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2nd Teenage Tragedy

An 18 year-old British tourist has been found dead in a hotel room in Sant Antoni. Workers at the Marco Polo hotel found the body of Rebeca Maria Brock on Monday afternoon after she failed to check out of the hotel in the morning.

The young girl, who was staying alone in the room, is suspected to have been dead for a number of days after not responding to knocks on the door by the cleaners over the weekend. After recovering from the shock of discovering the body, hotel workers called the Guardia Civil who detected no signs of violence at the scene and suspect that the death was due to natural causes. It is thought that the death could be due to a pulmonary embolism (a blockage of the lung’s primary artery), but will this cannot be confirmed until the results of the autopsy.

This is the second case in a week of a teenage death, after 18-year-old Danielle McCallum died in Can Misses hospital last Tuesday 22nd September. Guardia Civil sources have stated that they were told by a friend of the deceased that she had taken MDMA and a hospital spokesman also said Danielle, from Greenock, Inverclyde, was admitted to hospital following suspected MDMA consumption.

However her family have cast doubt on the drugs claims and insist she had only taken painkillers over the previous weekend after a fall. Tests are still being carried out to determine if the cause of death was drug-related or not.





Thursday 1st to Wednesday 7th October 2015

ARIES – King of Cups

Someone’s using subtle tactics in trying to get through to you; maybe you’re a bit over the top at the moment so try to be less abrasive and listen more. Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio men are worth your attention.  If you heed their advice you can’t go wrong; you’ll have an ‘ah’ moment of clarity when dealing with difficult situations.

TAURUS – The Sun

Nothing’s allowed to rain on your parade this week.  You’re enthusiastic and eager to get on with important projects and others respond to your happy mood by doing practically all you ask of them.   Although success in career is very important now, it’s your personal life makes this an exceptionally happy week.  Health problems are less of an issue also.

GEMINI – Justice

Weigh up opinions presented to you this week; especially if they mean you need to decide where you stand on an important issue.  There are pros and cons but what’s your intuition telling you?  Others have their own agenda and emotionally you’re being pulled this way and that.  Ask yourself how you feel with regards to your long term prospects.

CANCER – Three of Swords

How you keep it together this week I don’t know.  Someone’s going to push you to the limit.  This card indicates that two’s company, but three’s a crowd so someone, somewhere, is coming between you and someone/something that’s important to you.  Don’t let past incidents cloud your thinking; you need a mind sharp as a scalpel to deal with this.

LEO – Four of Swords

You’ll value time alone as this card indicates that you’d rather withdraw from life than be sociable.  It’s a chance to reflect and revaluate on what’s important; what you hope to achieve in the months or years ahead.  Pamper yourself and rejuvenate your physical and emotional strength.  If you must venture out, spend time with those who make you happy.

VIRGO – Four of Cups

Weigh up opportunities this week as there’s a few to choose from both personally and professionally.  However, delay any decision on making a firm commitment as there may be another opportunity on the horizon; one you might like even better.  Romantically, if you’re single and have kissed a lot of frogs recently, the signs are good to meet your Prince/Princess.

LIBRA – Temperance

Keep a clear head regarding business matters.  It’s good to have a dream, but you are still in the planning stage and more patience is required before you roll out the next phase of a venture.  Be assured you are on the right track; and if you believe in angels, there are a few around in human form this week.

SCORPIO – Queen of Pentacles

A woman relative or friend will offer you sound advice, especially when it comes to relationships. Her counsel is valuable, so think twice before ignoring it.  Business wise, she also stands for a female boss or powerful colleague who it would be wise to treat with respect.  She’ll willingly share her knowledge, but only if you prove to be trustworthy.

SAGITTARIUS – Five of Swords

It’s horrible to discover that there are people in life who are jealous of your achievements and want to knock you back somehow. This week when you may be surprised and hurt by an associate’s sour behaviour.   This may not be the time to speak out, so distance yourself as much as you can and stay close to happy people.

CAPRICORN – Knight of Swords

Others can’t add to your perfect plan so don’t bother asking for second opinions.You’ve plenty of creative ideas right now, plus will to manifest them into reality.  Being authoritative with those who are lazy or expect opportunities and money to drop from the sky will be a pleasure; if there’s a confrontation to be had, you’re more than prepared to battle it out.   Just don’t get overheated and take things too far.

AQUARIUS – Ten of Disks

Adding to your material security is easy this week as others like what you do and are willing to dig deep for your services. This card also indicates an unexpected windfall, so you might want to speculate to accumulate.   Life is offering you opportunities that a year ago would have been hard to imagine. How wonderful, so be thankful!

PISCES – The Hermit

This card indicates that it’s time to release any unfinished business from your past and to get on with healing yourself; mind, body and soul. Meditation, Tai Chi swimming and yoga will all help this process, so listen to what your body needs. It is important that you find some time alone as part of a much needed healing process.


Rom Ero

lbiza Town

Sa Nostra Sala, the exhibition hall of the Ibiza Council is currently exhibiting the works of painter Rom Ero until October 23rd. The exhibition titled ‘Jardines, mares y otros vicios de la memoria’ includes forty pieces encompassing paintings using both acrylic and resins.

The Minister of Culture, Education and Heritage Council of Ibiza, David Ribas said that Rom Ero “is not only a painter but also a creative space” and explained that his “forms, symbols, figures and characters seem amorphous and extremely personal.”

The space opens between Monday and Friday from 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 8.30pm.


Joc de Nens


Interesting art from the Mostra Collective is being shown at the Centre Tur Gabrielet in Formentera. The Collective use organic pieces to express freedom and happiness and the exhibition will run until the 20th October.


Gardening Course

Sant Josep

The City of Sant Josep begins a 620 hour course of gardening and landscape restoration, with priority for the unemployed, starting on October 13th. The course is held in the municipal nursery and consists of five modules. Students will work on different aspects of the profession, such as landscape restoration, maintenance of parks and gardens, management of machinery and agricultural surveying. After completing the course, students will receive a professional level 3 certificate.

The registration deadline has been extended until October 2nd. Information on 971 801 598.


Grabby at Punta Arabi

Es Cana

Every Wednesday of the season until October 28th, the Punta Arabí Hippy Market is exhibiting Iconos de Ibiza, a sample of portraits by Bulgarian artist Gal Grabby featuring some of the most well-known characters from the island and the market. Grabby has toured all across Europe with his exhibitions. Currently, his work can be seen in galleries and museums in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and Turkey, as well as New York and Spanish towns such as Seville and Alicante.


Mucha Piedra Poco Pan


Renowned sculptor, Wolf Kahler has an exhibition of his work in the Old Town Hall running until 10th October. The work is a celebration of the artist’s explorations of organic form in stone.




Kidnapping of Bankers


a play that deals with the theme that the rich and powerful always manage to successfully overcome any adverse situation. The story revolves around a bungled kidnapping in which the hostage is much more ruthless and clever than the kidnappers. It is a satirical and humorous work written by Dario Flo that has adapted into Spanish by Carla Matteini and directed by Esteve Ferrer. The cast is completed by seven artists who want to make the audience laugh and think Formentera.

The play will be performed next Saturday 3rd October in the hall of St. Francis at 9pm and costs only 12 euros to attend.


Activities for Children

Ibiza Town

Claire B

The Ajuntament d’Eivissa offers a number of after-school classes and activities for children of all ages, including painting, drawing, dancing, drama, comedy, martial arts, yoga and pilates. Some classes are in the afternoons and some are at weekends. For full details, including costs see:




Sta Eulalia

Showing this Fri 2nd Oct, Sat 3rd & Sun 4th 18-30hrs at Teatroespania in Sta Eulalia is The Man From U,N.C.L.E. Stars: Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander; In the early 1960s, CIA agent Napoleon Solo and KGB operative Illya Kuryakin participate in a joint mission against a mysterious criminal organization, working to proliferate nuclear weapons.


Black Door Fin


Claire B

Eden is the last outdoor film of the season from the Black Door Cinema Club at the Open-Air Secret Garden Cinema at Boutique Hostal Salinas. It will be shown next Tuesday October 6 at 10pm.

Eden – Paul, a teenager in the underground scene of early 90s Paris, forms a DJ collective with his friends and together they plunge into the nightlife of sex, drugs, and endless music. With an outstanding clubbing soundtrack, Eden isn’t a story of success and fortune, but a slice of life with a personal rhythm and a universal beat. The film is an honest portrait of the hardships that come from chasing one’s dreams.

There’s a special pre-screen gourmet BBQ and drinks from 8pm before the film starts at 10pm. An evening at a Black Door Cinema Club Screening is also about the intimate pre-film social event to catch up with familiar island residents and what better way to enjoy that with a gourmet BBQ and drinks around the stunning pool and lounge area at Boutique Hostal Salinas.

You need to buy a ticket online in advance. More details, including the trailer and how to buy tickets are at:




San Jordi

Claire B

Local bands Arma Sonora, MRC and Indulgentes are playing in the free ‘Back to School’ concert in San Jordi on Saturday October 3. The concert begins at 19.00 in the Plaça de Sant Jordi, which is behind the church.


Ibiza Spirit Festival

Atzaro, Sunday 4 October.

Described by founders Jerry and the Ibizan’s Sabina Brownstein as “a magical day of inspiration and celebration”, the Festival celebrates Ibiza’s special energy with beautiful events that will be happening all day from the opening at 11:00 right through the sunset and into the evening.

Music & Movement will be featured in Creative Dance, Sensual Tantra, Musical Meditations and Singing Circles.

Inspirational Workshops & Meditations will explore new ways of finding health & happiness in mind, body and spirit. Yoga classes in all different styles will be offered and a variety of Alternative Healing Therapies will be available including Massage,, Reconnection, Reiki and Cranio-Sacral.

Paintings by some of Ibiza’s fine artists will be on display, and there is also be a special area dedicated to Feminine Empowerment called  “Bella Mama”. Fun-filled activities will be going on all day in the Magical Children’s Area… face painting, puppet shows, Yoga for Kids, Arts & Crafts, story-telling, games, and more.

€10 entrance which includes access to all activities (except therapists and readers who ask a small extra donation).



Mostra Comics

Sant Antoni

Until October 10th from 5pm to 9pm, the Far de ses Coves Blanques will host a ‘Mostra Comics’ exhibition. Curated by long-term fan Joan Ramis, the exhibition will show case comics from 1941-1987 which are solely aimed at the female market. Most of the exhibition will revolve around the comic icon, ‘Esther’ which gained notoriety in the 1970s and is still extremely popular throughout Spain.


Food & Drink


Villa Mercedes

Starting from the 2nd October, Villa Mercedes once again treats Ibiza residents with it’s superb 15 euro weekday menu, the 17 euro weekend menu and the 19 euro deluxe menu. As an example, how does this grab you for 15 euros? French onion soup, hake stuffed with prawns and smoked salmon finished off with a chocolate brownie for dessert. Bargain. And bloody lovely as well.

The 19 euro  deluxe menu is, of course, a step up. Asian beef carpaccio and eñtrana grilled beef are just two dishes on an extensive menu which includes five starters and five mains to choose from. Bargain. And bloody lovely as well.

If for any mad reason none of this grabs you, the normal menu is still available and the atmosphere and ambience is still as good as ever, with live bands, DJs and special events planned throughout the Autumn months. Now open 1pm-midnight 7 days a week, & available for all end of season & celebration parties.

Last year’s meat dish

Fillet steak with porcini sauce & homemade chips.

The fillet is a 5€ option—and good job too. If you are going to have steak surely better to pay a little more for a good one—and good it was, very good.

Last year’s fish dish

Dorada (Fish) with a succulent aubergine garnish.

When a fish like Dorada is perfectly cooked and truly fresh, the best way I can describe it is as if you can still taste the sea. I hope that will make sense to other fish fans out there. The aubergine, peppers and onions again had that subtle smoke of sesame.



It was back in the 1990s when Ibizan local Tony Torres, inspired from his visits to Mexico, opened a Tex-Mex restaurant underneath the Hostel Alicante in San Antonio. The food was authentic, but what made it an instant success was the carnival atmosphere created by the outgoing Tony and his hand-selected staff.

A few years after opening and buoyed by Tijuana’s success, Tony decided to relocate to a purpose-built venue right by the shouting man. He built it from the ground up with excessive attention to detail, and the first thing that strikes you when you enter through the doors is that the restaurant looks like it has been chiselled out of a cave. Aztec relics adorn the faux rock walls, and there are indentations everywhere full of little treasures. There’s even a rope bridge, which only children and extreme sports nutters would even think about crossing.

The atmosphere is still raucous, fun and friendly. You would feel just at home here with your family or a group of mates. Host Tony comes over with a menu and he still has the boundless energy he had when he first dreamed of this concept.

With location and atmosphere ticked, it’s time to check out the food. Now I have a slight aversion to beans which has always scuppered my enjoyment of most Tex-Mex places. Fortunately, Tijuana has plenty of bean-less options.

For starter, I’ve reluctantly opted out of my usual selection of Spicy Chicken Wings and have gone for the Seafood Ceviche. I adore Ceviche and regularly indulge in Peruvian haunts, and Tijuana’s version of the dish of citrus-cured raw fish is bloody amazing. Sharp, fresh and tasty, I’m tempted to order a second plate and forget the main course.

But as a professional I don’t, and instead order a staple Tex-Mex dish – the Burrito. The Burrito is a monstrously large concoction made up of a corn-flour wrap full of meat, guacamole, melted cheese and tomato sauce. In this case, I get chicken as the meat and soon am stuffed and very content. Yet though, I seem to have made the fatal error of eating too much good food when planning on batting on. Bedtime …


Food & Drink




Formentera Car Free

The Council of Formentera recently held an event celebrating “European day without cars”. Free buses were available throughout the day and a display of electric vehicles was on show in Sant Francesc’s Constitution Square.

Rafael González said that the aim of the event is to “fight to achieve sustainable mobility for Formentera. The size of our territory makes it an ideal island for the promotion of these types of vehicles.”

He further highlighted the benefits that arise from using electric vehicles, such as access to blue zone parking and free entry to the Natural Park of Ses Illetes.

To further encourage the use of sustainable transport, the council has created an extensive network of 12 municipal charging points distributed throughout the island, where users of electric cars can recharge their batteries for free.

The exhibition of electric vehicles was attended by two of the three companies that have made a commitment to Formentera for this type of sustainable transport – Cooltra and Europcar. The Council also exhibited an electric motorcycle used by the local police and an electric bike used by employees of the institution. Residents and tourists have been able to see first-hand how they work.


Tarida Treatment Plant

The Balearic Government initiated the process to build the new treatment plant of Cala Tarida in 2002. Thirteen years later, the plant is still not operational after suffering numerous misadventures and work stoppages that lasted nearly eight years.

The construction of this plant, which is much needed to service the 15,000 summer inhabitants, began in 2007 but was halted in 2008. The Government is now confident that the plant can be finished for next summer after construction work restarted this August.

The finished plant will be able to treat 3,518 cubic metres per day for a population of 17,500 inhabitants. It will service the areas of Cala Tarida, Cala Codolar, Cala Moli and Cala Llentia. Currently there are four wastewater plants but they are small and outdated, and can only treat wastewater for a population of 5,500.


Desalination Nation

The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, vowed yesterday that the Ministry will assume the additional cost of 19 million euros for the desalination upgrade in Sant Eulalia and will be transferring funds to the Balearic Government rapidly.

“I am pleased with the commitment of the Minister to fix the situation we face in Ibiza regarding water infrastructure”, said the president of the Ibiza Council, Vicent Torres, who was accompanied by the Balearic Minister of the Environment, Vicenç Vidal at the meeting in Madrid. Torres welcomed the commitment because of the very favourable impact on the citizens of Ibiza and the Balearics in general. As well as more water being readily available, the cost for users should also be significantly lower.


Radiotherapy in Jan?

Is the wait nearly over? The Balearic Councillor for Health, Patricia Gomez, has said that the new Can Misses radiotherapy service will be in operation next January. After visiting the facilities of the new hospital, Gomez has announced that as long as there are no unforeseen problems, the Joint Venture companies Juaneda Clinic and Polyclinic Miramar will begin work as soon as possible to adapt the structure of the bunker housing the unit, which then must be endorsed by the Nuclear Safety Council.

All patients in the Balearic Islands currently have to go to Palma for ‘free’ radiotherapy treatment and, if they go alone, they must pay six euros per night to stay in Can Granada. Gomez has said that there has already been contact with the company responsible to remedy the cost. Gomez said that in the event that the problem is not corrected, the Government would not renew its agreement with Can Granada.


Autumn Forecast

Autumn has officially begun and will be warmer than normal, according to forecasts by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), which also predicts normal rainfall of 190 litres for the season after a very hot summer and heavy rains in August and September.

The new season, which runs until the 22nd of December, began its first day with clouds and falling temperatures. The temperature trend throughout the quarter will steadily drop from 23°C to 15°C from October to December.

This summer has been the second warmest since records began in 1952. The highest summer temperatures were recorded on August 8th in Formentera (36.5) and August 13th in Sant Joan (35.3). The nights have also been tropically humid with temperatures often above 20°C.




Ibiza Town: Falling Debris

A resident alerted the authorities after a detachment from the cornice on the facade of the Hotel Montesol fell off onto the busy Vara de Rey walkway in Ibiza Town.

Fortunately, nobody was passing beneath the permanently closed hotel when the incident occurred and no vehicles were damaged. The local police have placed fences, whilst the damage is analysed and repair work is undertaken.


San An: Free Parking?

The City Council of Sant Antoni has approved a one year extension for the management contract of the blue parking bays in the centre of Sant Antoni to the current management company, Silsa.

However, the government team said that after this extension, they will be pursuing the option of having free parking outside the tourist season throughout the municipality with the exception of the commercial areas, where a free rotation would be implemented. As part of this plan, the current payment system in summer will be maintained although with a reduction of the number of blue parking bays.

The Councillor of Culture and New Technologies, Fran Tienda, said that in winter “the blue zone is not necessary” and that the duty of the Council is “listen to the people who pay taxes.”


Formentera: Anchors Away

The proliferation of illegal anchors in various areas of the Natural Park in Formentera have forced the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment to take urgent measures for removing these devices through a campaign that began in the middle of this month and will run until September 30.

The tasks are currently being carried out in collaboration with the Eivinatura Diving Centre Vellmarí at a total cost of 400,000 euros.

According to the representative of Eivinatura, agronomist Fabio Torres, “we are removing anchors in Caló de s’Oli, sa Torreta and s’Espalmador and next to the pier of La Savina.”

“In the first extraction we have recovered 45 anchors, which have already been taken to the landfill and we have to tow another one hundred of these illegal anchors ranging from stuffed concrete cubes and remnants of kitchen countertops or chains, among other objects.”

“We have found that the anchors have destroyed 80 square meters of sea bed and people have to understand the damage caused, so our work is also educational. If the seagrass dies the consequences will be serious, including the irreversible loss of transparency of the water because of erosion and suspended material,” concluded Torres.


Jesus: Youth & Culture Centre

It is the intention of the City of Santa Eulalia’s mayor, Vicent Mari, to open a youth and culture centre in Jesus in the building bought by the council in 2013 for 400,000 euros. The space is next to the church in the village, and the centre is planned to be open in 2016.

“We want to create a multipurpose space for all residents to enjoy. Now, we must adapt the space and we hope to start work in 2016,” he explained.


October Push

The Council of Formentera has presented the next section of their ‘off season’ tourist campaign, “Discover Formentera in October”. This campaign is one of the specific initiatives that the council are undertaking to attract low season visitors. The activities are divided into cultural, sport and gastronomic activities.

In the first and second week of October, nine different restaurants on the island will offer menus in traditional cuisine at 20 euros. This year sees the first edition of a conference aimed at physical and spiritual alternative therapies, which will take place from 4th to 11th October. In terms of sports, there will be a triathlon on 3rd October, Rise of the Mola on 12th October and La Mola mountain bike race on 25th October.

In addition, there will be a Pilar De La Mola festival held from October 12th with live music, traditional dances and activities for children. There is also an Oktoberfest, date to be confirmed.

All visitors who join the campaign will have a 25% discount on ferry fares between Ibiza and Formentera and special deals for activities on the island during October.


August Tourist Figures

Of the 595,946 tourists who visited Ibiza and Formentera in August, 206,203 (34.7%) people stayed in rented properties or with friends/relatives according to a survey of tourist movements published by Frontur. The data shows a decline in tourists compared to August 2014, when 609,151 people visited both islands, 13,205 more than in August this year.

Of the 206,203 visitors who didn’t stay in hotels on the island, 73,782 opted to rent a property, while 53,439 people enjoyed their holiday in the homes of relatives or friends. Contrary to reports of illegal rentals affecting hotel occupancy, the data reveals that there has been an increase of 70,272 tourists staying in hotels this August in comparison to August 2014.

The survey also provides data of tourists who visited Ibiza and Formentera in August by nationality. Of the 595,946 visitors, 134,710 (22%) were Spaniards. Of the 461,236 foreigners who came to Ibiza and Formentera, the majority were British, with 169,724. The Italians come second with 113,098, and the Germans third with 44,667.


Zombie Apocalypse!!

As previewed in issue 801, an army of the undead caused ‘panic’ in the Sant Antoni neighbourhood of Ses Païsses as they over-whelmed the area in a zombie attack. The 50 zombies and 700 uninfected players were part of the 33rd ‘Zombie Survival’ game organised by Real World Games, which was watched by an estimated 7,000 people.

At 11pm on Saturday night, General Javier Posadas stepped on stage to inform participants of a serious threat. “Recently there has been a leak from a nearby psychiatric facility and some of those who have escaped are infected.”

The general was forced to declare martial law and asked the help of all the players to put down the zombie invasion. “I hope that there are no traitors among you,” he snapped. Minutes later, a horde of undead stepped in and caused ‘alarm’ among the participants and neighbourhood residents, who fled in a hurry.

Players performed different tests while avoiding being caught by zombies who were scattered throughout the playing area. If a player was caught, then they became part of the zombie hordes, so completing the tests quickly was essential. Both groups wore badges of different colours to be identified. The survivors were dressed in a green scarf, the undead with a red garment and the security forces with a yellow badge. No one was injured, although some participants have developed a shambling walk and a hunger for brains.

Meanwhile another of the season extending specialist holiday groups reported in the same feature are descending on Cala De Bou this weekend as hundreds of British Jetski riders arrive for the annual Jet Bou festival centred around the Playa Bella hotel.


At Night


Good Luck!

we’ll see you on the other side….

It’s the first weekend of October and that can only mean a monumental amount of closing parties to attend. Best of luck making it to Wednesday!

Friday – Begin with the closing of Ocean Beach which starts at midday and finishes at 10pm, then nip down to Plastik and Kilties in which ever order you wish for their closing parties with the best resident DJs on the island. Follow that up with Privilege closing in association with the SuperMartXé boys to finish the day.


At Night


Saturday – Another early start at midday day with the Ushuaia closing down in Bossa, then stop for a recharge burger at Steak ‘n Shake before heading back to San An for the always awesome Tulp closing—a big fave with the locals and always a surprise or two in store (see ad front page). Then off to be followed by the legendary end of season party at Amnesia.

Sunday – Only one thing to do today, and that’s to head down to Space and particularly the especially erected car park arena for what some consider the official end of summer.

Monday – But of course there is more. From 3pm, the Circo Loco crew wind up probably the most wobbly of the closing parties at DC10. Not surprising after 3 days of going out.

Tuesday – Time for a mellow recharge at Tapas Restaurant’s closing with great food and cocktails before going off to Bossa for Sankey’s last blow-out of the year.

Onwards – Don’t forget that there are still places that are still open. Mint does a great menu deal for the rest of the month and there are lots more restaurants and Pacha open for the winter.




Corsaris go Vigilante on the Pirates

About thirty people, members of the group of taxi drivers calling themselves ‘Corsaris’, recently made a special effort to go to the Amnesia club to try to catch drivers of illegal pirate taxis. The legal taxi drivers, some of them disguised and masked, went first to the bus stop just in front of the taxi queue and found suspected illegal taxi drivers waiting to pick up passengers. They were reprimanded and pushed by the group. One of the illegal pirates escaped by crossing the road, and was almost run over by a van.

After all the ‘pirates’ were scared away from outside of the club, the mob went to the estate of Monte Cristo, where many ‘pirates’ allegedly park their vehicles. There, they surrounded a car and an altercation began after the driver began to throw stones. The group returned fire and seriously dented the vehicle before kicking the doors as the driver made his escape.


Charting History

The Historical Archives of Ibiza has gained 75 photographs by Augusto Vallmitjana of the early 1970s, and 500 books of local and Balearic character thanks to the generosity of Florencio Arnan who donated from his personal library.

The 75 photographs are divided into three folders and includes images taken from ball pagés and of traditional Ibizan architecture.

In addition, a small donation was received last week consisting of a plan of the proposed development of Cala d’Albarca (dated 1963), and a sign of the Fires de Sant Joan in the plaza of Henry Fajarnés Tur (dated 1966).


Music off

Sant Antoni City Council has denounced the club Amnesia twice in one week for blatantly violating club closing times. The ‘Music On’ closing on Friday and ‘Cocoon’ closing on Monday were both still open at midday, six hours past the 6am time limit.

The law states that if set closing times are exceeded by more than one hour, the late closure is considered a serious offense and that the club could face a fine of between 1,001 and 10,000 euros. In addition, and much scarier for the clubs, it may also result in disqualification of the activity for a maximum period of six months.

Councillor of State, Aida Alcaraz, stated that local police will take action this weekend, if the closing of the club for the summer season extends past 6am. In previous years, the club has been open well into the afternoon of the next day and many clubbers do not actually arrive until after the club should be closed.

Digital Ibiza

The mayors of all five municipalities in Ibiza, along with the president of the Ibiza Insular Council, have signed their commitment to the ‘Ibiza Smart Island’ project that is planning to push Ibiza firmly into the digital realm. The five municipalities now adhere to the framework agreement which was signed between the Island Council, the Association of Telecommunications Engineers and the University of the Balearic Islands last March.

The project aims to make the island of Ibiza fully connected to new information technologies, so that both residents and tourists can have all the information generated by the island in real time. The intention is that its implementation is not only aimed at promoting tourism, but is also a tool that serves to make more rational use of resources, monitors activity and efficiency of infrastructure and public services, and improves the quality of life of citizens.

The Council of Ibiza will present this project, which costs an estimated 10 million euros, to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism who have allocated a ‘digital budget’ of 30 million euros in aid to the Balearics as a whole.


USA Press

It’s not UK Press this week, but USA Press as a photographer from Ibiza has managed to get his excellent shot of the recent supermoon onto NASA’s ‘Astronomy Picture of The Day’ website.

Jose Antonio Hervás captured this amazing image on Tuesday this week, and here’s what the experts at NASA had to say about it:

What’s more rare than a supermoon total lunar eclipse? How about a supermoon total lunar eclipse over a lightning storm. Such an electrifying sequence was captured on Tuesday from Ibiza, an island in southeastern Spain. After planning the location for beauty, and the timing to capture the entire eclipse sequence, the only thing that had to cooperate for this astrophotographer to capture a memorable eclipse sequence was the weather. What looked to be a bother on the horizon, though, turned out to be a blessing. The composite picture features over 200 digitally combined images from the same location over the course of a night. The full moon is seen setting as it faded to red in Earth’s shadow and then returned to normal. The fortuitous lightning is seen reflected in the Mediterranean to the right of the 400-meter tall rocky island of Es Vedra. Although the next total eclipse of a large and bright supermoon will occur in 2033, the next total eclipse of any full moon will occur in January 2018 and be visible from eastern Asia and Australia.






View from the Pew

Rev. Dr. Peter Pimentel

There are many angels in the spiritual realm.  In the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, otherwise known as the Apocalypse, a first century Jewish-Christian seer by the name of John, was caught up by the Spirit of God into heaven in a vision.  He describes his experience: “Then I looked, and heard the voice of many angels surrounding the throne and the living creatures and the elders; they numbered myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands”. (Rev 5:11).

In the original Greek text the word myriads was the largest number for which the Greek language afforded a ready term.  The plural, myriads of myriads, is therefore a way of saying that the angels are innumerable.

There are also many different species of angels.  Perhaps the most unusual type of angel are the “wheels” that the biblical prophet Ezekiel saw:

The appearance of the wheels and their workings was like the color of beryl, and all four had the same likeness. The appearance of their workings was, as it were, a wheel in the middle of a wheel. 17 When they moved, they went toward any one of four directions; they did not turn aside when they went. 18 As for their rims, they were so high they were awesome; and their rims were full of eyes, all around the four of them.

The English word “wheels” translates a Hebrew word ophanim. Latter Jewish writings such as the Dead Sea Scrolls rightly understood the ophanim to be a specific order of angels.  Today we might prefer to use the word “orbs”.  The Hebrew word eynayim translated “eyes” can mean also “spring” (of water) or therefore, “sparkle” (of light).  The orbs were emitting supernatural light.

I’m reading a book at the moment by Eben Alexander, M.D: Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, 2012.  At one point in this extraordinary book, he describes something very much like Ezekiel’s orbs:

“Turning slowly, it radiated fine filaments of white-gold light, and as it did so the darkness around me began to splinter and break apart. Then I heard a new sound, a living sound, like the richest, most complex, most beautiful piece of music you’ve ever heard.” (p.38).

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera: Tel 971 34 33 83


Services: Sunday 4th traditional style Holy Communion 9:30am and contemporary style worship with Holy Communion 10:30am both at the RC Church, Sant Rafel, Placa de Iglesia de Sant Rafel.


Cool for Cats

A group of veterinarians and volunteers will travel from the UK to Ibiza on October 10th to carry out a campaign which is concerned with the sterilisation of feral cats. The Care for Cats Association, who are organising the initiative, has castrated about 15,000 cats in Ibiza in the last two decades.

The association run the campaign in autumn, when the weather cools down and the females are in heat, and from February to March each year and castrate between 400 and 500 cats per visit.

Experts say that the sterilisation stops large colonies forming, which are annoying for residents and wildlife. Anyone who locates a colony of stray cats can contact the association at the number 646 57 46 02.


Play For Change

Though we have not yet received official notification of the final amount raised we understand the Play for Change music event held in Cala Llonga last weekend raised an impressive 8,600€

It’s a boy!

Congratulations to Kellie and Jose Tulip on the birth of their first child, Francisco Jose Ribas Tulip who was born on September 26. Francisco chose to make his grand entrance into the world on their first wedding anniversary, weighing in at a very healthy 9.25lb.

Contra Cancer Gala Dinner

Brian Whetton

The Association Contra Cancer Ibiza & Formentera held a Gala Dinner at Restaurant La Casita last Saturday with over a hundred people enjoying an outstanding three course meal in the beautifully decorated marquee. During her brief welcoming speech Hele Watson, President of the Association, thanked everyone for their support, not for just this evening but throughout the year, raising funds, all of which remain on the island to help those affected by cancer. The Lost Mountain Orchestra provided the music for dancing, the raffle raised 900 euros for the Association.

It’s Good to Talk

By Kate Stillman

Dear Good to Talk

I am one of the lucky minority in Ibiza as an ex pat I have been able to secure myself an all year around job which means I don’t have the seasonal ups and downs that are so often talked about. I don’t go to the extreme that the seasonal workers do, but none the less I work very hard all year and still find the summers very challenging. My husband works only in the summer and he generally works unsociable (or if you are a tourist sociable) hours.

He gets very short tempered and grumpy, he unburdens all his work on to me, the ups and downs and I spend many nights lying asleep worrying about him being out late having to drive on little sleep etc. So though I don’t do what he does in some ways I feel like I do it with him and to add to that I also do not get the 6 month break that he does in the winter. So now I find myself feeling hugely resentful as well as shattered and no prospect of a break as we still very much need my steady income through the winter, in fact we need it all year around. This has been going on for a few years now and I’m beginning to get really fed up.

Thank you for any advice you may be able to offer


Dear AJ

Thank you for your letter and I can really see how frustrated you must feel with no light at the end of the tunnel for you when most of those around you including your husband have a 6month period to recover and prepare for the next wave.

I wonder if you and your husband are able to actually take a break,  It seems strange when we live in such an amazing place that is a holiday destination for thousands every year, but, it is so important to get off the island and have a proper holiday . Ibiza is wonderful but can be intense and claustrophobic at times so booking a proper holiday and giving yourselves the space to enjoy it is crucial. I also wonder if you have ever gently but firmly spoken to your husband about how you feel and how much you feel he unburdens his work issues on to you which he potentially could talk to someone else about. Communication really is key in relationships and if you both don’t tell each other what’s going on and rely on the other to “know how I feel because we’ve been together for so long”  it can lead to all sorts of assumptions and miss understandings.

Take care, focus on you and what you need in order to maintain the work life balance that you need.

Warm regards


NB PLEASE REMEMBER through the winter months our Free and confidential support group continues to meet every Tuesday from 12.30-13.30 please e mail kate@ibizacounsellign.com for more info


Hippy Market


Kid’s Corner

Carly Sorensen

Last week I had the good fortune to spend a couple of hours on a sunny Wednesday afternoon at the Kids Corner at Punta Arabi hippy market in Es Cana. Once inside the market, follow the signs to a little corner near the top and you’re welcomed by all things bright and beautiful….astroturfed floor and tables, brightly painted signs declaring peace and love, home-made floral frames hanging from the canopied cover, bright little chairs, fabrics, paints, flowers, feathers, glitter, glue…it’s a crafty kids paradise! Amidst all this vibrant colour is Ruth Jiminez, a lovely woman adorned in her own home-made flower headband, who radiates warmth and friendliness and instantly gets to entertaining and creating with my daughter and I. She and her colleagues operate the kids corner from 9am to 6pm every Wednesday, and when I remark that this seems a long time, she smiles and says the time flies for her as she loves doing what she does. She likes to see parents and children spend quality time together creating something together, and she loves to be a part of that. It’s evident from her manner that she really does mean this, she seemed blissfully happy, calm and peaceful the whole time we were there. Usually there is a second craft area offering a wide range of activities to keep the little ones busy, run by Ioana Evers of Ibiza Mamas, but unfortunately it wasn’t operating when I visited due to staff illness. Having been to Ibiza Mamas events and craft areas in the past though, I am pretty sure this is of their usual high standard, friendly feel and creative, loving vibe.

So, what exactly can you create in the kids corner? Well, as you might expect in the Hippy Market, the activities on offer have a lovely ‘hippy-esque’ theme, and all of the fabrics, wools and floweres come from recycled material…old clothes cut into strips, scraps of fabric and wool, recycled flower displays. At one table are all the accessories and accoutrements to make your very own flower headband. At another table are fabrics and wools to create your own dreamcatcher or mandala. Another table has facepaints and glitter on it, and this is the one my daughter makes a beeline for! Ruth paints a heart on her forehead and a lilac butterfly on her face then adds glitter, all the while talking her through what she’s doing and showing her the ‘work in progress’ in a beautifully hand customised mirror. Not content with being just the subject of the paintwork, Ela makes a grab for the brush and Ruth kindly allows her to paint her hand. Then my hand. Finally, Ela goes to town on her own face, adding flourishes of white to her cheeks and forehead and laughing happily to herself. Before this fun gets too out of hand, Ruth distracts Ela with bubbles (she definitely knows toddlers!), which I blow whilst she packs away the rapidly depleting facepaint and glitter supply!

Next it’s on to headband making (we give the dreamcatchers a miss as my 22 month old has neither the dexterity nor patience for this yet!). Ela selects three strips of coloured fabric from the basket, and I plait them together whilst she selects flowers and feathers and goes for a run and a shout around the space – we tried to get her to hold the fabric whilst I plaited it, but she was having none of it.  Ruth helps Ela glue some flowers and feathers on to her headband and we then tie it around her head whilst she admires herself in the mirror, then poses for photos with us behind the frame hanging from the canopy.   Then, she’s off and running back to the face paint area, keen to have another go with the paint brush. Good old Ruth produces the bubbles again and we say our goodbyes.

I can highly recommend a visit to the Hippy Market Kids Corner. Ela and I had a fantastic time with Ruth, who made the experience all the more pleasant with her smiling face, patience and natural rapport with the two of us. Also fantastic is that these activities are put on and paid for by Azuline hotels, who operate the on site hotel, and so are completely free of charge (although you can leave a tip in a basket if you wish). Next time you’re in Es Cana, pay the kids corner a visit, soak up the friendly, peaceful and loving vibes and come away with a handmade souvenir. A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle and a chance to connect creatively with your little ones.


A Bus Could Run You Over


Images: Craig Sugden

Since Monday, the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted a large crew of people wandering around Ibiza with clip boards, cameras, massive lighting rigs and those boom microphones that look like squirrel tails.

Colin first came to Ibiza in 1986 and during the following years had jobs as club rep, doorman and manager of Gala Night (which now hosts the Zoo Project). He left the island for a while and wrote the first novel of his Ibiza trilogy, ‘Is Harry on the boat?’ before returning to Ibiza in the year 2000 to set-up a recording studio. The book sold a total of 150,000 copies of his book (after self-promoting the first 20,000), and was then turned into a film starring a young Danny Dyer and Will Mellor.

With a publisher for the next two parts of the trilogy, things were looking up but the third book only ended up selling 30,000 copies. Colin and many others think that the ‘A bus could run you over’ is the best of the three and Colin blames lack of interest from the publisher. He has always wanted to get the story to more people by making the book into a film and this motivation pushed him to learn how to be a script writer under mentor Paul Abbot (who is responsible for the hit show, Shameless).

It took five years to adapt the book into a script and to find the funding, but now the movie is becoming a reality. After choosing Fulwell 73 to produce and Ben Turner (One Direction music videos and Class of ’92) to direct, Colin wants this to be the first authentic Ibiza film where Ibiza feels like a character. His ambition is to break the US and he would like the film to do for Ibiza what the Beach did for Thailand.

It is a proper bonafide blockbuster with a Hollywood star, a pop star and quality British actors. As it’s such a big film, they’re still looking for extras so if you’re in Ibiza and fancy being on the silver screen, then contact the email for more info up until 22nd October, and don’t forget that you can still get the book at Amazon



IMDB Summary

A comic thriller with dark undertones and a big heart, set on the island of Ibiza. When Connor’s best friend become innocently embroiled in the plans of a gang in Ibiza, he is the only one who can help him, but it means returning to the island he has avoided since the tragic death of a friend when he worked in Ibiza a few years earlier. Once back, Connor is reunited with Leo, his former boss and mentor, a 60 year old American draft dodger turned hippy. Only thing is, Leo is trying to kill himself. Amongst the mayhem of exploding villas, underwater drops and a gorgeous diving instructor, Connor and Leo’s journey teaches Leo that every day is precious and Connor that his life in London is not as perfect as it seems and that if he deals with his past, there is only one place he’ll ever be truly happy…Ibiza. All he has to do is stay alive long enough to enjoy it.



  • Connor – Lyndon Ogbourne (The Black Prince, Robin Hood, Spooks)
  • Leo – Billy Zane (Titanic, Memphis Belle, Back to the Future)
  • Kyle – Billy Boyd (The Lord of the Rings, Master & Commander, Hobbit)
  • Mac – Example (Multi platinum selling musician and 2.5m twitter followers)
  • Rick – Owain Arthur (One Man Two Guvnors, Hinterland, Babylon)
  • Barry – Darren Day (Rough Cut, Alice)
  • Dex – Joel Dommett (Impractical Jokers, Skins)
  • Marina – Gala Gordon (Kids in Love)
  • Katya – Philippa Lett (numerous adverts and TV shows)




Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Well, it appears I DO have some readers out there, as I have received a text from a vexed Scotsman, telling me off regarding my report after GB had won their tennis semifinal in the Davis Cup. Apparently, this was in Glasgow not Edinburgh so my apologies to all Glaswegians for mixing them up with those from Edinburgh. Unfortunately, not having visited either city, I don’t know the cultural difference, but to me a Scot is a Scot and I did applaud them in general for their vociferous support. So, dear reader, point taken but I think it may be a case of pedantism at it’s height!

Rugby Union

Talking of the Home Countries, the performance of the week must go to the Welsh as in the current World Cup, the men from the Principality showed beyond any doubt, that they do indeed have tremendous spirit, character and desire. In a superb Group of Death match at Twickenham on Saturday, with the loser facing a much more difficult task of reaching the knock-out round, if at all, and down by 10 points to a dominant England, and even after having almost a full back-line decimated by injuries, they somehow found the will and guts to not only pull back a try, goal and penalty to level the match at 25 points apiece, they then slotted home a 55m penalty to take a 3 point lead with only 3 minutes to go. Mind you, Robshaw’s team did have one final opportunity to at least salvage a draw with a penultimate minute penalty on the far right but decided to go for the win with a punt to the Welsh corner and hopefully, a last minute pushover try, a decision that has split the English rugby public, as it came to nought. Should they have taken the kick at goal to save the match or go for glory? Well, it was, arguably, kickable and according to that self-opinionated rugby mastermind and know-it-all pundit Stuart Barnes, who was only ever a world-class great in his own mind, Robshaw should have gone for the kick at goal but I, and a number of my ex-rugby friends, beg to differ as we all agreed Robshaw did the right thing. Japan proved that without a doubt against South Africa and were justly praised to the hilt, so tell me, Barnesy, what’s the difference? Anyway, what’s done is done, and as a patriotic Englishman, well done to the Welsh! So, what now for England? A must-win at all costs match up with Australia on Saturday ( 9pm ITV, and this time no dinner date!) and hope that Wales get beaten by Fiji in their next match! Australia ran up a cricket score against Uruguay on Sunday, and now lead Group A, but the omens are good for England, as we’ve already beaten the Aussies in the Ashes and the Davis Cup this summer, so, come on, guys, let’s make it a glorious treble! No shocks elsewhere last week, as the usual suspects all won including Scotland, leaders of Group B, New Zealand heading Group C and Ireland Group D.

Rugby League

And the final round of matches in the Super8’s were completed at the w/end with Leeds coming back to win against Huddersfield to take the League Shield on points diff from Wigan, 47-12 winners over Castleford and despite losing 32-16 at home to Warrington, St Helens made the semifinal play-offs, being played on Thursday, Wigan/Huddersfield and Friday, Leeds/St Helens. A Leeds/Wigan Final in 2 weeks, methinks, which is how it should be really, the league leaders agin the runner-ups!

With the domestic Cricket season all but over not much to report on other summer sports but in


I know an American golfer who will be delighted this morning, namely Jordan Speith, who won the final match of the FedEx Series, the Tour Championship in Atlanta, by 4 strokes, to not only win the 7.5m pound bonus ( yes, you read that right, that’s SEVEN AND A HALF MILLION POUNDS!) but regained his spot as World No 1 from Aussie Jason Day. Sorry, and I have said this at this time of the year every year, but that amount is absolutely obscene considering the financial state of the world, just for hitting a golf ball around 18 holes and makes a mockery of  a top rugby union player’s wages of max 500 grand a year. Also it’s not as if any of these top golfers need the money, is it? Still, the money on offer in sport it what it is, and one cannot blame the stars for taking what’s on offer. Good final round by Englishman Justin Rose as he came =2nd and good to see compatriot Paul Casey back in form.


In the Premier League, leaders Man City, going through a bit of a slump at the mo’ after their brilliant early season form, were knocked off the top as they lost 4-1 at a rejuvenated Tottenham, now 5th, and were replaced by city arch rivals United, after their predictable 3-0 win over rooted-to-the-bottom Sunderland, where Rooney ended his barren goal-scoring run of 1000 minutes. Arsenal are in 4th after their 5-2 win at unbeaten Leicester featuring a Sanchez hat-trick, and Crystal Palace are still well-placed in 6th as they travelled up the road to beat Watford 1-0. Newcastle Utd, winless so far, thought they were going to break their duck at St James’ as they went 2-0 up against Chelsea, but 2 second-half subs pulled the goals back for the champions to share the points, Daniel Sturridge returned from injury to score a brace for Liverpool as they beat struggling Aston Villa at Anfield 3-2, Southampton got back on the winning trail with a 3-1 home win over Swansea, Stoke took the points at home with a 2-1 win over Bournemouth, inconsistent West Ham, recent winners at the Etihad  could only draw 2-2 at home to Naaarwich after a 90th minute face-saver, and finally, West Bromwich, at home, took on Everton on Monday night, AMD! ‘Tis the second of the Group games for the Champions and Europa Leagues this week, with, in the former, Man City, Man Utd and Arsenal desperate for their first points let alone wins, with City away at Moenchengladbach, Utd at home to Wolfsburg and the Gunners at home to  Olympiacos while Chelsea take on Jose’s first successful team Porto in Portugal. It’s now so important for all 4 English clubs to do well this season, as another result like last season, where no English club reached the Quarters, would result in England losing their 4th CL spot to Italy, so, come on you lot, start winning again! In the latter, Tottenham are in Monaco, Liverpool are at home to FC Sion and Celtic are in Glasgow (not Edinburgh!) against Fenerbahce. Finally, talking Europe, how about these two events last week:  firstly, Barcelona’s capitulation mid-week in La Liga, losing 4-1 at Celta Vigo, especially as the Gallician’s are newly back in the Division, and secondly, I congratulated Cristiano for his 5 goals recently for Real Madrid in a 6-1 win against Espanyol, but this has to take second place to Robert Lewandowski’s 5 including a 3 minute hat-trick in a Bundesliga match, especially as he started the match on the subs bench and his first three touches of the ball resulted in 3 goals! Beat that Cristiano!

‘Tis all for now.Jezza


Ibiza Cricket Club

v Treasury Valuers C.C. (Bristol)


  • 19/09, 30 overs per side

lIbiza C.C. win by 58 runs.

Ibiza welcomed back this friendly West country club, who visited for a triangular T20 tournament in Sept.2013, and, to the surprise of the hosts, included 2 regular Mallorca C.C. all-rounders for this cricketing weekend. Ibiza were asked to bat first, and, after the 3 month break from cricket, confirmed their lack of preparation when facing the Mallorcan opening fast bowlers and falling to 10 for 3, and then 15 for 4 in the first 7 overs! Opening batsman Martin “Scoops” Cooper (15) and Robin “Robiño” Parmenter (20) hung around for a while, but wickets continued to fall, and when the latter was out with the score on 82 for 9, it appeared Ibiza would not reach 100 runs. However, thanks to a counter-attacking 9th wicket partnership of 50 runs between Mike “Spider” Amos (35 not out) and Neil “Stardust” Tobbitt (19 not out), Ibiza were able to finish their overs on a competitive 132 for 9.
Of the visitors’ bowlers, Mark “Weepy” Williams with 3/25, Geraint “G-man” Jones with 2/16 and Wes “Sushi” Walker (2/11) stood out, assisted by Ben Vickers and Steve Coombes with a wicket each.

Treasury Valuers then batted and lost the aggressive Ben Vickers (14) and opener Dave “Vomcom” Maplestone (23) just when they were threatening to take the match away from Ibiza. Indeed, they were on 65/4 at the halfway point, with wickets in hand, and on track to reach their target. However, after the drinks break, Ibiza bowler Graeme Cooper produced 3 tight overs and claimed 3 wickets in quick succession to finish on 4 for 6 and leave the visitors struggling. Finally Paul “BskyB” Cruttwell finished their innings off with 3/22, well supported by Mike Amos (2/14), Robin Parmenter contributed a wicket, and the visitors collapsed to 74 all out, losing by 58 runs.

  • 20/09, 30 overs per side
  • lTVCC win by 46 runs.

TVCC batted first and were evidently determined to defend their wickets more strongly this time. Ben Vickers set them up with a well struck and chanceless 61, and was well supported by Nick “Hot&Cold” Yeo with 38 not out, and Mark Williams (16). Ibiza’s unusually distracted fielding display, including 2 missed run-outs, and contribution of 44 extras, allowed TVCC to finish on an imposing 183 for 5. Paul Cruttwell with 2/22 was the pick of the Ibiza bowlers, with Pete “Towie” Essex, Mike Amos and Johnny “P.C.” Leighton all obtaining a wicket apiece.
When Ibiza batted, it was once again the testing pace of the Mallorcan bowlers that caused them problems and the score was soon 18 for 3, with Skipper Graham “Bose” Boe (12) starting well with 3 boundaries, but then getting a ripper to be dismissed. After that, Robin Parmenter (41 not out), Nicky Boe (19), Sam Gooda (10), and Paul Cruttwell (11 not out) reached double figures, but Ibiza were unable to reproduce the late hitting required to get close to their target, finally falling well short on 136 for 8, and losing by 47 runs. For the TVCC bowlers, Geraint Jones once again impressed with 3/20, Ben Vickers achieved 2/12, while Nick Yeo, Mark Williams and Wes Walker contributed a wicket each. Their fielding was alert and enthusiastic and helped prevent several boundaries, and they ran out deserved winners.
It remains to thank TVCC for returning to Ibiza once more, and Mark Williams for organising the tour, as well as Simon “Tumbler” Yeo for making the bookings. We look forward to welcoming them back again soon, but perhaps with one extra all-rounder rather than two!
Many thanks also to Graham Boe’s daughter for preparing a large spread for the team lunches on each day, well appreciated by all. As for Ibiza C.C., we have one more confirmed fixture on Sat 3rd October, so see you there!


Japanese GP

Rhian Gibbs

  • Hamilton unbeatable
  • Honda have more woes

Hamilton made a flying start at the Japanese Grand Prix last weekend going wheel to wheel with Rosberg round the first two corners and emerging victorious – from there any question of performance went out the window and Hamilton won his 41st Grand Prix with absolute ease. A consequence of his spat with Hamilton, Rosberg dropped further places and had to overtake Bottas and Vettel to clinch 2nd place.

Vettel should be happy with a close 3rd, Ferrari didn’t seem as fast today and while Raikkonen was 4th he had no chance of catching the top three.

Bottas for Williams was 5th, having a relatively uneventful race with no one to challenge him whereas Hulkenberg for Force India seemed to be storming his way through the pack gaining seven places to finish 6th – a great result for the team.

Lotus also earned vital points with both cars in the top ten; Grosjean bringing home 7th for the team and Maldonado 8th. Toro Rosso also held their own with both drivers in the points, Verstappen as usual drove an amazing race to cross the line  9th, Sainz took the final point in 10th – it could have been higher had he not hit a marker cone and unexpectedly had to have his nose replaced.

Alonso likened his Honda engine to that of GP2 car’s and Button said it was “like a samurai warrior without his armour and sword”, furthering the point as he worried at the speed of cars passing him. McLaren miss out with Alonso 11th and Button 16th.

Perez in his Force India finished 12th, he was knocked off track at the start and never quite recovered. Red Bull had an awful race, Kvyat started in a rebuilt car from the pits after his crash in qualifying, things didn’t improve in the race with brake and tyre issues; 13th was all he could manage. Ricciardo took 15th after suffering a puncture in the first lap and sustaining floor damage.

Sauber’s Ericsson came 14th, he was pushing for higher but spun in the closing stages and worn tyres meant he couldn’t fight back, his teammate Nasr retired lap 50 for reasons unknown. Massa of Williams lost out when he was hit by Ricciardo in the first lap receiving a puncture, 17th was all he could do.

Marussia finished the race with Rossi 18th and Stevens 19th, both lucky to finish having taken avoiding action to miss each other on track.

  • The Russian Grand Prix is next—11th October.


The Guide …




Sa Penya Auction

Ibiza City Council has received three auction bids for two of the three houses in the neighbourhood of Sa Penya.

The house located at number 6 Calle Floridablanca, which has only the façade and was put up for 82,500 euros, has received two offers from interested parties. The second house located at number 12 Calle Alt, which also only has the façade has had one offer at the starting price of 55,600 euros.

The third home, located at number 2 Calle Fosc, has had its part in the auction suspended while an error is corrected in the specifications. The property, set at 266,000 euros, consists of three floors (a ground floor house with access from Calle Fosc, a first floor which is accessed from Calle Retir for up to two homes and a second floor with capacity for another house).

The auction for all three properties is motivated after their owners failed to comply with renovations within a two year time period.


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