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Good Press!

San Antonio has been left reeling today following the shock publication of positive publicity promoting the much maligned municipality’s virtues as both an important and relevant holiday destination with a bright and optimistic future.

The report, entitled ‘in Praise of San Antonio’ has been published by global music magazine Mixmag, who have themselves come under some criticism for their less than positive profiling of Ibiza in the past year.

Their redemption review refers to San Antonio’s importance to the history of the rave culture on which so much of the Island’s economic wealth is founded.

The article covers topics from beaches to bars, workers to heroes, but all in a language of positivity local folk have forgotten, at best holding forlorn hope of a Nicky-Hollo-way back from their collective Amnesia.

Entrepreneur and founder of Ibiza Rocks Andy McKay is quoted conveying his own passion and belief as a fan of San An. “Ibiza is an ecosystem and to me the foundation of that ecosystem is youth. San Antonio is and always should be the entry portal to the island. It is the vital organ that the island must keep healthy. Twenty somethings make the future they are the disrupters. Without this market the island’s entertainment industry will shrivel as the next big thing will happen elsewhere.”

In Praise of San Antonio, Amen to that.





Thursday 8th to Wednesday 15th October 2015

ARIES – Four of Swords

This week take time for some reflection and rest.  If you’ve been overdoing it, you need to take it easy.   You may not feel like connecting with others anyway; preferring your own company.  This will also allow you to unravel jumbled and chaotic thoughts.  Your mind has been working overtime and it’s possible that any stress is related to this.

TAURUS – Seven of Pentacles

You’ve planted the seeds for a new lifestyle and all you have to do is be patient while plans are germinating.   If you’re the creative type, now’s the time to get cracking on an important project as you’ll be inspired to create masterpieces!  For other more practical Taureans, you can confidently invest in a new venture; it will pay off.

GEMINI – Knight of Swords

You may be challenged to stand up for your principles or to take on those who seek to question your motives.  At times you may feel that you’re lying on a bed of nails; others around you can be so prickly! If a cool understanding approach doesn’t work, think creatively outside the box and stun associates with your inventive thinking.

CANCER – The Queen of Wands

Take time to study; acquire knowledge or work on self-improvement.   Itemise what makes you happy and what doesn’t.  Be less concerned with what’s going on in other people’s lives.  Fire sign women, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries make good friends or allies as they spur you on to greater things. Their innate courage and daring do inspire you to be bold.

LEO – The Moon

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; should be your mantra this week. This applies to the illusions you’ve been hanging on to within yourself as well as what you have been fed by others. Don’t give your power away. Let your intuition be your guide and don’t doubt it this week; it whispers your truth.

VIRGO – Justice

Life’s taking you in new directions.  However, not everyone will be happy with the choice’s you’re making; you and you alone, should be the judge of that.  This week you’re able to see both sides of a sensitive situation and you may be asked to mediate; offer wise but kind advice.  If you work as a writer, you’re truly inspired!

LIBRA – Strength

You’re able to show others just how strong and resilient you are, especially if the going gets tough this week.  Whatever presents you with a challenge is easily dealt with and you are an inspiration to friends, family or colleagues when it comes to dealing with obstacles.  Stand your ground, but do so with dignity.  Resist the urge for revenge.

SCORPIO – Two of Disks

Watch spending this week Scorpio, otherwise you’ll regret that impulse purchase next!  This card warns you to be prudent in finances and not fritter it away.  There may be an unexpected bill to pay or an expenditure you’d not bargained for.  If you need a loan you’ll have to bargain hard for it and you may not like the terms.

SAGITTARIUS – King of Wands

The element of fire associated with this card promises a week of increased energy and creative ideas a plenty.  You’re also able to take these ideas and convert them into something more tangible.  This signals a highly productive time ahead.  Fire sign men, fellow Sagittarians, or Aries and Leo are your best allies in business and in love.

CAPRICORN – The Wheel of Fortune

A change in your fortunes is indicted by 10th card in the TAROT. Much depends on your Karma as to whether the change is for the better this week or if you’re in for a bumpy ride. If you’ve thought about yourself; then success will be short lived. If however, you’ve been generous and sharing, expect changes for the better.

AQUARIUS – The Tower

A week of unexpected happenings and, upheavals; where nothing seems to go according to plan.  Be careful and pay attention when driving and make sure buildings or structures you’re working on are safe.   The lightening depicted on The Tower however helps us to see unstable situations clearly and react accordingly.  Focus on health, diet and exercise to counterbalance external disturbances.

PISCES – Eight of Swords

You feel a little ‘off’ and are likely to be overwhelmed by deadlines or the demands of others; you feel like running for the hills!  Stop struggling with impulse to have a couple of duvet days.  You need this to restore your equilibrium; others will just have to get on with it.  Next week you’ll be back in the game.


Aladin – The Musical
  • Sant Josep

This autumn of 2015,  director Marcos Penschow and his  Sa Vinya team are staging their most ambitious musical yet, with huge production and the best performers and dancers on the island.

Marcos Penschow has directed other musicals with great success, first bringing Grease to our stages and thereafter two more musicals of his own creation.

To broaden his knowledge of musicals, Marcos Penschow went to  New York last year to experience the Broadway premiere of the musical Aladdin. He was blown away by the best musical he had ever seen and felt he had to bring it to the Ibizan audience in the Autumn. The musical will be staged over 2 weekends,  24/25 October and 7/8 November, and there will be one or two performances per day depending on demand. The decoration and costumes are ready  and dancers, singers and actors have been rehearsing since the beginning of September. In the show the audience will feel transported to the old Agrabah where the story takes place in the  Sultan’s Palace, the Arab Market and the Treasure Cave. Penschow’s cast is made up of artists from his previous musicals and as well as  some new performers.

The performances will take place at Sa Vinya, which is an old restaurant which has been refurbished into a 300 seat theatre. You can find it at km10 on the Ibiza to Sant Josep road. Entry is 15 euros for kids and 18 euros for adults.


Beach Party!
  • Cala LLonga

It’s been an absolutely amazingly successful year for the Viva Cala Llonga Team and Asociacion de Vecinos. The weekly Hippy Market has gone from strength to strength. The events have done exactly what they were intended to do, bringing street and beach entertainment to locals, tourists and giving All Inclusive holiday makers the incentive to come out of their hotels to enjoy what the village has to offer. Now that the season is drawing to a close it’s time to think about slowing down a little, however there’s still time for one last party. On Sunday 11th October they are holding a Beach Party starting at 1.30pm with live music from “Mr” Frankie Riley, freshly cooked food available with a choice of either Chicken Curry, Beef Chilli or a vegetarian option at just 10euros per person. (Tickets available on the day). There’s nothing quite so evocative as dancing on a beach so we hope you’ll come and join us. The Viva Cala Llonga Team.




  • Santa Eulalia

Fri 9th, Sat 10th, Sun 11th Oct 18-30hrs.

Rikki – A musician who gave up everything for her dream of rock-and-roll stardom returns home, looking to make things right with her family. Stars: Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Mamie Gummer. There are no cinema showings next week.


  • Formentera

This weekend from the 9th until the 11th October, eight top quality restaurants are participating in a gourmet experience where you can get a top nosh feast for only 20 euros per head.  Check out the poster for more information and for numbers which to phone for reservations.


Pikes Winter Parties
  • San Antonio

The island might be winding down for the winter, but at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes they’re gearing up for a new season of parties and events.

Carwash – Fri Oct 9

The infamous Carwash duo, Nigel Atkin and Steve Altman will be back on the decks for their 2015 summer closing party with special guests Andy Bailey, Scott Gray and Andy Wilson. A night of guaranteed, ridiculously debaucherous fun to end the season with a bang! Carwash Ibiza always promises a unique retro-glam party experience with the crowd dressed in stylish 70s retro disco glamour, grooving to the coolest classic and nu disco, laced with funk and soul.

Idris Elba – Sat Oct 24

The Saturday night Ibiza Rocks House Party resumes with Idris Elba and friends on the decks on October 24. Each Saturday until Boxing Day, dinner will be served from 8pm whilst Paco Fernandez will perform live with his band. Afterwards the party will move indoors where the much-loved cast of characters of the House will come together with family, friends, island royalty and special guests to fill the winter months with more unforgettable memories. Party-harders will have the chance to book a room (breakfast included) so your head can hit the pillow as soon as your feet leave the dancefloor!


Sunday afternoons continue with Mark & Sarah Broadbent and Andy Livesey and friends providing the music whilst the famous Sunday Roast is served from 1-6pm. The feel-good family vibe will warm up winter every Sunday until December 27 and will restart in March 2016.

Halloween – Sat Oct 31

Vamp returns to Ibiza Rocks House for another Halloween extravaganza. Saturday 31st October is the devilish date for the diary with a monster line up of DJs, live entertainment (from dead rockstars), killer karaoke and cauldrons full of spooky surprises from 9pm. With the freaky fun spread out across the hotel and its grounds, it will be transformed into a pretty/ugly unforgettable Halloween experience. Fancy dress costume is obligatory.

New Years – Thur Dec 31

The New Years Eve party will be one of the places to be on the island on Thursday December 31, when corks will pop, drinks will flow and fireworks will fill the sky. More details shortly.


Art attack

Students enrolled in a painting course taught by Philip Rubinov Jacobson are creating a large work of art on Passeig de ses Fonts de Sant Antoni as part of the October Festival.

The outdoor art will begin on Saturday and will see the students of Jacobson’s ‘hyperrealistic’ painting course, taught at the Centro Cultural Cervantes, express their creativity with acrylic on wood. On the day before, an exhibition will open in the Far de ses Coves Blanques gallery, showcasing a collection of works by the artists.

The exhibition is open until October 24th, from Tuesday through to Saturday from 6pm to 8.30pm.


October Festival ‘15
  • Sant Antoni

This weekend sees the yearly October Festival held in Sant Antoni which celebrates the end of the summer season with music and culture from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

There will live music at five outdoor stages, located in the town of Sant Antoni and on the beach with the sunset as a backdrop. Highlights will include tribute bands for Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jamiroquai on Friday, and a tribute to the soundtracks of Quentin Tarantino on Saturday.

During the four days of the festival, the town and most of it’s bars are transformed and adorned with musical decoration of this period. The music of the 60s, 70s and 80s is the theme of the festival but also the event has activities for everyone, be it cultural, sporting, gastronomic or for the kids. Be sure to dress up!



Food & Drink

Mint Lounge

It’s October and the summer is pretty much over for another year. The days are still blissful, but the nights are getting a little chilly and my cherished fleece hoody has been rescued from the back of the wardrobe, gone into the washing machine and then onto my torso for when I need to meander up to the Sunset Strip. There are two reasons why I would make the trip – the sunsets are incredible in October and Mint Lounge is introducing its phenomenal autumn daily menu deal.

The strip is a far cry from the excesses of August. There’s approximately 13.56% of the sunset watching crowd that wandering the area in the busiest month, which is much more enjoyable in terms of being able to move around and find somewhere to plonk down. With Mambo marking another successful season with their closing party on Friday, the strip may drop down to 3.72% of the August figures after the weekend but never fear. Those lucky people who are in Ibiza and want somewhere to enjoy the sunset while sipping a cocktail and gorging on good food can always find a welcome spot at Mint Lounge, which is open until November.

To get your tastebuds in the mood for what’s coming, check out these beautiful dishes from the early season Mint Lounge meal deal. We’re expecting more of the same in the October offerings and will look forward to reporting back in a full review next week …


Mint Moments in May

Some of our favourites from the early season menu. Expect more of the same in Mint’s own October-food-fest ..

Esqueixada Salad

Definitely a contender for dish of the menu. Described as shredded cod, peppers, olives, greens and red onion the menu did not mention the fantastic Sicilian patterini (sure that’s not correct spelling—all I can be sure of is they werenot the famous Sicilian pochino) tomatoes that were new to me. Wonderful taste and they were served in a sticky marmalade salsa—an epic combination.

Pizza of the Day

A glance at the pizza and you’ll see this is not a second best choice at Mint. Today’s was ricotta and spinach complete with an egg fried into the centre. I’ve always wondered how they do that—blowtorch apparently.

Tuna Tataki

Best till last? In my case yes. Love it, just love it. Served with an Italian twist in the form of an olive tapenade and some more of those superb pop in the mouth green peppercorns.


Gastro Days

A total of 43 restaurants in Ibiza are participating in the 4th edition of Gastro Days. The culinary festival will be hitting your plates from October 8th  to November 8th, showcasing the best in Ibizan gastronomy at affordable prices.

Visitors and island residents will have the chance to try the flavours of Ibiza using only the best seasonal produce. Sample the traditional peasant bread with olive oil, family dishes such as bullit de peix, desserts like flaó, and drinks such as local wine and Ibizan herbias.

The cost is just 20 euros for a menu meal at participating restaurants (wine not included) and tapas is only 5 euros.

Furthermore, as part of this edition of Gastro Days, a visit to two oil mills has been organised for people who wish to try the different olive oil brands produced in Ibiza. Visits will take place on October 17th and 24th.

Reservation is required for the mill tours at:


Find out more about the festival at



Food & Drink





The Ministry of Environment has fined Heineken 7,410 euros for placing a giant screen in the sea at s’Estanyol, which was used to show the final of the Champions League on June 6th.

The occupation of the public area has been defined as a breach of Article 91 a) of Law 22/1988 and the fine has been now been issued after the Guardia Civil originally filed a complaint in June and disciplinary proceedings started on August 20th.

According to the Guardia Civil report, the organizers placed a screen of 6×3 metres in the sea, ignoring the dangers of electrocution. They also installed two more screens, one of which was placed in the Pekados bar which had already been closed by the City of Santa Eulària for previous infractions. The organizers also put three lines of chairs, guest chairs and tables and sofas on the beach, and of course the ubiquitous VIP area within the closed bar. The report also highlights other unauthorized shenanigans, such as placing banner ads on the bar, installing offshore platforms for mounting the giant television screen and the presence of gas heaters. There were also complaints from several people that the security services did not allow them access to the public beach.


Upgrading Heritage

The president of the Ibiza Council, Vicente Torres has put into motion the activation of statutory funds blocked since 2011, which are assigned to the reform and upgrading of the fairgrounds (400,000 euros) and the Sant Rafel Hippodrome (800,000 euros). The president has visited the facilities accompanied by Marta Diaz and Juan Gonzalo, directors of the public company that manages Fairs and Congresses of Ibiza (FECOEV) to enable the development of projects. In the case of the fairgrounds, technical services have already started preparing a renovation and expansion project, whilst a study will be conducted on the Hippodrome to ascertain how best to allocate the funds.

Vicente Torres has announced that work on the fairgrounds will be undertaken during 2016, although the timing will be decided during the final bidding of the works, in order to avoid clashes with events held at the venue. The renovation and expansion will include the construction of an event room with capacity for 300 people, which will offer auditorium facilities and views inside the enclosure.


Cream of the crops

The Formentera Council started an initiative six months ago to undertake a census of unused agricultural land with the aim of growing new crops through the management of the Co-operative des Camp.

A total of 46 landowners have now given 105 hectares spread over 68 parcels to the co-operative group which will farm mostly wheat and barley. The benefits to the island are two-fold in that local products will now be grown on land that was previously wasted, and the co-operative will maintain and improve the land through their work.

The major growing areas are located in La Mola and Cap de Barbaria and the co-operative is also awaiting the approval of the Balearic Government to provide 12 hectares of public land in Can Marroig which will be used for the cultivation of cereals.


Summer Rentals to be Penalized

The Balearic Minister of Planning, Energy and Mobility, Joan Boned, has announced that the government will penalize owners who only lease housing in the summer months. Boned explained that in Ibiza there are many buildings in the hands of financial institutions which are closed eight or nine months a year. He said that this is not permissible as supply does not meet demand in the off-season and noted that this problem is particularly acute in Ibiza and Formentera.

“We propose to give tax incentives and to either tax or penalize owners. We will see which one is the best formula or perhaps we can combine both,” said Boned. The Minister will also announce an agreement in October which will allow the Balearic Institute of Housing (IBAVI) to provide 70 to 100 homes throughout the islands to be used for social housing.

The goal is to make sure that households are not forced to spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing. The island’s Minister of Environment and Housing, Miquel Vericad, explained that in Spain and especially in Ibiza, the majority of households currently spend more than 30% of their salary on rent, and some spend up to as much as 70% of their earnings.

In addition, the Council and the Government have agreed to create the Office of Housing of Ibiza, which will serve citizens regarding evictions, leases and will also become the focal point for IBAVI in Ibiza. The location and the exact services to be provided will be announced in late October with the hope to have the office fully operational in November.


Talamanca Green Flag

Ibiza City Council has decided to reopen Talamanca beach after receiving the preliminary results of the latest analysis of the water. Talamanca has suffered all season from constant breakages in the sewages pipes and yet again suffered another breakage last week which caused the beach to be closed for 7 days. According to the latest results, microbiological levels have returned to normal and there is no contamination by fecal bacteria, so it has been decided to raise the green flag and allow bathers to swim in the bay.


Ibiza Fashion

The Ibiza Council has announced a fashion competition for the creation of staff uniforms to be worn by those working in the island’s tourist offices. The competition will take place on 9th June 2016, the day before the next edition of the Adlib fashion show on 10th June 2016, and is open to all designers involved with Adlib. The designers will need to propose a uniform for both men and women costing less than 200 euro per outfit, with the winner receiving a 2,000 euro prize.

The initiative, as explained by the Insular Director of Tourism, allows the promotion of tourism on the island through fashion as well as providing the staff with snazzy new uniforms. The designs are expected to be approved within a few days after the announcement of the winner, and should be on torsos by July.


Taxi Convoy Protests Against Piratas

A convoy of taxis toured the streets of Ibiza Town and then gathered in front of the headquarters of the Council, where they demanded solutions to the problem of illegal transportation and chanted slogans against pirate taxis. The protest passed without incident between 10.15am and 12.15pm.

The self-proclaimed representative of industry professionals, a member of Corsaris d’Eivissa who insists on anonymity for fear of possible reprisals, had a conversation with the president of the Council, Vicente Torres, who met the protesters accompanied by the Councillor for Mobility, Environment and Interior, Pepa Marí.

“We will try to lay the foundations for solving this problem from now,” said the president. He said inspections have increased and there has been improved collaboration with the police. The spokesman and Torres agreed to cooperate to combat the illegal transport. “We are concerned about the service we provide to our visitors,” concluded the president.

The drivers are obviously concerned about their livelihoods being affected, but also mentioned that the pirate taxis do not have liability insurance, often carry knives and do not know the island.




Fibre Optic Ibiza
  • Santa Eulalia

The installation of fibre optics continues to spread around the island and has now reached Ibiza’s third largest city of Santa Eulària as a team of workers were seen laying wires in the main high street this week. The landlines in the municipality will be configured at a later date, although the groundwork is already being placed.

Fibre optics cables have already been installed and set-up through the telephone network in Ibiza Town and there are further plans to invest a total of 14 million euros to bring this technology to landlines in Sant Josep, Sant Antoni and Santa Eulària, reaching a total of 60,000 homes and businesses on the island.


Ibiza Town PRs Banned
  • Ibiza Town

Ibiza City Council has decided to ban dynamic advertising agents, popularly known as ‘ticketeros’, in the port after finding repeated violations of the ordinance regulating this activity. Some of the establishments in the area blatantly exceeded the amount of PRs allowed for their businesses and overwhelmed residents and tourists, who were forced to avoid passing through the port areas.

This decision resulted from a meeting held this week, in which the mayor, Rafael Ruiz, with councillors responsible for the Commerce and Tourism evaluate the season and discuss what can be done to improve for the next summer. The Federation of Traders for the port welcomes the decision. “We received many complaints about the inconvenience of public relations. We would have liked the restaurants and bars to notice that breaching the ordinance was unwise, but there has been no common sense.”


Tunnel Cracks
  • San José

The heavy rain experienced in Ibiza last Friday has lifted the pavement and caused a crack at the exit to the tunnel on the airport road, which has caused the road to be closed whilst repairs are underway.

During the weekend a concrete slab was placed on the crack on a provisional basis to reopen the lane to traffic, but on Monday the temporary patch was removed and workers have begun fixing the damaged pavement.

A spokesman for the Ibiza Council explained that the workers will need to lift the pavement to ascertain how the damage was inflicted before fixing, so as to make sure that this issue does not occur again. The tunnel in the Can Sifre region of the airport road has been shown time and again not to have a good drainage system, but this is the first time that the rain has caused more than flooding.


Deceased Man Found on Pavement
  • San An/San José

Doctors have found no signs of violence on the body of a homeless man who was found early Friday morning after an autopsy was performed over the weekend at the offices of the Institute of Legal Medicine.

Paul William Hanley, a 37 year-old British man, was already dead when he was found by police officers. He lay on the pavement completely soaked, due to heavy rainfall, and all indications are that Hanley died of a heart attack.

The consular authorities of the United Kingdom were informed of the death in order to take charge of the search for the relatives of the deceased and, if applicable, the cost of repatriating the body. The officials responsible for the investigation into the death found among the belongings of the deceased man, 1,400€ in 200 euro notes.


10 Year Term for Cleaning Contract
  • Ibiza Town

The Tenders Committee of the Ibiza Town Council has proposed to award the Ibiza Town cleaning contract to Valoriza Environmental Services SA for a period of ten years. The contract will cover the collection and transporting of waste and the cleaning of streets / municipal areas at a cost of around 80 million euros (eight million per year). “There are other steps before the contract is confirmed which are almost resolved, but there are still steps”, said the Government team spokesman, Alfonso Molina. The proposal must be ratified and then approved by the plenary of the corporation at a meeting that could be held next week.

The contractor will begin the service 6 months after signing the contract, so it is expected that the new services will begin before the summer season. “We hope it is sooner, because it will take a long time for the city to be as we would like,” said Molina, who criticized the PP government for paralyzing the contract four years ago.

Valoriza obtained the best score in the public contest. Earlier, three other companies had already been dismissed by the council.


Storm Watch
  • Santa Eulalia

The municipality of Santa Eulària was hit hard by a storm across the island on Friday morning which threw down hailstones the size of mini babybels. Whilst residents sheltered, a number of incidents occurred which were quickly dealt with by the authorities:

A crane was required to move a vehicle parked in such a way, that it was funnelling water straight into a hotel in Es Puig d’en Fita. A pine tree was felled in the vicinity of the Coral Hotel in Es Canar.

Two separate accidents occurred on the road towards Es Canar and between Santa Gertrudis and Sant Llorenc, when vehicles were hit by torrents of water from storm sewers that had lost their tops. The storm has caused landslides in the Ginesta and Begonies streets of Es Puig Can Fita, as well as on the road to Sant Carles, next to the school.


Wrist Slapping
  • Concerns Mount That Clubs May Be Sent To Bed Without Any Tea

Further to last week’s report on Superclub Amnesia having been denounced twice by the local police for the closing parties of Music On and Cocoon, both of which exceeded the legal closing time of 6am by at least 6 hours, we can report that Amnesia have again been denounced for their closing party of the club which continued for at least 7 hours beyond the curfew.

In addition, DC10 have also been denounced for their Circo Loco promoted closing party which closed 2 hours past their café concierto licensed time of 5am.

Amnesia has been denounced an incredible 15 times this year for exceeding the licensed 6am time limit and are looking at a possible fine of between 1,001 and 10,000 euros for each infringement. We can only assume that the money made by opening past hours somewhat offsets the ‘massive’ fine.

  • The Ibizan staff have thoroughly debated the issue in our usual manner at the bar of ‘Johnny’s Pub, est 1993’ in Cala de Bou. As seasoned, though in reality now irregular club folk, we do not see the reason they cannot be allowed to stay open later. They provide significant economic benefit to the tourism of Ibiza and beyond that we have many arguments based around the loose heading of ‘the good old days’. Having said that, if there is a law it surely has to be of some effect to avoid the regulatory authority becoming something of a joke, including by those it is nominally penalising. To fine a superclub 6,000€, when they have a 5,000 person capacity charging 50€ entry and 12/15€ a drink, or for 6,000€ the price of one top VIP table, hardly even equates to a slapped wrist. A better way may be to impose a 6,000€ levy for a late licence. The same outcome, but with rather more respect.


“Ibiza Is Not A Theme Park” President Torres

The issue was raised by the president of the Consell de Ibiza, Vicent Torres, who today warned the nightlife sector that “Ibiza is not a theme park”, continuing to ask  businesses to comply with rules governing their activity.

The president was speaking on Wednesday at the opening of the second Congreso Internacional de Ocio Nocturno (literally leisure nights), being held in Ibiza and  organized by the industry’s global association, led by Ibiza’s Abel Matutes Prats.

Torres has called on employers for “compliance with laws and regulations” and stressed that Ibiza “is not a theme park, but an island with its history, its people, its values ‌‌and traditions.” The President went on to say “Our people want to live, to see their children grow, and to grow in the best conditions.”

The president has said that nightlife is an activity that Ibiza cannot do without, although it needs to “analyse its  performance and implement best practices”.


Domestic Abuse

The Santa Eulària Local Police have this weekend arrested two men accused of beating and threatening their partners in front of their children.

One of the events took place on Friday at midnight in a hotel in Es Canar. A patrol car rushed to the scene and found a man who acknowledged having fought with his partner and asked to be arrested by officers. Upon entering the room, officers found displaced furniture and traces of blood on the floor and walls. The victim, who was transferred to Can Misses, showed signs of abuse and explained that the assault took place in front of their four young children.

The other case took place on Saturday at 22:30 pm when a possible attack was reported by neighbours near to a house in the area of ‌‌Es Puig de Can Fita. Officers located the alleged offender driving the family car while intoxicated. After being arrested, he was breathalysed with confirmed levels of 0.78 and 0.72 mg alcohol, so was also charged for drunk driving.


Bobbies Catch Killer

The two British bobbies who patrolled resorts in Magaluf and Ibiza this summer have inadvertently captured a convicted killer.

PC Martina Anderson and Sgt Brett Williams, have been praised for helping find Ashley James who went missing after escaping from a U.K. prison in 2010.

Former teacher James, 30, was given a 10-year sentence for manslaughter in 2008 for killing student Uriel Johnson, who was stabbed to death in Bilston, West Midlands. Cousin Errol Price, 25, of All Saints Road, Wolverhampton, was handed a minimum 15 year sentence for the murder.

The officers were alerted to James when they were called to a domestic incident in Magaluf. The suspect had fled the scene by the time they arrived, but the officers liaised with Spanish police and James was eventually tracked down.

The 30-year-old is currently being held at a prison near Madrid after an extradition hearing. It was not immediately clear if he had agreed to be extradited or not.

ibizan 804.pub

At Night


Café Mambo

celebrates the end of its 21st Anniversary year on Friday 9th October. One of the last closing parties on the island, it features residents, Jason Bye, Pete Gooding, Andy Baxter and Danny O’, together with special guest DJ Chelina Manuhutu and special guest now confirmed as UNER.

UNER is considered “one of the most important names of the new generation of Spanish electronic music producers” by no less than Resident Advisor. Among his most popular work are “Raw Sweat” and “Bassboot”, and through his work on the Cadenza label “Pallene” and “Cocoua”, but the hitlist goes on, 2020 Vision, Get Physical, Cécille or Visionquest to mention a few. UNER ‘s respect in the industry is reflected by his tunes being regulars in the sets of industry luminaries Luciano and  Carl Cox.

Chelina Manuhutu has taken the decks by storm this summer in Ibiza. The Dutch former model has been playing at Pacha on Sundays, as well as spinning her trademark house and deep techno at some of the Solomun+1 pre parties at Mambo.

As well as a year of unrivalled DJ line-ups, mixed with food, cocktails and the stunning backdrop of the world’s most famous sunset, Mambo again played host to a very special BBC Radio 1 Weekend, hosting special parties with Fatboy Slim and Duke Dumont.

Cafe Mambo’s Pacha and Amnesia pre-parties in 2015 included Together & Defected in the House, Solomun + 1, Aoki’s Playhouse, F*** Me I’m Famous, Martin Solveig’s My House, Bob Sinclar’s Paris by Night and more.

Mambo is a true Ibiza institution, don’t miss what is sure to be a great end to a memorable year, Friday 9th October, Admission priced at …, well it’s free of course, as it always is. Just one more reason to love Mambo on the strip.


DJ Awards

Words: Claire B / Images: Nelly Loriaux

The 18th Edition of the DJ Awards took place on September 29 at Pacha. Created in 1998 as a non profit organisation and dedicated to honouring DJs and the electronic music industry, 21 awards were handed out with those being honoured receiving the infamous green kryptonite award. The awards included 10 DJ categories, which were voted for by the public plus another 12 special industry awards, chosen by a panel of experts. Pacha Ibiza resident and Seamless Recordings main man Graham Sahara provided the soundtrack to the proceedings and Martin Wilson gave a show-stopping performance of one the Ibiza 2015 anthems, Marvinello. The ceremony was followed by the Official Party featuring some of the winners.


Deep House: Solomun

Newcomer: Cuartero

Breakthrough ( Mixcloud): Black Coffee

Tech House: Luciano/Hot Since 82

Electronica: Disclosure

Electro/Prog: Hardwell

Techno: Carl Cox

Trance: Armin Van Buuren

Bass: Hannah Wants

International DJ: Hardwell

Cutting Edge: Rekordbox

Dance Nation of The Year: South Africa

Music Pioneer: Arthur Baker

Live: Faithless, BBC R1 Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza DJ: Manu Gonzalez

Event: IMS Dalt Vila Festival

Track: Acamar, Frankey & Sandrino

Festival: We Are FSTVL

Ibiza Night: Acid Sundays

Producer: Claptone

Record Label: Life & Deaths


Sankeys Awards

Words: Claire B / Images: Nelly Loriaux

For the second year running Sankeys hosted their own awards ceremony on October 1st, celebrating 21 years in the industry. The awards celebrate the artists and nights of the club and the island of Ibiza, with all awards (except for Outstanding Contribution) voted for by the public. A BBQ was held on the terrace and a short film was shown in the cinema showing how the club had built up its foundations here in Ibiza. Sankeys main man, David Vincent, then gave out the awards to the winners. The night continued with an after party in association with The Redlight and Matt Jam Lamont’s 25th anniversary.


Best Techno DJ: Adam Beyer

Best Tech House DJ: Steve Lawler

Best Resident DJ: Matt Jam Lamont

Best Garage DJ: DJ EZ

Best Sankeys Night: VIVA Warriors

Best House DJ: Miguel Campbell

Best Newcomer: Sam Holt

Best Ibiza DJ: Solomun

Best Ibiza Club Night: Solomun + 1

Outstanding Contribution: Lee (from Sankeys)

ibizan 804.pub



Fashion Disasters

Lets look at some of the fashion disasters from this year’s London Fashion Week that definitely aren’t going to get you rushing to the shops!

After the past week of fashion over kill, it’s time to sit back, take stock, and think about all the items from London Fashion Week that we’re definitely, 100% not going to be buying off ASOS this year. If you spot us wearing any of them come autumn, we will eat our Lego hats.

Gareth Pugh’s UKIP-chic

He’s been away for a while, but Gareth Pugh’s marked his first London show for seven yearspainting all of his models’ faces with the St George’s Cross.

In a look that the fash press call ‘patriotic’, the red and white face paint offset a distinctlyEnglish collection of structured, textured black, with wool, leather, feathers and chains giving it all a battle-ready feel.don’tthose down the town centre, to be honest.

Lego hats

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’reof a team. Even if that team is the niche crop of professional irony-mongers whoto shows wearing head (and face) pieces made of Lego. Still, it gave them ample chances to tell people they were ‘bricking it’.

Mary Katrantzou’s plastic fantastic

Much as we’d love to live in a world of wipe-clean clothing, these poly pocket-inspired skirts are probably the bit of Mary Katrantzou’s beautiful AW15 collection that we’re least likely to be buying watered-down versions of from Topshop in six months’ time. Not least because of the creaking noises.

Fyodor Goylan’s load of pony

It’s not that we don’t appreciate the dreamy nostalgiaMy Little Pony, rainbows and. Of course we do. It’s just that we can completely imagine the whole ‘kitschy childhood prints’ thing backfiring royally when we realise we’ve turned up to a work meeting wearing what is essentially a pair of seven year old’s pyjamasthe mid-80s. Best kept to accessories and phone cases.

Burberry’s homage to Cousin Itt

There’s no fighting it; we’re definitely all going to be wearing suede this year. But although we admit it’d be fun to shake ourselves like a dog after getting caught in the rain, Christopher Bailey’s top-to-toe fringing at Burberry was horrid. End of.

Simon Rocha’s pop socks

Socks were quite the thing at the Autumn/Winter shows, and on behalf of blisters and chilly toes everywhere, we’re grateful. But Simone Rocha’s Gran-tastic medical support only served to prove that nude tightsnobody. Go opaque or go home. Or save for long haul flights.

Sophia Webster’s planets suite

Things took a planetary turn at Sophia Webster, where the playful shoe designer staged a cyber circus, her normally gorgeous shoe creations on the feet of models dressed as planets. One looked like a giant Malteser, another like an inflatable cake stand, all had the air of something you might craft from ‘found’ objects for a school project or competition.

But in fairness, the outfits madeneon pom-pom six inch stilettos look like something you could wear down the chip shopby comparison.

Well done, fashion week!


World Family Ibiza

WorldFamily Ibiza is a fashion concept created by Alok and Merel along with their very large family behind them.

The collection of 100% handmade accessories is created from a blend of local and traditional materials with ‘western ‘ and ‘folk’ influences from around the world. They combine leathers, embroideries, jewels and other beautiful pieces, which have been collected on worldwide family travels, making this a special and unique brand.

WorldFamily Ibiza started life at the Las Dalias hippy market in Ibiza, where it is still sold every summer, and has made big waves in the fashion world, featuring in leading international fashion magazines like ELLE and Hola! to the catwalks of Paris.

The large family unit behind the label all have parts to play in the huge success of  WorldFamily Ibiza. The children, Grandparents, Aunts, cousins and family friends all help to run the business. From Merel and Alok’s origins as a couple who met at Benirras Beach, they are the epitome of true Ibiza hippy culture.

Alok was a Real Estate agent from Barcelona and Merel, a Dutch fashion model. From Amsterdam. They both arrived in Ibiza in the early nineties.

They opted on a very natural existence in the early days, living around a fire and bringing up their children in a Tipi, which they had hand-made and stitched themselves.

They travelled extensively and took an old truck over to Morocco, scanning local markets for materials and inspiration for their very own bag range.

They sold these very bags from the back of their beaten up old truck every Sunday on the beach at Benirras and made such a successful impression on the locals that they managed to secure a stall at the world famous Las Dalias hippy market.

They continued to travel across India for further research on embroideries and creativity.

They have since passed on their passion for travel to their children.

By 1999, they had not only successfully built up the business but had discovered music too and launched the famous ‘Namaste’ garden parties next to Las Dalias, complete with chill-out lounge and decorated with all their creations.

These parties bought together people from all walks of life and was a huge success, with Alok as the DJ, creating a unique energy and it continues to this day, every Wednesday from June until October, in the same garden.

Their love of everything ethnic and bohemian is evident in the collection of bags, belts, wallets and boots. They use the very best and highest quality artisans to covey their commitment to high standards and values.

When asked why they chose the name ‘World Family’, their response was “after travelling the world and realising that we may all come from different places, each with our own traditions, colours and habits, we are just one big family. A family with one thing in common. We all share this beautiful planet, called Planet Earth.

In 2010 they opened their first shop in Barcelona.  In 2012, WFI Madrid opened its doors, again, run by family and friends and also the most colourful store of all in Puerto Banus, Marbella. They now have three further stores on the island of Ibiza, two in San Carlos and their huge flagship store in Ibiza Town.  This amazing shop also stocks handmade home furnishings and trinkets for that ultimate Ibiza charm at home and hippy-chic lifestyle excellence.

I think it’s fair to say WorldFamily Ibiza is set for world dominance at this rate. Read my blog at …


Blue Eyeshadow

One make-up trend that stood out like a ‘blue thumb’ at the LFW shows last week was the colour blue. Think Abba, think Jerry Hall, when they were in their twenties… blue eyeshadow is back!

Classy, rather than brassy barmaid, the new blue is mystical and profoundly oceanic. Céline’s models wore eyeshadow that looked like a deep lake. Their eyes were adorned with big graphic stamps of blue, styled as sultry fortune tellers, here to predict fortunes of love and disaster, and money spent in the Selfridges beauty hall.

Smokiness adds depth, baby blue gives the impression of a dreamy ice queen. Anything goes as long as it’s bold, and as long as it’s blue.

  • Body Shop Something Blue £7 co.uk
  • Revlon quad in Serene £8.99 com
  • & Other Stories Duo £10 com
  • L’Oréal Color Riche £7.99 com
  • Smashbox trio in Skybox £23 co.uk
  • Shu Uemura in Pearl Soft Blue £11 co.uk
  • Below: Ultimate eyes, by Ibiza’s own Marie Duchar Clark


Mind Body & Soul



Sabina Brownstein

Gratitude is one of the strongest positive emotions that we can experience, and right now it is flowing through me in three powerful waves.

My first wave of thankfulness goes out to everyone who joined us at the Ibiza Spirit Festival on Sunday October 4th at Agroturismo Atzaro. Having put in countless hours over the last months to help organize this event I was overwhelmed to see it come to life in such a beautiful way. Over 2,000 wonderful people joined together in the true Spirit of Ibiza… we were like a big extended family… dancing, singing, smiling, hugging and sharing the special energy of our beloved island. It was a great opportunity to celebrate the joy of being together while exploring new ways of thinking and feeling.

Amazing events were happening all day from the opening ceremony at 11:30 right through into the evening. So many people enjoying Creative Dance, Tantra, Meditations, Inspirational Workshops, Alternative Therapies, Yoga classes and much more. Delicious food & drink added to the celebration, and the magical Children’s Area was filled with joy and laughter. In addition to all of that, we were able to support the wonderful work that APNEEF does with special needs children on Ibiza and Formentera.

My second wave of gratitude is tinged with a bit of sadness as this will be my last article in the ‘Ibizan’ for a while. I have many new commitments and projects happening which are making demands on my time. So until I have time to once again write with a full heart, I will have to take a break. I want to say a Big Thank You to Nick Gibbs for giving me this opportunity and for being 100% supportive in everything that I have done here. I am also grateful for the cooperation of the whole Ibizan team, especially Nicole. It was a great pleasure working together with all of you and hopefully we will get together again in the future.

And finally, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all you who have been reading and following this column. I have received so much positive feedback on my articles – via your e-mails or by connecting somewhere in the streets and shops in Ibiza. I am grateful for each one of you, and I feel very blessed to be living on this beautiful Island surrounded by so many good people. Of course I am not going anywhere – I will still be here on Ibiza continuing my Holistic practice. As you know, I offer Healing and Counselling for Individuals and small groups. You can reach me via my website:  www.Ibiza Wellness.com  or email me at:



  • And a big thank you from all at the Ibizan and on behalf of your readers, great articles and an always welcome injection of positivity in an all too often bleak world of news. Thanks Sabina xx


Charity From Art

A total of 18,000 euros was raised after more than 100 works were auctioned in the P|ART gallery in Ibiza Town to benefit the Association of People with Special Needs of Eivissa and Formentera (APNEEF). In all, 121 works were donated by various artists from Ibiza and outside the island. From photo journalists who work daily in the island’s local press to the international artist Guido Danielle, all donated their works for a good cause whose main objective is raise funds to improve the quality of life of people with special needs on the island.


It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

I have anger issues which I am quite certain come from my childhood being sent away to school  and having parents who were quite strict and often told me off as I was a “bit wild” . The difficulty I have now is that even though I know or think I know where it comes from I find it impossible to stop once it takes hold. My wife usually gets the brunt of it and I can be quite nasty to her at times. Once it takes hold its almost like I become another person and I can’t control it.

Do you have any ideas of what I should do as my wife is now getting to the end of the line with me and I am seriously concerned about our future and that she might leave me.

Many thanks, DW

Dear DW

Thank you for your letter. It is really interesting to see you acknowledge your anger and know that you have begun to explore your childhood, which has brought you to understand how certain things that happened between you, and your parents have possibly led to the anger you sometimes now feel as an adult.

There are techniques that can help with managing the anger when it arises, however my feeling is that these are exactly that. IE Techniques that will help you manage a particular situation, but they don’t actually help you address the underlying issue which as you say is most probably linked in some way to the relationship you had with your parents. I wonder what it would be like for you to really begin to do some work on getting a better understanding of that period of your life so that the anger dissipates because it has been addressed, rather then is managed when it arises? It is of course the longer road to travel but ultimately will be much more rewarding.

Your wife sounds as if she has been very patient and understanding and I wonder if telling her how you are feeling about her and how fearful you are of the relationship falling apart will allow her to give you some more time to do the work on yourself that you have started.

Thank you for having the courage to write and I hope things begin to improve for you both

Warm regards, Kate




View from the Pew

Rev. Dr. Peter Pimentel

During the whole month the English-speaking church has a Harvest Thanksgiving Food Collection for CARITAS. basket will be at the front of the church each Sunday during October. Gifts can also be left at Thomas Green shop.

The gifts collected at Sant Rafel church go to CARITAS in Sant Antoni. are in need of, breakfast cereal, small tins of tuna/vegetables/soup, juice, flour and nappies for newborns.

Thecollected at Santaària go to CARITAS in Santaària. They are in need of, small tins of tuna and flour. The nuns who run the children’s home there would also appreciate recent children’s DVDs, as they have watched the old ones many, many times!

I visited the Caritas almacen in Sant Antoni to learn something about their work with the needy and homeless people in the area.  They have facilities for a shower and cooked lunch for homeless people and at the moment some thirty people are being helped. The hot lunch is sponsored by a different local restaurant each day. There are thirty restaurants in the San Antonio are who have volunteered to help with this!  Local businesses are also very generous.

The Caritas centre in San An is located on Calle Lepanto just behind sunset strip. At the almacen, they help to supply people who have the facilities to cook but may not have enough income for a steady supply of food. At the end of seasonal work, the number of families they supply escalates from about 30 in the summer to over 200 in the winter.

The Harvest Prayer says: “Eternal God, you crown the year with your goodness and you give us the fruits of the earth in their season: grant that we may use them to your glory, for the relief of those in need and for our own well-being; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity with the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.”

The Harvest Bible Reading Says: “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22-23)

Services: Sunday 11th for worship with Holy Communion, 10:30am, Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85, Santa Eularia.

Holiday Chaplaincy, RC Chapel, Es Cana: 10:30am Holy Communion & 5:30pm Informal Praise

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera: Tel 971 34 33 83




Do you care for cats – really?

I have just seen an article in the Diario de Ibiza saying English vets are on their way again to castrate local cats. I have noticed over recent years a great decline in country cats and an even greater increase in the rat population. I believe that care for cats do some good but to arrange for someone to come over to castrate wild cats in exchange for free board and sunshine is not good at all. There will always be some horrible people who dispose of their cats kittens in the rubbish bins and these need help, but the feral cat population needs to thrive and stop the rats taking over. Rats do a lot of harm and carry nasty diseases. Leave the feral cats to take charge of the situation. Ok some feral cats get sick and need help – then try to help them

I believe that soon after castration the cat is returned to the same area it was caught, so, apart from it is feeling unwell and has a hard job to find its food, other cats in the area who were once friendly are now no longer so, as, as a general rule a castrated cat and a non abused cat don’t mix, so they are put back in an area they know but with acquaintances that are no longer friendly – not a nice situation.

My neighbour noticed a cat near her home who was always being “picked on” by other cats. As it turned out it was a female castrated cat who now cannot “mark” her territory (do they all have this problem after castration?) Luckily for this cat, this lady – who was a dog lover – convinced her husband to leave a garage window open so the cat could get away from the others – feral cats do not normally go into buildings. I am pleased to say that this has turned into a really wonderful pussy – thanks only to that lovely lady, who sadly, is no longer with us.

I live in the country and where there were chickens (feed and water) there is always a rat problem. Some people use rat poison but this has a retardant in it, which takes up to 9 days to kill it once eaten, and if in that 9 days it is caught and eaten by a cat then the cat dies. I have now been told of a way of getting rid of rats without harming cats and it works!! You simply mix together equal quantities of bicarbonate of soda, flour and sugar which I put in a bread roll and it really works.

Another thing that worries me is how come Germany has such a shortage of cats that they are received from other countries? Are they really put into good homes or used for experiments or what?

If you are genuinely a cat lover then please, please, please do not support this castration program.

Thank you,

Maggie – Benimussa


UK Press

Ibiza Taxi Driver Stabbed Tourist & Spared Jail After Paying 39,000€ Compensation

Gerard Couzens

Grant Sommerville, from Motherwell, was knifed by Antonio Mari Planells in a row over the taxi fare after going to see DJ Carl Cox’s set

A Spanish taxi driver who stabbed a British tourist has been spared jail despite admitting the horrific knife attack.

Grant Sommerville, 24, suffered a punctured lung and had to have his spleen removed after the assault in Ibiza.

The Scot now works in Dubai and was not in court yesterday to see Antonio Mari Planells admitting the attack.

The 31-year-old cabbie was handed a suspended two-year prison sentence, the Daily Record reported.

Jail terms of two years or more are not normally suspended in Spain – even for first-time offenders like Planells.

But after his lawyers cut a deal with prosecutors, he was told he would stay out of jail unless he offended in the next four years.

Prosecutors at a criminal court in Ibiza Town agreed that Planells could keep his freedom after hearing he had paid Grant 39,000 euros compensation – or £28,800 at the current exchange rate.

Lawyer’s son Grant, from Motherwell – a trained joiner who used to work as a club promoter and now sells real estate – is thought to have dropped a private prosecution after receiving the money.

He was knifed in the party resort of San Antonio after going to a hotel beach club with friends to see DJ Carl Cox play on September 13, 2013.

He had returned to Ibiza for a two-week holiday after working on the island earlier in the summer.

After the attack, Grant spoke from his hospital bed as he recovered from 8 hours of surgery.

He said: “I feel lucky to be alive and be able to tell the story of what happened.

“I’ve had to have my spleen removed, I’ve got a punctured lung and I’ve got 33 staples in my stomach alone where they’d had to open me up in hospital to try to repair the damage.

“I’ve still got bandages on my back where the knife went in so I don’t know exactly what the damage is there.

“It’s been a traumatic few days. I’m still not sure it’s all sunk in yet.”

He added: “We asked this guy to take us to a taxi rank in the West End in San Antonio that everyone knows.

“As he got near the resort he pulled up the wrong street and started going another way.

“We thought he was just doing it to put extra money on the meter and told him to turn round but he ignored us.

“Next thing we knew he’s stopped in a side street, locked the doors and was demanding 30 euros out of us.

“We didn’t want to pay him at first because he hadn’t taken us to where we wanted to go but in the end handed over a 50-euro note to avoid problems.

“He shouted, ‘No change’ and locked the doors and got on the phone to someone and started talking to them in Spanish.

“It was at that point I noticed he had a knife in his right hand and I got pretty worried about what he was going to do because I didn’t know who he was talking to. All sorts of scenarios started to go through my head.

“I warned my mates he had a knife and one of them started panicking and trying to kick the door open to get out.

“The driver unlocked his door and got out with the knife in his hand to race round to my friend’s side, which meant our doors unlocked and we were able to escape.

“I came up behind the driver to distract his attention as he ran towards my friends and he wheeled round and stabbed me as they made a run for it.

“I remember very little of what happened afterwards until I came to in hospital.

“I’ve had eight hours of surgery so I’m in agony still.

“The scars are going to be minging. It means every time I see them I’ll think of the scum that did it to me.”

Planells, who lives in Ibiza, was investigated on suspicion of attempting to murder Grant and was ordered to present himself twice a month at a local court after being released on bail.

He originally claimed he had used the three-inch knife he kept in his car in self-defence.

But Planells admitted a charge of aggravated wounding when he appeared in court for yesterday’s brief hearing.

State prosecutors said Grant was in hospital for three days and was prevented from working for 90 days because of his injuries and post-traumatic stress.

Planells paid 5 lots of compensation between October 1, 2013 and November 12, 2014.

  • N:B: It appears from reports in the Spanish press that this report is technically incorrect. Plannells did receive a 2 year prison sentence, negotiated by his lawyers pre trial, but due to the payment of the compensation he will not have to serve it in prison unless he reoffends in the next four years. It is a technical prison sentence in Spain, despite it not being served behind bars.


Magic Roundabouts


It seems that Roundabout madness  is not  something limited to Ibiza, in fact the mainland has some cracking examples that make our own island’s traffic islands look pretty sensible.

Julie Day

While I could probably write a whole book on the topic of how badly people in this country approach and manoeuvre these circular junctions, at this moment we’re going to focus upon the massive cock-ups that a number of Spain’s town planners have made when it comes to building new projects in the vicinity of one.

Take for examplede Omaña, a tiny mountainous village containing barely 20 houses in the region of León, just a little more than 1,300m from the border of Asturias. Its 30 residents are somewhat out of touch in their location and don’t even have Internet, yet Villar de Omaña has become an online sensation overnight thanks to some visitors who published their photos of the village’s main tourist attraction – the municipal swimming pool, which is situated inside a roundabout.

It’s not the most attractive of locations, but there is a small fringe of grass surrounding it and a gate for access. If Villar de Omaña wasn’t so rural, the location of this swimming pool could quite possibly cause more than one road accident if drivers were distracted by people using the pool!

But this isn’t the only nightmare town-planning horror case involving roundabouts. While many across the country are eye-catching monuments and a pleasant welcome to a new town, that isn’t the case of the Madrid locality ofde la Cañada, where instead of moving the old cemetery to a new location, they’ve left it in the middle of a roundabout.

Without leaving the region of Madrid, we come across another example of ingenious Spanish civil engineering – involving a roundabout and this time a chapel. The need for a new road that leads up to the-Adolfo Suárez airportmeant that thede la Soledadbecome enclosed and isolated on a roundabout. At least they’ve named the roundabout after it, though, christening it the “Glorieta de la Ermita de la Virgen de la Soledad”, although it’s slightly ironic that ‘soledad’ translates to ‘solitude’ in English!

And finally, perhaps the most absurd case of ‘roundaboutism’ is that ofEjidothe Andalusian province of Almeria. The Department of Public Works isolated the ruins of themonument known as ‘el Daymún’inside a roundabout without consulting the national heritage department first, which subsequently resulted in a denuncia from the town’s very own cultural office in 1998.

Whatever will they come up with next? An airport where the runways are too short, or how about a pretend Hollywood studio that has only been the setting for 60 films in the last 10 years?


Information supplied with kind assistance of On The Pulse Of Spain—a great resource for legal , administrative and property matters.



Kumharas Closing


Don’t forget your camera!
  • Another season comes to an end on Sunday 11th October, and Kumharas is a place you’re sure to make memories you’ll want to keep.

Situated in Cala de Bou is Kumharas, an institution in Ibiza with arguably the best views of the daily sunset which is soundtracked by some of the best DJs on the island. Kumharas originally started as a community project with the aim of becoming a meeting point for alternative cultures, and it’s pretty obvious that it bases itself on the hippy spirit of India in the 80s.

Throughout the summer months from 11am, the space is an area for percussion workshops, capoeira, African dance and activities aimed at children with the most amazing live performances. Add to this the iconic defence tower, a terrace with hammocks, shishas and natural juices, a hippy market and superb restaurant for world cuisine, and you have possibly the best place to chill on the island.

There’s a team philosophy throughout Kumharas which revolves around making their customers happy and on Sunday 11th October, the smiles will no doubt be beaming as Kumharas wraps up for another year with their closing party.

The juices and food will be flowing as per usual, the sun will set as per usual and, with Eva Pacífico, Lenny Ibizarre and Isack Hipnotyzer supplying the tunes, the music will be chilled and awesome as per usual. See you on a hammock!

If you can get down before the closing party, then this is what you can expect from the daily line-ups. If not, then bear these in mind for next year as we can’t see them changing much. Why fix what isn’t broken?

  • Sundays – Eva Pacífico
  • Tuesdays – Flamenco Fushion with Paco Fernández
  • Wednesdays – José Rives
  • Thursdays – Live Broadcast with Ibiza Sónica Radio
  • Saturdays – Christian Len Rosal




Jezza’s Sports Report …

Jeremy Parmenter

Remember that famous Lionel Ritchie song “3 times a Lady? (I certainly should as that’s what I chose for my first dance with “ ‘er indoors” at our wedding here in ’03!). Well, change the Lady for Loser and that sums up my Saturday last week, one of the most disappointing sports days of my life , as firstly, playing for Ibiza Cricket we lost, then my footie team lost (again!) and then to complete the disastrous hat-trick, our England team lost in the Rugby World Cup. Not a good day then but let’s start with that

Rugby Union

and despite all the hype and the nation’s hopes, at Twickenham, England were taught a lesson on how to play the modern game by those upstarts from Down Under, as Australia won in what was a must-win game for Lancaster’s men. Having said that, at one stage England really had us going as they came back from 20-3, after two slick Aussie try’s, to 20-10 with time on their side and were looking as if they could nick it but a silly penalty followed by a superb Aussie try knocked the stuffing out of the English who eventually lost 31-13 and became the first host nation to crash out of their own event at the group stage. Credit must go though to Chieka and the Australian team as they had their tactics dead right and with that fantastic back row including Hooper and Pocock, now must fancy their chances of going all the way. Also congrats to fly-half Foley who scored 26 points including a brace of try’s and had a superb all round game. So, what now for England? Well, in my opinion, for what it’s worth, they should stick with the coaching team in situ ‘cos there ain’t no one else in England to replace them and give the team more time to gel and then maybe judge them at the end of the next 6 Nations before making any drastic decisions. As for the Group, Australia and Wales have qualified for the Quarters and now face each other on Saturday at Twickers to decide who goes through as group winners, with the losers almost certainly facing South Africa! As for the other Groups, England weren’t the only team to struggle either as, in Group D, Ireland only beat Italy 16-9 and now have a final match with co-group leaders France to settle who tops the group with the loser probably playing the All Blacks in the Quarters! Scotland were soundly beaten 34-16 in Group B by South Africa but still will probably make the Quarters as they play Samoa, surprisingly beaten 26-5 by Japan, in their final match, although if they lose, a win for Japan over the US, 0 points so far, and Japan would take their Quarter Final place. In Group C, probably the easiest group, unsurprisingly, New Zealand and Argentina have already qualified.

Rugby League

and as predicted by yours truly last week, we have a Grand Final on Saturday at OT between Shield and Trophy winners Leeds and Wigan, who both finished 1 and 2 in the League on 41 points, as the former beat St Helens, just, in a superb semi and the latter Huddersfield convincingly. Should therefore be a cracking Final but no prediction here as I don’t want to put the mockers on the Warriors! Not a lot of space left after the rugby codes so going straight in to


and in the Premier League t’was a Great w/end for:

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, especially after their 3-2 home loss in the CL midweek, as they humiliated Manchester Utd, 2-1 winners in their home CL match, at the Emirates 3-0 with all the goals, including a brace from Sanchez, coming in the first 20 minutes, to replace Utd in 2nd . Manuel Pellegrini and his Manchester City side as they thrashed Newcastle 6-1 at the Etihad despite going a goal down, to stay top, this following on from their CL Group win mid-week. Now, recently, I’ve harped on and congratulated both Ronaldo and Lewandowski for their recent 5 goals in a match haul, and same now must go to Sergio Aguero as he joined that exclusive club for his 5 in 23 minutes, which included an 8 minute hat-trick; as for the Magpies, I discover that this run of 8 winless matches is the worst start that the club have made since 1898 and no, that is NOT a misprint! For Alan Pardew and his Crystal Palace team who won their 5th match from 8 to stay in the top 4; for Claudio Ranieri and his Leicester boys, in 5th, as they beat Naaarwich 2-1 in Norfolk; and for Mark Hughes and Stoke who won away at Aston Villa 1-0 to continue their recent good form;

Bad w/end tho’ for:

Jose and his Chelsea side, beaten 2-1 in Porto midweek in the CL, and now 3-1 at the Bridge for the second time this season (bearing in mind when Palace beat them earlier in the season t’was only Jose’s 2nd home defeat in 100!) but a good win for Southampton, easily the better side in their 3-1 win so hats off to Koeman for his spot-on tactics. Mind you some solace for Jose, as Chelsea’s Ladies won 4-0 to take the Womens Premier League title to go with the WFA Cup they won earlier in the season.

Terrible w/end for:

Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers as he was ignominously sacked by ‘phone, would you believe, after his side’s 1-1 draw with Everton at Goodison in the Mersey derby. T’was on the cards with outside pressure being to blame and this after a run of one win in his last 8 games. Also for Dick Advocaat, altho’ I believe he fell on his sword and resigned from his Sunderland post as the Black Cats salvaged a point after being 2 down at home to West Ham but still remain winless and only just above Newcastle. Elsewhere, there was a 1-1 draw between two of the promoted sides, Bournemouth and Watford on the south coast, and a 2-2 draw at Swansea between the hosts and Tottenham. No Premier League this w/end as ’tis time for the Euro16 Qualifying matches, as England, already qualified, take on Estonia at Wembley on Friday; Saturday sees Wales in Bosnia-Herzegovina, only needing a win to qualify, and on Sunday, Scotland playing that bastion of European football Gibraltar; Eire, in the same group, are in Poland and finally, Northern Ireland, just need a win to qualify for a major tournament for the first time in 30 years, face Finland away. To finish with, I must mention Barca’s demise in La Liga as they lost for the 2nd time in 3 matches, this time 2-1 away against Sevilla, and for my “occasional visitor” friend, Stevie B from Siesta, a devout and paranoid Hereford (now reborn as FC and not Utd!) supporter, I couldn’t find your FA Trophy Preliminary Round result in the Mail on Sunday but last time I heard it was 0-0 against Barton Hill, Gloucester. So there you go, matey, got your mention!! Jezza

Ibizan Pool League 2016

The Ibizan Pool League gets underway for its 5th season of winter distraction with 12 teams polishing their balls and brushing their baize in time for the October 15th start.

This year the league has attained a sponsor via the introduction of The Storeroom and secretary Jack Wharrie, no less than San Miguel, to whom we are very grateful. Television rights can only be a season away.

In more ’taking it seriously’ news, the league will for the first time be played with match referees, though the motion for standby physiotherapists was considered a bridge too far.

A knockout cup will be staged for the first time, open to all whether playing in the league or not. 5€ entry and starts January. For more information on this or any other aspect of the league go to


Jack Barry to represent Spain after 2nd place finish

The sailor Jack Barry, from CN Sant Antoni, finished second out of 53 entrants in the Laser 4.7 class at the Illes Balears Regatta held over the weekend.

Barry, who was unfortunately disqualified during the final race with a black flag, finished just behind the CN Ciutadella Menorcan sailor Joan Pere Ponseti, winner of the competition.

The whole club achieved a great result as four out of their six athletes, including Barry, qualify for the Spanish National Championship to be held in Tenerife next December.

  • Proud Dad Billy Orafferrty’s post alongside the photo below of Son Jack.

“Jack ahead of the rest and finishing first but with a disqualification for breaching the line which cost him the championship. After an average and very careful start, Jack worked his way up from ninth to finish the final leg 3rd and achieve a great overall second place in the championship, from a field of 60 boats competing. Jack is now guaranteed a place to represent Spain in Tenerife. Very pleased for my son who showed balls of steel today when he thought he had won it and was disqualified, but when it all goes Pete Tong there’s no one better than Jack to rise to the occasion—and he’s still only 14. Well done Jack!”


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Instant Valuations
  • One of the procedures required when buying and selling a property in Spain is that of getting your property valued.

This is usually arranged by the bank, who tend to use valuators associated to their entity.

Many agents and lawyers advocate contracting the services of an independent valuation company, as the likelihood of gaining a fairer and perhaps more realistic valuation is possible.

Tinsa Tasaciones Inmobiliariaone of the leading property evaluation companies in Spain, and is often quoted by the media and news agents when giving statistics about property and the sector in general.

This month, Tinsa is set to launch itsrevamped website, a much more modern, simple and user-friendly site that will help visitors, including individuals and corporate companies, understand the real-estate market, the energy efficiency certificate, property valuations and the processes involved in buying and selling a home or other type of building.

The site will take less time to load than before and it has been adapted to the format of smartphones and tablets.

As well as the addition of innovative multimedia content, a greater integration into social media and a wider range of services offered, one of the main improvements and novelties of the Tinsa website is the possibility for clients toobtain the quote for an official valuation of their property and then pay for it online.

A spokesperson for Tinsa has announced that the final details are being put into place to the e-commerce side of the site, such as online valuations, arranging an energy efficiency certificate (EEC, from 75 € + IVA) and other property-related services, and will be ready to go in a couple of weeks.

Tinsa will be the only company that permits clients to obtain an official valuation that will be recognised by the notary online and in an instant. Anyup to 300 square metresbe eligible for this, and payment can be made by credit card or through Paypal (from 250 €).

This new service offered by Tinsa, which is used to guarantee mortgage loans and inheritances, is an important step in modernising the valuation process and making it quicker and more accommodating for the customer, cutting out unnecessary long waiting times by carrying out the valuation online and finalising the procedure via email and bank transfer.

For further details, please visit:.tinsa.es(the site is in English and Spanish)

  • Information supplied with kind assistance of On The Pulse Of Spain, a great resource for legal, admin & property matters.