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Alex Elmes, We Salute You

Nick Gibbs

Though it may not be news that would set Fleet Street alight, nor is it likely to be acknowledged in the Queen’s New Years honours list, we devote this week’s front page to Alex Elmes, a young British tourist who recently returned home from a holiday in Ibiza.

Whenever called upon to justify the doom and gloom side of news reporting we can only answer that we do not make the news, we just print it. That said it does feel we are in something of a negative trough at present. Gang wars, unexplained deaths, businesses struggling to understand the ever improving tourism stats in the face of what many are describing as the worst season they have known, and of course all of this to the never ending animosity towards the ’young British hooligans’ as the scourge of Ibiza.

Alex Elmes has given us a welcome tonic in demonstrating that plain and simple honesty and decency still exists.

Having found a wallet stuffed with cards, cash etc on a bus in Ibiza he did not look at it as a windfall from which he could get himself another few cocktails. Alex took the wallet with him back to the UK, turned private detective to track down the owner, and returned it, contents intact.

A simple but noble act that certainly in this week’s news full of gangsters, drugs and detritus, put a much needed smile on our faces.

See a UK report of Alex’s act left, and I’m sure if he returns to Ibiza on holiday there will be a few more beers waiting for him to supplement the (rather meagre) reward of the person who’s wallet he returned.

Similarly we congratulate businessman Alexis Carini for doing what he feels the right thing in rejecting a lucrative catering contract from the makers of Ibiza Shore. Though it is certain Mr Carini has also taken into account the long term reputation of his business, on an island which sometimes seems all about grabbing what you can when you can, his decision to turn down 27,000 euros on principal is a principal worthy of note.


Stab Victim Murder Charge in 2014

Injured Man Has Previously Been Charged For Attempted Murder

After a spate of knife attacks in San Antonio, the Guardia Civil has revealed that the British man stabbed on Saturday night was previously arrested on September 9th last year for attempted murder. The 26 year old, known as ‘Zeta’, was charged with attempted murder in 2014 after stabbing another man in Playa d’en Bossa in the femoral artery.

After his arrest, ‘Zeta’ was sent to prison in Ibiza on an interim basis. He did not adapt well and suffered serious injury at the hands of other inmates, and, for reasons that we cannot ascertain, was provisionally released because the person who he allegedly stabbed in Playa d’en Bossa was of British nationality.

The stabbing on the weekend just gone left ‘Zeta’ with at least three wounds, but they were not serious as he voluntarily discharged himself from Can Misses hospital. A few hours later he returned again with a new wound, this time to the face. He was detained, but has since been released him on charges which require him to sign in at the court on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Two people have been arrested for a similar attack on a different British man which occurred on 25th June. All evidence suggests that both attacks are related and assumed to be part of a ‘turf war’ for control of drug trafficking in San Antonio and other areas of the island.


Monkey Bars

Dangerous Animal Is Impounded

The Guardia Civil has taken possession of a “potentially dangerous” marmoset monkey which was being photographed with tourists in exchange for money in the West End of San Antonio.

Agents from the Protection of Nature (SEPRONA) division, following a tip-off, investigated the West End of San Antonio, specifically Calle Bartolome Vicente Ramon. They found a person carrying a monkey on his shoulder and offering tourists the opportunity to be photographed with the animal, without the authorization to perform this activity.

The Guardia Civil has informed the owner that possession of that species is banned for health reasons and that its presence is limited to bodies, institutes or centers as stipulated in European and national legislation (Directive 92/65 / EC and Royal Decree 1881/1994). Trade is regulated by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES Appendix B).

The animal has been deposited in the Consortium for the Recovery of Fauna of the Balearic Islands, whilst the Guardia Civil has charged the owner for the possession of a potentially dangerous animal without authorization and breaking the laws of the CITES convention.


San Miguel Fire

Yet another forest fire has broken out in Ibiza, this time in San Miquel. The fire forced the eviction of a hundred people, including rural hotel guests at Ca’s Pla, and caused significant damage to at least one house in the Torrent de sa Sud valley.

The smoke was visible from most parts of the island and the fire, which destroyed 23 hectares, was just 50 metres from the church and village health centre. In addition, many homes and businesses were without electricity and water, and an unspecified amount suffered minor damage.

This is the fifth fire in the municipality in the last month and people are reminded to not discard cigarettes or glass bottles. Drivers discarding cigarettes from vehicles will now be charged 200 euros if caught, and can be sentenced for up to 6 years in prison if it is found that their actions have caused a forest fire.




Gustavo Eznarriaga. Sculptures

Gustavo Eznarriaga will be exhibiting his sculptures at Can Tixedó-Art café, on the road from San Rafael to Santa Inés.

Gustavo Eznarriaga’s works are made of wood of all kinds, carved and polychrome with mixed techniques. Sometimes he includes other materials. They represent figures, animals and even various abstractions of the objects.

His work focuses on everyday life, moving between dreams and reality, leading sometimes to childhood object, abandoned and forgotten, but which we never wanted to lose, or even comic book and cartoon scenes.

The inauguration will be this Friday, 24th July, from 8.30pm where you will be able to meet the artist, but if you can’t make it don’t worry, it will be on until August 13th.



Art Guide 15

Next Thursday, July 27th, from 8:30pm the sixth edition of the Ibiza Art Guide will be presented at Casa Colonial. The matching artistic framework provides the vernissagethe artists Jesús de Miguel and Rike Oetzel. Live music by Robert Aratós Freitags’ band, and the Bamboo Light and video show.


Collage &  Colour

The Marta Torres Gallery in Ibiza Town presents, until July 31st, the work of two artists who had not exhibited on the island before: Humberto de Granda and Juan Manuel Pajares. Two artists with very different themes and techniques, which the gallery has combined for the exhibition entitled ‘Collage and Coulor’. Each artist shows eight works of different formats. Both artists were born in Spain but are known internationally, having exhibited in Europe and the US, which has influenced them greatly during their careers.

The Marta Torres Gallery is on Conde de Rosselló street in Ibiza Town.





BLOOP Festival

Nicole Torres

The BLOOP Festival, the International Proactive Art Festival, is back in San Antonio, and Ibiza Town for the first time this year, from last Thursday, July 16th, until August 16th with many and varied events involving various forms of painting, sculpture, music, photography, children’s workshops, cinema, museums, etc. at many and varied locations around San Antonio and Ibiza town.

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival takes place every year in Ibiza during July and August since 2011. It is completely independent, self financed and all activities are for free. The Festival’s aim is to encourage the audience to be proactive and “to think” about a certain theme, usually imminent social issues, that is closely related to our daily lives. In the past the month long fiesta has tackled issues such as “Appearance”, “Control” and “The Best (arrogance)”.

Artists from around the world gather on the island to build their work on the theme. They speak to the audience in many languages in a way that it is comprehensible to everybody; ranging from murals, music, installations, photography, paintings, interactive installations, video mappings, workshops, and many more.

For the 5th edition of the Festival the theme is Multiverse (parallel universes).

International and multi disciplinary talents will be embellishing the landscapes and sunsets of the Mediterranean gem.

For specific details on the individual events visit their website



Travelling Questions

The exhibition “Traveling Questions”, by the Russian artist Andrei Roiter can be visited at the Espacio Micus on Sundays until October 2015 – opening hours from 7pm to 10pm.

The Russian artist shows various oil paintings, ink drawings, watercolours and sculptures in his second exhibition at the Espacio Micus, the beautiful gallery located in the former farm and study of the great painter Eduard Micus, close to Jesus.

A sample that reflects the physical and mental journeys of Andrei Roiter and is conceived as a collage made up of about thirty works that depict various objects that accompany the artist on his travels.



Viva Cala Llonga!

Dance Extravaganza 2015.

  • Monday, 27th July

The Viva Cala Llonga team, in conjunction with the Association of Vecinos, are staging this year’s first Beach Dance Extravaganza. The stage will be situated in front of Frankie’s, La Altre Balagar, Café Del Mar and Restaurant Del Mar. The country dancing group from Piug d’en Vals will start the evenings proceedings at 8pm with a display of traditional Ibicencan dances. At 9pm Dance School Capricorn’s youngsters will be putting on a display of their award winning routines, followed at 10pm by a Flamenco Show with Natili Galves and her dancers. Compere for the evening will be Dave Rawson, who’ll also be performing some of his amazing magic, with DJ’s Rich and Phil C providing musical back-up and keeping things going until late on. This evening promises to be quite a spectacular and everyone is welcome to come along and see this free show of three very different styles of dance.

(pictures from the 2014 Dance extravaganza)

Cinema on the Beach & Night Market

  • Thursday 30th July

The following Thursday, 30th July, in addition to the weekly evening market, (which opens at 6pm), at 9:30pm there’ll an evening be Cinema On The Beach with a free showing of The Lego Movie. Once again everyone, especially the youngsters, are very welcome to come and enjoy another evening in our village.




Stranger returns Ibiza holidaymaker’s lost wallet after turning detective to track him down on Facebook

19:26, 21 JULY 2015 BY PAUL BRITTON, Manchester Evening News

A holidaymaker lost his wallet in Ibiza…only for a complete stranger to track him down on Facebook and return it with his cash.

Ben Mercer, who lost his wallet on the second night of a four-day break, was stunned when a stranger who found it posted it back to him after he returned home – Euros and all.

Ben, from Mosley Common, on Salford’s border with Wigan, discovered his wallet was missing as he walked to the Disclosure night in Ibiza Town. It contained all his bank cards, Euros, Sterling notes and other vital documentation.

The 23-year-old, who works as a building site supervisor in Knutsford and was on holiday with friends in Playa d’en Bossa, immediately cancelled all his cards.

But he needn’t have worried – for fellow Ibiza holidaymaker Alex Elmes found the wallet wedged under the back seat of a bus.

Ben Mercer, who lost his wallet on the second night of a four-day breakBen Mercer, who lost his wallet on the second night of a four-day break

Alex tracked Ben down via Facebook then got in contact with him before he sent the wallet back in the post. It arrived just days after Ben arrived back home.

Ben said: “Ibiza is full of good people and this proves it. Losing the wallet threw a real spanner in the works for the holiday. I thought I’d lost it for good with all the cards, Euros and my English money inside.

“But a few days after I landed back in England Alex contacted me out of the blue asking if I’d been to Ibiza lately. He had found my wallet, messaged me then posted it back over to me with everything still inside. What a top lad. Only in Ibiza that would happen.”

The wallet contained £40, 90 Euros and all the bank cards and documentation.

Ben – who says he will buy Alex, from Stevenage, a beer if they ever meet – posted the good news on Facebook, and has had a huge reaction.

Ben Mercer, who lost his wallet on the second night of a four-day breakBen Mercer, who lost his wallet on the second night of a four-day break

He said: “Luckily I had already loaned a friend some money so he repaid me and I was able to survive on that. It was a bit of a nightmare. It was just the inconvenience of it all really. I got a message and a friend request on Facebook from Alex after I got back home and the wallet was soon posted back.

“I just want to say a big thanks to Alex. It shows that there are good people in the world – especially in Ibiza.”

Alex, 29, an administrator who was on a five-day lads’ getaway, saw the wallet after he glanced down at the bus seat.

He said: “There was never any hesitation about what we would do. I’ve been in the very same position and know what it feels like to lose something or have something stolen on holiday. We were just happy to help.”


Man who ‘drugged’ Ibiza seagull regrets posting video

A man who posted a video appearing to show a seagull being fed ketamine has told Newsbeat he “regrets” doing it.

Josh Greenwood has said he will “never make a video again” following an angry response to the clip on social media.

He shared a video of someone tipping white crystals onto a chip in Ibiza.

The chip is then put on the balcony and a bird picks it up, flies away and people can be heard laughing. Josh insists it was a joke and the crystals were salt.

He posted on Twitter saying: “The lads over here in Ibiza have got sally the seagull a chip with some KETchup on it!’

This prompted an angry response online from people who were shocked that he would potentially poison or kill a bird.

He insists it was salt and not drugs that he poured on the chip.

We have been in touch with Josh through Facebook and Twitter.

He got back in touch via Twitter, here’s the story in his words.

“The balcony and hotel was surrounded by seagulls and one of my friends was eating chips.

“As I had just left my apartment we had left over food/condiments.

“As a few of the lads that were there take drugs, they had an empty bag.

“So he filled the bag with some salt and we thought at the time it would be funny to give my friends and some workers out here a laugh by pretending to put “KETchup” on the chip and wait for the seagull to come and collect it.

“All I did was record the incident on my phone and post it online.

“Obviously now me and my friends regret what’s happened as its upset so many people.

“As we had been drinking all day there wasn’t any thought about the consequences in the future.

“We shouldn’t have done it but it’s happened now and I would personally like to move on as I’m getting all the stick for it when I didn’t physically do anything.”

In the UK ketamine is an illegal Class B drug which people use to get an out-of-body experience.

Animal charities have said that if the powder was ketamine it could have been deadly for the bird.

They have warned that if it died midflight and fell onto a road, it could have caused a car accident.


Mechanic found dead in Ibiza was ‘one of a kind’

Family and friends pay tribute to Alan Drennan, 21, from County Antrim, who was found dead the day after arriving on the island

Alan Drennan, 21, from Glengormley, near Belfast in County Antrim, was found dead in his hotel room on Sunday after flying to the Mediterranean island the day before with a group of friends.

His brother Lee said: “After 21 years of listening to his voice every day and always having him to go to if I ever needed anything or vice-versa, to be told I’ll never have that again is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through.”

The cause of Drennan’s death was not known, though it was reported that his family was expecting to find out more about the circumstances on Tuesday as they waited for his body to be flown back to Northern Ireland.

The Foreign Office confirmed it was working with Spanish authorities following the death of a British national.

Family and friends paid tribute to him. His brother added on Facebook: “Nothing is promised to no one, appreciate everything in life because you never know when it can be taken from you. I’ve learnt this the hard way as I’ve lost a massive part of my life, my wee bro.”

He said he appreciated everyone’s thoughts and prayers and their respect for his brother. “He was one of a kind and it’s nice to see so many think so highly of him.”

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We can confirm the death of a British national in Ibiza on 19 July. We have been liaising with the Spanish authorities and are providing support to the family at this difficult time.”


Boat Party Restrictions To Be Enforced

Ses Salines Natural Park Will Be Protected

The president of the Consell of Ibiza, Vicent Torres has vowed to punish the party boats that anchor in the Natural Park of Ses Salines in Formentera. “There was already a restrictive regulation in place, especially with boats engaged in excursions in the park,” said Torres. “Sometimes we legislate and the inspection process is at fault.”

The Department of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries has announced that it will also enforce boat party regulations that came into force on May 23rd essentially prohibiting large parties in tourist boats within the protected area of Ses Salines Natural Park. The Minister for the Environment, Vincente Vidal, and the director general of Espais Naturals i Biodiversitat, Caterina Amengual, have met with the deputy for Formentera, Silvia Tur, in order to address the issue.

The area is officially designated as a Site of Community Interest and stretches from Ibiza to Formentera. The Government recently committed to protecting the natural assets ‌‌of the area, particularly the native posidonia (seagrass meadows), including legislation which includes a system of penalties of between 6,000 and 100,000 euros for non-compliant boat party promoters.


Notorious Criminal ‘Niño Sáez’ Arrested in Playa D’en Bossa

The notorious criminal, Francisco Martín Sáez, known as ‘Niño Sáez’ was arrested last week in Ibiza along with five other people for alleged involvement in a gang-based knife fight which began at a beach club in Playa D’en Bossa and then spread out onto the promenade.

The criminal record of ‘Niño Sáez’ is extensive, with over one hundred arrests and about 40 convictions. He is associated with the theft of more than 120 kilos of cocaine in Malaga, and his gang is suspected of being behind some of the biggest robberies in Ibiza.

The six were released with charges while the investigation of the case continues.




Cala Tarida Fatality

A 73 year old French man died this week after snorkelling just off the beach of Cala Tarida.

The emergency services in Cala Tarida received a notice at about two-thirty in the afternoon and quickly moved to the area of the incident. When they arrived, the man had been rescued from the sea was on a boat.

The victim had suffered a cardiac arrest and resuscitation was performed until the arrival of a professional medical team. However, all efforts to save his life were unsuccessful and at 4.30pm he was pronounced dead.

The victim was spending the day at Cala Tarida with his wife, a son and several relatives.


Hippy Entrepreneur Stopped

Since the new council has been elected, the Local Police and the Guardia Civil are really cracking down on illegal vendors throughout the San Antonio area.

Even the not readily accessible rocks at Punta Galera were targeted during an operation, which took place on Sunday at 12.30. A shaded area in the main section of Punta Galera which was dedicated to the sale of mojitos, beers and soft drinks was removed in addition to items in a cave where products such as snuff, drinks, henna mixed with herbs and salts were sold as well as massage services.


Businessman Rejects 27k Shore Contract

The president of the Association of Catering within the PIMEEF umbrella group, Alexis Carini, has declined to work with the producers of the new MTV reality TV program, Ibiza Shore which will be filmed on the island in August and September. Carini, owner of a French catering company, has rejected two proposals from Magnolia TV to provide the catering for 20 people for 45 days. Carini says that while the 27,000 euros offered “is an important figure, it was not good for the island or for my company.” The decision of this entrepreneur has been applauded in social networks.


Food & Drink


Kasbah Nights

Pretty much everyone is aware of the Sunset Strip in San Antonio and rightly so. The popular bars of Café Mambo, Mint, Café del Mar, Savannah and Mambo Sushi on the short promenade are perfect spots to view the nightly performances of the dramatic Ibiza sunset whilst sipping cocktails and having some food. The problem though with places that are popular, is that they tend to get a tad busy. Parking just before the sunset is a nightmare, even with the extra parking spots introduced this season. Getting a table on any of the terraces can also be tricky without a reservation. Then, though all of the bars are super professional, once you’re seated with a prime view there’s always a wait that comes with queuing alongside 100s of other people craving frozen daiquiris.

There is a solution though for those who prefer to avoid the crowds, but still want THAT view of the sunset and THAT daiquiri.

Just a few hundred metres north along the coastline you’ll find the laid back area of Cala des Moro which has exactly the same sunset, albeit from a slightly different angle, and far less hustling and bustling. Head up the wooden steps by the promenade and you’ll then find Kasbah, an Ibiza institution that has been providing fresh quality food and drinks to ‘those in the know’ for the last couple of decades.

Kasbah opens from 11am till late so I can go at any point in the day, but I’ve been harping on about the sunset so much that it’s only right that I take advantage of the elevated terrace and comfy sofas to take a rare moment and watch one of nature’s little miracles unfold. It’s still stifling hot in Ibiza, but I’m on an elevated terrace, so I can let the welcome and consistent breeze waft pleasantly between my legs and get myself a frozen daiquiri while I ponder the extensive menu.

I’ve heard that the paella here is a bit special and manage to convince a diner at another table to go in with me as there is a 2 person minimum whenever paella is cooked from fresh. I also order a couple of the more interesting sounding tapas dishes from the dinner menu and sit back as the sun dips below the horizon in a kaleidoscope of warm colours. The sunset is possibly one of the best I’ve seen in Ibiza at this time of year and maybe that’s because of the viewpoint – in case you’d forgotten, I am on an elevated terrace.

As twilight hits, Kasbah is transformed as mellow lighting is switched on, candles are lit and the water in the bay starts reflecting the fading light from the sunset. Add some balearic beats courtesy of a live DJ and I’m thinking that this is actually pretty romantic as I make a mental note to try and bring an unlucky girl with me next time I visit. They even have a live saxophone player on occasion for extra romance, but I’ve managed to be a day late.

It’s now cooled down significantly from 35c to 34.9c, so time to stop with the frozen drinks and I order one of the mojitos as my tapas arrives. I’ve gone for the Teriyaki Steak Rolls and the Grilled Octopus Brochette. I start on the brochette which consists of skewers of peppers and octopus with a squid ink alioli – the idea of eating octopus isn’t for everyone and squid ink may not sound appealing, but if you’re a fan of calamari in batter then there’s no reason not to give this a try. It’s pretty amazing, soft and moist and packed with flavour and I kind of wished I’d ordered two of these, but then what sort of review would that be? On to the Teriyaki Steak which is basically thin slices of steak wrapped around vegetables with Japan’s favourite sauce drizzled over it. They’re basically spring rolls with steak instead of pastry, and they’re also amazing. The steak is tender, the vegetables crisp and the sauce refreshing without being over-bearing.

I’m now set for the paella, which I share with my neighbour. It’s pretty rare to find fresh paella outside of a dedicated Spanish fish restaurant, so I’m a little apprehensive but my contact wasn’t lying. This is special, up there with any paella I’ve ever eaten and my eating companion seems to agree. I don’t really need to say anymore, you’ll just have to try it for yourself.

It’s at times like this that I wish I was a cow and had more than one stomach, as my eyes keep spotting steaks and fresh fish coming out of the kitchen. I can’t stand the agony of not eating anymore of the wonderful looking food tonight, so go on my merry way thinking of possibly popping in tomorrow daytime. I’ll order a fresh smoothie and will have a crack at the breakfast and lunch menu, but first thing I’ll be looking into is the possibility of getting a trans-species operation done to fit it all in. Why didn’t I think of this years ago? Cow and donkey combo sounds like a winner.



Food & Drink




Business & Resident Association Meeting With CCOO Union to discuss Medical Centre Louts.

Martin Makepeace advised us of plans to talk with the Left Wing CCOO Union in Ibiza Town on Thursday 22nd July to discuss the problems of the San Antonio medical centre being full of ‘drunken brits’. “They have asked us for a formal meeting so will be interesting to see how they approach us. They are a far left/communist Union so will be a good experience.”

The meeting follows the decision not to fund the well received pop-up medical centre that was a feature in the West End of San Antonio in 2014.

  • Ed: I had the misfortune of finding myself in Can Misses accident and emergency unit at 4a.m. a few weeks ago. The problems there were very much the same as in San Antonio, though with a more mixed range of nationalities reflective of the wider mix of tourists in that area. It is not so much a British problem as on of humanity. The staff were extremely patient in the face of very trying circumstances—for sure they deserve better protection from drunks and wastrels whatever their nationality.


West End Noise Pollution Confusion

In the heart of San Antonio things are afoot. There are rumours of new laws in place regarding noise pollution specifically in The West End and that the police have been enforcing these laws. Basically, very few people have any idea of what exactly is happening – including us – so we put on our detective hats and begun investigating. A few little birdies with insider knowledge gave us the low-down as they see it and we’re going to attempt to try to crystallize the murky waters of Spanish law:

It begins with the previously undercover police going back in uniform to increase the obvious police presence in The West End. With uniforms and presence, although sorely needed, comes the lack of surprise. As the police seem to be arresting less people because the criminals can see them coming, they are spending more time on other matters.

One of these matters is the law – which apparently has been in existence since the dawn of tourism, even though it is news to every bar owner we spoke to – that requires all venues holding a ‘café concierto’ license to keep their doors closed while music is playing, so as to avoid noise pollution spilling out into public areas. Once the doors are closed, music can be played at any volume. It has long been accepted that bars need to close their doors at midnight which most do, but this ‘old law’ requires doors to be shut whatever the time of day.

Of course, this being Ibiza not everyone is complying and enforcement is sporadic. There is also some confusion as how this law applies to predominately outdoor venues outside The West End such as Ocean Beach and most of the beach bars. They of course may have a different license, and that will be a whole new investigation to figure out how the law applies to them.

Hope that has shed a little light!


Fire Prevention Measures

The mayor of San Juan, Antonio Marí, and Jose Luis Rodriguez from ‘More Ibiza’ have presented a series of measures to raise awareness on fire prevention. The `Auxilio’ campaign will involve the distribution of 10,000 leaflets and 500 posters with basic tips on how to act to prevent a fire. The material will be distributed at tourist entry points such as the airport, Ibiza port and in information offices and car hire companies.

The mayor stated further that a sum of 50,000 euros will be allocated to fire prevention. A sum of between 30,000 and 35,000 euros will purchase a shredding machine in San Juan which will enable residents to shred off-cuts or weeds, avoiding the burning of stubble.


Burglary Watch

The Guardia Civil are currently investigating a series of robberies in various residencies laying in the triangle formed between Sant Mateu, Sant Llorenc and Santa Gertrudis.

To help out the police, some residents have taken to the social networks and posted an image of a woman who has been “caught in the act”, after being found inside various houses before fleeing the scene in a metallic grey car.

It is thought to be likely that the woman is investigating whether the houses are empty before her accomplices follow her in to steal belongings. She often says she is a neighbour or makes other excuses before fleeing the scene.


Even More … Phew, What A Scorchio!

Ibiza and Formentera are once again on yellow alert for high temperatures, with highs of up to 34 degrees, according to the predictions of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

For Spain in general, the temperature has been falling in much of the peninsular, Balearic and Canary Islands following the end of the heat wave that has swept the country in recent weeks, and only 18 provinces are currently on alert.

Concerns are that if the heat doesn’t dissipate soon with the arrival of storms, August will be particularly unpleasant for those on the island.




ITV Waiting Reduced

The Consell de Ibiza has launched an emergency plan to try and end the backlog for drivers needing a Vehicle Inspection (ITV). The plan will start immediately and involves the recruitment of seven mechanical engineers and four administrative assistants.

With these new additions, the service should be almost doubled in efficiency with four lines of service in the morning and four lines afternoon as opposed to the current two lines of cars.

“The current situation is unsustainable, and it was necessary to take urgent measures to provide a quality service to the citizens of Ibiza,” said the president of the Consell de Ibiza, Vicent Torres.

  • Ed: A regular reader who for some odd reason insisted on remaining anonymous (probably as he is way to cool for such a dull subject) called to remind us that whilst the ITV centre may have long waits, it is invariably the case that local garages can get cars in quickly. So if stuck it might be worth considering the advantages of supporting your local garage.


Third Turtle Victim Washes Up On Shore

The waters and the coast of the Balearic Islands have already claimed the lives of three loggerhead turtles this summer. The last victim washed up this week on the beach of Migjorn, Formentera.

“The condition of the body was very bad, it was in an advanced state of decomposition, so samples could not be extracted. It could have been dead for five or six weeks, although it is difficult to know because the heat may advance decomposition, “said Gloria Fernandez, Palma Aquarium and COFIB spokesman. The leading cause of death of these turtles is caused by the ingestion of hooks related to fishing gear, but they can also be killed by plastics or hit by ships.


Granite Wedges Create Problems

The Port Authority (APB) has begun work to highlight the granite wedges on the pavement in the Ibiza Town Port area with yellow paint, having recorded several complaints from pedestrians and cyclists who have tripped over them. In a stroke of genius, the wedges were made of the same material and are the same color as the rest of the walkway and are therefore going unnoticed during the day. There have already been a number of cases of injuries requiring an ambulance.

APB pledged on July 1, after meeting with the mayor of Ibiza, Rafa Ruiz, to solve this and other problems resulting from the construction of the port.


Car Chase In Salines

A man and a woman have been arrested this week after a car chase in the area of Ses Salines. The incident took place last Saturday at about 9pm, when officers received notice of several thefts from cars parked in the area.

The chase involved a Guardia Civil car, another vehicle with plain clothed officers and a red Audi A4. The officers were able to intercept the car on Gamba Roja, after a drawn out pursuit.

When stopped, the woman tried to discard a small package containing cocaine which prompted the officers to search the vehicle. They found packages weighing 70.59 grams, 52.21 grams and 40.08 grams, respectively, a total of 160 grams of cocaine.


Winter Flights to be Subsidized Again?

The president of the Ibiza Town Council and Head of Tourism, Vicent Torres, has said that they are considering the notion for different PIMEEF entrepreneurs to subsidize airlines in exchange for tax credits in order to increase available flights in winter. “We appreciate the willingness of people to collaborate, but we have to study the idea further, because agreements with the airlines are heavily regulated by the National Competition Commission, “said Torres. ”In principle we will be guided by what tourism dictates; we have a fantastic product, a wonderful island, but it also needs to be attractive in winter,” concluded Torres.


Water Leak Shocker

The water supply in Sant Josep is in a “dramatic situation,” stated Water, Cleaning and Public Works Councilman, Angel Luis Guerrero.

According to Guerrero, the drought is not allowing the wells to recover and therefore increasingly withdrawals are deeper and the water coming into homes is of lower quality.

Also, the water network has “terrible” problems. “We have an old network that leaks all over the place. There are areas where the network performance is 18%, “said the councilman. Which means that for every 100 litres that are sent to the network 82 litres are lost due to leaks.

When asked when the improvements will begin in the municipal network, Guerrero said he just arrived at City Hall, but that investments will be made as soon as possible.


Sheikh ya Boaty

Every summer, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd Al Saud, the last son of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, visits Ibiza in his ridiculously over the top yacht, the “Prince Abdulaziz”, the sixth largest yacht in the world.

The yacht – which even has its own missile system – recently moored up in S’Argamassa with a retinue of between 150 and 200 people.

The Prince is renowned for his generosity and regularly leaves extravagant tips in his wake. He once tipped a restaurant 80,000 euros, but is not welcomed by all sections of Ibiza

The yacht is big and has massive anchors which cause real damage to the posidonia beds. Many ecologically minded locals would rather see the back of him, although we doubt if this includes Ibiza’s camereros.


Ibiza Walking Holiday

Ibiza Walking Holiday: From Siesta To Perfect Solitude

There’s so much more to this island than its nightlife, as Mark Rowe  from The Independent discovers on a new hiking trail

Mark Rowe

I’m not much good at lying, so I won’t pretend that I’ve spent the past 20 years waiting for the opportunity to hike around Ibiza. Like most of us, I guess, I’ve never really looked beyond its stereotype as the rave capital of the world, and somewhere where people disembark from their aircraft, spend a week on the beach and then head home.

So, the announcement of new walking routes across the island, along with maps and signposts to help you on your way, caught my eye, even if it sounded rather like an artist attempting to set up their easel in the fast lane of a motorway.

It’s along the highway from the airport to my first destination, the town of Santa Eulalia, that I begin my education in the other Ibiza. “Is the old Ibiza still here?” I ask Gil, my taxi driver. “Of course!” he booms. “Around the coast you have some development but inland, 60 per cent of the island is still very traditional. You’ll see, it’s wonderful – hills, valleys ….” We drive past a village called Siesta, and already I sense an island dancing to a slower beat.

Within four hours of landing, I have my boots on. My path initially follows the languid Santa Eulalia river – the only river in all the Balearics – through the edge of town. It is idyllic: there is a medieval bridge; sedge banks up against glistening honey-coloured embankments; reeds, six metres high, sway in the wind; there are willow warblers and kingfishers. In the first of many such contrasts, I pass below a hotel complex made from the same mottled yellow stone. I decide it looks nicer and softer when left in the ground.

I pass the beach of Calo de S’Alga, where the rocks and coastline are smothered in what looks like desiccated coconut. In fact it’s a Mediterranean underwater plant, Posidonia oceanica, that washes up in vast banks along Ibizan shores. Commonly known as Neptune’s grass, it’s springy enough to sleep on and I suspect has provided a soft landing for many a survivor of a long night of clubbing. Out to sea I pick out yachts and kayaks, then the path rises, and I’m hiking through undulating pine forests high above the town. I drop down by a dry river bed and enter a tunnel to reach the bay of Cala Banca, a hidden cove where I linger for an hour. No one comes.

The walks prove to be thoughtfully planned and easy to follow. Most involve some climbing, but since no hill on the island is higher then 475m, there is never too much exertion. If I see a hill ahead, I’m usually up and over it within an hour or two, passing intensely yellow gorse, a cocktail of lavender and pine bark scents.

One day I follow a trail from Santa Eulalia to the northern village of Sant Joan, 12 miles away, through rural farmsteads, orange, olive, and carob groves. Everything seems permanently ripe for the picking. The journey introduces me to a distinct and proud island culture, of which I had been entirely ignorant. The language, Ibicenco, is a dialect of Catalan and is spoken to a staccato beat markedly different from the fluidity of Castilian Spanish. “Spanish speakers cannot understand a word of it,” Gil had told me proudly.

Low, drystone walls of warm sandstone are colonised with poppies, and other wild flowers. One smallholding consists of a geometrically precise polygon of sandstone walls with fruit trees planted in hexagonal patterns. I’m not sure what I thought Ibiza might remind me of before I visited, but I’m sure it wasn’t this vision of the Cotswolds.

The climb up the rough Serra de Sant Vincent range of hills is steady and never too steep. Green Ibiza wall lizards scatter and scuttle ahead of me. At the ridgeline, I pause among the drooping pine needles and look back down into the valley through which I have just walked, and the hills that run away to the south. Birdsong is everywhere but even they must pause for breath, and when they do it seems to be in harmony and I am left in absolute silence. It’s a lovely spot.

The forest track drops down then rises up a gorgeous, apparently unnamed valley. It is sprinkled with remote houses and farmsteads. This was once a redoubt for the hippies who migrated to Ibiza in the 1960s, drawn by its claimed ley-line associations with Goa and Bali. Perhaps they and their descendants are still here, though I suspect these houses now amount to prime real estate.

My bed for the night in Sant Joan is the exquisitely converted farmhouse Can Fuster, or the House of the Carpenter. Around 150 years old, and owned by Vicente, who named it in honour of his grandfather’s trade, Can Fuster is part of an agroturismo initiative to promote the rural side of the island whereby farmers are encouraged to diversify into tourism.

“We have olives, almonds, oranges,” says Vicente. “You used to make money from the fruits but not now – a sack of almonds will fetch just five cents.” There’s a pool, a portico overhung with fruit trees, and a shaded garden. It’s a perfect coda to the day.

My final walk takes me from Sant Joan north to the coast and a series of delectable bays and lonely tracks, to the tiny resort of Sant Miquel. In places, nature has carved out squared-off, lido-like bathing areas. There’s a brief, nerve-shredding walk above a 150-metre gully before I pick up a long, snaking track that seems to cut forever along the roof of Ibiza.

Eventually, I descend to a magical bay called Caló de s’Illa, a rocky plateau, pockmarked with craters caused by eroding salt. It looks like the surface of Mars: in turn rusty red, grey, lime green. It’s as lovely a bay as I’ve seen anywhere in Europe and, reached as it is through a small wood and down a slippery path, it feels a long way from anywhere.

Journey’s end is Can Maries, a small, modern hotel built by owner José overlooking the bay. It stands within the grounds of a farm that has been in his family for 600 years. I have to double check: 600 years? Incredibly, yes.

On my last morning, still trying to get my head around the contrast that Ibiza’s hinterland provides, I grab a coffee by the beach at Sant Miquel with Toby Clarke, who runs Walking Ibiza, a local company. Toby, born here to British parents, nods as I outline how my ignorance about Ibiza has been transformed.

“I feel blessed to live here,” he says. “There are certain parts of the island where you can walk and not see a house. There are so many beautiful little places. People say Ibiza is ruined, but it is absolutely not. It’s a question of trust. If you trust in Ibiza, it gives you that trust back.”


Getting there

British Airways (0870 850 9850);


has year-round flights from London City and Gatwick to Ibiza. Other airlines offering seasonal services from the UK include Monarch (0871 940504)


EasyJet (0843 1045000);


Ryanair (0871 2460000)


Thomas Cook (0871 2302406);


Thomson (0871 231478)


Jet2 (0906 3020660)


and Norwegian (0843 378 0888)


Walking there

Inntravel (01653 617000)


offers a self-guided week of walking, discovering Ibiza’s Hidden Charms, from £795pp, including seven nights’ B&B in three hotels, three dinners, two picnics, route maps and notes, and transport of luggage between hotels. Flights and airport transfers are extra.


At Night


Children of the 80s


Claire B

Last Sunday saw another four acts perform their hits down at the Hard Rock Hotel for their Children of the 80s night. Italian singer Ivana Spagna of ‘Call Me’ fame was first onstage, and is usual at this night, everyone at the front of the stage sang along with her. Next was UK singer and 80s teen idol Paul Young, who demonstrated that he hadn’t lost his amazing voice and belted out 4 of his hits in true professional style – he probably should have been given longer as he had plenty more to offer. Then it was Whigfiield’s turn to entertain us, and she did, as she danced across the stage in her little silver dress, flanked for the latter numbers by the Hard Rock dancers. When she sang hit ’Saturday Night’, several people near me broke out into a spontaneous synchronised dance routine and people turned away from the stage to watch in awe at the spectacle. Topping the bill was Frankie Goes to Hollywood singer Holly Johnson, who is still performing in his own right. Starting with solo hit ‘Americanos’ he upped the pace with Frankie’s ‘Relax’ and ‘Two Tribes’ and danced around the stage, fan in hand. Then he slowed it all down to end on ‘The Power of Love’, saying “it’s not just for Christmas, it’s for life”, and had huge swathes of the audience singing along and waving their arms in the air in time to the music (including the 3 Dream Team DJs who were at the side of the stage). It was an emotional scene. The confetti cannons dispersed their streamers over the crowd and the CO2 jets were launched as Holly left the stage, signalling the end of another night of classic performances at Children of the 80s. It has quickly become a good Sunday night out and something a bit different in the Ibiza party calendar.


At Night


The Zoo Project

Nicole Torres

Saturday afternoon we went to The Zoo Project at Benimussa Park at Gala Night. As we were on the guest list (thanks!), we didn’t have to queue! Everyone gets searched on their way in, so be warned, don’t try and enter drinks or drugs, it will be a waste of your money! We opened our handbags and emptied our pockets, and in we went.

My friends had never been and were amazed with the place: the great decorations – I love the coloured umbrellas hanging above the dancers –, the swimming pools, the sitting areas between the gardens, stalls, the food – after dancing for 4 or 5 hours, you will appreciate being able to get something to eat –, and the fact that we kept getting lost trying to find places because it is so big! In the end we are pretty sure we investigated every corner!

My friends live up north of the island, so they aren’t familiar with the body-painting that we are so used to in San An, which was another nice surprise for them as most people that go to the Zoo Project will dress up and/or get painted! We all ended up full of glitter anyway.

The line-up for Saturday was Dense & Pica, Molly, Evan Baggs, Samuel Deep, Funk E, Michael James, Karina, Adeline, and Frank Storm. I have to admit I’m not to sure who was DJing when and where, but I seemed to follow the ladies around without realising – great job girls! I did get to listen to some of the guys as well, but it didn’t really matter: the music was great the whole time and we didn’t stop dancing until we left just before midnight!

The shows put on by the dancers were fun and amazing integrating classical ballet with capoeira. I particularly loved this girl who just appeared close to me on the dance-floor with two parrots on her shoulders, dressed in blue-black feathers. There was a male dancer dressed as an explorer who started eating a banana – the symbol of the Zoo Project – and was very funny to see.

One of my friends has decided he wants to go back every Saturday, he had never played supernindendo at a club! (You will find this in the Living Room)

If you haven’t been to this party, you don’t know what you are missing!

The Zoo Project is on every Saturday from 4.30pm to midnight at the Benimussa Park not far from San Antonio. If you are on holiday, there are special busses that leave the San Antonio bus station and drop you off at the door.

Get your body paint on and dance all evening!



At Night


Catfish & The Bottlemen

Ibiza Rocks

Claire B

Last week Catfish & The Bottlemen returned to the Ibiza Rocks stage to headline, after supporting Jake Bugg at the venue last July. Since then, they’ve released their first album ‘The Balcony’ and consistently toured, selling out increasingly larger venues and wowing festival audiences in the UK and abroad.

Support was from The Bulletproof Bomb who were hot from playing the first of the Monday Rocks gigs at The Ibiza Rocks Bar a few days earlier. And they were on fire and full of youthful energy as they belted out their indie rock/pop numbers to an appreciative crowd as the venue filled up. The London boys looked like they were on holiday in their shorts and football shirts/T shirts and were clearly enjoying every moment of being onstage. Several of them were spotted going into the crowd afterwards to catch The Bottlemen – reminiscent of small gigs in the 70s and 80s when the support band would often be seen joining the audience afterwards.

When Catfish & The Bottlemen came onstage a mosh pit quickly formed in front of them and beer was being thrown around – a sign that the rock kids were in the venue. The Bottlemen have clearly got used to playing to larger audiences and big festival crowds and hold their own on the stage. What you get is no pretension or bullshit – just four guys on stage playing and singing their hearts out and noticeably enjoying what they’re doing. Singer Van McCann has become a confident and engaging frontman as he belts out the words to their catchy garage rock tunes and struts around the stage with his guitar when he’s not singing. And there’s no tourist attire for them – black skinny jeans are the uniform of choice, despite the raging Ibizan heat. Before they left the stage, Van said “We were Catfish and The Bottlemen – see you next year”. Their return to Ibiza Rocks was even more special than their debut last year (which was great) and everyone (band and crowd) left happy after a top experience. After the rappers the previous week, the guitar bands reclaimed the stage at Ibiza Rocks and it a great night was had by all.


At Night




Keep your passport safe!

Advice from The British Embassy

With tens of thousands of British residents living in Spain, and millions of UK visitors heading for Spanish holiday resorts and beaches this summer, the Foreign Office has launched a video campaign to help Britons avoid the threat of passport thieves.

Out of the 15 million British tourists who came to Spain last year, more than 3000 reported their passports stolen and almost 1800 reported their passport lost.

Worldwide, more than 20,000 British passports were either lost or stolen in 2014-15.

To make people more aware of the risks, stealth crime expert and ‘Man of Steal’ James Freedman has worked with the Foreign Office to create a series of videos that show the techniques used by passport thieves, and offer advice on how to avoid becoming a victim. You can watch them on the Foreign Office YouTube channel at:



James Freedman says:

“Pickpockets and thieves constantly evolve their techniques and tactics. These videos show just a handful of ways that a pickpocket might attempt to steal from you, so remember some basic advice to stay safe.”

“If you don’t need to take your passport with you, leave it in your hotel safe instead. Only carry what you need and keep valuables in a secure pocket. If you have a bag or case, never let it out of your sight. Be more alert in crowds and wary of anyone getting too close. Finally, try not to advertise the location of prized possessions by patting your pockets or bags.”

British nationals in Spain tell of a range of hustle techniques used against them, including:

– A bunch of children surrounding you and patting you whilst begging for money. After they leave you discover they have also picked your pockets and bag.

– Being followed onto a crowd by two apparent ‘nuns’, who then pickpocket your wallet.

– Having a bag stolen from your car while leaving it momentarily unlocked to go to a rubbish bin, even though you are only a few feet away.

– Being asked to help get something from a top shelf whilst your pocket is then picked.

– Being pricked with a sharp object that is enough to draw blood, and in the confusion your bag disappears.


Dealing with a lost or stolen passport can be expensive and time-consuming. The victim may need to report the theft to the police, and spend time and money at the local British Consulate getting an emergency travel document.

The British Embassy offers five top tips for keeping your passport safe:

  1. If you need to carry your passport, ensure it is well concealed.
  2. Never take your eye off a bag or case, even for a moment.
  3. Be alert in crowds and wary of anyone getting too close or seeking to distract you.
  4. When driving, keep your valuables secure and out of sight – and be aware of thieves using distraction techniques either on the road or when you park.
  5. Avoid advertising the location of your passport and valuable possessions by patting your pockets or bags.

It is also a good idea to leave a photocopy of your passport with friends or family, or store an electronic copy securely.

If your passport is lost or stolen, you can report it to the Spanish police by calling +34 902 102 112 (a

multilingual service). If you need to travel urgently, you can apply for an emergency travel document at the nearest British Consulate (visit


or call + 34 917 146 300).


AMAE Collective Exhibition

Nicole Torres

Last Friday was the inauguration of the third annual collective exhibition that the AMAE group of artists have done at the Palacio de Congresos in Santa Eulalia. There was a great turnout and people enjoyed talking to the artists about the works they were exposing. There was even an opera singer who delighted us with a couple of songs!

All three rooms’ walls are filled with paintings by different artists and in the middle there are sculp

tures. Do not think this exhibition to be one of uniformity, these artists belong to the same association, are friends, and organize joint exhibitions, but each has a unique style and view of art which is different from the rest. You will find images of Ibiza that go from the representation of typical Ibizan life to the most abstract visions about the island. Others look for inspiration elsewhere, either inside themselves or to far away places around the world. Of course, the materials they use suffer from the same divergence: water colours, oils, painted tiles, terracotta, wood, plaster, etc.

This is exhibition is a great way to see that Ibiza and its people aren’t all about beaches and partying, that there is a big and varied artistic culture on the island. If you didn’t have the chance to go to the inauguration, you can go for free until July 28th from 7 to 9.30pm, except for Sunday when the opening hours are noon to 2pm.

Follow them on Facebook to find out about other events and exhibitions





Are We Not Nervo?

Self assured sassy, perky princesses of pop, yawn, etc. It is a shame and you would imagine for them a bore, to have to look at the sisters Liv and Mim in the eyes of a P.R. machine cliché, but then again they seem to be doing pretty well on it.

“From songwriters to artists and super-fans to superstars, electronic dance music’s first sisters – Mim and Liv Nervo of NERVO – have catapulted onto the international stage, straight from the pit in front of it. multi-talented DJ dynamos are the all-time top-ranking female DJs in the world, voted by their millions of fans to No. 21 on DJ Magazine’s influential 2014 ‘Top 100 DJs’ poll.” – well that is how the blurb went and to be honest it is tough to bother reading beyond such hyper-hyperbole, but fighting through the flannel leads you to a realisation there is something a bit more substantial than two hot sisters with a bottle of peroxide.

In 2009 they co-wrote and produced the global hit ‘When Love Takes Over’ – for David Guetta (whom they are supporting in Ibiza at Ushuaia this year) and Kelly Rowland.

Then read a bit more and the collaboration list gets more like a CBS Executive’s address book. Kesha, Kylie Minogue and Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Avicii, and in the office we are playing an hour long Nervo mix by the Swedish House Mafia.

You have to say that such creative credibility does not automatically jump out of the screen when watching their latest video. Now I’m not being all precious about what is and is not valid music, as far as I am concerned if it makes you dance it’s music, just that, well it all seems to bright and breezy for people that would be burying themselves cut off from the world in recording studios or undertaking gruelling worldwide festival tours.

Whatever else we may expect coming through the door of Ushuaia’s in house recording studio, one thing does come over as a banker from our trawl through their social media and office soundtrack you-tubing—they are gonna be bright, perky, positive people—and so who cares if it fits a cliche , if you think about it that is a pretty cool list of personality traits.

But it isn’t them through the door first. First comes management “sorry guys we can only give you 5 minutes maximum, the girls have to get back, that’s absolute maximum ok”.

Quite rude really when it is the same management who invite you over for the interview, the same management that sent us an invite saying we would “be hosted to complimentary cocktails and suckling on unicorn teats”, which turned into buy your own beer at 12€ a stubby—but you get used to it—let’s see how long we last.

Enter Liv and Mim. Both extending drinks towards us, “Hi you guys,“ says one, “we hear you didn’t get free drinks you were promised ?”

OK bit embarrassing and we now feel a bit like freeloading blaggers and my complaining and waving emails in front of apologetic but blameless Ushuaia staff has got through to the girls. But bless them for bringing us drinks. By then we had raided the studio fridge anyway (never leave a reporter near an unguarded alcohol supply) but still a great thought anyway.

Management had started a metaphorical stop watch so we’d better crack on.


N: Top female DJ’s question, brilliant and well done on getting to number 21 in the DJ magazine poll, but why is that the highest a woman has ever reached?

M: Its harder for women, well it definitely used to be. The industry is grimy, dark nightclub till 5a.m., it is not a glamorous job, or at least it was less glamorous when we got into it. We try and make it a bit glamorous because we have to, because we’re girls and we don’t want to be like dirty and sweaty the whole time, we need to try and look good. So that’s what we do..

N: Your last video was a little bit dirty and sweaty though

M: It was a little bit dirty and sweaty but we need to balance it, you know so we have always looked up to female producers and artists like… 

L: Maya Jane Coles,

M: Maya Jane Coles is the shit to be fair, she’s a pioneer in our world

L: And Annie Mac is such a legitimate taste maker, 

M: we used to see her when we lived in Australia; we used to sneak out in clubs when we were 16 to see her. Also, Miss Kitten – adore.

L: Yep

N: there is a real feel of 70’s east coast American punk in the singles at least, any Debbie Harry or Patti Smith in there?

M: No we missed that, I respect now we’re older but we are different generation. So we do get some people compare us to Blonde and we hate it.

L: Sonique, that’s a female singer DJ in the dance world certainly,

M:  and Ultra Nate , ahhh yeah!

L: she was a strong female that we always looked up to and so we never though it was odd being females. But definitely I know what you mean in the landscape.

N: Your bio describes you as ‘dance pop’, but in our name that genre in the office you got a universal edm, is there a reason you don’t put yourself in the EDM category?

L: I’m fine with the EDM word

M: because it means energy and to our fans we want to see all that energy and we want to see people going crazy from start to finish.

L: We call it big room.


N: you don’t think it is a bit too moody, the description?

M: Not at all, I think at the beginning it had quite a lot of negative connotations but I think now everybody’s just accepted it.

L: the masses have taken it on I think.

M: because we’ve been living in London for so long its dance music, America called it EDM and the world took it on and we embrace that. Being in Britain for the last 10 years its dance music, you know there are so many genres of dance music.


Management has relaxed a little, they usually do, but conscious of time I get to the important stuff.

N: I have brought for you, your very own Hunk-o-matic.

The hunk-o-matic machine features heavily in Nervo’s latest video. My version is a pile of photos of various styles of hunk for the girls to objectify to their heart’s content.


M: Oh my god I’m going to love this. I love that, I’m actually going to love this.

N: It’s a game of rate that hunk – but as I’m not well suited to selecting hunks I let google do the work and this is what it popped out.  Most of them are of a type, all a bit musclebound.

M: Muscles are overrated..

And there we have it, management settle down, and we have 10 minutes of what I think they genuinely found a bit of fun.  I think I knew the winner before we started. I mean come on, he’s hunk enough to make a mid western Christian homo-phobic gun nut consider whether man love could be the way forward.

Catch Nervo early doors for David Guetta’s Monday shows, or at pretty well every festival going it seems, or content yourself with their latest video ‘Hey Ricky’ and give our hunks your own scores.





Hunks n Hounds

L: Yes

M: No,weird

Hairy Hunk

L: No, I love body hair but that is just a bit un-toned

M: No, what’s going on with his groin, I think there is hair coming out of his jocks, but like in the middle of his jocks. Not hair on top but lots going on elsewhere.

M: you are the first interview that has ever done this, EVER.

Blow up hunk

L: No

M: Never in my wildest dreams, you can’t even put hunk with that name.

L: he looks starved of water

N: mmm (in agreement) there is something wrong isn’t there, he looks like he is going to explode at any moment.

L: guys have they got it so wrong haven’t they.

Hunk in the Hood

L: No, not me at all. That’s actually no with a 10’ pole

M: Oh my god, it s lean, mean, it’s a machine

Gaydom Hunk

L: Nooo

M: Noooo, I need more hair

Smell the fart hunk

L and Mim: in unison Nooo

M: I like that you labelled him smell the fart. I

L: I don’t like a guy who can pout like that.

Hunky Christmas

L: Still No, we’re difficult, maybe for a fun date

M: No, Too much fake tan.

Hunk of the 90’s

M: Yes

L: Yes

N: he’s a bad boy isn’t he?

When deciding the name it was decided he was so 90’s

M: maybe that’s why we like him.

Moody hunk

L: Nope.

M: No, way no. too many muscles and too trimmed.

Team Hunk

L: No, absolutely no fricking way

M: No, maybe, its positive in other ways (both laugh out loud)

Wholesome hunk

M: You see he looks more normal.

L: I cant get past those shorts, but he does look a bit more normal. Geek chic..

M: I don’t like his pants but he is a little bit normal which I like, so no pants and normal

R: OK so remove the pants (girls laugh)

Happy hunk

L: No, I like his smile though, actually yes he looks like good fun

M: No, his smile is good. I like his happiness

To the left hunk

L: No way

N: hang on no, don’t be so quick, did you notice the ..

L: No

M: No, I’m out

Well Hunk

L: Hell Yes, that’s ridic.

M: Hot, yes, that’s ridic. Thank you.

R we were going to go for bad boy hunk, but weren’t sure

M: no that’s rude boy, “sings come on rude boy boy boy boy would you give it up”´. Ok that’s really hot.




White Island Chic

Amanda O’Riordan

When it comes to Ibiza fashion, I like to think it falls under two categories: Summer fashion, and night time fashion. There is definitely a difference between the two –Summer fashion follows the current trends, whether it’s a certain print, cut, colour or theme, but evening wear is something else. It’s unique, it has attitude, and it boasts a certain vibe that only the Balearic Island can radiate.

From the minute you touch down on the white sands of Ibiza, it’s time to embrace the heat and join a nation of super stylish party people. True Ibiza style is a combination of boho babe, vintage queen and trend setter, therefore there are numerous looks and styles to embrace if jetting off to the party capital this Summer. Take a look at the round- up below, highlighting the key picks which will transform you into that Boho  babe or San Antonio starlet in no time…

  • The Cut-off Trend

Cut offs are the cool accompanying item to the crop top or slogan tee, and as Ibiza is all about revealing those tanned legs, a good pair of pale denim cut off shorts are an essential for Ibiza 2015. For events which start in the bright sunlight but end in the early hours of the night, such as Eden or Ushuaia, a decent pair of cut offs can take you through a long day of partying looking super stylish throughout. These will look great with heels, flats, crop tops, tee’s, bikinis, and just about any colour.

  • All White On The Night

A colour most people run away from in the UK, but when worn underneath the baking hot Ibiza sun and draped over tanned skin, there’s nothing more fresh looking. A white Grecian style floaty kaftan or loose fitting dress is key for those lazy days hunting around the Ibiza markets, watching the sunset at Café Mambo, or partying the day away at Ocean Beach. See Coco Riko Ibiza.


It’s all about the longer length dresses worn with bare feet or flat sandals for relaxed Ibiza style. Printed maxi dresses hide a multitude of sins.

  • Fringe frenzy

Fringed waistcoats, dresses, kimonos and vest tops add a touch of bohemia to any summer look. If you aren’t a huge fan of fringing details swinging in the wind, then opting for an accessory option such as a fringed bag can be the way to go with this trend. The below style in light grey from H&M is roomy enough to pop your beach essentials in, yet trendy enough to set off any outfit.

  • Playsuit Princess

Whilst Ibiza style is glamorous, it’s more hippy honey than pristine princess. For your Ibiza trip this summer, it’s best to swap your mini dresses for a killer printed playsuit. An on-trend Aztec print playsuit are your best bet for SS’15, giving a laid-back and versatile vibe. Playsuits can be accessorised with wedge sandals and a clutch bag for those heavy clubbing nights, or teamed with beaded flats for beach parties, music events or chilled sunset drinks.

Best designer on the island? Jaydee Tucker at Kurru Kurru.

I have just bought a beautiful jumpsuit from her and she has to be one of the best designers on the island.

Botafoch Marina is your port of call. Maybe sneak in a cocktail and crafty lunch while shopping and bring on that sizzling fashionable summer 2015.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog http://amandazipsitup.com/



I Wanna Be A Hippie …

Sophia V.

This month’s Grazia shows that hippie fashion has returned, and is back on the high-street. So for those of you that still have years-old clobber stuffed somewhere deep in your wardrobe, you’re safe to get it back out, to look fabulous. Or perhaps someone older in your family has something to lend, which the types of clothing will no doubt be seen on the likes of the celebrities that grace the glossy pages, and TV screens.

First up are flares. Wow. I remember actually wearing black flares when I was younger and even jean flares. The good thing about flares is that they can look cool teamed with a summery crop-top, and perhaps a floaty hat. Although, the people of Ibiza would have to wait until later in season when the days are much cooler, as Ibiza is absolutely scorching at the moment.

Second is suede clothing, whether it’s tops or jackets. Colours tend to range from dark greens, to browns and mustard yellow’s.

Gladiator sandals are back in, and the higher up the leg, the better. Gladiator sandals can add a bit of a sexy edge to any outfit, especially with a loose white summer dress, for example.

Tie-up sleeveless shirts. These are perfect for an evening, and can be worn with a long skirt, or even shorts. These shirts come in several colours, and materials, the best being denim.

Fringed handbags. These bags are usually suede, or leather, and come in all shapes and sizes.

Fringed skirts and dresses. Maxi dresses and long skirts can come in fringed styles.

Thick rimmed glasses. Not so geeky anymore, and the stars are loving them.

Frilly frocks. Frilly dresses can look stunning, especially on the hot summer days. They can also be worn of an evening, complete with bangles and other accessories to glam it up a little.

Flowery headbands. I think these look pretty if you’re going for the laid-back hippie-look.

Floral print. Anything floral, whether it is dresses, tops, skirts, etc. can look good.

Peace logos. These can be found on necklaces, on clothing, on handbags, and certainly represent the peace-free-loving 60’s.

Head turbans/bandanas. If it’s good enough for Eva Mendes, it’s good enough for all. There are some stunning turbans online of a variety of different styles. And they are perfect to protect your locks from sun damage.

Hand crafted jewellery. Now would be a good time to browse all of the hippie-markets, and stock up on bangles, necklaces, and earrings. And the more worn, the better.

Hippie fashion tends to look effortlessly cool, like you’ve just thrown your outfit together, which isn’t a bad thing really, as you don’t need to fret about matching everything perfectly, and planning your outfit to perfection. And, guess what, you’ll fit right in for the Flower Power parties! And the likes of Coachella and other music festivals!

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Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Well, having just got up from the floor after the shock of


team winning the First Test against Australia, I’m gonna slump back down there as, let’s face it, we should all have known better and as I said last week, the Aussies aren’t the No 1 Test team in the world for nuthin and they WILL come back! Sure enough, Michael Clarke’s boys came roaring back at Lords in the Second Test, to absolutely humiliate the Red Rose by winning with not only a day to spare but by 400+ runs, a record apparently in the Ashes Series. Facing a mammoth task to save the match mid-afternoon on Sunday, I must admit, I did think that England may just be able to bat out the one and a quarter days remaining but to be bowled out for a pathetic 103 in 37 overs is incredible. Still, being the eternal optimist, and as a number of pundits have said, it’s only 1-1 so all is not lost, yet! Changes to the England batting line-up need to be made, with adios to Yorkshire’s Lyth, to be replaced by Taylor, Root needs to go up to 3, bring in Bairstow at 5, put Ali at 6, and hey, presto we’re there!

But then what do I know? What I do know however is that changes have to be made against a now ebullient and cock-a-hoop Aussie team, otherwise it’s going to be down and out at Edgbaston next week, so let’s hope the England selectors, including new coach Trevor Bayliss, earn their keep and come up with the goods. Also on the Cricket menu this week is the start of the Women’s Ashes, so let’s also hope that Charlotte Edwards’ team can make a better fist of it than their male counterparts!


At least some good, nay, glorious news for our Great Britain team at the Davis Cup o’er the w/end, as Andy Murray, with bro Jamie, took a strong France team starring Tsonga, Simon and Gasquet, to the cleaners in the Quarter Final at Queens, London. Having been 1-0 down in the 5 match rubber, Andy went on to not only beat Tsonga to draw level but then joined Jamie in a winning Doubles team to go 2-1 up and then, to cap it all, he went on to beat Gilles Simon 3 sets to 1 to win the tie for GB and a home semi-final tie against Australia, 3-2 winners over Kazakhstan, in September and the first time GB have reached a DC Semi since 1981. Andy’s record in the Davis Cup is now becoming awesome as the win over Simon was his 23rd from the last 25 matches and let’s hope he can stay fit to steer GB in to the Final, against either Belgium or Argentina. Hats off to team Captain Leon Smith too as he has performed miracles with the team since he took over in 2010 when GB were playing in the backwaters of the Euro/Africa Zone relegation play-offs and with all the Cup big boys of Spain, USA, Serbia and Switzerland falling by the wayside, GB will never have a better chance of winning this prestigious Cup. More good news for us Brits came in


as Chris Froome continues to lead the way in the Tour de France, with his lead now 3 min 10 secs over 2nd placed Quintana and 3.32 over 3rd placed van Garderen after 15 of the 20 stages. Great news too for Welshman Geraint Thomas as he’s certainly making a fist of it lying 6th overall.

However, the French cycling authorities and TdF organizers are going to have to do something serious with the French roadside fans as not only was Froome hit in the face with a bag of p**, as a French supporter accused him of doping, but others were having a go with expletives at other non-French cyclists as they went past. Anyway, keep it up, Froome and look forward to that final sprint up the Champs-Elysees on Sunday for, hopefully, his second title in 3 years.


and what shenanigans are going down at the Open at St Andrews! I mean, at the end of the delayed 3rd round, what´s this, an amateur sharing the lead on 12 under! Absolutely, as Ireland’s 22-year old Chris Dunne scored 69, 66 and another 66 yesterday to be right up there with South Africa’s Louis Oosthuizen and Aussie Jason Day with a round to go. If he would have been successful, Dunne would have been the first amateur to win the Open and claim the Claret Jug since Bobby Jones in 1930. Going into the final day it was so tight as 25 players were all within 5 shots, including Jordan Spieth, who looked ominous as he was only a shot behind and not only aiming to create history and win his 3rd consecutive Major but a win would usurp Rory McIlroy and make him World No. 1. Never fear though as Rory is still number 1 as Speith and Jason Day narrowly missed out on play off contested between Zach Johnson, Louis Oosthuizen and Marc Leishman. After four holes, Zach Johnson managed to hold his nerve and gain the Claret jug.

Rugby League

As you were in Super League as the top 3 all won, with leaders Leeds putting 70 points over Salford, St Helens beating Warrington 20-14 and Wigan, only 2 points off the top, beating Widnes 20-10.

Rugby Union

As I know there are lots of Aussies, Kiwis, South Africans and Argentinians over here on holiday (are there?) thought I would just update you guys, as the Rugby Southern Hemisphere Championship gets under way, pre-World Cup, and there were wins for New Zealand over Argentina, and, a bit of a surprise, Australia over South Africa, just, 24-20.


Not much going on pre-season apart from training for the big Kick-Off , I must mention Stevie Gerrard’s debut for LA Galaxy in the MLS over the w/end as he did what he always does ie. leading from the front as, losing 2-1, he scored to bring them level and  then made two further assists in their 5-2 win. Apart from that, (and please don’t forget, ladies, it all kicks off again in less than 3 weeks so you’d better get your man to finish off all those  summer chores that he hasn’t touched pretty sharpish!)

Going back to last week’s report informing you of the arrival of a gaggle of newly-promoted-to-the-Premiership Norwich fans, I haven’t heard much from my spies so all I can say is that those comments, guys, regarding cross-dressing, etc. were not from my lips but from my Ed’s, so don’t come lookin’ for me! By the way, his address is Calle **********, Ibiza and tel no 971 ****** and in case you hadn’t sussed it, he’s an Ipswich fan, so say no more!!!

On that note, ’tis all for this week…Jezza



View from the Pew

The English-speaking Church on Ibiza and Formentera applauds the awesome work that 24-7 Ibiza Prayer Ministry is doing in the San Antonio area and elsewhere on our fair isle! Night time work is what 24-7 Ibiza are famous for in San An, and it is what embodies what they stand for most. The teams practice a rhythm of breathing God in the prayer room and then breathing him out on the streets. The main reason their teams are on the streets is that they love to pray with people. 24-7 have prayer cards that people can fill in which they then take back to the prayer room and pray over. Alternatively, they can pray there and then if someone prefers.

They also give out “Jesus loves Ibiza” Bibles to those who want them. They are convinced that Jesus loves this Island! They also love to help people. Jesus came down to earth, bent down in the mess that we had made and cleaned us up and helped us home – and that is the example 24-7 follows on the streets in San An. They find people who may have drunk too much, or taken too many drugs and depending on the person, they assist them back to hotels, apartments and the medical centre. Last year alone they took home nearly 800 people who either were lost, drunk, drugged, or vulnerable, back to a safer place. To enable them to do this work they have wheelchairs and a vehicle aptly named `The Vomit Van´! Of course they are not a taxi service and do not take money for their service. Their work operates in the area between someone who the taxis won’t take home, to serious medical attention being needed. They help people to a safer place, which otherwise would have been left stranded. You will see the teams six days a week during May – Oct.

Our church fellowship has supported this amazing outreach with prayer and giving since their inception here. We highly recommend 24-7 Ibiza as an opportune investment for enriching our island, as well as lovely people to get along side of!

Services: Sun July 26th at 10:30am in Santa Eulalia with Holy Communion. ICS Holiday Services: Sun July 26th at 10:30am Communion and 5:30pm informal Praise at the RC Chapel in Es Canar, ICS Seasonal Chaplain: 638 373 479

English-speaking Church on Ibiza and Form. Tel 971 343383



Letter from Juan


Although I am no longer a weekly correspondent in the paper, I felt I had to write and warn you of two great dangers/problems on the Island. The first one is to do with the traffic, at this time of year there are the UK drivers who look the wrong way at T junctions because they are expecting people to come from the left not the right and then are the Bikers who think they are on the Isle of Man. My wife was following me in her car, we were on the motorway, and we had just overtaken a truck and moving back into the inside lane, just as she signalled and started to move into the inside, a motorbike appeared from nowhere going at 100kph+ trying to undertake her. It was only as a result of quick evasive moves by both parties that a major accident was avoided. Remember to keep checking your mirror, these bikes travel very fast, and always expect the unexpected when you are driving.

Talking about checking takes me on to my second warning “check your restaurant bills!” It doesn’t take long and it could save you a lot of money. We went out last Saturday to a famous old restaurant on the Island and when I saw the total was a lot more than I had expected I checked and found an error – we had been charged for two items inside of one apparently “it is very easy to do if you accidently leave your finger on the till button a fraction too long!” Anyway it transpired there were more than one error and the bill came back with 60€ less! Last year we had a similar incident at a beach restaurant and funnily enough it was an overcharge of 60€ on that occasion! So please check your bills and check your mirrors. I hope you a have a wonderful summer. Yours, Michael MacDonald


Dave Spurway, R.I.P.

News of Dave Spurway’s untimely death has been received with universal shock and sadness.

A well known and liked member of the Ex Pat community, Dave  was a regular smiling face at the Smugglers Inn in Cala De Bou.

There has been some lurid reporting of Dave’s passing in the Spanish press however in respect to Dave, his family and many friends we choose not to publish what is at best conjecture.

We did not know Dave well, though well enough to know this photo captures the smile so many have mentioned in social media tributes, and so defer to the words of the Ibizan Pool League Secretary Jack Wharrie.

“I feel deeply saddened to announce that Dave Spurway, has unfortunately passed away. Someone who always had a laugh and a smile for everyone, RIP to great gent and friend, your memories will live on.”


Postbag …

Dear Editor,

Thanks for your extensive coverage of our new Association representing British and Irish residents and businesses in San Antonio and the Bay, we take on board your editorial comment and the many points raised via local Spanish press and social media. There has been a big change in San Antonio, the Bay and the island over the last 6 months both politically and socially so it’s more important than ever for all communities to have a clear channel of communication to our elected leaders. In previous times if an ex-pat had an issue what would they do? Go and see the English speaking church? The British Consulate? The Masons? Or their Spanish friend next door who was the cousin of the husband of a councillor? The one thing that became apparent during my experience in the recent elections was that there wasn’t an association or organization that truly represented the interests of a rapidly growing ex-pat population and why should they?

It should have been done years ago but it wasn’t so now is the time to come together and endeavour to represent those who previously have not had a voice and do so in a clear and transparent manner so all communities can be heard at local, island and Balearic level.

The recent negative comments by nameless keyboard warriors is more proof that all minorities need representation to improve local relationships and to be an integral part of our town’s future. As they say: If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

Your point about an island association is valid however we have focussed on San Antonio and the Bay because that’s where all our members live and work and we wouldn’t expect anybody from other areas to to be happy about us speaking on their behalf but we sincerely hope that our initiative serves as a blue print for other communities to follow suit, get organized, form a fully constituted association and have a voice when it truly matters.

This is a long term plan so over the coming weeks and months we will be organizing meetings so all who want to be involved can be.

Please also note that we are not just about the west end nor are we an exclusive club welcome any person of any nationality who shares the same passion and interests as we do, to constantly strive to improve the lives and livelihoods of our members. Together we are stronger.

We sincerely thank the Ibiza Sun and its readers for their continuing support.

Martin Makepeace


The Guide …




The Most Important Relationship Of All

Sophia V.

The most important relationship of all is the one that you have with yourself. If you don’t love yourself, then who will? Sometimes you need to take a step back, forget about everyone else, and concentrate on just ‘you’.

You need to enjoy your own company before you even begin to share your time with anybody else.

If you have low self esteem or a negative attitude toward life, you need to face the problem head on. Change your way of thinking and heal your mind. Only you can do something about it.

Whether it’s seeking professional help, or helping yourself, you may need to free your mind of stress. Practise yoga, meditate, exercise, do things that make you laugh such as watching a comedy, or socialising with friends, or other hobbies that make you happy. If you ignore certain feelings, they may get worse.

If a whole day to yourself seems daunting, then try a couple of hours to begin with. Do activities that will keep your mind busy. If you need confidence building, then perhaps buy some new make-up, colour your hair, have a pamper day at home, or maybe attend confidence building classes, group activities where you socialise with new people, i.e. dancing lessons, cooking lessons, the gym, a book club, etc. To become confident, you must face any fears you have, taking it step by step. Read positive articles, self-help books, seek inspiration in someone that you admire. I highly recommend The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The book inspires you to change every aspect of your life. You can turn any weakness or suffering into strength, power, unlimited abundance, health and joy.

If you’re single, don’t feel that in order to be happy that you need a boyfriend as this isn’t true. Relationships require work and effort, and if you aren’t in the right frame of mind, you may find this pressuring.

Being single is a time to truly focus on yourself. Achieve your goals, do something new that you have always wanted to do. Be selfish and think of number one.

If you’re in a relationship, then communicate with your partner. A problem shared is a problem halved. Really enjoy quality time together, but make sure that you still have time with ‘you’.

If you are happy, then you will attract happy and positive outcomes.

If however, you feel that your bad mood or low self esteem is as a result of other people, consider distancing yourself from them a little. Write a list of how they make you feel, and what they do that makes you feel a certain way. If someone offends you, or constantly criticises you, tell them to stop. Perhaps they don’t realise, or if they do, and continue to do it, ask yourself whether you want company like that. The more it goes on, the worse it will get. They say that people treat us the way that we allow them to. So put a stop to it.

Remember, you cannot live a positive life with a negative mind. Practice the following as much as you can, preferably daily: count your blessings, practice kindness, let go of what you can’t control, listen to your body, be productive yet calm, and breathe.

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It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear It’s Good to Talk,

I’ve been here four years, having moved with my husband. We have a 2 year-old and seem to be getting on fine. But, I am so lonely. I feel as if I don’t have any close friends here. In the UK I had a group of girls where we all grew up together and have known each other since primary school. We know each other inside out and don’t even have to think before we talk to one and other. Here I find that relationships are so transient and fickle, I find myself monitoring everything I say and I hate having to do that, but my levels of trust here are so low.

I’m not sure if I’m in the wrong “crowd” or if it is just island life, but there seems to be so much gossiping or is it that everyone simply knows everyone, I’m not sure but it doesn’t feel safe for me and I’m beginning to wonder if we made a mistake in moving here. I have given it a really good shot but I am beginning to think island life might not be for me?

Any advice would be much appreciated,


Dear MN,

Thank you for your e-mail and I am sorry to hear you are feeling so disheartened with life here in Ibiza. I wonder whether it is actually Ibiza or more to do with being away form all that is familiar and comfortable. You are right when you say that friendships are different here. We have a lifetime of friendships in the UK and it is impossible to re-create that in such a short space of time. However, that does not mean that you can’t find meaningful relationships here, that have a value and can be trusted. It takes time, and as I am sure you know well, summer is a very transient time and it is only really in the winter that you can figure out who really lives here and begin to develop a support network for yourself.

You say you and your husband seems to be fine, I wonder if you have talked to him about your concerns and asked him how he is managing. Maybe he shares some of your difficulties but has been reluctant to tell you, or maybe he is feeling very settled and could offer you some support in developing a more stable way of being here for yourself.

Moving anywhere new has it challenges, frustrations and difficulties, but it also has its excitement and own beauty, which is important to remind yourself of every now and then.

Take care and please do keep in touch.

Warm regards,




Thursday   23rd   to   Wednesday  29th  July

ARIES – Eight of Wands

It’s an exciting week, especially for your career prospects. If you’re looking for something new, a dream job or project could land in your lap! You’re encouraged to aim high where ambitions are concerned and not to undersell your talents. You’ll also be weighing up a home move. Aries are never one to miss an opportunity so go for it

TAURUS – Queen of Cups

Emotions are close to the surface so don’t attempt to bottle them up. Letting yourself ‘go through it’, enables you to get in touch with intense feelings. Don’t operate from intellect at this time. Take stock for a moment; consider that being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. Water sign women, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio offer help and support.

GEMINI – Seven of Disks

You’ve planted the seeds for a new lifestyle and all you have to do is be patient while plans are germinating. If you’re the creative type, now’s the time to get cracking on an important project as you’ll be inspired to create masterpieces! For other more practical Gemini’s, you can confidently invest in a new venture, it will pay off.

CANCER – King of Cups (reversed)

Authority is the key issue this week. However, as this King is reversed, you’ll have to deal with those who seek to challenge your authority. This of course is just an outer mirror of what’s going on in your inner world. Maybe you need to examine areas of your life where you have no self-authority and apply some self-discipline.

LEO – Two of Disks (reversed)

A disorganised week as nothing seems to go according to plan. Don’t give up though as it’s only a temporary glitch. It means that you have to get on top of practical matters, which you can only do if you adhere to some kind of schedule. Keep a tight budget and if you’ve lost something it will turn up eventually.

VIRGO – Three of Wands

You’ve every right to be pleased with the way your creative talents are being recognised by colleagues and associates. You’re pushing the boundaries of your knowledge, but are having a great time exploring new techniques. International travel is indicated and you’ll want to plan a trip to distant shores. You also have contact with others from overseas regarding your work.

LIBRA – Ace of Swords

Clear decision making is a rare ability; however, this week you’re able to cut through the indecisiveness and procrastination of others in order to get your desired result. If you’re involved in any legal matters, it denotes triumph over your opponents. If you’re the sporting type, you make a formidable opponent. No-one will get the better of you this week.

SCORPIO – Seven of Wands

Competitors will keep you on your toes this week, but that shouldn’t worry you too much as this card indicates that you have the strength and perseverance to see off any opposition comfortably. You’re willing to work hard towards a personal or professional goal so won’t mind the extra time needed to see dreams become a reality. Stick with it!


You’re not deliberately cutting yourself off from others, but you’ll appreciate your own company this week. Healing, through meditation or other means is essential for your wellbeing at the moment. Thoughts inspire you to help heal old wounds as you acknowledge that your outer world has only reflected what’s within. Turn your face to the sun and feel happiness grow.

CAPRICORN – Page of Cups

New beginnings, fresh starts – the time is now! This is the detox or refresh your life card. What areas of your routine need a makeover? Start with diet, exercise and especially spend time with quality people, those that make you happy. Situations or people that suck the joy out of life are to be avoided at all costs.

AQUARIUS – Two of Swords (reversed)

It’s time to move on if certain people are unwilling to change or cannot see what you are trying to accomplish. Whether this is a personal or business matter, you have had enough trying to get others to see things your way. On a more positive note, this card brings new people and situations that will eventually improve your life.

PISCES – The World

This week marks the start of a new cycle in at least one area of your life. Some will be thinking of career or home moves; others will acknowledge that it’s their inner world of thoughts & feelings that need to move on. New beginnings give the opportunity of a fresh perspective. Go forward with confidence & optimism


In The Back Row



98 min; Action,; 1988Link:



When an Arab dictator is running wild, the U.S. intelligence community back the opposition leader. When a few attempts are made on the dictator, he blames the opposition leader and sets out to kill him. When the U.S. learns of this they send in a team to protect the opposition leader.


A peculiar film made by Spanish director Jose Antonio de la Loma, one of the first Spanish directors to make films in English, and shot inin Barcelona province, particularly at Badalona, Vilanova i La Geltru, Castelldefels and Arenys de Munt.

Among the international cast were George Kennedy and musician Isaac Hayes, most famous for having composed the theme music for the movie ‘Shaft’.

As a curiosity, among the cast was Nancy Venables, daughter of footballer Terry Venables, who at that time was the manager of Barcelona Football Club.

Three weeks were spent filming in, where the Counterforce group were sent to protect a deposed Arab leader from would be assassins.