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Media Circus in Town Again
  • Tabloid feeding frenzy goes global as ‘DJ’ Kenny Mcsween, uses Media Agency to gain maximum exposure of a beating captured on cctv
  • Authorities quick to refute Mcsween’s claims that attack was at the hands of an off duty law enforcement officer.
  • Kenny, pictured left with girlfriend self styled ‘the Ken & Barbie of Ibiza’ tells the Ibizan major follow up release planned for Thursday morning.





Thursday 15th to Wednesday 21st October 2015

ARIES – The Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune turns as does life; nothing remains in limbo as events prove this week. You may be in for a few pleasant surprises and if chance meetings are followed through your plans could alter dramatically. You may not call all the shots but my advice is to go with the flow and see where this path leads.

TAURUS – Ten of Cups

Your social life picks up this week so expect more than your fair share of visitors and you’ll want to get out and about.  This is such a happy card whose energy reminds you to celebrate and appreciate friends, family and the good times.  Others show generosity on many levels, plus expect more than your fair share of romantic opportunities!

GEMINI  –  Two of Pentacles

Like ocean tides, the ebb and flow of our finances can be influenced by lunar energy.  Therefore, I suggest you curb any unnecessary outlay until after the full moon on October 27th. Gemini’s are not always sensible when it comes to money as you love to spend, spend, and spend!  Curb this impulse however as unforeseen expenses could crop up.

CANCER – The Fool

You’re inclined to be uncharacteristically impulsive and are about to make, what associates consider, a rash move; but is it?  You’ve got a hunch regarding a business opportunity and are willing to take the risks involved.  This isn’t about being a team player; it’s about independent and visionary thinking; inspiring those around you to think outside the box.

LEO – Ten of Wands

Don’t take too much on or you’ll find yourself overloaded and unable to cope. Be mindful that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yes you do have deadlines to meet, but by being methodical and less muddled you’ll get better results. Take time to chill out with friends or if you meditate make sure you don’t let your practice slip.

VIRGO – Nine of Disks

Worrying about money will not draw it closer, in fact it can block the flow of money energy coming your way.  Take a look at the areas of your life where you are abundant.  Friends, job, family etc. are worth their weight in gold.  This card does promise financial success, provided you’ve the right attitude and share your good fortune.

LIBRA – Nine of Cups

A week to feel pleased with yourself as you experience a successful breakthrough in one important area of your life.  Emotionally, this is a week where you wear your heart on your sleeve without fear of rejection. Others are drawn to you; they want to work, play and be your friend or your lover. The choice will be yours!

SCORPIO – Page of Pentacles

You’ve lots of creative ideas but how do you manifest them out into the world?  It’s this dilemma that blocks you from making the right choices when it comes to your career options.   Your focus this week is to narrow it down to where your passions lie.  If it doesn’t excite, let the idea go; concentrate on your singular talents.

SAGITTARIUS – Ten of Swords

Relax this week by taking life at a slower pace; if you’ve been overdoing it, you’ll hit a brick wall big time.  Mentally; you need a break from other people’s problems. You’re normally a cheerful individual that’s fun to have around, which is why you get emotionally dumped on at times. Breaking old patterns or dependencies is the way forward.

CAPRICORN – Six of Swords

No looking back at what might have been this week.  You may have a few regrets, but mentally you will be relieved that you no longer have to deal with problems that were not really of your making.  Professionally you can say goodbye to a stressful time and relax into a new set of circumstances.  Emotionally, you feel relief.

AQUARIUS – Justice

It’s an optimistic week; with the universe bringing a sense of balance back into your life.  What has been taken from you will be restored; and from where you least expect.   Feel uplifted and grateful for the gifts you receive which will be more emotional and spiritual.  If you’re a budding author, now’s a good time to write that book.

PISCES – Eight of Cups

Take it easy this week Pisces, you need to restore yourself to yourself, especially emotionally.  Don’t get dragged into heated battles, especially as you’ll be left feeling exhausted.  If your buttons are being pushed, take off and go somewhere tranquil, meditate and pull your energy back into balance.  Do something fun with someone fun; dancing will take the pain away!


Rock & Beer Festival

San Rafael

Claire B

The 9th edition of the Rock and Beer Festival ‘Octubre Fest’ takes place in San Rafael on Saturday October 17, starting at 9pm. Local bands Morning Drivers (Rock) and The Frigolos (Rock ‘n’ Roll) are playing along with Catalan band Ebri Knight. Hailing from Argentona, just south of Barcelona, Ebri Knight describe their musical genre as ‘Folk-rock hooligan’, which sounds good to me.


Party in Salinas


Claire B

Saturday October 17 sees Shantico present ‘Aii – Autumn in Ibiza’ at Boutique Hostal Salinas from 10pm. With a great line-up of DJs they’re promising “non stop party funk for the discerning fun loving punk”. Playing in the main room are Justin Tiempo, James Kameran, Kevin Andrews, Sid Shanti, Alex Arnout, Samir, Gianluca de Tiberiis and Kocis. The back room is taken over by the Chronic Cowboys, with Trevor O’Neill, Donald Leary and Rufus White on the decks. The winter party season is starting!



Ibiza Town

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza hosts the fourth edition of the ‘Lectures Poétiques’ to be held on the 15th and 16thof October in the museum’s auditorium.

Readings are coordinated and presented by Enrique Juncosa and the director of MACE, Elena Ruiz. All sessions will take place from 19.00 to 20.00, with the poets Juan Antonio González Iglesias on the 15th, and Enrique Juncosa on the 16th.

The museum also hosts the fourth edition of the Cicerone seminar on the 4th, 6th, 11th and 13thof November which aims to educate attendees on the look, sensitivity and perception of art in order to give people the ability to reflect on artistic experiences which can contribute to personal development.

The seminar will be held in the Museum Hall from 18.00 to 20.00 on participating dates and registration is free.





Autumn Fair

Santa Gertrudis

All are welcome on this Friday 16th October from 2pm—4pm at the Morna International College charity fair. The fair is located just behind the Can Caus restaurant in Santa Gertrudis and will feature the usual fair attractions, including tombolas, cake stands and a bouncy castle. Previous events have seen a school in Malawi and Caritas benefit from the  proceeds, and this year the charity will be selected by the students.  Morna are also celebrating the inauguration of a new building.


Ànima Matèrica


Sa Residència in Jesus hosts a new collective exhibition in which local artists Joan Mayans, Josefina Torres, Lina Andiñach, Vicent Boïl, Maramar and Daniel Planells Mari showcase several works of painting, sculpture and ceramics, whose common link is abstraction. The exhibition will run until 27th November.

Josefina Torres, curator of the exhibition, explains that the title,’Ànima Matèrica’ means the expression of the soul through matter.

Artist Joan Mayans employs a subtle language with discretion and self-absorption through the medium of symmetrical folds and paper crumpling in the form of collages showing the eternal conflict of the human being. Vicent Boïl draws energetic lines as aimless as the winds, and Maramar uses the four elements of earth, water, air and fire by glazing ceramics to create colours and textures which radiate healing energy to the viewer.


Furry Fiesta

Es Cubells

Sant Josep council hosts an eclectic night of entertainment on the 17th October which includes a children’s party followed by country dancing with the group ‘Folk Sant Josep de sa Talaia’, and donkey racing.

The night will also see the premiere of the play ‘Furry Peeled’, performed by the Es Cubells Theatre Group.



Variety Night

Cala de Bou

This Friday October 16th sees a variety night in the municipal hall at Cala de Bou with the following:

19: 30h. The Tropicana presents his show of birds of prey, reptiles and parrots. Do not forget the camera.

20: 00h. Cachirulo and his friends.

21: 30h. Comedy Club with José Boto and the exotic African “Kumbi Kumbi” acrobats compared by Albert the Magician.




Ibiza & Formentera

The video on demand service Netflix will start operating in Spain from October 20th at prices ranging between 7.99 and 11.99 euros per month.

The online video store reported that it will have three types of monthly subscription. The basic standard will cost 7.99 euros. The intermediate package, that will allow two simultaneous screenings in high definition, will cost 9.99 euros. The most expensive, which allow four screenings at a time and gives you access to 4K standard videos will cost 11.99 euros.

Users will be able to access Netflix through different devices such as PC, tablet, smartphone, connected consoles, smart TVs, Apple TV and Chromecast.  Although the company says it will update content every week, the Spanish version will not be comparable to that which already exists in the United States.

A Bus Could Run You Over – On Location

It’s hard work filming a blockbuster, but the guys on set have had time to keep us updated on Social Media. Here’s what they’ve been up to this week:


Example gets a makeover, there’s some filming on a massive yacht plus Example posts a selfie to his twitter


The crew grab a sunset image while filming at Cala D’Hort


The magical Es Vedra in the background during a cliff shoot.



Our very own John Stables lived out one of his dreams, with his better half Nikola, by being accepted as an extra on the movie.

John: I had read the book last summer and told the writer, Colin (Butts), that he should make a movie & star me in it… he laughed saying he’d love to but it all comes down to funding etc. A year later, and the book is becoming a film. I was so happy about that as i love the book. Then I got to be an extra, words can’t express how happy that made me. Not just starring in the film though, just being on set and seeing the story come to life, seeing life ‘behind the scenes’ and the whole thing coming together was an amazing experience.

It was pretty awesome sitting there, casually chatting with Billy Zane. But I’m always going to laugh at my (Slovakian) girlfriend going up to Darren Day with her camera… “excuse me, would you mind taking a photo, of me and him?” (passes phone to Darren and takes hold of another actor).

Follow the film production at


Today at around about midday, the crew on ‘A Bus Could Run You Over’ are crashing a car in the region of Kanya, down by Calo des Moro. The road will of course be closed off and the producers are looking for around 20 extras. Get yourself down there for a chance to see a bonafide stunt and also to get the chance to appear on the silver screen.


Food & Drink

Mint Lounge Bar

You can learn a lot about a person at the school gates. The timing of their arrival alone is a good indication of the pace of their life—those franticly running to the gates full of apologies are clearly busy/disorganised and your insight may well end there, but on the rare occasions I am not in either of those brackets there is one dad I particularly look forward to chatting with, that being Aaron’s dad. We probably should be talking of our son’s education, or the dad common language of football, but this dad is rather different in that he is the head chef at resident’s sunset strip favourite restaurant  Mint.

Now Aaron’s dad, he probably does have a name but as with most parents we know each other vicariously, is one of those people who talks with such passion for his work, the planning, ingredients, flavours and everything food he has prepared for Mint’s legendary Menu del Dia, that by the time October arrives and you have time to get down there, he has worked the taste buds into a frenzy of anticipatory expectation. Never yet has the ridiculously good value menu—13.50€ for three courses—failed to live up to expectation, and nor did it today.  But remember, this isn’t one to put on the wish list—you only have until October 31st to get along before the shutters come down. The menu changes weekly, so that’s 3 menus left. Be kind to yourself, try them all, it’s been a long hard summer and you’ve earned it.

  • Starters

On a chilly autumn day you could be forgiven in choosing the tomato and basil soup as a starter, forget that smooth style Heinz has corrupted you with, Mint’s version is rich with chunky tomatoes perfectly balanced with the basil and rustic crusty bread.

The Greek is a very special dish. Really one of the tastiest starters I can recall in any setting let alone a fixed price menu. A plate of mozzarella spheres on a base of black olive tapenade, cucumber and cherry tomatoes served with a Tzatziki style side dressing. Everything was incredibly fresh and the flavours worked effortlessly together, particularly with the occasional overtone of fresh mint through the yoghurt dressing.

Our third starter was so simple, yet done so superbly well it again far exceeded set menu expectations. The scrambled egg with mushroom and ham. The earthiness of the mushrooms worked well within the eggs which were laced with cream making the ‘melt in the mouth’ texture and taste simply divine. Served with toasted rustic bread drizzled with Olive oil and a few cherry tomatoes.

  • Main Course

The chicken with Ibicenco potatoes; chicken beautifully cooked in thyme and oven cooked potatoes with a subtle rosemary flavour, a winning combination and perfect Autumnal plate.

The fish of the day was John Dory, simply off the scale, which is ironic because the piel is part of the perfection that has eluded many a gastro-nonsense setting on my travels.  Chef told me the very simple trick—but just not fair of me to dish the fish secret—or I might loose school gate privileges., delectable; so fresh and extremely light but  so , so, full of flavour. Served with those Ibicenco potatoes and their hint of rosemary made for another great dish.

The Vegetable Pasta was a giant penne pasta served a touch al dente (just how I like it), with a mix of roasted/sautéed Mediterranean vegetables. The yellow peppers and soft red onion gave the dish a certain sweetness; combined with the slight crunch and vibrancy of the courgettes, red peppers and aubergine –always a beautiful match.

  • Postre

Applicable to all the starters and mains the portions were big. Even the heartiest of appetites is unlikely to be looking for a comfort pudding after your main course, the yoghurt ice cream topped with a red berry sauce was a perfect, light, and palette cleansing end to our lunch.

Plus of course a couple of shots of expresso to get back up and at it. We’ve a paper to finish.

Superb, but how they do this level of superb for the price is beyond me. Don’t question it, just enjoy it.


Liberty Car




September figures

Ibiza airport has registered the best September figures in its history with passenger traffic of 980,867, representing growth of 0.9% over the same month last year.

According to data released by AENA, the airport saw 5,711,646 users in the first nine months of the year, representing an increase of 3.6% from the same period last year.

AENA highlighted that the September figures show a 7% growth in the number of domestic visitors, and a 10.9% increase in Dutch visitors.


Ibiza wins family award

Family Traveller magazine has awarded the prize for best family holiday destination to Ibiza. The magazine, which is the largest selling in the family market, explained in an article that Ibiza has earned the award because, apart from its famous nightlife, it is an island which is easy to get around and offers great possibilities for families, with protected beaches with calm waters, rural landscapes, natural parks, great restaurants, a rich cultural heritage and excellent air links with the UK – all of which makes it a fantastic option for a family holiday.

The Prize was picked up yesterday in London by Diana Riera, representing the Tourism Promotion Foundation.


Fuel’s gold

The Ministry of Development has opened investigations into why there were emergency landings caused by lack of fuel for two separate flights that were destined to land in Palma, Mallorca. Both incidents occurred only three days apart, on the 1st and 4th of September, when aircraft were diverted to Menorca and Ibiza after not being able to land in Mallorca due to bad weather. Normally airplanes carry enough fuel to circle for extended periods, but in these cases, the two flights from the UK had to land away from their destination when fuel levels became critical.

The Commission of Inquiry of Air Accidents and Incidents (CIAIAC) is compiling information on both events. The first occurred on September 1st when a Thomas Cook flight from Norwich, with 178 passengers and 8 crew members on board, was heading to Mallorca. At 16.41 the airport control tower authorized the aircraft, an Airbus A321 to land on runway 06L. Five minutes later, the pilot aborted the landing because of bad weather. At 17.03, when the aircraft was positioning to attempt another landing, the pilot was informed of winds of different speeds that would hinder landing. The crew then requested a diversion to Menorca. After receiving permission, the plane headed to the new location and at 17.13, the pilot issued a distress call citing lack of fuel and requested an emergency landing. The aircraft landed in Menorca at 17.32 hours.

Three days later, on September 4th, there was a similar event. It was in the middle of an intense storm that caused dozens of incidents and left four people wounded in Mallorca that day. A Boeing 757, operated by Jet2.com, flew from Manchester to Palma with 208 passengers and eight crew. During the approach, the pilot asked to detour off course due to cloud coverage. At 10.31 authorization was given to land on runway 06L. The pilot aborted the manoeuvre five minutes later, due to a sudden increase in wind speed from 180 to 220 knots. Four other planes also had to cancel the landing consecutively due to the bad weather.

The crew then requested for the airport to redirect them to Menorca but, because the storm had forced several airliners to abort the landing on the smaller island, the flight was finally diverted to Ibiza. At 10.52 the pilot was authorized to carry out an emergency landing due to low fuel, and eventually landed at 11.13.


Talamanca sewage 

Problems on the beach of Talamanca, after three major breaks in the sewage pipes so far this season, are also causing major distress to local hoteliers and business owners. Hostal Talamanca’s Juan Mari notes that many of its customers, especially those with children have stopped coming because they cannot swim and have gone to other beaches. “This is causing a lot of damage because we lose revenue,” says Mari.

The green flag is now hoisted again on the beach of Talamanca after the results of recent analysis in the area. Faecal bacteria levels have returned to normal, however a team of divers are continuing to work in the area trying to adjust the flange causing discharges.



The heavier than normal rains in Ibiza on specific days of August, September and October have not been enough to wipe out Ibiza’s flagship product. Salinera Spanish SA, the company with over 120 years of salt experience, is still extracting the essential trace mineral whose main export market a century ago was the Faroe Islands and the Nordic countries, where it was used for human consumption and salting cod.

Salinera expects to produce about 44,000 tons of salt this year, far from the 73,000 taken last year. The company’s goal for this season was to extract 50,000 tons, the annual average, but the rains have caused losses of around 6,000 tons.

Juan Ribas, manager of Salinera in Ibiza, explains that heavy rains have damaged the crystallizer ponds which effects production. The process works when the evaporation of sea water, by the action of the sun and wind, condenses on the surface of the crystallizers and is then collected.

Although rain has limited production, Juan Ribas believes that quality will be high thanks to the high temperatures of October which helps to increase the thickness of the layer of crystallized salt.

Salinera has 15 employees in Ibiza, a far cry from the 1,000 employees in the pre-machinery days of 1878, when businessman Manuel Salas Palmer first set-up the ponds for mass production. The main machine used currently for harvesting salt is called a rotovator, a device with a star-shaped end which separates the salt from the mud left in the lower layers, so as to ensure that the quality of the product is optimal.

Unlike other salt mines, Ibiza has a very clean, crystal salt which does not have to be washed through industrial refining processes. This purity retains natural substances such as magnesium, potassium or iodine which makes it ideal for salting cod.




Dr. Rugs

The Emergency Department at Can Misses handled 17 cases of drug poisoning during the closing party weekend. As reported by health officials, patients were discharged within a few hours and none needed to be hospitalized.

Of the cases admitted, most were men and of Spanish nationality with one Ukrainian citizen, one from Saudi Arabia and one Brit. During the weekend there were 626 urgent cases ranging from broken bones to cuts, a similar amount to other summers with the drug poisonings making up 2.7% of the total.

Head of the Emergency Department, Dr. Paula Gonzalez, remarked that most of the admissions had taken cocaine and methamphetamine in addition to alcohol.


Health upgrades

The reform of the Es Viver health centre and the expansion of the emergency department at Santa Eulalia are among the top priorities earmarked by the Department of Health.

The manager of the Department of Health, Pep Balanzat said that they are studying whether these two actions can be allocated budgets for 2016. “We talked to Ibsalut and talked about expanding the emergency department of Santa Eulalia and upgrading Es Viver. These are the two main investments being undertaken, but there are always little things that need fixing before we can begin, “said Balanzat.

In the case of the Es Viver health centre, which has been operating for twenty years, Balanzat said that the issue of structural problems and general wear and tear was raised and there is a very advanced plan to make a fundamental reform. For the Santa Eulalia emergency department, Balanzat explained that it is essential to increase the amount of space for patients, as demand is much higher in recent years.


Can Nails traffic chaos
  • Island roadworks to continue into December

The roadworks between Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia at the Can Nails stretch of the road have caused major delays on a road which already suffers from traffic jams. Repairs forced workers to close one lane of the road mid-week between 1pm and 3pm, although jams took much of the day to clear.

The Ibiza Town Council has apologized in a statement for the delays caused and reported that repair work will continue until next Tuesday though they have assured everyone that the one of the lanes will not be closed. It will not be the last time this busy thoroughfare suffers from the effects of roadworks as later this month, the stretch will gain a new layer of asphalt which is certain to create more delays.

The Council has reported that in the coming months they will repair 30 points on the island roads. The works, with a budget of 360,000 euros, will end on December 10th. The Popular Party described it as irresponsible to close a lane at peak traffic intensity.


Sant Jordi roadworks

Ibiza council has announced a closure to the roads leading to the Sant Jordi de ses Païsses roundabout due to the paving of two roads that start this week. The roads will be closed one at a time during the works which are estimated to take two months, and alternate routes will be available.

The works, with a budget of 217,508 euros, includes the restoration of the pavements and road, actions to facilitate drainage of the road, improving accessibility for pedestrians, installation of elements to slow traffic and restitution of road markings.


Battling the pirates

Legal taxi drivers belonging to the Corsaris d’Eivissa association have initiated contacts with some major car hire companies on the island to cooperate in the fight against pirate taxis. The goal from the partnership is to develop a “black list” of illegal taxis and those drivers who regularly illegally transport passengers.

This summer has already seen several protests organised at the airport and outside of the main clubs to highlight the current extent of the problem. In parallel, the authorities are working to try to curb the growth of illegal taxis on the island by forming a commission. Proposals include doubling the number of council inspectors and expediting the process of punishment.


Guardia Civil Commander Praises Officers

Criminal offenses in the Pitiusas have dropped by 35.9% in the past two years, according to Guardia Civil Commander in Ibiza and Formentera, Antonio del Fresno, who mentioned the figures during his speech on the celebration of Pilar, patroness of the Guardia Civil. Most of the violations committed are crimes and offenses against property, particularly robbery and theft, said the commander after the celebrations, which took place in the Can Sifre barracks.

In the speech, the commander referred to the efforts made to improve the care of tourists, especially foreigners, and highlighted increased co-operation with the National Police and with foreign police forces, especially with the Italian carabinieri in Formentera, where 80% of the tourists are of this nationality.

Fresno also praised officers who were involved in the seizure of 37,000 methamphetamine tablets in July at the airport, the ‘Meigas’ operation against drug trafficking which led to the confiscation of two kilos of cocaine and the arrest of eleven people, the joint work with the National Police in the dismantling of two groups of highly specialized and dangerous “butroneros”, and collaboration with the local police in Sant Antoni in the ‘Bonsai’ operation against street vendors which saw the arrest of 57 people and goods seized worth 2.5 million euros.


All About Baby


Quick Ref.

1&2. Birth Cert & Libro de Familia

Juzgado de Ibiza, C/Isidor Macabich, 4. 971 31 49 62

Juzgado de Santa Eulalia,  C/San Jaime, 72. 971 33 00 07

Juzgado de San Antonio, C/ Progreso s/n (top floor of indoor market – this is the one I went to) 971 34 25 23

Juzgado de San Jose, C/ de Consultori, 1. 971 80 05 19.

  • Yellow forms from hospital & babies health record
  • Parent’s Passports
  • Parent’s birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  1. Getting a UK Passport Abroad


  • Completed and signed application form.
  • Parent’s Birth Certificate (only 1 parent necessary)
  • 2 photos, 1 countersigned, web for who can sign
  • BOTH birth certificates.
  1. NIE

Comisaria de Policia Nacional, Avenida de la Paz, s/n, Ibiza, 07800. Tel 971 398 831

  • Application Form, completed and signed.
  • Form 790, completed, signed and stamped by a bank to say the 10.40€ fee was paid.
  • Child’s passport, plus a copy.
  • Parent’s Passport, Tarjeta Sanitaria and NIE, plus copies.
  • Libro de familia, plus a copy.
  • Parent’s last 2 nominas (pay slips), plus copies.
  • Evidence of income in Spain. Stamped copies of bank statements for the last six months. Online printout’s may be rejected.
  1. Social Security


Avenida de Espana, 57

  • Parent Passports and NIE.
  • Child Passport and NIE.
  • Libro de familia.
  • Parent’s tarjeta sanitaria

You will receive a Documento Acreditivo Del Derecho Asistencia Sanitaria

  1. Tarjeta Sanitaria (Medical Card)

Local Medical Centre

  • Documento Acreditivo del Derecho Asistencia Sanitaria
  • Photo of Child (Spanish Passport size)
  • Parent and Child’s NIE’s.
  • Parent and Child’s Passports.
  • Form Modelo 046 – taken to the bank within 5 days, stamped and paid 10.54€ (current price at time of print)


It’s no real surprise that October seems to bring forth a bit of a baby boom in Ibiza every year, just work it out backwards – January, cash-flow has taken a battering over Christmas, perhaps Santa delivered a new box set or two, temperatures at their lowest. What better way to start the new year than under the warmth of the duvet getting jiggy? For the benefit of all parents, whatever their seasonal jiggy preferences, Mum and Ibizan correspondent Carly Sorenson, takes us through her journey in the procedures for the registration of baby and obtaining the various required documentation.

Carly Sorenson

In Can Misses hospital on November 16th 2013, my beautiful baby girl entered the world. She looked up at me with wide blue eyes and I fell instantly and completely in love. Exhausted from a 36 hour labour and elated to have given birth, I felt sure I’d just completed the biggest challenge a woman could face. But I was wrong. For I’d yet to run (or rather, ‘stumble blindly through’) the gauntlet of bureaucracy that comes with obtaining documents for a British baby here in Spain.

Something which really would have helped me would have been knowing which documents I needed and in which order I should get them.  It would have saved many wasted journeys and much time spent queuing before being told that I couldn’t get a medical card without a social security number, or a social security number without an NIE and so on. Therefore, with hindsight as my helper, I’ve decided to compile a rough guide.


Documents 1 and 2: Birth Certificate and Libro de Familia.

These were fairly easy. I took the yellow forms and baby’s health record book issued when I left hospital, mine and my husband’s passports and birth certificates and our marriage certificate to our local ‘Juzgado de Paz’ (Justice of the Peace). We filled in some forms and answered questions (in Spanish ・ take a translator if yours isn’t up to much) about ourselves, such as when and where we were married and parent’s names and nationalities. A friendly lady took copies of everything and a couple of days later we had a phone call to say the documents were ready for collection. We came away with Ela’s ‘Certificac卲n del Acta de Nacimiento’ which is the same as the UK short birth certificate), ‘Certificac卲n Literal’, same as UK full birth certificate, and a ‘Libro de Familia’.

As far as I know, this legally required book detailing births, deaths and marriages within a family has no UK equivalent. It seems to be useful when acquiring other official documents and can be used alongside the NIE in lieu of a passport on domestic flights and ferries.

Document 3: Passport.

If you or your partner is British, then your baby is too, even if they were born here in Spain.  This means you need a UK passport in order to then get an NIE, tarjeta sanitaria (medical card) and so on.

I asked a worker at the Comisaria de Policia Nacional if Ela was entitled to a Spanish passport, as she has a Spanish birth certificate. ‘Of course,’ came his reply, ‘But she must have an NIE to get the passport and she must have a UK passport to get the NIE.’ You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Getting a UK passport whilst here is relatively simple. The application and payment are completed online at


Click on the ‘Get a passport for your child’ link and follow the step by step process.

It takes a while, but is fairly straightforward. At the end of your online application, you’ll be asked to pay; we paid 122.96€ for application from abroad inc. postage and courier fees; print the forms and to send  them, 2 photos (1 countersigned. For a list of  persons qualified to certify go to


and the relevant documents to an address given.

The only problem I had was knowing which certificate to send. I was told over the phone that ‘the one with translation on the back’ (certificacion del acte de nacimiento) was sufficient. It wasn’t. I received an email three weeks later asking for the certificacion literal too. So to clarify, I sent:

  • Completed, signed application.
  • Husband’s birth certificate (only 1 parent necessary)
  • 2 photos, 1 countersigned
  • BOTH birth certificates.

We still received the passport within six weeks of applying online. If only getting the next document had been this straightforward.

*UPDATE – I have since heard of several parents who were asked to send marriage certificates or different versions of birth certificates. Please ensure you check guidelines on government website and call if in doubt.

Document 4: NIE.

Anyone who’s ever been to the Comisaria de Policia Nacional will know what an ordeal this can be. Interminable queues simply to get forms and an appointment, workers who go off on half hour breaks leaving the desk unmanned and ever more agitated people waiting even longer, and a general sense that no-one really knows what they’re doing. I went five times in total. Every time the list of documents I needed was added to. To get an idea of it watch the short film ‘036’ on youtube. I am pleased to hear that you can finally make an NIE appointment online and hear rumours that this speeds the process up. Once you’ve done that via


(select Illes Balaers as your province in first screen, then ‘asignacion de NIE’ in second window) print of and fill in a copy of the EX15 form and go with this and necessary documents to your appointment.

This is the list of documents I needed:

  • Application form, completed and signed.
  • Form 790, completed, signed and stamped by a bank to say the 10.40 euro fee was paid.
  • Ela’s passport, plus a copy.
  • My passport, tarjeta sanitaria and NIE, plus copies.
  • Libro de familia, plus a copy.
  • My last 2 nominas (pay slips), plus copies.
  • Evidence of income in Spain. I took printed, stamped copies of the last two maternity payments to go into my Spanish bank account and a printed, stamped copy of my bank statement for the last six months. A friend said she’d taken printouts from her online account but they were rejected as the bank needs to stamp them.

On the day I finally got the NIE, the officer looked slowly and carefully through all my documents and asked to see her birth certificate. I’d come prepared for this. I smiled triumphantly and handed over the originals and copies, asking if he wanted to keep the copies for his records. He didn’t. Defeated, he raised an eyebrow, glanced at the bulging folder in which I carried absolutely every document the Spanish or British authorities had ever issued me, sighed and produced Ela’s NIE card. I almost cheered. Carly one, bureaucracy nil.

  • Comisaria de Policia Nacional, Avenida de la Paz, s/n, Ibiza, 07800. Tel 971 398 831


“A friend recently had a nightmare of a time trying to give her baby two surnames, ironically as is customary in Spain, because the Juzgado de Paz didn’t recognise the UK right to choose or change a name. In the end, she had to take along a form from the UK government explaining that she could call her child whatever she wanted. A copy of aforementioned form can be obtained here. It is also required for any name change you may wish to make here in Spain.” Carly S.


“I have found been pregnant in ibiza a really pleasant experience. I discovered an abundance of treatments the island has to offer aimed at the well being of mom and baby including reflexology, water therapy, osteopathy, yoga and specialist massage. I am having my baby at Rosario and I have been extremely well looked after.” Zoey Evans


All About Baby


Document 5: Social Security number and form to say that baby has a right to medical card.

To do anything at the social security office, you first need to make a ‘cita’ or appointment. DON’T go to the office at Avenida de Espana, 57 in Ibiza to get one as they won’t make appointments. This must be done online at


Click on the ‘Cita Previa’ box on the right of the home screen, then follow the steps. You’ll receive an appointment, and an email confirming the appointment. You’ll also get a text nearer the time to remind you when your appointment is. If only this were available for NIE’s!

On the day of the appointment I went along to the office with:

  • Mine and Ela’s passports and NIE’s.
  • Libro de familia.
  • My tarjeta sanitaria

A lovely, smiley lady made copies of it all, did a bit of typing, then issued me with a ‘Documento Acreditivo Del Derecho Asistencia Sanitaria’ and instructions to take this, a Spanish passport sized photo of my baby (slightly smaller than UK passport sized, photographer will know what you need if you tell him what it’s for) and the same documents I’d presented today, along to my medical centre to get Ela’s tarjeta sanitaria.

Document 6: Tarjeta Sanitaria (Medical card)

To get this you need to make two visits to your local medical centre. Mine in San Antonio has a dedicated office for medical cards in reception, and I presume the others do too.

On the first visit you need to hand over your ‘Documento Acreditivo Del Derecho Asistencia Sanitaria’, baby’s passport photo and your and your baby’s NIEs and passports whilst the official puts your baby’s info into the system and scans the photo. You then get three copies of a form called ‘modelo 046’. Take these to the bank and pay the fee of 10.54 within five days.

Once paid, make sure the forms are stamped. You have up to a month to go back to the medical centre and exchange one of the forms for your baby’s tarjeta sanitaria. Easy when you know how!


It’s taken three and a half months to get all the documents necessary to make Ela ‘official’. I’ve been through a lot of unnecessary too-ing and fro-ing, a great deal of queuing and dealt with innumerable government workers; some friendly and helpful, others grumpy and officious. At times I would have happily received another epidural as an alternative. Or administered one to the unsmiling automaton bleating scripted responses at me from the other side of the desk  Anything to make the whole process less painful.

I hope that this article takes some of the pain away for you. However, do remember that Spanish bureaucratic rules are as murky and changeable as the British weather, so what was required for me may not be the same for you. If you can afford it, pay a Gestoria to do it all for you. Failing that, take originals and copies of every document ever issued to you, your partner or your child to each appointment you attend. And a Spanish speaking friend if yours isn’t up to much. Oh, and a hefty dose of patience.

Good luck!

This information is provided in all good faith however Spanish procedures can change often. Also they do not always follow what is known to be the correct procedure in any given circumstance. We would appreciate your feedback for any changes identified so that we can keep this guide up to date for ongoing use.

Whatever hurdles and frustrations are thrown at you always remember that as with much Spanish administration, applying logic or fairness does not always carry much weight. Try to keep smiling and be positive!

For more support goto facebook “Mums Meet Ups Ibiza”




View from the Pew

Rev. Dr. Peter Pimentel

The miracle feeding of the five thousand by Jesus is well known.  The first century Gospel of Mark gives the account.

Mark 6:35 By this time it was late in the day, so his disciples came to him. “This is a remote place,” they said, “and it’s already very late. 36 Send the people away so that they can go to the surrounding countryside and villages and buy themselves something to eat.” 37 But he answered, “You give them something to eat.” They said to him, “That would take eight months of a man’s wages! Are we to go and spend that much on bread and give it to them to eat?” 38 “How many loaves do you have?” he asked. “Go and see.” When they found out, they said, “Five–and two fish.” 39 Then Jesus directed them to have all the people sit down in groups on the green grass. 40 So they sat down in groups of hundreds and fifties. 41 Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to his disciples to set before the people. He also divided the two fish among them all. 42 They all ate and were satisfied, 43 and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces of bread and fish. 44 The number of the men who had eaten was five thousand.

Although we may not have experienced so far a miracle of this magnitude; nevertheless, we are often in a situation of dire-straights.  I confess that too often my first response is like that of the disciples – is there a practical solution? “Send them away!”  Jesus puts himself (and the disciples!) in a situation before God that requires faith.  The disciples simply do what Jesus tells them and – lo and behold!

The narrative reflects first century Jewish practice and therefore has the ring of truth about it.  Large numbers of people traditionally sat in groups of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens as the Old Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls demonstrates.  The action of taking, blessing, breaking and giving of bread is traditional for a host at a meal or banquet.

  • Services: Sunday 18th Harvest Thanksgiving and Worship with Holy Communion 10:30am at the RC Church, Sant Rafel. Holiday Chaplaincy, RC Chapel, Es Cana: 10.30am Holy Communion & 5.30pm informal praise.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera: Tel 971 34 33 83



Ibiza Cricket Club

vs Lenches C.C. (Evesham, est. 1928)

  • 03/10/1530 overs per side. Result: Lenches 120/8, Ibiza 103 all out, won by 17 runs


The visitors won the toss and decided to bat first on the heavy mat originally used by Ibiza in the past, which replaced the coconut fibre mat that allowed too much bounce and had become dangerous for batsmen facing fast bowling. They batted steadily, thanks to a useful 29 from opener Martin Whitfield, who was allowed a couple of lives by the Ibiza fielders. After 15 overs, they had reached a solid 68 for 3 and looked ready to accelerate after the break. Lenches all rounder Alan White threatened with a rapid 24 before being caught and the wickets began to fall, in spite of another couple of dropped catches from Ibiza, who were not at their best in the field. Jeremy Parmenter did pouch a sharp reflex slip catch however, to buck the trend! The visitors fell to 92/7 before a small but important partnership from Nick Smith (10 not out) and skipper Charlie “C.B.”Brown (12) allowed them to finish on 120/8. Of the Ibiza bowlers, Graeme Cooper (3/12), Paul Cruttwell (2/21) and the returning Jim Harvey (2/19) stood out.

Ibiza then batted and would normally have felt confident to reach the 121 runs needed at 4 per over, but this was without taking into account their recent practice of losing quick wickets early on. Add to this some testing and accurate bowling from the visitors, and Ibiza soon fell to 26/3, then 37/5, and even 42/7 at the halfway stage! It was always going to be tough to go on to win after this collapse, but with a patient and unbeaten 46 from Pete Essex, plus 29 extras from the visitors, the last 3 wickets managed to add another 61 runs to the total, as the target came closer.The opening bowlers then returned and the final Ibiza wicket fell, leaving them on 103 all out and falling short by 17 runs. Unfortunately no other Ibiza batsman reached double figures or could stay with Pete Essex to build a partnership, so an ultimately competitive and friendly match finished with the visitors worthy winners.

The Lenches bowlers shared the wickets, notably Alan White (3/9), Andrew Cottrill (2/21), Steve Protherough (2/27), Charlie Stokes (2/2) and skipper Charlie Brooks (1/16).
As ever, thanks are due to the Lenches C.C. and Charlie Brooks for choosing to visit Ibiza for the first time and hopefully they can return for a weekend double header in the near future.


UK Press

Beware these two holiday villa rental companies – both removed by Holiday Lettings

Robin Bowman

We have warned previously about a holiday villa rental company advertising Dream Casa Mansion in Ibiza on Trip Advisor’s Holiday Lettings website.

The company behind it, Perfect Villa Ibiza, has now been taken down from the Holiday Lettings’ site for ‘breaching terms of use.’

What ‘breaching terms of use’ amounts to seems to be taking bookings for thousands of pounds for a luxury villa from holiday makers who act in good faith – then cancelling that villa at the last minute and replacing it with something unsuitable and inferior.

We told how this had happened to newly-weds Stephen and Jennifer Price. The couple booked Dream Casa Mansion with Perfect Villa Ibiza through the Holiday Lettings website.

The £7,400 booking was cancelled a day before 18 wedding guests were due to arrive and the couple were offered several replacement places they describe as “terrible.”

A long, rambling email in poor English from the company blamed everything on PayPal.

In the end, the couple managed to get their money back through Holiday Lettings.

Perfect Villas Ibiza is registered at an apartment at 10 Park Street, Shifnal, near Telford. The 51-year old director is one Caterina Khatiusha Bianchi.

Also registered at an apartment at 10 Park Street, Shifnal, is Ibiza Zen Villas, which has also been removed from the Holiday Lettings site for not ‘acting in good faith.’

Ms Bianchi has acted for this company in Ibiza dealing with clients who have booked villas.

One such client was Nicky Midgley, aged 43, from Leeds, who got in touch with us to share her warning about this company after making a £10,000 booking.

Nicky’s experience mirrored Stephen and Jennifer’s.

She booked a villa called Vista Jesus Mansion, which featured the same kind of luxurious photos as Dream Casa Mansion.

On the day of travel to the villa, and after Nicky and her extended family party of 19 had left for the airport, Nicky said Ibiza Zen Villas sent them an email saying the booking was cancelled and they would be taken to an alternative property. There was no explanation.

Of course, the family knew nothing of this until they were taken to what Nicky describes as a very dirty and unsafe property, in a completely different part of the island.

The party had made special inquiries about their original booking as one member of the family was autistic and needed to be in a safe environment. But the property they were taken to was described in its listing as “unsuitable for children”!

When Nicky went to the villa the family had originally booked to check why it had been cancelled, she couldn’t get a response, but was told by neighbours it had been occupied on a long-term let for several months.

Eventually, Nicky and her family received a refund via the credit card they had used to book the villa.

But one thing these two recent tales have in common is Ms Bianchi.

Besides Perfect Villas, Ms Bianchi also operates a cake decorating business and a company called Ibiza Events Imperial Concierge. On this company’s site she is described as: “Caterina Bianchi Di Vigny, lawyer and doctor in Criminology, with noble title of Countess of the Italian nobility by paternal family.”

We tracked down Ms Bianchi who was remarkably reluctant to speak to us.

After a number of phone calls, texts and emails, she eventually released a rambling statement blaming everything on PayPal for freezing payments made to her company since May, 2015.

This meant the company couldn’t fulfil bookings, she claimed, and further claimed she was taking legal action against PayPal. But she had expected the freeze to be lifted at any moment, so she carried on taking bookings.

But when Stephen Price paid with PayPal and the payment wouldn’t go through, PayPal told him they had no idea why.

In the end they asked Perfect Villas to reverse the payment and they refunded Stephen. There was no mention of frozen accounts and the money was paid by Stephen direct into the company’s account.

Similarly, Ms Bianchi’s statement doesn’t explain why, if money was frozen, the company continued to take bookings when it must have been known they couldn’t fulfil them.

Or how they were able to book clients into the alternative, inferior properties if no money had been received by them from PayPal.

When A Spokesman Said tried to raise these questions with Ms Bianchi and someone describing himself as “Gerry”, her legal manager, we were repeatedly told she would call back.

But, just like the clients who found themselves blocked on Facebook when they complained, or unable to get Ms Bianchi to answer her mobile when they wanted to complain, she didn’t call us back either. Her mobile number goes to voicemail continually.

The good news is that Holiday Lettings have removed listings from both these companies.

The bad news is that Dream Casa Mansion is still being advertised on booking.com.

It has no reviews!





Yes we really care for cats.

Has anybody out there had firsthand experience of seeing a whole colony of cats wiped out by poison? This recently happened to me; when a small number that I monitor wandered onto a neighbouring urbanisation on a night when someone put poison down to take care of the rest of the cats on that land.

This method has been an accepted way to the Spanish for many years,

I only became aware of this because some of the cats I monitored disappeared overnight and when they did not return I checked out the neighbouring areas.

After a slow and painful (bleeding) death the carcasses were left scattered around to rot in the sun and were only removed when the stench became too much.

This is the fate of many feral colonies on Ibiza, left unchecked and growing larger every year, they are left open to any type of inhumane treatment by those who want them “out of the way”.

Adults are poisoned, kittens thrown into Basura’s or buried alive.

Trying to help these waifs and strays is C4C agenda, they have been working for the past 10 years on this island, they work up to 16 hours a day in all weathers and do not have time to lie on a sun bed! (is there any sun in February and October?)

The cats they neuter are operated on by registered Ibiza veterinary surgeons and the cost (although discounted) is not at all cheap!

Free accommodation is donated by people who support the charity and know that this helps to channel those costs into the programme.

I am not part of the C4C team but they have neutered over 40 feral’s for me, none of them were unwell when returned and all went on to lead a normal happy life

I would like to show my mutual appreciation to the network of people across the island who go out 365 days a year in all weathers to give aftercare to the colonies that have been returned, these cats are not just released and forgotten, they are monitored and looked after and between us all, we do a brilliant job!

In connection to Maggie’s letter (Issue 804) may I suggest that anyone in doubt over the C4C charity should check out their official website on www.care4catsibiza.com  and get the TRUE FACTS!

A small charity like C4C does not need bad press and it only takes one misinformed person to change people’s views overnight



Yes – They really do care4cats

I was disappointed to read the letter last week calling into question the dedication and purpose of a tiny hard-working charity that has served Ibiza for the last 15 years.

I felt someone needed to explain away the misconceptions the writer had. It was obvious she wasn’t speaking from experience or knowledge, I can do both.

I’ve hosted volunteers from the UK for the past 6 years and can attest that they certainly don’t come for sun and free accommodation. They start at 7am so they arrive with cats when the vets open at 10am. Then trap/return all day and finally hit the towns at night trapping/returning up to 3am. They work hard  and usually right up to their flight home. There’s no spare time.

They pay for their flights and give up their precious holiday entitlement. Most  have a huge affinity to Ibiza and want to help, it’s as simple as that.

The writer also seemed to think that the charity picks up cats willy nilly and this is far from the truth. Cats can only be neutered IF they’re signed for by someone; this proves they’re not ‘owned’. Volunteers have no choice and simply work on ‘jobs’ called in by Ibiza residents. So if the writer’s local cat population has decreased I’m afraid it’s down to her neighbours calling the charity and authorising the cats to be neutered.

*As a side note; care4cats are not the only people trapping cats on the island (many are not aware of that fact)

To further dispel any misconceptions;

  • there are no UK vets that come out. All work is done by Ibiza vet clinics.
  • The cats are returned to the place they are taken from. They would be distressed and vulnerable elsewhere.
  • No cat is ever put back unless it is fully recovered from the anesthetic.
  • All returned cats are left plenty of food and water.
  • Castrated and non-castrated cats do live together. Care4cats regularly return to neuter new arrivees in colonies. Forgive me, but it’s a silly suggestion to make.

Finally, the writer’s comment about Germany and experiments (!) doesn’t deserve a reply. It is insulting to German residents who work tirelessly on behalf of animals.

I’ve a suggestion for Maggie; Often the charity neuters ferals in danger and needs somewhere for them to live in safety. It’s a myth that neutered cats won’t hunt…so why not contact the charity and offer to host ferals to keep your rat problem under control? Thats a win – win!

In closing anyone has doubts google ‘trap, neuter, return’ (TNR) to see that this is the approved way of controlling feral populations, or ask to see their work in action. Maggie is more than welcome to spend a day with the volunteers staying with me now; though be prepared for long days, eating on the run and back breaking work….but it’s a great way to lose weight!


Jaki. San Jose.


Daily Mirror
Shocking Ibiza cannibal attack CCTV shows British DJ having face chewed by stranger “growling like wild animal”


Kenny McSween admitted “I thought I was going to die” after he was pounced on in the lobby of his apartment and horrifically beaten

This shocking CCTV captures the moment a British DJ was savagely beaten and bitten in the face at his Ibiza apartment block.

Terrified Kenny McSween was pounced on in the lobby and subjected to an horrific 20-minute attack in which a man pinned him down and gnawed his face.

The attack lasts so long that the attacker – thought to be a Spaniard – is seen taking his jacket off and wiping sweat from his forehead before carrying on the beating.

But when police arrived Kenny claims they handcuffed HIM – and let his attacker go.

Kenny, 38, says he still has “no idea” why the man launched his assault but claims police later told him he had mistaken the Brit for an intruder.

The DJ said: “I honestly thought he was going to kill me. I feel like I’ve gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

“My face swelled up like a balloon and I was dripping with blood from where he bit me.

“The sound of him biting me still haunts me – he was growling like a wild animal.

“I have no idea why he did it. The police told me later he suspected I didn’t live there.

“But he went well beyond any reasonable use of force to detain me. Once he started punching me he didn’t stop until the police arrived.”

Kenny has been DJing in Ibiza for two years and this season has played in SWAG in Playa de Bossa and Soul City Ibiza.

He is a well-known face on the island’s music scene along with his partner Sian Edwards, who are known as the ‘Ken and Barbie’ of Ibiza.

But his idyllic life was shattered on September 20 when he was set upon in the reception area of the Palmera Apartment complex in San Antonio where he lived.

CCTV captures the attack starting at 6.50am and records 10 minutes of violence before the pair wrestle off-screen, where the assault continues for another ten minutes before police arrive.

Kenny claims he was initially accosted by the man – who told him he was a police officer – on his way into the complex but managed to get away.

“He approached me at the entrance to my apartment,” said Kenny. “He asked me what I was doing there and I said I live here.

“At that point he said he was an officer and pushed me against the wall. I managed to get away.”

But when he returned 10 minutes later to find out why he was attacked, he claims he was hit with an ‘extendable kosh’ which he saw rolling on the floor seconds after he was set upon.

The footage shows Kenny frantically trying to defend himself as his attacker unleashes a barrage of punches to his face and body.

At one point, he even bites Kenny’s forehead, leaving him with a huge bloody gash that needed seven stitches.

After three minutes a woman, who appears to be with the attacker, enters the lobby and starts picking up Kenny’s belongings which have spilled on to the floor.

Kenny claims that when officers arrived on the scene he was handcuffed and kept on the floor.

“They wouldn’t even give me a glass of water,” he claimed.

Kenny was taken to the local hospital in San Antonio where he was given seven stiches, X-rayed and given pain relief.

According to Kenny his attacker was allowed to go free after giving officers his details, and has not been arrested or charged with any offence.

Kenny has spoken to the Guardia Civil, the Policia Nacional, and the local authorities, but has not yet received any information about the investigation.

He is so scared for his safety he has moved back to London.

“It’s got so bad that I’ve had to return to the UK because I genuinely feared for my life.”

A British Embassy spokesman said: “We were informed of an incident in Ibiza involving a British national by a family member of theirs.

“Our staff were unable to speak to the individual directly as no contact details were provided but we are ready to provide assistance, if requested.”

The attack comes a few weeks after it was reported British police visited the island resort to help the Guardia Civil deal with investigations where British holidaymakers are involved in crime, whether as victims or offenders.

Guardia Civil has been approached for a comment.


Media Circus in Town Again

News of Kenny Mcsween’s attack started landing on news feeds Tuesday 13th October. We have printed the first to be published by the Daily Mirror below. Despite it seeming to show evidence of Mcsween, or at least a person, suffering a savage beating, there was something about it that had our Spidey senses twitching in the Ibizan office.

We decided to reach out and seek any personal knowledge of the events, or the man himself—who is described in various of the news feeds as “a well-known face on the island’s music scene along with his partner Sian Edwards, who are known as the ‘Ken and Barbie’ of Ibiza.”

Opinion on public postings was divided, but we started to receive private messaging contacts that condemned Mcsween and various aspects of his Ibiza lifestyle and interactions.

We made contact with Kenny who offered top talk to us by telephone, but when we called him he said he needed to check with his media agency with whom it seems clear he has negotiated a contact to benefit financially from distribution of his story.

As we expected he then contacted us to say they had gagged him from any press contact, or at least until a ’major follow up story’ had been published on Thursday.

Setting aside some of the more serious accusations as to Mcsween’s activities on Ibiza—to publish them without giving him a right to reply would make us no better then the tabloids printing the mindless nonsense reflected on the cover of Wednesday’s Daily Star above—there is a repeating theme of his negative energy. Julian Cobby, manager of Soul City in San Antonio said “I know him, and he certainly was not a DJ at Soul City this summer as we didn’t let him in for many reasons. He rubs nearly every one he meets up the wrong way. All in all not surprised there is not a lot of love being shown.”

DJ Gary ‘Policy’ Sovereign said “I did not agree with his negative energy and outlook on the island. He lists places that he was a dj at but failed to mention that he was no longer welcome in all 3 of the clubs he claims residency at.”

Looking at his facebook profile and pictures—I mean come on—I had formed a pretty negative impression too. He came over OK on the telephone, and for now we shall give a benefit of the doubt that he is totally out of his depth Dancing with the Devil that is tabloid journalism.

Then again, if he is earning his 30 pieces of silver resulting from the story, sympathy reduces.

We will post more as we get it following the ‘major second story’ online Thursday.



Alexander McQueen

So, it’s now Paris Fashion Week.

London was enough for me, I don’t know how some bloggers travel to all four cities to cover fashion month, but one Paris show I would love to have seen is Alexander McQueen.

Designer Sarah Burton’s show for McQueen closed the day in Paris this week. The designer was inspired by the Spitalfields weavers of the late 17th century, Huguenot migrants who arrived in London as religious refugees. Burton commented backstage: ‘They came with their weaving, their incredible talent and their love of flowers’.

It’s a clever reference from a house that prides itself in upholding values of hand craftsmanship and drawing on British history. As for the clothes, they were softer and more unashamedly romantic than any the catwalk has seen to date. Lee would be proud.

With fresh faces and undone hair, models walked on raw floorboards in pale washed leathers and jacquards with gently frayed edges, most exquisitely conceived ruffled chiffon and fine lace.  Almost all of it is embroidered, printed, hand-painted and jewelled with everything from fragile blossom to brighter and bolder blooms.

Britannia rules, even in Paris.


American Apparel Goes Bust

American Apparel is (comfortably) one of my favourite brands, especially when I’m in America. In fact, they have been so successful that you can find them on many high streets in the UK. I love the simplicity of the sports luxe clothing and accessories, and the last time I visited their store at St Pancras station, I spent a fortune. So I was saddened to hear they have been declared bankrupt.

American Apparel has become known as much for its controversial former chairman Dov Charney as for its sports luxe fashion.now the high street store has filed for chapter 11-bankruptcy protection in the US.

The company has failed to turn a profit since 2009 and with sales dropping 17% in the second quarter of this year it has now reached a restructuring deal. 95% of its lenders have agreed to reduce its debts. They will write off $200 million (£131.5 million) of bonds in exchange for equity in the company.

Founded by Charney, the company first made a name for itself in the early ’90s with its ‘Made in the USA’ policy and high wages for staff. But Charney’s reputation overtook that of the brand’s ethical credentials.

Over-sexualised ad campaigns were followed by numerous charges of misconduct and several sexual harassments lawsuits against Charney by staff. The board of the company fired him as chairman in June 2014, and then sacked him as chief executive that December. The cost of defending the brand against lawsuits filed against Charney became a rising factor in the company’s losses.

The high street chain now hopes to embark on a new era, with Chief executive Paula Schneider saying: ‘This restructuring will enable American Apparel to become a stronger, more vibrant company.’

I wonder if they’ll have a mega ‘sale’ after all this drama. If so, I’m there.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog



Fashionable Footwear

Sophia V.

The nights are getting colder in Ibiza, and the days cloudier. And when it rains, sometimes it absolutely pours. Boots are always fashionable, and there are so many different styles to choose from. Who would have ever thought that wellies could be fashionable, and worn to look good, rather than at a muddy music festival? But there are some great designs. Below are what’s hot in boots at the moment, for those rainy days, and chilly nights.

The Rain Boot

These boots are made of rubber, and come up to just below the knee, or come as an ankle boot. They come in a variety of different colours, and designs. Michael Kors do some absolutely stunning wellies, in black, with an MK buckle across. Tommy Hilfiger also sell some nice designs, however these style of boots can also be found on the high-street, and look just as good. Some have studs on, and suede material. Wellies can look great with leggings and jeans.

Heeled Wellies

These are plastic heeled ankle boots that not only look good but are perfect for wet days, and can be worn with absolutely anything, whether it be shorts, or jeans.

Biker Boots

These are my favourite. These can be leather, or faux leather. They come in so many different styles, whether they’re covered in studs, patterns, designs, heeled or not. My fave are boots with silver or gold studs on, giving them that bit of edge. These again can be worn with almost anything.

Thigh High Boots

These are flat suede or leather boots that reach the thigh. These look great worn over jeans or leggings. They’re extremely comfy, and create the illusion of longer legs. They can also come with a heel too.


These are boots made from sheepskin and popular in places where it snows. These are probably the most comfortable footwear ever.

Cowboy Boots

Believe it or not, some of these styles look fab with jeans, leggings and skirts. They come mainly in black, brown and white, either plain or patterned.

Doctor Martins

Wearing these with jeans, or leggings give that casual cool look, with the comfort added. These come in so many different colours: Black, white, red, green and more.


At Night

We’re delighted for our friend and loyal supporter Alex Ryan following news of him signing to the same stable as such Trance luminaries as Ferry Corsten and Aly & Fila. Alex is the head honcho behind the Connect boat parties and club nights at Privilege, having formed a new partnership with Dutchman  Dimitri De Wit for a fresh start after several years running Driftwood and Sunk. It has been quite a year for Alex—a great example for any young and hungry DJs out there—you need the talent of course, but  Alex adds a relentless work ethic that will serve him and his brand well. Speaking of the signing he said “I’m absolutely delighted that I have been signed toSeven Managementthe likes of Ferry Corsten, Aly & Fila, Marco V, Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Gabriel & Dresden, Mark Sherry, Orkidea, Sied Van Riel + many more! Words can not describe what this means to me, dream come true!!!! Huge thank you tovan der Waerdenbringing me onboard, so happy to be part of the team!“


An Ibizan Night Out

Stan Farrow

Stuck in an office slaving over a laptop which is pumping out the neck sweat heat of a medium volcano, think of the mildly warm Sangay in Ecuador for reference, is always par for the course at The Ibizan during the summer months. Fortunately the laptop has slowly cooled down along with the October weather. Enough to stop Photoshop crashing every 3.46 minutes anyway, which means we can be more efficient and which means that we can all go out and have a bit of fun before 90% of the island gets packed away for the winter.

So it’s Friday night and I’m starting at the closing of Café Mambo and then off to Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes with whatever happens in the middle. It only seems right that I should get to the sunset strip before the sunset to witness another glorious performance from the yellow ball in the sky but, as per usual, I balls it up and arrive in the dark. As I’m walking along the passeo I reminisce over the Four Tet remix of Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’ confusing the crowd at Amnesia closing, when Maceo Plex played it at 11 in the morning. The tune doesn’t follow the typical ‘drop’ formula prevalent in the majority of current club tracks, and instead has a 4 minute odd break-down that the masses couldn’t compute. It was hilarious to watch at least 3 attempts by the crowd to drop-down only to rise up as the beat kicks back in – which of course it never did.

Anyway, Ants resident Uner is headlining the closing tonight and he’s playing that same tune as I arrive and witness the same scenes of bewilderment. Then he goes back to what he does best and starts banging out the minimal. The crowd are certainly up for it tonight, but it isn’t until long-time residents Jason Bye and Andy Baxter hit the decks that they really let loose. They’re playing back to back and outdoing each other with a great selection of tunes from the past 20 odd years. By now I’ve met up with some old buddies and we’re treated to funky American garage, tribal funk and feel good piano tracks that get hips a wiggling and smiles a cracking. A few drinks in and it’s decided that we’d better head to Pikes for Carwash via a few bars. So it’s off to Fish for a quick shot with Jock, followed by Stereo for a quick shot with Danny Barry, followed by a somewhat odd Spanish Jamiroquai tribute band by the fountains, followed by Linekers for a long drink and more shots.

I’m fairly warmed up by now and, with reticence, leave the guys at Linekers to get a cab to Pikes before they close. Luckily I headed out way earlier than my usual efforts, so the 4am in my brain translates to 2am in real life and I get to the hotel in plenty of time for the ensuing shenanigans. It’s Carwash closing tonight and, with Nigel and Steve behind the decks playing a selection of disco and classics, it’s a roadblock. Before I know it, I’ve met up with people I haven’t seen since May and have a large wig on my bonce as I attempt to throw some shapes on the dancefloor and impress the ladies around me. In no time at all 4 hours have gone by, my legs have gone wobbly and I’m grabbing a slice of pizza by the fountains before I stagger home to bed. I’ve caught up with loads of people, danced like a geriatric giraffe and impressed absolutely no ladies at all. A typical night out in Ibiza and proof that the island isn’t as dead as some chaps may think in October, although I may as well be for the whole of the next day as I languish in my pit.




Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Nine Try For The, Argentina

  • Rugby Union World Cup Reaches Quarter Finals

and at the World Cup after England’s demise, it was left to the other home countries to fly the Union Jack, both of whom made the Quarter Finals. Scotland, only just, after their squeaky 36-33 win over Samoa (told you that one wouldn’t be a w/over!) to pip Japan to 2nd spot in Pool B and who will now face Australia this weekend due to the Wallabies attritional 15-6 win over Wales to grab top spot in Pool A. As for the men from Harlech, as runners-up in Pool A, at the expense of the Red Rose, they now face South Africa, winners of Pool B. Elsewhere, Ireland took on France at the Millenium on Sunday, and despite losing two of their leaders in captain O’Connell and fly-half Sexstone to injury, showed real character to win and top Pool D and now face Argentina, runners-up in Pool C, who warmed up with a 9 try demolition of Namibia. Poor old France never got their flair game going and as a consequence will now face tournament favourites New Zealand but if any team can beat the All Blacks it would be France, NZ’s bogey team, just remember bygone World Cups! So good luck to the home countries but, unfortunately, I can see the semis being South Africa/New Zealand and Australia/Ireland and no prediction, even at this stage, for the Final on October 31 at Twickenham. In the meantime and just to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, England went out with a decent win, 60-3, against minnows Uruguay with the final thought being, had Robshaw gone for that penalty at goal instead of the corner and England had drawn (mind you, big if there!) with Wales, t’would be England facing South Africa! However, even so, I still would have gone with his decision to try and go for the win, but hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Rugby League

  • Warriors fail to stop charge of the Rhinos

and as predicted what a cracker of a Super League Grand Final at OT between the league winners Leeds and runners-up Wigan with the Rhinos pipping the Warriors by just 2 points in a 22-20 win to finish the season with the fabled Treble having already won the Shield and the Cup. Also, what a fabulous send-off for two of Leeds and indeed, English Rugby league’s superstars, Kevin Sinfield and Jamie Peacock, with the former converting Leeds final try to win.


now, and altho’ the English domestic season is all over, England’s winter tours are just starting with Cook’s boys in the UAE for the First Test against Pakistan which started on Tuesday. After their Ashes win, England are looking to avenge the last time they were there when, as World No 1, they were humiliated with a 3-0 whitewash so good luck to them in the sands!


  • Key to Masters Door for Matt at only 21

and what a great w/end for a young, just 21 year old English player, Matt Fitzpatrick, who won his first European tour title at the British Masters at Woburn, with a superb performance over the 4 days, culminating in a 2-stroke win. Considering that he was 2 shots behind the leaders with only 8 holes to play on the final day, he showed real character and temperament to win and what a great achievement, as he joined those superstar legends Seve, Sir Nick, Jaclin and Norman on the winners roll as well as beating some of the current and established European stars such as the tournament host Poulter, Westwood and Donald.


Great news for British football as it’s the first time for many a year that 3 of the 4 home countries will attend a major international tournament, as well as, hopefully, Eire, so well done to all and commiserations to our tartan brothers! Good news for Euro holders Spain and World Champions Germany as they joined the evergrowing list of qualified teams, now including Italy, Iceland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal and incredibly, Albania.

Back to the Premier League this w/end and bad news for Manchester City after the Euros, as both Silva and Aguero will be out for at least 3, but possibly more, weeks (heh,heh!) and t’will be interesting to see how Herrr Klopp gets on in his first match as manager of Liverpool, let alone the Premier as he takes his team to the cauldron of the Lane and Tottenham. Also, interesting to see how Big Sam (Allardyce), he as ex-manager of too many teams to mention, gets on as he makes his debut for winless Sunderland at great mate Tony Pulis’ West Bromwich as well as Jose and his misfiring Chelsea outfit against under-fire Sherwood and his Aston Villa team at the Bridge, especially after all his first 11 with the exception of JT were involved in the Euros.

On that note, good luck to them all and until next week………………….Jezza

Euro 2016

  • Wales and Northern Ireland join England in Finals

Wales secured qualification to the European finals despite losing 2-0 in Bosnia. With one match to go they could still end up group winners as they are only 2 points behind leaders Belgium. Northern Ireland’s  1-1 draw in Finland was enough to finish an incredible run as group winners. Scotland’s 2-2 draw in their all important match with Poland was not enough, despite winning 6-0 away at Gibraltar, they missed out by 2 points. Eire beat world champions Germany in Dublin 1-0 but then lost in Poland 2-1, that man Lewandowski again making it 15 goals in 6 consecutive matches for club and country. Ireland’s qualification relies on winning the play-off match earned as a result of Scotland’s draw.

Russian GP

Rhian Gibbs

Russian Front Leaves Hamilton Poised For Texas Title

  • Hamilton wins in Sochi
  • Mercedes win Constructors title

The weekend has been shrouded with crashes in Russia, from Sainz in qualifying to 4 others in GP2/3 races – fortunately no drivers were injured however the safety of the Techpro barriers has come into question.

Rosberg sits on pole with Hamilton by his side, both get a good getaway and Hamilton looks strong but the German held the lead. A safety car in lap one was the result of a spin from Hulkenberg taking out the Sauber of Ericsson – both retired and Verstappen picked up a puncture.

With the safety car in Rosberg reported problems with his throttle and by lap seven he was retiring his silver arrow and leaving Hamilton with the lead. But the drama didn’t end there.

The safety car was back out on track lap twelve following Grosjean losing control on the marbles and smashing into the barriers – the Frenchman walked away fortunately. Some cars pitted and this would work for Force India’s Perez later in the race.

The race resumed lap sixteen with Hamilton speeding away to take his 42nd title by 6 seconds. Vettel’s Ferrari held on well but couldn’t catch the Brit and took home 2nd moving into second the driver championship.

The battle for third was an epic one with Red Bull, Force India, Ferrari and Williams all in with a shot. Ricciardo was forced to retire with suspected suspension issues lap 47 leaving three in the battle. It was the penultimate lap that decided the final podium spot with Perez losing third place to Bottas and Raikkonen due to tyre degradation, but Raikkonen then tried to overtake Bottas and took both cars out of the running, Raikkonen managed to take his battered Ferrari home 5th and Bottas is classified 12th – Bottas on the radio “what the f**k did he do”. Raikkonen takes an after race time penalty for causing a collision, his final standing is 8th and handed the Constructors title to Mercedes. Perez for Force India takes 3rd and the final podium spot as a result.

Massa was 4th with a strong drive for Williams and Kvyat for Red Bull took 6th on his home ground though promoted to 5th by Raikkonen. Sauber gained vital points with Nasr 7th (promoted to 6th) and Lotus joined them with Maldonado finishing 8th (promoted to 7th) – no real incidents from him.

McLaren got both cars across the finish line and in the points with Button 9th and Alonso 10th. However another after race penalty handed to Alonso means that he finishes 11th and Verstappen although 11th across the line for Toro Rosso takes 10th  in the standings.

The Marussia’s finished the race 13th and 14th with Merhi just ahead of his teammate Stevens.

Sainz for Toro Rosso drove spectacularly after being released from hospital the same morning and driving from the back of the grid, he was running in the points but retired lap 47 with brake issues.

Hamilton is 66 points clear of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, and 73 ahead of Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, who retired early from the race in Sochi.

With a maximum of 100 points available over the remaining four races in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi, the size of the task facing Hamilton’s pursuers is clear.

If Hamilton wins in Austin, Texas, on 25 October, Vettel needs to finish second to keep the championship alive. Rosberg has to beat Hamilton to have any hope of even  the slenderest of interests in this season’s title race.

  • Next race, Austin Texas 24th October


The Guide …




Will Prices Turn Corner?
  • September figures show smallest decline since 2008.

While demand for property in Spain has been rising, it is interesting to know that annual house prices are still falling—but only just. Indications are that we may be reaching the end of the downward trend following publication of property web portal idealista’s latest statistics showing  September as having registered the smallest decline in annual property prices since 2008.

The newly released figures show that last month average house prices in Spain were 0.4% less expensive than they were in September 2014. Each year since March 2008, when the annual drop registered 0.3%, the year-upon-year difference has been much greater.

Prices on thecoastreduced the most, at -3.1%, but on the Islands (+0.7%) and other municipalities (+0.6%) they either remained the same or went up slightly. In Spain’s metropolitan areas, prices fell 0.6% and in the capital and big cities, they dropped by 0.4%.

It is apparent that property prices aretowards stabilizationafter years of continual decent.

Since house prices reached their maximum in 2008, some areas have seen them drop by as much as 49%.

The worst-affected areas for the fall in house prices has been the Mediterranean coast (-48.9%), followed by Madrid and the large cities (-45.1%) and metropolitan areas (-44.4%).

Our own Balearic Islands have actually faired relatively well compared to the rest of Spain. Though still a big reduction on 2008 peak prices, the Balearic and Canary Islands drop of -31.6% is the lowest drop nationally. To put it in context a 300,000€ house on the mainland coast would have dropped to 153,000€, whereas its Balearic equivalent would have reduced to 205,000€ – a difference of 52,000€.

When looking at the annual variation between September 2014 and 2015, the rest of municipalities have seen the greatest drop in prices, at -3.9%. This is in comparison to the Mediterranean coast where they have gone up 1.2% over the course of the last 9 months. Madrid and other large cities have also experienced an increase in house prices but only by 0.2%.


Apartment for Sale

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