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Sh*t Happens
  • Raw Sewage Pumping Out on Talamanca and Cala De Bou Beaches in Height Of Season
  • Bathers Swimming in Immediate Proximity
  • Report to Authorities Receives Response of “Send us a Photograph”

Ibiza’s continuing problems with broken sewage pipelines resulting in raw sewage pumping out on busy tourist beaches shows no sign of resolution.

A concerned resident contacted the Ibizan to report what appeared to be raw sewage pumping out on the beach of Platja d’en Xinxó in Cala de Bou. We went along to take a look and there was little difficulty finding the offending pipe as the stench of waste was so strong as to be offensive from the hotel perimeters of the beach. Though the beach was sparsely populated in the immediate area of the outflow, remarkably there were people choosing to sunbathe, and much more concerning swim, within a few meters of the broken pipe. The access mound appeared in very poor state of repair and sewage was escaping around the entire perimeter of the manhole cover.

A beach sports concessionaire said the pipe had been an ongoing problem with intermittent leaks. Clearly concerned for the affect on her business and the health of visitors she said she had called the authorities twice the same day with little interest in response.

A waiter in a nearby hotel was exasperated with the problem. “I have called 4 times today, but nothing” he told us, “all they said was to send them a photograph!”.

We observed that the liquid was brown in colour and the stench gave little doubt as to it being human sewage. The access valve was 2 meters from the shoreline and the effluent was running down the beach directly into the sea.

Meanwhile a resident of Ibiza Town has posted messages and images through the social network Facebook that show the water on Talamanca beach to be a combination of brown, green and yellow. There is even evidence that faeces is floating within sight of land, even while the green flag is announcing that the bay is okay for swimming.

The area has had many problems with sewage discharge due to the poor condition of the pipes. The resident claims that the beach “causing tourists and residents in the area to suffer” and is “another attack on public health.”


Proposal to Limit Numbers of Cars and Tourists in July & August
  • Peak season crush prompts businessmen to suggest limiting number of tourists allowed onto the island.

The overcrowding in Ibiza during the months of July and August doesn’t only worry the Consell Insular, who are already looking at measures to restrict the number of cars that can come to the island. The heads of business associations such as PIMEEF, the Chamber of Commerce and CAEB see the overcrowding as a problem, but they believe the best way would be to open a public debate to discuss what can be done and if there must be restrictions, not only in the number of cars but also of people coming to the island.

According to Vicent Torres, president of the Chamber of Commerce, restricting the number of cars is papering over the cracks.

Joan Bufi, vice-president of CAEB, agrees that the overcrowding is a problem but with a very difficult solution. He disagrees with the Consell about restricting the arrival of cars to the island and believes there are other problems that should be taken care of before, reminding people that the offer of illegal apartments duplicates the number of people on the island.

Alfonso Rojo, president of PIMEEF, is worried that if restrictions start they won’t end and that the problems arise at certain moments of the season and not during the whole Summer.


Hola, Hola, Hola…
  • British bobbies on the beat in San An

Two British police officers will be supporting the Spanish police in Sant Antoni, for a week starting on the 17th August. The officers travel to Spain this weekend and will begin patrolling Magaluf (Mallorca) for a week before moving to Ibiza.

The officers will be dressed in full British uniform (with hats) and will be patrolling the beaches and centre of town between 7am and 10pm and will likely struggle in the heat. The week trial is an initiative to see if the officers from the West Midlands Police Force can liaise successfully with the Guardia Civil. They will be particularly involved with British citizens who have been the victims of a crime, perpetrators of a crime or witnesses. It is also planned that they will provide assistance to British citizens who have been victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse or other serious crimes.

The initiative is financed and organized jointly with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Spain’s Guardia Civil. Police Chief Andy Marsh, director of international police activity, has said it is “part of our routine work with the police of other countries to help fight crime, gather and share relevant information and develop the skills and knowledge of our police officers.”


Venga Boys, They Came to Ibiza, Saw Ibiza, Conquered Ibiza

With a season full of A-List Acts who would have tipped the Venga Boys to be the talk of the Isle. Cheesy?  We’re talking Manchego Men. Review page 11.




6th Ibiza Beach Polo Cup

According to international Polo magazine Polo+10, Ibiza is a natural choice for the sport of Prince’s. They point to “Ibiza being known for the best nightclubs, the most famous beach clubs, the most incredible hotels and the most picturesque beaches and villages.” as being a sufficient money magnet to have the world’s gentry wanting to do chukkers with their muckers. “To cut to the chase, Ibiza is a desirable place to be and so attracts a lot of wealthy people. Without getting into a long-winded thesis on psychiatric profiling, people with money tend to have a soft spot for Polo.”

They also sing the climate praises of Ibiza’s Polo Club, which was established in 2011. “Ibiza Polo Club was established as a result of the necessity to please polo enthusiasts who wanted to play in the paradise of Ibiza. Ibiza’s climate allows play almost all year round, although the summer season is always unique. In addition to the worldwide recognized beach tournament played at the club, Ibiza Polo Club presents a complete tournament schedule which welcomes many of the best world polo players.”

This weekend marks the 6th Ibiza Beach Polo Cup with various games for men’s and women’s teams. Entrance is free and all are welcome to watch the players in action.

Venda de Balafia de Baix, 25 San Lorenzo, 07812,





Karl Ferris Psychedelic Photos

Claire B

  • Ibiza Town

Galeria Blanca in Ibiza Town welcomed English legendary psychedelic photographer Karl Ferris last week as it launched ‘The Karl Ferris Psychedelic Experience’ with art, music and unique visuals. The exhibition, which runs until August 16th showcases some of the most iconic record album cover photographs from legendary artists from the late 60’s, including Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Donovan. Karl is noted for creating the legendary Jimi Hendrix album cover ‘Are You Experienced’ and Jimi’s two following albums while he lived, and worked with the rock legend on tour. Karl’s unique psychedelic photography revolutionized and pioneered album design, with Hendrix remarking, “You’re doing with photography what I’m doing with music – going far out beyond the limits and blowing minds”.

Karl Ferris commented, “I often returned to Ibiza for sun and inspiration and in 1968 Jimi Hendrix came with me for a visit… then in 1970 I lived for 5 years in a 500 year old Finca I named ‘Strawberry Fields’ where I had many other celebrity visitors such as Joni Mitchell, Nico (Velvet Underground), Graham Nash and others… everyone that came were highly inspired by the life style of Ibiza… these were the ‘Halcyon Days’ and the beginnings of the ‘Ibiza Hippies’.” “I look forward to sharing my photographic designs and now famous album cover photographs from the legendary 60-70s psychedelic decades at Galeria Blanca. Ibiza provides the perfect platform to showcase my work as the island has been a big influence on my work and has welcomed many of the artists past and present who I have worked with.”

Karl’s legendary album cover photographs are available to purchase as limited edition signed prints throughout the exhibition, which compliment the gallery’s unique selection of original and limited edition paintings and sculptures by some of the world’s finest artists including Fabian Perez, Duncan MacGregor, Danielle O’Connor Akiyama, Todd White and Antonio Russo.

Galeria Blanca is at Vara de Rey, 13, Ibiza. Open Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm and 4-10pm, Friday 10am-2pm and 4-11pm, Sat and Sun 5-11pm.



  • Ses Figueretes

There are more fiesta fireworks on Saturday August 15th in Ses Figueretes on the beach front at midnight. There’s usually a DJ or live music to get the fiesta going too.

The fireworks are all part of the Fiesta of the Land or ‘Las Festes de la Terra’ and are usually a fantastic display.


Iconos de Ibiza
  • Es Canar

Every Wednesday of the season until October 28th, the Punta Arabí Hippy Market will show Iconos de Ibiza, a sample of portraits by Bulgarian artist Gal Grabby featuring some of the most well-known characters from the island and the market. Young artist Grabby, founder and president of the Juntos en Ibiza association, has toured all across Europe with his exhibitions. Currently, his work can be seen in galleries and museums in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and Turkey, as well as New York and some Spanish towns such as Seville and Alicante.


Fiesta Time!
  • Cala Llonga

It’s Fiesta time in Cala Llonga. You can start early by visiting the Hippy Market Thursday 13th from 6pm, then you can enjoy “live” music from the Fabulous Mardy Johhny Depps, if they don’t get you dancing then nothing will.

Friday 14th, from 9.30pm, it’s the turn of Joaquin Garli to entertain you.

Saturday 15th is the main Fiesta day, the programme is: Noon – Display of Antique motorcycles in front of the children’s playground. 12.30pm – Mass in open air church. From 7pm – there’s a Parade of Decorated Traditional Horse drawn carts and carriages. At 9pm – HoFemme Fatale take to the stage, with The Frigolos (pic below) taking over at 10.30pm.

On Sunday, from 11am to 2pm, it’s fun time for the younger ones as there are Games On The Beach For Children.

Most of these events take place on/or around the beach area. However, in addition to this, various bars and restaurants have other entertainment planned, so there’s something for everyone. Why not make a day of it? Everyone in Cala Llonga looks forward to seeing you!

If you can’t make it this week then the following Thursday, August 20th, there is another night of music and dance when Regae band Ja Bless will be playing their Caribean sounds. Limbo-tastic!



MTV’s Ibiza Shore hits the rocks after local opposition
  • Spin-off of Jersey Shore franchise will not be made, after furious reaction from island desperate to distance itself from drunken holiday tourism

Ashifa Kassam

It was meant to be a coming together of a reality series famed for debauchery and one of the world’s top party destinations. But after fierce opposition from Ibiza residents, MTV has cancelled its plans to produce Ibiza Shore.

Crews were due to arrive on the island this month to start filming a made-in-Ibiza spin-off of the franchise that includes Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore. On Friday, Viacom, the parent company of MTV, said Ibiza Shore would not happen. “Due to circumstances beyond our control, the next programme of the Shore franchise will not be filmed in Ibiza,” a spokesman said.

The company’s plans to bring the franchise to Ibiza had been widely opposed by many on the island, who worried it would promote the kind of drunken tourism that the island is attempting to distance itself from.

Nearly 25,000 people signed an online petition demanding the show’s cancellation, while a local businessman said he had launched legal proceedings to register the commercial name Ibiza Shore so that MTV wouldn’t be able to use it. Local businesses associations urged their members not to collaborate in any way with the production.

Politicians on the island also vowed to do what they could to halt the filming. Last month local authorities formally asked MTV to cancel the show, said Gloria Corral, tourism councillor for the island. “This is a programme that only seeks to degrade the image of certain tourist destinations,” Corral said at the time.

On Friday Vicent Torres, president of the island’s local government, applauded MTV’s decision, calling it a “victory for the citizens of Ibiza”. He pointed to the many initiatives taken by various sectors of Ibiza to oppose the filming. “The idea of this show was unanimously rejected by Ibiza residents.”

In their announcement, MTV made no mention of the opposition they had faced in developing the show, instead highlighting the links they had made while scouting out Ibiza. “We want to thank all the local businesses who wanted to collaborate with us and we hope to be able to work with you at some point in the future,” the statement said.

They promised this was not the end of the road for the Shore franchise. “There are many Shores beyond those of Ibiza and we’re happy to take this production to another incredible destination.”


Treatment Investment

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has tendered out the project preparation and execution of works in the industrial water treatment plant (WWTP) of Ibiza. The plant will serve the municipalities of Ibiza Town, Sant Antoni and Santa Eularia and the tender is for an amount of 41.2 million euros.

The new plant will apparently have the capacity to refine the waters of the island and easily serve the population of 90,000 inhabitants, which can reach 150,000 in season. Furthermore, the new plant will end existing problems such as the emission of gases inside the facilities and sludge disposal issues.


Water Crisis Deepens

Sant Josep takes measures to cut water usage

The City of Sant Josep is working to solve the recent lack of water in the municipality. The problem has been accentuated this weekend with the shutdown of the portable Ses Eres desalination plant because of the lack of flow from the wells. Specifically, the Councillor for Public Works and Water in Sant Josep, Angel Luis Guerrero, explained that “due to increased consumption, 500 cubic metres of water are needed to bring it back on track.”

He explained that the City Council is considering installing more powerful extraction pumps for when the desalination plant becomes operational, but said they have to assess the level of well water to see if the wells can cope.

The council recalled that the municipality is receiving help from Ibiza Town, which provides about 500 cubic metres per day, and Matutes Enterprises, which distributes 300 cubic metres. The president of the Ibiza Town council, Vicent Torres, said that while no emergency has been declared, “it is clear that Sant Josep is in an emergency because aquifers are very low.”

The Council has also taken measures to save water by not watering gardens or municipal roundabouts, closing public beach showers and suspending the watering of roads and washing of municipal vehicles. They encourage the public to do the same.


Spanish Property As Cheap As It Gets Says Bank

The research department of La Caixa, one of Spain’s biggest banks, offers two reasons why the Spanish house price crash is over.

“The price adjustment has practically come to an end,” says the latest report from La Caixa Research (‘Real Estate Thermometer’), forecasting that there will be no more “big falls in house prices in the coming months.”

La Caixa have two main reasons in mind when making this forecast.

1) The first quarter decline in house prices came after a “surprising level of growth in the fourth quarter of 2014″, which compensated for the house price weakness in Q1.

2) The housing affordability ratio in Spain has now dropped to a sustainable level, given household incomes.

Focusing on the improving affordability ratio, La Caixa explain it has now fallen to the equivalent of six years average salary, getting closer to a point of equilibrium. “From now on, house prices are expected to increase in line with gross disposable income, so the financial effort to buy a home will be maintained around the zone of equilibrium,” say La Caixa.

In general terms, La Caixa see signs of recovery in the Spanish real estate market, in particular demand for homes. They point out that home sales rose almost ten per cent in April, driven by rising employment, and greater access to mortgage financing.

But whilst demand for homes picks up, the same cannot be said for the home building industry, say La Caixa. With the market plagued by a large housing glut, new development will not pick up until the excess housing inventory has been dealt with, they argue.




Creamfields “Blown Away” by Success

After a week to absorb the monumental goings on of last weekend, Cream manager Nick Ferguson let us know what he thought of Creamfields Ibiza. “We were blown away by the success of the first ever Creamfields Ibiza. It was a really special event, bringing together thousands of people across three venues to enjoy 30 great acts and experience an unforgettable day which will go down in Ibizan history!”


Hotels Up by 92%

July ended with a 91.97% of hotel occupation in Pitiusas, almost 2% more than last year. The best period was the second half of the month in Ibiza where 93.81% of hotel beds were occupied. In Formentera the tendency was the other way round, with 93.04% occupation in the first half of the month and 92.19%. In Ibiza, the best numbers were for the north of the island with over 95% occupation, and the worse for Sant Josep with 85% occupation.


A Splash Of Colour

The street artist Okuda has decorated walls around the world and is now spraying for the Bloop Festival, as part of an urban art project. “The island needs a touch of artistic colour”, because “almost all buildings are white.” His work, the twentieth in the open air gallery of Sant Antoni, will not go unnoticed as he is using more than sixty different colours in his design. His work consists of geometric figures and colours, and follows the ‘Multiverse. Parallel universes’ theme of this year’s Bloop Festival. The piece will be finished on Saturday and will include a monkey, a person and a robot, representing the past, present and future.


Sant Llorenç Set For Makeover

The mayor of Sant Joan de Labritja, Antoni Marí has said that the City plans to invest between 300,000 and 350,000 euros to improve the town of Sant Llorenç.

“We have commissioned an architect to remodel the centre of town and to upgrade the pavements, trees and lighting,” he declared to Europa Press.

“It will be a makeover. The roots of the trees have raised some pavements which also need to be widened for disabled and pushchair access,” he insisted. The mayor also explained that the lighting will be upgraded to achieve significant energy savings.


Food & Drink


Ocean Beach Ibiza

Roy Wood famously sang ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’, and though there is a part of us that wishes it was, we know that in reality a perpetual Christmas would lose the very essence of what Christmas is. There would be none of the joy of anticipation, nor the magic of a special day.

In culinary terms the restaurant at Ocean Beach can be considered in a very similar way. For most of us a meal at Ocean is not an every day occurrence. It is one of those very special restaurants that you reserve for very special days, to be enjoyed with  the people most special to you. It is a treat to look forward to and in our experience to date it never fails to live up to the occasion.

For those unfamiliar with the rise of the venue that has done so much to change the literal and metaphorical sky/shoreline of San Antonio, Ocean Beach is the phenomenally successful open air Club sitting by Punta es Moli between San Antonio town and bay.

Best known for its daytime parties attracting young and young at heart tourists by the thousand, it is a place to see and be seen around its pools, terraces, and gardens.

What is perhaps less known is that it offers food of superb standard in the terrace restaurant, though those who have booked beds can be served in situ as many lapping up a slice of VIP lifestyle will of course choose to do.

For us local working types a day of lounging is at best a month or so away and so we availed ourselves of a table booking for 2 , timed perfectly to enjoy the daily show of precariously perched acrobats swinging high above us suspended from Ocean’s cabaret cranes.

So to the food and we are greeted by what we will affectionately call a starter. The Chef’s Sushi Platter is a beautifully presented piece of art that we’re a little reluctant to destroy, well for about 3 seconds anyway. We boot up our tastebuds with some of the pickled ginger and tuck in to the 8 pieces of California Roll (crab and avocado), 6 pieces of avocado and cream cheese, 2 tuna sashimi, 2 salmon sashimi, 2 prawn nigiri and a splash of salmon roe.

The highlight for us has to be the tuna – its subtle and delightful with a melt in the mouth texture. I’m told by real sushi aficionados that you can tell how good a sushi chef is by the salmon, and this tastes like it’s jumped out of the river straight into our mouths. Yes, it’s pretty fresh …

The mains arrive, and in the midst of such a heatwave fish suits our fancy perfectly.

Between us we have ordered the Black Cod (with rice, pak choi and wild mushrooms) and the Crusted Salmon (with spinach, beansprouts, teriyaki sauce and fresh yoghurt).

Both of the dishes are presented with flair, as you can see from the photographs.

Some real kitchen talent has resulted in some very nice touches – the Salmon has a layer of sesame seed crust and includes a piece of crispy skin on the side, and both have crunchy textured twirls and crisps included.

In the interests of science we decide to share and both are simply sublime. The fish is beautifully cooked and moist, accompanied by delicate sauces and crunchy vegetables.

To drink we had a bottle of the Perfume Muscat at 28€. At Ocean you can spend substantially more on a good bottle, but we had enjoyed the Muscat before and it is a perfect light summer wine to suit the occasion and the food.

Our main course were 32€ and 28€, so though Ocean is not an everyday restaurant it is certainly not priced at a level beyond reach for a not too irregular visit.

We didn’t have a postre, partly because we were full enough, but also it somehow didn’t seem right to be sitting there gorging on cream and chocolate with so many young and lithe bodies shaking their booties around. Another bonus of a meal at Ocean.

Diners are welcome to then join the party in the Beach club, or you can just kick back and watch everyone else doing all the hard work for you whilst you partake in a superb cocktail collection.

We thought these Porn Star Martinis a perfect Ocean Beach tipple to finish the meal.

So do we wish it could be Ocean Beach every day? Well to be honest, yes we rather do.

See advert below for contact details.

Note on 24th August Ocean have their famous San Bartolomé dinner with spectacular views of the San Antonio’s annual firework display. Book early.


Food & Drink


Ibiza Boats

Boats Ibiza was established in 2006 by Neil Wood after finishing a round the world trip, following which he decided the UK 9-5 grind stone was just not the life for him.

“After spending my childhood by the coast in Scarborough, I had always had a passion for the water, be it in it, on it, or under it.” Neil explained.

“In 2004 I moved to Ibiza with that passion, and a dream of working on boats. I bought myself a small 20′ speed boat, and Boats Ibiza was created. past 8 years have been hard work, with a fair amount of blood sweat and tears. with a lot of support and determination the company has gone from strength to strength.”

There seems little doubt about that. The Boats Ibiza fleet now comprises 6 owned and managed boats, ranging from 26feet all the way up to their flagship at 89 feet. They pride themselves on having a boat to suit all occasions and budgets, from just €50 per person for awatersports boatto a cool €5,500 per day for their new addition in 2015, the impressive 27metre Leopard.

Boats Ibiza also act as agents which extends the options further still. They have large sailing boats for events such as weddings and birthday parties, and also cater for the high-end market of Ibiza offering luxury motor boats for live aboard options.

For full contact details see the Boats Ibiza advert on the front page.



12 plus captain and crew Sleeps: 8 in 4 cabins

The “Arno Leopard 27m open” is a stunning example of the ever popular modern luxury motor yacht. This Open model is equipped with Arneson surface drives and oozes performance and Italian flair.

The spacious open aft deck with the open retractable roof and large windows gives the upper deck interior a feeling of serenity, as well as great views.


12 plus captain + crew Sleeps: 7 (1 x master double, 1 x VIP double, 1 x twin and 1 x single all en-suite )

The Mangusta 105 is 32 meters of pure luxury, impressive in her volume, performance and attention to detail. The hard top design can be opened up bringing the outdoors in, revealing the Superior Saloon giving the feeling of spaciousness and calm.

Driven by twin engine and can attain a exhilarating continuous speed of around 34 knots.

The well appointed sunbathing areas and hot tub make this for an exclusive experience.


9 plus Captain (18 with tandem hire)

Our most popular Ibiza boat for groups of up to 9 guests wanting to experience an unforgettable day in Ibiza. Relax on the large aft sun lounger or cool off in the sea from the swim platform.

This is our most popular speed boat and is perfect for relaxing and for the more adventurous who enjoy or would like to tryskiing, wake-boardinghave fun in the warm Ibizan seas.


12 plus captain

This impressive Sunseeker Camargue 44 motor cruiser is the ultimate choice for space and comfort. Offering an overall length of 47ft, while also benefiting from the 13ft beam, makes this perfectly proportioned for a day’s cruising.

The one-level design magnifies the huge cockpit of two separate seating areas, a u shaped lounger and rear sun bed, offering maximum space for optimum relaxation.


12 plus captain + hostess Sleeps: 6 Guests ( 1x double cabin 2x twin cabins )

The combination of space and luxurious accommodation makes this perfect option for live aboard. Below deck sets the tone of this luxury motor yacht, hosting 3 light and spacious ensuite cabins and a fully equipped Saloon. Moored in Marina Magna you will find yourself in the heart of Ibiza’s Old Town (Dalt Villa). With the best restaurants, shops and nightlife on your door step….what more could you ask for?!


12 plus captain

This 60ft Italian designed power boat is robust yet stylish and very fast. Its large spacious bow allows sunbathing with a spectacular panoramic view. The shaded cockpit also boasts ample sunbathing area to wind down relax.

Below deck presents an immaculate modern saloon with flat screen TV/DVD and music system, 1 x en-suite double cabins and 1 x en-suite twin cabin, all fully air conditioned.



Missing World Champion Freediver

Assumed dead, the body still hasn’t been found

Freediving world champion Natalia Molchanova, 53, who vanished when diving without breathing apparatus near Formentera, was giving a diving lesson to several inexperienced students when she failed to surface. Initial reports said she was diving without fins to a planned depth of 35 metres, where it was feared she may have encountered a strong underwater current.

According to her son, Alexey Molchanov, the freediver travelled to the Balearic Islands to provide private freediving instruction to Russian property developer Pavel Tyo and friends. Tyo, a co-owner of Moscow’s Capital Group, owns a home in Ibiza. He and several others sailed to nearby Formentera in Tyo’s superyacht ‘Pumpkin’ to a point some two miles off the coast near La Savina.

Her son points out that Molchanova would have probably dropped a 20-metre line, a standard length for beginning freedivers, and it is likely the students would have taken turns to descend, gently increasing the depth of their descent with each dive. Molchanova would have accompanied her students on each dive, but it is likely that she also freedived on her own to unknown depths several times between instructional dives.

When Molchanova failed to surface, the crew of the ‘Pumpkin’ radioed Spain’s coastguard and deployed additional boats in an attempt to locate her. A helicopter soon joined the search, monitoring the area overhead, while coastguard authorities combed the area for any sign. In the following days the search went underwater, with a robot brought in to widen the search and work alongside a special team of divers from the Guardia Civil.

Molchanova was diving in an area known for strong currents and heavy boat traffic, where the water temperature can dip sharply once divers get below the surface – something that can affect even the most experienced of divers.

Widely considered to be the greatest freediver of all time, Molchanova holds 41 world records in freediving and can hold her breath for over nine minutes. In 2013, Molchanova swam 182 metres underwater with no fins at the world championships in Belgrade, breaking the record by 19 metres. At the following year’s world championship in Sardinia she broke the world record with a fin by swimming for 237 metres. In total she has won 20 world championship individual golds.


Balearic Water Skier

On this Saturday August 15th, provided that the sea conditions are good, athlete Ricardo Garcia Castro will try to water ski non-stop from Magaluf (Palma de Mallorca) to Santa Eulalia (Ibiza), a total distance of approximately 60 nautical miles.

This test also is an added challenge for Ricardo Garcia, as three years ago he suffered a spectacular motorcycle accident in USA which nearly cost him his life. It is for this reason, that the athlete wants to dedicate this race to all those who have gone through similar circumstances and demonstrate that with determination anyone is able to recover and enjoy their life.


Getting Right On Our Boat

Around ninety pleasure boats anchored yesterday early in the morning on the beach of Ses Salines, a situation that is repeated every day during the summer months. The area, a natural park, is protected and the Government has installed 33 ecological buoys in order to ensure the preservation of seagrass. However, the amount of craft almost triples the capacity of ecological buoys available.

The city councils of Ibiza have shown concern about the lack of control of the moorings and posed a ‘common front’, despite having no powers to demand that the Government’s surveillance is carried out correctly and that people breaking the laws are brought to justice.


International Villas Collapse – The Aftermath

As recently reported in The Ibizan, the Saffron Walden based travel company International Villas, which rents out luxury villas in Spain has gone into liquidation, but we now have more information on the story.

DSC Limited, trading as International Villas, based in Jubilee House, Hill Street, was an internet-based firm specialised in renting out luxury villas in Ibiza and other Spanish islands, including Majorca. The company was not registered with ABTA, the Association of British Tour Agents and it is understood to have had some 50 properties on its books.

There are reports that at least three British families have turned up at their holiday home expecting their dream holiday to find they couldn’t get in. A message on International Villa’s website originally read: “It is with great sadness due to unforeseen circumstances, that the company has now ceased to trade and the directors have instructed Sharma & Co to assist with a view to placing the company into creditors’ voluntary liquidation.”

However, the message has now been updated and reads: “International Villas has ceased trading from Thursday, July 30.” While the liquidators are making the necessary arrangements, to wind down the company, concerns are emerging that British tourists to Ibiza are being affected by the problems.

Letting agencies in Ibiza have reported calls from anxious families trying to find other accommodation at the height of the season. This was confirmed by Gagen Sharma, spokesman for liquidators Sharma & Co.

Ms Sharma said: “‘Around 50 rentals, all in Ibiza, are affected and although I haven’t got a country breakdown I believe all are British.

“I have taken calls from some of the holiday-makers who have been affected. My first advice to people has obviously been to contact their insurers if they have travel insurance.”

Ms Sharma confirmed that the business was going into liquidation after a rescue deal could not be found. She said she understood that property owners had not been paid the rents for the villas and were therefore refusing to let the holiday-makers move in. They were arriving to find they had nowhere to stay. A creditors meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 25th.


STI Friday

A free Ibiza holiday home has opened in Roca Lisa on the east side of the island, but there is one catch – the house and bed are smothered in images relating to STIs.

The apartment, sponsored by Superdrug, has been introduced to highlight the importance of having safe sex on holiday after research reveals one in 12 of 18 – 35 year olds have contracted an STI when on holiday.

This is possibly the only house in the world where guests can get their freak on under bed covers warning them that 9 per cent Brits have contracted an STI on holiday – including genital herpes, chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis and genital warts. The pillows come with graphic images of the herpes virus.

In addition to the eye-opening bedding, each guest that opts for a free stay in the apartment will receive a Superdrug safe sex intimacy kit that includes condoms and an STI home testing kit.

The Sexual Health Condom-inium will be receiving guests aged 21 and over from August 10th to September 6th 2015 and you can enquire about staying there at this link





Fire Awareness

A meeting has been held in Sant Joan to discuss how best to prevent fires on the islands, 95% of which are caused by humans. The participants agreed to raise awareness amongst tourists by placing informational stickers on the dashboards of the 15,000 hire cars in Ibiza and Formentera. The majority of hire cars do not have ash trays, and it is common for drivers to flick cigarette butts out of their window, which of course may well start a forest fire. Many tourists, particularly from wet climates, are simply unaware of the ease with which a fire can start and it is hoped that this scheme will heighten awareness throughout the island.


Drug Ring Sting

About a dozen people were arrested this week in Sant Antoni, after the Guardia Civil carried out an operation against drug trafficking. Officers seized various quantities of drugs, mainly cocaine and pills – that could be ecstasy or other synthetic narcotics – after a raid on an apartment.

The operation was conducted by the Organized Crime and Drugs Team (EDOA) at about 11.30 on the second floor of number 30 Carrer Bartolomeu Vicente Ramon de Sant Antoni. An apartment door was forced by the officers and there were at least two arrests at the scene.

One of those arrested was a woman of Romanian nationality, but the majority of the arrests since the raid have been of Latin American men. The operation is still ongoing and EDOA have not ruled out further arrests.


Street Trader’s Haul Destroyed

In recent weeks, The Local Police of Sant Josep has seized a mammoth 580 kilos of clothing, sunglasses, watches and beverages from illegal vendors offering these products.

The City Council has previously reported that they are seeing a large presence of street vendors this summer, especially on the municipal beaches.

A total haul of 310 kilos of sunglasses, 80 kilos of watches and 20 kilos of bags have been sent to the Ca na Negreta plant to be destroyed. However, the 100 kilos of clothing seized is to be given to homeless charity Caritas, for distribution to the needy.


Catalan Drug Gang

The National Police in Barcelona have arrested two members of an organized gang allegedly dedicated to the storage and distribution of designer drugs for Ibiza and local festivals in Barcelona.

An investigation helped identify two individuals who, despite not having any work activity, had a high standard of living. The activity of the two people under investigation had increased in early summer.

They used a storage warehouse rented in Barcelona, and officers seized 3 kilos of “crystal”, 13,100 ecstasy pills, 28 litres of liquid ketamine, 51 grams of solid ketamine, 73 grams of hashish, 25 grams of marijuana, 4 precision scales and a motorcycle.


Nursing Home Cools Down

After previous reports about the excessive heat at the Can Blai nursing home, the Government has now installed three out of the four refrigeration units needed to provide sufficient air conditioning. The Councillor of Serveis Socials, Fina Santiago, said the problem “is being resolved.” Santiago visited the residence of Can Blai last Thursday and had the opportunity to check that there are areas that are still oppressive, but that the public areas are cool. “Three have been installed and the fourth is waiting for an evaluation on where best to place the remaining unit,” said the Councillor in his recent visit to Ibiza.


At Night


Children of the 80s


Claire B—words and photos

Last Sunday the Vengaboys came to Ibiza! They headlined Children of the 80s at The Hard Rock Hotel. On arrival at the venue just before 9pm, the queues outside were massive. Most of my friends had turned up to see Soul II Soul who were also on the bill, but I think secretly most people wanted to see The Vengaboys sing THAT song in Ibiza.

First up were Culture Beat, who were the surprise performance of the night for me, with their high energy tunes and energetic delivery from singer Jacky Sangster who belted out the songs, including their hit ‘Mr Vain’, ably paired by a bearded MC.

Next was Belgian singer Kate Ryan, someone new to me, who rather bizarrely sang mainly covers, including ‘Mr Vain’ from the act preceding her and her new single ‘Runaway (Smalltown Boy)’, which is a cover of Bronski Beat’s song ‘Smalltown Boy’. However, the mixed-European audience loved her and her silver sequinned jacket.

Third on the bill was the Soul II Soul Soundsystem, the act that I was most looking forward to seeing, who were all too short but definitely sweet. They started with ‘Keep on movin’ with Jazzie B behind the decks and Caron Wheeler singing out front, followed by ‘Get a life’, for which Jazzie emerged from behind the decks to provide vocals. They finished with a fine performance of ‘Back to life’ and I was immediately transported back to the hot summer of 1990 when I used to dance to that at The Russell Club in Manchester. And that was it – their set was over! We definitely needed more.

For the night’s finale, the four Vengaboys hit the stage running with an array of colourful and OTT costumes and started with the obligatory ‘We’re going to Ibiza’, announcing that they came to Ibiza this morning on Venga Airways. Their other hits followed in quick succession – ‘Boom, boom, boom, boom’, ‘Up and down’, ‘Hot, hot, hot’ and ‘We like to party’ – with only brief pauses in between their choreographed routines for them to catch their breath. Their songs and their delivery of them is cheesy in the extreme, but their show is fast, furious and fun and they do it in such an over the top way, that it works. Another Sunday night of much dancing, singing along and waving of arms in the air down at The Hard Rock Hotel. ‘Children of the 80s’ has become one of the most fun nights out on the island if you want to relive the 80s and 90s, and clearly, lots of people do, as last week’s packed venue testified.


At Night


History Ibiza

Ocean Beach

Sunday 23rd August

Now only 2 years old, ´´History´´ is still touring countries around the world and is now growing at a rate no one could have imagined…proving one thing… The Classics Are Timeless!!!

Sunday 23rd August, Ocean Beach opens its doors for what is set to be one of the highlights of their already impressive calander…

DJs from the last 25 years that all played a part in shaping our beloved Island will come together to bring you house classics over 12 hours at Ocean Beach, this years guests include Hacienda and Fantazia legend Allister Whitehead alongside History resident Greame Park, Ibiza favourite Jo Mills and this years VERY SPECIAL guest Alfredo (Space Terrace)

History founder Jon Besant says ´´Ocean Beach is one of the highlights of our year, to bring house anthems to a crowd that either grew up on classics or the younger generation that seem to still know every piano drop or word is something we never tire of, and to be at Ocean Beach is a huge compliment to the brand as Ibiza is the holy grail of all things house!”

In the last few years History has now thrown parties in places such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Marbella, Manchester and more but founder Jon says ´´for some reason, this is the one that I am always most nervous and excited about!! The day Tony rang me to say we were welcome back for our second year, I had to pinch myself as I know the venue hosts so many amazing brands and parties´´ he explained ´´Ibiza is the place I went on my holidays from just 17 years old and didn’t miss a single year until I decided to take a break a few years ago, anyone that knows my DJ sets know that I’ve never strayed to far from the anthems or classics and to be able to create a brand that has been received by all ages with so much support around the world for me is a dream come true. Working with artists that I used to pay to go and see, and who I now class as friends is a match made in heaven!!´´

Tickets, Beds or any information for History Ibiza are available from



BBC R1 Ibiza Proms

There are great guitarists, superb bass players and excellent keyboardists, but no musician is more technically accomplished than a professional classical musician. Now imagine a whole orchestra of them playing Ibiza Classics, selected by Radio One’s Pete Tong, at The Royal Albert Hall, during Proms week.

Yes, it did happen, and it was amazing. Jules Buckley conducted the Heritage orchestra through dance masterpieces by Fatboy Slim, Eric Prydz, Shapeshifters, Robert Miles, ATB, Moby, Frankie Knuckles, Orbital, Inner City, Daft Punk, Faithless, Stardust and so many more, with the help of Ella Eyre and John Newman performing live.


  1. Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now
  2. Eric Prydz – Pjanoo
  3. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme
  4. Robert Miles – Children
  5. ATB – 9 PM (Till I Come)
  6. Moby – Go
  7. Frankie Knuckles – Your Love
  8. Inner City – Good Life
  9. Orbital – Belfast
  10. The Sabres of Paradise – Smokebelch II
  11. Daft Punk – One More Time
  12. Alison Limmerick – Where Love Lives (Come On In)
  13. Vangelis – Rachel’s Song (Perfecto Symphony Orchestra)
  14. Faithless – Insomnia
  15. Moby – Porcelain
  16. Rudimental – Waiting All Night
  17. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You
  18. Rhythm is Rhythm – Strings of Life
  19. DJ Rolando – Jaguar (Knights of the Jaguar)
  20. Brainbug – Nightmare
  21. Energy 52 – Café del Mar
  22. Rudimental – Feel the Love
  23. The Source – You Got the Love

You can see the full show on BBC iPlayer for a few more days



At Night


Café Mambo

Ibiza Sunsets ‘15

Compiled by Pete Gooding

Café MAMBO Ibiza Sunsets 2015 is a 43-track album of chillout classics that have been soundtracking the famous sunset on the terraces of the world’s most popular sunset destination venue. The album has been compiled by legendary Cafe Mambo resident DJ Pete Gooding and features an essential, timeless selection of mesmerising moments that continue to inspire sunset worshippers the world over.

Café Mambo has been hailed as the place to party on the sunset strip in Sant Antoni, Ibiza, since 1994 and hosted its first BBC Radio 1 Weekend the following year. With unrivalled DJ line-ups, mixed with food, cocktails and the world famous sunset, it is estimated the outdoor area has hosted as many as 23 million clubbers during its tenure. Some of the star names who have graced the decks at this legendary venue include Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Swedish House Mafia, Solomun, Bob Sinclar, MK, David Guetta, Duke Dumont, Martin Garrix, Hannah Wants, Guy Gerber, Tiesto, Hardwell, Fatboy Slim, and Steve Aoki.

Pete Gooding, Cafe Mambo resident DJ says: “I’m really excited about this year’s Cafe Mambo compilation, as it maintains the same flow as the 20th anniversary release, which generated a great reaction. Each mix features a sunset running order, so if you’re familiar with the sunset at Cafe Mambo you’ll recognise the progression. It starts mid-tempo, then goes more down-tempo, then into beatless tracks, classical music and soundtracks until the moment the sun disappears when the vibe and tempo is lifted up into night-time, which makes these last 2 compilations the most honest reflection of how I play the sunset at Cafe Mambo. There are classic tracks from people like David Bowie & Pat Metheny, Mike Oldfield, Barry White, Carl Craig, The Temptations, Timmy Thomas, Womack & Womack, Velvet Underground, Vangelis and many others and new cutting edge music from Jose Padilla, Lydmor, Andras Fox, Balearic Gabba Sound System and Young Marco, as well as one of my own tracks. Please listen, relax and enjoy the sunset.”


Clean Bandit @ Ibiza Rocks

Lydie-Anne Hampson words & photos

Wednesday night at Ibiza Rocks saw Clean Bandit headlining, with Karen Harding supporting. Karen brought energy and fun to the stage, with a big 80s/90s pop feel (not least because of her full on sequinned outfit!), breaking out the classic Whitney Houston track, ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ – it went down a total storm with everyone absolutely loving it, singing and dancing along.

She warmed the crowd up well for Clean Bandit. By the time they came onto the stage, people were ready for a party and a bit of a boogie!

They all looked like they were having as much fun as the crowd were, dancing round the stage and grinning from ear to ear. They played their classic, ‘Rather Be’ as well as a new track ‘Disconnect’.

The light and smoke show made for an impressive ‘look’, the electro/strings made for an impressive ‘sound’, and in my opinion, they definitely smashed it!


At Night


Mind Body & Soul


The Benefits of Yoga

Sabina Brownstein

Yoga was introduced to the West many decades ago, but it is only during the past 15 years that it has exploded in popularity. This ancient Vedic practice of mind, body and spirit provides benefits on many levels for those who do it regularly. On a physical level it brings us balance and strength. Your body grows stronger, more toned, and more flexible as you move from one asana (pose) to another. Because yoga helps maintain a balanced metabolism, it also helps to regulate weight.

As you can see, yoga is a great way to achieve fitness, but it is not just about working out. There are deep breathing and meditation practices in Yoga that help to relieve stress and unclutter the mind. Yoga teaches you to be aware of your breathing while you hold the poses, and this attention to the breath gives you more focus. At the end of most yoga classes there is a time for silent meditation; a time that allows you to be still, which is a rare gift in our busy world. These feelings of peace and tranquillity achieved through focused training are an important part of yoga’s appeal and its benefits.

There are many different types of yoga to practice, so it’s important to find out which type is right for you. Here’s a brief introduction to some of the most common and popular styles of yoga.

  • Hatha Yoga:

This is the classic style that is focused on slow and gentle movements. It works well either to re-focus at the end of the day, or to get going in the morning.

  • Iyengar Yoga:

This is a form of Hatha Yoga that emphasises detail, precision and alignment in the performance of both the postures (asanas), and your breathing (pranayama). There’s also a strong focus on alignment so Iyengar can be helpful for physical therapy.

  • Vinyasa Yoga:

This is commonly called “Vinyasa flow” or just “flow”, and you will definitely be moving, and flowing from one pose to the next. It’s a great workout that offers a variety of asana combinations, and it has become extremely popular.

  • Ashtanga Yoga:

Sometimes called ‘Power Yoga’, Ashtanga is physically demanding. It’s probably best suited for those who are really looking to push their bodies.

  • Anusara Yoga:

This was founded in 1997 by John Friend, and it is inspired by “the celebration of the heart”. You can expect many heart-opening poses like backbends along with guided imagery.

  • Kundalini Yoga:

“Kundalini” refers to the powerful energy that rises from the Root Chakra, which is centred at the base of your spine. It involves a lot of work with your “core” area and classes are known to be pretty intense.

  • Bikram Yoga:

Get ready to practice in 40 degree heat and 60% humidity – that’s why they call it ‘hot yoga’. Bikram uses 26 poses with a lot of work on alignment… and a lot of sweat!

  • Restorative Yoga:

Looking to wind down after a long day of work? Or perhaps you want to quiet your mind? Restorative yoga might be the answer as it is focused on relaxation.

  • Prenatal Yoga:

As the name suggests, this is specifically designed for expectant mothers. It strengthens and prepares for birthing by working on the central core muscles and focusing on the breath.

No matter which style of yoga you choose, you will surely be doing yourself a favour as it will improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

If you have any related questions please get in touch with me via my email below:



It’s Good To Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Ibizan

I have been “seeing someone” for about two years and am feeling depressed about the situation, if I am honest I would say I have fallen in love, but this person will not officially call me their girlfriend even though we see each other about 3 times a week  and I 100% consider us a couple. What has come to light recently is that they would like to see other people and that they consider our relationship to be casual i.e. good friends who have sex. So I ended it but now feel lonely and depressed and am considering if I can compromise and have the relationship that they still say they want.

Am I crazy?


Dear NR,

Thank you for your letter and I am sorry to hear that you find yourself in such a predicament.  It seems as if there is quite a large disparity between what you feel for each other or at least how you want the rest of society to perceive your relationship. You seem much more open and clear about your feelings and how you would like to manage them in public, whilst your partner appears to prefer to keep things much more private. I suppose this brings up two questions firstly why and secondly is that Ok with you. The first we may never know the answer to but the second matters, it’s about you, your limits, your boundaries, what sits with you comfortably and what doesn’t. Knowing yourself and not pushing your compromise to the point where it will make you unhappy and frustrated because you feel something is better then nothing is really important.

There are no rights and wrongs in this situation, the most important thing is that you make a choice about what you think will work for you rather then feel pushed in to accepting something that in reality will be too difficult to bare.

Whatever your choice I wish you happiness and peace with it – do take care

Warm regards, Kate.


View from the Pew
  • The Guest at Midnight

Rev Dr Peter Pimentel

Jesus once said: “Suppose one of you has a friend, and he goes to him at midnight and says,`Friend, lend me three loaves of bread, because a friend of mine on a journey has come to me, and I have nothing to set before him.’ Then the one inside answers, `Don’t bother me. The door is already locked, and my children are with me in bed. I can’t get up and give you anything.’ I tell you, though he will not get up and give him the bread because he is his friend, yet because of the man’s boldness he will get up and give him as much as he needs. So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened”.

Bedouin travel by night in the desert. But such was not common in Israel because of the altitude and the favourable sea breeze. The guest arriving at midnight would have been unusual and inconvenient. However, in those days, the host must serve his guest and the guest must eat however inconvenient. The guest is the guest of the whole village community. Refusal to feed him is unthinkable. Refusal would bring shame upon the whole village. Yet that is precisely what the sleeping man at first is willing to do to avoid getting up! It’s a one room house and the kids are all asleep and the father would have to climb over them to open the door. But that’s a lame duck excuse!

Village women co-operated in the baking of bread in a shared village oven. Everyone in the village knew who had baked bread for the day or days ahead.

As with so many of the parables of Jesus this is an argument from the less to the greater. If a grumpy sleeping man, who at first is willing to sacrifice the reputation of the village, can be persuaded to get up and give bread; then, how much more is God willing to answer our prayers when we call out to him in our time of need.

Services: Sunday 16th for worship at 10:30 San Rafael.

The English-speaking church on Ibiza and Form Tel 971343383




Thursday   13th   to   Wednesday  19th  August  2015

ARIES – Two of Wands

Don’t sit on the fence this week Aries, time to get back into the swing of things. Life’s a party that’s waiting for you to join it! Your problems are solvable; don’t waste valuable head space inventing problems where few exist. Your mind is your biggest obstacle this week; don’t give in to negativity when in fact everything is fine.

TAURUS – Ace of Swords

Clear decision making is a rare ability however, this week you’re able to cut through the indecisiveness and procrastination of others, in order to get your desired result. If you’re involved in any legal matters, it denotes triumph over your opponents. If you’re the sporting type, you make a formidable opponent. No-one will get the better of you this week!

GEMINI – Six of Swords

Release recent emotional pain by creating some distance physically from those that hurt you. You’re moving out of stormy waters and into calmer seas, so it won’t do to dwell on the past. The waters of emotion depicted on this card work to heal old wounds. Music becomes your healing; turn on and tune into sounds that make you happy.

CANCER – Five of Wands

Time to grips over the actions of someone close that’s been troubling you for some time. If a friendship, relationship or business association is niggling; communication’s the key to sorting the problem. Find solutions in a harmonious way and you will be surprised at the love that comes your way. In business you’re a smooth operator with powers of persuasion!

LEO – Two of Disks (reversed)

A disorganised week as nothing seems to go according to plan. Don’t give up though as it’s only a temporary glitch. It means that you have to get on top of practical matters, which you can only do if you adhere to some kind of schedule. Keep a tight budget and if you lose something it will eventually turn up.

VIRGO – The Hierophant

If you’ve been experiencing a little chaos in certain areas of your life, then you will need to set boundaries or impose some much needed discipline or routine. Have faith that the structures on which you base your life are sound and reliable. You’re experiencing a profound shift in the way you live your life; so enjoy and embrace it!

LIBRA – Knight of Wands

Take opportunities to travel; especially for career or to further your education. The people you meet and what you will learn could end up having a big impact on your future. Creative Libra’s do especially well this week as others are more than willing to back your bright ideas. New business opportunities will also flourish and colleagues are appreciative.

SCORPIO – The Tower

If it looks like important plans are going pear-shaped this week it’s because something’s been overlooked and you’re possibly the culprit. You’ve been in such a rush to complete a project and impress others, that you may miss something. Go back to the drawing board and review. This card also indicates a eureka moment; so all is not lost!

SAGITTARIUS – Eight of Swords

You feel a little ‘off’ and are likely to be overwhelmed by deadlines or the demands of others; you feel like running for the hills! Stop struggling with impulse to take a couple of duvet days. You need this to restore your equilibrium; others will just have to get on with it. Next week you’ll be back in the game.

CAPRICORN – Knight of Disks

Younger members of your family or friends need support and are looking to you for inspiration. This may be intrusive at times but you will be rewarded by seeing how much they flourish under your guidance. If you’re put in the position of mentor; give them encouragement. Some will be thinking of relocating in order to pursue a financial ambition.

AQUARIUS – The Emperor

Taking responsibility for ones actions is a sign of maturity. This week, associates, loved ones and family will sit up and take notice. They sense a “new” you; someone more determined and single minded about what they want to achieve. You’ve laid foundations for a new way of life and will only operate on your terms, not someone else’s.

PISCES – Five of Swords

It may be difficult for you to keep a lid on your temper as you discover what’s been going on behind your back. You’ll be pretty upset by the underhanded dealings of others as you are usually a good judge of character. Sometimes you trust unconditionally only to find you’ve been hoodwinked by a charming attitude. Time to wise up!


Travel Tips n Tricks (part 1)


If you’re planning a trip to Ibiza, or have friends and family visiting, don’t just wing it like an annual tourist. Over coming weeks we’ve got 43 travel tips from moneysavingexpert.com to help you save money, and beat the system.

From finding the cheapest flights and top overseas spending cards to reclaiming cash for flight delays.


  1. Pocket a super-cheap overseas spending card

Most cards add a 3% cost to the exchange rates banks themselves get. You can avoid this by packing a specialist card that doesn’t add this ‘load’, meaning you’ll get perfect exchange rates which beat even the best bureaux de change. Pocket one just for spending overseas (always repay IN FULL to avoid interest). You’ll need to apply at least three weeks before you go.

The Halifax Clarity credit card has no foreign exchange fee anywhere in the world for the best rate possible. ALWAYS fully repay by direct debit to minimise the 18.9% representative APR.


  1. Free app turns phone into international sat-nav for 28 countries

If you’ve a smartphone with GPS, such as an iPhone, here’s a nifty way to turn it into a sat-nav abroad, with local maps, for free – without using up any pricey data overseas. It isn’t a fully-fledged system like paid sat-navs, but it’s handy for a one-off trip.

Launched in 2010, Navmii is a free app for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. It turns a GPS smartphone into a sat-nav, with pre-loaded maps, route planning, voice prompts, driver scores, mileage tracking and real-time hazard reporting.

The big boon here is that once you’ve downloaded it to your phone, it doesn’t need any internet data to find routes or search or access its maps via GPS (unlike similar apps, eg, Google Maps), as these are stored offline in your phone.

It also has optional paid premium content, including voice prompts by Homer Simpson, Wallace and Gromit or Snoop Dogg, traffic updates and more. The app’s supported by adverts but you can go ad-free for £1.49.

By contrast, paid sat-nav app TomTom Europe is £52.99 on iTunes at the time of writing. Navmii doesn’t have the same bells and whistles, but it’s still a big saving.



  1. Use the right cheap flight-finding site

Freeze! Don’t search the first knock-down flight site. You need to use the right type – here’s what you should try:

– Screenscrapers: If you know when and where you want to go via scheduled airlines (eg, BA, KLM), try Skyscanner (for ease), TravelSupermarket (for breadth) and Kayak (for tailored searches). They grab the cheapest prices from airlines’ sites and also include brokers like Expedia* (but check separately for further discounts if booking hotel and flights together).





– Charter comparisons: If you’re off to a traditional package holiday destination, charter flights (spare capacity on tour operators’ bespoke planes) can win. Try TravelSupermarket and FlightsDirect.



– Budget airline sales: If you just want uber-cheap, use the FlightChecker tool at the end of this sentence to find “all sub-£50 flights in September” either to a specific destination, or just select “I’ll go anywhere”.



  1. The codeshare trick: where two airlines sell the same flight

If you like flying with a specific airline or know the exact flight you want, ‘codesharing’ could be a way to get a flight with that airline, via another one. It’s when airlines buddy up to sell seats on each others’ flights, sometimes at a different price.

For example, an American Airlines return flight from Heathrow to New York’s JFK airport for the beginning of November is £381 if you book directly with American Airlines, but just £351 if you book via Finnair – a saving of £30, even though it’s exactly the same flight.

This works best on popular medium or long-haul routes – simply book via a partner airline to grab a seat on the same plane for less


  1. Beat price hikes with Easyjet’s Flexifares

We’ve found a clever way to bag cheaper flights using Easyjet’s ‘Flexifares’, which let you switch dates by a few weeks without paying anything extra.

It only works with ‘Flexifare’ tickets, but once you’ve booked you can switch dates by a few weeks without paying more. It works the whole year round – but it’s particularly useful when prices shoot up during the school holidays. This means you can bag a cheap term-time flight, then swap for your chosen school holiday dates.


  1. Many airlines let you take child car seats and buggies for free

If you travel in a car when you’re on holiday – whether you’re hiring one for an epic road trip or making a quick dash to the airport in a taxi – then if you’ve young children with you, they should be in a car seat.

Renting one can be pricey though. It can add around £5/day to the cost of hiring a car, and hike taxi fares sharply too – for example, we were quoted an extra €12 for a one-way journey from Barcelona airport to the city centre.

There are alternative options – for instance, some airports have stalls like Malaga’s Tots Store where seats can be rented at half the cost. But your best bet may be to take your own.

Many airlines let you check in a car seat and pushchair for free, in addition to your usual luggage allowance – and best of all you know your child will be safe and travel well in it. The rules on precisely what you can take with you vary though, with some airlines insisting you buy a separate seat for your child or reduce your luggage allowance accordingly.

It’s worth noting some car seats can also be used by children on the plane (if you’ve bought them their own seat). The car seat’ll have to meet certain criteria though and it depends on the plane you’re travelling on, so check in advance.


  1. Is your EHIC still valid? Around 5.2m are due to expire this year

If you’re off to Europe, ensure you’ve an up-to-date European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Here are the key need-to-knows:

It’s valid across the EU. A valid EHIC can get free or discounted medical treatment in state-run hospitals in any European Union country, plus a few others.

It entitles you to the same treatment as a local. This is extremely useful in emergencies, and means if it’s free for them, it’s free for you. Keep it on you at all times when you’re away to ensure you’re covered.

It doesn’t cost a penny. Don’t just Google “EHIC”, as there are a host of unofficial sites that charge a fee of about £20 to do it for you. Apply via the official link, www.ehic.org.uk, to ensure you get yours for nowt.

An EHIC isn’t a substitute for travel insurance – while very useful, it’s only for medical cover.


  1. Free Android app translates 90 languages – get it before you go

The Google Translate app’s available on Android and iPhone. It’s free, and lets you translate words and phrases to and from your chosen language.

The real boon is it lets you download free language packs on your smartphone to access offline. Do this in the UK before you go, and you won’t need data to use it overseas.

To do it, download and open the app, press the menu button and select “offline languages”. Then tap the pin button for each language you want to download. There are 90 to choose from, including French, Spanish, Greek and Thai.


  1. Grab the best plane seats

Once you’ve bagged flights, use specialist sites Seatguru or Skytrax to check the plane’s seating plan and see whether 18E beats 19C. If it’s a budget flight with unassigned seats, turn up early and lurk by the boarding entrance.




  1. For 2+ trips abroad each year, get annual travel insurance from £13

If you travel at least twice (incl weekend breaks) in a year, an annual policy usually wins. Leisure Guard Lite* cover is £13-£15 in Europe while the best worldwide cover is £23-£25 via HolidaySafe.

We found the best insurance cover for a family travelling in Europe was also from Leisure Guard Lite and starts at £26. For worldwide cover, we found the best deal was from HolidaySafe and costs from £46.




  1. Don’t pay airport prices for travel accessories – try pound shops

Pick up travel accessories such as adaptor plugs, eye masks and travel cushions at the airport and you risk paying inflated prices for last-second shoppers.

So plan ahead – you can often bag ’em cheaply at pound shops, while MySupermarket quickly compares prices across the major supermarkets, plus Boots and Superdrug.

If you’re buying adaptor plugs so you can charge gadgets abroad, note down which type you’ll need before you buy. The Travel Adaptor website has useful country-by-country info.




Food & Drink


Bucanero & Donnegans

A symbiotic relationship is a wonderful occurrence in nature. It’s when two separate entities mutually benefit each other. For instance, the anglerfish is extremely pally with bioluminescent bacteria – the bacteria attract prey to the fish with a funky lightshow and the fish provides a safe place to hang out. Symbiosis also happens with crocodiles and sandpiper birds – the birds clean the crocodile in the places that his little arms can’t reach, and the birds gain nutrients from the parasites and general mess between the cracks. It’s a wonderful thing.

And so as we are wandering through the undergrowth around the bay of Sant Antoni, we stumble upon another symbiotic phenomenon. Two bars on the same bit of land which are separate entities in their own right, but strangely working together to attract the local fauna in order to feed and entertain them throughout the day and night. The bars are Bucaneros and Donnegans, but we shall now refer to them for the purposes of this short piece as the Pirate and the Irishman.

The Irishman is an early riser and loves to cook. From 10am until 5pm – an hour that even the most hard-core clubber can manage to rise by – he supplies a combination of bacon, eggs and sausages with, of course, soda bread. From 5pm, he’s all about the pub grub which includes a variety of pizzas and classic mains such as bangers & mash, fish & chips, chicken curry and the incredible steak & guinness pie. Add to this an all-day snack menu with baps, baguettes, paninis, burgers, jackets and salads and there is literally something for everyone. All the food is cooked with the finest and freshest ingredients and the portions are massive. We at The Ibizan must admit to abusing most of the menu, but we have to heartily recommend the pie which contains fresh steak with real guinness and is topped with the lightest puff pastry. It also comes with perfect home-made chips or creamy mash and, if you’re my age, will instantly transport you back to your mum’s house on meat night. But what of the Pirate, you may be asking? He doesn’t bother cooking as he is far too obsessed with rum and concocting jugs of alcoholic abandon, but the Irishman is a friendly chap and supplies snacks to the Pirate and his crew from 5pm onwards.

In a symbiotic return, the Pirate dishes out the deserts in the form of shots, frozen cocktails, bombs, jugs and special deals on all things drinky. The prices are stupidly low with 2 litre jugs of any cocktail at 15 euros and, once that’s down your neck, it’s time to get your groove on. The music is supplied by the Pirate’s very own DJ Northern Monkey. The monkey also takes requests, although he is a bit slow so make sure to shout any song at him a number of times. Also, if the feeling takes you, make use of the stripper pole next to the monkey. He particularly enjoys big burly blokes having a go.

If all this fun is too much and you prefer a bit of live music, then the Irishman is still open and is just a tad more civilised. Think large steins of beer as opposed to large jugs of mental juice. Every night, tunes are supplied by singer/guitarists Nell, Barney or Roberto with the occasional special guest. All three of them are masters of their craft and give a new twist on classic tunes – we recently heard beautiful renditions of Massive Attack’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ and Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ bursting out of Nell’s mouth.

Come Saturday & Sunday, and pretty much every day for that matter, the Irishman and Pirate love a bit of sport. Hurling fans will be very pleased to know that the Irishman shows all of the GAA games on the weekend and is still working hard in the kitchen supplying food. The Pirate is more in favour of the football and has his own massive screen with multiple screens throughout his ship. Pretty much all of the games are on show, and also non-football special sporting events, along with the jugs of mental juice of course.

Bucaneros and Donnegans. A Pirate and an Irishman in perfect harmony. Symbiotics at its best …



Hola Hipsters and Zipsters.

Welcome to Zips It Up and another round up of what’s happening fashion-wise this week.

I’ve been in London allcatching up on journalistic work for my roleFashion Editor for various publications. I don’t mind taking a short break from my beloved Balearics during the summer because it’s good to touch base with what’s happening in the world outside of Ibiza and Mallorca. It’s easy to lose track of world news events and become all consumed with island life. Ironically however, it seemssome major UK news stories this week relate to Ibiza and Mallorca.

Firstly, following the recent ‘clamp down’ on ‘anti social behaviour’ on the party isles, (otherwise known as getting pissed and being a fairly normal young British tourist on the streets of San An and Magaluf), British police have been posted abroad, patrolling the party hotspots. Bobbies on the beat in uniform and high-vis are wondering around the resortsto keep some law and order, scaring off horny couples and revellers singing or doing cartwheels and somersaults10pm. Apparently there are onlycouple of officers, not a full on force. What a complete waste of time and money. Those officers must be laughing. An absolute ‘jolly’ of a gig — nice work if you can get it – a free Balearic holiday lording it up .

Let’s face it, would the sight of two British police officers, smiling nicely and on the receiving end of endless mickey taking and banter from young holidaymakersyou more or less than a mean group of Guardia Civil with black sunglasses, leather gloves, rippling muscles and various weaponsto their tight uniforms… sorry, I’m getting carried away with my visualisation of this scenario. I know who I would take orders from. What a stupid set up. police uniforms in foreign resorts are better suited tostag or hen party.

Secondly, and sadly, nearly half of nightclubs in Britain have shut their doors in the last decade,to industry figures.

In 2005, there were 3,144 clubs across the UK compared to the 1,733 that stand today, according to the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR), an organisation which represents venues.as a place meant for the late night entertainment of music and dancing, the club scene in the UK has been recognised as one of the most vibrant and progressive in the world, attracting tourists from across the globe.

However, figures show a dramatic decline in the number of successful nightclubs and experts predict the fall will leave the UK worse off culturally, socially and economically. Perhaps this is why islands like Ibiza and Mallorca are so popular due to their nightclub culture? But who can afford Ibiza every year?

Some industry professionals believe the drop is due to a rise in the number and popularity of music festivals, whereas others claim the smoking ban and ‘a crackdown on fun’ is responsible. My other half was and is a major player in the UK and Ibiza night club scene and has been interviewed various times about this very subject over the last couple of days. says: “actually, there are just as many people going out ‘clubbing’. that has changed is the way they’re doing it. many city centres, bars with DJs have replaced some of the nightclubs as the location for enjoying DJ culture. That started to happen as soon as pub licensing was relaxed ten years ago, meaning that bars could stay open as late as clubs. no mistake, dance music and DJ culture remains in a very good place in 2015, it’s just being experienced differently”.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to ponder on these issues as we move on to this instalment of Zips It Up. Denim gets torn up as well as becoming a battery charger…lost? Read on.

It’s all there. Enjoy, over your skinny coffee-light frapuccino with sugar free vanilla, twice blended, this weekend. X

Read Amanda’s fashion blog



Recharge Jeans

Amanda O’Riordan

For many, retail therapy is a form of relaxation – a way of zoning out, taking some time for yourself and metaphorically recharging those batteries.

Now, thanks to technology, you can partake in retail therapy whilst literally recharging your battery (your phone battery, we mean).

How can you do this, you ask? By buying a new pair of jeans. Wondering what I’m going on about? Well then, take a quick peek at these: the brand new #Hello jeans by Joe’s Jeans.

By inserting a battery pack into the ‘battery pocket’ which runs through to a USB cable connected to your iPhone (which nestles in another secret pocket – a patent pending one), you can recharge your phone as you go about your daily business. It’s an absolute dream come true, because if you’re anything like me you’ve run your battery right down even before lunchtime. You know, after a mammoth morning debating the latest drama on Facebook or posting riveting pics of your breakfast on Instagram.

#HELLO Joe’s Jeans – With Secret Battery Pack And iPhone Holding Pockets

Compatible with iPhones 5, 5S and 6, the pack has built-in protection to prevent your phone from over-charging and has an LED monitoring system for battery levels too.

As for the jeans, they’re comfortable, cool and are available in four washes (Regan, Aria, Cecily and Kalia). Mid-rise and skinny in design, they are priced at around £120.  Although not the cheapest jeans out there, surely not a high price to pay for that holy grail of all day phone juice.





Ripped Jeans

Amanda O’Riordan

If you had ripped jeans back in the Eighties, you were either into heavy metal or climbed one too many trees.you have ripped jeans today, you are probably a celeb. Yes, they’re back. Ripped jeans are this summer’s must-have trouserwear and stars on both sides of the Atlantic are taking to them fast.

Whether you’re 31-year-old Alexa Chung designing a pair for AG Jeans, 19-year-old Kendall Jenner strutting her stuff in Beverly Hills, or even 69-year-old Goldie Hawn on a casual outing in Brentwood, whatever age, the frayed jeans look rips it.

And it doesn’t matter which style you favour either: boyfriend, skinny, cropped, even flared –there are no rules to ripped.

(Alexa Chung for AG Collection,Sabine, £221.97; agjeans.com and,08F26 Super Skinny, £140)


The obvious ‘designer’ rip at the knee is a style witnessed everywhere here in London, on most girls from early teens upwards, frequently worn with Converse shoes. The rip needs to have been judiciously placed in exactly the right spot, especially on denim jeggins or skinny jeans. Topshop is the place to go for the ultimate ripped look, as seen here at purse friendly prices, especially if you want to add a few extra tears here and there.

So get aboard and start ripping those old favourites… or pop to the shops for a pre-ripped brand new pair. They’re only jeans after all – who needs an excuse?



Show Up, Dress Up

Sophia V.

Dresses. You can’t really go wrong with them, can you? No matter what age, shape, or style, there are dresses to suit and flatter everyone. And don’t worry if you’re not a girly-girl, there are sporty dresses too.

Floaty dresses – In this heat, and humidity, they’re perfect. These dresses can be short, or even long maxi dresses. They come in various styles, such as off-the-shoulder, V-neck, plunge neckline, and more.

Tennis dresses – So it looks like tennis dresses are in fashion on the street. These are usually plain, with a buttoned collar, resembling an oversized polo shirt. They can also come in a tunic style, which clings to the body more. There are also stretch jersey styles, and sleeveless vest-type dresses. The majority of colours are white, navy, light blue, and red. These look quite sporty, and would go well with trainers, or flip-flops.

Wrap-over dresses – These are perfect for the Ibiza weather. They can be loose, or slightly tighter fitting, depending on how you fasten them.

T-shirt dresses – These are comfortable to wear, especially if they’re oversized. They can be worn in the day, with casual footwear, and a cap for an edgy casual look, or of a night teamed with a chunky necklace and heels.

Shirt dresses – The sleeveless shirt dresses can flatter most body shapes. These come in many different colours, and styles.

Strapless dresses – These are my absolute favourite. They’re so comfortable. I hate straps, and belts, and fiddly things in this heat. Slipping on a strapless dress, baring your shoulders to still feel the slight breeze is perfect. These can be short or long dresses.

Tunics – The looser, the better. These can be plain, detailed, and come in many styles. They can be worn to cover up, and protect you from the sun, or with a plunging neckline, for a dressier look.

Playsuit dresses – These are brilliant for almost every occasion, and again come in various styles: patterned, plain, tight-fitting, loose-fitting etc.

When going out, slipping on a dress can be suitable for the day time, as well as the night. Teamed with some accessories, sparkly flip-flops / sandals, or heels, and you can go from casual to glam in an instant.

For more of Sophia’s articles and tips check out her blog:




Jezza’s Sports Report …

Jeremy Parmenter

I dunno, all this fuss over a little boat called Eclipse, moored off Ses Fontanelles, Cala de Bou last week! Honestly, anybody would have thought royalty had arrived. All it was, was my mate Roman coming to see the biggest Blues fan on the island (by the way, you’re not supposed to know that as I’m supposed to be impartial!) but unfortunately I was too busy so, according to my spies and the Daily Mail on Saturday, he invited Princess Beatrice (you know, Prince Andrew in drag!) and her boyfriend on board instead, from the neighbouring boat The Rising Sun, belonging to Hollywood mogul David Geffin. Slight confusion here actually, because I am assured by one of my trustworthy spies, let’s call him Adam, that Eclipse was actually chartered by Vitali Klitchko, the current World Heavyweight boxing champ, but, whoever it was, they obviously wanted to sample the delights of the Lower Bay Road, Cala de Bou! Thinking out of the box, boat, water, sea takes me nicely in to


and muchas congrats to Britain’s Adam Peaty as he took 3 Gold medals at the World Championships last week in Russia, winning the coveted double of 100m and 50m breastroke, to become the first man to do so and then helped GB win the 4 x 100m mixed medley relay in a world record time of 3m 41.71. Also congrats to GB’s Gary Hunt who also took gold in the 27m high diving event to leave GB on a high!


Whoaaa! All hail Captain Cook and his boys as they answered all our prayers with a stunning innings and 78 run victory over the Aussies to go 3-1 up with one to play, thereby regaining the Ashes. Wasn’t just a win at Trent Bridge either, as it was all wrapped up within less than two and a half days, to leave Aussie skipper Clark, such a wonderful batsman, almost in tears as he announced his retirement from international cricket, Shane Warne speechless, and all those pundits (English and Australian) who forecast a crushing Series victory for the men from Down Under. I’m going to make a point here and blow my own trumpet, (‘cos nobody else will!) as, unlike them, I, together with Sir Ian, were two of the very, very few, who predicted an England win vis-a-vis my report before the Ashes started. Beefy went 3-1 with a draw and I went 3-2 so one of us will be right! Back to Trent Bridge and what a performance by Stuart Broad, son of my old mate Chris, as he recorded stunning figures of 8-15 in Australia’s first innings to send them in to meltdown and all out for 60. With Root coming back with another ton, and useful contributions from Bairstow, Broad with the bat, Ali and Cook, his boys left Oz with a first innings deficit of 300 odd to even make England bat again. Then, up steps Stokes with 6-36 to skittle them out and the Ashes are back home!

Brilliant, and complete vindication for Cook, who incidentally has now become one of only 3 England skippers to have won 2 or more Ashes at home (the other two being WG Grace and Brearley – remember 1981!) as he completely out thought, outwitted and outplayed Clark, as well as putting those “experts” who called for his head 18 months ago, of which, I hasten to add, I was definitely not one, in their place! Quite the reverse actually, as I pleaded with the selectors, in this paper, to stick with him so well done to them. Also, brilliant for old-timer Ian Bell, as he has has now won 5 Ashes series, quite a feat in this modern era. So, on to the Oval on the 20th and let’s celebrate in style, Cookie, and send those Aussies even further in to oblivion with another win. Also, wouldn’t it be great if England’s Women could emulate the men and defeat Australia in the one-off Ashes Test taking place in England this week, starting Tuesday, as having lost the 3 match ODI set of matches 2-1, they desperately need a win to go ahead in this Ashes Series. Talking of you Ladies brings me nicely to




Ladies Netball

Yes, a first for me but well mentionable as for those of you who don’t know, England, managed by Tracey Neville, sister of Everton and Man Utd legends Phil and Gary, are playing in the current World Cup Down Under. They’re doing very well as well, having just won their Group, beating Scotland, Jamaica and Samoa and will now take on the hosts in the next round, themselves having just been beaten by New Zealand, so good luck to them!

Rugby League

And in the Super8’s, in the chase for the Top 4, there were wins for Wigan, Leeds, Castleford, Catalans, surprisingly over 2nd placed St Helens and Hull KR.

Rugby Union

Brilliant Final of the Southern Hemisphere Championship as World Cup favourites New Zealand were beaten in a nail-biting match 27-19 to dent the All Blacks confidence, whilst in the other match, Argentina surprisingly beat South Africa 37-25 in Durban to record their first ever win over the Boks. With the World Cup in England on the horizon in September, Wales took on Ireland in a friendly at Cardiff and were beaten 35-21 by the 6 Nations holders and as for England, they take on France this w/end again in a “friendly”, if there is such a thing between the two countries, just ask Brian Moore!


Just got time and space I think, for a round-up of the opening matches in the new Premier League season so here goes:

Man Utd 1 Tottenham 0: not the most exciting match apparently but at least 3 points for Meinheer van Gaal with a lucky own goal;

Leicester 4 Sunderland 2: a dream start for the “Tinkerman” Ranieri as his team go top, at least until this w/end;

Everton 2 Watford 2: a good start for the Prem new boys but really should have won it;

Naaarwich 1 Crystal Palace 3: bad start for one of the 3 new boys but good win for Pardew and you could say, the Eagles crunched the Canaries! (ed, won the pecking order ?)

Bournemouth 0 Aston Villa 1: another bad start for the other new boys but good win for the Villa;

Chelsea 2 Swansea 2: just a normal day for Jose, as his champions drop 2 points, lose ‘keeper Courtois to a red card and concede a penalty, but great point for the Swans;

Newcastle 2 Southampton 2: great point for the Saints and 2 points dropped at home for McLaren;

Arsenal 0 West Ham 2: told you last week, you Gunners fans, don’t read too much in to winning 3 meaningless friendly pre-season trophies, this is where it counts but great win for Hammers Bilic;

Stoke 0 Liverpool 1: oh, don’t your team put you through it, you ‘Pool fans, a winner in the 88th minute!

Man City started their season at West Brom on Monday (after my deadline) but no doubt our Ed will include the result, so come on you Baggies!

On that note, that’s it for this week, have a good ‘un. Jezza

  • Ed, sorry to disappoint Jezza but City got off to a flyer winning 0-3 to put themselves top and West Brom bottom at the end of the first week. What odds for the same positions at the end of the season? It was Toure the tormentor for Albion, scoring 2 in the first half. An interesting stat, City completed 692 passes, 211 more than any other team over the opening weekend. A Sterling effort?


The Guide …


Explore the Dalt Vila


Anybody looking to explore Ibiza’s Old Town has the opportunity to take advantage of two projects currently available through Ibiza’s tourist office.


Sound Walk Ibiza

Actress Paz Vega and journalist Concha García Campoy have provided the voiceover for Ibiza’s first audio guides, the former in Spanish and English and the latter for the Catalan version.

The audio guides are also available in three other languages ( French, German and Italian). The recordings accompany visitors on a self-guided tour through the streets of the Dalt Vila neighbourhood, the historic part of the town that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

The audio guide tour lasts about an hour and ten minutes and takes in the following areas: Mercat Vell (the old market), Portal de ses Taules (the main entrance to Dalt Vila), Plaça de Vila, Santa Llúcia Bastion, Ibiza City Council, Hospitalet church, Plaça de la Catedral and Sant Bernat Bastion.

Audio guide pickup and drop-off point: La Curia: Plaça de la Catedral (the square in front of the cathedral). Dalt Vila.
Tourist Information Office:



Dramatized Visits To Dalt Vila

Through the explanations of the guides and the dramatisations, a trip in the time becomes to understand better which was the society of that time, what dangers surrounded the city, really how it was the life in this place from the Mediterranean on XVIth century.

Mercat Vell – Portal de ses Taules – Plaça de Vila – C/ Santa Creu – C/ Sant Antoni – Plaça del Sol – Escaleras hasta C/ Sant Josep – C/ de la Conquista – C/ Sant Ciriac – C/ Major – Plaça Catedral.



In The Back Row ..


Welcome 2 Ibiza

95 min |,,| February 2003(Spain) Link at IMDB:


Welcome 2 Ibizaan Americancomedyabout a young American girl who inherits a rundown bar and then gets involved in a hostage rescue drama.Buseythe film, which was shot on location on the Spanish island of2002 byWinters. The film was released in Spain and Thailand.

  • Plot

Lauren (Athena Cansino), a young woman from America, learns that her Uncle Sam (directorWinters) has been missing at sea, and that as a result she inherits his beach bar on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. When she arrives, she meets Angelito, a young handsome artist. They go to the bar, only to find it in terrible shape.

Depressed, Lauren returns to town where she meets two more Americans, (Beth and Marilyn) and Crazy Larry. Beth was currently working in a bar, and Marilyn, is a passionate young dancer who was fired after an altercation with a group of drunk buffoons. Crazy Larry, a wacky British DJ was also recently fired for accidentally throwing up on his boss.

Together, the four decide to renovate the bar and get the business running again. Meanwhile, Beth’s ex, Nick, has come from the United States to try to get back together with her. They later discover that Angelito’s father is being held captive by Cortez, a local gangster (Gary Busey).


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