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Teenage Tragedy
  • 18 year-old dies of heart failure.
  • Drug overdose suspected.

Danielle McCallum, 18, from Greenock, Inverclyde, was out with friends in San Antonio when she was taken ill in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

She died soon after admission to the Intensive Care Unit at Can Misses Hospital .

Danielle, pictured left, had been rushed to the hospital two hours earlier from the Galeno Clinic in Sant Antoni and suffered heart failure shortly thereafter.

Friends of the deceased had earlier reported the  woman’s condition to the private Galeno Clinic, located by the Egg and near to her hotel. A doctor and a clinical assistant attended and, discovering the severity of the case. immediately organized a transfer to Can Misses hospital.

She arrived at the hospital in critical condition and, just two hours later, died of cardiac arrest. A friend is reported to have told doctors that the deceased had been taking MDMA over the weekend and it is suspected that this could be the cause of death. An autopsy will take place at the Institute of Legal Medicine of Ibiza and samples will be sent to the Toxicology Institute in Barcelona for analysis.

The tragedy soon gained the attention of the UK press with several requests for information to the Ibizan office during Wednesday.  At the time of going to press our efforts to ascertain exactly what drug Danielle may have taken so that a warning could be issued had not been successful.





Thursday 24th to Wednesday 30th September 2015

ARIES – King of Pentacles

Money matters need your attention this week. You may have to deal with financial contracts, accountants, tax officers or such like. You will have to agree to disagree with someone who values their opinion much the same way you value yours; therefore don’t make situations a power struggle. If you must confront someone, make sure you have your facts straight.

TAURUS – Knight of Swords

If you must confront others regarding their actions then make sure you know all the facts before wading in. Loved ones or associates are easily provoked, which could lead to arguments.  You’re in no mood to slack off so expect to get a lot done this week however, avoid being bossy.  Best to work by yourself as much as possible!

GEMINI – King of Cups

Kind, generous, wise people help you to get the most out of this week. You’re bowled over by those who have no agenda but to make your life considerably easier. A big event could happen and you’re closer to fulfilling a dream; all heart-warming stuff! Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces men are your best friends or lovers, so check them out!

CANCER – The Hanged Man

You feel this week that your life is in limbo and that you’re waiting for something to happen.  Well, you’re right about that!  This card asks you to be patient. Something is changing but right now, you can’t see the wood for the trees.  Just have faith that this period is necessary, giving you to have time to figure it out.

LEO – Justice

Legal or bureaucratic transactions are swiftly dealt with.Get back into balance with routines that align your inner and outer world; in other words, walk your talk and don’t give in to negative thinking.  If you do a kindness for someone, expect a pleasant and unexpected outcome that will pay dividends for you in the weeks ahead – instant Karma!

VIRGO – Ten of Wands

Careful of taking on more than you can handle or you’ll end up making a rod for your own back.  It’s all very well enjoying being needed; but if you feel undervalued you must speak up now, so that others sit up and take notice.  With so much going on it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.

LIBRA – The Devil

Be mindful to whom you indulge your innermost secret; issues of trust will raise its ugly head again and you will have to nail this situation quickly and decisively for once and for all.  Take care not to leave yourself exposed to others judgements and accusations however, as they don’t see you as whiter than white. Release negative thought patterns.

SCORPIO – Two of Wands

Don’t sit on the fence this week Scorpio, time to get back into the swing of things.  Life’s a party that’s waiting for you to join it!  Your problems are solvable; don’t waste valuable head space creating difficulties where few exist.  Your mind is your biggest obstacle this week; don’t give in to negativity when all is in fact, OK!


This card doesn’t not mean you’re a fool Sagittarius; far from it!  Often it’s the behaviour others that causes a knee jerk reaction from you.  Be an observer and avoid biting back at any perceived slight.  Have patience with challenging situations and be fearless in dealing with them. Trust that what’s happening now in life is for your highest good.

CAPRICORN – Ace of Cups

Goodness, a week when everything goes according to plan! You receive important news that gladdens the heart and its green lights all the way for new ventures or projects. For those of you looking for love, an important new romance takes you by surprise, especially as the person you meet is a keeper. Celebrations around a birth for some too!

AQUARIUS – Three of Cups

A week to let your hedonistic side rule. You want fun and lots of it. The best way to ensure this happens is to spend time with those who make you happy. If you’ve not caught up with good friends lately, now’s the time to reach out. This card signals abundant times, socially, financially and career wise through networking opportunities.

PISCES – Five of Wands

It’s time to grips over the actions of a close associate or colleague that’s been troubling you for some time.  If a friendship, relationship or business association is troublesome; communication’s the key to sorting out the problem.  Discuss and come to agreements on neutral ground.  If partings happen, there’s not need to feel guilty, everything in life has  a time span.


Live Rock

San Antonio

Claire B

Two local rock bands, Vitrol and Methead are playing on Saturday September 26 at El Reencuentro in San Antonio, starting at midnight.

Methead play classic hard rock and heavy metal covers from the 70s, 80s and 90s and Vitrol specialise in a powerful metal mix of punk and thrash. Entrance is free. Calle del Mar, 5,  San An West End.


Healthy Life

Sant Eulalia

The City of Sant Eulalia has opened registration for a series of workshops on the concept of ‘healthy life’ to be held between October 3rd and November 14th. The courses will discuss issues such as cosmetics with natural products, the Japanese floral art ikebana and music therapy at a cost of 50 euros for residents of the municipality and 70 for the other residents on the island. Registrations must be made at the municipal offices and the courses are taught in the School of Education, the Congress and Cultural Centre Jesus.

The first course will be the natural cosmetics, on 3rd and 4th October. On 26th, 27th and 28th October will be held introductory ikebana, and on November 14th the music therapy and sensory awareness. info: 629 557 885.


Concert for Dave

Sant Josep

Claire B

A concert is being held in memory of the British musician Dave Jeffs (Blues Dave) who died in August 2013 at the age of 68. The third ‘Dave On My Mind’ concert takes place in Sant Josep in the square outside the church, on Saturday September 26 starting at 20.30.

Four local bands are playing plus the Catalan duo Suitcase Brothers who have received numerous awards in the United States in the field of blues and rock:

Mr. Hat

Moonshine Band

Bluesmafia i es Saligardos

The Frigolos

Suitcase Brothers.



ARTGuide Exhibition


In conjunction with the City of Santa Eulalia, IbizARTGuide hosts a new exhibition at The Centro Cultural de Jesus. The exhibition involves nearly one hundred artists and runs until October 19th, from 16:00 to 20:30. The show reflects the concerns and artistic capacity of nearly one hundred artists linked to Ibiza and offers a panoramic view of the movements of art and culture taking shape on the island. The work is not limited to any format, and artists are presenting painting, photography, sculpture and other arts.





Buts for Beer!

Claire B

Big up to The Hard Rock Hotel in Playa D’en Bossa which announced on its Facebook page that it is offering a cup of beer in exchange for a cup of fag ends, in an effort to encourage people from disposing of cigarette ends on the beach and engage people in a bit of beach cleaning.

It takes 12 years for a cigarette end to decompose – about 95% of cigarette filters are composed of cellulose acetate, a form of plastic. Not only it is unpleasant for sunbathers to have to lie amongst them but they are poisonous to children and animals and release toxic chemicals, including lead, arsenic and nicotine. If they get into the sea, they’re releasing these toxins into the sea and endangering the sealife. So initiatives like this are a great way to encourage people to dispose of their waste responsibly and possibly to encourage others to clean up the beach and be rewarded for it. Hopefully more establishments or other initiatives will follow.


Super Lunar Eclipse

A ’Super Lunar’ eclipse will take place on the morning of Monday 28th September and will be visible from Ibiza.

This eclipse will be a full moon that is significantly larger and brighter than usual and is extremely rare. The last one of this kind occurred in 1982 and the next one, after Monday, will not come around until 2033.

To see it in the best conditions, it is advisable to get away from urban areas to prevent light pollution and also to get horizontal in a comfy chair or recliner.

So why is the Super Lunar eclipse roughly 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than full moons? It’s because the orbit of the moon around the Earth is elliptical rather than circular. While the average distance of the Moon from our planet is about 384,600 kms, this full moon is only 363,700 kms away.

In recent years, the term Moon become popular when referring to total lunar eclipses. When the Earth eclipses a full Moon, the direct sunlight is blocked, but the sun’s rays still light up the moon. This light, however, has travelled through the Earth’s atmosphere first, and sometimes causes the totally eclipsed Moon to look red or brownish.

The September 28th eclipse is the third in a series known as a tetrad—and this tetrad happens to coincide with important Jewish festivals. The two April lunar eclipses in 2014 and 2015 occurred at the same time as, while the October and September eclipses occur during theFeast of Tabernacle. This, some suggest, may be connected to a biblical prophecy of the end of times.

The fact is, eight of the tetrads since the first century have coincided with Jewish holidays without the world going under, so there is absolutely no reason to believe that the 2014-2015 tetrad will end the world this time either, and even if it does Nostradamus said Ibiza would be the last survivor on earth, so we are clearly in the right place. Sounds like a pretty good excuse for a party.



The full eclipse blood moon is bound to have many of Ibiza’s photographers heading into the countryside away from urban light pollution to capture this rare opportunity.

Anybody with a decent camera, sturdy tripod and cable or timer shutter release should be able to get some decent shots. Don’t be afraid to use good old trial and error but to give you a starting point this sequence from start through totality to finish was shot using a basic exposure of 1/125 second at f/5.6 which was increased to 1/8 second within 15 minutes of totality then set to a don’t-so-much-as-breathe 4 seconds throughout totality.


Reflections & Abstractions

Sant Augustin

Currently underway is a new exhibition of the artist Antonia Ribas called “Reflections and Abstractions” hosted at the showroom Can Curt in Sant Augustin.

Antonia Ribas is a draftsman by profession and studied technical drawing, and picked up painting as a hobby in the formative years. Ribas has always painted mainly figurative oil, but is currently experimenting with new techniques. The current show features paintings between abstraction and surrealism.

The exhibition will be open to the public until 4th October from Thursday to Sunday at 7pm to 10pm.


Stocks Fair

Ibiza Town

This weekend from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th September, the twelfth edition of Stocks Fair opens in the fairground in Ibiza Town kicking off at 6pm on Friday and the doors will be open from 11am to 10pm for the following 2 days.

Stocks Fair will have over 50 stalls and is regarded as one of the most important events of the year on the island, as it tends to have between 12,000 and 15,000 visitors. As well as stalls selling goods, there will be food stalls, bouncy castles and a games area for children.


Colla Balansat

Sant Miquel

The Colla Balansat, held this week as part of the Sant Miquel festival, celebrated its 50 year anniversary. After a speech from actress Tita Planells, there was an exhibition of ball pagés and then a selection of old photos of the Colla Balansat to educate the young and remind the older generation.

Founded in 1965 by Toni Planells and the village priest, Monsenior Don Toni, Colla Balansat is the second oldest celebration of this type on the island (the first is that of Sant Josep). To commemorate this important anniversary, the town square of Sant Miquel has been named  Mossènyer don Toni, in honour of one of its founders.

This celebration is part of the festivities of Sant Miquel, which lasts until October 4th with a multitude of recreational activities, sports, music and even a Bollywood dance exhibition.


Food & Drink



There was a time in the not too distant past when the bay of San Antonio was a no-man’s land for food. The start has always had good restaurants, Es Pueto on the sand and Sa Punta Des Moli for its Bogavante, then at the far end you have fish favourite Can Pujol and grill heaven El Viejo Gallo. It’s that bit in the middle which has always been a little sparse in culinary adventure – some decent exceptions but much of it more Brits n Chips than Tripadvisor Hits.

Luckily for people in the bay and further afield, 2005 saw the beginning of a restaurant family which all started with the Oasis Café. The place was very popular, but its tiny kitchen prompted owners Tony and Glyn to move to bigger premises and launch Relish Restaurant in 2008. Their idea was to service their clientele with a larger choice of quality food fit for a restaurant rather than a café. Relish soon became as popular as the Oasis Café and also started to outgrow itself. Next came their sister restaurant Tapas but it was inevitable Relish would also need to find itself a home fitting in size and comfort for their ever growing client numbers.

This year it did, and an old carvery by the Hotel Milord became the new Relish Restaurant.

It has a large, comfortable interior and a pool bar. The kitchen serves up a selection of breakfasts and light snacks during the day, a full menu at night and still retains Tony and Glyn’s continuing insistence on the best quality ingredients and exceptional cooking.

Our review dinner was in that perfect hour or two between the Sunday lunch family bookings and the evening mix of discerning tourists and locals. Relish enjoys a constant stream of celebration party bookings, romantic meals for two, and of course friends enjoying everything Ibiza is in the perfect setting overlooking San Antonio harbour and the sunset strip—but for these two late afternoon hours there is a window in which you can savour your meal and get a chance to catch up with Glyn, Aly and Rosie, the front of house face of Relish that everybody will be familiar with from the café, who are now aided in their management by “Ginge” heading up the kitchen.

The table was in consensus to try the meat and cheese platter—an always good option for sharing but you will be quite taken aback when the Relish version lands on your table. Just how good does that look? And in addition to the quality cooked ham, salamis and top quality cheeses including Manchego, Stilton and some sumptuously soft Brie, the Relish-ness came by way of a red onion marmalade, salsa, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes, olives, bread and ali-oli. Hopefully the picture will do it justice but if you need any further recommendation a party that were arriving as our platter was being served immediately ordered one on seeing it.

The main course is a tougher decision because you tend to have Relish favourites, but once you have three or four considerable dithering results. We decided that we should order the dishes we thought would make the world, or at least the world of the diners of Ibiza, a better place in spreading the word.

Roasted Lamb Rump is, I am told, one of their very best selling dishes year in year out. You can’t see that situation changing any time soon as they have now perfected the art of Lamb to a sublime state of succulence.  Served in a honey gravy with fresh asparagus and a dauphinoise tower, the meal is presented to you perfectly sized  – not of artery clogging desperate dan proportions, but enough that towards the end that comfort food satisfaction settles in perfectly.

Our other most desirous main, is a relative newcomer to their menu  but already firmly established as one of my personal favourites—a dish that you always find yourself recommending enthusiastically when you hear somebody say they are dining at Relish.

Moroccan Spiced Tuna Steak with spiced rice and lemon coriander dressing is cooked to taste which for me is rare and juicy—and it is all that and more. The Relish blend of Moroccan spices are seared on the grill giving the crunch contrast to the smooth sweet flesh within. A real special something about the tuna dish comes on the side by way of their chickpea ‘something’— I say that because it doesn’t even get a mention in the description but I would happily eat it as a dish alone—simply gorgeous. As always seems to be the case at Relish, the portion is just too much, never left wanting, never left wasteful, and though the tuna itself is huge if you can’t manage it you will have no shortage of willing tasters around the table.

Relish are certainly enjoying the luxury of their spacious surroundings as far as their bar is concerned. A beverage bonanza extends across the most healthy and decadent of liquid refreshment and the extent of the range is reflected by what is in modern restaurants a quite rare find, a very good medium sweet option on the wine list. As always my dulce desires gained derision from my fellow diners who were very happy with their choice of a blush Rose, though my particular taste does have the regular advantage of whole bottle for me.

I know their range of homemade desserts are hugely popular but the platter and main was quite enough and so a super short shot of coffee was all that was needed to complete a perfect meal, truly Relish-ious and only spoilt by this terrible pun that I have been itching to get out of my system.

See advert below for contact details. The full Relish menu and online booking is available on their new website.



Food & Drink




Renewable Energy

Four years ago, after the terrible fire that burnt a substantial area of Morna, in the town of Sant Joan, a group of experts suggested the idea of ‌‌changing the energy model of Ibiza and Formentera with the aim of producing renewable energy whilst helping to prevent forest fires using the guidelines of sustainable forest management.

Jacinto Valderrama, head of a small biomass company based in Santa Eulalia, claims that using biomass for energy through forestry has multiple benefits. In addition to opening an economic sector which employs technicians and engineers, the process also prevents fires and the burning of fossil fuels for energy. “To produce biomass energy equivalent to burning 1 litre of diesel emits 95% less CO2 than the oil industry,” he stresses.

So how does it work? It begins with the clearing of high density pine forests and the trees are then transported to the processing plant where all that wood is converted into small chips before being placed into biomass boilers. Valderrama states that it is a “sustainable and very beautiful project” for the island of Ibiza, where “with very few hectares, the whole island can be supplied with energy.”



The Beekeepers Association of Ibiza has said that the drought this year on the island has reduced honey production by 60%. Spokesman, Vicent Marí said that “things are not fine, though the quality of honey has been very good. We dragged ourselves through a terrible drought in 2013, which has not got better in 2015. Part of the bee colony is lost and, if there is no water, things will worsen,” he explained.

According to beekeepers production is reduced every year in Ibiza due to drought stopping the plants flowering. They also explained that drought also leads to parasites entering the hives, which make the bee population weaker.

“We have begun to collect samples. They have been sent to laboratories and then we will have to send them to a bee farm to make selective studies and promote reproduction of the species. The aim is that this farm, which has yet to be implemented, becomes part of a route that is being designed and will be visited by tourists and schools, “Mari said, adding that his intention is to open an interpretation centre and a museum.

“The native bee of Ibiza is being wiped out by uncontrolled imports of other species. In Formentera, the local bee has completely disappeared, “he lamented.


Drought Decree

The Balearic Government have approved a drought decree that will affect the entire island and not only areas with overexploited aquifers. “It will affect the whole island because if these measures are carried out only in the most affected bodies of water, the pressure will be on those who are doing relatively well,” said the Minister of the Environment, Vicenç Vidal.

The decree will reduce the extraction capacity of both public and private sectors by 15%, except for the agricultural sector, where the reduction will be 10%. In addition all the trucks that supply water around the island will only contain water from the desalination plants of Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni. The Government estimate that these measures will generate savings of up to 8,000 m3 of water per day in high season. The mains water suppliers are also obliged to supply desalinated water to all points where the network permits, and must inform the Government every three months what is the volume of water supplied, the source of extraction and who is the recipient. There are causes for concern that this will presumably increase the cost of water bills for consumers.

Failure to meet the drought decree will entail sanctions by the Administration, which shall be considered serious (from 30,050.62 to 300,506.05 euros) or very serious (300,506.06 to 601,012.10 euros).

For its part, the municipalities of the island must conduct an audit to detect spillages, and those that exceed 25% of losses shall prepare a management plan and consider reduction targets.

Residents and tourists can all do their part as well to save water consumption. Try speeding up your shower time, washing clothes only when necessary and saving litres on toilet flushing by peeing in the garden (make sure you’re not offending neighbours though).


Llonga Lights

The City Council of Santa Eulària has placed new high-tech bulbs in thirty streetlights to lower power consumption and has also installed a dozen new streetlights in the Kilimanjaro and Mont Blanc streets in Cala Llonga. The installation of new streetlights seeks to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians of Cala Llonga, because despite it not being a contentious or high accident area, the residents had called for greater illumination.


Eco-tax Threat

The Hotel Association of Ibiza and Formentera warns about a significant decline in the reforms and investment in the hotel industry for Ibiza and Formentera. Its president, Juan Riera, blames the uncertainty on policy changes that are occurring in 2015. The Association believes that factors that will curb investment include ‘threats’ to the hotel industry with the impending implementation of an eco-tax and how that will benefit ‘illegal’ residential homes. At the last meeting held in July, eco-tax was criticized not only as a barrier to tourists on taking holidays to the Balearics, but also as a way of promoting illegal rentals who will not be charged with the tax.

Riera also seeks urgent infrastructure improvements for water supply as well as the widening of the road to and from Santa Eulalia. He also disagreed with “bureaucratic obstacles” that hinder the establishment of companies in the Balearic Islands.

The Government this week has highlighted the need to introduce the tourist tax and announced that they will reinvest the proceeds in improving tourist areas, preserving the environment and restoring cultural heritage. Whether, after being charged up to an estimated extra £80 per family, there will be any tourists on the islands to see the new areas is another matter.


Another Air Strike

Spanish air traffic controllers have set fresh 12-hour strikes on September 26th and October 3rd in protest at disciplinary sanctions by authorities on 61 Barcelona-based controllers, the sanctions were imposed after a protest in 2010 that left 200,000 passengers stranded.

The USCA union said that the stoppages would occur between 5am and 5pm on both days as their members resume protests which affected thousands of travellers during four days of strikes in June and July.


Top Tourists

The Council of Ibiza and the five municipalities of the island today celebrated Tourism Day by holding a tribute to those visitors who have shown a long-term love for the island of Ibiza. The president of the Council, Vicent Torres and the Insular Tourism Director, Vicent Torres ‘Benedict’ and the tourism councillors of the municipalities of the island, have given a figure of the goddess Tanit to the winning tourists, who will also receive a commemorative portrait.

  • Top tourists:
  • Danny Sinclair (British) – has been visiting Ibiza for 25 years. The first time in 1991 staying in Es Cana, and since 2006 staying at the Hotel Osiris in Sant Antoni.
  • Terry and Maureen Griffiths (British) – first came to Ibiza in 1969, and stayed at the Sirenis Hotel Playa Imperial.
  • Peter Thomas Joyce (British) – since 1972, spends the summer in Ibiza.
  • Edoardo Calevaro (Italian-Swiss) – a retired journalist Switzerland who stays at the Atlas y Park Apartments.
  • Muriel Vera Houghton (British) – staying at the Aparthotel Marvell for 21 years.
  • Steve and Thirza Richal (British) – visiting Ibiza since 1990 and regular customers of the Hotel Catalonia in Ses Estaques.
  • Chris and Joyce Phair (British) – Scottish couple visiting Ibiza since 1980 and staying mainly at the Hotel Arenal.

During the ceremony, Vicent Torres thanked the loyalty of tourists and said that they are the best ambassadors for Ibiza.




Can Misses Dead Man

A man died in the emergency department of the Can Misses hospital on Wednesday 9th September and was apparently forgotten about until the following Monday, as confirmed by a spokesman of the Department of Health. The cause was human error blamed on a shift change in which the employees working the new shift were not informed that a patient had died or that his family had yet to be told of the death. It was an astonishing five days later when someone realized that a dead body was in the mortuary which had not yet been claimed. That’s when a social worker attempted to find the family of the deceased and finally was able to contact a brother of the deceased.

The hospital has opened an investigation to clarify what happened in detail, to determine where the error occurred and to employ fail-safe mechanisms to avoid this happening again.

“The family has been extremely patient and understood that it was human error,” added a spokesman. Apparently, the man did not maintain contact with his family, who were unaware that he had entered the hospital.


Radio Therapy

The Nuclear Safety Council has received the licence application for the installation of the accelerator for the new radiotherapy unit in Can Misses.

The licence application was presented on September 3rd at the Ministry of Industry of the Balearic Islands, an organization with which the Nuclear Safety Council has an agreement of entrustment. The accelerator will have a series of checks and these results will be sent to the Safety Council who will do their own inspection. Council technicians will then move to the Can Misses hospital to make inspections on site and check that everything works correctly. If the unit passes all tests, then the hospital can start radiation treatments for patients.


Expats Benefit

British people living in Spain will have easier access to the services and support of the Red Cross thanks to a nationwide cooperation agreement signed by the British Ambassador, Simon Manley, and the national vice president of the Spanish Red Cross, Javier Gimeno.

The new agreement aims to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable expatriates, and their ability to access Red Cross services. It also seeks to encourage people in the British community to volunteer for Red Cross activities and promote collaboration with other British community associations.

The partnership, which was signed on Monday 21st September at the headquarters of the Red Cross, will be piloted in the province of Alicante, which has a large British community. The aim is then to extend it nationwide, enabling British communities across Spain to access Red Cross services and become involved in their projects.

Simon Manley said:  “People in the British communities have a wealth of experience and skills, and I really hope that this new partnership with the Red Cross will encourage more people to volunteer their talents and support for the benefit of others.


Bus Station “No Man’s Land”

The bus station in Sant Antoni is a “no man’s land,” according to a spokesman from the Pitiusa Association of Regular Transportation (APEBUS) who explains that since the facility opened in May 2007, APEBUS manages the station “for users to have a service and not to close.” No administration (either the Ibiza Council or the City of Sant Antoni) assumes management and therefore nobody is performing maintenance.

Initially, the Ibiza Council could not tender out the management of the bus station, because the City of Sant Antoni was the owner of the facility. The insular institution cannot take ownership until the conflict is resolved by the expropriation of land, which has yet to be fixed. The situation has not changed much since then and no one is in charge of the station.

It has been over seven years since the building of the bus station and the lack of maintenance is becoming noticeable. The pavement has sunk through heavy use and desperately needs to be fixed as this area is currently blocked off by APEBUS. The association also notes that other parts of the station need improvement. This summer they had to replace the glass door which broke from lack of maintenance. “We can only do corrective maintenance. We have tried to manage it as best we can to benefit users.”


Sant Antoni Cleaning

The City of Sant Antoni has announced its intention to include changes to improve the governing of waste collection, street cleaning and the maintenance of beaches and urban green areas.

The collection of bulky waste and pruning is scheduled to take place during the mornings with afternoon reinforcements during the middle and high seasons, and street cleaning should be carried out using reclaimed water whenever possible.

Special services, such as cleaning graffiti, posters and stickers is set to a minimum of 100 hours labour per year, and will be carried out before the start of the summer season.

In addition, the cleaning and maintaining of beaches should include certain stretches of coast such as Ses Variades and proper management of the Posidonia.

The new plans will also contemplate using an electronic system for identification and geolocation of containers as well as a free 24 hour citizen service.


Cars Take a Siesta

The council of Sant Eulalia has set up temporary public free parking in Carrer Clavells, in the area of Puig d’en Milestone (also known as Siesta) that endeavours to improve safety and traffic flow throughout the top of the mountain.

The parking lot has room for more than fifty vehicles and is located near the junction with Calle Rosales. It is a facility provided for cars and vehicles which weigh less than 3,500 kg and will not allow trailers. The car park has enabled the council to disallow the street parking which was blocking the vehicle flow and created dangerous situations for drivers and pedestrians.


Murder Case Unfolds

A woman was arrested on Tuesday night for the alleged involvement in the murder of Bolivian, Rilma Liliana Velasquez who was killed on June 15th at an apartment in Sant Antoni. Ramona B, a Romanian national, was released after being charged for allegedly being an accomplice in the killing and has been banned from leaving the country.

Officers suspect that the woman’s partner, a Moroccan man, is the perpetrator of the crime and that he left the island the day after the incident, returning home via Ceuta. An international warrant for his arrest has been issued through Interpol, though he has yet to be found.

The suspicions are that the killing of Rilma Velasquez resulted from a botched robbery. The research hypothesis is that the Moroccan entered the apartment not expecting the presence of Ms. Velasquez. Thus what was intended as a simple robbery ended resulting in a homicide.


Cigarette Truck

A 34-year-old man with a history of burglary crimes was arrested yesterday in Can Bufí by officers of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil for the theft of cigarettes in Sant Miquel. The man is also thought to be behind the robbery of a shop, located in the village square of Santa Gertrudis, after entry was forced and 3,000 euros in cash and cigarettes worth 7,000 euros were stolen.

This amount, however, is far from the price of cigarettes stolen on Wednesday morning after the man and an accomplice allegedly stole a ‘Logista Company’ delivery van. Police found 70 cases of cigarettes, whose contents are valued at between 120,000 and 140,000 euros, according to the complaint filed by the company responsible for the delivery. The truck was recovered by the Guardia Civil at the site of Can Bufí, where the suspect was also arrested.


At Night


Courteeners at Ibiza Rocks

Text: Claire B / Photos: Lydie-Anne Hampson

It’s that time of year already – the summer season is coming to an end. The closing party of Ibiza Rocks took place last Wednesday, which this year saw Manchester guitar band The Courteeners return to the venue.

The night’s entertainment got off to a good start with London band Boxed In, the electropop project of singer/songwriter/producer Oli Bayston. With Oli in the middle sitting down at his keyboards and providing the vocals, he was flanked by a bassist, drummer and second keyboard player who also occasionally played guitar and added percussion. For 40 minutes they played a number of tracks from their debut self-titled album that was released in January. Their catchy, very danceable tunes went down well with the large crowd that were already in the venue and they put their all into the performance. Another great support act on the Ibiza Rocks stage who will hopefully go far.

The baton was then passed to DJ Patrick Nazemi who announced that he was going to only play Manchester music for the duration of his set, which was received by loud cheers from around the venue (there were obviously a lot of Mancunians in the house). He kicked off with one of my all time favourites, 808 State’s ‘Pacific State’ and ended with ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’ from Oasis. A great idea to make sure that everyone was in the party spirit for the closing band.

The Courteeners took to the stage about 10.40 and from the first few seconds, it was clear that this was going to be a great gig. The crowd were immediately with them – arms were in the air, there was dancing, moshing and beer being hurled in the air across the packed venue. They evidently brought their crowd with them, as pretty much everyone knew the words and sang along to everything they played. It was like being at a festival and the atmosphere was incredible. Onstage the band looked every part the rock ‘n’ roll stars and just played and sang and did their thing as they worked through singles and songs off all four of their albums. In front of them the fans (and they clearly were fans) responded and loved every second.

The Courteeners left the stage triumphantly, after they all went to the front of the stage and applauded their audience. Singer Liam went into the photo pit to shake hands with fans, whilst one fan climbed up the rigging at the back of the mixing desk and jumped into the swimming pool, despite several members of staff trying to stop him! But it was not all over that night until the fat lady sang, and we were treated to a live rendition of ‘Nessun Dorma’ from drag act Ruby Murry (aka Tom Lee), which was a moving and eclectic end to the Ibiza Rocks closing party in what was their 10th year. Probably the best closing party I have witnessed at the venue – a great night from beginning to end and a crowd that loved every minute of it.

And so another exciting season at Ibiza Rocks comes to a close. The disappointment of Spandau Ballet cancelling their appearance is still fresh in the memory. But who can forget the 10th birthday party with The Libertines, which was memorable for a great performance and the onstage antics of Pete Doherty that included beer and guitar throwing and stage diving par excellence. Rudimental blew the roof off again, Dizzee Rascal was bonkers and worked the crowd into a frenzy, whilst newer bands Years and Years and Sigma wowed the crowds. Catfish & The Bottlemen returned to headline and put on a great show and along with The Libertines and The Courteeners, proved that there’s definitely an audience for guitar bands. Jungle had everyone dancing and De La Soul and Mark Ronson brought some classic hip hop into the mix. We’ve also seen some great up-and-coming bands in the support slots – Bulletproof Bomb, Shura, Lion Babe and Boxed In were notable. But it was Slaves that blew me away, giving one of the most exciting performances of the year – I would love to see them return and headline next year. The dust hasn’t settled on the stage yet, but I’m already looking forward to next year and hopefully another 10 years at least of Ibiza Rocks bringing live music to the island.


Sweet n Discreet
  • Liberty Erotic Club Closing Party Sat 26th

Liberty is Ibiza’s famed swinger’s club, playing host to an international clientele of loyal libertines and curious couples.

Liberty Loft, Ibiza’s first swinger’s resort hotel, opened in 2004 and after 10 years of fantasy fulfilment they embarked upon their new project taking over Beverley’s swinger’s nightclub just along the road in Port D’es Torrent.

Liberty Club Ibiza is perfect place to meet hot, sexy people in a relaxed and friendly setting. With nights aimed at several tastes from fetish to bi, couples only to allcomers, there is something to float most boats, and perhaps get you friggin’ in the riggin’ of one or two that haven’t yet set sail.

Conscious that some people may be a little nervous in going along for the first time, Liberty are very keen to stress that the club is discrete, there is absolutely no-pressure to participate if you want to just explore for a first visit, perfect for swing virgins, but for the experienced and bold they have the facilities to indulge in a night of fantasy and ecstasy. Spread over two floors the club has a large dance floor, bar, fetish area, dark room, massage area, a great choice of playrooms (lockable and open) and cinema. Patrons can choose to use private lockers if they prefer to dress/undress on arrival. party Saturday 26th, keep a look out for  special events over winter.



At Night



Donnegans has been a San An Bay institution for many a year. 15 years in fact. I know that because I went down to the anniversary celebrations this week just gone for what is known in Irish circles as Craic. For those who are unaware of Donnegans and why it is an institution, I’ll give you all a little background.

It’s first and foremost an authentic cosy Irish bar…in fact it’s more like a pub, with everything that you would expect in a pub – golden wood, ornaments on the walls, pool table, beer garden. It also has a stage which has hosts regular live performances by singer/guitarists Nell, Barney or Roberto with the occasional special guest(s). All three of them are masters of their craft and give a new twist on classic tunes with the occasional new one thrown in – whatever is needed for that elusive craic.

As well as having ice-cold beers on tap like a proper pub, Donnegans also supplies great food from 12pm onwards. Kick-start your day with a decent fry-up with soda bread or pop in after 5pm for great pub grub which includes on the menu a variety of pizzas and classic mains such as bangers & mash, fish & chips, chicken curry and the incredible steak & Guinness pie. Add to this an all-day snack menu with baps, baguettes, Paninis, burgers, jackets and salads and there is literally something for everyone. All the food is cooked with the finest and freshest ingredients and the portions are massive. I must admit to abusing most of the menu, but have to heartily recommend the pie which contains fresh steak with real Guinness and topped with the lightest puff pastry. It also comes with perfect home-made chips or creamy mash and, if you’re my age, will instantly transport you back to your mum’s house on meat night.

Hurling fans will also be very pleased to know that Donnegans shows all of the GAA games on the weekend in addition to sports that non-Irish like such as the footie and special events like the current Rugby World Cup. But we’re not here now for sport, it’s party time… pictures say more than I can, and by the end some of us could say very little at all (hic!)


Playing for Change

By Brian Whetton

Last Saturday a packed Cala Llonga beach was the setting of Ibiza’s the first ever Playing for Change Day charity  festival, which raises funds for the foundation of the same name to build music schools and provide music lessons for children in the third world, in the hope that this opens up opportunites that they would not otherwise have. What a spectacular it turned out to be. Throughout the day local bands of different musical styles performed, for free, on three stages to hundreds, if not thousands of very enthusiastic audiences.  In addition to the music they also enjoyed Flamenco dancing, a craft market, food and drink stalls. a massage stand, a children’s area with  games and a  Foam Party.

The festival takes place world wide every September 19th, this year being the fifth anniversary, but it’s the first time that this charity event has been held on Ibiza, which it seems turned out to be much little larger than many of those held in other countries. Everyone involved deserves congratulating for their efforts, which hopefully will mean that Playing For Change Day will become an annual Cala Llonga event. (We hope to publish full details of the amount of money that was raised in next weeks Ibizan).


Mind Body & Soul


Come together!

Sabina Brownstein

Are you aware that the number and strength of your social connections are very important for your happiness? This seems pretty obvious on the face of it, and 50 years of research into all areas of happiness have confirmed that the quantity and quality of a person’s social connections – friendships, family members, neighbours, etc. – contribute greatly to your overall well-being. Of course we are not all exactly alike, so even though most of us are ‘people who need people’, there are those who appear to need them much less., for the vast majority of us having positive relationships improves our lives in a variety of ways.

One of the great benefits that flows from connecting with others is its effects on our physical health. Studies have shown that people with many friendships are less likely to experience sadness, loneliness, low self-esteem, and problems with eating or sleeping. Positive social connections also strengthen your immune system,  help you recover from disease faster, and may even lengthen your life. Strong relationships with family and friends also help us to find emotional balance by giving us the opportunity to share our feelings with those whom we trust to understand us.

Relationships help to build a sense of belonging and self-worth. When we share positive experiences it not onlyus emotional support, but also the chance to support. Several studies have shownthat positive feelings can be passed on through relationships, so being around people who are mentally grounded can actually improve your own mental stability and balance.

The way to achieve these benefits is to set your intention to finding and developing strong positive relationships. Remember that negative relationships can have the exact opposite effects on your health and well being – bringing you down and making you susceptible to illness. So if there are people in your life who are not adding to your joy then it is probably time to move on and free yourself from that negativity. At the same time, you can be cultivating and broadening the number and depth of the good relationships that you are involved in. Simply put: let go of those who do not serve your highest good and seek others who can and will.

Numerous studies and our own life experiences have shown us that this sense of social connection is one of our fundamental human needs. We are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually wired to love, to be loved, and to belong. When those needs are not met we don’t function as we were meant to. This is because at our core we are profoundly social creatures. People may think in their surface minds that their happiness will come from money, power, fame,or a new car. All of those things are fine as far as they go, but at the root of these desires is the need to belong… to be accepted… to connect with others… to be loved.

The way to achieve this is not just by quickly connecting with others on the phone or through social media. We have a deep need to really come together… to share ideas, meals, have fun together and enjoy each other’s company. Out of these colourful gatherings new ideas and initiatives are born which can lead to positive directions in your own life and in the lives of others.

The Ibiza Spirit Festival on Sunday, 4 October at Atzaro is a wonderful opportunity to connect in this way. I look forward to ‘coming together’ with many of you on that day… and to celebrate with you the Spirit of Ibiza.

If you have any related questions please get in touch with me via my email below:


View from the Pew

Rev. Dr. Peter Pimentel

Mark 9:38 “Teacher,” said John, “we saw a man driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.” 39 “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “No-one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, 40 for whoever is not against us is for us.

This little exchange between Jesus and one of his followers is perhaps a little disconcerting for “official” followers of Jesus but presumably very encouraging for those who are not by any stretch of the imagination regular churchgoers.  “Whoever is not against us”, Jesus said, “is or us”.

The disciple-master (in Hebrew: Talmidim – Rabbi) relationship was very important in Israel in the first Century.  The disciples of Jesus were commissioned by Jesus to be his official students and ambassadors. By what right did this outsider have to use the name of Jesus in exorcism?  It’s interesting that someone who was not a bona-fide follower of Jesus could nevertheless work “a miracle” (dunamis in the Greek text of the Gospel, from which we get the word “dynamite”!) by using the name of Jesus.

Those of us who would not consider ourselves signed up members of the Church can nevertheless call upon the name of Jesus in our hour of need to drive out the powers of darkness.

What are “demons”? In the original Greek text of the Gospels “demons” are daimonia or in the Hebrew language of Jesus shedim.  Jesus was an exorcist. Demons are what Jesus cast out.

Scientists postulate fundamental particles because they see the effects in experimental data.  The particles cannot themselves be seen.  In my opinion, the powers of darkness are also postulated entities that explain the effects of mystery of evil.  Jesus was an exorcist so it is reasonable for followers of Jesus to acknowledge the existence of the powers of darkness.  In the Our Father prayer that Jesus taught the world to say we have the “deliver us from evil” request.

Services: Sunday 27th for worship with Holy Communion, 10:30am, Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85, Santa Eularia & 4:30pm Messy Church at Sant Josep (please phone for information).

Holiday Chaplaincy, RC Chapel, Es Cana:10:30am Holy Communion & 5:30pm Informal Praise

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera: Tel 971 34 33 83



On Sunday 4 October, agroturismo ATZARO is once again hosting the IBIZA SPIRIT FESTIVAL “a magical day of inspiration and celebration”. The Festival celebrates Ibiza’s special energy with beautiful events that will be happening all day from the opening at 11:00 right through the sunset and into the evening.

Music & Movement will be featured in Creative Dance, Sensual Tantra, Musical Meditations and Singing Circles. Atzaro will be filled all day with the healing sounds provided by DJs & musicians, and in the evening by the dance beats of DJ Ohm G’s “Quantum Collage”.

Inspirational Workshops & Meditations will explore new ways of finding health & happiness in mind, body and spirit. Yoga classes in all different styles will be offered by the wonderful Yogis of Ibiza, and there will be a special Spectrum of Yoga exhibition at 12:30.

A variety of Alternative Healing Therapies will be available including Massage,, Reconnection, Reiki and Cranio-Sacral. Paintings by some of Ibiza’s fine artists will be on display, and there is also be a special area dedicated to Feminine Empowerment called  “Bella Mama”. Fun-filled activities will be going on all day in the Magical Children’s Area… face painting, puppet shows, Yoga for Kids, Arts & Crafts, story-telling, games, and more.

Jerry & Sabina Brownstein are the founders of the Ibiza Spirit Festival, and their vision is “to create a day of joyous celebration that opens our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and being.” David Moss is one of the primary organisers and he will be aided by over 130 volunteers who will donate their time, talents and energy to making this a very special event.

The Ibiza Spirit Festival is a non-profit organization, and all of the proceeds are used to support this event and other charities here on Ibiza. This year they will be helping the wonderful work that APNEEF does with special needs children. The Festival asks guests for €10 at the entrance which includes access to all activities (except therapists and readers who ask a small extra donation).

For more information please visit:


facebook:    Ibiza Spirit Festival




Jezza’s Sports Report …

Jeremy Parmenter

Just back from an enjoyable little break in Gallicia, Asturias and Cantabria and if you haven’t been, I thoroughly recommend you go! Beautiful scenery, rugged coastline, lotsa history, great wines, great seafood, lovely hotels and proud people! Still, as always, nice to come back to our little jewel in the Med! So, what’s happened in the sporting world whilst I’ve been away? Well, performance of the week has to be


as Our Andy inspired Great Britain to a brilliant 3-1 semifinal win over Australia in the Davis Cup to reach their first Final for many a year. Roared on by a very partisan and vociferous Edinburgh crowd, Andy first beat Kokkinakis (good ole Aussie name that!) in straight sets in the opener only dropping 6 games in the process, then teamed up with elder bro Jamie to go 2-1 up as they defeated Hewitt and Groth in an epic 5 setter, this after Australia had levelled the match 1-1 with Tomic beating surprise selection Dan Evans. Then to cap it all, the World No 3 then beat Tomic in straight sets to make the 5th match a dead rubber. So, well done to GB and in to the Final, for the first time since 1986 then to play Belgium and bidding to actually win the Cup for the first time since 1936, Fred Perry and all!

Rugby Union

and the World Cup started on Friday with hosts England getting the ball rolling with a nervy-to-start-with 35-11 win at HQ over Fiji in the first of the Group matches. I told you in my last report to watch out for at least one early shock and sure enough, it came to pass as South Africa, 3rd favourites and twice WC winners, were humbled 34-32 by Japan in Brighton, with the men from the land of the rising sun scoring a last minute try, basically meaning that the Boks now have to win all of their remaining group games to qualify for the Quarters. Hmmm! Elsewhere there was another shock, albeit smaller, as Georgia beat Tonga 17-10, Ireland as expected, demolished Canada 50-7, France won 32-10 agin 6 Nation opponents Italy, Wales, in the same group as England, squeezed past Uruguay, Samoa beat the USA, and holders NZ predictably beat Argentina. Next up for England a massive clash with arch home country rivals Wales at Twickers on Saturday which may well decide who goes thru’ to the Quarters from the Group, so one not to be missed (ITV, 9 pm although would you believe it, “‘er indoors who must be obeyed” has booked us out for dinner!!).

Rugby League

and in the Super8’s it’s so tight at the top of Super League as both the top 2 lost, leaders Leeds at home to Castleford 22-29 and Wigan 18-14 at 4th placed St Helens, with 3rd placed Huddersfield beating Hull 34-20. So, now only un point between the top 4 and getting very interesting!


In the Solheim Cup, the women’s equivalent to the Ryder Cup, all was looking so good for GB and Europe as, going in to the last singles matches on Sunday, they were 10-6 up, but the Americans came storming back to win 14.5 to 13.5, a similar feat to to the European men’s stunning comeback at the last Ryder Cup. Bad news for Rory McIlroy as well as he was knocked off the World No 1 spot this time by Aussie Jason Day as he won in America.


And on the English domestic scene, which is fast coming to a close, congrats to both Yorkshire and Gloucestershire, as the former won back-to-back County Championships with two games to spare, whilst the latter took the Royal London Ins. ODI Cup in a tight contest at Lords against Surrey, winning by only 6 runs in the penultimate over, despite a Dernbach hat-trick for the men from the east. So, a great send off for Glos skipper, ex-England wickie and Ashes 2005 hero Geraint Jones (who will ever forget that Ashes-winning catch off Harmison’s bowling when Australia only needed 2 to win the match, to condemn the Aussies to defeat) as he heads off into retirement after a distinguished and successful career.


Last week saw the first group matches of both the Champions and Europa Leagues and ’twasn’t a great start by the English clubs as Chelsea were the only winners in the CL as they came back to form with a 4-0 home thumping of Israeli side Maccabi Tel Aviv. As for Man City, desperate to get off to a good CL start after their miserable record to date, had only themselves to blame as they went down 2-1 at home to Juventus, Arsenal lost by the same score in Zagreb and had Giroud red-carded, while Man Utd, in their first match back in the CL for two years, showed their naïvety in a surprise 2-1 loss to PSV Eindhoven. In the Europa, Tottenham got their campaign off to a good start with a 3-1 home win against Qarabag FK, Liverpool drew 1-1 with Bordeaux at Anfield and Celtic drew 2-2 at Ajax.

Back home in the Premier, a poor week got even worse for leaders Man City as they lost their first PL game this season and at home to boot, as West Ham, now 2nd, came to town and promptly gave City a back-to-back 2-1 loss at the Etihad. Ditto Arsenal as they came back to a predicted feisty all-London match with Chelsea at the Bridge and suffered the same fate in a 2-0 loss, but also had 2 players red-carded to leave ’em down to 9 men. Amazing that the press and Mnsr Wenger always have a go at the opposition and the ref when the Gunners lose, especially against Jose, but the facts speak for themselves, surely, as in 2 matches in 2 different countries with 2 different refs, Wenger’s side had 3 players dismissed! Coincidence or what?

Meanwhile, and before you Gunners fans start writing in, Leicester kept their unbeaten run going, just, as they came back from being 2-0 down for the 2nd week running, to draw 2-2 at Stoke, whilst ’tis a sad picture down at the bottom as both north-east giants Sunderland and Newcastle, prop up the division, losing yet again, made even worse this time as both lost to newcomers Bournemouth and Watford, the Black Cats at the former 2-0 and the Magpies 2-1 at home to the latter. Begs the question, as today’s chairmen are so ruthless, who’s going to be sacked first, McLaren or Advocaat?

Elsewhere West Bromwich pulled out a 1-0 win at the Villa, Swansea shared the points with Everton in the Principality in a pretty drab scoreless match, Manchester Utd went 2nd after a 3-2 win at Southampton, Liverpool made it 4 PL games without a win after their 1-1 draw at Anfield with Naaarwich, and finally, Tottenham beat high-flying Crystal Palace 1-0 at the Lane.

That’s it for now, back to work and until next week





Singapore GP

Rhian Gibbs

  • Vettel Victorious
  • Mercedes drop points @ Marina Bay

It’s the next round in Singapore, Vettel’s Ferrari is on pole and the Silver Arrows have lacked pace all weekend and start a few rows back. Vettel made a clean start, pushing hard for the first stint, then comfortably led the race untouched thanks to the safety cars which scuppered Ricciardo’s attempt to catch the German; 1st and 2nd respectively. Raikkonen struggled with handling throughout the race but still took 3rd for Ferrari and Rosberg suffered similarly only managing 4th in his Mercedes. Hamilton was just starting to look like he could win when a clamp failed on his turbo boost and after dropping to the back of the pack, Mercedes’ best option was retirement (lap 33).

Bottas for Williams crossed the line 5th with a strong drive, while his teammate Massa suffered  a slow pit-stop, Hulkenberg hitting him as he rejoined, a front right tyre puncture and finally gearbox problems, the later causing him to retire (lap 31).

Kvyat of Red Bull was 6th, after being undercut by both Mercedes and a Williams under each safety car. Red Bulls best race of the year. Perez drove his Force India hard and successfully held 7th despite worn tyres and the Toro Rosso’s breathing down his neck, whereas Hulkenberg retired lap 13 after hitting Massa – he takes a 3 place grid penalty at Suzuka next weekend.

The Toro Rosso’s once again get points from both cars. Verstappen stalled on the grid and lost a lap, but with the safety cars and some incredible overtaking (the lads got real talent) he finished an impressive 8th. Sainz also experienced issues with his car dropping to the back when his gearbox went into neutral; he also fought back for 9th.

Sauber had their own race going on between the drivers with the Nasr grabbing the final point in 10th and Ericsson 11th. Lotus just lost out to Sauber in the closing laps; Grosjean (13th) ran well but retired when his gearbox started to fade and Maldonado (12th) ran wide and collided with Button.

Alexander Rossi made his debut for Marussia, he had a great race and finished 14th, ahead of Stevens who had to work with serious rear tyre degradation.

McLaren, both cars were just within the points at the half way mark, unfortunately Alonso’s gearbox went and he retired lap 34, Button after his brush with Maldonado suffered a similar fate.

Answers on the back of a postcard please – why have Mercedes lost their pace?

  1. a) A conspiracy? b) The circuit? c) Their tyres?
  • Next Race.Japan, 27th September 2015




Hola Zipsters.

After a brief Balearic weekend, I’m back in the Zips It Up office, zipping up everything London Fashion Week related for you.

I have tickets to this weekend’s events at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea and I’ll bring you all the gossip from there in next week’s instalment. London Fashion Week often chooses the capital’s more alternative venues for its shows and parties and 2015 has been no exception. A derelict underground car park on Brewer Street in Soho set the stage for many British shows this week.  Thank heavens for this indoor location, considering how dire the British weather has been.

All the biggest names in home grown British talent have been showcasing their new collections for Spring/Summer 2016, from the brand new to the long established. This week we check out UK fashion heavyweight Vivienne Westwood and Topshop’s showcase Unique collections. It will be ironic if Top Shop’s pricey Unique range A/W ’15 spurns cheaper high street imitations, since lower-priced imitation is surely what put Top Shop where it is today.

Model of the moment, Gigi Hadid, the face of Topshop has had some stiff competition at LFW in the shape of her very own sister Bella who has graced the catwalk over the past few days. Sibling rivalry at its finest.

Last week, I touched upon the important task facing fashionistas at this time of year. What to wear to Fashion Week. The answer is chic but comfortable, but what about the hair? What is the current trend for tresses?

Answer: The Hun. Think a half-up, half down, dodgy bridesmaid look – the style you used at school to eek another day out of your unwashed locks – given a new lease of life this season. All hail the hun, i.e. the half bun.

Ideal for when you can’t take the heat of having a full head of hair hanging around your shoulders and face, it was all over the front row at New York Fashion Week. Witness Poppy Delevingne and Amber Le Bon working the look at Michael Kors [above]. I’ve been rocking the style this weekend and I’m loving it.

Here are my golden rules on how to do the hun:

The ‘hun’ is easiest to achieve when hair isn’t freshly washed and slippery – a little natural oil will help it stay put.

To create the look – start by pulling the hair back as if creating a ponytail from about an inch above the ears, leaving most of your lengths free.

Fasten with a hair elastic however far above the crown feels comfortable. A high bun works better by night, while by day it’s all about a looser low style.

Twist your pony from the elastic to the end then wrap hair tightly around the base.

Use a few kirby grips to pin in place. Then tease a little looser with your fingers to make the over-all effect more relaxed.

The ‘hun’ is best worn with slightly tousled locks, so be sure to work a little salt or texturising spray throughlengths once complete. I like Bumble & Bumble’s City Swept Finishing Spray, £22.

Et voilà – hey hun!

Until next week, stay fabulous and enjoy this week’s Zips It Up.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog



Topshop Unique

Regular readers of Zips It Up will know that I am a huge fan of high street giant Topshop, and in last week’s edition I featured their current Unique Collection which features some extremely over priced items.

Topshop are now a major player and their S/S’16 show was one of the most anticipated this week at LFW.

There was much to be amazed about in the new Topshop Unique show, from the colourful fluffy bags to the eye catching embroidered black lace. But the best thing about it all? They’d reverted back to high street price tags.

Here are my top five star pieces which really stood out from the crowd on the catwalk.

The leather duster coat, in a beautifully powdery but not sickly sweet pink. The perfect way to dress up anything.

The pale blue crystal doorknocker earrings- Pat Butcher meets sophisticated glam.

The navy and pale blue bandeau dresses, knotted along one side. Deconstructed cocktail dressing at its best.

The Maribou strappy sandals- go all out and pair them with the leopard print coat and fluffy black mini-bag.

The pinstripe jacket. Worn oversized, with shoulder pads that would put Joan Collins’ Dynasty wardrobe to shame, and nipped in at the waist with a knotted belt or not.

This season’s Unique girl has left behind 1970s Bohemia for a more nostalgic 1930s Bloomsbury look. But this being Topshop, she can mix it up any which way she wants.

My shopping list is bulging.


Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid made her London Fashion Week debut for, following in her sister’s catwalk footsteps. The Hadids and the high street giant go way back, as Bella’s sister Gigi fronted Top Shop’s latest denim campaign. But this season it was Bella’s turn to dazzle the. She commented: “This is my first London Fashion Week. They are like family, I went to the Met Gala with Phillip and Topshop.”

Bella has had quite some year, walking out in Tommy Hilfiger, Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs and DVF.  Apart from Topshop, Bella has had the same fashion week schedule as her sister Gigi. She said of walking in the same shows as her friends Kendall Jenner, Hayley Baldwin and Gigi: ‘It’s fun, it’s work so we go and leave separately, but it’s nice being with people I love and it’s definitely comforting.” Bella was delayed arriving in London due to a minor incident on her plane.model waswaiting in JFK airport after herto Heathrow collided with a fence whilst taxiing, which clipped and damaged the wing, grounding the flight.

So, being new to the whole scene and London Fashion Week, which has been her favourite show so far? “Such a mean question” she says. “All the shows I’ve worked on have been pretty great.” Diplomatic, but no doubt true.

Brunette Hadid is firmly making her mark on the fashion scene. I wonder which sister gets the most votes? Is this sibling rivalry at its most beautiful and best?


Vivienne Westwood

There were a lot of social and political messages behind this week’s Vivienne Westwood’s/summer’16 show.full riot squad in paper party hats held up placards protesting against austerity, fracking, war and climate change. It was all about passionate protests, shimmering make-up and a touch of tartan.

Whether or not they took the protest messages on board, the crowd consisted ofheads obsessively chattering about blogging, followers, tweet frequency and the other engulfing social media themes. The all important front row included a rarely spotted Lily Allen alongside Sadie Frost and Foxes.

The collection wassolid showing of Vivienne Westwood classics updated and very worthy of investment. But – as her manifesto states on the subject of “buying less and buying better” – when are Westwood creations not worthy? I have always loved VW, but ultimately have never worn anything by the designer except her shoes. For me, the clothes are beautiful to look at but far too Helena Bonham-Carter to wear.

Cotton sundresses, silk drapery, tomboyish suiting and marl knits all vied for the audience’s attention. No one print or shape – whether brocade or ditsy, full of frothy tutu or hugging the body – could dominate and leave the loyal Westwood consumer with their pick of the bunch. Iliked the rose printed lace creations, ruched here and there for ultimate flattery, and the outsized patchworked Oxford button ups. They were turned into skimpy morning-after-the-night-before mini dresses.

Vivienne said in her shownotes that her “protestors” were having a good time whilst looking great. Who am Isay that the two are mutually exclusive? I watched VW being interviewed on the news this week, and it seems she is a Jeremy Corbyn fan. Get your rebel hat on, the times are a-changing.


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