Meet Baby Prickles & His Hedgehog Blog

I mean come on, just how cute is Prickles? If he doesn’t raise a smile or at least an ‘ahh’ you may very well be dead inside.

The Ibizan 811 text version 26 Nov 2015
The Ibizan 811 text version 26 Nov 2015

Baby Prickles is one of the many strays, orphans, outcasts and misfits that had the good fortune to stumble across our favourite cover photographer, blogger, journo and morning cheerfulness spreader, Cat Milton. Found back in July, Cat posted this photo of the little fellow during the week. Well it has been too long without a Cat cover anyway and we couldn’t resist. Baby Pickles has made me smile several times this week, and I’ve been in a frankly rotten mood.

Cat said of Prickles “Some of you may remember Baby Prickles. For reasons unbeknownst to me, little (actually, tiny!) Prickles hasn’t grown much. I’ve fed and watered the little ‘un every night he / she has come out foraging and we’ve got a respectful little relationship in place…

But, with the rather sudden temperature drop Baby Prickles has ramped things up a… bit…

Indeed, now when I open the door to let the cats in…. Prickles comes in too!

My evening has been spent googling ‘How to House Train a Hedgehog’. (Thankfully it seems achievable)


For more of Baby Pickles progress you can follow Cat on facebook

And a plea from Cat, please look out for Hedgehogs on the road.

Cat tells us there is a vet in Figueretes who has something of a reputation in saving hedgehogs and wild animals generally.

Santiago Yepes, C/Navarra 9, Figueretas, tel. 971 300 674.

Alternatively, if you can’t get to Figueretas, you can call 112 and ask for “agentes de medioambiente”. They will come and assist.

All good to know however I think the Hedgehog population owes that photo of Baby Pickles as much as they do medical attention in reducing the chances of harm befalling them in future. I think we will all be thinking about Hedgehogs in a whole new light now.

Photo: Mr Prickles with Cat’s helpful finger for scale.

Our thanks also to Catherine Restivo for the best Hedgehog question that we didn’t think to ask. “Is he actually prickly, or soft.?”

Cat’s answer, of course, “Soft”. What else could he be?

Rural Reaction

  • Consell President meets with Neighbourhood associations.
  • Local Police Consell promise more rural stop and search vehicle checks.
  • Santa Eulalia Town Hall call for greater Guardia Civil cover.
  • Rural Burglar Caught in the act.

It seems that the complaints of the rural neighbourhood associations of a crimewave in the countryside, as reported last week, have caused something of a rumpus in Ibiza’s corridors of power as story after story came through during the week of various agencies putting initiatives into place in an effort to curb the problem.

In one case a burglar was even caught.


Rural Crime Complaints Spark Action

  • Arrest

The Guardia Civil have arrested a 27 year old of Spanish nationality on suspicion of a robbery which took place on the 21 October at a house located between the towns of Sant Mateu and Santa Gertrudis. The Guardia Civil reported that items stolen included computers and 600 euros adding that the thief had repeatedly tried to enter the house at several access points.

At the time of the arrest, which occurred last week, the suspect was driving the same vehicle that was used to commit the crime with which he is charged.

As a result, the Guardia Civil are now investigating whether the detainee has been involved in similar robberies in homes in the ​Sant Mateu area, officers are not ruling out the possibility of further burglaries committed. In addition, the investigation may result in the arrests of further people related to the recent thefts.

  • President meets Associations

Following on from our story last week regarding the lack of police support in rural areas, the president of the Consell de Ibiza, Vicent Torres, has met with the neighbours who are spearheading a campaign to collect signatures calling for more security at the proliferation of robberies in rural areas, especially within the municipality of Sant Antoni.

Neighbourhood Associations of Buscastell, Sant Rafael, Sant Mateu and Santa Agnès all signed a joint letter denouncing the alarming increase of burglaries in these areas and called for greater vigilance on the part of the Guardia Civil.

Councillor for Public Administrations of the Balearic Government, Catalina Cladera, raised the issue of the absence of agents in the Guardia Civil on the island to Parliament, and linked it to the wave of robberies reported in several municipalities, including those in Sant Josep, Santa Eulària and Sant Joan.

  • Santa Eulalia Unanimous

Santa Eulalia town hall has joined the issue of rural crime by requesting that they be given a ‘more effective’ Guardia Civil. As announced following agreement on a motion proposed by Guamyem (one of Ibiza’s political parties) but carrying the support of all political groups who were unanimous in stating that the consequence of the Guardia Civil’s attention being directed towards tourism left them unmanned and unable to undertake preventative duties.

  • Local Police Consell to Stop and Search

During a meeting between politicians and police in the Consell de Coordeinaciò Pitiùis of Local Police, it was discussed that police should intensify vehicle checks of suspicious drivers in rural areas to help reduce the wave of robberies as of concern in the islands smaller communities. It was also agreed that importance should be continued to be placed on the on-going issues of abandoned vehicles, the fight against pirate taxis, street traders and unlicensed PR’s.

M.I.C.E. Barcelona: “Strategic sector must be promoted”

Ibiza participated with their own stand at the IBTM World of Barcelona, ​​one of the most important tourism events in the specialist ‘MICE’ sector (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions). “It is a strategic sector for Ibiza, we must promote Ibiza at the highest level and devote all of our efforts,” said Chairman of the  Foundation for the Promotion of Tourism, Vicent Torres.

Madonna, and Emma Watson joined many other celebrities in  a campaign to ‘break the silence’ of domestic abuse as part of the Day against Gender Violence held on the 25th of November

515 Domestic Violence Cases Reported in 2015

Following on from last week’s report regarding the important role of the Women’s Council of Ibiza, the Minister of Social Welfare, Lydia Jurado, and the head of the Office Olga Guerra, have presented data to coincide with the Day against Gender Violence, which will take place on 25th  November. In the week leading up to the day, the Council have planned a series of activities to educate the public in the fight against gender violence.

In 2015 the Women’s Council received a total of 515 cases of domestic violence which is an increase of 3.5% from those seen in 2014.

Domestic violence, both physical and psychological extends to all areas, however there is concern that while only 4 cases were registered in adolescents between the ages of 16-20 (less than 1% of the total figure) there are likely to be many more unreported and so are working hard to prevent future cases.

The Director of the Balearic Institute for Women, Rosa Cursach was also in attendance, along with the Insular Director of Equality Judith Romero and Belén Alvite—the Head of the Centre for Study and Prevention of Addictive Behaviours (CEPC). With Rosa Cursach in attendance, the occasion was marked with the Board of Ibiza drafting the Equality Act which had been blocked since 2011 despite being promoted by the Government of the Balearic Islands.

Funding has also been increased for the Office of Women with Vicente Torres and Rosa Cursach signing a collaboration agreement for the management and maintenance of the Council of Ibiza. Thanks to this agreement, the Council of Ibiza will receive 300,000 euros, 40,000 euros more than in 2014.

New 20€ Note

 The new 20-euro note, which is part of the “Europa” series entered circulation yesterday.

Included in the vamped up design are a number of innovative security measures and anti-fraud features, making counterfeiting much more difficult to achieve.

These will include a ‘portrait window’, which, when held up to the light, turns transparent and shows the portrait of the Greek mythological character Europa, which can be seen on both sides of the newly designed note.

The new 20-euro note will be the third to be launched from the Europa series, which will be replacing the old series introduced in 2002, after the new 5-euro note went into circulation in May 2013 and the 10-euro note in September last year.

New versions of the 50, 100, 200 and 500-euro notes will also be unveiled within the next few years, but as yet no date has been given for when the next in the series will appear.

The new 20-euro notes, as with the new 5 and 10 euro, will include two serial numbers. The first is horizontal, written in black ink and appears in the top right-hand corner of the back of the note, and the second also appears on the back, but is vertical, written in a different coloured ink and appears more to the bottom-central part of the note.

The European Central Bank will continue with the “ages and styles” design whereby architectural styles from seven periods of Europe’s history are incorporated into the design. The styles are as follows:

  • €5: Classical
  • €10: Romanesque
  • €20: Gothic
  • €50: Renaissance
  • €100: Baroque and Rococo
  • €200: 19th century iron and glass architecture
  • €500: 20th century architecture

Ferrer Congratulates Formentera Farmers For First Fallow Field

The President of the Council of Formentera, Jaume Ferrer, today congratulated the workers of the Cooperative Camp after they started planting forage in the first field on the island in Can Parra, Formentera. In the field is a mixture of seeds including barley and oats and is used to feed livestock. “This patent is the first evidence that the revival of the field in Formentera is real,” the president said.

The land involved in the first scheme is belongs to the Census of farmland, to which islanders have already donated 105 hectares to be cultivated this winter. During the month of November, the Cooperative plans to sow 15 hectares of fodder, specifically sowing 5 hectares in La Mola and 10 hectares between San Fernando and San Francisco. During the month of December they plan to sow a total of 70 hectares of cereals including 20 hectares in La Mola, and 20-30 hectares in San Fernando and San Francisco. These tasks are being carried out by young farmers and agricultural professionals hired by the Cooperative.

The work carried out will improve the landscape of Formentera and reactivate the primary sector, as highlighted by the president who has “encouraged landowners who have abandoned the Cooperative to see the yield of the field”, and reiterated that the transfer, which usually lasts between 3 and 5 years, is free and will benefit the owners directly stating they would see “savings in the maintenance of land, improved land and discounts on products and services from the Cooperative,”

Gas Price Drop

This week, the maximum price vendors are allowed to charge for a 12.5kg orange gas bottle is 12,68 euro, which is a reduction of 0.6% of its current price (12,76 euro).

Looking back to the beginning of the year, this price signifies a drop of 27.5% from the 17,5 euro that consumers were paying in January.

The price of butane gas is revised twice a month and changes are published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE). However, in order to calculate the price of a gas bottle, analysts must take into consideration factors such as the international prices of the raw material, freight charges, exchange rates and market costs.

The Government introduced a maximum limit to how much vendors can charge for a gas bottle of this type that is used by more than 8 million households in Spain of 17,5 euro. Prices rose to this amount within a short space of time, and even exceeded it on occasions, and were frozen for the duration of 12 months due to the rising cost of raw materials. This in turn generated a deficit in the sector.

The accumulated deficit began to reduce when international quotas of crude oil took a hit, and also due to the cost of the gas bottle being maintained for the 12-month period. For the past few months, there has been a surplus, which has helped prices fall instead of go up.

On the other hand, the minister for Industry and Energy, José Manuel Soria, has announced that the Government is likely to reduce the regulated part of the electricity tariff – which is equivalent to 60% of our bills – from next year.

This was already reduced in July, which would have resulted in a reduction of  2.2% in our bills were it not swallowed up by the rising cost of electricity prices on the market, which in fact led to a 2% increase in our bills between January and August.

Nevertheless, Soria has hinted that next year’s discount could be even bigger and would be helped by surplus money in the kitty. Via On The Pulse Of Spain—see back page

Green Govt in 2016

It has been announced that Government buildings will consume only renewable energy from April 2016 in the Balearics.

The government has allocated 30million euros to the project aiming to ensure that all public offices, hospitals and other facilities will use energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind power.

Sa Serra Water Works

Sa Serra water supply to receive 300,000€ investment to meet the demands of the directorate of public health issued in 2011. The water in this area was found to have excessive fluoride content and the works will ensure a supply of drinking water of “excellent quality and sufficient pressure”.

Manslaughter Verdict for Misdiagnosis Doctor

A Can Misses doctor has accepted the charge of manslaughter due to professional negligence following an error in the diagnosis of a patient who later died of breast cancer. A fine totalling 210,436€ is levied of which 120,000€ would go to the woman’s widower and 45,000€ for each of her daughters. The woman who died was originally from Bulgaria, had lived and worked in Ibiza for many years as a hotel maid. The woman was first referred to the doctor in 2007 having reported a lump to her family doctor however the first tests were, whilst not conclusive, given sufficient doubt that the doctor should have repeated the testing but as he did not when the woman was then again referred to him in 2009, the cancer was so advanced as to be untreatable. She died on July 30th 2009.

Meningitis in school no cause for panic.

Ib-Salut has reported a case of benign viral meningitis having been identified in four students at the Colegio Mestre LLuis Andreu de Formentera. The child first diagnosed was transferred to Can Misses and hospital paediatricians have issued a message of reassurance that the strain of meningitis is viral and though causing extreme discomfort including symptoms of fever and vomiting; it will pass in a duration of 2/3 days.

Coke Bloke in the Choke

One of the UK’s most wanted fugitives, captured after being on the run for nearly two years in Spain, has been sentenced at the Old Bailey in London to 13 years 4 months in prison for his role in a major international drug smuggling operation.

Anthony Dennis, aged 48, from Ongar, Essex, plotted with criminals in the UK and overseas to import up to three tonnes of cocaine worth hundreds of millions of euros into Europe.

Dennis and his co-conspirator Anthony Wilson, aged 38, from Harlow, Essex, who was sentenced  to 12 years in prison, were identified following an investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA) in cooperation with the Dutch National Police.

Dennis went on the run in Spain after his Netherlands-based associates failed to remove 67.5 kilos of cocaine from a shipping container at Antwerp in Belgium, which was later discovered and seized by the German authorities. It was only after his face appeared on a mobile digital billboard touring Spanish beach resorts this summer, that he returned to the UK and was arrested in Hertfordshire.

2 year prison sentence for developer & builder of Formentera house

La Audiencia Provicial de Palma has ratified the criminal courts sentence for 2 years in prison for both the builder and developer of a house built in 2011 without permission on the periphery of the Se Salines natural park in Formentera. The defendants must furthermore restore the land to its previous condition requiring them to demolish the property.

Sorry, it is late and there were three negatives in a single sentence of legal speak issued by the court and I cannot be sure if the sentence was suspended subject to keeping a clean record, or stating it would have been longer if not for their clean record.

The development took place on farmland in the area known as La Venda des Brolls near S’Estany Pudent. The plot of 10,000m2 and construction of a 124m footprint house was undertaken by a builder ‘who knew perfectly well that the work had no license and was illegal’.



Amanda Zips It Up

Welcome to this weeks Zips It Up. The Paris attacks unfortunately dominate us all this week. It’s been a horrid weekend of news and realisation that we live in an increasingly dangerous world. It has been difficult for me to write my fashion blog this week, because I’m not really feeling enthusiastic about anything right now. This weekend, I couldn’t bring myself to watch my usual Saturday night sofa programs like the X Factor and Strictly, it just felt wrong. I was glued to Sky News until my hubby told me stop, for my own sanity,

Little seemed to tie the attacks across at least six sites, except that all the 129 victims had been out having fun. But that was very much the point for the Islamic State militant group, which later took responsibility for the carnage and said that it had struck France’s symbols of “perversity.”

FREEDOM, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY. The French motto since the revolution. France is historically a country of beauty, culture and freedom. Paris, the city of light and city of the mega weight fashion houses.

In this edition of Amanda Zips It Up, I celebrate three of the most fashionable French icons… and there’s no prizes for guessing who comes first?

We kick off with Fashion’s No.1 designer. Coco Chanel. A x

For France!

Let’s face it: When it comes to fashion, France has the pick of “It Girls”. With icons like Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot how can we not be allured by Francophilia? And more importantly, what is the secret to that bafflingly effortless, incredibly chic sense of style?

Zips It Up has, well, zipped up my favourite three French fashion icons and broken down their go-to looks, translating that je ne sais quoi once and for all.

Let’s be serious: It all begins (and ends, really) with Coco Chanel. But while many remember the icon for her classic suits and penchant for tweed and pearls, they also forget that her taste was revolutionary for women in the 20th century.

This getup highlights her sense of daring—mixed prints and textures? How modern! How chic! Just don’t forget the pearls—and your Chanel bag.

If you need proof of the ultimate French muses’, look no further than Jane Birkin and her daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

But where her mother favours bohemian spirit, the singer and actress (and Balenciaga muse) is all about rock-and-roll. Here, she proves that faded black skinnies and a white tee might be simple, but are still stylish as hell—and no, you don’t have to be French to pull that off. I love this look!

Je T’aime. X

Johnny Depp’s former flame has been turning heads all on her own for years.

With her vampy, slightly goth  and very sexy fashion sense, there’s a reason why she’s a Chanel front row fave. She’s all about lace and lingerie detailing, sexy heels and the ultimate va-va-voom red lippy.

The French Kate Moss?

Christmas Dressing

I don’t know how many of my blog readers, but there is certainly an apparent divide between those that love to watch videos and those that prefer to read blogs, whilst there are also a few who love to indulge in both. I know that I fall into the latter category. I prefer not to be seen, especially after a late night or two! Ha ha. x

But seeing as the Christmas party season is coming up soon, I thought it was the perfect time to get some party wear inspiration onto the blog. Starting with a recent ASOS Christmas partywear unboxing I recently filmed. For anyone who hasn’t watched that, here are all of the pieces I was trying on and loved for upcoming parties!

Alessandro Micheles

 Alessandro Micheles rise to fashion superstardom has been swift and meteoric. This time last year he was the unknown right-hand-man to Gucci’s former creative director Frida Giannini, working away without so much as a hint of public praise.

But that all changed in January when Giannini made an unexpectedly swift exit from the fashion house and he was asked to step up to the plate and bring the then-failing Gucci back to its best, beating off stiff competition from numerous big-name designers who had been slated to take the post. In a matter of months he had transformed Gucci from a so-so luxury house into the hottest brand of the moment, creating cult-status products (those fur-lined mules) and winning legions of new fans with his strong Seventies lilted sense of fun, from Alexa Chung to Dakota Johnson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Last night he won the International Designer of the Year Award at the British Fashion Awards.

Fashionable Pyjamas.

  • Sophia V.

I don’t know about anyone else, but in the winter, as soon as I get home, I like to get straight into my PJ’s. There is nothing more comfortable than pyjamas. There are so many on the market, how do you find which ones are the best for you? Here are some different PJ garments.

The long flannel pyjamas. These pyjamas are long sleeved and legged. They’re extremely comfortable and come in all different sizes, and designs. Whether you want plain, or decorated in objects, or words, you can find everything you’re looking for.

Fleece pyjamas. These are also long sleeved and legged. The material is so soft, and perfect for keeping you warm on long nights.

Silk pyjamas. Whether they’re a trouser and top set, or shorts and a vest, or a nightie, these can look really pretty, and stylish, and there are also sexier sets too. These are probably best avoided on hot nights, as you wouldn’t want the material clinging to you.

Shorts and Vest sets. These come in all different materials, and patterns. They are perfect for both the summer, and the winter, when teamed with a nightgown.

Nighties. Again, these can be silk or cotton. They can be short, falling just under the knee, or even floor length. Nighties are my favourite. They look so girly and pretty. Nighties can be the flimsy types with delicate spaghetti straps, or you can get more coverage with t-shirt nighties.

Onesie’s. These had to go in the article. I haven’t worn one, yet, if ever. But they are obviously absolutely perfect for the cold nights, and a nightgown on top isn’t even required. There are some great styles on the market too. Some are even complete with a hood.

Oversized t-shirts. These are so comfortable, and again, these are sufficient for the cold or warm nights.

Nightgowns. I couldn’t live without my fleece nightgown. If it was pretty enough to wear outside as a coat, I so would! It’s warm, comfortable, and just perfect.

So, there you have it, a wide selection of different pyjamas. Sometimes, it’s even nice to even mix it up a little, and wear a bit of everything. Whether you want them adorned with pretty objects, shapes, cartoons, logos, slogans, or just plain and simple, you can get them all.


Size Matters

  • Weights & Measures

Whether you need to avoid over spicing your Christmas Pud, or buy your loved one some shoes that fit, even if it is just to decide whether to emerge from the duvet, you are in Spain now and so best get your head round weights and measures the local way …


  • Weight

Weight—el pesoGram – gramo

Kilogramme – kilogramo, generally shortened to kilo

Quarter kilo – cuarto kilo

Half kilo – medio kilo

Ton – tonelada

Ounce—la onza

Pound—la libra

  • Length

Distance—la distancia

Circumference—la circumferencia

Diameter—el diámetro

Millimetre – milímetro

Centimetre – centímetro

Metre – metro

Kilometre – kilómetro

Inch – pulgada (you will need this when you buy your television sets as they are measured in inches in Spain)

Foot—el pie

Yard– la yarda

Mile—la milla

  • Volume

Volume el volume

Millilitre – mililitro

Litre—el litro

Pint—la pinta

Quart—el cuarto de galónTablespoon – cucharada

Table Spoon—la cucharada

Dessert spoon – cucharra

Teaspoon – cucharadita

Pinch – pizca

Handful—el puñado

Cup—la taza

Gallon—el galón

  • Temperature

Temperature—la temperatura


Degree—el grado


melting point—el punto de fusión


  • General

Fraction—la fracción


Percent—el por ciento (alt. el porcentaje)


Approximation—la aproximación

Bottom—el fondo

Breadth—la anchura


Depth—la profundidad (alt. la hondura)

Excess—el exceso

few, little—poco/a

Frequency—la frecuencia

Height—la altura, altitud


Length—la longitud


many, much—mucho/a

Maximum—el máximo


Minimum—el mínimo



Quantity—la cantidad

Rate—a razón

Size—el tamaño



Thickness—el espesor

Width—el ancho (alt. la anchura)


Mama Mia

  • Carly S
  • Various locations

Great news for mums! A group of Ibiza fitness trainers and Mums; namely Katie Bolt, Lindsey Jay, Mirella Felicity Ingamells and Alanna Thomson, have created a group called Mama Mia fitness in order to gather together Mums who want to exercise and socialise at the same time!

They meet in different locations around the island on Saturday mornings and do buggy walks, yoga, aerobics, body conditioning, tabata and various other exercise activities. What’s more, it’s completely free of charge until January.

I joined them this windy weekend with two year old Ela on a buggy walk around the Pou D’es Lleo area near San Carlos. Ela’s not a big buggy fan, so I took my backpack kid carrier, but all other Mums had pushchairs. I wished I’d brought mine after an hour of carrying my not so little one on my back! Still, we had fun and had a good workout.

There were eight mums with babies and toddlers in total and we did quite a long walk on a Camino past a goat farm, through the campo and emerging on the cliffs at Pou D’es Lleo where we did some aerobics to music (Ela found it hilarious!) before circling around and heading back the way we came. It was a great, fun way to exercise, quickly pass a few hours on a weekend and meet new Mums as well as catching up with those I already knew. Highly recommended!

Each week the activities are held in a different location, and vary in content, follow Mama Mia Fitness on Facebook for details.  See you at one of their sessions soon!


Black Friday

  • The Billion-Dollar Holiday

When Americans started celebrating Thanksgiving in the 19th century, it was about cherishing the blessings of the year, particularly the year’s harvest. Nowadays, as people aren’t as dependent on agriculture as they once were, it is more about a general thankfulness for the things and more importantly the people we have in our lives. However, sometimes it seems like the holiday is as much about thinking what we don’t have as it is about valuing what we’ve got.

Over the past few years, Thanksgiving weekend has grown to become a huge shopping extravaganza both on- and offline. Retailers try to outdo each other in offering the best Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals and consumers willingly grab the chance to kick off their holiday shopping and snap up some bargains.

In 2014, e-commerce sales on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday each surpassed the billion-dollar mark with Cyber Monday breaking the record for the single biggest online shopping day in U.S. history. Let’s see what record this year has in store. Whatever it is, retailers will probably have billions of reasons to be thankful.

This chart shows retail e-commerce spending on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday from 2008 to 2014.

Hardwell & Armin Van Buuren immortalized in action figures.

Taking the cult of DJ to who whole new level, Hardwell and Armin van Buuren have received the first copies of their own action figures available for sale now priced at 50€.

Though major international stars such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Kiss, and The Beatles have been immortalized in eight inch effigy form before, Hardwell and Armin van Buuren are the first DJs to have taken on a whole new persona in the plastic fantastic world of collectable characters.

The action figures have been created through the use of the latest 3D scanning and printing technology. With a hi-tech multi camera setup, the artists have been scanned and 3D printed. The result is described as “a stunningly detailed figurine. “

Armin van Buuren said “It’s impossible to embrace all my fans in the world, even though I want to! Through this figurine, I can get even closer to my fans.”

Hardwell added “I’m very proud to be one of the first two DJ’s ever to receive an action figure! I can only hope my fans are as excited as I am.”

Get your Hardwell figure now at: hwl.dj/ActionFigureHW

Pikes Parties

Saturday Nov 28 sees the Melon Bomb DJs returning to play at Pikes at the Saturday Night Ibiza Rocks House Party. The party begins in the terrace restaurant Room 39 from 8pm with a live performance from island hero Paco Fernandez. The party moves indoors from midnight until 06:00 where Paul Reynolds, Scott Gray and Corbi will be on the decks, playing their special blend of funky and soulful tunes.

Saturday December 5th is Sunnys’s birthday where  Jazz Chic meets a world of freak in a celebration of the world of Hollywood Glamour and the stars of the Jazz Age.

A night inspired by the musicals of the 30s & 40s as well as the styles of Bob Fosse

from such classics as – CHICAGO, CABARET & SWEET CHARITY.

Featuring: DJ IBAN MENDOZA & GUESTS with a dress to impress theme of Black & White with a touch of Blue! More on All That Jazz next week.

The Ibiza Rocks House Party is on every Saturday until Boxing Day with the much-loved cast of characters of the House coming together with family, friends, island royalty and special guests to fill the winter months with more unforgettable memories.

Pikes on Sundays continue with the famous Sunday Roast being served from 1-6pm. The feel-good family vibe will warm up winter every Sunday until December 27 and will restart in March 2016.

New Years Eve – Thur Dec 31

The New Years Eve party at Pikes will be one of the places to be on the island on Thursday December 31, when corks will pop, drinks will flow and fireworks will fill the sky. More details will be announced shortly but put it in your diary.

Book a table or request guestlist at:




  • Elaine
  • Thursday 26th Nov to Wednesday 2nd Dec 2015

Aries – Seven of Swords

The more we struggle to find solutions to a problem the harder it seems to find a solution. This week make it a priority to relax and sift through what’s important and what’s not. By eliminating outmoded thought patterns and looking for a fresh approach, you will find clarity. Don’t allow others to draw from you energetically; avoid negative types.

Taurus – Five of Wands

If relationships cause frustration or anxiety, take a moment to see how you can improve the situation. Taureans are sensitive to the feelings of others, which is why they make such good counsellors and healers. It is however, one thing to be over possessive. More evolved Taureans knows that to experience true happiness; they have to respect other people’s space.

Gemini – The Hierophant

If you’ve encountered unforeseen obstacles to important plans recently, don’t give up on them yet; have faith. The tide turns in your favour and you receive help from an unexpected source. Let go of the past and look inward for guidance; let intuition lead the way. Eradicate old habits and any ridged ways of thinking to embrace new concepts.

Cancer – The Devil

You might be examining your reasons for getting involved with certain people or situations that no longer suit. Looking back it looked such a good idea and you felt it would prove profitable. However, somewhere on this journey you had to sacrifice a part of your soul and now you’re feeling uncomfortable about the price your having to pay. Stop.

Leo -The World

Your world is probably more of a stage than other signs. If you have a big vision and a board horizon; then all’s good. This week, you’ve decided that transformation is the only way forward. This is down to a desire for more sweeping life changes. You’re preparing the ground for future success; therefore are acting super confident.

Virgo – Seven of cups

Expect the unexpected this week Virgo – in a good way. This is a fortuitous time when new opportunities are being presented almost on a daily basis. You must however, crack on with the projects in-hand if you are to see the signs of success. With so much heading your way though, it’s hard to decide what to do first!

Libra – Five of Cups

It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all…as the saying goes. This isn’t just about romance, but about anything you’ve put your heart and soul into. Putting events down to experience shows wisdom, grace and adaptability; which makes you much more grown up in how you handle emotionally charged situations this week.

Scorpio – The Wheel of Fortune

Hold on to your hat Scorpio; be prepared for a hectic week. Juggling personal and professional engagements will be stressful at times. You like to think you’re master or mistress of your own ship however, be prepared for others to cause unexpected excitement or drama in your life. You alone can decide if this is a good or bad thing!

Sagittarius – The Empress

For female Sagittarians this indicates a powerful and expansive week. You’re given accolades and the appreciation you’ve been working towards and if in your own business, prosperous times are ahead. For Male Sagittarians, a woman has a powerful impact in your life, you will not feel the same after this encounter; whether business wise or personally, you’ll take her seriously.

Capricorn – Ace of Swords

The emphasis this week is on personal triumph. You’re able to outwit your opponents; get approval for important plans and impress someone on a personal level. It’s a win, win kind of week! You’re original and inventive and those of you involved in the arts or media relations are inspired and ultra-creative. This brings recognition and the appropriate financial reward.

Aquarius – The Magician

This week brings some magical experiences; there’s plenty of love, laughter and in the company of those you really care for. Looking back over the past few weeks you’ll see how much has changed. It’s not often opportunities fall from the sky, but as this year comes to a close you’ll have reason to call 2015 a game changer.

Pisces – Knight of Swords

If you must confront others regarding their actions make sure you know all the facts before wading in. Loved ones or associates are easily provoked, which could lead to arguments. You’re in no mood to procrastinate so expect to get a lot done this week. You’re full of creative ideas but avoid being too bossy and a know it all.

Moscow Ballet

  • Claire B
  • Santa Eulalia

The Moscow Ballet company is coming to Ibiza on its Winter Tour for 2015-16. They will be performing The Nutcracker on January 2nd in Santa Eulalia at the Palau de Congressos d’Eivissa, starting at 19.30.

The Nutcracker Ballet is based on the story “The Nutcracker and the King of Mice” by E.T.A. Hoffman.  Although different in detail from the original story, the basic plot remains the same; The story of a young German girl who dreams of a Nutcracker Prince and a fierce battle against a Mouse King with seven heads.

It’s a few weeks off but tickets will probably be in high demand for this. Tickets cost 38€ and are available from Holidays in Santa Eulalia, Libreria Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town and online from


Facebook: Ballet de Moscu


Christmas comes to Ibiza

  • Ibiza Town

The Christmas lights will be turned on in Ibiza Town this Friday Nov 27 at 18.30. There’ll be a short ceremony in the Vara de Rey by the Christmas tree with a children’s choir and the Board of Music marching band will parade through the streets. There’s usually a Christmas market too with lots of stalls selling food and drinks, including the popular Companatge stall, selling cheese, sausage and wine with bread for one euro to put you in the Christmas spirit. The budget for the lights this year is 100,000 euros. There’ll be a full program of activities for the Christmas period in town up until the Kings Parade on Jan 5, but it hasn’t been published yet.

Nell @ El Reencuentro

  • San Antonio

Live acoustic foot-stompers from Nell Shakespeare from 10pm at El Reencuentro on Thursday December 3 – expect a bit of everything musically speaking! Free entrance. Calle del Mar, 5, San Antonio. Opening hours are 20.00-06.00.

Facebook: El Reencuentro

Fundraiser @ Teatro Pereyra

  • Ibiza Town

Next Friday November 27 sees a fundraising event for children in Nepal at the Teatro Pereyra from 20:30 until 23:00. In December, Amavida with a team of people will travel to Nepal to rebuild a school for 170 children from villages that remain cut off after the fatal earthquake that ravaged the country in April 2015. They will also build an orphanage for 32 children who have become orphaned and your help and support is needed! The artists who will perform on the night are all giving their time for free:

– Gina Segura: Clown show

– Joshua Bolaños: Juggling and magic

– Ruben Molina: Monologues

– Veronica San Juan: Flamenco singer

Free entrance and you can donate what you want. They will also be selling lottery tickets, T Shirts and calendars on the night.

Facebook page: Noche Solidaria Amavida en Ibiza


Cañas ‘N’ Roll

  • San Jose

From November 28 to December 19 Cañas ‘N’ Roll is back in the bars in and around San Jose on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from noon. Now in its 6th year, this great musical gastronomic event presents the opportunity to hear local bands play whilst you enjoy some unique food and drinks at special prices.

12 establishments in the area are participating – Can Berri (San Augustin), Can Jordi (Ctra De San Jose, Km8), Can Limo (San Jose), Can Llorenc (San Jose), Cana Sofía (Cala Vadella), Can Xicu (San Jose), Es Plà L’Urgell (San Jose), La Focachería (San Jose), Moskorra (Cala de Bou), Piraña (Cala de Bou), Racó Verd (San Jose), Sa Torreta (San Jose). Check the programme (link below) for the full schedule of bands playing – the programme doesn’t include what time the bands are playing so check the Facebook page for the venue – note that some bands will play in the afternoon, and not in the evening. Here’s schedule for the first couple of weeks:

  • Sat Nov 28:

Blind Seekers (Can Jordi), Sean Night Off Band + DJ (Can Llorenc), Los Frigolos + DJ (Can Xicu), Ses Sopris (Es Plà L’Urgell), Silvina Guerrero (La Focachería), Reggae Jahbless + DJs (Moskorra), Raiser (Fusion) at (Piraña), Ho Femme Fatal + DJ Andy Wilson Sonica (Racó Verd), Blues Mafia i Saligardos + Lindy Hop con Musicares Swing Banda (Sa Torreta)

  • Sun Nov 29:

Acid Filter (Can Limo), Jam Session Antonio Ponce + DJ Johan Spiess and Atomic Factory + Performance (Cana Sofía), Los Frigolos + DJs (Moskorra)

  • Sat Dec 5:

The Lost Marbles (Can Jordi), Mick, Keith & Ronnie (Can Llorenc), Ho Femme Fatal + DJ (Can Xicu), Nat (Es Plà L’Urgell), Silvina Guerrero (La Focachería), Radio Babilonia (Moskorra), Antonio Ponce Jam (Piraña), Rolling Soul + Andy Wilson (Racó Verd), Joe Machine (M Electrónica) + DJ Pato (Sa Torreta)

  • Sun Dec 6:

Mick, Keith & Ronnie (Can Berri), Lemon Emigrants (Can Limo), Flamenco Fusion & Antonio Muñoz Band + DJ Al Varo (Cana Sofía), Chris Langley & Friends (Moskorra)

  • Tue Dec 8:

Antonio Ponce – Acoustic (Moskorra)

There’ll be a final party on Saturday December 19 from 8pm in the tent outside the town hall – bands to be announced.

Tapas, pinchos, snacks and drinks personalised with musical names will be on offer in each participating establishment. Pinchos with a caña (beer) or wine, water or soft drink will cost 2.50€ or 4€ for a drink with a tapa. There will also be a competition of ‘mini burgers’ where each participating establishment will offer a speciality burger for 3.50€ with a drink. Pinchos are 1.50€ and cañas, wine, soft drinks or water are 1.50€. Get hold of and complete your Passport Cañero and if you complete the route you can get a T Shirt and win tickets for Primavera Sound 2016 in Barcelona.

Essentially you can do a bar crawl and eat and watch live music as you go – sounds like a perfect day out to me!

Full programme:


Facebook: Cañasnroll

Abuela’s Paella.

  • Brian Whetton
  • Cala Llonga

Last Saturday the Associasion de Vecinos of Cala LLonga marked the first anniversary of the death of Antonia Boned Costa, known to everyone as La Abuela de todos (everybody’s Grandma).

Her family and friends gathered at the village Cultural Centre for a lovingly prepared paella accompanied by some rather tasty Vino Pais. A plaque in her memory is to be sited on a seat opposite what used to be her house. It was a unique occasion to pay tribute to a lovely lady.

Cheerio Pio

  • Cala Llonga

On Sunday, again in Cala LLonga, it was “adios” to Appi, Vicky and Natti who after five years of providing, good food, drink and entertainment at Bar Pio have decided its’s time to move on. A packed bar ensured a great atmosphere helped by the music and songs from Abby “The Piano Man” bringing warmth into a rather wet Sunday evening. We all wish them well n whatever they decide to do next and we can’t wait to see who will be taking over the reins – although as is the norm in any village, rumours abound. No doubt yuo’ll “read all about it” in your Ibizan.


  • Sta Eulalia

Showing at Teatroespania  Wed 25th Fri 27th Sat 28th & Sun 29th Nov 18-30hrs Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. 12A 105 min  Comedy, Drama;  High schooler Greg, who spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl, finds his outlook forever altered after befriending a classmate who has just been diagnosed with cancer. Stars: Thomas Mann, RJ Cyler, Olivia Cooke.

  • San Antonio

Sicario “the border is just another line to cross”

vose (Original Version with Spanish subtitles) Friday 27th at 9.30pm.

  • Rev Dr Peter Pimentel

The rabbinic sages say that an infinite stream of angels are continually created and flow out eternally from the being of God.  This amazing thought is based on the insights of a 6th Century prophet, Daniel.  The Book of Daniel is in the Bible.  Daniel says: “A stream of fire issued and flowed out from God’s presence.  A thousand-thousand served Him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood attending Him.” (Daniel 7:10).  In Hebrew poetry the second sentence is an echo of the first sentence so that the fire flowing out from God is the innumerable procession of angels from out of the being of God.  “Thousand-thousand and ten thousand times ten thousand” is an ancient way of saying what we would now say “infinite” or “innumerable”.  The Rabbinic sages commenting on this verse of the Bible say: “Every day ministering angles are created from the fiery stream and utter song.” (Babylonian Talmud Tractate Chagigah  14a).  Angels are immense intelligences that are extensions of God’s existence.  This is one way of meditating on the infinite greatness of God.

The angelic fire flowing out from God reminds me of the great scientist, mathematician, inventor and philosopher Blaise Pascal.  You may remember Pascal’s Triangle from school days in which each number is the sum of the two directly above it.  He laid the foundation for the modern mathematics of probability theory.  On November 23rd in 1654 he had an experience of God during a vision of the crucifixion of Jesus:

“The year of grace 1654, Monday 23 November.  From about half past ten in the evening until half past midnight. Fire! ‘God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob,’ not of philosophers and scholars.  Certainty, certainty, heartfelt, joy, peace.  God of Jesus Christ.”

He recorded the experience on a piece of parchment, which he carried with him the rest of his life, sewed inside his coat.

These two Pascal quotations are my favourites:  “Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary.” And:  “All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.”

Services: Sunday 29th for worship and informal holy communion 11.30am at S’Hort de Can Masia followed by lunch.  For directions see follow the link “locations” on our church website.

  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza and Formentera: Tel 97134 33 83.


Dear Kate

I am under increasing pressure from my family to go home for Christmas, part of me really wants to go but the reality that they don’t seem to grasp is that I just about earn enough in the summer to see me through till March and then things are very tight till may when I get regular work again. If I go back I have to see everye one, thus spending a fortune travelling around the UK not to mention the air fare plus all the Christmas presents, it ends up costing a fortune and means that I defiantly wont be able to have any treats over the winter for all my work over the summer.

I just feel so guilty because they are all so kind and generous.

Thankyou, SF

Dear SF

Thank you for your e mail and I think what to do over Christmas is a dilemma that many face and if you live away from your family it is compounded not just by who you will see but what country you will be in.

I wonder what your guilt is really about? Some people find it difficult explaining life here in Ibiza and the common misconception is that we live in paradise and on a permanent holiday, of course this simply isn’t the case but it is very hard to explain that living on a beautiful island in the med does come with its down sides, especially when family and friends tend to visit in the season when life is hectic , the sun is shining and all the shops bars and restaurants are open!

Putting all of that aside though it feels to me as if  you need to make a choice about Christmas which is one that you feel is best for you, no point in going to the UK and resenting it, and no point staying here and feeling guilty. It might be time for you to really sit back and consider what is important to you this year, what will make the whole festive period one that you enjoy and feel good about enjoying. You are entitled to do the thing that makes you happy. It doesn’t need to set a precedence and maybe next year you will feel differently and choose to go home or your family may choose to come here.  You may even decide to compromise and go later in the new year so you still see everyone but the visit isn’t dominated by Christmas and flights are cheaper.

Its not selfish to do the thing you want to do as long as you are very clear with yourself about the reasons why and you are at peace with those reasons.

Take care , Kate


Isidoro Macabich Statue

The monument is located on Paseo de Sa Carroza, just past the Plaça de Vila and before reaching the Baluarte de Santa Lucia, Ibiza Town.

The statue in his name was erected in honour of this great man admired throughout Ibiza. The monument is located in the shade of eucalyptus to which he dedicated one of his writings. The poet lived in one of the houses that are behind the monument.

The Ibicenco poet Isidoro Macabich i Llobet was born on September 10th, 1883 and died in 1973, the son of a wealthy family, was a great historian and poet, lover of local customs and researcher, he left us a body of work, such as his monumental History of Ibiza, “Es Feudalisme a Eivissa” (Feudalism in Ibiza), “Santa María la Mayor. Los Cronistas” (Saint Mary the Great. The Chroniclers). He alternated his life between church and culture.

Cleopatra’s Key

  • Carly S

On Friday night I excitedly joined a sold-out crowd at Santa Eulalia´s Teatro Espana to watch the eagerly anticipated ´Cleopatra´s Key´. As a former Drama and Performing Arts teacher, Drama and Literature graduate and performer myself, live theatre is one of the things I sorely miss about the UK. The two woman musical had been billed as a ‘dark comedy of life, death murder and hope’ and promised ´show stopping musical numbers’ and ‘cut-throat banter’, so it was with much eagerness that I took my seat in the packed auditorium.

The stage was already set with an ancient Egyptian dressed mannequin (Cleopatra) seated upon a tomb, neon embellished stylised hieroglyphs glowing in UV light on the backdrop and a large candleabra as  the only prop on stage. Before the show commenced, the producer took to the stage with the young son of sponsors Cardamom events to introduce the show, thank the audience and tell us about the Children´s home who would be benefitting from donations made at the event. This was a nice friendly, family, community touch which instantly created a warm atmosphere and started off the evening on a positive note.

Telling the tale of Cleopatra´s servants, Charmian (Lily Lowe-Myers) and Iras (Robyn Cooper) turmoil over their duty to follow Cleopatra into the afterlife after her asp assisted suicide, the show itself ran at around an hour. It lived up to the billing of a dark comedy of life death, murder and hope as it addressed universal and constant themes of politics, war, duty, faith and belief, friendship, loyalty, independence, fate and our own power over it. Mixed with these deeper themes were plenty of genuinely funny moments, mainly due to great comic timing and asinine, sarcastic line delivery from Lily Lowe Myers as the sharp-witted realist Charmian, although it was the seemingly pure and perfect Iras´sudden confession that she was pregnant with Anthony´s baby which got the biggest laugh. There were also bits of slapstick involving a prop asp, attempted murder with a candleabra during one of the more lively and comic songs and a good deal of physical comedy thrown in for good measure.

The music, composed by Omar Shahryah, gave pace to the piece and lent it an almost vaudevillian atmosphere with it´s simple yet energetic rhythms. An impressive range of up tempo comedy songs and slow, reflective songs gave the piece a good deal of variety and, whilst I personally wouldn´t have called them show stopping, the musical numbers supported the story beautifully. Lily Lowe Myers is a captivating singer as well as a talented actress and gave strong, emotive performances of every song, hitting each note perfectly and creating a huge amount of atmosphere, whether serious or comic. Robyn Cooper held her own, although one couldn´t help but notice that she struggled to hit some of the high notes and didn´t have the same vocal panaché or power as her colleague.

That said, her interpretation of Iras did make a lovely optimistic, devout, sweet and innocent (aside from the fling with Anthony!) foil to Lowe-Myers´ analytical, pessimistic, jaded yet somehow hopeful Charmian. The two worked very well together and bounced off of one another in a way that only old friends can, which made for an energetic and entertaining night at the theatre. It was good to see such well written English language theatre in Ibiza and I look forward to more in the future. Big congratulations to everyone involved.

El Gordo

  • Spanish Christmas Lottery

El Gordo, the Fat One, to most Spanish people, represents two things: the ex Brazilian footballer Ronaldo and, much more importantly, the Spanish Christmas Lottery.

There have been lotteries in Spain since the first was established by King Carlos III as far back as 1763. The first ‘Christmas edition’ of the lottery, officially called ‘Sorteo de Navidad’ was held in 1812 in the city of Cadiz with hopes of increasing state revenue for the public tax authority and has since been organized by the Spanish Public Administration. In 1814 the draw was held for the first time in Madrid, which has become the centre for Spanish National Lottery draws.

The Spanish Christmas El Gordo Lottery numbers are drawn in a special way, much different than any other lottery in the world: students from the San Ildefonso School draw the results and sing them aloud to the public at the Lotería Nacional Hall of Madrid.

It was estimated last year that 98% of all Spanish adults participated in El Gordo, which meant that the total amount of the prize pool was an incredible 2.25 billion euros, which equates to 70% of the sales of tickets. The probability of picking up some sort of prize is about 15%, which makes it quite a worthwhile gamble in the scheme of things.

So, How Does El Gordo Work?

Tickets go on the sale from July onwards so it’s not necessary to make sure you’re in Spain for Christmas to be able to participate. The organizers clicked on to the idea that people on their holidays might have a bit of spare money or think that they were ‘feeling lucky’ because they were so relaxed and decided to exploit it. Anyway, with online sales now widely available you can buy anytime, wherever you are.

The tickets themselves are expensive. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a complete ticket. Most tickets are usually sold in decimos, (tenths). Some families have been playing the same numbers for decades passing them down through the generations.

Because of the phenomenal number of tickets sold, and because the tickets only have 5 digit numbers, there are quite a few winning tickets. Obviously, it’s quite common for families or work colleagues to club together to buy a ticket – or even regulars at a local bar. You’ll frequently see signs proclaiming ‘Jugamos con el numero’ … and inviting you to participate with them. This type of communal gambling can mean that whole villages or groups of workers can suddenly become wealthy. In 2005, the town of Vic, north of Barcelona, shared 500 million euros amongst its inhabitants.

However keen you might be to have a share of the winnings, you will almost certainly be close to despair should you ever have the misfortune to watch the draw itself on television. Or, even worse, listen to it on the radio. For between four and five hours every December 22nd, Televisión Española and Radio Nacional de España will enthral the nation by broadcasting the whole event live from Madrid where little boys and girls from the San Ildefonso School will draw out the wooden balls and sing the numbers out to the waiting world.

Quick Facts:

The lottery offers the largest prize pool in the world of 2.24€ billion.

100,000 available pre-defined numbers, each containing a five-digit code ranging 00000-99999.

Each ticket is printed in 160 identical copies.

All tickets are made up of 10 shares which can be purchased separately.

100,000 tickets x 160 copies x 10 shares = 160 million shares on the market!

1:100,000 chances of winning the 4 million euros top prize – 160 jackpot ticket winners.

Winning odds start at 1:7 per prize.

The distribution of prizes, quantity of tickets and shares, and their prices may vary from year to year. In 2004, there were 66,000 different five-digit numbered tickets in 195 copies. In 2005, the number of tickets for sale was 85,000 which were offered in 170 copies. In 2011, there were 99,000 tickets printed in 160 copies.

Winning El Gordo

The highest prize available is 4 million euros, with 1:100,000 chances of winning the top prize – 1,160 times better than the odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot.

A player owning all ten shares of a 1st prize winning ticket is eligible to claim the 4 million euros jackpot prize. Lotería de Navidad will award a total of 640 million euros in jackpot prizes to the 160 tickets with the winning raffle code. It is expected that more than 27.5 million share holders will collect prizes from the 15,304 possible winning combinations in every ticket.

Serious Stuff

100,000 small wooden balls, each printed with a different 5-digit ticket number, are placed in one drum. A laser is used to mark numbers because paint could cause inconsistencies in the balls’ weight. The balls are all uniformly 19mm in diameter and weigh 3 grams each.

Be In It To Win It

To buy tickets online in English you can visit theLotter.com

Direct link


Move Over John Lewis

For those who didn’t cry (and those who did) at the John Lewis Man On The Moon advert, feast your eyes on the Spanish advert that everyone is obsessed with. An animation that plays for over three minutes long to promote the Lottery, it’s the tear-worthy TV spot that every brand will be wishing they came up with.

It shows a lonely security guard who works the night shift at a mannequin factory, and rearranges the dummies to make … well if we told you any more we’d spoil it.




Jezza’s Sport Report


Well, here we are, “er indoors”  and I, still in the U.S of A, but now deep down south in the Florida Keys, in the Hawks Bay Resort near Marathon, an hour’s drive north of Key West and 2 south of Miami.

First thoughts? Hmmmmm, too many fast food joints, muscle cars, pawn (and porn!) shops, cars and car showrooms, insurance brokers, lawyers, bling, let alone ignominies such as you have to buckle up even with a measly speed limit of 55mph but you can drive a Harley D. Fatboy with a 12-1800 cc motor without a helmet!

On the sporting front, OTT 24/7 coverage of American football ? and that’s another thing, if our friendly biker was to take up said football he’d have to wear a helmet! Makes no sense! Honestly, what is it with these pussies wearing helmets, padding etc. in a game that has more stops than yer average Brighton to London slow train. Give me rugby any day of the week and as for baseball, ferget it! However, on the plus side, great to meet a young American boy, Jake, and his Mom and Dad, from Philadelphia, who actually preferred, as they call it, soccer, and to cap it all, the guys were wearing Chelsea team shirts, one yellow and one blue, so kindred spirits at last and a big Spanish “Ola” to them! Anyway, must stop sounding like brilliant travel author Bill Bryson on speed but suffice to say, we’ve driven some 700 miles (in a serious muscley open-top Mustang, well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!)  done Tampa, Venice, Sanibel, Naples, the Keys and Miami in 8 days and are looking forward (not ‘arf!) to our 24 hour, 3 flight return to IBZ on Thursday and back to our favourite little island. And so to my raison d’être, so, briefly in


and at the ATP Finals at the O2 in London, Djokovic did it yet again, for the 4th season running, this time beating Federer in straight sets, who, to be honest, at the start looked favourite, having won his 3 group games and then seen off compatriot Warwinka in the Semis, whereas Novak had already lost to Roger in the group games although he did dismantle Nadal in the semis. So, yet another title for the World No 1 to add to his 3 Majors this year, proving once and for all that he is the best of the best! As for Murray, well, sorry to say, he didn’t even make the semis, having lost 2 of his 3 group games but at least he kept his No 2 ranking, thanks to Federer being beaten and can now have a bit of RandR before the coming Davis Cup Final in Ghent against Belgium.


OMG! England have just won an away ODI Series having just beaten Pakistan yet again, this time in the 4th and final match to win 3-1. Brilliant for Captain Morgan as his team came back from a 1-0 deficit with 3 wins on the trot, culminating in this latest, by 84 runs. Featuring two brilliant centuries, one a maiden ton from opener Jason Roy but even better, a stunning 46 ball ton by Jos Buttler, as he scored the fastest ever ODI hundred by an Englishman beating his own record of 61 balls and including 8 6’s and 8 4’s. Now let’s finish ’em off in the upcoming T20’s!

Rugby Union (you know, no helmets and wimpy padding!)

T’was Europe again last w/end and in the Champions Cup, a great 100% win rate for the English clubs, led by Wasps with a stunning 32-6 win against holders Toulon, while there were also wins for Bath over Leinster, Leicester over Treviso, Northampton over Glasgow, Saracens over Ulster and Exeter over Bordeaux. Not so good for the Welsh tho’ as the Ospreys were beaten by Clermont and Scarlets lost at home to Racing.

Football (sorry, Soccer!)

And a dismal weekend for both Man City and Arsenal as both lost, the former trounced 4-1 at home to boot, by Klopp’s Liverpool, and the latter 2-1 at West Bromwich. Proves my point though, as any team in the Premier can beat any other team on any day, unlike the rest of Europe. Surprise package Leicester and the Tinkerman now lead by a point after their 3-0 win at Newcastle, where that man Vardy scored yet again, this being his 10th goal in consecutive League games, equalling Van Nistelrooy’s record. Unbelievable especially for a journeyman! Man U are now 2nd after their 2-1 win at Watford, Tottenham are in 5th after a 4-1 over West Ham, while Everton stuffed Aston Villa 4-0 at Goodison, Stoke surprisingly won 1-0 at Southampton, Bournemouth earned a much needed point at Swansea in a 2-2 draw, and finally, my mate Jake from Philly was delighted with his favourite Chelsea player Eden Hazard’s apparent return to form in the Blues 1-0 win at the Bridge over Naaarwich. Onwards and upwards, my friend! To finish, in Monday night’s game struggling Sunderland won their first away match of the season as Jermain Defoe’s goal was enough to defeat Crystal Palace 1-0.

So, ’tis all for now, just hope Our Ed can fit all this in, until next week, from a soon-to-be jet-lagged Jezza.

Ibiza c.c. v Madrid c.c.

  • 21/11/15 at Ibiza Polo Club, 40 overs per side

On an unusually grey, windy day, Ibiza batted first and moved steadily to 39, before losing their skipper Graham Boe for 10. Sam Gooda, with a well struck 42, then combined in a solid 49 run stand with Pete Essex (24), which showed the recent improvement in  Ibiza’s top order batting, compared to certain earlier games. Unfortunately, Sam then fell, followed soon after by Pete, leaving Neill Tobbitt (31) and Robin Parmenter (24 not out) to rebuild with a 51 run stand. However, when the former went with the score on 154/5, two more wickets fell rapidly, leaving Ibiza on 166/7 and then the Madrid opening bowlers returned to put more pressure on the remaining batsmen. Ibiza managed to bat out their overs, newcomer Brian Pownall contributing 11, and finally finished on 187/9, but over 200 had seemed likely earlier.

Credit goes to the Madrid bowlers for their accurate line and length and teammates’ enthusiastic fielding, which kept Ibiza to scoring at under 5 runs per over throughout. “Don” Sumon (2/17), “Muzzah” Murari (2/42) and Angs Sarangapani (2/20) stood out for the visitors.

Madrid then batted and opener Sam Wrighton (brother of skipper Ollie Wrighton), impressed with a solid 65, well supported by 21 from Aussie Adam Lanhams, despite several wickets falling after the 20 overs’break. Ibiza kept chipping away, but, even when the visitors’ opener went with the score at 149/6, Madrid only needed 38 runs from 14 overs, with a couple of Asian all rounders to come. In fact it only needed several lusty blows from the first, “Don” Sumon, with a rapid 33 not out, to decide the contest, with Madrid running out deserved winners of an entertaining game by 4 wickets in the 30th over, and showing their greater overall strength and experience from playing in the Spanish cricket league. Ibiza bowlers Paul Cruttwell (2/19) and Mike Amos (2/33) performed well, while the returning Sam Feasey and Robin Parmenter contributed a wicket each. However, overall too many extras were conceded (45), and there were several fielding errors from the uneven outfield, resulting in boundaries. But the notable difference was the higher scoring rate that Madrid were able to maintain, with 6 runs per over compared to Ibiza’s 4.7, and the visitor’s greater depth in bowling. Even so, it was a respectable showing from Ibiza, who have never played so late in the season, so all credit to skipper Graham Boe for managing to field a full side, which would not have been possible a few seasons ago!

Many thanks to Madrid skipper Ollie Wrighton for organising their first ever trip to Ibiza, and good luck to them with their new ground for the 2016 cricket season. We hope to see them back in sunnier weather soon!

Thanks as ever to Lyn for the teas, Hattie for organising the drinks and Disco Dave the club scorer. That’s it now for the 2015 season, without forgetting the club’s dinner at Villa Mercedes on 12 December, where we are hoping for a great turn-out!


El Thrashico.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez called a news conference  on Monday to face the media after Saturday’s humiliating 4-0 La Liga defeat at home to Barcelona in the ‘Clasico’.

Real’s drubbing at the hands of their arch rivals prompted angry fans to chant for Perez to step down but the construction magnate is not expected to heed their calls and instead gave his backing to under-fire coach Rafa Benitez.

Perez, in his second stint in charge of the world’s richest club by income, has been blamed for Real’s woes due to a perception he interferes in team selection.

Barca’s victory on Saturday put them six points clear of Real at the top and Atletico Madrid leapfrogged their city rivals into second thanks to Sunday’s 1-0 win at Real Betis.



  • The Only Way is Up

Many estate agents in different parts of the country will confirm that business is booming and that interest in Spanish property is solid. This is what official statistics have revealed also for the last year or so. But lately, the situation has become even more positive and cemented.

According to data published by the Property Registry Office, property sales increased by a huge 13.8% annually in September, with a total of 30,711 transactions completed during this month – just over 1,000 a day.

However, almost two-thirds of all sales are concentrated in four regions within the country: Andalucía, Cataluña, Valencia and Madrid, which captured 64.8% of all operations.

The highest number of operations in September took place in Andalucía (6,042), followed quite a distance behind by the Valencia Region (4,289), Cataluña (4,785) and Madrid (4,252).

This is the third month with the highest amount of sales, following January (33,416) and July (33,619) and just overtaking June, where 30,578 property transactions were recorded.

With regards to the previous month, August, property purchases also increased, this time by 4.6%.

And, looking at figures for the whole of this year, from January to September, property sales have gone up by 12.2% from the same period in 2014.

Up until the end of September, a total of 270,480 properties were purchased since the beginning of the year.

The biggest increases in property purchases over the last 12 months were registered in Extremadura (+49.2%) and La Rioja (+36.1%), while Castilla-La Mancha, Navarra and Asturias saw sales drop by -10.3%, -7.6% and -3.5% respectively.

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