimented by a delicious, fresh citrusy home made coleslaw which took the heat out of your mouth. Oh, and proper chips. Hand cut, homemade, as-close-to-British-chip-shop-ships-as-I’ve-ever -tasted-in-Ibiza, proper chips. Heaven. I loved every mouthful of the curry … but only got  a couple as my husband was rapidly demolishing the lot amidst proclamations of ‘this is amazing. We need to learn how to make this!’. But, to be fair, I had said he could have it as I didn’t think I was a curry fan. Nikki’s now converted me – and at just 5€ for a curry and a caña on Sundays, you’ve nothing to lose in getting down there and trying it for yourself.

The wings were also delicious. Tender, big and juicy, they were marinated in fresh garlic, herbs and spices – three options are available according to taste, we had a mix of garlic and herb and spicy jerk –  then barbecued until the meat was ready to fall off the bone. My two year old wing fan wolfed down three of them along with the aforementioned proper chips and coleslaw and scrumptious barbecue sweet corn, barely taking time to breathe and asking ‘more?’ after every bite. I happily took care of the rest and thoroughly enjoyed every morsel. If you’ve heard Nikki sing before you’ll know what a compliment it is when I say her cooking is like her voice…Bold, powerful, distinctive and passionate with a delicate edge and bags of wow factor.

Futura is open on weekends only through the winter, and in my opinion fills a gap in the market with its fully enclosed, safe, family environment (a huge bonus for a mum to an active toddler, like me, who can actually relax without having to chase my daughter across a room and catch her before she escapes into the road or sea as I do in many other places) a massive free bouncy castle, fantastic hosts, top quality live musical performances from said hosts and phenomenal home cooked food. However, if you need any more reasons to go,  then perhaps their packed schedule of activities can entice you. Every Friday from 3pm they hold a Roller Disco with kids hotdog or burger and chips plus drink for just 5€. On Saturdays they open from 3pm with Jamaican BBQ, Karaoke and DJ until late and on Sundays they open at 12 with a table top market until 4 (call Denise on 659 759 500 to reserve a table at the market), curry and caña for 5€, bacon baps at 2€ and music all day long. They also do different specials, which you can find on the blackboard and can be hired for parties. Find them on the lower bay road in Cala de Bou, adjoining the Gorila Market. Free parking on site. More info on their Facebook group “The Futura Live Lounge and Grill”


Twice the Love at Villa Mercedes

There will be even more amor in store for those going through the doors of Villa Mercedes this Valentine’s Day, as their sumptuous special celebration menu coincides with their official reopening for 2016. Of course there is only so much love to go around and we understand places are already limited, so to avoid a broken heart in missing their season start, we suggest booking right away.

Royal Plaza’s Jewel in the Crown

Royal Plaza have released details of what is for many the highlight of their annual programme, the St Valentine Menu.

The sublime seven course banquet and selection of wines and champagne is supplemented by the superb room rates—allowing the oysters to work their charms without the fuss and bother of a taxi home.

See advert below for contact  details.

Perfect Pancakes

Keep your fancy filled crepes for another day, for many of us there is only one way to cook and serve pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, that being with sugar and lemon.  Aside from substituting the plastic Jif with the fresh lemons  our Mediterranean diet has shown us a place for beyond Martinis and   one Tuesday in February we don’t see any reason to tinker with tradition on this one.


  • 300g plain flour
  • 4 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 500ml milk
  • butter
  • 60ml lemon juice, approx
  • 2 tablespoons caster sugar, approx.


Sift the flour into a bowl. Combine the eggs and milk then add to the flour. Mix until the batter is smooth then cover and leave to stand for 30 minutes.

Lightly grease a heated pan with butter then pour in about 3 tablespoons of batter. Tilt the pan to spread the batter evenly. Cook until a light golden brown underneath, flip and cook the other side.

Keep pancakes warm while cooking remaining batter by stacking on a plate placed over a pan of simmering water. Use a sheet of greaseproof paper between each pancake to avoid sticking. Serve the pancakes sprinkled with lemon and sugar.

Bondi Blend

A simple smoothie recipe from Bondi Ibiza…


  • 1 banana
  • 6 (frozen) strawberries
  • 250mL orange juice

Then add

  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

& enjoy!

Full of Vitamin C, potassium and omegas… Good for your heart, brain, and honestly if none of that matters, well, it just tastes nice and refreshing!


The Red House, Twilight´s Edge,

By Jennifer Allan

Ibizan Expat Jennifer (she of many names) Allan, has released a novel set in the Isle we all call home. Below we give you chapter one, which we hope will whet your whistle, that is your kindle whistle, sufficiently to read on……

Jacket notes…. 

“Maddie and Robert Davis are living the dream. Ensconced in a beautiful converted Spanish farmhouse and working in luxury real estate on the exclusive Mediterranean island of Ibiza, they are providing their two young daughters with an idyllic lifestyle. Their life is almost perfect and they are happier than they have ever been. But all is not as it seems in The Red House. Following a series of mysterious events centred around Maddie, she becomes the victim of a tragic accident at the villas pool. With a severe head injury she fades into unconsciousness only to find herself awakening in the care of people she has never met, in a place that seems at the same time strange but vaguely familiar. Where is she and why are her family nowhere to be found? In a blind panic and with no recollection of the accident Maddie persuades herself she must be in the midst of a lucid nightmare. It is only when she is presented with incontrovertible evidence that she realises she is further from her home and loved ones than she could possibly imagine. So begins a nerve wracking and emotional journey as she tries desperately to find her way back to her beloved family and the life she misses so much. But this new world has a purpose for her which she is yet to understand. Can she unearth the secrets of the Red House and so return to her family, or is she already too late?”

Chapter One

“Do you know if you stand perfectly still in an outdoor swimming pool at twilight you can see things you shouldn’t be able to see?

Maddie held her breath and studied the reflection at the water’s edge. How very odd. The mirror image on the pool’s clear blue surface showed absolutely everything above the water line. She could even see the things which should have been obscured by the concrete lip at the edge of the pool, and the low wall that ran around the poolside terrace. She studied the angles carefully. Half of the view should really be completely obscured. It was almost as if she could see round corners. She stood perfectly still for several more minutes trying to figure it out. There must be some complicated explanation she should probably have learned in physics classes at school, she surmised.  It would probably have helped if she’d paid attention of course, but she had always been more of an arts student, preferring the ethereal to the logical. Still, this was very strange and peculiarly unsettling; almost as if she couldn’t trust the evidence of her own eyes.  She stood there for a few more minutes letting her imagination run riot. Even though the reflections were obviously of the world above, the strange angles lent the whole watery scene a surreal, dreamlike quality.

Maddie shook herself out of her reverie. She still had things to do in the real world she reminded herself. They had clients to entertain this evening and she had to check on the caterers and make sure the house was presentable before they arrived. She hated these hospitality evenings; they bored her rigid. She would have done anything to avoid them but unfortunately they were part and parcel of the job. The world of real estate on the island was not an easy one, and competition for business was very stiff indeed. As her husband Robert had reminded her that afternoon this particular couple were very important clients and could make all the difference to their profit margin this year, so there was no escaping it.

Her thoughts strayed to the guests they were expecting. Mr and Mrs James Deakin were seriously moneyed people. Maddie wasn’t entirely sure how they had amassed their fortune but it seemed Mr Deakin was in the business of mergers and acquisitions or something she found equally as unpalatable. She knew he liked to be seen as some sort of saviour, but from what he had described he seemed to make his money from other people’s misfortune. Now they were looking at regular breaks in the run up to retirement and wanted Robert to represent them in buying their island hideaway. It seemed they had around seven million kicking around for the purpose and had decided to buy themselves a little something in the pine clad hills of Ibiza. In the main it appeared to be a retreat for the lovely Mrs Deakin when the pressure of endless manicures, charity balls and lunching with the ladies got a little too much. Maddie had thought her a spoilt bitch from the very first time they met and each subsequent meeting only reinforced that.  As a couple they were also the most self obsessed, arrogant and greedy people Maddie had ever had the misfortune to know. An evening spent simpering round the distinctly greasy Mr Deakin and taking arrogant and unwanted advice from his patronising, overbearing wife was not Maddie’s idea of fun.

Ten more lengths to cool down and she’d leave, she decided. She slid gracefully under the surface and relished the rush of the cool water in her ears and the intermittent birdsong and gentle breeze each time she surfaced between strokes. Sometimes, as she swam, she could hear snatches of conversation between the children playing in the garden near the pool, but tonight they’d be with Trish. Fondly Maddie’s thought turned to her friend and casual employee. The part time au pair as Robert was fond of calling her. He said it jokingly but Maddie knew it was because he thought au pair sounded more impressive when he was chatting to his more influential clients. Sometimes she couldn’t believe the snobbery of this business and it was always a relief to have someone down to earth like Trish to chat to. She was a godsend at times like this too. She lived in the nearby town and worked for Robert and Maddie about half the week. Whenever they had entertaining to do she would take the children, Alice and Laura out for tea, then bed them down in the little house in the grounds of their villa. She was happy to stay over if things dragged on into the early hours. Not for the first time Maddie reflected on how lucky they had been to find her.

She surfaced once again and glanced sideways, distracted suddenly. She was sure she’d heard the girls. Out of the corner of her eye, through her misted goggles, she thought she glimpsed a small figure dashing along the pathway to the pool. Confused, she strained to hear between strokes. There it was again, an unmistakable girlish giggle. What on earth was going on? They should all be in town tucking into a burger or some such illicit treat. She really hoped Trish hadn’t forgotten but that would be very unlike her, thought Maddie. Her reliability was one of the things she valued about her.  She listened again still swimming, not wanting to break rhythm and surface fully until she was finished. She must have been mistaken she decided. If Trish hadn’t arrived Robert would have been down by now for a rant about the “bloody unreliable people on this island”. It was one of his favourite topics and he wouldn’t have passed on the opportunity to make his point by sorting things out himself. He would have let her know.

            “Ven aquí!”

Maddie couldn’t mistake the sound of an adult voice now, but it was definitely not Trish who was still struggling with the native language. She surfaced, shaking the water from her ears in confusion. All she heard now was silence, save for the birds and the whisper of the wind in the palm trees. The figure she had glimpsed earlier was nowhere to be seen. She really must have overdone the sun today she thought. They had no neighbours and her children were definitely not Spanish. It was clearly time that she pulled herself together and got out of the pool. The last thing Robert needed was his wife hallucinating her way through dinner with the Deakins. Feeling a little nervous she hauled herself out of the water and padded across the tiled sunbathing area.


Roberts’s voice rang out from the garden as Maddie sat down gratefully on a sun lounger in the oppressive late afternoon heat. “Mads! Are you coming up sweetheart? The caterers are having a fit because the gas has run out. I need to change the bottle and Trish just rang to say Laura’s got a headache again. She’s going to bring them back early with a film” Maddie failed to understand why that meant he needed her up at the house immediately. It was nothing he was incapable of dealing with. Mildly irritated by Roberts seeming inability to apply any of his business skills to anything remotely domestic, Maddie towelled herself dry and stepped into her sandals.

“Yes ok! I’m out already” She collected her shades and sun cream and locked the poolside gate.

It sounded as if she wasn’t the only one who’d had too much sun. Little Laura was eight years old with long blonde hair, the attitude issues of a fourteen year old, and the biggest blue eyes Maddie had ever seen on a child. She had skin Snow White would be proud of and a scant regard for the dangers of the fierce Mediterranean summer sun. It was a job of work in itself to keep her out of casualty with sunstroke every year. She was the absolute opposite of her little sister. Alice had the colouring of a native, with exceptionally dark hair and eyes, but whined incessantly as soon as the mercury topped twenty five. Being only six years old, Maddie hoped she would toughen up a little as time went on. What with her whining all day, and Laura grumpy with the inevitable headaches by tea time, it didn’t really make for languorous and relaxing summer days. As much as she adored her daughters, summer could be a very trying time.

Maddie headed up to the house in an irritable mood. A good forty five minutes in the pool was usually perfect to chill her out sufficiently to face anything, but somehow today it just wasn’t enough. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but she felt a strange unease. It soon evaporated though as she threw herself into the preparations for the evenings entertaining and by the time their guests came it was all but forgotten.

The Deakins arrived fashionably late at a quarter to nine.

“Robert, how lovely of you to invite us to your little place for dinner and at such short notice too” Jacquie air kissed Robert with a flourish and simultaneously pushed her shawl in Maddie’s direction, presumably expecting her to deal with it. Maddie knew exactly what she would like to do with it. However unfortunately that was illegal and involved Mrs Deakin’s saggy and jewel festooned neck. Maddie set the shawl aside on the rack by the door and plastered on her best welcoming smile, which didn’t quite manage to reach her eyes. Her earlier irritation washed over her once again. God, that bloody woman! She positively fawned all over Robert at every opportunity and treated Maddie as if she were her own hired help. Maddie, fixed smile still in place, turned and greeted James.

“James, how are you?” she leant forward and proffered her cheek for a kiss, desperately hoping the slick of sweat on his top lip wouldn’t disgorge itself onto her face. Oh yuk!

“Yes, yes Mads my dear, as well as always. You’re looking very pretty this evening.” His eyes rested on her cleavage as he spoke. Maddie cringed inwardly. She couldn’t stand anyone, let alone him, calling her Mads. It was strictly for Robert and her family, and everyone else managed to observe that. Deakin on the other hand seemed to revel in the false familiarity it bestowed and had insisted on addressing her as such since the first time he had heard Robert use the derivative. When Robert used it, it sounded sweet and affectionate. Deakin managed to make it sound almost derogatory. She would have taken a bet that when he was with Robert alone he probably referred to her as the little woman or something equally as patronising. He really was the original male chauvinist.

Greetings over, Robert poured pre-dinner drinks and they all took a seat in the lounge. Mrs Deakin turned to Maddie

“Well I must say dear it’s a quaint little place you have here. Is it very old? Will you be renovating soon?” she eyed her surroundings disdainfully, perched on the edge of the sofa as if in fear of any closer contact with the grubby soft furnishings. She really was one cheeky bitch. Maddie bit back the urge to tell her so .Okay, so the villa wasn’t the luxury end of the market but it was hardly falling down round their ears either. It was a little odd in design, having been built around an original farmhouse dating back around three hundred years, but it was hardly a wreck.

“Well I think we’re getting there Jacquie; but these things do take time” Maddie replied, as neutrally as she could. “The downstairs is very old yes. Over three hundred years in fact” Almost as old as you, you wizened old prune, she was desperate to add, but kept her tongue in check.

 “Well you need a good designer dear and I have the perfect one! French chappie, takes instruction very well. Doesn’t speak a word of English” Jacquie was warming to her theme now, clearly fancying herself as an expert. Maddie found this was something of an occupational hazard with the bored and rich like Mrs Deakin. They all seemed to think they were the next Linda Barker and didn’t hesitate to ram their opinions down your throat. Luckily, before she could launch into the pros and cons of the latest seasons paint offerings from Farrow and Ball, the caterer’s assistant announced the first course.

Dinner passed in the usual way with Maddie receiving plenty of unsolicited tips from Mrs Deakin. What skincare regime did she use she asked, scrutinising Maddie’s face more thoroughly than a dermatologist would.

“There’s a lovely cream I use, it has stem cells in it. Imagine that! You really should try it; your skin’s looking rather tired, have you been very ill lately?” This was shortly followed by an analysis of Maddie’s nails “Nails dear; very important, you should really leave all those little domestic things to the help” she advised “You must take the number of my manicurist; super girl, does them for Kate Moss you know” Come the end of the evening there wasn’t a part of Maddie or her life left untouched. Jacquie, it appeared, had an answer for all her ills; and it seemed there were many. The only one Maddie actually wanted an answer to was the burgeoning migraine this woman’s inane drivel was so efficiently bringing to the fore.

They’d never actually entertained the Deakins at home before. They’d had several evenings in restaurants with them, but the eye watering final bills were actually threatening to outweigh any potential commission the eventual sale would garner. Robert had decided that caterers would actually be the cheaper option and he could excuse home entertaining as a more personal touch. He was hoping to seal the deal sooner rather than later, while they actually had any money left.

Maddie excused herself and headed for the toilet. Gratefully she locked the door and savoured five minutes peace. She looked down at the floor. Tomorrow, as every day, it would be her cleaning the loo, not the hired help. That woman lives in a whole other world, she thought glumly, and she’s such a bitch, she doesn’t deserve a minute of it. She checked her “tired” skin and “lank” hair in the mirror, braced herself once more and headed back.

 As she was nearing the dining room she paused. She was sure the caterers had all been English speakers but she could distinctly hear a Spanish voice that seemed for all the world to be coming from the kitchen. It sounded hurried, almost fearful, but Maddie could only catch the odd word.

“Mira….la mujer….conmigo, rápido….esta mal….muy mal!” Whatever they were talking about involved a woman and it didn’t sound good. Concerned, Maddie followed the voice, but as she neared the kitchen door it fell silent and all she could hear was the sound of the caterers’ chat and the rattle of pots being loaded into the dishwasher. Good grief, she really was losing it, and bloody Cruella de Villa in there had finally pushed her over the edge. Mentally she shook herself and reluctantly headed back to join the others. The feeling of unease she had managed to shake off from earlier in the afternoon was making an unwelcome return.

To read on visit (first link is Amazon UK, second is Spain)


EU Referendum

  • Did you know you may be eligible to vote in the EU Referendum?
  • British Embassy launches expat awareness campaign

If you have been on the electoral roll in the UK within the last 15 years then you can register to vote in the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.

The British Ambassador Simon Manley this week launched a major campaign to make expats aware that they may be eligible to have their say in the EU referendum – provided they register to vote in good time.

Speaking at a meeting with representatives of the expat community to launch the registration campaign, Mr Manley said:

“Interest among expats in the EU referendum is high, but awareness that you may be able to vote is low. We want as many expats as possible to be aware that they can have their say.

“You can register to vote in a few minutes via the government website – and do encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.”

The British Embassy in Madrid is backing a global campaign by the Electoral Commission to encourage Britons who live overseas to register to vote.

Some 283,000 Britons are registered on the padrón as resident in Spain, but just 11,000 are registered to vote in the UK. So the vast majority of expats will miss out on having their say in the referendum – unless they take a few simple steps.

To register as an overseas voter, you must have been registered in a UK constituency within the last 15 years. All you have to do is visit with your passport details and National Insurance number to hand, and the postcode of where you last lived in the UK.

You can choose how you want to vote: by post, by proxy (voting by appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf), or even in person if by chance you will be in your UK local authority area on polling day.

All it takes is five minutes to register. And because overseas voters must allow enough time for their ballot paper to be posted from the UK, you should do it now rather than wait for the final deadline, at which point it may be too late to use a postal vote effectively.

Postal ballot papers will be despatched about a month ahead of the referendum – earlier than for the General Election last year – giving overseas voters more time to receive, complete, and return their ballot pack to the UK.

How you can register to vote in the EU Referendum

  • Step by step guide
  1. A referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union will be held by the end of 2017. It could even be this year – the date hasn’t been announced yet.
  2. If you were registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years, then you can register as an overseas voter and have your say.#yourvotematters.
  3. Go to and fill in your data. All you need is your National Insurance number, passport details and date of birth. (Even if you don’t have an NI number, you can still register.)
  4. Choose how you want to vote – by post, proxy, or even in person if you will be in the UK on polling day. If you choose to vote by post, ballot forms will be despatched about one month ahead, giving you time to receive, complete and return your vote to the UK.
  5. Do register early, so you have done it well before the referendum date is announced. If you wait, you may miss your chance to have your say.
  6. Just as in the UK, you need to register annually. So if you registered as an overseas voter for last year’s General Election, you need to renew your registration for the EU vote.
  7. Out of 283,000 Britons officially resident in Spain, just 11,000 were registered to vote in last year’s General Election. Many British expats could miss out on the EU referendum, so tell your friends and family to register too.
  8. To Register and for more information goto the government website at


Ancient Trees

Ibiza and Formentera are renowned for their beaches and clifftop scenery, but look further inland and you’ll find four trees that have been cultivated over centuries and look bloody marvellous. First up is Olive n’Espanya, located in Sant Carles and considered the largest specimen of this species in the country. Yes, that’s in the whole of Spain.

Other notable specimens include La bellotera de Can Carreró located in San Juan, and  Higuera de Can Toni Mestre and Sabina de ses Salines, both on Formentera. Happy hunting!

Carnaval Time!

  • Claire B & Rhian G

It’s carnival time again! The main towns in Ibiza celebrate carnival (‘carnaval’ in Spanish or Mardi Gras as it’s also known in other parts of the world) with a parade. It is the festive season that takes place before Lent in many countries and is usually characterised by a celebration and parade through the streets before the seriousness of fasting or giving up of something for Lent begins. It might not rival carnival in Rio, but it’s taken very seriously in Ibiza. Many of the local schools, dance schools and associations take part in the parade, alongside individuals who compete for prizes for the best costumes, choreography and artistic direction. It’s also an excuse for the locals to dress up and participate in the fun, which many do.

Ibiza Town

In Ibiza Town a programme of festivities has been planned, including competitions, a movie marathon, workshops, food, a concert and DJs, beginning on Thursday Feb 4.

  • Saturday Feb 6

sees activities for children from 17.00 in the Vara de Rey. Then from 21.30 DJ Javi Box will be playing music – expect disco, soul, funk, reggae, surf and rock n’ roll – plus there’ll be an acrobatic show from Acrobati-K.

  • Sunday Feb 7

is the main event, the Carnaval Parade, which starts at 11.30am in Av. Santa Eulária in the port. It passes through the main streets of the town on its way to Vara de Rey where a huge paella will be cooked (2€) and the prize-giving ceremonies take place. Food and drink stalls will on hand and at 18.00 there’ll be a concert from the Banda Simfònica. It’s a great day out – the streets are filled with people and music.

  • Wednesday Feb 10

on Ash Wednesday the partying closes with the ‘Burial of the sardine’ (Entierro de la sardina), which symbolises the end of Carnival and takes place in the Parque de la Paz from 18.00. Grilled sardines will be served and a large effigy of a sardine will be cremated after a song and dance performance. It’s a slightly bizarre but hugely enjoyable event. All free.

Programme for Ibiza Town Carnaval activities:

Sant Antonio

  • Thursday Feb 4

is Mardi Gras in Portmany, held in the Marquee by the fountains with traditional carnival games, masks and makeup workshops suitable for all the family from 18:00 then from 20:30 – ‘The funniest dance of the Year’ – performed by groups from Sant Antonio.

  • Saturday Feb 6

from 22:00 is the Grand Masked Ball held in the Marquee by the fountains followed by Carnawest from 23:00, the West ends very own Carnival with prizes for the best dressed.

Visit their facebook page for more details and venues taking part.

  • Tuesday Feb 9

is the main event, the Carnival Parade. 16:30 is the meeting time at the main car park of Avda. Dr Fleming, then from 17:30 the procession begins, with awards for best costumes given in the marquee after.

Inscription is in the Centro d’Informacio Jove (near shouting man) and ends 5th Feb.

Santa Eulalia

  • Tuesday Feb 9

sees the Carnival Parade meeting at 16:00 in Avda. Cesar Puget. Then from 17:00  the Carnival Procession procedes through C/Jose Guasch Vich, C/Sant Jaume and finishing after the Placa Espana where floats will be judged and awards given.

Inscription ends Monday 8th Feb in the Santa Eulalia Town Hall.

Sant Jose /Sant Jordi

This year the carnival will only be taking place in Sant Jordi.

  • Saturday Feb 6

is the Carnival Parade meeting at 10:00 in Carrer de Cas Sac (where the street meets Carrer de les Campanetes). At 11:00, the Carnival procession begins, down C/ de Can Mariano Palerm, C/ de l’Aeroport, Avda de Vicente Serra and C/ de la Placa Major with prizes and music following the parade.

Inscription has now closed for this event.


The Canine Column

  • Dog Psychology by Sabina Farnhill

Dear readers and dog lovers,

I would like to introduce myself to you. With 30 years of dog experience by training them for obedience,  i.e. service and working dogs in various aspects I am specialized in dog psychology for “problem dogs”,  especially difficult cases with aggression and traumas. I also give workshops and seminars on learning how to communicate with our dogs on a regular basis. Once a month from now on I will let you be part of my experience with dog and human behaviour.

A  few weeks ago I had the “pleasure” to meet a young family, in which the “anti-authoritarian  education” plays a big role. To put it in simple terms, the children grow up without boundaries and discipline, in other words, there is chaos for everyone involved. The children are constantly trying to test

out how far they can go and the adults are totally annoyed. The children are crying for leadership from  their parents but won’t receive it.  An intolerable situation!!!

Here is the definition of “anti-authoritarian education” by education experts:

“Strictly speaking children are given a fairly free hand to develop their personality and self-confidence, creativity and ability to an open communication. The child rarely hears a “no” and  basically determines after pleasure principle (that which seeks the immediate gratification of all needs,  wants and urges). Unfortunately, this term has been misunderstood by many parents thinking, they  would have to raise their children without any limitations or boundaries,  which resulted in a generation  of “boorish egoists ”  and gave the “anti-authoritarian upbringing”  its bad reputation.”

Quite simply this way of upbringing is the inability of parents to give their children guidance and  discipline, because they mix up discipline with punishment.

Dear readers, you probably have realized what I’m getting at, because the issue is the same in the dog world, except that a mother dog does not know “anti-authoritarian education” or would even practice it.

In the dog world, the boundaries and rules are taught from the first day after birth. A mother dog does a  great job, it is her instinct that we human beings have unfortunately lost. By giving our dogs a lot of  “freedom”, we don’t give them guidance, but guidance is leadership and leadership is discipline and not withdrawal of love, which should not be mixed up. If we give a lot of “freedom” without  guidance (discipline),  we can create problems and depending on the type of breed it can have fatal  consequences. Dogs are pack animals, whether the pack are dogs or humans doesn’t matter.

Important is the pack leader, who sets the rules for the pack in a calm assertive way and the  pack follows in a calm submissive way.

It is only this formula and only in this order, which leads you to a happy dog:

  1. Exercise (50%) 2. Discipline (30%) 3. Affection (20%)

In almost all families (packs), it is exactly the opposite:

  1. affection (60%) 2. Exercise (30%) 3. Discipline (10%)

The last option does not work – neither for the dog nor for the child !!!

With kind regards,  Sabina

It’s Good To Talk

Dear Kate

We have been married for 8 years and on many levels it is absolutely fine, we love each other are good friends, and understand each other. But, there is no spark the chemistry is gone and we haven’t had sex for over 2 years and in some ways that’s fine because I don’t fancy him but then is that wrong, we both seem ok about it but is that normal?

Your thoughts would be most welcome, thank you, BT

Dear BT

Thankyou for your email and I am sorry to hear you are feeling confused. My feeling is that as you say in many respects you are happy with the way it is so does what anyone else may think really matter?  As long as you are both happy with the arrangement you have then why change it.? However you do seem to be questioning  it and I wonder if you are questioning it because you really feel it needs addressing or because you have a thought that this is not the way it is “supposed “ to be. There are no hard and fast rules to relationships, as I am sure you are aware, we all have to create a situation and way of being together that works for both of us and for me that is the key, communicating and continuing to communicate so that both of you are happy with the way you are is key and if at some point in the future one of you needs to address an aspect of the relationship then the history of communicating effectively will make it much less stressful then it may otherwise have been.

I hope this clarifies things for you and enables you to feel confident in the choices you make.

Warm regards, Kate



Thursday 4th Feb to Wednesday 17th Feb 2016

ARIES – Page of Wands

You need to listen to what a younger member of your family is saying, either verbally or non-verbally. Pay attention to their wants and needs as they may be going through a sensitive phase and need extra encouragement. Otherwise, for the rest of you; news of a new business opportunity or a new career option will make you happy!

TAURUS – Knight of Wands

Take opportunities to travel; especially for career or to broaden your education.  The people you meet and what you will learn could end up having a big impact on your future.  Creative Taureans do especially well this fortnight as others are more than willing to back your bright ideas.  New business opportunities will also flourish and colleagues have your back.

GEMINI – Ace of Cups

For some of you, this card indicates the beginning of a new love affair so if you’re available, how nice!  For the attached; watch that a flirtation doesn’t go too far unless you’re prepared to accept the consequences.  The spiritually minded amongst you will gain new insight and awareness which brings an inner peace.  You feel relaxed and healthy.

CANCER – Four of Swords (reversed)

If you feel like you’re heading down a rabbit hole, don’t panic!  Stress will have a physical effect on your body; making you more susceptible than usual to poor health.  You need to offload what’s currently bothering you and need some space to get your head together.  Consider a quick getaway to recharge and come up smiling again!

LEO – Three of Wands

You’re expanding your horizons on all levels.  Continue to set your sights on furthering ambitions; especially if you’re dealing with people or projects overseas.  The fiery energy of this three brings you extra dynamism and determination to attract acclaim or a wider audience for what you do.  You get a breakthrough regarding a property matter.  Investments made now bring dividends.

VIRGO – Seven of Pentacles

You’ve planted the seeds for a new lifestyle and all you have to do is be patient while plans are germinating.   If you’re the creative type, now’s the time to get cracking on an important project as you’ll be inspired to create masterpieces!  For other more practical Virgos, you can confidently invest in a new venture, it will pay off.

LIBRA – The High Priestess

Trust your intuition this fortnight as you’ll be guided to meet people who will make a huge impact on your life in the months or even years ahead. You’re becoming more resourceful and more independent of what others say or think; you can now stand alone but without feeling lonely.  Others are drawn to you like moths to a flame.


This wonderful card, is full of vitality and indicates good news, especially if health matters have concerned you recently. The Sun brings achievement; you reach the goal you’ve been aiming for or a result goes in your favour. Success requires determination; therefore you’re urged to apply yourself constantly now.  Doing anything half-heartedly won’t get you what you want!

SAGITTARIUS – The Tower (reversed)

Last year was certainly a rollercoaster of a ride for you both personally and professionally.  There were so many times when you thought you’d make it first past the finishing line only to be pipped at the post.  This period is now thankfully at an end and you can expect a reversal of your fortunes in a positive way.

CAPRICORN – Two of Disks

Like tides, the ebb and flow of finances can be influenced by lunar energy, which is why I suggest that you curb any unnecessary expenses until after the next full moon. As Capricorns love to spend, this might be a tall order. Unexpected cash outlays are likely when this card appears. So, be cautious to be wise.

AQUARIUS – Five of Swords

It may be difficult for you to keep a lid on your temper as you discover what’s been going on behind your back.  You’ll be pretty upset by the underhanded dealings of others as you’re usually a good judge of character.  Sometimes you trust unconditionally only to find you’ve been hoodwinked by a charming attitude.  Time to wise up!

PISCES – The Devil (reversed)

At last you can give your thoughts a rest and not get caught up with the hectic whirl that keeps you a prisoner of your mind.  It’s time for you to connect through the heart; where logic cannot rule.  Feelings are all important this fortnight as you free yourself from the constraints and fears of your past.  Avoid salacious gossip.

Community & Agenda

Return Of The Quiz

  • Pamela Deakin
  • San Augustin

The popular Wednesday night quiz at the Josmar (near the San Agustin football/cricket field) has resumed again after a Xmas break.  The quiz starts at 8.15 pm.  An additional attraction (apart from the low prices of all snacks and drink !) is the introduction of an Accumulator for all participants.  But to win this you need to have attended at least 3 quizes.  Most people have already done this, so it is only fair that any future participants should not win large sums if they have not previously taken part.  It costs 1 Euro per person to take part in the actual quiz and this money all goes to Age Concern.

See you all there.

Rock and Bars

  • Claire B
  • Santa Eulalia

Sunday February 7 sees Rock ‘n’ Bars 16 take place in Santa Eulalia. 20 bars in the town are participating and offering the best pintxos combined with the best live music, starting at 13.00. 7 local bands will be playing in different bars throughout the day and a pintxo and caña will cost 2€.

  • Ses Genetes Peludes – R’n’B Point 1, Carreró Algemesí: Can Mayol, Falucho, Rincón Latino.
  • Lemon Emigrants – R’n’B Point 2, C/Sant Jaume: Bar Cosmi, Croissant Show, Royalti.
  • Uncle Sal – R’n’B Point 3, C/ Sant Jaume: Bar Que tal, Celleret.
  • The Moonshine Band – R’n’B Point 4, C/ Sant Joan: Bar Magic, Bar Niko.
  • The Frigolos – R’n’B Point 5, C/ Sant Vicent: Ca na Lina, El Rincón de Pepe, Cervecería Quintana.
  • Morning Drivers – R’n’B Point 6, C/ Sant Jaume: Xtu, Sacacorchos, Es Puntal, Bar Internacional.
  • La Locanda – R’n’B Point 7, C/ Sant Jaume: San Remo, Noelia, Brisol.

Organised by the Rock In Riu Festival and la Agrupació Pitiüses Autèntiques.

Full details on Facebook – ROCK’N’BARS 2016:


View From The Pew

  • The Golden Gate
  • Dr Peter Pimentel

The magnificent double Golden Gate on the eastern wall of the Temple Mount has a special spiritual significance for Jews, Christians and Muslims.  Between the Golden Gate and the Mount of Olives lies the Kidron Valley.  It is the focus of many traditions.  The Golden Gate was very likely built by the Umayyed caliph Abd al-Malik (during 685-705 AD).  It was probably blocked sometime in the 8th Cent. AD by Muslims.  The Crusaders unblocked the gate twice a year for processions on Palm Sunday and Holy Cross Day!  After the departure of the Crusaders, the Golden Gate has remained walled-up ever since.  It was substantially rebuilt in Suliman the Magnificent’s restoration of the temple walls sometime during 1537–41.

This walled-up gate is a powerful spiritual symbol.  Ezekiel (6th Cent. BC) had a vision of the temple in the end-times at the coming of the Messiah: “Then he brought me back to the outer gate of the sanctuary, which faces east; and it was shut. 2 The LORD said to me: This gate shall remain shut; it shall not be opened, and no one shall enter by it; for the LORD, the God of Israel, has entered by it; therefore it shall remain shut.” (The Bible, Ezekiel 44:1-2).

Traces of an arch indicating an older gate have been found beneath the present structure.  So the Golden Gate as we know it now was built on the spot of an original gate.  This much older gate goes back to the time of Jesus and was referred to as simply The Eastern Gate and was also called The Shushan Gate.  An ancient rabbinic saying says: “On The Eastern Gate is a relief of the Palace of Shushan.”  (Mishnah Middot 1:3).  Shushan or Susa is the Capital of Persia and the gate no doubt was in honour of the liberation of the Jews from exile in Babylonia by the Persian emperor.  It seems likely that Jesus entered through this gate via the Mount of Olives and across the Kidron Valley on the last week of his life.  Jewish and Christian tradition has it that the Messiah will come in the Last Days through this gate.  This tradition is based on the prophecy of Zechariah (6th Cent. BC): “On that day his feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives that lies before Jerusalem on the east”. (The Bible: Zechariah 14:4).

  • Services: Sunday 7th February 10.30am Worship with Holy Communion San Rafael Church.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera: Tel: 971 34 33 83

It Was Them!!

The family from Supermarket Suma (Sa Font), situated on the road between Sta Eulalia and Cala LLonga, would like to congratulate the four winners of their Christmas Raffle,  also thank their customers for their custom throughout the year and wish them a very Happy and Healthy 2016.

Pancake Races 2016.

This year the Pancake Race Day in Cala LLonga is changing venue.

It will now be held outside Bar Pio (down by the beach) on Saturday 13th Feb.

The bar opens at 1pm, races for youngsters and adults will start at 2pm (ish) following which medal and prize presentations will take place at Bar Pio where sweet and savoury pancakes will be available. We hope to see you there for a real fun afternoon.

Sandie Brown

It is with great sadness we received the news of Sandie Brown’s passing.

Sandie, pictured below wearing her trademark smile, spent several months a year in Ibiza, a frequent guest of Hotel Arenal, from where only the range of her mobility scooter would dictate those bars and restaurants fortunate enough to be graced by her patronage.

Sandie had a joie de vivre that humbled many of us fortunate enough not to face the many challenges of her life.

She will be missed.

To Jack…

To our son Jack,

Happy 21st Birthday.

You come so far,

To achieve so much,

We’re so proud of you,

Loving you is our greatest Joy,

You fill our hearts with pride,

Now our son has grown into a lovely young man,

Love you always

Mum & Dad xxx

Lovely words, to which everybody at the Ibizan add their own best wishes to Jack, secretary of the Ibizan pool league.

If anyone would like to join Jack to help celebrate his 21st he will be in Storeroom Bar, Cala de Bou, on 14 February from 4 pm onwards



Amanda Zips It Up 

Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s Amanda Zips It Up.

Well, we’ve made it! We’re finally over and done with the most miserable month of the year and it’s onwards and upwards into 2016. This  week, I write about what will be trending fashion-wise on the streets of the white isle, so now it’s time to really get you drooling with a taster of how you can spend your holiday in Ibiza this Summer 2016.

Here’s a little clue. This guy met a girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, he was making love by Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday and chilled on Sunday. Phew, he must be fit. This summer, he supplies chilled Sundays to Ibiza Rocks Hotel every Sunday afternoon, with a brand new daytime pool party residency. I can’t bloody wait because It’s Craig David all over your ‘boing’, weekly in Ibiza!

After his early noughties hits, Craig slipped off to Miami, escaping all that grossly unjustified Bo Selecta’ing. Long-overdue, we are now witnessing the glorious revival of one of the UK’s greatest recent talents. So, in keeping with the sun-soaked party vibes created at his home in South Beach Miami, the platinum album-selling pioneer of UK Garage is Balearic bound with “TS5” at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel every Sunday from 17th July to 4th September (1-8pm).

TS5 started out as the most exclusive pre-party in Miami, hosted by Craig at his penthouse home, where he went from playing to 10 friends to hundreds. As word spread, the party organically grew and the TS5 brand went international. With Craig’s ability to sing, MC and work the crowd whilst DJing simultaneously, we can expect sets combining massive old school anthems from RnB to Swing, Garage to Bashment and sun-soaked House. I am soooooo there!

PLUS  another exciting night happening this summer is DANCE 88/89, every Wednesday at Sankeys Ibiza. Taking you back to the Balearic Beats of the Summer of Love 1988/89, this is guaranteed to seduce all the original Ibiza clubbers from back in the day. A truly spectacular line up of legendary DJs, including a couple of special appearances by my other half, Judge Jules in August and September!  That’ll be my Sundays and Wednesdays sorted from May 28th – Sept 28th 2016. Watch this space for Fridays…

I’m just a little bit excited, if you hadn’t noticed, so enjoy this week’s Zips It Up. Re-ee-wind, when the crowd say Bo’ Selecta….

Trending In Ibiza 2016

Ok, so it’s February and summer seems like a long way off. When I think Summer, I think Ibiza. So I’ve had a peak at what’s hot on the white isle this year and hopefully this will banish those winter blues as we start planning our balearic wardobes.

The Extra-Long Cover Up 

The cover up will be rocking summer 2016 in Ibiza. But be sure to go for extra long. Perfect over swimwear, as well as cut-offs and a crop top. It covers a multitude of sins too, i.e. cellulite, sugar belly and perhaps your lack of waxing. 100% made in Ibiza.


Jim Morrison’s Conchos belt, inspired by the Navajo tribes, is the must-have accessory this new season. Simply add to a kaftan, t-shirt dress or just with your bikini, for instant rock chick glam.

The Long/Short skirt.

Think Gypsy & sexy. A skirt that’s long at the back, short at the front. My good friend Cassandra at FreeLoveIbiza introduced this style a few seasons ago. 2016 will witness all Ibiza babes wearing them.

Love Sandals

Roman sandals were a hit last summer, and they’re back for 2016 with added colour and embellished with poms poms, tassels, fringe, beads, coins… you name it. They look great, but actually walking in the darn things may be problematic.

The Boho Dress

Short is out. The Boho Dress has to be extra long and romantic, in white or off white. Add some lace and perfect the Balearic look of Ibiza 2016.


Valentine’s Gift Guide

Next weekend can be construed as taking on two purposes. Firstly, February 14th is, quite simply, Loved Up – a time to show someone special how much you care. Or, it is simply a Hallmark holiday, i.e. a money-spinner hyped up by the greeting card industry and Interflora?

Call me a sucker, but I’ll stick with the first option.

It’s a risky business for menfolk. Because if our loved ones turn up on “V” night with nothing but a box of Milk Tray, we’ll probably feel a bit disappointed. Very disappointed. As in: after all the things we’ve done for them disappointed.

To avoid this (potentially relationship-ending) problem, I’ve come up with the very best hints to drop with ample package delivery time before February 14th.

See below, the ultimate valentine’s gift guide

l Lola Pump £250

l Fleur Du MalPlayboy Bunny bodysuit £75

l Cashmere Heart Print Scarf £95

l Rosa Viola Diptyque Candle £44

l Mimi Holiday Bra £59 & Knickers £42

l Love Poems £9.99

l Nyetimber Rose Sparkling Wine Box Set £42.50

Steal That Style

  • Olivia Palermo
  • Sophia V.

Olivia Palermo, socialite, and reality TV star from The City always looks absolutely flawless. She’s always photographed looking classy, and lady-like, no matter what the occasion. This article looks into achieving her style, which can be done on a budget. The high-street offers many items similar to designer brands, which look just as good. Below are the garments often seen on Olivia.

Handbags. Olivia is rarely ever seen without a statement handbag. Whether it’s an oversized tote bag for the daytime socialising, or a smaller clutch for the evening, she tends to go for colours that match whatever she is wearing, even if it’s just her shoes.

Trousers. She favours straight-leg office type trousers. Trousers can be worn with almost anything, although best avoided with sporty footwear, and teamed with heels, pretty flats, or boots. She’s also a fan of leggings and jeans, but again, she tends to glam these up, rather than go casual.

Blouses / vests. Often spotted wearing girly blouses, she wears several different colours and styles.

Skirts. Skirts and dresses play a huge part in Olivia’s wardrobe. The cold weather doesn’t deter her from wearing mini’s, as she wears them with tights.

Blazers, macs and shawls. Although she wears jackets here and there, she mainly wears smart blazers with her outfits, which are perfect for when the weather is not too hot, or cold. In the winter months however, she tends to wear knee or floor-length mac’s, which are stunning, and perfect for achieving that smart ‘office-girl’ look. Faux fur coats are also popular with her, along with shawls for the winter.

Heels. Rarely seen without a pair of stilettos, Olivia definitely dresses to impress. Heels can glam up any outfit. She’s often seen wearing heeled boots, and if she does go for flat footwear on occasions, it’s mainly pointy-toe shoes.

Hair and make-up. Her hair is often effortlessly stunning in loose waves. This style is easy to achieve by wearing rollers for a couple of hours, usually on damp hair and allowing it to dry naturally. Other than waves, her hair can be seen sleek and perfectly straight. Again, for this style, give your hair a quick blast of the hair straighteners, and spritz it with shine spray. Spray with specks of glitter is great for hair to shimmer in the light.

Her make-up is mainly au natural, with neutral colours. Otherwise she tends to go for browns and golds to complement her dark eyes, and hair.

The best places to shop for clothing similar to Olivia’s are Top Shop, River Island, and Zara. These stores can also be found on the Internet, if you prefer online shopping, or if these shops aren’t in your town.

So, there you have it: when you think of Olivia Palermo, in terms of style, she’s the modern Audrey Hepburn, always glamorous.




“Does Anybody Want To Win The Premier League?”

Hi, there Sports fans and yes, we’re back! Seems ages since my last report, but hope you had a great New Year, Kings, Flower Power etc and have got over the January blues! Such a lot has happened in January in the sporting world so just gonna give you a synopsis of the main sports and where it all stands up to now.


and as all us English fans had hoped, a miracle came to pass as England won their Test Series in South Africa, having won two, drawn one, and lost one. Stunning overall performance, bar the last Test really, as t’was their first away Series win since 2011 and featured stand-out performances from Root, Stokes (an incredible knock of 258 in double time) and Bairstow on the batting side and Broad with yet another super bowling performance, well backed up by Stokes and Finn. All in all a great team performance to knock the Proteas off their pedestal as the No 1 Test side. So now it’s on to the One Day Series (of 5) starting this week and judging by their warm-up match against South Africa A which resulted in a whopping win for Morgans boys we should be in for a treat.


and it was deja-vu from last year in the Mens Final as World No 1 Djokovic, who got the better of Federer in his semi, beat Our Andy in straight sets to claim his 6th Aussie Open and his 11th Grand Slam title. Shame for the Brit as he’s now appeared in 5 Aussie Finals and lost the lot. Biggest shock was Rafa’s 1st round defeat to an unknown especially as all the tennis pundits were saying he’s well on his way back. Big congrats though to Andy’s big bro, Jamie, who claimed the Mens Doubles title with new Brazilian partner Soares, who, just for good measure, also added the Mixed Doubles Title. In the Ladies, huge congrats to Brit Johanna Konta, now ranked in the world’s top 30, as she played quite brilliantly to get thru’ to the Semis, the first time a Brit femme has got this far in a Major since Jo Durie in the early ’90’s. Although putting up a gutsy show she eventually succumbed to her German opponent Angelique Kerber who then, quite surprisingly, went on to beat clear favourite Serena Williams who was aiming to draw level with Steffi Graf on 22 Grand Slam titles so she’ll now just have to wait until the French later this summer.


and with the season just getting under way again, in this Ryder Cup year, the top 3 in the world came together recently at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Tournament, each aiming to put one over on their peers, but, although No 3 McIlroy beat both No 1 Spieth and No 2 Day, he couldn’t quite make it to the winners rostrum as American Fowler, now No 4, stole the show winning by 2 from the popular Brit. Still, coming 2nd in an early tournament augurs well for McIlroy’s pursuit of going back to No 1.

Rugby Union

With the European Cups Group games now done and dusted, at last English rugby is on the up, as 5 clubs made it through to the Quarters of the Champions Cup, with Bath the only absentees, and after the draw, a guarantee that at least one of them will make it to the Final. Saracens must be the favourites as not only have they only lost once all season in this as well as the Premiership, but they face Northampton whilst Wasps take on Exeter with the winners playing each other for a Final place. The rest of the draw pitched Leicester against Stade Francais and Racing 92 against Toulon, the current holders. In the Challenge Cup 4 more English clubs battled thru’ to the Quarters with Harlequins v. London Irish, Sale/Montpelier, Gloucester/Newport and Grenoble/Connacht so what price for an English winner in both European Cups?


After all the results in the Premier League during January, I have a question. Does any club really want to win it this year as all the teams in contention after Xmas have had recent setbacks and none appear to be putting a serious run together. Take surprise team Leicester who are currently top, as they have had various draws as top marksman Vardy went thru’ a goalless phase altho’ that’s been put to bed now as he scored in their 3-0 win over Stoke to leave Ranieri’s team 3 points clear from Man City in 2nd who still haven’t recorded an away win since September, culminating in a 2-2 draw at West Ham. Third placed Arsenal, on the same points as City, looked to be putting a run together but then drew with Liverpool and then came up against Hiddinck’s resolute Chelsea side (unbeaten in 7 PL games since he took over but still only 13th) at the Emirates to lose 1-0, with Mnsr Wenger doing his usual whingeing (when will that man actually admit that sometimes his team are beaten by a better team on the day!). Tottenham appear to be the form team as they are now 4th , only 2 points further back after their 3-1 win at Crystal Palace, who have completely lost the plot recently and dropped down to 11th. As for Man Utd, who lost 1-0 at OT by Southampton, every match appears to up the pressure on manager LVG as they are now 5 points off the CL places while Liverpool had a thriller at Naaarwich with a last minute winner in a 5-4 win which sent Herr Klopp dancing down the touchline as if he had won the Champions League (when will the FA stamp down on Klopp’s behaviour as if that had been Mourinho, he would have been banned from the stadium, fined 50 grand and sent home!). Watford, who had had a really good season to date, have now dropped to 10th despite winning 2-1 at home to Newcastle who are still languishing in the relegation 3, as are neighbours Sunderland even tho’ they drew 1-1 with Bournemouth and as for Everton, considering the quality in their squad, they’re down to 12th after their 2-1 home loss to Swansea. Finally, Aston Villa still look doomed, being 10 points off the safety net, this despite a scoreless draw at West Bromwich who lie in 14th.

After the 2nd legs of the League Cup, Liverpool will now meet Man City in the Final later this month, as the ‘Pool overcame Stoke on penalties and the Light Blues scraped past Everton, 4-3 on aggregate, altho’ the Toffees only have themselves to blame as at one point they were 3-1 up on agg. T’was the FA Cup 4th round at the w/end, and no real shocks to report, apart from West Bromwich’s 2-2 draw with Peterboro’ altho’ the draw did throw up some interesting 5th round ties, the pick being Chelsea/Man City, but, as usual, lucky Arsenal and Man Utd secured easy (on paper anyway) draws, agin Hull at home and Shrewsbury away respectively.

Finally, congrats to Lionel Messi, Barca’s superstar, who pipped Real’s Ronaldo and clubmate Neymar to the Ballon D’Or during January, to wrestle it back from Cristiano who had won for the last two years and well deserved methinks! Also, whilst on the continental side of the sport, great to see the Waldorf and Stadler (remember the Muppets!) of FIFA, aka Platini and Blatter, banned and on their bikes and all I can say is good riddance to bad rubbish and how the mighty (only in their own minds) have fallen!

Til next week




January Closes with Record Low for the Euribor

Every month we are reporting that the Euribor has ended the previous 30 days at its lowest rate ever. And it’s difficult to see how the reference rate used to calculate the majority of mortgages taken out in Spain can get any lower.

At the end of 2015, the month of December registered the lowest rate for the Euribor, and now, at the start of 2016, the trend seems to be continuing.

But, at the end of January, while the Euribor once again dropped to new minimum lows, this time the event was even more spectacular.

By 31 January, figures indicated that the Euribor would stand at the rate of 0,044%. Not only is this the lowest rate in the history since records began, but it is also lower than the official price of money, set in September 2014 by the ECB, which is 0,05%.

Twelve months earlier, the Euribor ended 2014 at a rate of 0,328%; it closed the following year at 0,059%; and now, a month later, it will end January 0,018 points lower.

Despite the fact that we’re dealing with incredibly small figures, the Euribor has accumulated a drop of 87% over the last 13 consecutive months.

Much of this is due to actions carried out by the European Central Bank, who have kept benchmark interest rates as low as possible, even reducing them over time.

It has also spent the last ten months buying up massive debt in the markets, which has subsequently made ready cash much more available, but also reduced the profitability of many assets, including the Euribor.

On the plus side, mortgage owners are feeling the positive effects of this, as their monthly mortgage repayment rates continue to fall each year.

At the moment, everything indicates that the Euribor will continue to fall. This is demonstrated by the fact that the mortgage reference rate is currently floating around 0.03%.

And Bankinter has even gone so far as to say that the Euribor will enter negative figures during the first half of this year and willstay around -0.1% at least until the summer of 2017.

Information supplied with kind assistance of On The Pulse Of Spain—a great resource for legal , administrative and property matters.