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Scum On The Run
  • British Worker Shane Whittaker was caught with a bag containing many thousands of euros hours after his employer discovered theft of a similar amount.
  • Past criminal record includes theft from his Grandmother and exposing himself to dog walkers whilst committing a sex act on a moped.
  • Whittaker fails to appear for Wednesday’s court appearance.

Officers of the Guardia Civil have this week arrested a 26 year-old British citizen, Shane Michael Whittaker, on suspicion of robbery. The incident occurred on the morning of the 25th August, when the alleged perpetrator forced one of the windows of the Skinny Kitchen establishment where he also worked. Once inside, he opened the safe and made off with approximately 12,000 euros.

According to Lois Stacy Breckell, owner of the Skinny Kitchen, the suspect had been working there for less than 2 weeks before the incident and was found less than 12 hours later having a casual drink in the nearby Viva bar with most of the money in a bag. According to witnesses, SMW had gone out on the night that he had taken the money and had also spent most of the next day drinking at Itaca Bar on the Avenida Dr Fleming. Ms Breckell thanks the Ibiza workers and West End community of Sant Antoni for aiding them in finding the suspect who is currently out on bail and was supposed to attend court this Wednesday 2nd September.

Unsurprisingly he never turned up to court and  is now in even more trouble with the Guardia Civil. At the time of going to press, Ms Breckell was still waiting to hear what will happen regarding the money he took and the part of it he spent. She is also concerned that the SMW has also managed to find his way off of the island.

This is not the first time that this man has been accused of nefarious activities. In addition to having a criminal record for various offences, the Lancashire Telegraph reported that he had stolen a chequebook from his grandmother and cashed in £760 to pay off drug debts in 2011. In 2007, the Burnley Express also reported that he exposed himself to female dog-walkers and joggers while committing a sex act on the back of a moped.




Claire B

The Ibiza Music Video Festival (IMVF) returns to Ibiza this October for it’s 3rd time.

It takes place from October 16th-17th at the Hotel Garbi in Playa D’en Bossa.

More info at:



Young Film Academy @ IMVF

Places are now open for the Young Film Academy (YFA) course that the IMVF is offering this year for young people between the ages of 13-19. It’s a one-day course on how to make a music video from the initial idea to the storyboarding, right through to the edit and final cut with music and sound.

At the end of the day all attendees will receive a copy of their clip and the best of the day will receive an award from the IMVF. In London the course normally costs £115 but it is being offered in Ibiza for only 50€ per person.

The course is designed for youngsters who wish to aspire to the infinite number of career options that await them after being introduced to the world of film and the growth of jobs in Social Media, Sound, Image, Television, YouTubing, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and VFX, amongst others. Based in London, the YFA Young Film Academy is a hub partner in the British Film Institute (BFI) Film Academy Network, helping to find top UK emerging talent.

No previous experience is necessary. There are only 48 places available, so book early to reserve a place.

The course will take place on October 17th in the Hotel Garbi, Playa D’en Bossa. Cost is 50€. Tickets can be bought online from:



Sol Post a sa Conillera

Nicole Torres

  • Sant Josep

On the 5th and 12th of September, the Town Hall at Sant Josep has organized guided visits to the natural reserves of Es Vedrá, Es Vedranell and the Ponent islands to see the sunset and learn about the natural reserves. The visits cost 18€ for adults, 12 for children over 3 years of age, and free for under 3 year-old’s. The visits last from 5.30 to 9.30pm. You can reserve phoning 971 177688 ext. 3 or visit



One World. One Voice. One Day
  • Cala Llonga

That day is Saturday, September 19th, which is Playing For Change Day when musicians around the world will be playing to raise funds to provide free music education programmes in third world counties around the world. Music lover and humanitarian Rick Van Der Mark is bringing this prestigious event to Ibiza and we are thrilled to announce that the chosen venue is Cala Llonga. It promises to be quite an occasion with a number of local bands and artists already signed up to participate.

There are big plans being put together to make this one of the islands biggest ever events that should bring world wide exposure to the island.

See more on facebook (playing for change day Ibiza) to see for yourself who and what is involved and make a diary/phone note so that you don’t miss joining in to connect the world through music. We’ll bring you more info over the coming weeks so keep looking in The Ibizan for details.




Final Films

Claire B

  • Ibiza Town

The final four outdoor films at the Open-Air Secret Garden Cinema, the joint venture between the Black Door Cinema Club and Boutique Hostal Salinas have been announced. There’s four amazing specially chosen films to close the season:

  • Sexy Beast – Tuesday 8th Sept 10pm
  • Boogie Nights – Tuesday 15th Sept 10pm
  • Love and Mercy – Tuesday 22nd Sept 10pm
  • Eden – Tuesday 6th Oct – 10pm

There will be a special pre-screen gourmet BBQ and drinks from 8pm before the film starts at 10pm. An evening at a Black Door Cinema Club screening is also about the intimate pre-film social event to catch up with familiar island residents and what better way to enjoy that than with a gourmet BBQ and drinks around the stunning pool and lounge area at Boutique Hostal Salinas.

You need to buy a ticket online in advance. More details, including trailers and how to buy tickets at:



Joan Hiking
  • Sant Joan

The Sant Joan town council and Walk & Talk Ibiza have programmed a series of hiking trails, designed for the residents and visitors of Ibiza to enjoy the beaches, caves, ponds, towers, churches, boatyard houses and the most unspoilt natural landscapes on the island. The trails last three hours and can be walked until the month of December.

By example the walk on 27th September leaves from the town football pitch and takes a route down to Benirrás beach. On return to Sant Joan, there will be a paella meal at the football pitch.

Departure: 10.30am from the town sports centre.

More information:




Sant Rafel de Forca Market
  • Sant Rafel
  • Free Train Service From San Antonio

Every Thursday during the summer season (from June until September), the village of Sant Rafel will hold its Craft Fair.

The fair will be open from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM and have 60 stands participating with ceramics taking centre stage; though you will also be able to find traditional handicrafts and agricultural products.

A mini train ride has been provided to visit this fair free-of-charge.

It departs at 6:30pm from the Sant Antoni bus station and returns from Sant Rafel at 8:30pm.

Sant Rafel is the only place on the island that has been declared an Area of Artisanal Interest due to its exceptional craftsmanship using ceramics, and is a place where you can visit the different workshops in which skilled potters work to produce masterpieces inspired by Punic, traditional and modern techniques.

Quacking Crocodiles Have Feelings Too

Nicole Torres

Tickets have already been put on sale for the theatre show ‘Guyi-Guyi’, a plea against discrimination and established barriers, that can be seen at the Centro Cultural of Jesus on September 19th.

The Children’s Theatre and the Platea Programme supported by the Ministry of Culture returns with this inventive puppet and live actor performance ‘Guyi-Guyi’.

The piece, which can be seen from September 19th at 6pm is recommended for an audience from 3 years onwards. Based on the premise of confusion when being born to another family, the show challenges the lack of rationality of prejudices and judgements based solely on the similarity or difference with our own characteristics.

The protagonist, Guyi-Guyi is a crocodile, who for reasons best left with the author, was born into a family of ducks. Guyi-Guyi lives happily with his family until one day he gets lost and meets a crocodile. When he learns that crocodiles eat ducks, our protagonist will go through different difficulties to be himself. Through games and humour the play seeks to reflect on the fear to what is difference and prejudice which we feel about everything which behaves differently from what we expect. The show lasts 50 minutes, it is based on the interaction between puppets and the actresses that manipulate them: Dora Cantero, Olga Solera, Marisol Garcia and Begoña Iriarte.

Guyi-Guyi’ has received various awards such as the best puppet of the International Fair of Theatre for Children (Feten) and the best show for children and better interpretation of the Puppet Festival of Lleida.

Tickets cost 8 euros if bought in advance (at the same Cultural Centre, at the Holidays store on the Sant Jaume street in Santa Eularia and Holy-Sport in Ignasi Wallis Avenue in Ibiza Town) or 10 euros at the same hall two hours before the start.

Support materials are available on the company’s website including teaching dossier in pdf that you can print and serves to reinforce educational aspects about the differences, both in the field of nature and within the school.





Ibizan Cocktail Finalist

A bartender based in Ibiza at the Hotel Me by Melia, Alvaro Martín, has become one of the two finalists who will represent our country in the prestigious Opihr Adventure World Cocktail Competition.

After a month of national contests, Martín will join Valentina Vandici, of Hotel Do Reia in Barcelona, ‌‌in a grand final to be held in the Moroccan city of Marrakech against the finalists of United Kingdom, United States, Portugal and Ireland.

Alvaro Martin won the Spanish heats with his cocktail ‘The Merchant’, inspired by the merchants who were responsible for the marketing of spices included in his creation.


New San An Culture Centre?

After two decades, the old cinema Torres in Sant Antoni is expected to reopen to become a new cultural space. At present, the main obstacle remains economic. Apparently, the previous government team had offered 350,000 euros to the owners after undergoing appraisal by municipal technicians, but the new government has re-initiated talks regarding the monetary value of the property and how much they are prepared to offer the Torres family.

The old cinema seats 400 people and was the first village cinema in the municipality after opening its doors for the first time in the early 1930s.


Only Rules and Horses

The Ibiza Council has announced that 800,000 euros will be allocated to reform and strengthen the Sant Rafel racetrack.

The insular Councillor of Interior, Commerce, Industry and Institutional Relations, Marta Diaz, who has met with representatives of the Association of Trot d’Eivissa, said that “it is time to value a building owned by the island”.

One of the first measures to improve the racecourse will be the installation of a photo finish device and a video system to record the races, which will enable the racetrack to become a Category 2 course.


Dive Troubles

An English 32 year-old was diving to a depth of 30 metres with the Punta Dive Center near Formentera, not Cala Martina (as initially reported by the emergency services), when he suffered an anxiety attack and surfaced too quickly.

The man was transferred to Marina Botafoch, where he was taken to a private clinic in an ambulance, and then treated in a hyperbaric chamber.

The Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario is the only health centre on the island which has a hyperbaric chamber, which is used to treat decompression. The man is now out of danger and will make a full recovery.


Turtle Rescued

A loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), the first to get rescued alive this year, is recovering at the Centre for Recovery of Marine Species (CREM) of Sant Antoni. The animal, between 10 and 15 years old, had injuries in two fins when it was located near Sa Conillera.

Recreational anglers found the specimen tangled in plastic bottles and rope. Following a veterinary assessment and some tests, including an X-ray which ruled out serious injury, the loggerhead turtle was taken to CREM.

The turtle will remain on the premises of CREM at the aquarium of Cap Blanc, and will be released in about a month.



The anchor of a ship has broken a sewage pipe in Talamanca Bay. It was apparently a “small tear” which was fixed by divers on the same day. The beach was still open, but showing a yellow flag to warn people that the beach was not 100% safe. However, the president of the neighbourhood association of Talamanca, José Colomar, expressed the “indignation and weariness” experienced by businesses and residents with the continuous discharges of sewage. “It is time to say enough is enough. Talamanca suffers this situation too frequently,” he criticized.


Motorcycle Death

A young man of 23 years-old died on the weekend after a motorcycle accident in Cala Tarida, as reported by the Urgent Care Service (SAMU). The incident occurred at 7.20pm on the road from Sant Josep to Cala Tarida and no other vehicle was involved.




Man Found Dead in Santa Eularia

The body of a middle-aged man found on the beach of Santa Eulalia on Sunday morning showed no signs of violence, according to a spokesman for the Guardia Civil, who said that the evidence suggests that the man drowned.

The incident occurred at 4.50pm on Sunday, when a group of people found the body of a middle-aged man on the beach at Santa Eularia, just few metres before the river mouth. Two officers of the local police helped remove the body, which showed signs of having been deceased for some time.

The Guardia Civil states that the body had no documents, making it difficult to identify. The only information is that the victim was a male between 30 and 40 years old and was wearing a bathing suit when he was found.

The deceased may be the same person who was spotted by a witness at 11.30pm on Saturday leaving his belongings on the shore and going into the sea. The witness called the 112 emergency services and a local police patrol was then moved to the area with lanterns to search for the man.


Formentera Fly Plague

In recent weeks, the residents of Cap de Barbaria and Cala Saona in Formentera have suffered from a plague of flies after dried sludge from the treatment plant of Sant Francesc has been found to not be as dry as required. At first there was a strong smell in the area that many thought may be a dead animal, but the amount of flies appearing caused residents to believe that the problem was much greater. A neighbour said that “we cannot let our children out to play in the garden or swim in the pool. You cannot eat outside or open doors or windows, it’s a nightmare.”

The Regional Minister for the Environment, Daisee Aguilera, has stated that “everything indicates that the filter press sludge compacting machine is not working properly and leaves liquid.” Insecticides are currently being deployed to rid the area of flies. The Council of Formentera is aware that there is an overload in the amount of sewage from the treatment plant and will collaborate with the company who are authorized to deposit the sludge to fix the issue. “We are demanding that the conditions are set by law and not in the way they have been done up to now, “concluded Aguilera.


The Search for Atlantis
  • Council to provide information on where to find it

The City of Sant Josep has reported that an agreement has been reached on how to deal with the influx of tourists to the popular Torre d’es Savinar and Sa Pedrera area – which includes the fabled ‘Atlantis’.

“Given the massive influx of cars and visitors to the general area and particularly to the Torre d’es Savinar, which often causes the need for intervention by the Fire services, along with the deteriorating situation of the landscape and lack of safety for visitors, the City of San Josep understands that it must act for the common good, and not allow this landmark spot to be degraded,” said the Consistory in a statement.

The first measures will be to regulate access to the area and provide parking with attendants. An information kiosk and schedule of opening and closing will also be set up according to season, in addition to studying the possibility of introducing a fee for maintenance and monitoring. Moreover, three very clear routes shall be defined. Sa Pedrera (Atlantis), Sa Torre and S’Era d’es Mataret. Tourists will be informed by leaflets of the marked routes and their difficulties, and the risks of reckless behaviour and inappropriate footwear.

  • For those wishing to explore Atlantis sometime soon, a rather helpful ‘finding Atlantis’ blog has been published on the Ocean Beach website together with some fantastic photos by one of their dancers, Lani James-Mufa.



Food & Drink


Café Bondi

Stan Farrow

It seems that the whole western world is getting a little health conscious lately, and Ibiza is no exception. You only have to look at the excessive amount of gym bunnies in swimsuits and musclebound lads in their little orange shorts to see how important it has become to look good. Any of the 3,543 yoga teachers on the island will also tell you that nutrition is 80% of the battle to achieving that sculptured body, so it’s important to put the right fuel in the tank – even for people like me that don’t really care about looking good in little orange shorts, but just want to have the energy to get out of bed in the afternoon.

Café Bondi is the new temple to health in Sant Antoni. It opened in May this year and is located on the busy thoroughfare just by the fountains. It’s superb for people watching especially at twilight, which is handy as that is exactly when we turn up to partake in some organic fare. As a man in little orange shorts struts past I decide to sample one of the smoothies and, on the knowledge that green is good, go for the Green Machine which contains a mix of spinach, celery, ginger, turmeric, banana, honey, soy milk and blueberries. It tastes so good, that I have a second one soon after. I’ve also been told that Café Bondi has a very special cold-press juicer that keeps the nutrients intact by not using blades or heat, so I’m confident that I’m getting some healthy goodness rather than just a cup of sugar. My dining companion is not really getting into the health thing and orders a Bloody Mary, which he says is proper legit. It’s one of the many cocktails that they make, and they do have some interesting choices in beverage. Throughout the meal my companion dabbles with the more interesting concoctions such as Watermelon Mojito, Bondi’s Blondies (Gin, Aperol and Passion Fruit), Apple Cinnamon Sangria and Strawberry Lychee Sangria. He reports all interesting, all very tasty and all hitting the spot – which to be honest becomes bloody obvious over time.

I’m sticking with the health options, but I’m done with beverage to save space for foodage. I ignore the protein shakes, detox mineral waters and juices and get on with the solid stuff. We order some black olives and fluffy focaccia bread with alioli along with some chicken wings marinated in tonkatsu BBQ sauce. All of the ingredients for the food and drink are organic and you can really tell that from the taste – there’s none of that under-current of salt and weird chemical ming that you get from processed food. The wings are especially nice, even if we’re unsure what a tonkatsu sauce is.

We can already tell from the starters, but apparently the chefs are very passionate about their ingredients and love getting new deliveries of wooden pallets full of organic produce, straw and wonderful smells. Even the storeroom is supposed to look incredible and I make a note to try and take a peek at some point.

Anyway, onto the main course. I’ve gone for the Japanese slow-cooked BBQ ribs on the advice of a mate and my companion manages to order a vegetarian burger, in between sips, on the advice of the little pink elephant just in front of his eyes. The ribs are cooked in a special oven which contains coals and naturally smokes the meat whilst it is cooking. I don’t really care about the science to be honest, the result is what counts and the results are amazing. The ribs are succulent, full of flavour and topped off with some sautéed mushrooms and a tasty green salad. I also have a quick bite of the veggie burger as well as I’m not sure I can trust my companion’s impaired judgement anymore. It’s got Swiss cheese, mushrooms and rocket – it really can’t fail.

Fully content with my dining experience I watch another group of beautiful young things saunter past in skimpy outfits and ponder the rest of the menu. It’s not a huge menu, which is understandable when you know that the produce is so fresh, but they do have pizzas, salads, burgers and meat from the grill. There are plenty of vegetarian options and the thing that really grabs me is that the prices are very reasonable for the size of the plates and the fact that everything is organic – a basic pizza will set you back under 10 euros, a goat’s cheese salad is under 13 euros and the huge burger is 15 euros. Organic produce, great location, great service, really tasty food and drink, really good value – what’s not to like?!


Food & Drink


Our Friends Electric


Carly Sorenson

I’ve always been a fan of cycling. Not racing or cross country, but ambling around the countryside, zooming down hills, bimbling along a river… you know, low impact, pleasurable cycling. As much as I’m a fan of the environmentally friendly, fitness improving, endorphin releasing bike as a method of getting from A to B, I’ll happily drive if B is a long uphill slog away from A. I therefore jumped at the chance to ride and review an electrically assisted bike from tumotoenibiza for a week.

Appearance wise, it’s pretty good. It looks a lot like the Dutch style town bike I own and in gleaming white with back wheels, it’s smart. The battery pack for the motor sits neatly on the bar under the seat and we were able to attach a child seat for my toddler with minimum fuss. So far, so good. When you get on, you need to turn a key to switch on the motor ignition, and press ‘on’ on the little control pad attached to the handlebars. This same control pad enables you to increase or decrease the effort put in by the motor – low, medium or high – and to switch the lights on or off. Very user friendly and straightforward.

On setting off, it rides like a normal bike, until you reach walking speed – just a few revolutions of the pedals – when you feel a surge as the motor assist kicks in. My first thought was that I would soon be zooming off without needing to pedal at all, but, as with a normal bike, if you stop pedalling, it gradually slows down to a halt. If you’re expecting a fully motorised bike, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re expecting all the pleasure of a bike but with far less effort required, you’re in luck. At top speed these bikes can reach at least 25km/h allowing you to feel the smug satisfaction of nipping past the lycra clad racing bike clan and barely breaking a sweat. With the assistance of the motors, my husband and I rode from The Ibizan headquarters in Cala De Bou around to San Antonio town in around fifteen minutes, it usually takes at least twenty five and a lot more exertion on my ‘normal’ bike. Not bad at all, and quicker than driving in high season traffic and trying to find a parking place.

Where it really comes into its own though is uphill. We live at the top of a long steep hill and are usually red faced and dripping in sweat by the time we reach the top, often with a disgruntled adrenalin junkie taking on the role of drill sergeant and shouting ‘Go! Push!’ and pushing against our backs from her throne behind one of us. We were pleasantly surprised to find that with the electric motor assisted bikes we barely slowed down for the hill, just dropped a couple of gears, put the motors into high and cruised on up with the satisfied drill sergeant happily shouting ‘Wheeeee!’ from her perch instead. We even had a little sprint race half way up as we had extra energy to burn and wanted to see how well the motor would assist if we pedalled with all our might. They worked fantastically well (I won).

So, would I recommend renting one of these bikes? Absolutely. I’d recommend it for getting around whilst on holiday, going to the beach, park, on a little shopping trip (there’s a space on the bike with clips that we used to secure a small bag) or even on a night out. They’re a great way to explore and get around without worrying too much about traffic or cost of fuel, they hold their battery power incredibly well – I rode mine every day for around an hour and never had to recharge it – and you can ride them straight up to your destination and lock them up when you get there, they come with a heavy duty lock, the key is on a keyring with the ignition key. What’s more, you can take in the sights and sounds and feel good about yourself for doing some exercise at the same time. It’s win win all around. Go and rent one today!




Eivissa Diu No

Last Saturday morning at 7am, sixty women of all ages gathered on the beach of Aigües Blanques to protest a new oil exploration project being undertaken by Geo Spectrum Limited in the eastern part of the Balearic Sea.

The performance was organized by citizens on behalf of Ibiza Diu to highlight the threat to the Balearic Islands from surveying the sea floor, which is still permitted within the Mediterranean. The half-naked women had written the phrase ‘Eivissa Diu No’ on their bodies and went as far as to form the words with their own bodies in the sea.

This week the collective of Eivissa Diu No, Ibiza Antipetrolífera and Alliança Mar Blava have been lobbying politicians to stop all Mediterranean Sea oil exploration and to prohibit new companies from surveying. According to Eivissa Diu No, “this protest shows that independent citizens continue to take initiatives to further express their absolute rejection to oil exploration activities”.


Old Lady Rescued

The centre of Ibiza Town was the scene of the spectacular rescue of an elderly woman who had been confined to her home for two days after suffering a fall.

A crew of four firefighters from the Vertical Rescue Group accessed the apartment on Calle del Metge Antoni Serra after family members, who usually live with the woman but were on holiday, reported that their phone calls were not being answered.

From the terrace on the fourth floor, they abseiled down to the apartment balcony and accessed the dwelling through an open window. The woman, in her 80s, was found conscious by her bed and immediately had her vital signs checked and supplied with oxygen. She was taken to Can Misses hospital by ambulance and is stable.

“It was spectacular how quickly they gained access to the apartment,” said Mari Pedrosa, a volunteer from the Red Cross who witnessed the whole rescue operation and highlighted the good work of the Vertical Rescue Group.


Tourist Spending is Up
  • Jan-July 1.5m Tourists
  • 1,267,000,000€ Spent—Up 5%
  • Average 112.89€ Per Day
  • 371,800,000€ Spent by British

The 1.5 million tourists who visited Ibiza and Formentera in the first seven months of this year spent a total of 1,267 million euros, representing an increase of 5% compared with the same period last year when the total expenditure was 1,204 million euros – according to the survey of tourist spending Egatur, prepared by the Government. The average daily spending in the Balearic Islands was 112.89 euros, a few cents above that recorded in Mallorca, which was 112.42 euros and Menorca which stood at 94.82 euros. The British tourists are the most important national sector as they led the spending with 371.8 million, followed by the German tourists with 118.6 million.


New Winter Routes

The Vueling airline has announced that it will open five new routes to Ibiza for the next winter season and increase the supply of seats by 35 percent from the previous winter.

254,048 seats will go on sale for a total of nine routes to Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Paris-Orly, Seville and Valencia.

Passengers from or to Ibiza can connect to or from European cities like London and Berlin, with delivery of a double boarding pass at the airport of departure which means they will not have to collect baggage until they arrive at their final destination.


The Shouting Man

Nicole Torres

The Sant Antoni Shouting man – as he is commonly known in the British community – is a representation of an Ibicenco shouting an uc. This uc shouting is a very old tradition in Ibiza and Formentera and was used to communicate with neighbour as houses were far from each other and because it the message was received quickly. Nowadays this practice has died out and is usually only heard at folk displays – I say usually because I used to hear it at home, Granddad taught me!

As a shout, the uc depends a lot on the person shouting and for what reason. It was used to call a meeting / party, to say hi, and to alert from a danger, sometimes even to laugh at a rival. The sound would be something close to Iatuuuuuuuuuu Iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ajajajai! Imagine walking around the fields in Ibiza and hearing that, thank goodness for mobile phones!




Moped Hire Crack Down

Local Police and the Guardia Civil have reported two motorbike rental shops in Ibiza Town for committing 29 offences. They found numerous irregularities, especially in these two establishments on the Avenida de Pere Matutes Noguera.

Eleven complaints were filed against Moondance Ibiza, one for lacking a business license. Officers found that the bikes were parked illegally on the street, and that the business had no liability insurance.

Cooltra Motos received eighteen complaints for violations of city ordinances which included having no license, illegally selling tickets and not insuring some of the vehicles.

Police and the Civil Guard announced more similar joint operations in the coming weeks.


Gang Arrests in Ibiza
  • Responsible for at least 29 robberies

The National Police have arrested a gang of criminals who they believe are responsible for at least 29 robberies, in which they have stolen more than one million euros in jewels and cash. Of the eight arrested in the operation, five have been sent to prison (four in Ibiza and one in Mallorca), and three have been released with charges.

The gang were arrested after a boat was tracked by helicopter when fleeing from Port d’Andratx in Mallorca after the gang allegedly committed robberies on the island. When the ‘Cinderella di Mare’ arrived at Talamanca, officers of the National Police and Guardia Civil swooped in.

The detainees apparently have been using a legal company called Security Pitiusas to gain access to hotels, restaurants and clubs where they gather information on how to bypass the alarm systems before committing the robberies using thermal lances.

Among those detained in Ibiza are two brothers, Cristian CV and Jonathan CV, whose family own the security firm. Both brothers have extensive criminal records. Cristian CV was the leader of a gang that was arrested in 2009, after performing robberies in Ibiza during the summer of 2008. Also in 2011 during a burglary investigation, it was suspected that Cristian CV and his brother were using their security knowledge to install alarms in houses before entering later to commit theft.

West Belfast Lad In Intensive Care After Diving Into Pool At Ibiza Apartments And Breaking His Back In Two Places
  • Lisa Smyth

The parents of 20-year-old Sean Paul McCabe have appealed for help finding accommodation while their son recovers from his devastating injuries

The parents of the man who broke his back after jumping head first into the shallow end of swimming pool have released a heartbreaking picture of their son in intensive care.

Sean Paul McCabe, 20, has been told he was seconds away from being paralysed after the devastating accident on the sunshine island of Ibiza on Wednesday.

However, the West Belfast plumber is not out of the woods and faces an anxious wait for potentially life-saving surgery to repair his broken spine – located next to his heart – because he forgot to buy travel insurance.

His mum, Edith – who rushed to her son’s bedside in a San Antonio hospital upon hearing of the accident – said: “Every day is critical at the moment because the break is so close to his heart so the bones could slip and go into the heart.

“If he had insurance he would get the operation straight away but because he has no insurance we are waiting for documentation from the embassy to say the treatment will be paid for.

“It’s just terrible, I’m so worried about him.

“It was his first holiday abroad and he drove all the way down to Dublin and sat all day just to get a passport and he managed to get enough money together to pay for the trip.”

Sean Paul’s two-year-old son, Rhiley, is also travelling to Ibiza on Saturday to see his injured dad.

Edith continued: “Sean Paul has been asking for him so we’ve arranged for Rhiley to come out and see his dad, so hopefully that will help to cheer him up.”

She also blamed her son’s terrible injuries on the notorious 24/7 party culture of the island.

Sean Paul’s accident came weeks after 21-year-old Alan Drennan from Newtownabbey died just hours after arriving in Ibiza.

“I wouldn’t speak to him before he went, I never even said goodbye because I didn’t want him to go,” said Edith.

“And now I have been here a few days I have seen how dangerous it is.

“You have young ones out all night and then driving about on the roads on quad bikes with no helmets and no sleep.

“The night club Sean Paul and his friends were at the night before the accident stayed open until 7am and I think he was so tired when he jumped in the pool that he didn’t realise it was the shallow end.”

Meanwhile, Sean Paul’s distraught dad, Gerard, has revealed he was originally told his son had broken his neck.

“He was supposed to be home by now and instead he is lying in a hospital bed with tubes and wires coming out of him,” he said.

“It was a last minute holiday and Sean Paul forgot to book insurance.

“One of his friends pulled out at the last minute and Sean Paul took his place so they did a name change and he flew out last Sunday and had the accident on Wednesday.

“Boys being boys they had been out all night and were at the swimming pool the next day.

“Sean Paul jumped straight in and didn’t realise it was the shallow end. The first we heard of it was when one of his friends texted his girlfriend to say he had broken his neck and she contacted us.

“Then they texted to say he had just winded himself but Sean Paul said he knew himself something wasn’t right. It turned out he had broken his back in two places.”

Gerard and Edith booked flights to Ibiza as soon as they heard the news and arrived there last Thursday.

They are currently staying half an hour away from the hospital in San Antonio where their son is receiving his life-saving treatment.


At Night



Back in the late 90s, a few Ibiza residents opened a record shop just on the edge of the West End in Sant Antoni. It was a mecca for music with a full studio set-up for hire and the latest vinyl – it was the 90s after all. Almost as an after-thought they put a little bar at the back for girlfriends/mates to relax whilst the DJ got down to the serious business of listening to every single tune in the shop on headphones.

Within no time at all the ‘little’ bar became quite a hangout for the cool kids and workers in San An, and ended up being busier than the shop. Always ready to adapt, the owners made the decision to chuck the vinyl and studio, redecorate and open the whole space as a bar. The DJs were hand-picked, the décor was up to date, and the same cool kids and workers returned night after night looking for something that they couldn’t find in the rest of the West End.

Over the years others followed suit and tried to imitate, but none managed to be as good as the original. They moved some time ago to a bigger space right next to the Egg roundabout, but Plastik still retains the same concept to this day more than 15 years after opening. The music is up-to-date and loud, the décor is just as snazzy and the place is always rammed full of attractive people taking advantage of the even more attractive drinks prices. It’s basically like going to a club without the entry fee or ridiculous cost for a beverage. There’s normally even a celebrity or two kicking back in the VIP section just like in a big club. In fact, Plastik is so good that it often happens that groups of people going to a pre-party in Plastik end up staying and never bother going on to the club. And why not?!


At Night


Cameo RnB 1xtra

We caught up with 1xtra’s DJ Cameo who hosts his own Levitate night at Plastik on Thursdays from 8.30pm. Here’s why he loves Plastik and his current top five.

Cameo: I wanted to bring a mix of house & garage, RnB & hip hop and it’s really taking off with a sexy, relaxed party vybe. For a bar to bring this vybe, Plastik is perfect with great lighting, wicked sound system and VIP seating. The crowd love the diversity in music being played and most nights people don’t wanna leave when it’s closing time.

Top 5

Ben Pierce – What I Might Do

Amine Edge & Dance – Lost

Drake – Hotline Bling

Format B – Chunky

Siege – Crunk



Pre-party 4-6pm

Holi Garden Festival Ibiza@Benimussa Zoo


Float Your Boat with Carl Cox Pre-party 3.30-5.30pm


Cream Boat Pre-party 3.30-5.30pm

DJ Cameo from Radio 1xtra 8.30pm – 4.30am


Judgement@Eden Pre-party with Judge Jules

Get Wired 8.30pm – 4.30am


At Night


Hed Kandi


We all know that Hed Kandi is a bit on the glamourous side and it’s no different when it’s in Ibiza, so it only makes sense for Savannah to host the official pre-party. The white-washed walls and organic décor perfectly marry with Es Paradis, which stages the main event, and many of the DJs from the club are here to give the crowds a little taster of what to expect later. Unlike some pre-parties, the guys make sure to send the best DJs, the Lovely Laura on saxamaphone and a handful of dancers. It obviously hasn’t the atmosphere of the club, but with a superb cocktail list, good food and the Hed Kandi guys in attendance, it’s not a bad place to kick start the night. Plus it’s free to get in!

Es Paradis

The first Hed Kandi nights started in Ibiza 16 years ago at El Divino (now known as Lío) and that was a beautiful club. Luckily Es Paradis is even more beautiful and the perfect venue to host the current incarnation of Hed Kandi.

The club is resplendent, with snow white painted walls and so much plant life that I wouldn’t be surprised if there are undiscovered species within. The music as always is uplifting and vocal-led with an under-current of filthy bass to get those hips a wiggling, and the clubbers are gorgeous creatures dressed to the nines. Most promoters would be happy with this, but Hed Kandi cannot help but throw some more glitter at the night in the form of a show and a saxamaphone player. The show is cabaret at its best, but it’s the Lovely Laura with her golden saxophone that is the star of the show. Expect to be mesmerised by her performance and be prepared to whoop along with the crowd when she hits those certain notes.

Ocean Beach

How about this, if you buy a ticket the Saturday, you also get free entrance to Ocean Beach on the Monday and can glam up for some daytime pool action. There’s the same attention to detail from the club with shows, high flying acrobats and of course the Lovely Laura with her saxamaphone. We won’t spoil the surprise, but her entrance is something a little special and well worth seeing.

Kandi art

Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks, the artist who designed over 100 CD covers for Hed Kandi which sold an estimated 6 million units, was born February 23rd 1969 and grew up in Brighton where he still lives.

Jason formed his iconic style of illustration while studying graphic design at Central Saint Martin’s College, London, and perfected it when gaining his Master’s Degree in Illustration at the Royal College of Art. While at college he won the prestigious Vogue Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award for Fashion Illustration and has since submitted work for a number of high-end fashion brands.

Travel is a recurring theme in his computer-based illustrations and still continues to inspire and broaden his repertoire, although Jason’s distinctive style is still easily spotted in his work.

His work on Hed Kandi was nothing short of ground-breaking and the aspirational designs formed an integral part of the brand, which is still very much the essence of Hed Kandi today.


Ben Santiago

One of the White Isle’s most prolific DJs, Ben Santiago moved to Ibiza eight years ago and had held a number of enviable residencies including: Café del Mar, Cream, Pacha, Base Bar, El Divino, Ibiza Rocks, Cocoon, Amnesia and of course, Hed Kandi. As an official A&R scout for Hed Kandi / Ministry of Sound, Ben helps compile the music for their world famous compilations. Internationally, he is musical director for Berlin Fashion Week and spins for high profile clients such as Dolche&Gabbana and Storm Modeling Agency. Appreciated for his truly Balearic approach, Ben is adept at delivering straight up house tunes for any occasion.


The Lovely Laura

An honours graduate in Jazz from Leeds college of Music, Laura is renowned for her performances with Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound. It’s no surprise that she is the clubbing world’s most in-demand saxophonist, having played in the most prestigious international clubs including Es Paradis, Space Ibiza and Pacha worldwide.

Summer 2014 saw a Facebook video of Laura playing Jubel by Klingande go viral on the internet with 200k likes and over 60k shares. Laura was then invited to play with Klingande and now regularly performs with them on tour. Her perfomances at Hed Kandi nights truly set the place on fire.


At Night

Congratulations to Pamela Lynch who correctly answered last week’s competition that Tchami is playing on the Terrace at Cream on the 3rd September.

Cream competition

Win guest list for 2 people to Cream Amnesia. Cream Ibiza are giving our readers the opportunity to go to  their 10th September party and all you have to do for a chance to win is tell us who will be playing on the terrace? The first name drawn from the hat Monday 7th September wins guest list for two.

Who is playing the terrace at Cream Ibiza on 10th September?

  1. A) Duke Dumont B) Suki Labelle C) Luke Beaumont

Send answers by email headed ‘CREAM COMP’ to editor@theibizan.com before midnight Sunday 6th September. Winner will be notified and announced online via the Ibizan Facebook page Monday 7th September. Guestlist is not transferable. Dress code applies. Winners must be at venue before 1am on night of event. See Cream Website for further info on the night and venue. www.cream.co.uk


Angels In Dirty Places



24-7 rely entirely upon charitable donations to fund their work which costs around €30,000 euros a year  – That does not include any salaries as every person in their team raises their own personal support.

If you would like to contribute financially go to:


Other work includes Prison Visits and a new project to work with the people of Sa Penya is in its early stages.

In July 2015 24-7 had a record 20 volunteers on the streets of the West End.

24-7 work from their drop in centre in General Prim in the centre of San Antonio’s West End. The centre is also used for prayer meetings & services.


Angels in Dirty Places

Last year we opened our report on our own West End Angels with the words “You may not be familiar with the 24-7 organisation..”, though this year I would imagine that would apply to significantly less people and not only as a result of our own report—though we certainly hope it as this will help to further promote their inspiring work.  A look down their facebook timeline shows they have caught the imagination of several media channels in several languages, and the sheer volume of volunteers must have also helped get them noticed. Project leader Charlie Clayton, one of 4 permanent volunteers (another being his wife Abby with whom he has had a bonnie baby boy Solumun this year) told me that “90 volunteers will  join us between May and October from all over the world including America, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and UK.”

Few people would relish the prospect of dealing with the worst of the over-intoxicated young people Ibiza has to offer, but that’s exactly what 24-7 do, night after night, year after year—15 years to be exact.

Charlie said that 2015 had been equally busy to previous. From a bystander’s perspective the widely praised West end pop up medical centre, funded by the bars association in 2014 but not continued this year, would be seen as a big loss by people working at the coal face of the West end’s casualty caseload. However, as you might expect from people looking to help the human amongst humanity, 24-7 approach the subject pragmatically, seeing their role as outside the political to and fro of San An’s halls of power. Asking project leader Charlie Clayton of the consequences of it not being funded in 2015 he answered with the tact of a man who could ironically forge a successful career in politics, but i guess he considers himself to have an altogether superior powermaster to that dictated by the colour of a flag.

“Having medical services on hand is a huge assistance in the work we do and for the welfare of those in the west end – it definitely reduces the strain on local ambulance and medical services who are often overwhelmed by patients during the summer season.“

In addition to their most public role of street patrols—a typical night in which is given by Abby right, they undertake several support roles including a highly valued drop in centre for summer workers, and as a Christian group they offer prayer and spiritual guidance.

  • Drop In Centre Open 4-8pm Mon-Fri.
  • Sunday Service 7-7.45pm



These eyes see beauty

Abby, 24-7

The sun is rising and I have just got home. Tonight has been a mixture of praying, helping and laughing..

It was a fairly steady pace in terms of quantity of calls…

The first call came from someone who had found a drunk guy by the ice cream shop. Whilst two of the team went to collect him, I jumped in the van with my partner and drove to pick them up. Usually on van calls, the person gets in with no queries, or they are not in a condition where they are able to communicate…however, this guy seemed to change his mind on our arrival, and two more laps of San An (via the one way system), the team had convinced him to accept a lift and he got in.

Faye and I went out for our hour and were strolling down to the edge of the area we walk around. This is a stretch near the beach, and is slightly further afield than the West End grid, but I like to make sure I head down there regularly. En route we were called over to a couple who needed a bit of help. She was fine, but he was certainly at the end of his night. Some Spanish guy was trying to flag a taxi down, but each one slowed down only to speed away when they saw how drunk the guy was. As I was phoning to arrange the van, the Spanish guy began to ask who we were…when I said we were Christians, he pointed at the pair and said (in Spanish) ‘but they are sinners!’…I said ‘we’re all sinners’. He seemed shocked that Christianity would associate itself with sin; ‘while we were still sinners, Christ died for us’ floated through my mind, as did the noise of the couple to hand, and we left to get the van.

Arriving back to join the couple. I pulled over; the way our van is set up we have two seats together and a gap where the third should be. The sober woman shuffled across the first seat, onto the second, and then promptly off the second and straight onto the floor in the van. The team were trying to wrestle the drunk boyfriend into the available seats, and none of us had been paying the sober girl much attention – until that moment. And as compassionate, caring, sensitive 24-7 members would do, we all fell about laughing! Fortunately she did too, picked herself up and helped to drag her drunk companion onto the chair.

Becky was out chatting with one guy who was insisting that she baptise him there and then. He was asking whether she had any holy water, and seeing our water bottles, asked to use that. Sensing that a baptism whilst he was drunk in the middle of the West End may not be what we’re going for, she talked him through the idea of repentance, and maybe that he could use the idea of water as cleansing…one prayer later and they found themselves trickling a splash of water onto his forehead as he enthusiastically encouraged them to splash his whole face with this ‘holy’ water. Meanwhile Becky is reiterating to all those around that ‘this is NOT baptism!’…

In our last hour we mooched out into the West End and this lovely girl came up to us, asking for prayer and telling us some of her story. It struck me again tonight how much of a privilege it is to listen to someone as they share themselves with you, a random person in a t-shirt who is associated with vomit, oranges, brownie Thursdays and prayer. Each night I meet some truly amazing people on the West End, tourists and workers alike.

Lately, for one reason or another, I have begun to feel very defensive of the West End. The workers are our community and the people who fill these streets every night are my friends, and image bearers of God. It’s like if you had an ugly baby – I imagine as a parent, you would know it is ugly, but you would love it with all your heart anyway. And when someone else sees the beauty that you see in it, your love increases because someone else sees it too! You understand when people call it ugly, and wouldn’t hold it against them for expressing their opinion, but you know that you see beyond the visual to the treasure beneath.

The West End gets a lot of slack and bad-mouthing, but I love living and being in this place. It has been said that ‘the eye that sees beauty shall often walk alone’ – I am grateful for the companions who see the beauty behind the ugly here – our teams, our supporters and all of you who read this – thank you for choosing to see the beauty with me.




View from the Pew

Rev. Dr. Peter Pimentel

On Sunday we shall be looking into this event in the life of Jesus recorded in Mark’s Gospel:

Some people brought to him a man who was deaf and could hardly talk, and they begged him to place his hand on the man. After he took him aside, away from the crowd, Jesus put his fingers into the man’s ears. Then he spat and touched the man’s tongue. He looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said  “Ephphatha!” (which means, “Be opened!”). At this, the man’s ears were opened, his tongue was loosened and he began to speak plainly. Jesus commanded them not to tell anyone. But the more he did so, the more they kept talking about it. (Mark 7:32-36)

A strong case has been made, based on early Christian tradition, that Mark accompanied the Apostle Peter to Rome in AD 42 and soon after wrote up Peter’s memoirs. (Cambridge University scholar, J.A.T. Robinson, in a ground-breaking book, Redating the New Testament, 1976). Be that as it may, the presence of the Aramaic word Ephphatha in the Greek text of the Gospel and the dramatic details of the healing gestures is evidence for the antiquity of the pre-Gospel tradition.

Jesus takes the deaf man aside and away from the crowd. This suggests that he understands the unique needs of this person. For some people it is important to have a private and personal encounter with Jesus. Jesus performs the miracle of healing in seven steps (a sacred biblical number). Jesus makes use of gestures, as if speaking in sign language, so the deaf man can follow.

  1. Jesus takes the deaf man aside away from the crowd.
  2. Jesus puts his fingers into the man’s ears.
  3. Jesus spat.
  4. Jesus touched the man’s tongue.
  5. Jesus looked to heaven.
  6. Jesus gave a deep sigh.
  7. Jesus spoke the Aramaic word Ephphatha which Mark has to translate for his Greek readers.

I wonder if Jesus spoke the Aramaic word like this, Eph-pha-tha, so that the man could lip-read his healing command. Every person is unique and God touches our lives in ways just right for each one of us.

Services: Sunday 6th Sept 10:30am, RC Church, Sant Rafel, Plaça de Iglesia de Sant Rafel. The English-speaking church on Ibiza and Form Tel 971343383


Postbag …

Illegal Street Sellers


Firstly, thanks for an excellent publication & website. I always buy a copy when I’m in Ibiza, and look forward to reading on the site when at home.

I have been a frequent visitor to Ibiza over the past fifteen years, and have a great fondness for the island, the people and the special, relaxed way of life. I have always preferred to visit “out of season” for a relaxing break (I’m not a clubber!) and to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the island in its more natural environment. However over the past few years, I have felt the need to move my visits to earlier and later times of the year for one particular reason, and a couple of your news items recently have not only re-enforced this, but have also truly disappointed and saddened me to read.

When will the authorities take definitive action against the bane of San Antonio – the hordes of illegal street sellers? As mentioned previously, in order to avoid these (as much as possible) my visits have gradually moved earlier from June, to May, to April, and even this year at Easter there were some prowling around. It becomes impossible to walk along the otherwise very pleasant promenade around the Bay without regularly being approached by these “sellers”, some of whom can be quite intimidating – especially when in large groups as is often the case – and over aggressive in trying to convince you that you should buy their sunglasses / wristbands / lighters / drugs. I see from your newspaper this week that this is also becoming an increasing problem in the Ses Salines area.

In your recent report regarding the group of men intimidating the San Jose Police station recently in a (successful) effort to get an arrested friend released, one of them was quoted as saying that they knew “what we do is not legal”. I would have thought it not unreasonable that if anyone is openly carrying out an illegal activity, then they should be arrested, charged, convicted if guilty, and if not legally resident, removed from the island.

Whilst there are two sides to every story, and there does seem to be some confusion about the exact circumstances, this does also make one wonder if the local Police can be affected in this way, how can visitors be sure of their own safety?

I fear that the – wrong in my opinion – impression that some people already have of the island will not be helped by this incident, nor the recent film of a group of these men intimidating people on the San Antonio beach in broad daylight. Ibiza has enough negative publicity as it is, but when lovers of the island like me see the situation gradually worsening over such a long period of time, it really is a great shame.

I know from reading your publication that there have been some operations conducted by the local Police on this matter, but given that the problem occurs almost 24 hours a day, and in busy areas, surely more can be done.

I do hope so, as otherwise I fear that it will become more difficult to attract certain kinds of tourists to the island, and equally start to discourage those who do love Ibiza from visiting.

Keep up the good work!

Best Wishes


  • Thanks for the letter and compliments RM. We have been talking about your letter in the office—specifically that it represents probably the most common negative experience of Ibiza received in our inbox. The situation really is baffling. A practice known as illegal carries on with apparent impunity, aside from what often seem token gestures of policing the situation. We need to report on this issue beyond the scope of this brief acknowledgement written with our deadline looming. There are certainly questions that need answering. Thank you for putting the issue on the table again. Watch this space.


We’re knocking, but nobody’s home.

Dear Editor,

Our newly formed British Association has asked for a formal meeting with the new Mayor of San Antonio and his team but have been told that they are too busy at this time. I understand that it’s a time of change and that they will need time to settle in but it’s now almost 3 months since their inauguration and I had hoped that they would be keen to sit round the table with local British business and residents.

Also, there was a town hall meeting for local businesses on Tuesday 1 September which, to my knowledge, no British person or business had been advised of or asked to attend although we took it upon ourselves to be there.

I’m sure this is all just a communication problem during the busy summer months rather than anything more sinister however we will try to ensure that the British community is consciously involved in the future of San Antonio rather than excluded.

  • Thanks for the update Martin. I am sure our readers would wish to join me in wishing you all success in your endeavours—and who better than an estate agent to wear them down into submission.


Golden Nuggets

We received a mail from Charles Bromley regarding another rather expensive meal.

  • Is this the Pitiuses‘ most expensive kids meal ever?

We’ve seen some mad restaurant receipts this year, but what leaves you in a bewildered state of disbelief? Two weeks ago Juan and Andrea’s Formentera fishy fayre shocked many with its VIP PVP and 9€ pan y alioli, but for sheer wallet melting cheek we think this one takes the biscuit*.

How much for a kids Chicken Nuggets and Chips? 5€ sounds reasonable, 8€ bit pricey, 10€ they better be homemade. How about 28€? That is the price paid by reader Charles Bromley atBesso on Formentera yesterday.

Charles said “Please make sure your readers are warned about the children’s menu. These are not shown on the menu and having enquired what was available ordered one chicken nuggets and potatoes. we were staggered to be presented with the following bill. Note that the children’s dish is more expensive there anything else we had.”

We will be interested to hear what our readers think, has anybody come across an even worse example of child unfriendly pricing?



Jesus Fiestas

Nicole Torres

The fiestas in Jesus continue and on

Fri 4th Sep at 6.30pm there will be workshops and make-up for children. At 7pm there will be decanting of the town wine. At 7.30pm Jesus Has Got Talent will take place, if you want to participate you can inscribe at the Centro Cultural. At 9pm there will be a choir concert at the Centro Cultural. And at 10pm Deja Vu will be on live.

Sat 5th there will be a clay pigeon shooting competition at 4pm and an air gun competition at at the shooting range at es Cap Martinet. Get ready for the 80s with La Movida party from 9pm.

Sun 6th at noon there will be a mass in honour of the elderly followed by traditional pagés dancing. At 9pm the municipal band of Santa Eularia will play in front of the church, followed by the Mitjorn Orchestra at 10pm.

Mon 7th the Lost Mountain Orchestra will take the stage at 9.30pm.

Tue 8th starts at 9am with a salutation mass, street music at 10.30am, at 11am there will be a solemn mass followed at noon by traditional pagés dancing, and at 1pm there will be a traditional carts display. At 8pm there will be a fruit offering mass to the patron. At 9.30pm Tapeo Sound System will be on live. At midnight there will be a firework display and the party will continue!

Sat 12th Sep at 4pm there will be a mountain bike race leaving and arriving at Can Lluis de Sa Rota. At 9.30pm there will be a drive-in cinema showing Mamma Mia.

Sun 13th at 11am there will be a children’s bike gymkhana at the Jesus parking.

Fri 18th at 8pm will see the inauguration of Ibiza ArtGuide at the Jesus Cultural Centre, with over 100 artists.

Sat 19th at 5pm at the Santa Eularia Go-karts there will be two charity races. At 6pm there will be a puppets show at the Cultural Centre. And at 9pm in the auditorium of the Cultural Centre there will be a showing of a documentary called “What is behind the fiestas of our small great town?”

For the full programme visit



Sant Agusti Fiestas

Nicole Torres

Sant Agustí also keeps celebrating and on

Sat 5th at 7pm there will be an artisan fair in the town square, followed by a folkloric gathering at 9pm with live music and dancing.

Sun 6th at 8.30pm there will be a poetic gathering at Can Curt.

Sat 12th at 1pm there will be a special lunch in honour of the elderly.

Sun 20th at 10am there will be a race called Cursa de Sa Garrova. You can inscribe to run at


For the full programme visit



Sant Bartomeu Fiestas

Nicole Torres

Sant Antoni continues celebrating and on

Fri 4th the first day of the 11th Carthaginians and Romans party starts at 7pm with the children’s party and workshops, followed at 8pm with the Tomato party, followed by live music, all on the S’Arenal beach. At 9pm there is also a classical music concert in the square behind the church.

Sat 5th starts at 9am with a Judo competition at Sa Pedrera. In the afternoon the Carthaginians and Romans party continues with the parade of the armies at 6pm, the Carthaginians at the Town Hall and the Romans at the parking of El Ruedo. At 7.30pm the landing and signing of the peace treaty will take place. At 8pm the tomato battle will begin, followed by a bbq at 9.30pm to get our strengths back. And at 10pm the party starts with live concerts from Morning Drivers and Los Inhumanos. At midnight there will be a fireworks display.

Sun 6th at 11.30am there will be a boat excursion up the coast of Sant Antoni to the Cala d’Aubarca, you can inscribe at the Espai Jove (5€ adults, 3€ children). At 1pm the Jambalaya festival will take place, a party for the whole family with live music, dancing and food, at Eddie’s Diner on S’Arenal beach. At 3.30pm at Cala Gració beach there will be traditional games for the whole family. At 7pm there will be a skating competition next to the Estación Marítima. And at 9pm there will be a showing of short movies at the Espai Cultural of Sa Punta d’es Molí.

For the full programme visit



Hot Off The Press

11.15 and the phone starts ringing.

There is a fire—first calls said a hotel was on fire—just around the corner from the office.

We really appreciate heads up calls, but timing couldn’t be worse.

We are already 15 minutes past deadline, several pages left, and we can hear the complaining printers in our ears already. We should leave it.

Then again, bit of late night excitement.

Turned out to be a car—and thankfully no indications of anybody hurt.

Doesn’t stop a big crowd having gathered.

The fire brigade were driving towards it as I was running back to the office. Wonder if the fireman staring straight at me realises he’ll be on breakfast tables in 6 hours time—that is if we get it finished before we get a grumpy call to say they are going home.




Hey fashionistas and welcome to autumn (or A/W as we call it in fashion circles).

I can’t bear the thought of summer coming to end, so the moment I got back to London from the Balearics last weekend I booked another few autumn trips to Mallorca and Ibiza to soften the blow and ease me gently into overcoat conditions.

The only benefit of the changing season is the changing fashion, of course. In this instalment we delve into the new season wardrobe to accommodate September and those chillier days and nights ahead.

I mentioned a couple of issues back that Red was the colour of the new season. So as we enter a new month, it’s time for another competition here on Zips It Up. To win this beautiful red dress by Silk Fred, in size Medium, worth £60, please answer the following question and leave your answer on my Zips It Up Page, or subscribe to the blog and visit the competition section. You can leave your answer there too.

Name the actress who wore a red dress and diamonds to the opera with Richard Gere and also name the movie that this scene featured in.

I’ll pick the lucky winner at the end of September. Good luck.

This week we saw the fashion hits and misses at this year’s Video Music Awards. It was hosted by controversial pop princess Miley Cyrus, who features in this week’s instalment.  She found herself caught up in a fashion imitation row, which is pretty serious, but on the night her costumes were anything but. Always out to shock, I thought I’d bring you the all time worst costumes from Miley’s performance. I understand that she wants to make headlines, but she has the body of a pre teen and to me this is just wrong, wrong, wrong. See this week’s Miley feature for more.

Besides Miley, we check out how to achieve facial contouring before you even touch any make-up and, as the kids go back to school, we go back to ‘cool’ with this season’s Grade A must haves.

Take five, grab a pew and devour this week’s Amanda Zips It Up. X

Read Amanda’s fashion blog



Contour Your Face With Food

Amanda O’Riordan

Strobing and contouring are the make-up tricks trending right now, thanks to Kim Kardashian. I can’t stop watching some of the tutorials I’ve found on Youtube. It’s a brilliantly clever alternative to surgery, but it takes huge practice to achieve ultimate results.

However, did you know you could get that sculpted face before you even reach for the highlighter and brush? It all starts with what you eat. You could achieve more chiselled cheeks by changing your diet away from summer’s extravagances of booze, baguettes, sun and late nights.

One hint for the cheekbones, add spinach. It naturally highlights your face as it’s rich in vitamin A, which is important for healthy skin-cell turnover. You have to help your skin in constantly renewing itself to ensure a fresh, glowing complexion.

For plumper cheeks, try oysters. They are mega-rich in omega-3 oils, which smooth and plump up skin. Sardines and mackerel work just as well. The rule is to keep it oily, because if you have dry skin, you are deficient in omega-3.

For the jawline, eat tangerines. Due to their high vitamin C content, they trigger the production of collagen and elastin to help tone the skin around the jawline.

For the perfect pout, up your intake of red peppers. The capsicum in them boosts blood flow and circulation to your lips making them appear fuller.

For a smooth neck, it’s all about broccoli and sprouts. Yucky to some but full of vitamin C and zinc, crucial to toning up lose skin. No more granny neck or Madonna hands.

For that all-over glow, keep it spicy. Tumeric and chilli are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Add to your salads to keep your skin glowing and stress-free.


Back To School Cool

Amanda O’Riordan

Boo Hiss. The summer holidays are over and while the kids go back to school, it’s time for us to ditch the hot vacation wardrobe and go back to Autumn cool.

Here are our top five uniform staples for adults to ensure merits galore and zero detentions.

Minimal Dresses

Simplicity is the school rule – plain and loose – this simple style will never date. Structured column shapes and neutral colours are a must. Pair with polos and tees when it gets colder. Top marks.

Floral Flares

Topshop are nailing it with their kick-flare collection. Go all girlie by wearing botanical print trews with block heels. No dragging those hems young lady.


Glitz has been made prefect. Add an extra dose of glam this season with sequined stripes. Totally wearable right now and an investment for the upcoming party season.

The New Knitted Tank Top

Autumn’s ultimate layering tool. Sleeveless granddad knits rule school and are the perfect wear-everywhere wardrobe hit. Slip one over a white shirt for the office or over a floaty dress for the evening.

Victoriana revival

This is the biggest trend to emerge since the 70s revival. Shirts or dresses in creams, whites and blacks are the rule. This look may be rather ‘head mistress’ and too prim but try lace options and team with slinky heels for a sexier feel.

Today’s homework – go shopping and grab one of all the five above.




Miley Cyrus at the VMAs

Amanda O’Riordan

With Miley Cyrus for a host, last weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards were never going to be boring.

She might have started her career as a Disney darling, but Miley Cyrus’ transition to adulthood has been embroiled in shock value and controversy. Goodbye sweet Hannah Montana, hello twerking sex kitten Miley.

At the VMAs, Miley did her best to shock in 11 different stand-out outfits, but it is claimed that Miley ripped off Australian label ‘Discount Universe’ with some of her costumes.

The Wrecking Ball singer had worn the Melbourne brand on stage during her 2014 Bangerz Tour in Melbourne and Sydney, and again in a photo shoot with Terry Richardson.

Discount Universe claim that Miley stole their ‘identity’ through her eccentric attire at this year’s VMAs. Miley’s barely-there costumes, pieced together by her stylist Simone Harouche, were laden with sequins and ‘evil eyes’ – replicating Discount Universe’s trademark style. The Melbourne design duo behind the brand, Cami James and Nadia Napreychikov, took to social media to express that they were ‘distraught’ at Miley’s actions, saying ‘one thing you can’t take and get away with is someone’s identity’.

The designers commented further: ‘this couldn’t have come at a worse time as we are on our official last day of making the new collection, so we are trying our best to rise above and stay focused. We’ve kept our mouths closed about a lot of things in the past, but the one thing you can’t take and get away with is someone’s identity. We know it might be risky for us career-wise to comment on this, but if we didn’t it would mean that we stand for nothing.’

Surely it would’ve been a better option for Miley to come to an agreement with the label and simply wear the designs?  Then everyone would go away smiling. Besides Sass & Bide, Australia needs more exposure internationally and Melbourne is definitely one of the most fashionable cities I’ve ever visited.


You Can Leave Your Hat On

Sophia V.

It’s imperative that you protect yourself from the harsh rays in Ibiza, and not only in respect of sun-cream, but hats too. Hats are perfect for protecting your hair especially. Excessive exposure to the sun can seriously damage your hair, no matter how much you condition it. If your hair is fine, over time it may become frazzled and extremely dry.

There are various types of hats to suit everyone.

Caps can look cool and can be teamed with almost any item of casual clothing. Caps can have slogans across the front, be patterned, or plain. Popular caps amongst celebrities at the moment are those emblazoned with NY (New Era) caps.

Beanies. It’s far too hot to wear these, however there are some loose-fitted ones and you can tuck all of your hair in these. Again, these can have a slogan across, or be plain.

A Chupalla is a straw, wide-brimmed hat, think Audrey Hepburn, and look classy. They can be worn with almost any item of clothing, especially dresses, and look great with oversized sunglasses.

Cowboy hats are also wide brimmed, and due to the size protect the eyes and hair. Again, these can be worn with almost anything. Kate Middleton has been seen sporting one lately. If it’s good enough for the duchess….

Floppy hats are my favourite, and look stunning with almost anything. Again, think Audrey Hepburn. Plain white and black ones look stylish.

Fedora are smaller-brimmed, round hats with folded tops. Most of them have a ribbon tied around, or an accessory, such as a brooch, pin or feather.

Top hats are stylish, and elegant, however men seem to be able to carry these off more than women. If you have a unique style, and like to stand out from the crowd, then these will definitely do.

Bucket hats are casual hats and great for wearing to the beach.

Turbans can look fantastic, for the day or evening, especially if securing all the hair, and worn with pretty dangly earrings. Eva Mendes is a fan of these.

Lastly, bandana’s for the girly pretty look. These were popular amongst the sexy pin-up girls of the forties. They can be worn tied at the top in a ribbon, like a headband, or wrapped around the whole head and tied at the back underneath. These come in all different colours, sizes and patterns.

For more of Sophia’s articles and tips check out her blog:





Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Lots to get thru’ this week as summer sports begin drawing to a close and winter sports are starting up so straight in to the highlight of last week which just had to be in …


and at the World Championships just finished in Beijing, two wonderful performances from established track stars who have now achieved that incredible and elusive double-double feat, back-to-back Golds in consecutive World Championships in both their disciplines. Firstly, a brilliant run once again from Brit Mo Farah in the 5000m to give him his second Gold in Beijing to add to that in the 10,000m. Secondly, to that man Usain Bolt, who having beaten the biggest drug cheat of all, American Gatlin in the 100m, took him on again in the 200m and guess what? Yup, whupped him again to give the Jamaican his 3rd Gold of the tournament, following Jamaica’s Gold in the 4 x 100m.

Great performance from Brit Greg Rutherford as well, in the Long Jump as he took Gold and congrats to Team GB as well as they came 4th in the Championships, bringing home 7 medals, 4 Gold, a Silver and 2 Bronze.


and well done to England’s Women who won Gold and the Eurohockey title for the first time since 1991. With the score 2-0 to World and Olympic champions Holland in the Final England scored 2 late goals to draw 2-2 at full time and then went on to win 3-1 on penalties, with goalie Maddie Hinch saving 3 penalties. In the Men’s, t’was a hard luck story as England lost to Ireland 4-2 in the Bronze medal play-off.


Such an anti-climax in the Women’s Ashes as England, needing to win all three remaining T20’s against Australia to retain the Ashes, won at Chelmsford but then lost badly at Hove, to leave the Urn in Aussie hands even with a match to go later today (Monday). As for the men, with the Ashes already tucked away at Lord’s, it’s skipper Eoin Morgan’s turn to have a go at the Aussies as he starts the one day Series, with a T20 tonight in Cardiff, and then 5 x 50 over matches. Having bashed the men from Down Under once, let’s hope Captain Morgan (good rum, that, as I recall!) and his boys can get off to a morale-boosting flyer in the Principality.


and the final Major of the season, the US Open, starts today at Flushing Meadow in the Big Apple, and should be a cracker as Andy Murray goes for his 2nd US altho’ he has a tough opening round against Aussie “bad boy” Kyrgios, Federer wants to prove that his recent win over favourite and World No 1 Djokovic was no fluke, the Serb wants to get back to winning ways and in the Women, Serena Williams goes for her 4th straight US title and a calendar Grand Slam, a bid made that much easier methinks after the late withdrawal of No 2 seed “the Grunter” Sharapova.

Rugby League

With the Super8’s on hold, it was the turn of the Final of the Challenge Cup at Wembley on Saturday, with records going a’tumbling, as Super League leaders and Cup holders Leeds absolutely thumped Hull KR 50-0, the highest winning score ever achieved in the Final with 5 tries for winger Tom Briscoe, as he broke the ’99 record of 4 from the same team’s Leroy Revit. So, for Leeds, the first step of a Treble, as they lead for the Super League title and look to win the SL play-offs.




Max Iverson, the young Ibiza resident British golfer, continues to impress having won the Balearic  Championship in which he was ranked 3rd in July, and last weekend another match on the Mapfre tour which dad Jason tells us leaves him champion elect with just 3 tournaments remaining.

Rugby Union

Good news for Wales as they gear up for the World Cup later this month, in which they are grouped with both England and Australia, as they became the first team to beat Ireland in Dublin since 2013 after their final warm up match ended 16-10. As for the Irish, in the same WC group as New Zealand and France, their final warm up match is against England at Twickenham on Saturday.

Meanwhile at Murrayfield, after last week’s dismal showing against Italy in Rome, Scotland powered back to win the return 48-7 and show some form. Not so good for the USA though as they were beaten by English Premier League side Harlequins and poor from Samoa as they were beaten 27-24 by a scratch Barbarian side.


Oh, dear oh dear, what is happening at the Bridge and to a lesser degree at Anfield! After such a good season last time out, the Champions lost their second match from 4, this time at home to Crystal Palace 2-1, and only Jose’s 2nd loss from 100 home matches. Great result for Pardew’s side though and well deserved as the Eagles are now flying high in 2nd. As for Liverpool, a 3-0 hammering at home is almost unheard of, especially to an up-and-down team such as West Ham but give credit to the Hammers as they completely outclassed Rodgers’ team. Manchester City, now the only 100%ers, continued their great start to the season with their 4th consecutive win, this time 2-0 at home to new boys Watford, and have now scored 10 in 4 and nil conceded. Keep on like this and the title will be theirs by Xmas, especially as United, now 5th, lost for the first time this season, going down 2-1 at Swansea, now 4th, and this despite going 1 up. Not so good too as it looks as if Real Madrid will have signed up De Gea by tonight’s closure of the Transfer Window, and Romero doesn’t look too clever. Leicester, in 3rd, continued their unbeaten start under the “Tinkerman” as they drew 1-1 at new boys Bournemouth, Arsenal won a tricky tie at Newcastle 1-0 to continue climbing the table, Stoke had not one but two players red-carded and unsurprisingly were beaten at home 1-0 by West Bromwich, Southampton put their early season poor form behind them as they came back to form with a 3-0 win at home over new boys Naaarwich, Tottenham shared a scoreless draw at the Lane with Everton and finally, bottom club Sunderland got their 2nd point of the season with a good 2-2 draw at Aston Villa.

No Premier League this w/end (which I’m sure will be a blessing in disguise to Messrs Mourinho and Rodgers!) as the next round of the Euro Qualifiers take precedence with the big one for Eire as they take on minnows Gibraltar, Wales, 3 points clear at the top of their group are in Cyprus, Scotland, so close to qualifying for the Finals take on Georgia away, while England., already qualified, take on San Marino, so good luck to all the Home Countries.


The Guide …




Princess & The Product Placement

Carly Sorenson

On Saturday we had the pleasure of attending a fantastic ‘Frozen’ themed party at Charlie’s Bar in Es Canar and I managed to get an interview with the Stars themselves… Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Here’s what they had to say.

Carly: Hi! It’s so lovely to meet you both! The party tonight was great fun! How long have you been doing them?
Elsa: We’ve been hosting parties at Charlie’s all Summer, and yes, they are great fun! Anna gets very excited, don’t you?

Anna: Yes! So excited! I don’t get to see many actual real live people and the ones who come to the parties are so cute and happy… I love it!

Carly: For the people who haven’t been yet, can you tell us what the party involves?

Elsa: We sing a few songs live, we dance and play lots of games with the children, we do a couple more exciting things which we like to keep as a surprise and we meet everyone and pose for photos with them at the end.

Anna: My favourite thing is meeting everyone. I love how their faces light up! Oh, and our Princess games, I love the Princess games.

Carly: My little girl loved those too. And I think the mums and dads did as well, there were lots joining in!

Elsa: Yay! That’s fantastic!

Carly: So do you only do parties at Charlie’s?
Anna: Oh no, we do them all over Ibiza! Don’t we Elsa?

Elsa: Yes, but Charlie’s is the only regular public one at the moment. All the others we do are for birthday parties and events.

Carly: Oh great, so people can have you come to their birthday party or children’s event?

Elsa: Of course! We have done birthday parties, street parties, communion parties, wedding parties…anything with children to be entertained, really! We’ve had an amazing Summer here in Ibiza and been to lots and lots of parties!

Carly: Will you be going back to Arendelle once Summer ends?

Anna: No, we’ll be here all winter and next Summer too! And not just us, but lots of our friends as well! We have Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Tinkerbell, Spider-Man, Batman and lots more friends here with us as well! They don’t do the Charlie’s party because that’s just a Frozen one, but they do lots of other parties.

Carly: That sounds great! How can we get you or your friends to come to a party?

Elsa: oh a lovely lady called Claire does all the planning and booking for us at Ibiza Princess and Superhero Parties. They have a webpage and a Facebook page or you can email or telephone.

Anna: Did Spider-Man make the webpage?

Elsa: You’re so silly! It’s not made of actual webs.

Carly: One more thing, when is your next Charlie’s party and how much is it to get in and have your photo taken?

Elsa: This Saturday, at 8pm and it costs nothing to come in or have a photo.

Anna: It’s all free! We also give everyone a certificate to say they met us.

Carly: Thanks for talking to me. See you soon!

These girls are the real deal, the singing, performance and costumes are spot on and they are great with kids…but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself! So readers, if you have a Frozen fan in your family, get them down to Charlie’s in Es Canar this Saturday, September 5th, at 8pm…this could be the last one there for a while with UK school holidays ending soon.


Facebook/ibiza princess and superhero parties

Phone: 675055172


It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

I have been off work for 6 months after an accident, it has been hard doing the physio, etc. to get my strength back but I am now ready to go back. However though there have been times at home when I have been board and said I wished I was at work I am now really nervous about going back and not sure why. I have always got on really well with everyone so it feels strange to be like this.

Thank you for your reply, CH.

Dear CH,

Thank you for your e-mail and I am sorry that you experienced the accident but it seems as if you have worked really hard and have made good progress. Sometimes we spend a great deal of time in healing what we can see, the physical injury is usually much more obvious than the emotional one and, though I don’t have the details of your accident, I can imagine that when you can’t perform physically as you have done in the past ii can affect confidence levels which in turn affect socialisation and wanting to be around people, make conversation and so on.

On a practical level it is important to visit your GP or talk to your physio to ensure that you have a graduated return to work starting of with half days every other day before gradually building up to your previous full time hours over a month or so. This will help you to acclimatise to being back at work gradually and hopefully not leave you feeling overwhelmed. You might also want to arrange a time when you can go into work on an informal basis, simply to say hi to your colleagues and see the environment again, maybe arrange to go in for 15 mins and then out to lunch with a few of your closer colleagues. It might also be an idea to let your line manager or someone you feel close to know how you are feeling so if you need any additional support or feel you need to be away from your desk for a few moment, that it is ok for you to take short breaks as and when required.

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself about how you are getting on and talk to someone you feel comfortable with, about what your anxieties are, and what you think you need to help you get over them.

Please do feel free to come and join our free support group, which meets every Tuesday 12.30-1.30pm in San Lorenzo.

Warm Regards, Kate.


Thursday 3rd to Wednesday 9th September 2015

ARIES – King of Wands

The element of fire associated with this card promises a week of increased energy and creative ideas a plenty. You’re able to take these ideas and convert them into something more tangible signalling a highly productive time ahead. Fellow fire sign men, Sagittarius, Aries and Leo, are allies in both business and in love. You feel generous and impulsive.

TAURUS – Ten of Disks

Adding to your material security is easy this week as others like what you do and are willing to dig deep for your services. This card also indicates an unexpected windfall, so you might want to speculate to accumulate. Life is offering you opportunities that a year ago would have been hard to imagine. How wonderful, so be thankful!

GEMINI – The Moon

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; should be your mantra this week. This applies to any illusions you’ve been hanging on to within yourself as well as what you have been fed by others. Don’t give your power away. Let your intuition be your guide and don’t doubt it this week; it whispers your truth.

CANCER – Two of Swords (reversed)

It’s time to move on if certain people are unwilling to change or cannot see what you are trying to accomplish. Whether this is a personal or business matter, you have had enough trying to get others to see things your way. On a more positive note, this card brings new people and situations that will eventually improve your life.
LEO – Ace of Wands

Be on the lookout for new business opportunities. A project or idea could get off the ground this week; just make sure you know what your goals are. Social events bring you into contact with those who further your interests; therefore it would be wise to get out and about. This is a new era for you so remain optimistic.

VIRGO – The Lovers

Feel in love with life and discover or rediscover your passions. You’ll get the most enjoyment by reconnecting with others on a heart level. This is not a week to remain disconnected from feelings; endeavour to keep them upbeat. If thoughts head down a negative path pause, acknowledge and dissolve. You’ll be making life choices that have far reaching consequences.

LIBRA – Nine of Swords

Worrying about problems won’t solve them. Why not have a good talk to someone you trust, they will offer fresh insights into your situation and possibly a solution. Most concerns might never happen, so why give certain ‘problems’ power in your life? Avoid important financial deals until the end of the month, as all may not be what it seems.

SCORPIO – Ace of Cups

This card promises that good news is on its way. A fresh start with a fresh perspective is needed, but you need to listen to your heart and not your head. Feelings should be acted upon and not dismissed as unimportant. If you make logical decisions you will be making them for the wrong reasons and it could backfire.

SAGITTARIUS – The Hanged Man (reversed)

You can’t force things to happen or get others to do your bidding this week. If you try to manipulate them for personal gain it will backfire. If you put others first you’ll be surprised at the love and support you receive. Putting physical or material interests first leaves you feeling spiritually empty, so why put yourself through that?

CAPRICORN – Five of Wands

Emotionally, it’s time to grips with the actions of a close associate that’s been troubling you for some time. If a friendship, relationship or business association is troublesome; communication’s the key to sorting the problem. Nothing’s wrong with sitting ‘round a table with a cuppa, vino or beer to talk things through and sort it out. Or agree to disagree.

AQUARIUS – The Hierophant

If you’ve encountered unforeseen obstacles to important plans recently, don’t give up on them yet; have faith. The tide turns in your favour and you receive help from an unexpected source. Let go of the past and look inward for guidance; let intuition lead the way. Eradicate old habits and any ridged ways of thinking to embrace new concepts.

PISCES – Three of Wands

Your creative talents are being recognised by the powers that be and you feel encouraged to develop your knowledge and to explore new techniques. International travel is indicated and soon you’ll want to plan a trip to for business and pleasure. Some of you may even be thinking of relocating to foreign shores and are lining up useful business contacts.ibizan-799_Page_24

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The facebook group Parking Like a Twat in Ibiza was formed by one of our own ex-pat community Tracey Tinker. Being the delicate flower she is the name was then changed to Parking Like a Tw*t  and since its inception it has grown something of a cult following of outraged citizens ensuring the motoring madness of Ibiza’s parking is publicly presented for the punishment of humiliation by the rest of us who are of course perfect in every respect. The reputation of the group has grown to the  level of attracting the attention of the Spanish press  in turn leading to a rush of Spanish members. We thought  the group deserved recognition by way of an annual very worst of the year  award and so, with Tracey’s blessing from Saturday  5th September the voting will be open on our website—including these numpties and more classic examples of parking like a twat, sorry tw*t.

Vote from Saturday. Posting credits on website.






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