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For Sale: Paradise
  • S’Espalmador Island For Sale at 24 Million Euros
  • Current Owner Purchased the Island in 1932 for a little over 200€
  • Possibility of Purchase by the State for Public Ownership.

The owners of S’Espalmador, an Island that forms part of Formentera have decided to sell the Island for the princely sum of 24 million euros.  Bernardo Cinnamond James acquired the little island in 1932, buying it from Carlos Tur Roig for 42,500 pesetas. His grandchildren, Rosy and Norman Cinnamond, are said to have already received several offers. Earlier this year the Consell de Formentera held a meeting which was attended by virtually all councillors, but not the president, Jaume Ferrer. Mark Stucklin attended as representative of the property along with the son of one of the owners, and the Ibizan attorney Marí Ribas Santiago. During the meeting, the possibility of the Island being acquired by the administration was discussed with a view to S’Espalmador becoming public property.

Speaking for the Consell the Vice President of   Finance and Rural Affairs, Bartomeu Escandell, confirmed interest but said it was an unrealistic objective. “Of course we are interested, that would be terrific, but the price is too high.”

Escandell highlighted that the annual budget of the Island Consell was almost exactly that being asked as a sale price for S’Espalmador. “While the issue was discussed and we would be happy to go public, it is not feasible for the time being”, added the Minister.

The owners are said to recognise that cost is prohibitive, but are said to be open to negotiation. “They want to sell the property, but would prefer it to pass into public ownership.” confirmed their representatives.

It is considered possible that the purchase could be funded by the Government, the State, or the European Union. The owner’s willingness to accept payment over several years may also have a baring on whether S’Espalmador ultimately end up in public hands.

Fears Situation May Be  “Hopeless for Husbands”

Teams of highly trained counsellors are on standby tonight as fears grow that Ibiza may be facing a mass outbreak in “feelings of  inadequacy“ among the Island men.

The situation has arisen following the return to Ibiza of a Mr Idris Elba, famed for his portrayal of drug lord “Stringer” Bellhit TV dramaWire, and BBC One’s Detective John Luther.

Ibiza resident Peter from Birmingham contacted us to say his wife had demanded he take her to the airport to greet Idris.

“Poor bloke was walking through arrivals and she starts throwing her knickers at him. All of them, she’d brought a drawer full, including the set I got her from Primark for her anniversary which I found quite upsetting. I don’t think his girlfriend was any too pleased either. The wife asked me why I couldn’t be more like him.  I told her, I said Margery I’m White, 64, and I don’t know the first thing about being a drug lord.” admitted the bemused Brummie. “Thing was, the poor chap had to queue 45 minutes for a taxi, so Margery went round picking all her knickers up and started throwing them at him again.”

We talked to Dr Judith Spelgrym, top London psychotherapist and author of the study ‘Male eunuchs within a female empowered society focussed on falsehoods in celebrity idealism’, for her opinion on how the men of Ibiza should face the challenges of inadequacy resulting from their wives and girlfriends lusting after the A-Lister’s gusset gear. Speaking from her £500 per hour Harley Street practice Dr Judith said “Phwoar, would I, he could plough me til harvest time.”





Thursday 22nd to Wednesday 28th October 2015

ARIES – Ten of Swords

If it’s all getting on top this week, give yourself a break or make plans to delegate. There’s only so much you can cope with and as much as Aries’ consider themselves as super (wo)men, this is not the time to test that theory. Quiet time will allow you to regroup, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Everything else can wait!

TAURUS – Ace of Wands

A new career or business opportunity should be seriously considered this week.  If you seize this opportunity success will be yours in the long term.  You may be required to relocate to another destination, but hey; nothing ventured, nothing gained.  If you’re the creative type, exciting projects come your way; you’re inspired to do great things.  Property deals forge ahead.

GEMINI – Four of Wands

Time to celebrate the start of a new creative collaboration. This is very much a team spirited card enabling you to get the best people on board any new project.  Reliability will be a key issue; however, this card promises smooth, hassle free dealings with others this week.  For others, home moves that prove fortunate; you’ll find your dream accommodation.

CANCER – Eight of Wands

Business opportunities are being talked about this week and you may be surprised by the amount of options open to you. You present yourself in the best possible light and others find you credible. Don’t be afraid to take career risks, they aren’t risks at all; in fact, if you jump in, you free yourself from past hang ups.

LEO – Nine of Disks

You gain financially though important relationships and new projects could prove very profitable as well; so keep an open mind on what you’re offered this week. Issues around diet also preoccupy your thoughts, you’re caught up with either gaining or losing weight this week, you’re very body conscious. Financially, speculate to accumulate should be your mantra; it’ll be worth it!

VIRGO – Ten of Wands

Careful of taking on more than you can handle or you’ll end up making a rod for your own back.  It’s all very well enjoying being needed; but if you feel undervalued you must speak up now, so that others sit up and take notice.  With so much going on it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.

LIBRA -Six of Swords

Upsetting episodes in life are coming to a close, so don’t look back at what might of been. Emotionally, you’ve come a long way, during a year which has tested you over and over again.  Dry your eyes and square your shoulders; you’ve no idea where life is leading, only that you can confidently move forward towards new adventures.

SCORPIO – Six of Disks

A successful week ahead as you are rewarded for past efforts with some kind of bonus, and if you continue to throw your energy into the task then further rewards await.  For some, expect some kind of promotion or success in a job interview.  Friends, love ones and associates are likely to be generous if you need some financial help.

SAGITTARIUS – Two of Swords

Blessed are the peacemakers – a phrase that you’ll do good to remember this week. Your calm, careful handling of tense situations will be much appreciated by associates, which in turn enables you to make personal decisions that bring you peace and a sense of clarity. New and intellectually stimulating acquaintances will fast become firm friends or a romantic interest.

CAPRICORN – Queen of Cups

This lovely queen’s soothing energy helps you to speak up in any area of your life where you need to be heard.  Her influence allows you to get your point across in a gentle but firm way.  Others would be unwise to see your kindness as a weakness; you just need to remind them of that.  Expect some good news.

AQUARIUS – Two of Pentacles (reversed)

A disorganised week as nothing seems to go according to plan.  Don’t give up though as it’s only a temporary glitch.  It means that you have to get on top of practical matters, which you can only do if you adhere to some kind of schedule.  Keep a tight budget and if you’ve lost something it will turn up eventually.

PISCES – Three of Wands

You’ve every right to be pleased with the way your creative talents are being recognised by associates.  You’re on a mission to become more knowledgeable career wise and having a great time exploring new methods. International travel is indicated and you’ll want to plan a trip to distant shores. You also make contact with others from overseas regarding your work.


  • Santa Eularia

At the Teatroespania in Santa Eularia, there are a couple of new movies over the following week:

Fri, Sat  & Sun 23rd 24th & 25th Oct – 18-30 Hrs. Mr Holmes. (2015. PG 104 mins)

An aged, retired Sherlock Holmes looks back on his life, and grapples with an unsolved case involving a beautiful woman. Stars: Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Hiroyuki Sanada.

Wed 28th Oct 20-30 Hrs.The Kidnapping of Mr Heineken. (2015 15. 95 Mins)

The inside story of the planning, execution, rousing aftermath and ultimate downfall of the kidnappers of beer tycoon Alfred “Freddy” Heineken, which resulted in the largest ransom ever paid for an individual. Stars: Jim Sturgess, Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten.


Science and Paella
  • Es Cubells

The small town of Es Cubells has been holding a variety of activities as part of its annual festival. This weekend, the theme is science at the Font d’en Xiquet, with workshops for the little ones and a lecture on eagles. Food will be provided with paella provided at the sports centre.

On Sunday November 1st, the paella shenanigans continue with the eighth edition of the contest of paellas, a culinary challenge that brings together about 350 people and several groups of contenders.


Art Auction
  • Ibiza Town

The Institut d’Estudis Eivissencs presents the art auction, ‘Art i Vi’, to be held on Saturday October 24th at the Ebusus room, which is complemented by a program consisting of lectures on the history of wine culture in the Pitiusas and tastings at different wineries in Ibiza.

The auction is intended to provide an overview of painting and sculpture made on the islands and popularize the local wine. Forty works are for up for sale donated by local artists and the money will be used to publish new books based on art and wine in the Pitiusas.

To participate in the auction, which kicks off at 7pm, you will need to register at the Ebusus room between 6pm and 7pm on the day, or in advance via the website. Each participant will be given a number which will identify you throughout the evening.

On Friday October 23rd at 8pm, Glenda Abárzuza Graziani and Antoni Ferrer will hold a wine lecture and with the Can Rich winery hosting a wine tasting after.



Photography Exhibition
  • Ibiza Town

Photographer Joan F. Ribas has a 9 day exhibition of his work beginning at 8pm on Thursday October 22th entitled ‘The enchanted forest’, which is showing at the Best Photo & Art Ibiza gallery in Avenida d’España.

Ribas has based this body of work on the phrase “looking at the forest, I have discovered the colour of my feelings,” by naturalist Joaquín Araújo. Ribas feels abducted by the sensations that you feel when you are surrounded by trees, “When you’re in the woods, alone, in silence, the trees begin to take strange shapes and come alive.” In his view, it is in those moments when “fears appear and the senses are sharpened, when the forest is not the forest. It is the enchanted forest.”

Joan Ribas is considered one of the best contemporary photographers Ibiza and has exhibited extensively, both on the island and abroad. He has received several awards for his work.




Aladin – The Musical
  • Sant Josep

This weekend on 24th and 25th of October, and also on the weekend of the 7th and 8th of November, Ibiza residents are treated to a new telling of popular story, Aladin. Director Marcos Penschow and his Sa Vinya team are staging their most ambitious musical yet, with huge production and the best performers and dancers on the island.

Marcos Penschow has directed other musicals with great success, first bringing Grease to our stages and thereafter two more musicals of his own creation.

To broaden his knowledge of musicals, Marcos Penschow went to New York last year to experience the Broadway premiere of the musical Aladdin. He was blown away by the best musical he had ever seen and felt he had to bring it to the Ibizan audience in the Autumn. In the show the audience will feel transported to the old Agrabah where the story takes place in the Sultan’s Palace, the Arab Market and the Treasure Cave. Penschow’s cast is made up of artists from his previous musicals and as well as some new performers.

The performances will take place at Sa Vinya, which is an old restaurant which has been refurbished into a 300 seat theatre. You can find it at km10 on the Ibiza to Sant Josep road.


Cala de Bou festivities

In Cala de Bou, the end of the tourist season is celebrated every year with a series of parties that say good bye to summer and welcome in autumn.

The activities kicked off two weeks ago with two sporting events – the petanque tournament organized by the Petanque Club Cala de Bou and the cycling race organized by the CC Pitiús, followed by a painting exhibition.

The festivities started in earnest this week with an intense daily program organised by Showsibiza.com. The main tent started at 7.30pm a show starring birds of prey, parrots and reptiles where attendees can see pythons, owls, parrots, eagles and cockatoos. After the show, Cachirulo the clown, who along with his friends entertained adults and children of all ages. Along with host Albert the magician, the evenings saw dancing by Passion Dance, the best monologues with José Boto and acrobatics and tightrope from one of the great attractions of this year, the African group Kumbi Kumbi.


  • San Rafael

The local fiesta in San Rafael is currently in full swing until November 15. With concerts, sporting activities, tournaments and an 80s night, there’s plenty going on. Full details are in the fiesta programme:



Beach Open
  • Figueretas/Talamanca

There are lots of free sports activities, games and workshops being organised on the beach at Figueretas and Talamanca at weekends from October until May. Sports activities include kayaking, beach football, beach volleyball, beach paddle and paddle surfing. Supervised workshops include making bracelets, mandalas, rubber keyrings and making things with hamma beads and magnets and pins. Also on offer are a range of games, from traditional and cooperative games, to storytelling, ‘catch the flag’, scavenger hunts and yoga for children. The full programme of activities and details is online:



And now for something completely different…
  • Anybody remember Libraries? Well we think it is time we all did. The Library in Spain as in the UK is a great public institution, and a true social leveller. Dispensing education and leisure at no, or very little cost, the library has played an important role in our history. Apart from all that, if you don’t take your children to see a book soon they won’t know what one is.

Even if you can’t read Spanish fluently yet, chances are your children, or the children of friends can, and they have to be the greatest beneficiaries of an introduction to the wonderful institution of the Public Library.

Can Ventosa Re-Opens

Ibiza’s main library in the Can Ventosa centre at Cas Serres, has reopened after a few months of renovations.

The total area of ‌‌the library has increased from 312 to 457 square metres. This has allowed improvements to the circulation of users and the collection of books. In addition, the library now has a multipurpose room and overall capacity has increased from 65 to 77 chairs.

The extra space has also allowed the library to unify their media collection, the council service that picks up a copy of each publication issued in Ibiza. The Library now has about 38,000 books, publications, videos, DVDs, CDs and electronic formats.

The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 21:00 and on Saturday mornings.

Friday Fundraiser

This Friday 23rd October you have even more incentive to get booky, during a fundraiser in the entrance of the Can Ventosa Library when, between the hours of 9.30-13.30 and 17-20.30, you can buy books and dvds for a donation of 1.50€.


Food & Drink

Amazing to think so many of our frequent summer visitors and workers still seem to share the idea that Ibiza goes into a state of hibernation from the moment the last charter plane leaves the runway until the chicks and lambs of Easter thaw us from our winter slumber.

The reality as those of you clutching a paper copy will know, and those reading online from afar may be reassured to know if contemplating your own permanent relocation, is one of seemingly endless gastronomic promotions, fiestas, and menu del dia winter pricing that can make eating out  quite literally cheaper than buying and cooking yourself.

Today we brought 2 portions of a local restaurant’s ‘lentejas’ para llevar at 5€ each. The thick winter warmer lentil stew is packed with chorizo, serrano ham, peppers, and as is often the case and fine with me, whatever else needed to be used up in the kitchen. Perhaps you could make 2 standard portions for less than a tenner, but factor in cooking and clean up costs, kitchen waste etc., and you wouldn’t have much shrapnel left in your hand even if you place no value on your time. As is so often the case however, the family run kitchen is so proud of their twists and regional variations, and so pleased that a Guiri wants some, that portion control is abandoned and you leave the café bar to a chorus of well wishes straining under the  weight of your takeaway tonnage, having sampled the house home made wine, a slice of flau, and with an invite to spend Christmas with their family.

Of course food is not just about the cost and many people, run off their feet through the summer, relish the prospect of such simple pleasures of home made beans on toast with their feet up on the sofa, or increasingly it seems developing their own culinary mastery.

We see a good number of cookery schools in Ibiza over the close season, no surprise perhaps on an Island with so many seasonally unemployed chefs, and so many creative types.  One interesting option we received in the inbox this week comes from Sushiya Aoyama, the Ibizan Town restaurant who offer Sushi Workshops on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st October. For those with less adventurous tastes Sugar Chic in Santa Eulalia offer a range of baking and confectionary classes. Chances are however that the  majority of fabulous flans and scrumptious stews are made behind the closed winter doors of Ibiza, and we want to ask  our readers to share you favourite recipes.   We would like recipes where the ingredients are readily available in Ibiza, and where you can provide a decent photo of the finished result,, and perhaps step by step for anything complicated. We would particularly like to receive any traditional Ibicenco dishes and festive favourites in the run up to Christmas .

If you have something to share please send it to



Mint Lounge Bar

You may realise from reading last week’s issue of The Ibizan that we quite like Mint Lounge’s 13.50 euro meal deal. When we sampled the menu last week, we were a little surprised that we had the option of John Dory, which is pretty much the most expensive fish on the market. If you had the same meal at one of those beach restaurants in Formentera, you’d be lucky to walk out with change from the month’s rent. Fair enough, they’re on the coast with a glorious view of the sea and sunset and so can get away with charging megabucks, right? But then Mint is also on the coast, and the music is better, and the service is better, and the sunset is better when the weather plays nice. And just as a reminder, it’s 13.50 euros.

Anyway, I digress. Enough whinging about over-priced fish places. It’s Monday and we’re excited because Mint Lounge not only have the best menu in town, but they change it every week, and today is the day to find out what delights will tickle the taste buds for the next 7 days.

As per usual there’s a choice of 5 starters and 5 mains with the dessert of the day to polish things off.  We have a choice of ‘In Ovis Apalis’ (a Roman egg salad), salt cod salad, cream of leeks, bolognaise croquettes or a bruschetta for starters. We plump for:


Shredded Catalan salt cod salad

As you can see from the pic, this looks amazing and the flavours do not disappoint. The cod is more delicate than you would expect and the salt is not overpowering. Further textures and tastes are supplied by peppers, capers, olives and a wonderful lump of red jelly stuff. The red jelly is sensational—sweet and punchy—and compliments the fish beautifully. I’ve never come across this before and am pleased to find out the lump is datterini tomato marmalade.  How they make it is another question though.

Cream of leeks with crispy ham and Parmesan

This is basically a soup, but oh so creamy and perfectly seasoned. The crispy ham provides a salty balance to the cream and the crispy parmesan provides the savoury touch. You must mix all 3 together to get the flavours dancing on your tongue. The only thing this needs in my opinion is some bread to wipe the bowl clean, but then I am a greedy git.


So onto the mains and we have the options of Fagotinis pasta filled with prosciutto, salmon brochettes, pizza fagotini, asparagus risotto or grilled skirt steak. We plump for:

Salmon broschettes over a red salad

Broschette is a flash word for skewer, and it’s warranted as the salmon is beautifully cooked—flakey and tender. The dish is accompanied with red leaves, tomatoes and a generous helping of pomegranates. I have to respect any chef that can go through the painstaking effort of extracting the seeds, just for that extra bit of flavour.

Rolled asparagus risotto presented like sushi

Some say that good looking food tastes better, this looks great and tastes better than it looks. Risotto can go wrong so easily, but this is perfect. The asparagus adds texture and an earthiness to the dish and the little green crisps are delicate and subtle.

We polish the menu off with a spectacular ‘After Eight’ ice cream which consists of a mint base with chunks of chocolate and a chocolate sauce drizzled all over. And of course a coffee, which is as good as you may expect in an Italian eaterie.

I never thought I would say this, but for the first time in my life I’m actually looking forward to next Monday.


Food & Drink


A fair reflection of Bondi’s fresh approach is in the diversity of plans for the winter season. But how can I cover so many different topics in one article?

I decided a mood board may be a good approach. Feels quite Bondi, but it is a first for me so here’s hoping it works.

Above right is information on Restaurat 2015 gastronomic festival. 

Bondi are big on juice, bottom left.

Looking for some grill thrills? You’ll need bottom right.

And immediately left our very first mention of Christmas.

Wish me luck, this could take some time.


“A new concept by the fountains.” So Bondi’s publicity says and they are not kidding. Everything about Bondi is different. The style is contemporary yet rustic. Is that the right word? No it isn’t. Nor is Shabby Chic, nor Boho. I think we will just have to settle with contemporary in their own unique style.

What they do is also very different from the norm. Genuinely innovative, the food sometimes seems to trick you into hiding healthy virtues behind a delicious disguise. Most importantly, they are really serious about what they are doing. Bondi is in no way style over substance.  I have taken two well travelled types with seasoned experience and both had the same reaction of “I wasn’t expecting that”.

Now you are in such great shape you will not feel any guilt in sating your indulgent desires among those of their offerings that have nothing to do with a healthier you, but at least for the duration of consumption a happier one.

Take care however. As mentioned earlier there is witchcraft afoot and one spell has been cast on their afternoon cake, which comes with tea for an inclusive 5€ from 3-7pm.  Despite hiding behind a guise of deliciousness, the cake I enjoyed turned out to be a confectionary con in containing very little of anything bad at all.

Also available as a new addition to the afternoon selection  are crepes. But are they any old crepes? Of course not—the photo should say it all.

The Grill

With food preconceptions tumbling all over the place I am glad to reach the safe ground of the Grill Menu. Even Bondi cannot turn thick juicy steak and ribs into something your doctor would advise. Or could they?

Well not completely as it turns out, but they go a long way in minimising the negative of your Neanderthal cravings, without sacrificing the taste.

The source of this weapon in their disarming armoury comes with a name, and that name is Josper.

These Josper Grill Ovens are pretty big news in those catering establishments that dictate the news.  I’ve seen the one in Heart, and if you are Michelin starred and you need a grill, Josper is the one you have.

So what is its trick? Basically it just does the whole job of grilling a whole lot better. A big part of it is the sealed in nature of the construction. It uses 40% less charcoal to generate  hugely greater cooking power and relies far less on flame.

Add to the cooking method Bondi only sourcing meat from healthy and happy sources, (happy, I like that) including farmhouse chicken, which runs free and is not fed the antibiotics of their less fortunate farmed cousins.

Well I have had the ribs and a burger and I can confirm they certainly do live up to the claim. Bondi’s grilled meats are nothing short of fantastic, and their nightmenu  “parillada de carne” gives you all the juicy flesh you could ask for. It is served with grilled vegetables and 2 Coronitas at an affordable 19€ per person (min 2 people)

When Bondi say juice they do not mean just any old juice, that would be too simple. Bondi’s out of the box thinking ends up as into the jar drinking. They have some amazing combinations and for those wanting to take it to the next level they offer juice detox programmes with 1 or 3-day options to get you into great shape.


Christmas ‘15
  • kids’ craft club for children ages 4-8
  • Wednesdays from 3:30 – 4:30PM on the following dates:
  • November 11, 18, 25, December 2, 9.
  • We will be doing Autumn and Christmas crafts.
  • Limited spaces, 5€ per class per child, 20€ if you sign up for all five classes!
  • Crafts will include: mini glass lanterns, christmas ornaments, potato printed wrapping paper.
  • Sign up by sending a private message to us on Facebook!



Participating restaurants offer set menus with an effective guarantee of quality in using entirely local produce, but also aided by the huge competition amongst restaurants to rank highly from their customer feedback scores. What is to you and me a great meal, is for the restaurants a serious competition among their peers.

I would not have expected Bondi to have entered with anything other than a will to win, as reflected by the little beauty above. Farmhouse chicken with ricotta and spinach served with seasoned grilled potato wedges.

The crepe is also part of Restaurat, both plates which will give you an idea of the high standard you can expect.

Restaurat runs to 13thDecember with 3 courses at 15€.




Ecotax set for April ‘16

The contentious ecotax for the Balearics is now set to become a reality from April 2016. The direct tax will be charged to all people staying in regulated tourist facilities, with amounts ranging from 25 cents to two euros per day of stay, depending on the category of the establishment and whether the visit is in high or low season. The news was presented this week by the president of the Government, Francina Armengol, Vice President and Minister of Tourism, Biel Barceló and the Councillor of Finance, Catalina Cladera, who explained that the government plans to raise between 50 and 80 million euros per year with the tax.

The tax will be charged for all tourist accommodation on land and on cruise ships arriving to the islands with the exception of children under 14 years-old. In high season (April to October included), tourists will pay 50 cents per day of stay if staying in hostels or campsites. The tax will rise to one euro per night in the case of rural hotels, domestic tourism accommodation, holiday apartments up to three keys, hotels and hotel apartments up to three stars.

The largest amount of two euros per day will be for cruise tourists, four and five star hotels, four key holiday apartments and residential accommodation rented through tourist companies. All these amounts are reduced by half when in low season.

“The tax will be implemented from the second quarter of next year”, said Cladera, who noted that the estimated 50 to 80 million euros collected is based from data on tourist accommodation in previous years said.

Barceló, meanwhile, made ‌‌clear that the tax will affect all regulated tourist accommodation. In this regard, he recalled that his department is preparing a change in the General Tourism Law, to help stop the illegal renting of accommodation.

He stressed that illegal rentals discovered by an inspection must pay tax, although he acknowledged that there will be some tourists that will escape the tax, but said that when everything is regulated, that part will be minimal.

The document presented today is a draft, insisted Armengol. “Now we put it to public debate and discuss it with the tourism sector and the whole society of the islands,” said the president, who stressed the need for the islands to reinvest resources the profits so that tourism remains the economic engine.


Violation blockage

The City of Sant Antoni has filed 1,247 violations of various municipal regulations, compared to 373 last year, stated the Councillor Aida Alcaraz.

Alcaraz explained that when the new administration came into power, they found a blockage in the management of cases as the person previously responsible for processing the dossiers was moved from the department, following an internal promotion.

The blockage has led to a mammoth 698 complaints filed in summer for infringements such as peddling, offering sex in public, disorderly conduct or the sale of alcohol after hours, compared to 30 complaints filed in the first two months of the year before the new administration was introduced.


Smell Of England

This week, the Ibiza Council launched the third stage of the annual contract to trim down the bushes on the sides of the island’s roads—works which prompted our editor to return to the office last week saying Ibiza smells of England, no doubt reflective of the cutting being undertaken while the grasses are damp.

This weekend, there will be maintenance work on the left-side of the C-733, between Can Vila and Can Nails followed by trimming on PM-811 road, PM-804 and on the right side of the C-733.

The works consist of mechanically clearing the sections where possible, and manually cleaning any hard to reach places. The Ibiza Council say that the goal is to trim the bushes at the beginning of each season, because the climate of the island causes the vegetation to grow continuously throughout the year.

They also stressed that during the operations, there will be markings on the roads for the safety of workers and road users which should not be ignored by drivers.


Clean-up day

More than 30 people have participated in a clean-up day in ses Feixes, where volunteers collected 95 kilos of plastic waste and glass, 250 kilos of scrap and 3 mattresses. The objective of this initiative, coordinated by the GEN-GOB, was to raise awareness about the importance of conservation of this wetland and to celebrate Nature Protection Day.

At 11am on Sunday, the spokesman of the GEN-GOB, Maria Mari, and volunteers gathered in the parking lot of Talamanca to divide into five teams to clear the areas of Prat de ses Monges and the beach. The City of Ibiza provided gloves, scoop nets and plastic bags in three colours to separate waste.

The spokesman for the environmental organization, Maria Mari, said that citizens must contribute to the maintenance of the areas to avoid having to one-off clean-up days in future.


Pigeon cull

Ibiza has been forced to extend the hunting season for pigeons because of the damage caused by an excessive growth of the population, according to the delegate of the Balearic island Hunting Federation, Toni Roig. The extension of the season has been agreed with the Ibiza Council due to the damage being caused to vineyards and olive orchards by the birds. Roig further explained that in September land owners requested that population control must be carried out.

The hunting season runs until the last weekend of December for partridges and until the end of January for rabbits and migratory birds. Ibiza now has about 2,500 hunting licenses and 42 private reserves.


Trash talk

In the peak summer months of July and August, a total of 25,197.6 tons of waste was collected on the island of Ibiza, the highest figure for the past 10 years and 8.5% higher than 2008, which was the start of the economic crisis. The figures are being used as a barometer to measure the rise in the number of tourists to the island.

In the hardest years of the crisis, there was a considerable drop in the waste mass to be sent to Ca na Putxa in July and August – 21,601 tons in 2009, 21,965 in 2010, 22,879 in 2011 and 22,680 in 2012. Compared with these years, waste production in the two busiest tourist months of this year has been between 11% and 16.6% higher.

Sant Josep is the highest trash generating municipality with 6,970 tons, ahead of Ibiza Town with 6,267 tons.


Coke ring caught

The Guardia Civil has arrested a person in Ibiza thought to be involved in a criminal organization dedicated to cocaine trafficking through the port of Valencia and with links in several countries in Europe and South America.

Operation ‘Exitus’ began last year after the seizure of a shipment of 327 kilos of cocaine in the town of Ontiyent which had entered Spain through the port of Valencia.

The ongoing investigations, in collaboration with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States, led to the arrest of three men in Madrid, Ibiza and Valencia. The men, aged between 26 and 38 years, were two of Serb nationality and one Colombian. Police recovered 200,000 euros in cash and several mobile phones.

The organization used the ‘lost hook’ method of smuggling which introduced drugs into export/import containers without the owner’s knowledge.

Besides being responsible for the shipment of 327 kilos of cocaine seized in Ontiyent, the organisation is also credited with attempting to smuggle 106 kilos of cocaine seized at the port of Antwerp (Belgium), according to sources.


Paedophiles arrested

Police have arrested 81 men in 28 Spanish provinces for sharing files of children over the internet.

The arrests were carried out thanks to a computer program purchased by the National Police which trawled through various computer networks in November last year, looking for hard drives that contained 25 or more files relating to paedophilia. The arrests occurred during the six months from May to October in numerous locations spread across the nation.

The provinces with the largest arrests were Madrid(14), Barcelona (11), Valencia (6), Alicante (6), Sevilla (5), Balearic Islands (4) and Pontevedra (4).

The alleged paedophiles shared videos and photos of abused children, some content that police described as brutal and sadistic, by the system known as Peer to Peer (P2P) which is very popular for the downloading of movies.

According to the National Police, the vast majority of child victims are not Spanish and are instead from countries where control over such activities is zero or very low – South America, Southeast Asia (such as Thailand and Cambodia) or Russia.

Police will now analyse all of the material seized – 96 hard disks, 58 computers, 68 “pen drives” photographic and video cameras, among other things – to investigate whether those arrested are viewers of child pornography or directly involved in the production of content.




Nephew killed with Shotgun

A 65 year old man accused of murdering his nephew last year in Ibiza pleaded before a jury that he shot him three times with a shotgun in self-defence, because he thought that he was going to be attacked and possibly killed.

“I’m here but could be in the cemetery,” said the defendant, Jose Ribas Riera, for whom the prosecution, representing the widow and the two children of the deceased, requested 18 years in prison for murder.

The defendant, who has confessed to the crime, reported that on May 26th 2014, the 34 year-old Dutch husband of his niece, Gerardus Johannes Buijs, waited for him at his house in Ses Eres, Rafal Trobat (Sant Josep). He continued to report that the nephew demanded, under threat of death, that the defendant renounce an inheritance being disputed with his niece. He apparently tried without success to call the Guardia Civil before grabbing a shotgun, loading it and demanding the nephew to leave.

Ribas Riera told the jury that his nephew, a man of almost two meters, was very upset and approached him. Ribas Riera said that he feared an attack and shot him three times. The policeman leading the investigation has indicated that the first shot, which hit the deceased in the abdomen, was made about five metres away, with the gun at hip level. The second shot hit Buijs in the back as he fled from a distance of about 8 meters, and the last shot was made at close range, at a maximum distance of 5 centimetres into the temple.

The jury did not believe the defendant who has been sentenced to 17 years, 5 months and 29 days in prison and ordered to compensate the deceased family to the amount of 300,000 euros. The judgement is not final and is pending appeal.


Defence claim man accused of masturbating in front of teenagers was having ‘psychotic episode’

An Italian man accused of masturbating in front of 3 teenagers could face a year in jail and a restraining order preventing him from being within 100 metres of any school, after he was identified by the teens as being the perpetrator to the crime. The accused was not in court for his trial as he is currently in a psychiatric unit in Italy; his lawyer is claiming he had a ‘psychotic episode’ and that the evidence against the man is merely circumstantial thereby requesting acquittal.


Parking mad

Ibiza City Council has urged the owners of a plot in Ses Feixes, at the end of calle Pere Francès, to close off the land as it has become an area for makeshift parking. The environmental organization Friends of the Earth has denounced the new parking lot and regretted the “degradation” of this wetland.

As explained by the Councillor for Planning and Public Roads, Elena Lopez Bonet, this is a private site that was closed with rocks. The rocks were removed to give access to a work truck and were never replaced. “We have offered to help the local police to put out notices on all of the cars,” said the councillor, who said that the owners will have to put the rocks back into place and cover the costs. “It is an inappropriate use because it is a protected area,” added the councillor.


Crematorium on Ibiza

The building of the crematorium at Santa Eulària is now finished and will be ready to for use from November.

The launch of this service, currently non-existent on the island of Ibiza, will allow relatives of deceased persons to avoid the major expense and traumatic cost of moving bodies to either Mallorca or the Peninsula for incineration.

During a visit to the new facility, the Mayor explained that the Council decided to create the crematorium given the increasing public demand for this type of service and by having a previous installation inside the municipal cemetery that met the legal requirements for implementation.

At present, the municipal cemetery of Santa Eulària has a total of 1,982 niches after the last expansion made in 2006 and it is proposed for a third expansion phase which will involve the construction of 4,000 new niches. In Ibiza an average of 500 deaths is recorded annually, of which about 150 are individuals resident in the municipality of Santa Eulària.


San Augustine Cemetery Misfit

Meanwhile we have heard direct reports that the new block of niches at San Augustine cemetery, which has just started receiving internments, has been built to the wrong size specification. Though the coffin will fit, we are told the niches have been made too small to allow for the fitting of a glass door favoured by many Spanish families, behind which they will typically leave mementos and tributes.




Owning a Boat
  • Words & Images: Martin Makepeace

It’s that time of the year when boats are stored away for the winter so at the end of another busy summer on the water here’s my personal guide to owning and running a boat on the white isle.

  1. Have lots of liquid money, if not you might need to rob a bank or pray for a lottery win
  2. Prepare to be annoyed on a daily basis
  3. Understand that the yacht clubs will completely take the piss
  4. Fact: You will always lose money with boats
  5. You pay a captain lots of money to drive your boat and look good
  6. Boat mechanics are similar to DJs and chefs – proceed with caution
  7. Most of the boat factories close down in August so it’s almost impossible to solve a major problem in the peak season
  8. Formentera waters are like a boat caravan park for the first 2 weeks of August
  9. There’s always someone with a bigger boat than you even if your name is Roman (but not if your name is Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan)
  10. Filthy rich owners only use their boats for 2 weeks a year. Which is irritating
  11. You will be happy when you buy a boat, you will be ecstatic when you sell it
  12. B.O.A.T actually stands for ‘Bring On Another Thousand’
  13. Fat old European men with strange moustaches always have great looking girls on their boat – which is ‘strange’
  14. Chicks dig boats
  15. Chicks really dig boats
  16. Boys love toys so love boats, I mean really love boats
  17. You will have some of the best days of your life on a boat
  18. Memories are all we have
  19. You can’t take it with you so you might as well spend it on something you can have fun with
  20. Ibiza & Formentera is a paradise for boat owners (point 8 notwithstanding)
  21. You will never want to go to the beach by car ever again
  22. As you are collected from your boat, the word ‘taxi’ has a whole different meaning
  23. You can honestly say ‘do you fancy coming on MY boat’ at 4am at a Superclub
  24. Sunset from Mambo is great, sunset from a boat moored outside Mambo is amazing
  25. Be prepared to discuss your boat on several social occasions
  26. Your boat will start to define you as you become the ‘person with the boat’
  27. Fake friends are commonplace ….you own a boat remember
  28. Name your boat wisely
  29. See points 14 and 15 – don’t forget point 18 and keep reminding yourself of point 19.
  30. Boats are as addictive as a crack cocaine habit……just more expensive

This blog is dedicated to Derek and Nigel (point 18)

Thanks to Martin for letting us republish his blog.




Though the torrential rain beating upon the window pain in front of me as I type may not suggest this to be a time thoughts would turn to messing about on the water, for various reasons my thoughts have done exactly that in the past week.

After reading Martin Makepeace’s wry take on boat ownership you may be dissuaded from this as a prudent way to spend your hard earned summer cash, and for many of those of us who love nothing more than a day on the water we will beg, borrow, crew, and for those of us lucky enough occasionally review, and sometimes even go as far as putting down hard cash in renting a craft.

Rental can prove very economical among a big group of friends, but the sting in the tail is often  the huge cost of fuel and skipper—no wonder it is usually shown as an added extra, no owner would want to commit to a throttle hungry stag party. Opening up on any high performance boat will have your wallet emptying quicker than at a Superclub VIP table.

Personally I am not a big fan of going as fast as the engines and tolerance of shrieking girls will allow. I have always been much more of a cruiser kind of person, slow and easy, and so when I came across a real Cadbury’s caramel of a boat it caught my attention.

Sabarcade Formentera popped up on my facepage offering day or overnight rental of traditional Ibicencan Llauts , and to my eye and preference I have to say they look just about as perfect as a modest boat could be. Gorgeous things.

Next thought, this is going to cost. But I was very pleased to be proven wrong when on closer inspection of their very user friendly and multi-language website I found the pricing is very reasonable.

They have four Llauts available, all of which are more or less from 300 per 24hr booking low season to 400 high season. The price includes a dinghy, beach pack, snorkelling equipment and all other essentials. There are one or two available paid extras such as a n outboard for your dingy at 20e per day, but where the pricing really kicks in is fuel. At an estimated 20/30e per day, and a skipper for 60e half day or 100e full day, my tapping digits were getting all the right buying signals.

They offer various promotions for families, couples etc., which include discounts and added creature comforts, but setting those aside a quick sum says that for 350 rental, 20 fuel and 100 skipper you would be paying just over 100 per person for a comfortable  4 person booking, or about 80 per person for the maximum 6 person, (2 of which would have to sleep on deck though additional mattresses are provided).

I think that sounds pretty damn good and remember this is for an all day and overnight rental, not a few hours dashing around the bay.

Find out more at this website and I’ll hope to be writing a more hands on experience article of life on the Llaut sometime early next season.



The llaut is a small traditional boat from the Balearic Islands made of wood and rigged with latin sail, originally used for fishing. Because of their good sailing qualities and great safety in adverse weather conditions, it was a boat highly prized by fishermen. Formerly they were built by hand by the “mestre d’aixa” (Riverside carpenter).

Thanks to their seaworthiness Llauts have great prestige in the nautical world, evolving to more advanced designs using composite materials such as fiberglass and more capable engines.

Today Llauts are used for both recreational sailing,  sport and professional fishing.


At Night


Saturday night (Easy as a, b, c,)

It’s now the middle of October and Ibiza has moved on from the hectic  20 things to do every day of the summer, to just going out on weekends. It’s a relaxing time of the year for many residents and tourists alike, but you still may have a hankering for a blowout. Never fear, we have your Saturday sorted …

A) Liquid Purple Bar

In between the Fish bar and the fruit market, Liquid Purple is run by an adventurous team who even delve into the murky depths of chemical gastronomy. That isn’t a euphemism, they actually cook up Heston Blumenthal style. They’re open for the winter and are well worth checking out, but in the meantime they have a end of season blowout with an Urban Beach Party starting at 7pm. The bar will contain actual sand, the chefs will be cooking up some  interesting and tasty eats, all with a background of balearic beats. They’re also providing a shuttle service to Ibiza Rocks House, which is pretty bloody nice of them.

B) Pikes

This will no doubt be a roadblock as legit Hollywood A-Lister Idris Elba continues his love affair with Ibiza and music. Expect the best in house music from 10pm until late, and don’t forget that Paco Fernandez will be playing flamenco for diners from 8pm. There’s a lot of buzz about this night, particularly from the ladies, so with due warning to expect knickers to be flying towards the booth, make sure to get your guestlist sorted through via


C) Bucanero

For many of us Bucanero is the late night bar. The go to default when you (or to be honest sometimes your wallet) need to move on from wherever you’re at, but you’ve not done partying for the night . The thing you can always rely on for Bucanero is a late late show. Their mission to ensure we all live by the ‘sleep when you die’ philosophy is aided by resident DJ Monkey, a man who last felt sunlight in 1996, and this being closing we wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’ll be scurring off to his underground lair with little time before dawn sings her chorus—an event likely the get the Bucanero stragglers up and dancing again. The closing comes with special guest DJs Jason Bye, Juanito Chanclas (never heard of him) and Max Viva.


ABC is our chosen path to glory or disaster, both being distinct possibilities, but you may tread in different footsteps. Perhaps set off from C) if that side of Town, or avoid the crowds with a controversial start at B, but whichever your route this is surely Saturday Night’s ABC, unless ….

This Saturday seems worth travelling for party people wherever they are in Ibiza, but as the last thing we would want to be accused of is being San-An-centric, and as it has one of our fave local heroes playing, for those who prefer to see the sun come up over the sea instead of over a rotund divorcee from Merthyr Tydfil, our prescription is a dose of …

Housepital Pacha

We don’t know who came up with the name, but we know they were not a native English speaker. What seemed to them a clever play on words with the subtle as a leg amputation combination of house, hospital and sexy nurses uniforms, sounds to us like a, well like a clumsy play on words a non-English speaker would come up with.

We’ll forgive them for the name as the line-up looks pretty good for Saturday night at Pacha.  Long-time resident Graham Sahara holds the reins alongside Donaes, Javier Gonzalez and Carlos Jurado.





In last weeks edition we brought you news of two mums fed up of waiting to meet their bundles of joy. So we are delighted to bring news that Melanie Jones gave birth to Lennon born on the 18th October weighing 8lb. Congratulations to you and your family.

Congratulations to Chris Pearson and Zoey Evans also welcomed into the world Della Maria Pearson born 7Ib 7oz at 8:45am on the 19th October 2015.
Both Mothers and babies are doing fine.


View from the Pew: Heal the Sick

If asked in pub quiz, “how many disciples or apostles did Jesus have”, we would (if we knew the answer) say, “Jesus had twelve disciples”.  However, “seventy-two” would also be a correct answer.  Luke’s Gospel (a first century Greek biography of Jesus) says that Jesus appointed seventy-two “others”.

Luke 10:1 After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. 2 He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. 3 Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. 4 Do not take a purse or bag or sandals; and do not greet anyone on the road. 5 “When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’ 6 If a man of peace is there, your peace will rest on him; if not, it will return to you. 7 Stay in that house, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages. Do not move around from house to house. 8 “When you enter a town and are welcomed, eat what is set before you. 9 Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘the kingdom of God is near you.’

I think you would agree with me that Jesus gives some incredibly mysterious instructions to the seventy-two.  Perhaps the most mysterious is: “heal the sick”.  Jesus doesn’t instruct them to pray for the sick.  It is not unusual for people to pray for someone to get well with the hope that maybe God will answer our prayers. But the instruction is not to pray for the sick but to heal the sick!  The twelve and the seventy-two were not doctors or nurses or therapists so how could they heal the sick?  Presumably the disciples would heal the sick the same way that Jesus did.  According to the historical records, Jesus often healed the sick but he never prayed for the sick to be well.  The disciples had something to do (heal the sick!) and something to say (God has come near to you!).

Services: Sunday 25th Worship with Morning Prayer, 10:30am, Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85, Santa Eularia.

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera: tel 971 34 33 83.




Misinformed – who?

Re Ria’s & Jaki’s letters in postbag issue 805

Who on earth came up with the idea that neutered cats wont hunt – wild cats hunt to live and pet cats still hunt for the joy of it.

Today is Sunday 18th October and the sun is so hot I had to move to the shade to stop burning!

Almost all wild cats will only eat the meat of something they have killed, which they believe to be good – unfortunately they know nothing about the retardant in rat poison which takes up to 9 days to kill. It is obvious that in Ria’s area some-one used a large amount of rat poison to get rid of their large rat problem. The local cats then caught and ate the poisoned rats which in turn poisoned the cats by destroying their vitamin k so the blood cannot clot and they bleed to death.

The wild/feral cats are being wiped out by the use of rat poison as opposed to poison being used to kill the cats. How do you poison a wild cat that only eats what it has caught? The ones that are lucky enough to eat non-poisoned rats are not being allowed to breed, so we are quickly exterminating Ibiza’s cat population, or sending them to Germany.

I have had more than one of my pet cats poisoned due to eating infected rats, and also lost some of the wild cats that come to my home for cat biscuits and milk – luckily I have convinced my neighbours not to use rat poison, which was illegal to use without a license – I’ve no idea if this law still stands. It has always been so easy to buy the poison in supermarkets and DIY stores.

These so called “locally registered vets” requested the use of my vets operating rooms to which the reply was no (leave our cats alone). I might add that this vet often treats cats for free and as far as I know never charges for a wild cat.

I have suffered with pretty bad health for the last 20years but I do what I can to help our cat population. I was approached by a very sick domestic cat, which it seems, lived in an apartment and was left to fend for itself at the end of the season. A castrated male but not vaccinated against cat flu etc. – even though it was late in the day xmas eve my vet opened the surgery for him, and although it took about 4 months and over 600 euros in medicines and operations he is now a healthy and very appreciative cat. For more years than I can remember my car has always a stock of cat biscuits, given to the cats around the bins (catching the rats) it doesn’t take them long to learn the sound of my car engine and they come running even before I have fully stopped. There used to be a large family of them at the Sa Serra collection point, where I met a German woman trying to trap them – now there is only a ginger tom left – so no, I won’t be spending any of the little energy I have trying to trap cats – I do my own little bit.

But I must point out its not just my area (my neighbours have never contacted anyone about cats – they want them to catch the rats), its anywhere that has chickens as the rats thrive on chicken feed also eggs and baby chicks.

I don’t deny that C4C do a lot of good work but this neutering program is exterminating our cat population which means more rats = more use of rat poison = more cats die = even bigger rat problem!!!

Time/energy/money etc. would be much better used to stop the sale of rat poison and get people to use traps which cannot harm cats; birds etc. also advertise how to get rid of rats without poison e.g. the bicarb recipe which is not harmful to other animals.

I don’t care how much you play with the internet or what it says this neutering program is not good.



Tonight’s adventures…

  • “This letter was not submitted to the Ibizan, we pinched it from a public post. In publishing this charming tale we want to convey a message that whilst we welcome letters on all topics relating to our Island life, they need not be solely the realm of  the aggrieved or impassioned, we would love to receive more anecdotal notes and essays on the day to day.”

Not quite nightfall. In the remote north of the island. The sun had set but the evening still held light. I pulled into the carpark and stepped out of the jeep. Dinner with a charming companion, my focus.

“Is that a bloke?” an English voice, feminine, carried over the space.

I chuckled, I confess, for without doubt it was directed at me, directed to get my attention, should I be English speaking.

“No, but butch Lesbian… Maybe I can help… anyway…?”

I stepped over to the vehicle, amidst a thousand apologies and pardons as she realised her error.

I gave her my iPhone and had her shine the torch app upon the challenge, ducking my head under the bonnet and admiring the massive engine before me. (Mercedes campervan, anyone? Hello beast!)

I tinkered and tweaked. A child, tired of the frustration and Mums lonesome anxiety, cried out in the background.

Ah! I found the source of the problem and resolved it. A thousand apologies turned into delighted and relieved thank yous.

As I closed the bonnet, the engine ticking over strong and sure, the child silenced by the comforting familiar sound, she and I, strangers a moment before, exchanged hello and names. She apologised again for her assumption.

I, perhaps emboldened by my (albeit simple) mechanical success, asked her upon this island please judge not… Be we male, be we female, upon this island, especially in the more remote regions, our skills and knowledge are not confined to gender boundaries nor societal expectations… Rather we do and know and share and help with whatever need be done to enable life, and peace. For all.

Truth be, I offered the thought for whilst pleased to be able to help… had it not been I, it would have been another.

And that… that is Ibiza. xxXxx

Cat Milton




Suffragette Fashion

This week saw the release of “Suffragette”. A Hollywood A-list line up of actresses hit the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square for this movie about Britain’s early feminist movement.  Also, jewellery designer Dinny Hall launched a special collection of costume jewellery in honour of the Suffragettes.

All eyes were on the outfits of Meryl, Anne-Marie and Helena (the actresses playing the Pankhurst Mother and daughters).

But what would the Pankhursts and their followers have made of the constricting frocks and footwear worn on the red carpet?  Would they be in despair at the launch a line of jewellery honouring the Votes for Women struggle?

As it happens, Emmeline was quite the style queen. She returned home to Manchester in 1873 from the École Normale Supérieure, the finishing school to which she’d been dispatched in Paris, “having learnt to wear her hair and her clothes like a Parisian, a graceful, elegant young lady”.

Could it be that Emmeline would have been rather chuffed by Dinny Hall’s suffragette collection, with its violet, green and white stones reflecting the colours of the Women’s Social and Political Union, the protest group Pankhurst founded with her daughters Christobel and Sylvia? It is, at least, not the usual commemorative tat. I’d actually wear it.

Knowing that all publicity is good, Sylvia would probably have asked for a discount on the Dinny Hall chandelier earrings. As for the hobbling stilettos Helena Bonham Carter wore at the premier? At least she could kick them off. Let’s not forget, she has history when it comes to ugly footwear and the masses of attention they get. She may even have planned the scenario all along.

As for Anne Marie Duff’s bandeau dress, with its corset-like grip? She didn’t look especially oppressed – probably because she knew she could slip into some jeans once the whole shebang was over.

That’s the point. Women have choices they didn’t a hundred years ago. And of course those choices stretch well beyond fashion. Hoorah!


Guilty Pleasure Super Food

In what is almost guaranteed to be the best news that you’ve heard all day, there is now more proof that every woman’s favourite guilty pleasure, chocolate, is good for us in more than just the taste department.

By eating two bars, yes, that’s right, two whole bars a day, you may be reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke, according to researchers at the University of Aberdeen. A.K.A my new favourite people. And that’s not all – the study also noted that milk chocolate could have the same beneficial health effects as its darker cousin.  So you can carry on snacking on Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars to your heart’s content, although I do love dark chocolate too.

By looking at the chocoholic habits of 21,000 people over the course of 12 years, the study discovered that eating up to 100g of chocolate a day reduced the risk of suffering a stroke by 23% and lowered the risk of dying from heart disease during that time by 25%. Those who consumed higher amounts of chocolate were also found to weigh less, exercise more and have lower blood pressure.

If, like me, you need further proof, previous papers have found that our favourite late night treat also reduces memory loss, prevents diabetes, acts against stress, protects the skin against sun damage and lowers cholesterol. So, basically a superfood.

Move over kale, I’m having a Twix instead. And it isn’t even Feb 1st yet.


The Perfect Parka

Although not always amazingly flattering or pretty to look at, parkas have been proving their ability to regenerate themselves ever since I can remember.

They’ve been rugged, rebellious, reworked in velvet, satin and Swarovski crystals and, says she, guilty as charged, they’ve veered wildly off their original utilitarian path by becoming the yummy mummy’s school-run favourite. Don’t let that put you off though.

Like denim, the parka is for everyone. And this winter, it’s all about bright coloured fur collars, especially in royal blue or neon pink.

A parka should have shape (look for drawstrings to give you a waist). It should be sexily oversized, but not – crucial difference –be too big, and should be no longer than to the knee. Fabrics must be as robust and waterproof as possible. Carrying an umbrella when wearing a parka will either look like you’re excessively weather paranoid or suggest that bought a very cheap parka. Colour-wise, it’s very clear. Like Red Ferraris and white bathroom suites, the parka is best in one colour: khaki green. ‘Girlie’ shades are entirely unacceptable. Think Vicky Pollard and you’ll know what I’m saying.

Now for the practicalities. The parka is too good to confine to one season. Wear one with everything, including dresses and choose models with detachable linings. The new vividly coloured fur collar is the latest luxe version  Whilst it doesn’t look waterproof, it should keep you dry in most eventualities.

Jump on that Vespa and go scout.are my faves, all from

Left Bank Six

55 Elm Road, LEIGH-ON-SEA, Essex, SS9 1SP


07791 992939

on Instagram and Facebook / Left Bank Six




Trobada Balear VIII
  • Brian Pollard

A 66-strong convoy of classic cars created a rolling spectacle on Ibiza this month, the island better known for its super clubs and sandy beaches than historic vehicles. The tour was part of the VIII Trobada Balear, which ran on 10-11 October and included cars from as far afield as Menorca, Mallorca and Barcelona.

More than 80km per day was covered on the island’s twisting rural roads, with regular stops at local tapas restaurants giving locals and tourists alike an opportunity to admire the cars up close as well as chatting to their owners.

The oldest vehicle to take part was a 1922 Donnet-Zedel, which sported its original registration number ‘LU757’. It’s owner is a member of the Amigos de los Coches Veteranos de Barcelona, and is well-known for using the car regularly on rallies and events.

In addition to the French oddity, Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Mercury, Seat, Peugeot and Packard were well represented, joined by a lone Goggomobil.

A number ofXK120san XK140 proved a hit with spectators, as did a MkX – a contender for the widest car on the rally.

Other British marques also turned out, with a strong showing from the likes of Morgan and Triumph, while the German offering was headed by a number of Mercedes-Benz’.

A Volvo P1800 still wore its stickers from its recent entry on the modern Carrera Panamericana, while an Amilcar delighted onlookers in the town of Sta Eulalia, the town hall authorities granting permission for the classics to line up along its striking sea wall.


Classic Bikes
  • Formentera

The 22 year-old Club Moto Clàssica, will be celebrating its history with a classic bike tour of Formentera on October 24th.

About 30 bikes will be chugging their way around the island and the tour will be complemented by a photographic treasure hunt in which the ‘biker’ must present multiple snapshots that show the essence of Formentera. In addition to this key event, the club will be participating in village festivals, among which is the Maig Festes of Santa Eulària.

You may well see a 1922 Harley Davidson, the oldest motorcycle in the club. Painted military green, this gem on two wheels is just one of about 600 motorcycles owned by the 275 members of the club, which was established in 1993.

The club also has a 1940s Moto Guzzi Alce, 1938 BMW R71 and a Colomet M51, the first model manufactured in Spain, in 1951.

For those interested in being a part of the fun, the club accepts bikes until ’65 or ’67 depending on the conditions of the motorcycle, which is judged by ‌‌a committee. You can get classic motorcycles fully restored and ready to hit the road from around 3,000 euros.


Ibiza Hill Climb #30
  • Rhian Gibbs

This was a very special ‘Pujada a Ibiza’, not only for the celebration of its 30th anniversary, but also the fact it went ahead at all. The annual event, a highlight in the Ibizan motorsport calander, has been in real jeopardy and it took huge effort on the part of organisers to raise the sponsorhip and funds needed to stage to uphill time trials.

Though perhaps unfamiliar to many, hill climbs were very popular in the 60s and 70s, and in comparison to many motor sports, it offers those with the bug a low cost route into racing. That said as with all motor sports, they will easily become money pits if you allow it, so we wouldn’t suggest you talk of economy around the wives of the leading drivers named below.

The competition attracted an enrolment of 35 drivers. With Jose M Martinez unable to attend for work reasons, the title would either go to Gabi Arrabal or Miguel Pujol. Saturday’s practices were very rough and resulted in a few accidents and run-offs but this did not put off Arrabal who took first place with JJ Fernadez second in the first round, and in the second ascent Arrabal again obtained victory putting him in the title winner’s position.

Final standings:

  1. Arrabal (Silver Car S1) 2.15.129.
  2. JJ Fernández (Mitsubishi Evo IX) 2.24.903.
  3. Ramon (Demon Car) 2.25.883.
  1. M. Torres (Demon Car) 2.30.947. 5. D. Guasch (Demon Car) 2.33.557. 6. M-Pujol (Seat 600 Proto) 2.33.870. 7. D.Rodriguez (Honda Civic) 2.34.883. 8. JC Escandell (Citroen C2) 2.36.368. 9. JA Bermúdez (Renault Clio W.) 2.37.450. 10. V.Costa (Peugeot 106) 2.38.850. 11. A. Juan (Silver Car) 2.41.764. 12. J. Escandell (Seat Ibiza 1.8) 2.42.670. 13. S. Clemente (Citroen Saxo) 2.42.907. 14. A. Torres (Peugeot 206) 2.43.251. 15. M. Martin (Opel Corsa) 2.44.674. 16. M. Fernandez (Citroen AX) 2.46.382. 17. D. Novo (Peugeot 205 GTI) 2.46.529. 18. J. Romero (Citroen Saxo) 2.49.875. 19. M. Escandell (Hyundi Accent) 2.50.391. 20. JA Orvay (Peugeot 205 R.) 2.50.648. 21. J. Berruezo (BMW 325) 2.50.848. 22. AD Lopez (Renault Clio 1.8) 2.53.138. 23. A. Villalonga (Renault Clio W.) 2.57.094. 24. A. Rodriguez (Peugeot 306) 3.03.567. 25. A. Rodriguez (Renault Clio 16v) 3.06.054. 26. A. Tudela (Opel Corsa) 3.07.134. 27. T. Riera (Seat Fura 127) 3.12.369.


Anti Slip Ibiza


Have you, or anyone you know, ever slipped and fallen on a wet tiled floor?

Do you ever worry that your guests might slip in the shower, bath or even around your pool?

How many people have slipped over within your premises: hotel, restaurant, shop, or even in your home – especially if they were paying guests!

These were all questions that ran through the mind of Tom Grimes…

Tom founded The Ibiza Window Cleaning Company (TIWCC for short) in 2013 to counter the problem of Ibiza’s calcified water – he cleans your windows with his own purified water.

Unfortunately, on many of the properties he visited in the course of his business he found himself constantly slipping around, even in his boots. He checked out new boots, but the problem persisted.

Frustrated, he took a different approach to the problem and swapped researching boots for checking out non-slip surface options. To this end, he experimented with the various available coatings to see which would be most effective on the various tiled surfaces that one might find on Ibiza. The one that he found most effective worked equally well on ceramic tiles, slate, terrazzo, quarry tiles, stone and even enamel baths and shower trays. Furthermore, it didn’t discolour the surface, which was a problem with many of the other options.

At last it seems, it isn’t necessary to replace your floors to make them safer, there is a treatment for most floor surfaces that will radically improve their slip resistance when wet. “Making safety affordable”, as Tom would say.

You might wonder why Tom might feel himself sufficiently well informed to undertake such a research project? The answer lies back in his past in the UK. Before succumbing to the lure of life in Ibiza, Tom used to work as a manger in Health & Safety for the construction industry, where both the use of ladders and non-slip flooring fall under UK Health & Safety requirements. This isn’t yet the case on Ibiza, but the problems that led to the requirements are…

Tom’s new venture, Anti Slip Ibiza, is the island’s sole distributor for this transparent anti slip treatment. And, Tom is so confident that you’ll like what you see that he’s offering a free demonstration on your own surface, whatever it may be, in your own home. As the company motto goes, “feeling is believing” because, ultimately, it should be a case of safety over appearance. To date they have treated pool surrounds, entrance ways, steps and bathrooms for private home, hotel and restaurant clients.

The treatment is really quick to apply, so disruption to your home or business is minimal and no special maintenance is required so normal housekeeping procedures and cleaning agents won’t affect the performance of the product. Even industrial cleaning agents for heavy-duty wear don’t affect the product’s performance.

One example of ‘making safety affordable’ involved an unfortunate child who had a nasty fall at home on the front steps, which were wet with morning dew. So the family called Tom in to treat them and now they leave home with more peace of mind. (see below/box)

To see Tom in action and for your free, no obligation quotation call Tom on 602 502 240 or email



“The tiles on the four steps leading to our front door were treacherously slippery in the damp mornings weather, and after the slightest bit of rainfall. Our three year old son took a nasty tumble and so we called on Anti Slip Ibiza. After the fast and invisible treatment, the steps are now impossible to slip on, much to the delight of our son, who tells me every morning, ‘Look Mama, I can’t slip anymore!’. He is fascinated by the remarkable effect and I am delighted with the results, at a most affordable price. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” Hilary Crane


“We value each and every one of our supporting advertisers. From Superclubs and International Brands to Independent Tradespeople and Family Businesses—we wouldn’t be here without them. However in the case of Anti Slip Ibiza there is an additional tier of gratitude. In the short space of 18 months I have had to report on the tragic drowning of several children. Of course just one would be too many, but the common factor that has struck me in all is how very avoidable the death was. Of course they would not have all been prevented by removing slip hazards, and I respect Tom for not choosing to sell his service on scaremongering—but then it doesn’t qualify under the definition of the word if the threat is real, and it is very real around the swimming pool. Well done to Tom and his team, thank you for your business, and though we will never know about it, I am sure you should be thanked for preventing another of those tragic reports in the future.” Nick Gibbs, Editor




Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

What a dramatic weekend of sport last week and none more so than in

Rugby Union

at The World Cup, now at the Semi-Final stage. In my last report I predicted these to be New Zealand/South Africa and Australia/Ireland – well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad! In the Quarters, New Zealand beat France by a mountain of points and altho’ I thought the French may have a chance, having been the All Black’s World Cup bogey team, I never expected it to be such a walkover. At Twickenham, South Africa were taken all the way by a magnificent Wales team, who were actually leading with only a few minutes to go but the Boks conjured up a superb try that proved the winner in the 24-19 result and to be fair they did deserve it in the end, South African class over Welsh endeavour. In Cardiff, it was a case of so near yet so far for Scotland as they were overwhelming underdogs against Australia but what a stunning effort from them as they met fire with fire and were leading 34-32 with only 2.5 minutes to go, then, calamity, as a stupid penalty from a ridiculous line-out deep in the Scottish half given away in literally the last minute and there was Foley, the Wallaby fly-half, who had kicked dismally for most of the game, to slot over the 3 points to give his team a real let-off. Sporting drama at it’s very best, and the Scottish nation can be rightly proud of their rugby sons as, against all the odds, they were the team that actually got closer to the semis than any other home nation. As for Ireland, going for their first ever WC semi, they were surprisingly played off the park down in Cardiff by Argentina, losing 43-20 and conceding 4 tries, for the real upset of this World Cup as the Irish were strong favourites to take their place in the Semis. Maybe they didn’t give the Pumas the respect they deserved but any team that can beat South Africa, as they did earlier this year, has to be taken seriously and to be honest, judging by what I saw on the box, they not only thoroughly deserved their win but did it in real style. Note to Australia – disregard Argentina at your peril! So, no Northern Hemisphere teams in the last 4 but at least, for us rugby aficionados and the neutrals, two great semis to look forward to this w/end and altho’ I’d love to see an Argentina/South Africa Final, I can’t see any further than an all-Antipodean Final with the All Blacks, if they play as they did against France, winning their third World Cup and first outside of their own country. There you are, there’s the kiss of death!

Drama again, but this time in


as in the UAE, England came so, so close to causing a real upset in the First Test against Pakistan. On what was one of the slowest Test pitches in the world, certainly for the first 4 days, it was pretty boring stuff, and main interest lay with Captain Cook – remember, he that most people last year wanted sacked! –  who scored a magnificent double ton for the 3rd time in his career to become the world’s leading Test run maker this year with over 2000. His 260 odd, following Pakistan’s awesome 520 odd first innings total, brought England back in to the match and then his bowlers, led superbly by debutant Rashid with his leg-spin, skittled out the Asians for 173 leaving England to score 99 in the final 20 overs. So, what had been a Test match at it’s worst suddenly became one at it’s best and England suddenly found themselves in the equivalent of a T20, to gain an improbable victory. However, with only 25 runs needed off the final 8 overs and 6 wickets in hand, but against the clock, t’was not to be as, would you believe it, bad light (in the desert?) halted play and ended the match in a draw. Mind you, and I hate to say this, but Pakistan, realising that if they didn’t do something and quickly they were going to lose the match (and their record of 9 successive wins in the UAE) showed some very unsporting and unchivalrous behaviour and slowed the game down to the extent that they only bowled 11 overs in the last hour, compared to the average of 15 per hour.

Oh for those missing 4 overs! Still, a moral victory for England which bodes well for the 2nd Test starting Thursday.


now and congrats to Englishman Andy Sullivan who won his 3rd title of the year at the Portugal Masters at Vilamoura with a superb final round 66 to win by an incredible 9 shots. Also,  good luck to fellow countryman Justin Rose as he birdied 2 of the last 3 holes in the 3rd round of the Frys Open in California to get within 2 shots of the leader with a round to go. No such luck for World No 3 McIlroy though as he shot a 3rd round 71 to be on 6 under, 8 shots adrift.


and another bad day at the office for Andy Murray as he was soundly beaten  6-1,6-3 in his semi with World No 1 Djokovic at the Shanghai Masters. Having played beautifully in his Quarter Final against Berdych it all went Pete Tong which is now becoming rather a habit when he plays either Novak or Federer. Having said that, at least the Fed went out in the 2nd round so Our Andy took over his World No 2 spot but he just seems, of late, not to be able to handle the really big matches. Still, at least he can now concentrate on leading GB at next month’s Davis Cup Final against Belgium in Ghent, altho’ I understand that the Belgians have chosen clay which is our hero’s least favourite surface. How down right unsporting! As for Novak, he continued his magnificent run of 17 consecutive wins and 21 sets in a row, as he easily beat Rafa’s semi conqueror Jo-Wilfred Tsonga 6-1, 6-4 in the Final. Good to see our Majorcan friend back though, if not quite to his best yet, at least getting to an ATP semi. Finally,


and the Premier League was back in town last w/end and apart from both Manchester clubs having pretty easy wins, City 5-1 at home to Bournemouth with a first half Sterling hat-trick, and United a 3-0 win at an all-ready shell-shocked Everton after the passing of Everton and England legend Howard Kendall, (where Rooney scored his first PL away goal for 1550 minutes of game time), nothing much to shout about. Hang on though, yes there was, as Newcastle scored 6 including 4 from new boy Wijnaldum to record their first win of the season against Naaarwich and move off the bottom, Chelsea got back to winning ways at the Bridge 2-0 against struggling Aston Villa (hey, a win’s a win’s a win!), West Ham continued their topsy turvy season with their 4th away win, this time at high-flyers Crystal Palace to put them 4th, Leicester came back from a 2-0 deficit yet again (3rd time this season) to grab a point at Southampton, the German “Messiah” of Liverpool, Herr Klop, gained his first PL point in a scoreless draw at Tottenham, Arsenal kept in 2nd with a 3-0 win at Watford and West Brom took the points at home to winless and bottom club Sunderland.

Europe beckons this week in the Champions League with point-less Arsenal needing to beat Bayern Munich, Chelsea are in Kiev, Man Utd in Moscow and City at home to Sevilla whilst in the Europa, Liverpool are at home to Rubin, Tottenham at Anderlecht and Celtic at Molde.

Last but not least, can’t finish without mentioning that man Ronaldo as he scored yet again for Real Madrid in their 3-0 win over Levante in La Liga, to become the capital city’s leading scorer with 324 (in 310 matches) overtaking Raul’s 323, scored in 741 matches. Phenomenal! Oh and a footnote, I hear that Arsenal have now ditched Romeo Beckham from their Academy, following previously ditched brother Brooklyn in to football oblivion. Jose could have told you that Arsene, as Chelsea ditched both ages ago! Appears that just because one has an (in)famous surname doesn’t mean one has any talent, mind you, apart from a great left foot, nor did Dad! Miaaow…Jezza


Ibiza Cricket Club

vs Lenches C.C. (Dorking)

  • 10/10/1530 overs per side
  • Ibiza 154/7 beat Lenches 153 all out by 3 wickets.

Once again Ibiza fielded first and, despite getting an early wicket, soon found the visitors had several competent batsmen, starting with Skipper Steve Quinn, on his stag weekend with his team-mates, who had scored 20 before falling to a spectacular reflex catch by Mike Amos. The runs continued to flow however with all rounder Chris Ward hitting a couple of spectacular sixes in his 44, and Andy Homewood (49 not out) striking some aggressive boundaries too. After 15 overs, the Lenches were on 99/6 and then 122/9 after 20 overs, but the previously mentioned batsmen came together again (one having retired earlier) to add another 31 runs to the total, the visitors finishing on a competitive 153 all out.

The Ibiza fielders were more alert than the week before, with only a couple of tough chances being missed, and it was the first change bowlers who did the damage, Mike Amos with his first “5 for” this season (5/26) and Graeme Cooper with 3/24. Paul Cruttwell and Jeremy Parmenter also contributed a wicket each.

Ibiza then batted and, after their recent top order collapses, a target of 154 off 180 balls posed a challenge. Opener Martin Cooper (17) started positively before departing, and then 2 more wickets fell cheaply, leaving Ibiza on a precarious 39/3. However, middle order batsmen Jimbo Harvey (35 not out) and Robin Parmenter (39) combined in a steady and important partnership of 90 runs that maintained the required run rate and brought Ibiza closer to the target. Then, with the score on 129/3, and 25 runs still required in 5 overs, Robin Parmenter misjudged a shot, overbalanced and dopily broke his stumps, out hit wicket! As often happens, 2 more quick wickets fell and Ibiza were suddenly on 133/6, with 21 runs still needed. Jim Harvey and Martin Makepeace (11) kept their calm however, the latter hitting a couple of important boundaries before going for the winning hit and getting bowled! It was left to Skipper Graham Boe to face the last 3 balls, and score the winning run off the penultimate one, allowing Ibiza to chase down a useful total at last, and winning a friendly match by 3 wickets.

The visitors sportingly all had a bowl, which while being generally accurate, did allow a high extras count of 46 that helped Ibiza in their chase. Their opening bowlers Francis Davies (2/11) and Joe Chadwick (1/23) got the early wickets, but it was their all rounder Chris Ward with 4/9 who caused the late flurry of wickets and almost prevented Ibiza getting the win.

This match was organised bySteve Quinn on his stag weekend, along with several of his Dorking C.C. mates, and so our thanks to them all for making the effort to come to Ibiza for the first time, and hopefully not the last!
Thanks also to Lyn Carpenter for preparing the sandwiches and drinks and to Disco Dave Reynolds for scoring.
Last up for Ibiza is the annual Benidorm tour in November, which actually includes a couple of cricket matches during this famous weekend, so I’m sure we’re all looking forward to that!



The Guide …



New Buyer’s Guide in English

If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain but don’t know where to start, you may be interested in a new guide written in English called “Guide to Buying a Property in Spain”, which has been put together by the Spanish School of Property Registries, the British Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the International Association of Property Professionals (AIPP).

The document has been created in order to provide foreigners who want to buy a first or second home in Spain with the necessary up-to-date and correct information on the legal requirements and step-by-step details of the process that they have to go through.

The guide is based on the experience of British couple, Frank and Diane, who decided to buy a house in Spain to live in after they retire. It follows them through their journey right from the first step of looking for a property up to registering their purchase with the Registro de la Propiedad and paying the taxes at the end of the procedure.

It is full of tips, advice, warnings and information about the different legalities you will come across when buying property.

As well as providing a whole host of useful information for foreign property buyers, the objective of the guide is to “guarantee confidence and legal security so that buyers feel protected and secure when taking the plunge to buy a place in Spain.”

The guide has been brought out now because statistics have revealed an increase in the number of foreigners buying real estate in this country and because the holiday-home market now makes up a third of all property purchases.

In 2009, foreigners made up 4% of the total of property sales in Spain. However, by last year this had shot up to 13%, and during the first quarter of this year, 12.5% of all purchases had been made by foreigners.

The Brits currently purchase the greatest volume of property in Spain, averaging out at one out of every five purchases to foreigners. They now make up 20% of all property sales to foreigners and are followed by the French, German and Belgians. The number of Russians and Chinese buying Spanish real estate has fallen quite dramatically, and is down to about 4%.

The strength of the British pound, its stable economy and the reduction of Spanish house prices are the reasons behind this recent surge of British interest, which is mainly centred in areas around thecoast. The most popular regions for foreign property buyers include the Balearic Islands (33.5% of all purchases), the Canary Islands (27.5%) and Valencia (25.7%), while smaller areas such as Marbella and Alicante are also hotspots for British buyers in particular.

The guide will be available on the Ibizan website from Friday


Apartment for Sale

70m2 apartment in a quiet area of S’Argamassa, 5 minutes from Santa Eulalia and a short walk to the sea. The apartment has a new floor throughout and comprises two bedrooms with built in wardrobes, a bathroom, salon with chimney, open kitchen, terrace and 22m2 of land for parking, garden, shed etc. There is also a community garden. Price €157,000. Call 639678854 for details. (e810)


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